La Reina del Sur (2011) s01e03 Episode Script

Detener inocentes

Güero's planner.
Güero owed me. And I'll claim it.
He told me if something happened to him,
to give you this in exchange for my life.
Would you go to Spain?
Some friends there owe me.
They might help you.
- It's my turn, right?
- Teresa Mendoza won't die.
Remember me?
Bitch. I'll get a saw
to cut you in little pieces.
Small pieces so they can't find you.
I'll hide them
I swear I'll find you.
Wherever you go.
The planner isn't here.
Oh, Güero, Güero.
Teresa was flying to the capital.
Go with Pote. That's an order.
You can't go that way!
There she is! Move! Move!
Please, help me.
Some people are after me.
Get in, get in.
Are you one of them?
It's a trap, they sent you.
Get off, if you don't trust me.
I have enough problems already.
We don't know where Teresa Mendoza is
or where she went because of you.
Are you a pilot? Can you fly?
Yes, it's my only vice.
We know you're not Güero Dávila.
I repeat, we know you're not him.
I sent Pote and Ratas myself
to kill Teresa Mendoza.
Where's Güero's planner?
- Who are you?
- Introductions later.
Where's Güero's planner?
- You set me up.
- No, no, no.
You set yourself up
since you fell for him.
Will you kill me?
- I would have already.
- But you're after his planner!
You can kill me
because I don't have it.
I know you don't.
Where's the planner?
Or, better yet, who did you give it to?
Don't try me.
Don't play with me.
You either tell me,
or I open the window and throw you out!
Why would I ask you
to take me to the US?
I'm not an idiot.
You're going there to get Güero's money.
Tell no one about this
bill we have in gringo land.
Take the key.
Now you know you aren't the only one
who knows Güero's secrets.
Who are you?
How do you know him?
Did you work with him?
Who are you? What
You're with the people who killed him.
Why did you order to kill her
when I said the opposite?
Why shouldn't I kill you?
Pote called from a hospital.
He told me Gato was dying
from a shot wound Teresa gave him.
So rules are rules, boss.
I didn't create them. They were there
when you gave me this job.
- Really?
- They apply to her too, right?
What are you saying? That I was wrong?
Telling you to leave her alive?
No, boss. You're never wrong.
You're the boss and I obey you.
But the whole of Culiacán
had already heard the news
You can't be weak in this business.
Or the sharks will eat you.
- You taught me that, too.
- Yes.
But I also taught you that
one should do important things oneself.
That's it.
Ramiro, your nephew
insisted and irritated me
because he wanted to kill her himself.
And that's when I was weak, boss.
I admit to that.
Oh, Batman.
I thought you were smarter.
You end up being a lick-spittle.
Idiot. You're missing these.
I'll give you some advice.
Get away from him.
Get away from my nephew.
If you want respect in this land
from your men and me
get away.
Get away because look
few men retire in this business.
And every step you take
and make a mistake,
takes you to jail. Or to your death.
Get away from rats,
or else you'll fall on the mousetrap.
You know?
We're screwed with Mr. Epifanio.
Are you crazy, man?
Batman screwed up.
Did you see the old man's face?
He'll kill him.
And don't forget.
I'm blood of his blood.
Remember that.
- What's up?
- What's up?
Güero, come. I want to talk to you.
What is it?
I have an idea circling my mind that
I want to tell you about.
What's troubling you?
Business is over, Güero.
- What do you mean?
- That my uncle is retiring.
- We're taking over.
- You shut up.
What do you mean it's over?
Well I want some peace.
I've risked too much.
I'm tired.
I've worked too much
I've worked too much to be here,
doing what we've done.
So I want to stop.
I'm going into politics.
Running for president!
What about me?
Well, you stay with Batman Güemes.
He'll be the boss.
I hope you're as straight with them
as you were with me.
With Batman out
you'll start to call me Mr. Ratas.
I know my place, and I like it.
I know my duties, and I'll follow you.
I ask the questions,
and this is the last time.
Where's the planner?
- I'll give it to you in San Diego.
- You're putting your foot in mouth.
Those are your choices, Willy.
You either believe me,
or you throw me out now.
You're playing. You win.
San Diego it is.
I swear
I won't do anything else
without asking you first.
Fine then.
Your hand.
I hope this scar reminds you
that he who betrays me
doesn't live to tell the tale.
Yes, boss.
Let's talk real business now.
Tell me.
Okay, Batman.
I'm glad we can see eye to eye.
Me too, boss.
- I'll just ask one favor.
- Anything.
Give me Pote.
I want to take him with me.
- Sure, go with him.
- Okay.
See you at home tonight.
- See you, boss.
- See you.
Take care.
Tell me, what was all that?
- What did he say?
- It's boss stuff, no business of yours.
Come on, he was really mad.
What did you say?
I'll tell you this.
Walk straight if you don't want to wake up
with flies in your mouth.
Lovely couple.
Lovely, weren't you?
It was true love. Right?
All the usual.
The commander was lucky.
Did you think you were the only one?
Güero was charismatic,
we all liked him.
Don't cry, Teresa.
You're a pretty woman.
You'll get a new boyfriend.
Anyone at all is better
than that cheater, Güero.
Don't you badmouth him!
No cheater, he was mine!
He was my only love.
He loved me above anyone else.
You know that,
or else you'd be after another woman.
What do you know?
More than you imagine.
You'll know someday.
If he really loved you,
he wouldn't have endangered you so!
Shut up, shut up! Shut up!
I won't allow you to badmouth Güero.
My Güero!
I won't say anything else
about your angel.
San Diego
United States
One more step, Teresa,
and I swear the next shot will get you.
Based on the original work of
Arturo Pérez Reverte: La Reina Del Sur.
Do you take me for a fool?
Take me to the planner now.
I don't know anything.
I made up stuff about Güero to get here,
but I know nothing.
You fooled me.
It was the only way to get here.
I had no other way,
I don't know anything about a planner.
I know nothing.
People's lives depend on that planner.
Tell me where it is, or I'll shoot you.
I don't even know who you are.
Whether you are with Ratas,
or with another cartel.
I don't know anything.
I swear, nothing.
- Is everyone ready?
- Yes.
What happened?
Why is she escaping?
So she believes.
She'll take us to them.
This is the house.
It's here.
Take this. For your discretion.
Oh, my hat.
Come, my love.
I warn you my sister's mad.
- How?
- She might be mean.
She doesn't even know me.
Exactly, she doesn't know you.
And she loves me.
In her mad way.
She's nice.
- I'm nervous.
- Coming!
- Just kiss me.
- Coming!
- What's up?
- Güero?
Little sister!
How's my little sister?
You look great, you haven't
So you're alive.
Two years and not a single call.
Damn you.
You'd have killed mom with pain.
Calm down, don't be like this.
I'm fine, better than fine.
Give me a smile.
Who's your favorite brother?
Enough with the slapping.
I missed those.
Who's that?
Did she give you a table dance?
It's just the looks.
He met me at Juarez street.
I was a money-changer.
Teresa's the one for me.
Your nephews' future mom.
It's the first time you say that.
If that's the case,
welcome to the family.
Thank you!
- And my condolences.
- Why?
Because he's the worst Dávila.
You're exaggerating.
Oh, Güero. Come in.
Teresa, what a surprise!
And Güero?
Where is he?
He was killed.
They killed our Güero.
He's gone.
What about the money?
Well, take it to Spain.
Are you mad? You can't carry
a million dollars like that.
What then?
Look, have 10,000 in cash.
Then open a new account
for the rest.
Transfer the money
when you're in Spain.
I don't know how.
And then?
What do I tell them when I get
Your cab's here.
Please, Teresa.
Call me when you get there.
Let's not lose touch.
Thanks for everything.
And take care.
You too.
Okay. I'll walk you out.
Thank you.
Yes, dear Pote.
Your best men.
Spare no expense.
I want a clean job now.
No witnesses or clues.
You're the only one who can know.
As you wish, Mr. Epifanio.
- Don't fail me.
- Of course not.
You know me.
San Diego
United States
A million dollars?
Are my papers in order or not?
I need that money.
Well, yes.
It's uncommon for someone
to take that much cash.
I don't see the problem.
Your husband asked
that your signature worked like his.
- So?
- Can I have a moment, please?
I'll ask the head office
and get the papers.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Can I have my passport?
Of course.
The situation is that your life
is decided in a matter of seconds.
A feeling that something is wrong.
Seconds later,
you'll be dead or alive.
That's up to you.
She was here.
Tell the authorities.
After the bank,
she went to a travel agency.
Get the information on the flight
from the travel agency.
She's left.
I'll find out her plans.
She bought clothes for the trip.
Don't lose her.
If she ditched a million dollars,
she can do anything.
A man will follow her
if she takes a cab.
She just got a room
in a hotel next to the airport.
We're after the target, boss.
I await your orders to proceed.
If they let us.
Well, they didn't, Güero.
They killed you.
And left me to a living death.
Margaret? It's me, Teresa.
You won't believe this.
I had to leave the money at the bank.
- Where are you?
- In a hotel.
I don't know what happened,
someone was after me at the bank.
I swear they were after me.
I couldn't do it.
In what hotel?
It's close to the airport. It's called
the San Diego Inn.
Did you hear what I said?
I couldn't get the money.
You're are you okay?
Everything is fine.
- Are you sure?
- When are you leaving?
Tonight, at 8:00.
I'll call you then.
I send you kisses, sis.
Take care, please.
The San Diego Inn.
It's what you wanted.
Please leave.
why so much drama, honey?
Güera. So pretty.
Güero's sister.
Do you like it? You'll pay for it.
Boss! This isn't Sinaloa,
there are lots of cops.
Let's go!
I'm so sorry. That's the client's data,
so I can't give it to you.
This is a taste of what will happen
if you call the police.
What's the room number?
- I couldn't hear you.
- 203. It's 203!
It's here. She's here.
203, 203, 203.
203, 203, 203.
Toilet empty.
She escaped.
Hell, Güero.
What's up, Pote?
Mission accomplished.
Did you get rid of them for sure?
As it should be.
They're out of birthdays
and birthday cakes.
Good, Pote.
Get something from the kitchen.
Ranch-style eggs.
- Thanks.
- No need.
- Yes?
- Mr. Epifanio?
- I'm Teresa Mendoza.
- Where are you?
At San Diego's airport.
I wanted to apologize.
And to explain why I borrowed
one of your airplanes.
Your nephew was after me.
Yes, I know.
I want you to know I'm not involved.
I told them to leave you alone,
but my words mean nothing now.
Yes, I know.
Your word is good.
Hey, child. Tell me something.
That guy who pretended to be Güero.
- Who is he?
- I don't know.
- Don't you know him?
- I'd never seen him.
We're screwed because I don't know.
He told me he was Willy.
But that was to fool me into talking.
I thought he was yours
or from another cartel.
Then he threatened me
if I didn't tell him about the planner.
Why is everyone after that planner?
Don't worry about that,
it's not your problem.
Where did that Willy come from?
Do you know?
I don't know.
I told him nothing else.
I didn't tell him about you.
I can keep quiet.
Mr. Epifanio? Can you hear me?
Yes, yes, tell me.
I'm at the airport,
about to leave for Spain.
And will you still help me?
Of course, girl.
- Got some paper?
- I can remember.
Tell me.
I'm a tourist!
What was the emergency, sir?
Hey, that man at the hangar.
The man who took Teresa?
We don't know yet.
Willy Rangel.
Our worst enemy.
We must finish him.
Yes, I'll tell him.
- Sir.
- We'll talk later.
- Yes?
- Sorry to interrupt.
Your nephew's been caught.
- Ramiro?
- In San Diego.
He's giving his statement
to the police.
In San Diego.
If he talks, we're doomed.
Come in.
Can he see me?
Don't worry.
That's him.
Number three.
What I don't understand, Batman,
is how my nephew learned
about San Diego.
I don't know, sir.
Your nephew is out of control.
You can't act like that in the US.
Well, no.
If this is published,
it's the end of my career in politics.
What do I do?
Shut him up.
Quiet is better.
The only way to shut him up is
Was that it?
Yes, sir.
I'll get a lawyer to get him out.
We need to make sure he keeps quiet.
Take care of this today.
- Okay?
- What do I tell him?
Tell him
if he doesn't want his name in a song,
he must keep quiet.
If he takes it like a man,
we help him out.
my sister-in-law can start to weep.
The only way to get on that plane
is for you to give me the planner
or to tell me who has it.
- Boss.
- Yes?
- Ratas' mom is outside. What do I say?
- No, no.
Make something up.
I don't want to see her.
- Yes.
- I won't see her. Go.
I heard you, brother-in-law.
What are you doing here, sis?
You can't do this to a mother.
- Do you want me to beg?
- No, Mercedes.
You have to help me with my son.
- The gringos will bury him alive.
- What do you want me to do?
My hands are tied, he had it coming.
Don't do it for him or for me.
Do it for your brother's memory.
If my brother were alive, Mercedes,
he'd die again, out of shame
for what your son is becoming.
Besides, it's your fault
for raising a good-for-nothing.
Who are you?
I'm Anthony Smith,
a.k.a. Willy Rangel from DEA.
You're under arrest.
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