La Reina del Sur (2011) s01e07 Episode Script

Venganza Mexicana

Nobody can help me
only the pig that's selling my freedom.
And I'm going to pay for it.
Why don't you tell us
where Santiago is?
- You slept with her too?
- We had a moment.
We should pay a visit
to La Mexicana's apartment.
I want this to be a perfect day
for both of us.
I couldn't resist seeing you naked.
You're nothing but a clumsy waitress
in a lowlife bar.
And I'm the most powerful
man in Melilla,
and you had the guts to humiliate me!
That has a price.
They're taking us to Galicia
to kill us, it's all your fault.
You can make good money
for your services if you want.
What is it?
Ali, what is it?
American dollars!
And euros!
Well, it's a present
from a merchant marine.
Disappear for good, OK?
And forget about Mexico.
Mexico's forgotten about you.
It was Sheila.
I'm sure.
She put the drugs in my place.
I'm dead sure.
My father taught you the business.
And that's how you pay him?
They stole from me.
They stole all my savings.
Everything I got.
It's gone.
Calm down, Mexicana.
What happened?
They stole everything.
All my savings,
they stole a picture
and an emerald that meant a lot to me.
- Was it a good necklace?
- Of course it was a good
A silver necklace
with a green tear shaped stone?
- Sheila was wearing it last night.
- Sheila?
And when she saw you,
the chicken took it off and hid it.
So, not only did she plant the drugs,
she also came back to steal from me.
Teresa. Sheila has stolen
from every girl here.
She's a slut and also a thief.
It's in her blood.
I'll make her regret this.
- Wait, wait. Sheila's a whore, OK?
- Well, I'm worse.
Thank you, Ahmed.
- What's going to happen now?
- Poor Sheila.
This is the boat
we had ready for you.
Take a look.
Do you like it?
Do I have a choice?
Mr. Pernas, what do I have to do exactly?
Gain your freedom by bringing
a cocaine shipment to shore.
Want to go south?
You must pay.
What's my guarantee?
How do I know I can leave forever
once I deliver the shipment?
Every single man you see here
belong to The Family.
They know my word is worth more
than my signature.
And before them, I give you my word,
If you bring the goods here,
you're a free man.
Can't you see it's a trap?
This stinks, Santiago.
Do you accept the deal, Santiago?
I do.
Return what you stole from me,
damn bitch!
Give it back to me!
You're a thief!
- Come on, damn it!
- No, I don't have your things!
- Where is my stuff?
- No, I didn't do it!
- Where did you put it? Where?
- I don't have it!
- I swear! You can see for yourself!
- Out of my way!
- Move!
- Go ahead, search! You won't find it!
I'll kill you.
You're a bitch.
I'll kill you.
Tell me why
I shouldn't kill you!
Tell me why
I shouldn't kill you, asshole!
You're crazy!
Mr. Joaquin, the engines are perfect.
So, what do you say?
- I told you, I accept the deal.
- You have my word.
As soon as you get back tonight
with the goods, you're a free man.
Tell me why I shouldn't do it, bitch!
You crazy Mexicana sudaca.
I'm not sudaca! Mexico's
in North America, you idiot! I'm Northern!
I don't give a damn
where you come from!
Come here!
Teresa, stop! Stop!
- Let her go!
- Help me!
- Help me, she'll kill her!
- I'll kill you!
- Let her go!
- Help me, Soraya!
- Get her out!
- Run!
- Girl, what happened?
- Move!
Please, don't!
Come here!
- Where are you going?
- Help!
- Get out!
- Teresa, calm down!
Stop it!
She's not worth going to jail!
Don't ever mess with me again!
This is the yacht Nodriza.
They'll wait for you at 10:00 p.m.
at the rendezvous
for the three boats to arrive.
First Santiago, then Antonio
and lastly Luis.
That means I'm the last to leave.
- Crystal clear.
- The last one always risks being seen.
And who asked you?
Calm down.
They're right.
That's why I need you, Santiago.
You're the fastest here,
nobody beats you at the helm.
And you'll have a fast boat.
I won't sail until
I check the entire boat.
What are you afraid of, Santiaguino?
A trap, an ambush?
I'm the one who risks everything.
I'm the one who could go to jail.
Unless you'd like to join me, Siso.
I won't check the boat if you come.
Will you join me?
You'll give everything back to me!
Teach her a lesson, Mexicana!
She must learn about respect!
Sweet Mother of Jesus,
La Mexicana has lost it!
- No.
- Should we do something?
No, let her kick her ass, I'm having fun.
She had it coming, man!
No, I'll call the Civil Guard!
You stay out of it,
this isn't your business.
And don't even think of calling
the Civil Guard!
- You know how Dris gets.
- She'll kill her!
- Shut her up!
- She'll kill her!
- She'll kill her!
- Come on, come on!
Quickly. You'll give
everything back to me.
- Very well.
- She'll kill her!
You'll give everything back, got it?
Come on, now!
I want my emerald, the euros,
And the picture of Güero.
Come on!
And the money?
Come on!
- A present for you, girl.
- For me?
- Really?
- Yeah, for you.
A Colombian emerald.
It looks fancy.
Hey, it's Güero's birthday, not mine.
Yeah, I know.
Buy a present for your man.
- But it's too much.
- Ten thousand dollars. Hide them.
Give him a surprise, OK?
I can't thank you enough
for all you do for us.
Well, give me a kiss, then.
Güerito and you
are my favorites, you know?
Thank you.
- Hey! Thanks for the party, man!
- My pleasure.
I knew it was you.
- You're such a bitch.
- OK, you got it. Get out of my house!
This is less than half, Sheila.
Where's the rest?
Tell me, or I swear
I'll gouge your eyes out.
Where is it?
Ali has it.
So Ali's with you.
Look Sheila. I'll gouge your eyes out
if you don't tell me truth.
You both planted the drugs
in my home, right?
And then called the police
to get me deported. Am I right?
Will you join me or not?
Of course not.
Knock it out, both of you!
This is not a competition.
There's a lot of money involved.
And you know that you must
run the operation from the base.
Then I guess it's OK for us
to check the boat before sailing.
Of course, Santiago.
I guess your friend will join you.
- Or will you stay this time?
- You don't have to go.
Of course I'll go with you.
You're like my brother.
I Want to go south too.
OK, say no more, then.
We'll meet here as planned.
You have about eight hours
to get everything ready.
We'll be here, Mr. Pernas.
Lucky for you,
my father keeps his word.
If it were up to me,
you'd be six feet under.
If you were a good pilot,
your father wouldn't need me.
What have you done?
We're screwed, dude.
- What the f?
- It's better to listen than to talk.
It's the only way to learn.
I don't get
what you're doing, father.
Did you really believe
I was forgiving that asshole?
Didn't I teach you that betrayal
can only be paid with death or jail?
But they have the best boat.
Santiago is a good pilot.
You think?
So it's a trap.
It's not a trap, Siso.
It's called strategy.
That bastard will be useful
for two things.
First, he'll be the perfect bait
to deflect the attention
from most part of the shipment.
And second,
since we're going to turn him in,
they'll stop chasing us for a while.
They hate him so much I don't think
he'll even make it to jail alive.
OK, explain this.
How do we get the Coast Guard
to arrest him,
if Santiago
checks the boat before sailing?
You'll see.
Let's go.
Based on the original work of
Arturo Pérez Reverte: La Reina Del Sur
I'm waiting.
I told you, I have nothing to do
with the drugs they planted.
I don't buy it.
We broke in after you were arrested,
because you were going to get deported.
If it hadn't been us,
anyone could have do it.
It's what you do
when a foreigner gets deported, right?
We had no idea
you would come back.
Teresa, that's true.
When someone gets deported,
they all act like vultures here.
Tell me about it.
I was deported twice.
OK. Don't worry,
I'll find out who did it.
But in the meantime, tell Ali
I want the rest of my money. Got it?
Today. Or I'll go to his place
to get it myself tomorrow.
you got to be careful with Ali.
- He's totally crazy, and
- Sheila, Sheila.
This was our last fight, got it?
Next time you mess with me,
I'll shoot you right here.
Got it?
I see you bought some working tools
with my money.
I won't get that money back.
keep the bags for yourself.
What's up with you?
What are you looking at?
I'm not looking at you.
I'm smelling you.
And you smell like shit.
Get out of my house,
whore! Get out!
- La Mexicana is a killer!
- Shut up, magpie!
- You're such a magpie!
- I've heard her!
Stay here and watch over her,
as if it was your woman, OK?
- I'll go home to get food.
- As you wish.
But look what I just got
in case someone shows up.
- What have you done?
- Well, I have my contacts.
Thanks for everything, bro.
You're a good friend,
you didn't have to come.
Two things could happen.
Either we go back to Melilla
to make fortunes,
or we go to jail
for the rest of our lives.
Can I come in,
or do you want to be alone again?
Come in, Fátima.
I know you don't like visits, specially
after your fight with Sheila, but
By the way,
you kicked her ass, huh?
She had it coming.
Girl, you cleaned this up already?
You're Wonder Woman!
OK, I'd better leave you alone, OK?
Thank you, Fátima.
- What did you say?
- Thanks a lot.
Thanks for everything.
Why don't you take Sheila's clothes?
I won't get that money back.
- Yeah.
- Are those clothes for me?
Oh my God!
You're the best friend I've ever had,
no one ever gave me so many things!
Not even my mother,
may she rest in peace!
Look how pretty!
That Sheila's mean, but she has style!
I'm so sick of this.
Of course you are.
It shouldn't be this way.
Come here, my girl.
You can't go on like this,
you just can't!
Listen to me, Mexicana.
Listen to me well, OK?
You're not made of stone, girl.
Teresa come on, talk to me,
tell me what's wrong.
You need to get it out, whatever
you have inside, it's poisoning you.
And who's this?
Your man?
The reason you came from Mexico?
Teresa, please tell me what's wrong,
so I can help you!
If you don't talk to me,
I'll get pissed and go away, got it?
I'm going.
But I'll take the clothes with me.
You're crazy.
I'm I'm drowning
in an awful loneliness.
I think I've seen that movie.
Teresa, you can trust me, really.
My lips are sealed.
Please, tell me what's going on.
So I can help you.
Start from the beginning,
so I can catch up, OK?
Come on, tell me.
Who's that handsome blonde?
He's Raimundo Avila
or "Güero" Avila.
My Güero.
He's the most important man in my life.
He was killed six months ago.
His airplane was shot down.
The very same day they killed
my godmother and her children.
Oh my God, that's terrible!
Once I tell you,
you'll see why I don't want to be
with Santiago or any other man. Never.
Mother, it's me, I'm here.
Where are you?
Mother, where did you go?
Wow, you're completely deaf!
Are you sleeping?
Hey, mother!
Mother, wake up, wake up!
Can you hear me?
Mother! Mom!
I wish
Tell us the truth, Sheila.
Who did you sleep with?
A boxer?
Stop laughing, bastard!
I told you,
the bitch kicked my ass.
She had no mercy.
Stop laughing, I said!
I can't help it,
you look like an eggplant.
Women are better than men
when it comes to beating.
She threatened me
to shoot me here!
Don't you get it?
Don't you get it?
She's capable of killing me!
Joseph you must finish
what you started.
I can go to the police
and report her for aggression.
Or death threats.
I have witnesses.
The neighbors heard her.
But I want you to help me
do something worse.
Listen. That woman
is my boss's protégée now.
When the Delegate has a protégée,
you can't even look at her.
Listen, be careful with what you do,
or you might end up in jail.
I'm off, cousin. I can't stand
a slut bitching about another slut.
- Don't worry.
- Give me my share.
- Come on.
- What is that?
This is your share.
And thanks for everything.
- What did you give him?
- My share.
Did you think I would risk my career
for your pretty face?
You should thank him
for everything he did.
He lent us the drugs
and sent La Mexicana to jail.
That was useless.
Let her be.
Hell is filled with ungrateful people.
Good one, cousin.
Bye, eggplant.
Are you crazy?
Why did you give him the money
we stole from Teresa?
I had to give him something.
Besides that's my share.
And I'll do what I please
with it. Got it?
OK, whatever!
Just so you know, La Mexicana
suspects we planted the drugs.
And I had no choice to tell her
we both stole the money.
How can you be so stupid?
Tell me.
Tell me!
- Are you dumb?
- Yeah, kill me if you want.
But La Mexicana said
she'll come herself for the money.
I'd believe her if I were you.
That bitch barks and also bites.
This is the saddest story
I've ever heard.
I can't believe
what you've been through.
Thanks for listening, Fátima.
I really needed
to get it off my chest.
This last six months
have been
- too hard.
- I can imagine.
I knew it, when I saw you
in the ferry, remember?
You had no idea where to go.
Thanks for trusting me, my friend.
Thank you.
Well, let's get dressed.
It's late to
How do you say it? "Currar"?
"No mames," "Pinche," "Huevón"
You're learning Spanish,
and I'm learning Mexican.
I'm bilingual, mi cuate!
- I see. Your Mexican is quite fancy!
- The best. Come on. Let's go.
- I'll get my purse.
- Me too.
How is she?
Very delicate, Santiago.
Her blood pressure's very high.
She's been very upset lately.
- Perhaps it's related to your return.
- Can I see her?
No. She's still unconscious.
Well, if you have something to do,
go do it.
As soon as she wakes up
I'll call you.
Dris, you should've seen her,
she's lost it.
Look what she did to me.
- She also threatened to shoot me.
- I'm sure you did something.
- Me?
- Yeah, you're the worst, Sheila.
- You are.
- There she is.
- You can't let her stay now.
- Shut up.
Mexicana. Sheila wants me to fire you.
What should I do?
- It's your call, Dris.
- No, it's yours.
I'll fire Sheila if you want.
Or she can stay here.
- Tell him to fire her, girl.
- You shut up.
- I won't. Tell him.
- What do you say? Huh?
Will Sheila stay,
or should I kick her out on the street?
I thought I made myself clear.
But if you want war, war it is.
Got to keep your enemies close.
Let her stay.
Are you crazy, Mexicana?
OK, Sheila, you heard her.
You can stay.
But go home.
You'll scare the clients with that face,
it's horrible.
Go home, I'll call you.
Come on, go.
Well, it seems nobody
wants to work here.
Nobody works here,
we're all just hanging out.
Come on, the clients are about to come,
don't just stand there!
Don't mess with my mother,
Mr. Dris.
Santiago, you idiot!
I almost killed you!
Did you bring food?
I'm starving, dude.
Why the face?
Something happened with the Pernas?
My mother had a heart attack
because of me.
- Because of you?
- I'm killing her, Lalo.
My mother is dying
because of my bad life.
The total is
The till is balanced, boss.
Very good.
It's incredible.
Good job, Mexicana.
I'll go to the bank tomorrow.
Mr. Cáceres and the colonel
Abdelkader Chaib are here.
- Now?
- Yes, and colonel Abdelkader.
Why didn't you say so?
There he goes to lick
the colonel's boots.
- Who's that man?
- Who?
A colonel from the Moroccan army.
A very important man in North Africa.
He owns the border with Melilla.
Also, he's with Dris and Cáceres
in their illegal trafficking business.
Those bastards feed off
the blood of the unfortunate.
Every time they catch a boat
full of immigrants, nothing happens,
because two more would come
the next day with 50 or 60, at least.
Do you know how much
each of them pays for the trip?
1,500, at least.
Sometimes even 5,000.
You can do the math.
It's not their main source of money.
The real money comes from
importing hashish into Spain.
That's why our boss Driss
is always kissing the colonel's ass.
I want to meet him.
And that's why we're going
to throw a party in your honor.
The colonel Abdelkader Chaib.
- Our best client and best friend.
- Yes.
All girls are invited!
Soraya, you too.
- Dris, you're in charge.
- Yes, it's on the house!
All drinks are on the house.
Ahmed! Fill our glasses!
Gladly, Mr. Dris.
- Which one is the colonel?
- The gray-haired man with a cane.
You'll see, the party will be huge.
You know what that means?
- They're expecting a big deal.
- How do you know that?
How? Have you ever seen Dris
paying for drinks? Never! He's stingy
I want to talk to him.
What are you up to?
I don't understand.
You don't have to.
You're the best, Santiago!
Nobody sails like you!
It's the only thing I'm good at!
It seems the boat's
in perfect shape!
Yeah, the radar and the engines
work perfectly!
We can only pray now!
And pay attention.
What? This is the best whisky,
it's malt whisky, see?
Excuse me.
- Want some?
- OK, a little.
That brunette girl, is she new?
Yes, yes.
She's my new cashier.
But she's tough with men.
She'll scratch you if you come too close.
Every rule has an exception, right?
Yes, yes, Colonel, of course.
I'm an impatient and shameless man
who doesn't have the pleasure to meet you.
My name is Abdelkader Chaib.
My pleasure.
I'm Teresa Mendoza.
Funny accent.
Latin American, right?
Yes, Colonel.
It's strange nobody told you
I'm La Mexicana. Everyone calls me that.
It sounds way better, Teresa.
Chaib, don't get your hopes up
with La Mexicana.
She's my favorite girl.
Right, Teresita?
Come on, quickly!
Quickly, please!
How did it go?
It took me half an hour, but OK.
OK, let's call the Coast Guard.
We don't want the man
the authorities are looking
for killing one of their own
to drown.
The boats are loaded.
They cut loose!
They're leaving!
Coast Guard?
I have some information
you'll find interesting.
Yeah, you can record this.
There's a man you're looking for.
And I just saw him loading
1,000 pounds of Colombian cocaine.
The coordinates are 42 35 North,
8 52 West.
If you don't believe me, your radar should
pick him up in less than five minutes.
Yeah, of course. I almost forgot.
His name is Santiago Fisterra.
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