La Reina del Sur (2011) s01e01 Episode Script

Correr para vivir

If this phone ever rings,
it means I'm dead.
So run.
Run because I won't be there
to help you.
And if you end up alive,
Drink tequila to my memory.
For the good times.
Let me go!
There, there.
That's our life.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
They killed your husband, Teresa.
So run, run as soon as you can,
because now they'll kill you.
Run, Teresa. Run.
Run, don't stop running.
Run, Teresa.
Run. Run.
What happened, Teresita?
Do I look that ugly
or don't you recognize your friend?
It's me, Lupe.
I wanted well
- I came because
- You finally remembered us.
All the jealous girls here were saying
that you and Brenda were too posh now.
That you didn't want to visit us
when you won the lottery with Güero.
Teresita, did you get married?
What's wrong?
There's the boss's bodyguard.
I always get money from him.
Wait a minute, okay?
6 years earlier
Short debts make long friends.
Thanks, ma'am.
Come back soon.
- Teresa.
- What?
Look who's here, Teresa.
Look at that handsome man.
It's the second time this week.
He wants you.
Go there, idiot.
Don't you see
all the money that Brenda's making?
- Come on, go there.
- You see, Chino?
Look, look, Chino. That girl's exactly
what the doctor said I needed.
There she comes.
- Good evening.
- Good evening, princess.
Good evening.
- What happened?
- I got nervous and lost count.
Don't worry.
- How much was it?
- 93,000.
- How much did you give her?
- 93,000 pesos, princess.
- With today's rate, it's 8,522 dollars.
- No calculator?
No, sir.
You're pretty.
I'm counting.
- So 8,500 dollars.
- Beauty.
- Pretty woman.
- You're confusing me.
There it is.
You have very pretty hands.
Here's your money, have a good day.
Come on!
- My hand.
- Don't make me beg!
It's Güero, Güero Dávila.
The king of short landings.
- So?
- And his cousin, "Chino" Parra.
I was so excited,
I almost dropped my panties.
- We seduced them.
- Don't be dumb, Brenda.
They just want to laugh at us.
And I don't like that Güero.
He thinks himself so good.
He can go wherever he wants
with his blue eyes
Where do you want me to go?
I just came for you.
You're so pretty and so rude.
We have to get back to work.
I just want to invite you out,
it's okay.
Come on, Teresita, say yes.
The four of us will have a nice time.
Say yes.
What did you say?
"That girl's mine now"?
Well, no, Güero. I'm not.
Get one of those,
there's plenty.
Come on.
Come on!
That's the way I like girls!
Hard to get!
To make them and their life sweeter.
What's wrong?
Are you crying?
Of course not.
Have a nice day.
Say hi to Güero for me!
Hello. How can I help you?
Bring me juice.
One, two, three.
Nice picture!
Is it okay?
Are those natural?
Chino and Brenda get on very well.
Thank you.
Are you okay?
- Yes.
- Yes?
- You sure?
- Yes, it's
I'm not
I'm not like Brenda.
I'm not like the other girls that
I'd like to be,
but the truth is
If they like a man, they just take them.
They don't overthink it like me.
- I can't.
- I know.
Why me, Güero?
Because you're very ugly.
- And I like ugly women a lot.
- Idiot.
No, for real?
We like each other a lot.
And I feel you resisting me.
And that makes me curious.
Why is it so hard for you
to let someone love you?
I'm not the first.
A woman as pretty as you
must have had many men.
No, you're not the first.
The first were boys from the hood.
When I was 14.
There were about six of them.
Together, they held me and
That was the first.
Does that count?
If it doesn't
There's the bastard who set me up
exchanging money on Juárez Street.
And then he cashed in his favor.
I never
I never had nothing good with men.
Until you.
No one had taken me to dance.
Or sent me flowers.
Or had said what you say.
Because you make me laugh a lot.
The truth is
it feels
But weird.
Will we make love?
I had never thought about it.
You're such a liar.
Of course you have.
Why do I say no? Of course.
And you?
Why do I say no? Of course.
But I must say this.
I'm not very good at making love.
But you'll be the best.
When you do it with your man.
You'll like it.
When you do it with me.
Like this?
Like this.
It can be better.
Brenda! Your phone's ringing!
Answer it!
I'm coming!
Hi, this is Brenda.
Leave your message. Bye!
They killed Güero.
I had to escape from my house.
You must tell everything to Chino.
We must escape.
They'll look for us.
Tell Chino.
I'll go there.
Call me as soon as possible.
No, sir. No, sir.
Brenda, your phone keeps ringing.
It'll explode.
Of course.
You must take a shower.
- Why are you shouting?
- Your phone will explode.
And change that music, it's
It was Teresa.
Were you too busy to answer?
- Can't you see?
- You can't keep doing that crap here.
You don't care that the kids see?
Listen to me!
You're totally crazy.
I'll tell Güero.
- No more.
- Tell Güero? What?
They killed Güero.
I had to escape from my house.
You must tell everything to Chino.
We must escape.
They'll look for us.
Güero's dead.
What will we do?
Escape! Bring the kids!
Come here!
Stay still.
You see, Pote?
This is for personal use.
Do you know me?
I hate traitors.
But as for thieves
I hate those more, bastard.
This cocaine isn't yours.
Right? Do you want some?
Come on! Take some!
Yes! Take everything!
It'll be the last you have, bastard.
Come on, Pote!
Hi, this is Brenda.
Leave your message. Bye!
I'm getting into a big mess.
We're in the lion's den.
Why are you so worried?
Be happy! It's a party, right?
No. When the big ones are here,
it's not a party, it's a work meeting.
Come down here.
That's it.
Look, Teresita.
It's a very important day.
You'll meet Mr. Epifanio Vargas.
I owe everything I am to him.
He's my godfather.
And some important bosses.
So in the moment
that they see you there,
there's no coming back,
they'll see you as my wife.
- And then?
- Then? Well, you're tied to my destiny.
If I do very well,
you'll do well too.
But if I don't
you won't either.
So you can still leave, honey.
Leave? No way.
I won't let you go to your meeting alone.
What if you meet a girl?
No way.
- Are you cold?
- Me? Cold?
There's no snow.
If that's what you want,
let's go.
I told you, Pote.
Who else but Güero Dávila
could land like that?
- How are you?
- Fine.
How are you?
- Well, taking care of the planes.
- Good.
Let me introduce you
to the owner of my bank accounts.
- Teresita Mendoza.
- Miss.
How do you do that, Güero?
You always bring beautiful girlfriends.
Don't be offended,
it's a compliment.
Well, get ready, we're almost starting.
Come on! Come on! Quick!
So, Pote?
Nothing. Nothing, Gato.
"To the prettiest flower
in all Culiacán.
Happy anniver
Your Güero."
How corny.
What's that?
The last call was two hours ago.
We killed Güero two hours ago.
I have a feeling someone told her.
- Yes.
- Let's go!
"For Güero. Yours, Teresa."
Yours, yours.
You probably know half of Culiacán.
And not me yet.
- Respect her, it's Güero's wife.
- She was, Pote. She was.
He's dead, remember?
Do I look good?
- Let's go, we must find her.
- Don't worry, Potecito.
I can guess where she is.
How do I know
the time has come, Güero?
It's an instant.
When everything
or nothing might happen.
A circumstance
where your life is decided in seconds.
It may have many faces.
It might be someone who gets close or
who walks by and says, "Good morning."
Or who just smiles.
But there'll be something in that smile
or in their look.
It's a feeling that something's wrong.
An instant later,
you'll be dead or alive.
That depends on you.
Believe me, princess.
It's better to be killed
than taken to the dessert.
There, with patience,
they'll ask some questions.
The problem isn't knowing the answers,
it's not knowing them.
Shoot, princess.
Open your legs.
Make a stance.
Feel it.
No, don't put your hand there,
put it on your wrist, that's for movies.
It'll hit you less.
Come on.
Aim lower than your objective.
Imagine those cans
They want to kill you.
No one knows about this place, Teresa.
You're the first one to come.
But I don't understand why we're here.
Not even this place is safe.
You never know
who saw me coming in or out.
In Culiacán, everything's known.
This money,
- it's so you escape in case of emergency.
- Escape?
What do you mean?
Listen very well, Teresa Mendoza,
this isn't a game.
This is serious.
If they take me alive,
I probably won't resist long
until I start talking.
I hope I can hold my tongue
until you can escape them.
- Who are they?
- They, everyone.
Even your own shadow.
In this job,
the enemy is everywhere.
Here's my American passport.
- Your green card.
- No, you're crazy.
I don't want to know,
I don't want to hear it.
Well, you must listen.
This is the most important.
I'll give you this phone.
I want you to protect it
like your own life.
Take care of it,
don't let go of it.
What for?
If this phone rings
It means I'm dead.
- What?
- So run. Run.
Run because I can't help you.
And if you end up alive,
Drink tequila to my memory.
For the good times.
- Get out, Güero.
- Calm down.
Calm down, honey.
Calm down.
That's our life, honey.
We're alive, honey.
Here we are.
That's it.
Güero, you bastard.
Where are you going?
Why the hurry?
Look who's here, Potecito.
Teresa Mendoza herself.
She's very pretty.
I almost can't believe it.
What did you do to Güero?
By the way
He congratulates you
on your anniversary.
Where is he?
Listen, Pote.
- Where's Güero?
- That's why we came.
You know this business.
Güerito tried to play a game and, well
he died.
Son of a bitch.
Be careful with what you say.
You're too pretty
to go about saying curse words.
Where are you going?
I didn't tell you to go.
Hurry up, Gato.
Why the hurry, Pote?
This widow needs consolation.
- I'll give it to her.
- Let me go! Let me go!
Gato, don't do it!
She's Güero's wife.
Güero was our partner.
Don't worry,
this won't hurt you.
You decide, Pote.
Three options.
We have her.
You get out.
Or we shoot each other.
Do what you want.
We're alone, finally!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me go!
How pretty.
Are you better now?
Can we start now?
What did you do with Güero?
He talked to me when he was landing.
What did you do?
You arrived?
The roof of the house
is too short to land.
Happy anniversary, Güero.
Thanks for the flowers.
I have a present too.
You're welcome, honey.
Happy anniversary.
I'll be there in one hour
with a surprise.
So get ready because tonight
we'll go for a party, honey.
Okay. Then I'll get a bride bath.
I love you.
I love you too.
I warn you, when you see the gift I have,
you'll love me much more.
What can Güero have?
So, Teresita
Are you calmer? Ready to help?
It's finally our moment, honey.
We wanted this so much,
we waited for so long.
Little girl.
If you're going to rape me,
take off the jacket I gave to Güero.
I have a better idea.
Why don't I keep it on?
So you can imagine I'm your Güero.
I can tell you how he ended up.
While you and I enjoy ourselves.
Do you like the idea?
I love it.
You don't disappoint me at all, Teresita.
Just like that, baby.
I've waited for you so long.
Do you want to know
how Güero died?
It was good, baby.
I'll tell you.
Güerito, that traitor
He had a great load
of Colombian cocaine.
And he really
He was
He was very good
at landing on a short strip.
But this time
This time we had a surprise for him.
A welcome party.
So, you see?
All that cocaine and lead
It was too heavy for that plane.
Come here!
Come on!
- It's here!
- Güero!
- Where is he?
- The other way!
Let's do it.
Come on, Batman.
Let me do it.
Güerito and me have a debt to settle.
I'll just cash it.
It's the least you can do.
Are you threatening me?
What if I say I don't want to?
- You'll tell your uncle?
- No.
No. But I'll be in your debt forever.
You can cash it whenever you want to.
Are we partners?
- Come on, man!
- Come on.
Come on. Take everything.
What's up, man?
Now you'll die.
Look at that.
You'll be warm when you die, man.
What's good
What's good about it
It's that our friend didn't suffer.
He died.
He died quickly.
Roast Güerito.
Gato, don't do it!
She's Güero's wife.
Güero was our partner.
Gato, we must stop her.
Where are you going?
Yes, yes.
Well, look
how can I say this?
Well things got ugly here and
Look, his wife escaped.
You're idiots.
His wife was too much?
Look, boss
yes, the thing is
Look, I didn't see how
but she got a gun and
And she shot Gato.
Find Teresa Mendoza
and kill her now.
Boss, the thing is
I can't leave Gato alone here,
he's bleeding, he'll die.
Well, let him die.
Kill Teresa Mendoza
or someone else will die.
You see, boss?
If you had told me,
it'd be a different story.
Right, honey?
You see?
BORN IN 1870
I asked you to protect Güero so much,
and you left him alone.
You let them kill him.
Never open that planner,
what's there may kill you or save you.
Give it unopened to Mr. Epifanio.
Tell him it's in exchange for your life.
Honey, this is Epifanio Vargas,
my godfather.
Pleased to meet you.
You're very pretty.
- Really. Very pretty.
- Thank you.
- Good afternoon.
- Hello.
- You have good taste.
- Thanks, we got you a present.
- Yes?
- Its ours.
- Do you like it?
- It's nothing.
- Let's see. It's a tie.
- I picked it!
It's very nice!
Teresa Mendoza shot Gato
and escaped.
We don't know where she is
or how much she knows.
What could she know?
Güero never talked about business.
- I don't think she's dangerous.
- Don't be so sure, Uncle.
Women always know
about their husbands' lives.
Speak of the devil
- Ask her where she is. Ask her.
- Silence.
Mr. Epifanio?
I heard about Güero.
Where are you?
Thanks for calling.
Are you sure it's true?
Hold on.
Mr. Epifanio.
Thanks for coming.
I need your help.
My girl
I'm sorry to say
I can't do anything for you.
You're already dead,
Teresa Mendoza.
You're dead, girl.
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