La Reina del Sur (2011) s01e06 Episode Script

Honor herido

Look, honey.
I only want the girl in the bar.
I sleep with whoever I like.
And you're not my type.
You know, someday
you'll need a favor.
And then I'll be your type.
First you stole the job from Ali,
now you're stealing my clients?
You should be two animals at once.
A fox and a snake.
What? Uh?
Now what?
Give it to me.
Give it to me!
Hey. Want to get back at the beaner
who got you fired?
I like you.
I guess I don't need to say it
after chasing you like this.
I'm not interested
in dating you or anybody else.
Please stop following me, OK?
I can't stand it.
Come on, Teresa
- You're under arrest for dealing.
- What?
Send me anywhere.
But I can't return to Mexico, no way.
I would be killed in Mexico.
One less.
Usually, these procedures are not so fast.
But the Mexican will be deported.
If you sleep with Marcelo Caceres,
you're free to go.
Yeah, it's me.
Your old boss.
Please tell Mr. Caceres
I accept the terms.
- You got me out?
- No, not me.
My friend Jaime.
I asked him to help you.
He didn't help me either.
He didn't help me either.
Why don't you tell Santiago
where I go, who I go with and what for?
I don't know,
maybe you'll stop following me.
For your information,
women like me only cause misery.
So long!
Come on at least
explain me what's going on.
Nothing's going on.
Because I'm nothing. Nobody.
If I die today,
nothing would happen.
No one cares about me
in this damn world.
Look. I don't know
what mess are you in,
but if there's anything
I can do for you, whatever
Nobody can help me.
Only the pig that sold me my freedom.
And I'll pay for it.
I have no choice.
You know,
if you really want to help me
forget about me.
You got me into enough trouble.
Did I get you into trouble? Me?
I only tried to help you!
What's up with her?
Is she crazy?
Laly, Laly.
Why don't you tell us already
where is Santiago?
I swear I don't know.
He must be with the girl
he hooked up with.
We were gonna cross the channel
in the morning.
But he'll come, Siso.
He has to come.
Why don't you save some
for Santiago?
That asshole should get
his fair share, right?
He had the idea of separating
from Club Pernas, not me.
And you followed him
like a lamb. Right?
He's out. Now what?
We wait.
Lalo told us the truth.
Santiago must be on her way here.
What did I see in her?
She even blames me
for having to sleep with that man.
- It's the government delegate.
- I don't care who that fucker is.
Lucky him she isn't even pretty.
By the way why did she say
you know her well?
Well, we don't really know each other
I want to get to know you.
Let's have dinner or something.
I was thinking of somebody else.
We had a moment.
You slept with her too?
Why didn't you tell me?
It's not important,
she was thinking of somebody else.
- Is it Hidalgo?
- Hidalgo.
Baby I have something
important to give you.
- What?
- Close your eyes.
- What are you up to?
- Wait.
Come on!
- A present for me?
- Yes!
- A silver weekly bracelet?
- Yes.
It's awesome!
- Thank you.
- You're welcome. Do you like it?
- It's gorgeous.
- Look, look.
- It has an inscription, right?
- Yeah, the letters of your name.
- A letter for every day.
- And Sundays?
- I put a G in Sundays.
- For Güerito?
Exactly. On Sundays, you're mine!
But there's a problem.
I don't want to be yours on Sundays.
I want to be yours forever.
Not everything lasts forever.
It scares me
when you say those things.
Baby, it's OK
Everything's OK!
Relax don't worry.
I'll take care of you.
You're only in charge of loving me.
I'll handle all the bad things.
Have you seen her face?
Like a lamb going to the slaughter!
Oh, Ali! It's been a while
since I've had this fun being evil!
You're the worst, Sheila!
That's why I like you so much.
Can you get us something stronger?
What are you looking at?
Do I have monkeys on my face?
The only monkey here
was your beaner friend.
And now she's back in her jungle.
Just as she came here.
One hand forth and one back.
She had it coming.
She took what's mine.
She didn't take anything,
because you don't have anything!
You're just jealous.
Don't call me names in another language,
or I'll kick your ass!
Let it go! Let it go!
Fatima's just messing with you.
- I swear
- OK, I don't want any details.
Let's not talk about it.
Thanks for everything, anyway.
See you.
Take care, OK?
- Is the Mister in?
- Come in, please.
I'll let him know.
Teresa Mendoza, the Mexican
Welcome to my humble home,
I'd like to thank you
for what you did.
Don't waste your breath
with gratitude.
I've got a better idea.
Come here.
Hey, no sad faces.
This isn't the Roman circus.
Torturing you
isn't exactly in my plans.
But don't give me ideas, honey.
I want this to be a perfect day
for both of us.
You'll find a little present
on my bed.
I want you to wear it.
But first take a shower.
Take that jail smell away.
You'll choke on your own words,
What are you thinking about?
That Mexican she never
spent a dime in clothes.
She was stingy.
When the police came,
she didn't have time at all.
She left Spain empty handed!
Then, dear, we should
pay a visit to her apartment.
Maybe she forgot something.
That's my Ali!
Let's go.
- Your rum!
- For you!
I couldn't resist
seeing you naked.
Don't play hard to get with me,
it doesn't suit you.
You're perfect, Teresita.
A goddess.
We're gonna have
such a good time
You can't complain,
this is five star luxury.
I'm not complaining.
This is my present.
I want you to wear it.
You'll find my wife's
make up and perfumes in there.
That's enough, OK?
Can we get this done already?
It's not that easy, Teresita.
I had to play a lot of cards
to get you out of jail,
and to cancel your deportation.
Look at you.
You're nothing but a clumsy waitress
in a low-life bar.
And I'm the most powerful
man in Melilla,
and you had the guts
to humiliate me!
And that has a price.
Meet me in the pool
in 15 minutes.
Get dressed and made up like
you really are.
A slut.
Series based on the work of
Arturo Pérez Reverte - La Reina del Sur
The police did a good job, uh?
They searched everywhere.
Look how your cousin
left everything.
And who's this handsome blond?
He looks like a movie star.
Or TV.
Some women are just lucky.
Unlike me.
Such is life.
What do men see in her?
Look at her, look!
He looks like a rat!
Enough already! Help me find money
or expensive stuff before someone comes!
Who would come?
She's all alone.
Quickly, Sheila!
We should leave soon!
Santiago run!
Asshole! Don't let him
get away, damn it!
What's up, Santiago?
Relax, man.
Calm down.
How's life in Melilla?
Are you not happy to see me?
Finally we meet
face to face again.
- Thank you, Walter.
- Can I help you with anything else?
You can go. I won't need you
until tomorrow. Thanks.
Oh, listen. Tell the lady
to please come down.
- I've been waiting for a while.
- Gladly.
Why don't we have a drink?
- Bitch
- What's up, man?
You kept me waiting
for too long.
Come closer.
Dance for me.
I can't dance.
You can't dance?
All beautiful girls can dance.
Slowly strip down, turn me on.
Take your clothes off.
Come on. Now!
Come on!
You have the body of a goddess.
Take your top off.
I want a closer look.
Come on.
On your knees,
on the pillow.
You can't say we don't treat
Mexican princesses right.
Do you know what to do?
Do you? Or you don't?
I know.
You're good, Mexican.
A professional.
You can make good money
for your services if you want.
I think you liked it.
Look at me.
- I'm asking you something.
- What do you want me to say?
Did you like it?
Do you want me to lie?
I really liked it.
Where are you going?
I need a shower.
Say good bye
to the South, Santiago.
Say good bye to this land,
your girls and your boat.
You'll pay for this.
Take him away.
- They're gonna kill us, Santiago!
- Shut up!
They're taking us to Galicia
to kill us, it's all your fault.
Stop it! Don't give him the pleasure
of seeing us like this.
Keep searching, Ali!
There's gotta be something!
That one wouldn't even spend
her saliva in spitting!
What's this?
What is it?
Ali, what did you find?
American dollars!
And euros!
This is great!
See? I told you, the girl is stingy!
- Hey we'll go fifty fifty, right?
- No way. I found it.
What are you saying, idiot?
And whose idea was it? Uh?
If it wasn't for me,
you'd be drinking in the Yamila.
Sweet Jesus!
- What's that?
- This is worthless!
It's a Mexican emerald.
I've always wanted one!
Put it on, please.
Put in on.
Ali, we're rich!
- Now let's go.
- No, Ali
I want to have sex here!
- In the Mexican's bedroom!
- No way!
I want to do it here!
And call me
"Horny Mexican".
We'll go fifty fifty.
Call me that, please, say
"Horny Mexican,
I like your emerald!"
Horny Mexican,
I like your emerald.
- Yes!
- And now, let's go!
What are you doing?
Where are you going, idiot?
Ali, come back, I said!
OK, it's your loss!
Surprise, Teresita.
Very good. I give you an A
on hygiene and citizenship education.
Where are you going?
I'll get dressed.
I have to go to work.
The only place you were going to
was Mexico. Deported.
And thanks to me,
you're here. Still.
We are not done yet, Teresita.
Blue pill.
The invention of the century.
Come, come.
Come closer.
I like you. I don't need to say it,
after chasing you like this.
Won't you say something?
I don't know what mess are you in,
but if there's anything
I can do for you, whatever it is
How many times did your father
recite this incantation with me, Santiago?
Making a queimada.
Poor Teresa.
And what can I do, Fatima?
I know, but that hashish wasn't hers,
she's not a dealer, poor girl.
And how do you know
that hashish wasn't hers?
- It's not my problem.
- You envy her.
That's your problem.
You're jealous because
Dris put her at the till and not you.
I envied her. So, Fatima?
Are you saying
I wish evil to her?
It doesn't matter.
My girl's in Mexico.
Sheila, it's beautiful!
Where did you get it from?
It's new.
Well, it's a present
from a merchant marine.
It's a client. He's crazy for me
and brings me treats from everywhere.
I don't care, next time the beer's late
I'll change provider and
I'll call you later. Yeah.
Oh my god, Teresa!
What happened?
I was so sad
- I thought you were deported.
- I know, but I'm free now.
- Tell me everything.
- Yeah.
- How are you?
- Good. You?
Dris! Look who's here!
It wasn't so hard, was it?
Wait I don't get it.
What's going on?
Nothing, the Mexican
is back with us, that's good.
Come, we must talk.
What are you looking at?
Please, there are customers.
Come on, come on.
You can't do this to me.
Know that you're alive
because your father was a loyal friend.
You know I couldn't stay,
Mr. Joaquin.
The Coast Guard wants my head
because of that dead man.
It was an accident, not my fault.
But the body is on me.
You would've been fine
under my protection.
But you got ambitious.
You're nothing like your father.
My father spent his life at your side.
And he died just as miserable.
Do whatever you want with me.
But it won't change what I think.
I managed his shipments for a long time.
I've never seen a dime.
That's why I moved South.
To be on my own.
My father taught you the business.
And that's how you pay it?
He decides when you leave.
No one quits here, Santiaguiño.
He fires them
or kills them.
Well, Teresita.
Marcelo Caceres is your protector now.
Now they'll respect you.
No one will dare to touch you.
- I don't want to talk about that man.
- No?
- That man got you out of jail.
- The drugs weren't mine.
- Who put them there, then?
- I don't know.
There are only two possibilities,
and I'd like to rule one out.
Could I borrow your phone
to make a call to Mexico?
- Yes, of course. Go ahead.
- Thanks.
One thing.
I'll charge you for calling to Mexico.
It must be really expensive,
and I don't want to pay for your calls.
I have to be in Mexico City in three days
to assume my position.
I'll be coming and going often,
so I want one of the Norteña's planes
always available.
Very well, sir.
- Hello?
- Don Epifanio?
- It's Teresa Mendoza.
- Teresita Mendoza!
I'm sorry to bother,
I know I shouldn't call you, but
Something bad happened, and I think
only you can help me find out the truth.
Someone planted drugs on me.
I got out of spending time in jail.
I don't know, maybe it came from Mexico.
Perhaps you heard or know something.
I'm asking you
because you're my protector.
Girl, don't be naive.
No, you know how people are here.
Look, if the drugs had come
from Mexico, you'd be dead, girl.
Look, I'll give you some advice.
Listen to me well.
Disappear for good, OK?
And forget about Mexico.
Mexico's forgotten about you.
I won't stop until
you go back to your country!
It was Sheila.
I'm sure.
She put the drugs in my place.
I'm dead sure.
Teresa, calm down.
Try to think, OK?
What? She was looking for trouble
and now she found some.
Teresa, come here.
If you go back to jail, who would
get you out? Caceres will.
Want to sleep with him again?
OK, go kick her ass
in front of everybody.
- So we'll do nothing?
- I didn't say that.
It's not my problem.
But you need to be discreet.
Nobody can see you.
I can't believe it, Santiago!
I thought you were gone for good.
God be blessed!
- And these bruises?
- Nothing, mom.
- Santiago, what happened to you?
- Come here, give me a hug.
Give me a hug.
I've forgotten about this mess.
Come in.
Don't worry, girl,
I'll help you clean this up.
It's like I always said.
Every time we see the police,
we end up in jail.
My money
- It's gone.
- What's gone?
- My money's gone.
- What?
They stole from me.
They stole all my savings.
Everything I got.
It's gone.
My boy
Won't you tell me
why they're looking for you?
They came here
asking for you a lot.
You don't need to worry.
Come on, mom,
I'm not a child anymore.
Come here.
Poor boy.
You're all alone in God's land.
If only you could find
a good woman
A partner who loves you, son.
I thought I'd found her, mother.
But I was wrong.
I told you, the police are pests.
The emerald from Güero's birthday
is gone too.
- Emerald? Who's Güero?
- And the picture
- Damn.
- But, girl..
- Is Güero a man?
- No, Güero is not a man.
He's a half of my life.
And he's gone.
I just
I can't take it anymore.
I'm so sick of it!
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