La pasion turca (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Una nueva vida

I'm sure he's told you
about the special dinner tonight.
Can you recommend a restaurant
that the Russian will like?
Simonov loves women.
If Olivia goes with you,
maybe she can help smooth things over.
- Mr. Simonov.
- Yaman.
Olivia, if you ever wanted
to help me, now is the time.
I want to enjoy your company.
Don't touch me!
I think I killed him.
She said there was no business talk
at dinner with the Russian.
Do you believe her?
Ever since I showed her that man's photo,
she's been very agitated.
You've got to give me something.
What if you're the one
who needs to give her something?
You're asking her to betray a man
that she might still be in love with.
Or that she's afraid of.
I don't know which is worse.
And what are you offering her in exchange?
The possibility of reducing her sentence?
You're going to have to raise the stakes.
A new life, that's my offer.
A new life, if you give me
the information I need.
I'll give you a new identity.
You'll be
in the witness protection program,
and all you'll have to worry about
is being happy.
If you ended up in the hospital,
it must be because the life you had
wasn't that important to you.
You wanted to leave it behind.
This offer is the closest
you're going to get to that.
A new life
I'll bring you the documents
as soon as they're ready.
Just sign them, and you're free.
That man will never be able to hurt you.
You have my word on that.
I'm here.
There was so much blood.
It was an accident, Yaman.
It was an accident.
Get on a plane to Spain right now.
Now? No.
No. No, no
What the hell are you doing in Madrid?
I missed you so much.
I missed you too.
Come on in.
- You can put your stuff here.
- No need to do that.
Come on. Your suitcase
looks like a rummage sale.
I packed in a hurry.
Yeah I guess
you must've been busy with other things.
Or was it Yaman who was busy with you?
Thanks for letting me stay here.
It's weird being in Madrid,
but not in my apartment.
As long as your mom's not mad
that I'm your favorite
My mom doesn't know.
- What?
- And you can't tell her.
I'll tell her myself.
It's up to you, but if she finds out
- I told you not to call me.
- I know,
but I need to know
what happened to the Russian.
Don't call me again.
You want to tell me what's going on?
You're so upset,
constantly looking at your phone.
You're completely ignoring me.
My ass pays more attention
to me than you do.
All right, fine. There.
Your sister told me
you're totally obsessed with that guy.
Forget what my sister said.
She always has to control everything.
What happened in Istanbul?
She came back unhappy,
but she won't tell me a thing.
Nothing! I have a life, Espe.
I know the two of you aren't talking much.
Because I don't want to be
on the phone all day long.
Hey, calm down. I'm just trying to help.
We'll have two gin and tonics.
And some tapas.
- Ugh, my feet.
- I know
These boots, man
- I love you.
- I love you too.
Enough to forgive me if I lied to you?
I did something really awful.
that I can't tell you.
Of course you can.
You can tell me anything.
Don't be ridiculous.
- I'm so scared, Espe.
- Oli, what is it?
I don't know if he tricked me.
I don't know if Yaman knew
I just don't know.
What do you mean you don't know?
- Whatever, just forget it.
- No, no.
- Forget it, seriously.
- No, I mean
You're telling me you think
your boyfriend mistreated you,
but you're not sure?
What are you talking about?
- That's not it.
- You listen.
If you're with Yaman,
it's because you love each other.
But if he's not
who you expected him to be, then fuck him.
And if you can't tell him
to fuck off, then I will.
I haven't got the slightest problem.
I'll tell him to go fuck himself. Got it?
- Did you get that or not?
- Yes
All right.
I missed you, my friend.
Me too, so much.
What we're seeing here is the yolk sac.
We can't see the embryo yet,
but you're definitely pregnant.
- Are you leaving already?
- Yes.
But why the hurry?
If Yaman wants you back,
let him come here and get you.
I'll welcome him with all my heart
I know there's something else.
I've been keeping your secrets
since we were little kids.
What's going on? You used to trust me.
And you used to trust me.
I'd appreciate it
if you kept on trusting me, okay?
All right, I guess you'll tell me
when you're ready to.
I don't want you to leave.
Thank you.
Here you go.
This document is our letter of intent.
You give us the information we need
and we give you your freedom.
You'll be out of prison
and far from any and all danger.
Given your situation, this is a real gift.
Read it closely. You've got all night.
Call me when she signs it.
I'm sure you'll do the right thing.
Rosario, I need you to do me a favor.
I might know half of Istanbul,
but I don't like doing favors.
This is the last time you ask me
for something like this.
Yes All right.
- Do you know where he is?
- No, but this is his mother's address.
She might know something.
But first, tell me why
you're staying in a hotel,
and why you two are playing cat and mouse.
All right. Okay
I didn't go to Madrid
because I found a cheap flight.
Well, I knew that.
Something happened between us,
and I needed some space.
But it was just a fight.
The kind all couples have.
And now you want to make up,
but he's nowhere to be found.
That's right.
But there's one more thing.
While I was in Madrid,
I started feeling a little off.
I was really nauseous, and
and I missed my period.
No! I can't believe it!
- Yeah
- Congratulations!
What is it?
- You don't want to keep it?
- No, yes, I do.
I want to have it.
But I don't know
how he's going to take the news.
He loves kids, but
Then he'll be thrilled!
Children always bring joy.
Especially if they're not your own.
I'll be happy to help however I can.
Go on, go tell him.
Thank you.
Yaman Deniz?
What the fuck are you doing here?
I have to talk to you.
You put Simonov in a coma.
He's alive?
Yes, and he's out of danger.
But we're not.
No, look I was just defending myself.
And it wouldn't have happened
if you hadn't left me alone.
I wanted to cancel that fucking dinner!
Olivia, just listen to me,
and keep your distance.
No, no, no
I'm pregnant.
I'm pregnant.
My love
Is it mine?
Easy question. Is it mine or not?
Of course.
I haven't been with anyone but you.
And why didn't you get
an abortion in your country?
You want to keep it.
You're always on
about independence and freedom, but
But what?
I'm a free and independent woman,
and I want to be a mother.
- Yes, yes, but
- What?
What's the problem?
Why complicate your life?
- Why?
- It's not a complication
It's the embodiment of our love.
Without it, I probably
wouldn't have come back.
And now we're together.
This is a sign.
It's a sign.
If you want us to stay together,
you have to choose.
It's me or the baby.
"Let me stand tremblingly before you."
"You have captivated me."
"Let me stand tremblingly before you."
I love you. Only you.
No, I can't do it.
I've made my choice.
You're going to leave me here,
where it all began.
I'm not going to leave you.
We don't need anyone else, Olivia.
Our paradise is you and me.
When are you going to tell him?
You won't be able to hide it forever.
I don't know.
When it seems
like he's ready to understand it.
I don't know.
When he can see
that this is the best thing for us.
I know it is.
If you want to have a baby,
forget Yaman and go back to Spain.
You have to protect yourself.
Think of you and the baby.
You're very down to earth, Olivia.
At least you used to be.
- I can't talk now, Rosario.
- Olivia
Good morning.
Good morning.
I'd like to move back in to your place.
Our place.
How long do you think we'll have to be
on the lookout?
Simonov is dangerous, but Emir
Emir will help mediate.
I trust him.
I know, but you have to stop
doing business with those people.
I'm going to order two gold bands.
On one, I'll ask them
to engrave "auferat hora,"
and on the other "duos eadem."
"May we die at the exact same moment."
Neither of us makes sense
without the other.
And you know it.
I already told you.
I don't want to die.
I know you don't want to die with me.
What you want is to live.
I do too.
I want to live with you.
Why don't we go to Spain?
Things will be better there.
We'll make a fresh start.
Everything I love is in Istanbul.
My roots
My future
I'm not going to leave this place.
Especially you.
Madonna and Child.
From the Apamea ruins.
It looks authentic.
And it will bring a fortune in Marbella.
You'll be in charge of selling it.
I don't understand.
Oli, let me handle it.
This is a crime.
I'll take care of it.
- Olivia, please.
- This is blackmail!
This is your chance to settle things.
You should be grateful.
No, what I should be doing
is calling the police.
That man attacked me.
All I did was defend myself.
He can't blackmail me!
Calm down.
Let me go. Why do you even care?
Of course I care!
I've been wanting to talk to you
about this for months.
Emir and Yaman are smugglers
specializing in cultural objects
and antiquities.
Yaman has the contacts and the know-how.
And Emir has relationships
with the international elite.
Now do you get it?
Olivia, I know you're angry,
but you have to be smart.
Use your head
if you want to save yourself.
Look at the kind of life you could have!
I'm no criminal.
Well, you're pretty good at it.
You landed a man
in the hospital, half-dead.
And fled to your country.
And honestly, I'm happy
that you finally crossed the line.
Because that was the only way
for the truth to come out.
The only thing I wasn't so sure about
was whether Yaman
would take a real interest in you.
Normally, the girls he seduces
into the business
are nothing but playthings.
But you, Olivia
You've really brought out
his sensitive side.
I've never seen him this worried.
- Olivia
- No, let me go!
- Let me explain!
- You lied to me!
- You lied to me!
- Let me explain!
No, there's nothing to explain!
You can explain it to the cops.
I'm done with you! I'm done!
All right, fine! Listen to me!
There's another side to my business, okay?
Okay? But when I started out,
I thought I was doing the right thing.
- Do you think I'm stupid?
- No
You're the smartest woman I know.
That's why I know you can understand this.
Please, just listen to me!
When I sell a piece I'm saving it.
Yaman, the philanthropist.
Give me a break
Have you been to Iraq?
Have you been to Syria?
Have you seen the gaping holes
from the illicit excavations?
Where are all those treasures? Huh?
I know where everything is.
Everything that's passed
through my hands. I know.
Your money is stained with blood, Yaman.
You disgust me.
Could you help me build a new life?
Meeting you has changed everything for me.
You really want a new life?
Yes, but we have to accept
the Russian's terms.
It's the price we have to pay.
And you have no idea how sorry I am.
I'm sorry.
And you've never run into problems
with the police?
Interpol is on to us,
but we've got friends in high places.
Boss, Bulut is here.
Let him in.
The mosaic.
Emir doesn't want to know anything
until the operation is over.
And if there's a problem,
you don't know him.
Tell him not to worry.
And I wouldn't trust her.
Women who think they're smart
will only bring trouble, Yaman.
There's no need to worry.
You'll see.
What did he say?
He was wishing us luck.
Of course he was.
What do I have to do?
The mosaic will be in your room
when you arrive at the hotel.
After that, your orders
will come from the Russian.
You'll go with him to one
of the year's most important auctions.
You're going to leave me alone with him?
We have no choice.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I can see my gift is not to your liking.
Where is the auction?
If you fail,
it'll be the last thing you do.
And that Turk of yours
will suffer the same fate.
Ladies first.
Take that to my room.
You'll have to locate prospective buyers.
Capricious and eccentric millionaires
who are willing to pay
wads of cash for a single piece.
Once you find them,
you'll invite them to a private auction.
Simonov will handle everything.
That's when I'll pass
myself off as a buyer.
Bid on the piece to drive
the price as high as possible.
300,000 euros.
310,000 euros.
320,000 euros.
330,000 euros.
Half a million.
And is it worth that?
One must do their homework
before coming to an exclusive sale, sir.
All I can say is that I won't offer
a single euro over its value.
If anyone does, it'll be you.
Such a shame
you're a cheater, mademoiselle.
And I was having such a good time.
Several years ago, a similar icon sold
at auction in New York.
It went for more
than half a million euros.
If you can guess
the exact amount within 100,000 euros,
you can have the piece.
And if not, you'll have to pay double.
Would you like to play?
Come on.
1.5 million euros.
- You made off with 1.5 million.
- Yes.
That French guy
didn't know a thing about art.
You should've seen him
bidding in the auction house.
So bad
He was too hungry,
too anxious to get in on the game.
He wants to work with us.
He has solid contacts in Europe.
Yes, us.
That's from Emir.
You earned it.
"Us" is you and me.
I don't care about Emir
or his business dealings.
You told me you wanted to change.
- Yes, but
- No, there's no "but."
You don't get it.
Or maybe I don't get it
and you're just using me again.
- I don't get it.
- Olivia
- I took that trip for you.
- I know.
I put myself in danger for you.
For us. For you and for me.
- Olivia, please
- For you and for me.
I know.
- Calm down
- No.
Hey, Olivia.
This is bullshit.
He said he was going to change.
It's not your fault. You're a good person.
Did he force you to do
something you didn't want to do?
- No.
- Are you sure?
When you got back from Madrid
and asked me for help
so you could find him,
lots of people told me
Yaman is not to be trusted.
I got worried, and kept asking around.
I wanted to find out if you can trust him.
And you can't.
He's in a lot of trouble.
Because of illicit business deals.
Yeah, I know he is.
I got suspicious,
and he told me everything.
Did he tell you about his wife?
Yaman is married.
No, he's not married.
That's a lie.
Her name is Luna. Luna Deniz.
Her father is from here,
but her mother is from Spain.
Why do you think Yaman
speaks Spanish so well?
She's serving time.
She got caught up
in an antiquities deal that went wrong.
And now she's in prison.
Olivia, they have a child.
No, that's a lie
I don't know who told you that,
but it's not true.
He doesn't want to be a father.
The child lives with Yaman's mother
at the address I gave you.
On the outskirts of town.
- No
- I'm sorry.
Is that a soldier?
My dad gave it to me.
My dad's a soldier.
He travels all over the world.
Kadir, come on home.
It's Yaman.
Olivia, are you all right?
Tell me you're all right.
You wanted to die.
If only I'd been there.
But you weren't.
I'll never forgive myself for that.
Olivia, listen to me.
My passion was real.
Is real.
Remember the myth?
That we die at the same time?
That's why you're still alive.
Because I still am.
I won't let anything bad happen to you.
I'll see you very soon.
Very soon, my love.
Is that your final decision?
You'll have to stay in jail
until your trial date.
I know that.
I've given it a lot of thought.
I can see it's up to me
to hold myself accountable.
And prison is
the perfect place to do that.
If that's your final decision
Cell 34.
We're celebrating.
It's not every day
I get to meet my husband's lover.
I haven't heard from him.
And did he tell you about me?
He didn't tell you
about the mother of his child?
He didn't even tell me he had a child.
- I need to talk to you.
- What are you doing here?
Olivia, listen to me
- Olivia is free, isn't she?
- No, she's not.
And you know why?
Because you brainwashed her.
If he really loves you,
he won't keep you in a cage.
You never loved me, did you?
You've been lying to me from the start.
I can't stay away from you either.
If you've been in touch
with my sister, then you know
Yeah. She told me you stayed.
And you're with someone.
- Right? A Turkish guy.
- Yeah.
You know everything now.
It's your choice, Olivia.
This is who I am.
What we have
is something different, Olivia.
I want you to be free.
And to be free in your love for me.
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