La Reina del Sur (2011) s01e05 Episode Script

Vendida por droga

Did you give the agenda
to Epifanio Vargas?
I don't know anything
about that damn agenda.
- Let her go.
- What? Are you sure?
Yes, let her go.
I'm calling on behalf of Epifanio Vargas,
from Mexico.
Santiago Fisterra.
Do you prefer the North
or the South of France?
The South.
- Then you'll be a waitress.
- OK, I don't mind.
Dealing tobacco is too risky
for so little money.
The real thing is hash,
that is profitable.
They all have a price.
And I'm sure this one does too.
I told you! The Coast Guard!
Hold on!
He, the colonel, and Dris are
into illegal trafficking with people.
- What?
- Yes, you'll see.
- Give that money back.
- What money?
I like doing business
with the Galician.
- They keep their word.
- The money is in the hashish.
You were saying?
- We just need to be patient, Santiago.
- Asshole.
You'll be in charge
of the cash register. OK?
Look what just came in.
I see, Sorayita, I warn you,
the tall dark guy is mine.
Come with me, cutie.
I've got you the best table in Yamila.
Sit, honey.
Galician! Come on.
Your friend and Soraya
are at the table having fun.
Come here!
What are you having?
I'm so happy! I'm up
for something bubbly, like me.
- I'm not sure you can afford it, boy.
- What does my queen want?
The good one.
Not that Spanish junk.
If she wants French champagne,
French champagne it is!
Tonight it's on me!
- Of course.
- So, good champagne.
I'll have some orujo.
Hey, boy.
I'm right here,
I'm not The Invisible Woman.
I don't talk much.
So you like to do stuff?
What do you mean?
I don't get it.
Whatever, let's get to the action,
like them. Want some?
What action? With you? Look, honey.
I only want the girl in the bar.
Babe have you seen
that hottie over there?
He's staring at you
Look, look!
Well, I don't know.
How can you not know?
He can tie me to his bed, I tell you.
He can do what he wants.
He can even whisper nasty things to me.
Oh, Mexican.
You're a lucky girl.
First, Dris promotes you to cashier.
Then the hottest guy
I've seen in years has his eyes on you.
You're really pretty.
Go get the fake one,
it's on the back.
Are you telling me
how to do my job, beaner?
When you were still in diapers,
I was stealing purses
on the market.
- What?
- Nothing, girl.
- Why is he so mad at me?
- Poor guy. Try to understand.
He has worked his ass off
here for three years,
and then you show up
and get lucky.
But relax, he'll get over it.
I know him well.
Here comes Dris.
Wish me luck.
I have a complicated issue
to discuss with him.
- I'll tell you later, OK?
- Good luck.
Good night, Teresita.
- Hi, Marcelo, how are you?
- Fine.
Hey, we should have a drink
together someday.
Your table is ready.
Will you have the usual?
Yes, but
Could you join me?
You know I can't do that
with clients.
Come on. You can make an exception.
Talk to Dris, he doesn't mind.
Look, we'll have a few drinks
and we might end up in my place,
bathing in my pool. It's a hot night.
Let me be clear.
I'm not a hooker.
I sleep with whoever I like.
And you're not my type.
Now let me work, OK?
I'm very busy.
But feel like home.
You know, someday
you'll need a favor.
You'll need something.
And then I'll be your type.
More than Brad Pitt.
What is it? Aren't you happy?
I did all the paperwork
so you can come and go
of the peninsula like a lady, right?
But I can't bring my child
to live here with me.
- I need that paperwork too.
- Yes, of course, I understand.
No problem, if you want
to bring your child here
you stay one more year here
and do what I ask.
If you want to bring your child.
No, no scenes here, OK?
I'm sick of them.
Get yourself together,
fix your makeup and get to work.
I promise you'll be with your son
in a year. Come on, go. Now.
Prove that you are a good mother!
Take me to hell if you want.
I'll take you wherever, honey.
Tomorrow at nine at the harbor.
See you tomorrow, Ceila.
- Bye, cutie.
- Have fun!
Those two will have some fun.
Are you really into that bitch?
I don't get it.
She's just an opportunist
who plays dumb and the boss is into her.
But I know she's done
something bad.
Really, really, bad.
Yeah? And what is that?
Has she said anything?
Her mouth is shut.
But since I work with people
I know about psychology,
I'm sure someone from her land
wants to kill her.
Your uncle Epifanio promised me
that if he wins the elections,
he'll transfer you to Mexico.
There, it will be easier
to get you out.
No, mom.
My uncle won't do anything.
He wants me in the United States,
so he can get rid of me.
He wants me rotting here
with these damn gringos.
He's a traitor, mom.
He's a traitor.
Your uncle is a very powerful man.
And when he reaches the Congress,
he'll have more power.
He would only reach the Congress
if I shut my mouth.
You know? If I mom
My son
My baby.
I'm glad my nephew Ramiro
got the message and shut his mouth.
Nothing will stop my political career.
Soon, I'll be an honorable member
of the Chamber of Deputies.
And then up.
I can picture you
as the President of the Republic.
And I'll be there with you,
whatever you need me for.
- Thank you, sir.
- No?
Listen, Batman.
If all goes well
Tomorrow I'll start a new life.
For everyone, sir.
Yeah, you're right.
Listen, I've been thinking.
The meth market is expanding.
- You must take care of it.
- We're already on it, sir.
You'll get a fair share.
Thank you very much, sir.
These are good times, Batmancito.
We should make the most of them.
You never know
when the night can come.
Enemies? What kind of enemies
can that poor girl have?
The kind that stabs you in the back.
The poor girl is paranoid.
She doesn't trust her own shadow.
So I think she's got a dead body
buried in her country.
And someone is looking for her
to settle a score.
- You're crazy.
- Why do you laugh?
Women can get really mean
when someone is hotter.
Hotter than me, that beaner monkey?
Listen, boy. I'll tell you two things.
First, hotter than me?
Angelina Jolie.
Second, I bet my life
that girl
has a dark past.
Come on, let's have a drink
in my place, honey.
Any problem?
I've wanted to dance with you since
I got here. What can we do?
I can't, I have to work and I don't dance.
There's a lot of available women.
First you stole the job from Ali,
now you're stealing my clients?
What's up with you, beaner?
You wanna own Yamila?
Don't play dumb with me!
I saw him first.
- See what trouble you got me into?
- Who, me? Hey get off of me, OK?
I told you I'm not interested.
Hey! Dris is watching, calm down!
What's going on here?
Sheila, Teresa?
- Nothing is going on.
- Get to work right now, then.
And what do you want?
He wants a
- He wants
- Orujo.
- Orujo.
- Come on.
I'll have it here, if it's OK.
Listen, Teresa.
If you hook up with him,
listen to me.
You should be
two animals at once.
A fox and a snake.
It's just advice,
you do whatever you want.
Close the till.
I'm going home, girl.
Are you coming with me?
No, I need to balance the till.
The downside of being the boss.
The first to come in and the last to go.
Listen. Are we going
to the beach tomorrow?
Call me, OK?
- Well, we're closing now.
- Now? So soon?
- Ahmed.
- Yeah?
- It's late. Get the people out.
- What am I doing?
Can I finish my drink?
You don't know who you're messing with.
You're about to find out!
What? Uh?
Now what?
Series based on the work of
Arturo Pérez Reverte - La Reina del Sur
Nobody takes what's mine!
- Much less a monkey
- Look, Sheila, knock it off.
He didn't even come home with me.
Don't be a brat.
Damn bitch!
Give it to me.
Give it to me!
You want trouble, I'll give you trouble.
So stop messing with me, Sheila!
Fucking bitch!
I won't stop until you go back
to your country!
Did you hear me?
Yes, of course I'm Sheila!
Wanna get back at the beaner
who had you fired?
I know how.
- Look, look how happy the monkey is.
- We should hurry.
Today we'll get rid
of the Mexican for good.
You should've seen Sheila, she looked
like a rattlesnake about to attack.
Besides, that hot dark guy
he came on to me.
I didn't call him. And we didn't hook up,
I don't know why she's mad.
One, you're younger.
You don't have to sleep with every
disgusting guy at Yamila's to survive.
Two. Dris chose you to be in the till.
And don't forget, he fired Ali.
And three
The hot dark guy chose you.
Who knows.
She must be feeling old,
she's jealous, I don't know.
- But it's not my fault.
- No, girl, it's not.
But such is life. Sometimes
you gain enemies for no reason.
And this one is a bad enemy,
believe me. Remember this.
Sheila won't stop biting
until she sees blood.
Good morning!
Am I interrupting?
That Mexican will regret
ever coming to motherland.
This damn door
What a coincidence.
I was at the beach bar,
would you like a couple of beers?
Of course we do.
Nothing like a cold beer
to beat the heat.
- Right Teresa?
- No, thanks.
How did you know we were here?
Are you following me?
Since you left home.
I tried to find an excuse
to come and see you, but
- I couldn't think of anything.
- How do you know where I live?
One of the Yamila's waiters
told me.
He's name is Ahmed.
Which is it?
Well, we have this one
for now.
So? Will you be here
when we get back?
- Of course, Galician.
- Yeah?
Of course.
- Well, well
- What?
- Give me mine.
- What's yours?
- The cash.
- Hey.
You told me
you fell in love with me.
Of course I fell in love with you.
If it were up to me, I'd do it for free.
But that slave-driver Dris
saw me with you, so he'll take 50%.
Come on. Or I'd have to pay
for sleeping with you.
I deserve this,
for taking a tramp's word.
- Your mother's a tramp, asshole.
- Get lost.
Where's Santiago?
He's never late.
Your friend's right.
I like you.
I guess I don't need to say it
after chasing you like this.
Would you say something?
I have nothing to say.
Hey, it's not that hard
to say something,
you can say
he's handsome, tall and dark,
his tattoo looks good on him,
his eyes are almost green
- you're single and your number is
- Hey, Fatima!
Shut up, OK?
Come on
Hey, don't get mad.
Let's talk. My name is Santiago.
What's yours?
- Teresa Mendoza, the Mexican.
- Fatima!
Look. I have absolutely nothing
to say to you.
And just so you know, I'm not interested
in dating you or anybody else.
Please stop following me, OK?
I can't stand it.
Come on, Teresa.
What's your problem?
You know what?
I think she likes you.
But she's weird.
Maybe it's her nationality. She's Mexican.
If she's Mexican, I'm Galician.
If it's in my head, I fight for it.
And she's in my head.
That's so hot
I don't get you, Mexican,
I don't get you.
You're turning down the Galician?
He's so hot!
What happened with you?
Did a man hurt you, or what?
I don't wanna talk about it.
You'll have to talk to somebody.
I'm your best friend.
- What's going on?
- The Civil Guard what happened?
No, Teresa, don't go!
Every time we see the police
we end up in jail!
You're documented now.
Let's see what happened.
Your door is open!
Hey, what are you doing in my?
Hey, I'm talking to you! What?
- Who are you?
- Do you live here?
Yeah, I live here.
What are doing in my home?
Then you are Teresa Mendoza?
- The Mexican?
- Yeah, that's me.
You're under arrest for dealing.
That's not mine.
That drug isn't mine, I didn't
Somebody put it there!
Where would I get that drug?
It's not mine, I swear!
Yeah, right. The drug
came here all by itself and hid.
They are all innocent.
And they all say the same.
Like we were idiots!
- Who are you?
- I don't know anything.
She's a friend, she's not involved.
Sir, we were just at the beach,
- I don't know where that came from.
- You'll miss the sun for a while.
Take her away.
- What do you mean?
- Take her away.
I'm telling you that's not mine,
you must investigate!
You can't just take me!
Fatima, help me!
You can't!
Tell Dris to help me.
- Please, I need his help.
- Don't worry, I'll tell him.
What happened?
Why did the police take her?
They found hashish in her apartment.
It wasn't hers,
it really wasn't hers!
Hashish dealer, uh?
Aw, that's too bad.
Galician, I told you last night.
She was hiding something.
And there it is.
She turned out to be loaded.
Cheap slut.
Take the drug and leave it in my office.
I'll consign it.
You come with me, Mexican.
I wanna hear you sing.
- Hello Can I come in?
- Yeah.
- Santiago Fisterra?
- Jaime, what are you doing here?
What are you doing here, Galician?
What are you saying, Fatima?
Hashish? How much?
- A couple of pounds.
- A couple of pounds?
Do you think with your crotch?
Look, I spend a lot in brides
to make sure no one has trouble
with the police or anything.
And now she's dealing hashish.
For Christ's sake, you must help her,
she's got no one else.
Listen, I know under that bastard surface
you must have a heart.
- Sorry?
- A small one, at least.
Besides, you need her in the bar.
You must help her, Dris.
I'll see if I must help her.
Get out, leave me alone. Go.
- Promise me.
- Leave me alone, I said! Go! Damn it!
To be honest,
I don't know her very well.
I don't know if she's an angel
or a demon, but I'm crazy for her.
Dude she must be really hot
for you to ask me this.
If she's in for drug trafficking,
there's not much you can do.
- It's a serious felony.
- But you can help her, right?
You're in the Civil Guard.
I guess you can investigate if someone
put the hashish in her house, right?
Her name is Teresa Mendoza.
What's your name?
Mexican, uh?
Yeah, why?
No nothing, it's just that
I don't know many Mexicans here.
I'll see what I can do.
- I'll wait.
- OK.
You'd better tell us
where you got the drug from.
How many times do I have to tell you?
It's not mine.
Someone put it in my home
and then called you to frame me.
Who were you going to sell it to?
It's not mine!
I don't know where it came from.
Someone put it there.
You're Mexican, right?
You're illegal.
My visa is being processed.
And my father is Spanish.
The best decision for everyone,
Teresa is to deport you.
Let your people be in charge
of locking you up.
Is it clear, Teresa Mendoza?
I'll see myself
that you're deported to Mexico.
How can you be so sure
you'll win the election?
Because I earned it, doc.
I've worked really hard for it.
- Excuse me.
- Go ahead. Cheers!
Louder, I can't hear you.
They have the results!
The winner for the State of Sinaloa
and the new Representative
of the Chamber of Deputies
is the licensed Epifanio Vargas!
We're in, gentlemen!
Give me a hug!
They even called me licensed!
Yeah, well
Today I'm a Deputy.
After that, Senator.
And after that, well
President of the Republic!
- Cheers!
- Cheers, gentlemen! Cheers!
She's Mexican.
Send me anywhere.
But I can't return to Mexico, no way.
You immigrants are all the same.
You come to deal drugs,
hustle and beg for money.
And there's more of you every day.
We're not all the same, OK?
And to be honest,
you Spanish people are no better.
- Are you talking back to me?
- I can prove my father is Spanish.
I would be killed in Mexico.
One less. Take her away.
The Immigration Officer
will come for her.
Hey, you can't just
that's illegal!
You can't do this, just like that!
You'll return to your tribe
because I feel like it. Got it?
Just as we planned.
In a few minutes
she'll be flying to America.
I owe you big time, Youseff.
I'll see you tonight.
And thanks for everything, cousin.
You're the best.
- So? What did he say?
- It all worked out.
No one noticed Youseff took the drug
from the police's deposit.
As for the Mexican
She's already on her way home.
I told you, Ali.
The Mexican is history.
Good afternoon, sir.
This is signed
by the Ministry of the Interior,
by Marcelo Cáceres himself.
I'd like to talk to the lady
for a minute, please.
I'll close the door.
Thank you.
Mr. Dris
Thank you.
Thank you so much
- I won't forget this.
- Good.
Did they say
how long will I be here?
- That's up to you, Mexican.
- How so?
They won't deport you for now.
That's something.
I have news.
I have a good news and bad news,
which one first?
- The good one.
- The good one?
You are free to go.
- How so?
- How so?
You know how.
That's the bad one.
You sleep with Marcelo Caceres
and you're free to go.
It's easy.
- Mr. Dris look
- What?
- I'm not a
- You're not a what?
You're not a slut?
No one knows you here,
you can do whatever you want.
No, you don't understand.
I can't
I won't sleep with that man.
I'm sure you slept with fatter
and uglier men. And for free.
Now you're sleeping with him
for your freedom. It's a good deal.
Look, if you agree,
just tell the officers,
they'll take you to Marcelo Caceres
and you're out of here.
Be careful, OK?
If you take too long,
they'll put you in a plane to Mexico,
It's up to you.
If you want to stay
or go back to Mexico, it's up to you.
I'm out of here,
this place makes me nervous. Bye.
Where the hell are you, idiot?
I'm getting roasted!
There's nothing we can do.
What do you mean, nothing?
Someone really powerful
is behind this, dude.
Usually, these procedures are not so fast.
But the Mexican will be deported.
- What are you thinking about?
- I'm really happy with you.
Me too.
- But sometimes I get really sad.
- Why?
Because someday
I'm not going to be here to
touch your skin.
To kiss you.
To make love to you.
Don't say that.
This will last for a lifetime.
I'm having a drink with Sheila.
I'm here as a client.
- Or is my money less worthy?
- I don't care about your money.
If you come as a client and want to fuck,
you must pay. OK?
Dris So?
So I told your friend what to do.
Now it's her problem.
I want nothing to do with this.
Excuse me.
You know, someday
you'll need a favor.
You'll need something.
And then I'll be your type.
You're so hot.
I've been waiting for so long
Please tell Sr. Caceres
that I accept the terms.
Can I help you with something, girl?
I'm happy to see you!
So you're a guard?
Yeah, I'm a lieutenant in the Civil Guard.
It's not a big deal.
Can you help me?
Someone put drugs in my apartment.
Those drugs are not mine.
- That's why I'm here.
- I know all about your case.
They haven't found any fingerprints yet.
But they're still investigating.
It's really strange that
they first tried to deport you
in a very unusual way,
and then out of nowhere,
we receive an order to cancel it.
Of course
Someone framed me, I'm sure.
OK. Calm down.
Everything's going to be alright.
I promise.
When this is over, you're going to have
to choose between him and me.
He wants to help too,
but I saw you first.
- What do you talking about?
- My friend. Santiago, the Galician.
What about him?
Is he your friend?
Teresa Mendoza.
You're free to go.
- What do you mean? How so?
- There are no charges, Lieutenant.
By order of the Delegate,
the lady is free to go.
I see.
Mexican. You're good
at making important friends, uh?
Hi, Veiga.
Yeah, it's me.
Your old boss.
Where the hell
is that deserter Santiago?
I don't know.
Teresa, you're free!
What are you doing here?
I was worried, so I arranged something
with my friend
It seems I helped,
here you are.
- You got me out?
- No, not me.
My friend Jaime.
I asked him to help you.
He didn't help me either.
Why don't you tell Santiago
where I go, who I go with and what for?
Maybe you'll stop following me.
For your information,
women like me only cause misery.
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