La Reina del Sur (2011) s01e04 Episode Script

Juego de suerte

You're under arrest.
You can't! I only escaped those
who want to kill me.
Until you tell me about the planner,
you'll be in my custody.
I can't because I don't know.
I don't have it.
Where's the planner?
They killed two of our best men.
Who did you give it to?
You won't talk.
Take her.
You're a damn liar.
You gave it to the Sinaloa cartel
so they killed my men.
You're the damned liar here!
Weren't you my savior?
Now you're a cop?
- You've been following me?
- I noticed you'd been at Güero's hideout.
- How did you know?
- The money and the gun were missing.
And the planner.
Is that another lie?
Is it?
You left his passport.
If you're such a good cop,
why didn't you get Gato?
I was late.
If you're DEA,
you weren't friends with Güero.
I'll ask you something. Answer yes or no.
Did you give the planner to Vargas?
I don't know anything about it.
And I only saw Vargas once or twice.
I was never involved
with Güero's business.
Güero told me to ask for a lawyer
if the gringos got to me.
So I want one.
A lawyer for what? To argue for what?
- For the one million dollars stolen?
- It wasn't stolen.
So it came from selling candy.
That money came from the drugs
Güero stole from the Sinaloa cartel.
I'm not saying one more word.
Who's in Spain?
Who's there?
Who's waiting for you, Teresa?
I'm not saying anything.
I want a lawyer.
Let her go.
Did Güero ever tell you?
That even if you run and hide,
you'll get caught?
The terror of knowing
you'll be hounded all your life,
that's Güero's only legacy to you.
Take her back.
Make sure she doesn't lose
the damn plane to Spain.
You look bad.
Missing your medication?
Ratas, Ratas, Ratas.
Do you prefer Ramiro Vargas,
your uncle's last name?
You did your homework.
What do you want?
Coffee? Soda? Because we'll be here
until you tell me everything.
You and how many will get it out?
Just me.
Two of my best men died yesterday
and I'm sure it was your people.
With some magic perhaps.
I'm here and that was there.
- How?
- Here doesn't count?
Trespassing on private property.
Drug trafficking.
Attempted murder of an American.
Should I go on?
- Get me out of here.
- You need a lot to feel like a man.
And you?
Is that what your badge does to you?
Take it off.
My phone call. My phone call.
I want my phone call!
Officer, I want my
I want my call. That's all I want.
I want my call.
Let's try something.
Are you nicer now?
Let's make a deal.
You tell me everything,
I don't press charges and you're free.
- Willy.
- I told you not to interrupt me.
- Yes?
- The boss wants to see you.
Hello. I'm an acquaintance
of Mr. Epifanio Vargas's from Mexico.
All of this
the house, the money,
the aviation company
it's all thanks to my dead husband,
Ramiro's father.
The least you can do
is to help him get back to Mexico.
Stop right there. All I have is mine.
I made it with my own hands.
Let me tell you this:
if my brother had walked straight,
he wouldn't be dead now.
And Ramiro is following
in his footsteps and vices.
Pray, sis.
Pray for them to keep him there
for a long time.
For when he gets out,
his days will be numbered.
What is it?
You have a serious problem.
I know I made mistakes
and I'll suffer the consequences.
The Internal Affairs Department
will see to that.
You'd only be giving Epifanio Vargas time.
That's an irreparable consequence.
We have to start from scratch.
The operation was a failure.
The agents are coming back.
I command the operation,
- i decide when and how they leave.
- You've made too many mistakes.
Like releasing Teresa Mendoza.
It's not your case anymore. I'm sorry.
Are you the Mexican? Good.
It was about time.
Get me out, I know how to get Teresa now.
Are you deaf? Get me out of here!
Don't talk to me that way or I'll leave.
What's wrong? Are you crazy, Ramiro?
This isn't Mexico, it's the US.
You have a big problem.
Who told you about Teresa?
A contact at the airport.
Who cares? Get me out.
- We spoke to your lawyers.
- And?
Should I stay another day?
I don't think so, mate.
I can't take it.
Don't worry. We're negotiating.
You'd only be here for five years.
I want to talk to my uncle, Batman.
Tell him to get me out of here or else.
He sent me here. He was very clear.
He asked me to tell you that,
if you can take it and keep quiet,
there'll be a reward for you.
A reward.
What if I sing?
I have a deal with the DA.
That won't happen.
There's an inmate watching you.
If you start singing he'll kill you.
I have nothing to offer to you
right now in Madrid.
So if your pursuers look for you here,
they'll find you quickly.
What can I do, then?
Disappear for now.
We can find you a quiet place.
Away from trouble.
Can you really prove
your dad was Spanish?
I guess his birth certificate says that.
Mine does.
- His name is José Mendoza
- Hey.
I don't want to know.
I'll be very clear.
Galicia, in the North. Or Southern Spain.
The North is pretty rainy, isn't it?
Yes, and quite cold in the winter.
The South, then.
Melilla for the lady, then.
- You can go by plane or by boat
- Boat?
- What do you mean?
- Come on, Mexican.
Wake up, girl.
We're done.
Keep them, woman.
From now on, we've never met.
Let me tell you this.
Free of charge.
Take care of your money.
Because when it's over,
you'll survive
with what's between your legs.
Series based on the work of
Arturo Pérez Reverte - La Reina del Sur
I don't know where the hell I am.
First time on the strait?
- The what?
- The strait, girl.
Let me explain.
We left this place.
From Málaga, over there.
The strait's here,
in the Mediterranean Sea.
We're going over there,
to North Africa.
I'm not going to Africa.
I'm going to Southern Spain.
To North Africa.
Ceuta and Melilla are part of Africa.
I didn't know.
That's funny. Where are you from?
From Sinaloa, Mexico.
That's far.
- Teresa Mendoza, nice to meet you.
- Likewise. Fátima Mansur.
The geography lesson is over.
I have a client.
Off to work. Good luck.
We open at six.
I'm looking for a man called Dris Larbi.
And who are you?
- Teresa.
- Teresa.
- The Mexican.
- Yes.
- Sit. The boss is coming.
- And you are?
- Are what?
- What's your name?
I'm Teresa Mendoza.
Sit down.
I've told you not to touch my things.
You mean that fat man?
You can take him.
He gives awful tips.
He's been my client for a long time.
You're toying with him.
It's not my fault he got bored with you.
Bored You bitch!
And you're Cinderella?
- I'm so tired of you!
- Ahmed!
Ahmed! Let me go!
My poor head!
- Break it up!
- Stay out of it!
- You couple of idiots!
- Let go! Let go!
You there? Come on.
Help me with these bitches.
Are you waiting for Prince Charming
or what?
Move your buttocks!
Enough! Stop! Stop!
Santiago Fisterra.
They're vampires, not people.
This skin is mine, not yours.
- It's a flesh wound.
- A flesh wound.
What if Sheila has syphilis or AIDS?
- Are they always like that?
- That's nothing.
They've hurt each other for trifles.
- There.
- Thank you.
No problem.
- Do you want some beer?
- What?
Beer. Do they have that in your country?
- What do you drink? Daiquiris?
- Tequila.
- Do you have that?
- Peasant.
We're closed. No drinks.
Are you Mr. Dris?
- I'm Teresa Mendoza.
- The Mexican.
Come to the light so I may see you.
Stay still.
Let's see. Wait, wait.
Tonight you'll have the goods
and 50% of the payment.
- And the rest?
- What do you mean?
When the cargo arrives.
- Great deal, right?
- Great foolishness.
Too many risks, not enough money.
Hashish is the real deal.
Let's recap.
I decide on a rate.
50% for me, 50% for you.
You have to make the client drink a lot.
The most expensive drinks. Understood?
- No, I think you're
- What?
But you're the lost woman from the ferry.
Give me a kiss!
What a small world we live in.
So? We have a new workmate?
You'll get the accent right away.
- We're talking business here.
- Okay!
Do you have a medical certificate?
For AIDS and all that?
- No, but
- I don't care if you're rotting inside.
Bu I need papers for the inspectors.
Do you have any?
We'll get a false one.
And I don't want you to come to work
in those clothes.
I want a miniskirt, something nicer.
Okay. Here, take this.
Don't infect the clients.
I think you made a mistake.
I don't want to work as a
I didn't come for that.
I can't ask for anything,
but if you want to help me
I'll do anything other than this.
You speak funny, like in the soap operas.
Okay, I'll shut up.
Let's see, then.
You won't work sleeping with men.
It's a job like any other,
I've been doing it forever.
Preferably, not.
Alright, fine.
You'll be a waitress.
You'll wait the tables.
A warning, though.
You won't earn half of what she makes.
He's right.
It doesn't matter, it's fine.
Alright. Look.
Go to this address.
Those apartments belong to me.
Take number 11, which is empty.
I'll deduct the rent from your wages.
Thanks. You won't regret it.
Bye, Mexican.
This girl is so silly.
She'd earn a lot
using her body and her accent.
Don't worry.
They all have a price.
I'm sure this one does, too.
I'll get a lot of money
from this Mexican.
What are you chatting me up for?
Get to work now!
Mr. Dris Larbi sent me.
Is this the right place?
- Yes, he told me. Yes.
- Yes?
- What floor is it?
- Number 11.
Run, then.
Run, because I won't be there.
If you go somewhere
Drink a tequila to my name.
For the memories.
Are you okay?
What's wrong?
Don't cry, pretty one.
Can I help you?
You can.
I'm Jaime.
- I have to get to work.
- Don't go.
Don't go. I want to get to know you.
Let's talk or go out to dinner.
Look. What we did was
- Intense.
- Yes.
Yes, intense. But also a mistake.
I actually
I was thinking of another.
I'm sorry.
And Well, there it is.
What's your name?
Teresa. Mexican.
She's hot.
So hot. So hot.
Those lights are from Gibraltar.
We did it Santiago!
Hold your horses!
Don't count your chickens
before they're hatched.
The Coast Guard! Hold tight!
It's only tobacco. Not worth it.
I need papers for these three girls.
- They're women who'll start working here
- Don't worry, I'll get the papers.
Thank you, thank you.
Why isn't she working as a prostitute?
She declined.
Too bad, because she's hot.
She has a great ass.
True. Her ass is fine.
Well, the business is going up.
Ahmed. Three whiskeys, please.
What a face you're making.
How's your first day?
Good, I think.
You're very silly.
You make more money
sleeping with men.
I wouldn't know how.
You don't need talent for that.
With good melons, smooth movements
and your face and body,
you'll earn $200 per day.
Is it because you like women?
I didn't mean to offend.
I'm a bit silly, I like to make jokes.
Have you met the boss's brother?
No, who is he?
The one with the mustache
and the print shirt.
He's the drugs boss in Melilla.
Him, the colonel and Dris are traffickers.
- Of people.
- What?
Yes, you'll see.
The bastards get richer every month.
Be careful with them.
Go on. Take your drinks.
Let's go. Let's go.
- You okay?
- Yes, brother!
We're almost there!
- Hi.
- Hello.
Hello. What are you singing?
What am I singing?
Pure poetry, friend.
A pretty day for the tulips.
A clear day for the jasmine.
A sweet day
for those who laugh like you.
- What do you think?
- Good.
Let's get to work.
- Okay.
- Hurray for Mr. Epifanio!
Thank you. Teresa, listen.
Hey, Teresa.
Manolo, do you have a drink?
Have a seat.
Yes, Marcelo, of course.
I'll wait for you here. Okay.
Goodbye, Marcelo. Goodbye.
Marcelo Cáceres will come tonight.
He's happy so be nice to him.
Maybe you don't know,
but this man takes care
of the work permits for all of you.
So put on a smile.
Smiling is easy to do.
And you get extra tips.
Get to work.
Hey, Mexican.
That thief is doing it again.
Yes. I'm fed up with him.
His luck just ran out.
Ali! Put the money you're stealing back.
What money?
She's crazy, Dris.
I'm not a thief!
Maybe she's the thief!
She wants to make me look bad.
- Right, Sheila?
- Yes, Dris.
I didn't see him steal anything.
He's been doing it for months.
He steals from the box.
What are you saying?
Not a thief?
She's good with numbers, right?
Like a fortune teller.
Leave now or I call the police.
I want no thieves here.
I like doing business with Galicians.
They keep their word.
Then get us into the real business.
Moving this boat is not lucrative.
The money comes from the hashish.
Stop with the nonsense.
I've told you before.
You have to stand out in Melilla.
No one knows you.
Chocolate is for big guys.
Drink to my name.
I'll see you tomorrow.
It's less dangerous
to smuggle the goods.
We should go and chill out
or you'll worry yourself to death.
- We have to be patient.
- You're a fool.
Why are you so good with numbers?
I was a moneychanger
on Juárez Street.
- Moneychanger?
- Yes.
Okay, leave the tray.
You're no longer a waitress.
You're in charge of the cash register.
Off to work, ladies.
The clients are waiting.
- Fátima, go!
- Going!
I don't get it. I don't get it.
Sheila. Come here.
- Look what came through the door.
- I warn you, Soraya.
The handsome one is mine.
- What's up, stud?
- Your lovely eyes are going to kill me.
You're very cute.
We've won the lottery
with this pair, Sheila.
- We're so lucky!
- Come with me, handsome.
I have the best table for you two.
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