La Reina del Sur (2011) s01e08 Episode Script

Escapar del destino

Sheila has stolen
from every girl here.
Mr. Pernas,
what do I have to do?
Gain your freedom by bringing
a cocaine shipment to solid ground.
Return what you stole from me,
damn bitch!
I won't sail until
I check the entire boat.
What are you afraid of, Santiaguino?
A trap, an ambush?
Tell me why
I shouldn't kill you, asshole!
Don't ever mess with me again, Sheila!
I don't understand, father.
Did you really believe
I was forgiving that asshole?
Next time you mess with me,
I'll shoot you right here.
Got it?
How can you be so stupid?
Tell me.
Tell me!
- Who's that man?
- Who?
A Colonel from the Moroccan army.
The real money comes from
importing hashish into Spain.
My name is Abdelkader Chaib.
There's a man you're looking for.
And I just saw him loading
1100 pounds of Colombian cocaine.
His name is Santiago Fisterra.
Chaib, don't get your hopes up
with The Mexican.
She's my favorite girl.
Right, Teresita?
What's going on? Speed up!
A sea scooter can beat us!
Something's wrong!
The boat is not speeding!
We're only carrying 1100 pounds,
but it feels like two tons!
I'll check the engines!
Why now?
Santiago, we're leaking!
They made a hole in the hull.
- We're sinking, Lalo.
- Why isn't the bilge pump on?
They cut the wire.
I told you it was a trap!
Stop complaining, damn!
We must fix this.
I'm sure the Coast Guard
will be here in 10 minutes!
Tell him, Teresita.
Tell my friend about the fun
we had last night in my place.
- Are you sure?
- Of course, he's a friend.
I wouldn't If I were you,
but as you wish.
Your friend Mr. Marcelo
cashed in a favor.
And now he wants to cash it again
every time he sees me.
The thing is, Mr. Marcelo,
I didn't like what we did at all.
Because you're fat and ugly.
On top of that,
you have to take a lot of those blue pills
to barely get somewhere.
Should I go on?
- You're a slut. Bastard.
- Yeah, that's who I am.
What can I do?
I don't like you.
Look Teresita, that's enough.
- If I wanted, you'd be in
- But you don't, right Caceres?
Because you're a gentleman.
And us gentlemen
know to accept our defeats.
- Chaib, stay out of this.
- Don't forget who you are, Marcelo.
Or who you represent.
I think we had enough party
and drinks for one day, right?
If you hold on a minute,
my driver and I will take you home.
Maybe you're right.
She's not worthy anyway.
Just so you know,
you're not a very good lover.
Thanks a lot.
You're very kind, Colonel.
And you're a really tough woman.
But I like it.
I hope you come to the party, though
they say you don't usually attend.
I can make an exception.
Make it.
In case you ever need something.
I can assure you
I never cash in a favor.
So, you were crying today
for your Güero, and now what?
Hooking up with the Colonel?
You know what? I'm very glad for you,
it was time you liked someone.
And a Colonel, uh?
I don't know if I like him, but
He sure is intelligent
and powerful.
Tell Ali I want the rest of my money.
Got it?
Today. Or I'll go tomorrow
to his place to get it myself.
Sorry, honey. But she won't fight
with me again because of you.
You damn traitor.
No, no, Ali.
It's not what you think.
It's just I don't want her
to beat me up again.
Hey, have you lost your mind?
You're cutting us off?
Who do you want to talk to now?
We're about to face 30 years in prison!
- I need a cable!
- What do you want me to do?
Get ready to meet the police.
Tere I'm going home,
do you want me to wait for you?
I can't, I have to balance the till.
- Good, my feet are killing me.
- Wait.
Oh, the tips.
How much is it?
Well, more than yesterday.
Girl, I'll be home.
Call me if you want.
- Take care.
- Bye.
Colonel Chiab
was very impressed by you.
I'd like to know what did you say.
Or better yet, what did you promise.
I'm very grateful
for what you did for me,
but that doesn't mean
you can meddle with my life.
I don't care about your life,
at all.
I'm only curious about one thing.
Will you go to my parties?
I had put my hands on the fire
saying you never go to parties.
Don't do it.
Don't put your hands on the fire
for me. I don't even do it.
I change my mind quite easily.
Don't do it.
You'll get burned, Mr. Dris.
If you excuse me
Yes, yes, balance the till.
I'm going home.
I fixed the pump.
There's still a lot of water,
but we gotta go, come on.
Santiago Fisterra.
You're surrounded, there's no escape.
My name is Abdelkader Chaib.
- Enchanté.
- A very important man in North Africa.
He owns the border with Melilla.
What the?
Sheila? Sheila!
Sheila! Sheila
Somebody help me!
Help! Sheila
Sheila, please, answer me!
Sheila, please!
- Help me!
- Murderer!
- Help
- You killed her!
The beaner kept her promise
and murdered Sheila!
Help! Call the police!
She killed her!
She killer her! Police!
Santiago Fisterra.
You're surrounded, there's no escape.
Put the gun down.
Don't even think about shooting,
or they'll shatter us.
For the last time,
Santiago Fisterra, surrender!
- Why do you want to arrest me?
- You know why.
You and your friend,
come to the bow with your hands up!
Let me know when only
a few inches of water are left.
Sheila, answer me, please.
What happened to you?
Don't just stand there,
call an ambulance, damn!
No way, you killed her.
Murderer! Call the police!
- The Mexican killed her!
- Stop shouting, Carmela!
- What happened?
- Fatima, come and help me!
- Murderer!
- What happened?
- She killed her!
- Help me!
Call an ambulance!
Sheila, what have they done to you?
She beat her up today,
she's a murderer.
- Help me, quickly!
- Oh my God, Sheila, what happened?
- Sheila!
- Oh my God!
Oh, my God
- I'll help you.
- Please.
- Yeah, I'll help you.
- Careful.
I got her, I got her.
- She's dead!
- Shut up, she isn't!
Get an ambulance,
call somebody!
- Go upstairs, Fatima, quickly!
- I'll go!
- A cellphone, please!
- Go upstairs and get mine!
First you kill her
and then you want to help her?
You can't help her now, girl!
Shut up!
Do something, damn it!
An ambulance, something!
- We didn't do anything!
- We know you have a drug shipment!
- You're in debt to us!
- I don't know what you're talking about!
You killed one of ours!
That's not true!
I was framed by Juan Pernas.
If you don't surrender,
we'll do it the hard way!
Sheila! Sheila, you can't die!
Can you hear me?
You can't die.
I didn't mean to kill her, cousin,
I swear.
I only slapped her,
and she fell down.
She hit her head.
And she died.
Look, stop whining.
Where's the body?
I don't know I put it in the car
and left it at her door.
You gotta help me, cousin.
A woman shouted at me.
I don't know if she saw my face.
You're an idiot, Ali.
If I surrender, you'll wipe me off!
On the contrary, if you surrender
we can reduce your sentence!
The water's almost all gone.
Ok! We'll surrender!
- Hold on.
- What are you going to do?
Come to the bow
with your hands up!
I can't! I'm hurt!
Come to get me!
Let's go get him.
Be alert.
Based on the original work
of Arturo Pérez-Reverte "La Reina Del Sur"
- Here it comes! Here!
- Careful, careful!
Everything's going to be all right,
- We'll go with her, we're family.
- Yeah, it's ok.
- The police is here.
- We're her family.
Finally you're here.
A crime has been committed!
- Did you see what happened?
- Yeah, I'll tell you. The Mexican did it.
She was arrested for drug dealing,
and she killed her.
She beat her up earlier today,
and then she killed her, oh my God.
Poor thing. Will you let her go?
Poor Sheila!
- Oh my God!
- What happened?
She escaped, sir!
Are you there?
Did anyone recognize me?
No one, cousin.
You're lucky.
I know who will be blamed.
Leave it to me.
- Do you know the name of the victim?
- Well, there's no victim yet, she's alive.
- Alive?
- The Mexican almost killed her!
Sheila's not dead.
But I saw her!
She didn't move.
You were wrong, idiot.
If that slut talks, it's pretty clear.
You said someone will be blamed.
Look, cousin. I'll help you.
But I'll do it for me.
I don't want anyone to know
about the drug we planted.
But who would know
the drug belonged to the police?
But Sheila knows everything.
If she talks, she'll ruin us. Listen.
I seized four pounds of hashish
from the Mexican,
which I took myself from the police's
deposit, so we can frame the bitch.
Damn Mexican.
Teresa, what happened with her?
I don't know.
I just saw someone leave her there
and took off.
In this profession,
we're followed by death.
It must've been a client
poor girl
I'm so damn unlucky, Fatima.
The policeman that showed up
He's who tried to screw me
with the drug.
And then Carmela
told him I killed her.
You said you would shoot her
right here.
You can't take it back now.
I'm not sudaca, Mexico's in
North America, you idiot, I'm Northern!
I'll shoot you here.
Look, I don't mean to worry you, but
- I think you're in deep trouble, girl.
- I know.
I'm not going back to jail,
or Caceres will
Caceres will ruin me.
I wasn't born to be there.
And what are you going to do now?
There's only one thing I can do.
I'm not sure it will work.
No one quits here, Santiaguino.
He kicks them out.
Come on, come on, quickly!
We gotta leave before sunrise!
Come on, damn it!
They must be heading to jail
by now.
Why are you here, father?
- I wanted to know how it went.
- Good, we're finishing.
Come on!
Teresa Mendoza?
You're under arrest
for attempted murder.
You're under arrest
for attempted murder.
You have no evidence.
You're wrong. The witnesses
claim you threatened to kill Sheila.
That's not true,
I found her and I was helping her.
And you beat her
in front of other people.
Of course not, and I can prove
Someone saw me,
I was with a lot of people when
Run, Teresa.
Don't stop running!
Run, Teresa.
Game over, Teresa.
You're under arrest
for attempted murder.
Come here.
Come here.
Show me your hands.
Let me see them.
Get up.
Get up!
Put them on.
Put the handcuffs on.
Put the handcuffs on!
You won't shoot me.
No, don't even try it.
Put the handcuffs on!
Calm down.
Calm down.
To the pipe.
Give me the keys to the handcuffs.
- They're in my pocket.
- Do you think I'm stupid?
Give me the keys!
Throw them.
Don't even try it.
What do you think you're doing?
What do you think you're doing?
You won't get away with this, you slut!
Do you hear me, slut?
You won't get away with this!
- I was told the Guard captured you.
- You were misinformed.
As you can see.
We were almost caught, because
we were surprised by three patrol boats
that knew exactly our coordinates.
And they intercepted us.
But we managed to escape.
- Here we are, safe and sound.
- With all the coke.
Well, I'm happy for you.
And for us.
I did my part, Mr. Pernas.
I brought the shipment.
Now it's your turn.
I want my freedom.
You can go in peace.
This family keeps its word.
Good luck, Santiago.
You'll need a lot of it.
Let's go, Sisso.
You punctured our boat.
You cut the bilge pump wires.
And I know it was you
who called the Coast Guard.
- Are you accusing me
- Shut up!
If my mother wasn't dying right now,
I'd rip your head off.
Give my share to my partner.
My mother needs me.
Go South, Santiago!
And don't come back!
If you come back,
I swear I'll kill you!
Unload the boat!
Hurry, I don't have all day!
Someone in here?
Here. I'm here.
Corporal, take these handcuffs off me.
We were informed
an officer was chasing a woman.
- Who did that, Sergeant?
- A woman called the Mexican.
- Teresa Mendoza?
- Yes.
Targeting that woman again? As of now,
I forbid you to involve in this case.
- But
- But nothing, Sergeant!
There's a woman upstairs
almost beaten to death.
So I'll handle this case myself.
One more thing. Don't even think
about getting near that woman's room.
I'll put her under surveillance
to make sure.
Another mistake like this,
and I'll put you in jail.
I know you're an angel, my love.
That's why you must stop
dealing those bad things.
You see how it ruined your father
to try to get rich with that rubbish.
I've always knew, Santiago.
You see, neither your father nor you
were able to fool me. Ever.
I fooled you, mother.
Stop talking, you need to rest.
No, son. Please.
Promise me
you'll leave all this behind.
That you'll change,
that you'll find a good woman
That you'll have children
and raise them as honest men.
Promise me.
Promise me, my love.
I promise, mother.
Come closer.
I can have some rest.
My handsome boy
What are you doing here?
- I thought you were arrested.
- I escaped. What did the doctor say?
Wow, you got some nerve.
Didn't you see her?
If she makes it, she'll be dumb.
- Or blind, who knows.
- Fatima, I swear I didn't do it.
- I didn't do it, Soraya.
- Look.
You can't fool me, Mexican.
I saw you threatening to kill her.
Enough, ok?
She would freak out
if she hears us.
What did she say?
Ali beat me.
Ali did it.
Who tried to kill you, then?
It wasn't the beaner?
Ali and I got into a fight
for the Mexican's money.
And he beat me.
Sheila You'll be ok.
You'll be ok.
She's out of range again.
But we all heard her.
That bastard Ali did this to her.
Youseff is misinformed.
We all thought it was you.
I'll tell him it was his cousin
when he comes.
That bastard Ali can rot in hell.
Youseff is Ali's cousin?
Why didn't you say so?
You didn't ask.
How could I know it was important?
Of course it's important.
This was all a trap.
And that guy was involved.
I didn't know either, Teresa.
Ok, now you know.
I'm going.
Take care of her, ok?
Remember the party's tonight.
Cover those bags
for the party.
- Soraya.
- Yes?
Don't tell them you saw me,
or that Sheila told us the truth.
Not until I ask you to, ok?
Fatima let's go!
I'll be right there,
wait for me outside.
Ok, Mexican
Will you tell me about your plans?
You're weird.
It must be because of your nationality.
Mexicans are weird.
We're screwed.
That slut Sheila talked.
She said you tried to kill her.
And she'll talk about the drug
we planted to the Mexican.
- Why didn't you kill her?
- She wasn't alone.
Listen. We must flee from Melilla.
I'll take all the seized drug
from the warehouse.
We need good money
to escape. Ok?
I'll call you later.
Promise me
you'll leave all this behind.
That you'll change.
Santiago, brother
The Pernas have a message for you.
What do they want now?
They say you must leave now.
The police's looking for you everywhere.
Tell them
they'll never see me again.
Now I have nothing left in Galicia.
The boats with 25 immigrants
arrived to mainland.
This business is getting bigger!
These centralists are only good news.
And everyone wants us
to get them to mainland.
A hundred thousand euros,
in a blink of an eye.
Yes, it's a good business, Dris.
It was about time.
What is it now?
Don't worry,
he's pleased easily.
This is your share.
Dris that slut tried to kill
one of your Yamila's women.
What are you saying?
Which slut?
- That damn Mexican.
- What?
She's a fugitive since last night.
I only met the Mexican last night, but
I don't think she's a murderer.
Don't trust her, Chaib.
Those sudacas that come here
are all the same.
They are either sluts,
or whores.
Or scammers.
- Or even worst, killers.
- I won't argue with you about that.
But I worked with her
for almost a year and a half,
and she never stole anything.
I make more money than with Ali.
You can say good bye to her.
As soon as we catch her,
she'll be heading to jail.
- And for a long time, this time.
- I won't argue with you, do as you wish.
So you threw this party
in my honor, right?
- Yes, of course.
- Yes?
We're partners.
And we've made good money.
But still, you can't stop arguing.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Now if you excuse me,
I'll get changed.
I think it's time
to try this beautiful pool.
Calm down, Caceres, enjoy the girls.
Look how pretty they are.
Enjoy the girls, man.
Hi Fatima.
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