La Reina del Sur (2011) s01e02 Episode Script

Vía de escape

Here! Come on!
Where are you?
Well, look at this.
You'll die warm.
Roast Güerito.
They killed Güero.
Run fast,
they're after you.
They killed Güero.
I had to escape from home.
You must tell Chino, you understand?
We must escape.
They killed Güero.
What can we do?
Run! Bring the kids!
The last call was two hours ago.
We killed Güero two hours ago.
Güero, that bastard.
Where are you going?
Why the hurry?
I love it.
Find Teresa Mendoza
and kill her now.
Mr. Epifanio?
Where are you?
Mr. Epifanio.
I need your help.
My girl
I'm sorry to say I can't do anything.
You're dead already,
Teresa Mendoza.
You're dead, girl.
Why did you kill Brenda?
And the kids?
These are hard times, Teresita.
Kids and women were respected before.
But everything's changed.
I'll tell you this:
The ones after you
have nothing against you.
It's how they work.
Güero had been taking risks
for a long time.
He played his own cards
in other people's games.
And someone decided to end it.
But I knew nothing about it
and you know that's true.
You tell them.
It's the same, Teresita.
They have to set the example.
The ones who want you dead.
You know what?
In this world,
those who asks for favors
must pay them.
And I won't deny that to anyone.
This is Güero's planner?
I thought it had burned with him.
How do you know he was burned?
this is a small town.
Everyone knows about everything.
Did you read what's here?
Did you read it?
You know what?
I think he's hesitating.
That girl must be persuading him.
My uncle will forgive her.
What if we skip him?
And kill him?
You're almost our boss.
You're crazy.
Mr. Epifanio is and will be our boss,
whatever he does.
I think you're afraid.
What do you want?
I'll really enjoy killing her.
What did she do to you
that you hate her so much?
Remember what she did to Gato.
He asked for it,
he wasn't careful.
Güero owed me,
and I'll have my due.
Roast Güerito.
No, I didn't read it.
You must believe me.
I only brought it
because Güero said you'd help me.
Güero loved you.
And I loved him.
And you too.
But his lies put you in this situation.
And I'll tell you something:
Those guys,
they can't let a woman
kill one of them.
And you killed Gato Fierros.
With just one shot.
You made them a joke
to all of Sinaloa.
Güero told me that if something happened,
I had to exchange the planner for my life.
Mr. Epifanio,
don't leave me alone, please.
Don't leave me alone.
That Güerito.
He was always such an optimist.
You're my only hope.
You tell them that I know nothing.
Tell them to spare me.
I beg you.
Please, help me.
Please, help me.
There, there, girl.
I'm not God.
Don't cry.
Calm down.
Calm down, get up.
I'll tell you something.
You have just one chance.
That's enough.
Yes, 10,000 dollars
and some pesos.
Yes, with a green card.
No, that's not good, girl.
You must go as far as possible.
I don't know, but
Why not Spain?
Some friends owe me favors there.
They can help.
Thank you very much.
Thank you, Mr. Epifanio.
Then, listen.
Go to Mexico City tomorrow
and catch a plane to Spain.
When you're there, call me
and I'll let you know.
After that, you're alone.
Of course.
I have to go now.
I'll bless you, girl.
You promise that no one
will hurt me, right?
I can't guarantee that, girl.
You won't be safe even in Spain.
If I have friends there,
so do my enemies.
So try to dig a hole
as deep as you can.
So they never find you.
Did you hear?
Hide well.
Take care.
Thank you.
I'm hungry.
- We can kill her, right?
- Teresita lives, understood?
You won't do it.
With all due respect, Mr. Epifanio.
I'm worried she might talk.
She knows nothing,
leave her alone.
Shouldn't we talk about it?
Who took you out of the dirt
and put you here?
I already decided.
We're off.
- I can do it, right?
- Teresa Mendoza won't die. She won't.
Let's go.
You take the other car.
I want to talk to Batman alone.
She won't die?
She will die, she will.
Why did you let them kill him?
Thanks for nothing, Jesús Malverde.
Remember me?
Based on the original work of
Arturo Pérez-Reverte "La Reina Del Sur"
What did you tell my uncle
so he let you go?
We made a deal.
A deal?
What kind of deal?
My silence for my life.
Besides a bitch,
you're dumb too.
Death is the best silence.
What do you know?
Kill me to find out.
What do you have here?
Little bitch.
Don't touch my stuff.
Your stuff?
I think this
This is the one Güero stole.
I know nothing.
It's just a phone.
"Just a phone."
This must be the one you used
to shoot Gatito, right?
I'm not Gato.
I'm not Gato. Don't cry.
Don't cry, this isn't over.
I'll get a saw and cut you into pieces.
Very small pieces so no one finds them
A gun?
Show respect for our saint!
Show respect for Mr. Epifanio's nephew!
I swear I'll find you.
Wherever you go.
We're late, boss.
There's nothing here.
- And the planner?
- Should be there, but it isn't.
What happened to Teresa Mendoza?
We must find that damned planner.
We must find that damned planner!
The landing strip is here,
they're expecting you.
The man there is called
Antonio Giménez.
He's with the Medellín Cartel.
How many times have I said
not to write in the planner?
- If the wrong eyes read it
- Don't worry.
I'll eat it before they take it.
I warn you.
Run because I won't be there
to help you.
Then, run.
Run because I won't be there
to help you.
Come on.
Go away.
Come on!
Not you.
She didn't tell me what she said
so my uncle forgave her.
That's why are you bothering me?
Your uncle told us not to kill her,
that's what we'll do.
She must know something important.
- What?
- I don't know.
I know. I know.
You just tell me where she is.
I'll find her and find out,
my uncle will never know.
I don't know where she is!
He didn't tell me.
Hello. What happened?
How's Gato?
Not well, boss. Not at all.
I was taking care of him
when the equipment lit up.
He had a heart attack.
The doctor said Gato would probably die.
I think Teresa Mendoza sent him
to the other world, boss.
I don't know what to do.
Don't worry.
I'll send Ratas for a job.
Gato is going to die.
It's Teresa Mendoza's fault.
No one mocks me.
Don't tell your uncle.
Last night he told me
that Teresa was flying to Mexico City.
Go with Pote,
that's your job.
What's wrong, Teresa?
Have you gone mad?
Do you want them to kill me
and my family?
I heard they killed Chino, Brenda
and the kids.
Yes, and my Güero.
You must help me, Lupe.
They'll kill you and those who help you.
Sorry, but don't count on me.
I just need some clothes.
I can't go on like this, look.
Help me, please.
I beg you, please, help me.
I beg you.
Help me.
Okay, put that jacket on
and leave, Teresa.
Come on, put it on.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Hi. I need a ticket to Mexico City
and then to Spain.
As soon as possible,
no matter the price.
I need your passport.
Teresa Mendoza?
The moment is a circumstance
when you have to decide in seconds.
It could be someone getting close
or just smiling at you.
Your door is number 15, miss.
You must board immediately.
So hurry up. Enjoy.
Teresa Mendoza's just bought a ticket
to Madrid through Mexico City.
Flight 273, leaving in five minutes.
Good morning, miss. Listen.
Any flights to Mexico City now?
There's one to Mexico City
in five minutes.
- Let's go.
- Yes.
You can't pass, miss!
You'll die today!
There she is!
Run, run!
Get out! Get out!
Come on!
There she is!
Go for her!
Damn bitch! Stop!
Damn bitch! Stop!
Help me, please.
- Some guys are following me
- I don't want any trouble.
I beg you.
They want to hurt me.
Okay, okay. Get in.
Can I use your phone?
You finally talked.
Sorry, I
I'm nervous.
Can I use it?
I don't have a phone or money.
Or a house, or anything.
Just this car.
There's the police.
They're stopping cars there!
You're not the only one running.
Are you one of them?
This is a trap,
they sent you.
If you don't trust me, you can get out.
I have enough problems without yours.
Will you tell me why you escaped?
I can only tell you
that I must escape somehow.
I have to cross the border
before they catch me too.
What did you do?
I'm an accountant,
a few million were missing in my company.
- How much did you steal?
- Nothing at all.
That's the worst.
My partner betrayed me so I escaped.
We're alike in that.
I made a mistake too.
I loved the wrong man.
Aim lower than the objective.
I like women that are hard to get!
To make their lives sweeter.
Imagine each of those cans
is a man who wants to kill you.
Güero is so dumb.
This money
It's for you to escape
in case of emergency.
I don't want to know,
I don't want to hear it.
Will we make love?
I hadn't thought about it.
If I do well,
you'll do well too.
But if I don't,
you won't.
If it rings,
it means I'm dead.
So run, dear. Run.
Run because I can't help you.
The enemy is everywhere in this job.
You must have been born stupid.
How could you start shooting
at the airport?
- We almost caught her.
- No!
Did you want to appear in the newspaper?
I won't save you next time.
The worst is you let her go.
I must wash my face.
Go, then.
You have ten minutes
while I pump gas, okay?
Thank you.
- What's this?
- Who are you calling?
The only one who can help me.
You don't trust me, right?
I don't trust you either.
Why are you helping?
Destiny got us together.
It must have something good for us.
And I also want to get to San Diego,
to the Global Bank.
Have you been to the United States?
No one can know
about our money in the States.
It's a million dollars.
- You have a million dollars?
- Yes. We do.
I've never seen so much money.
Brenda and Chino can't know about it.
It doesn't exist.
You have the key.
I'm going northwards.
I'd love to, but on this road,
we won't even leave Culiacán.
If only I had my plane
which they seized.
You're a pilot?
Can you fly?
Yes. My only addiction.
You don't believe me?
I do, it's just
There are many coincidences
between us.
Is that bad or good?
I know of a plane.
My boyfriend's.
But he was very well-known
and he's the only one who can use it.
Calm down, man.
I'm tired of hearing of my uncle.
What if I wasn't Epifanio's nephew?
What would you do?
- If he wasn't your uncle?
- Yes.
I'd have killed you long ago.
Me or anyone like me.
You were a man, Batman.
Why don't you stop messing around?
It's your fault
that we don't know
where Teresa Mendoza is.
Put that down!
Echo, Bravo, Alpha, Fox.
Calling control tower, this is
Güero Dávila, over.
Go ahead, Alpha, Echo, Fox, over.
I request permission to take off, over.
Alpha, Echo, Fox.
Strip 202,
authorized for takeoff.
It's okay.
Thank you, over.
Good luck, Güero.
See you later.
Time to change.
Thank you.
Who's taking off?
Güero Dávila.
He sounded serious.
Of course he was serious.
He was killed yesterday.
Control tower to Alpha, Echo, Fox.
We know you're not Güero Dávila.
I repeat, we know you're not Güero Dávila.
Don't worry
I turned off the transponder.
We'll fly low, the radar won't detect us.
No one will know where we go.
Just as I said,
whoever is piloting that plane,
it's flying low.
It's not on the radar.
You must be the only idiot
who didn't know Güero Dávila had died.
Mr. Güemes!
Mr. Güemes!
Mr. Güemes.
Here are the camera's images.
It's her.
Where's Teresita Mendoza?
You're idiots.
You're all useless.
And you.
You're a shame to the family.
Get out of here.
Come on.
You're fired.
This is the first and last time
that a plane is stolen
from my own airport.
You're right, boss.
Just tell me if you can't do what I say.
I'll get someone else.
This man is the pilot of the plane.
The one acting like Güero.
I want to know who he is.
This is Willy.
I'm going home.
I have the goods with me.
I'll deliver it today.
Who is this guy?
Why is he with her?
Who is he?
Why is he here?
Why is he with her?
Say what you want us to do and
Tell you what to do?
You always do what you want.
I told you not to harm Teresa Mendoza.
- But
- But what? What?
You disobeyed me and betrayed me.
If you don't obey me,
it's a betrayal.
In Culiacán,
the price for betrayal is death.
If we let her go,
she wouldn't pay for Gato.
- Really?
- Yes.
How did you know where she was?
Who told you?
You know I had that information,
Mr. Epifanio.
You told me.
I told Pote and Ratas
to kill Teresa Mendoza.
What's going on?
Who the hell are you?
Okay. Okay.
Let's put the cards on the table
once and for all.
Where's Güero's planner?
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