La Reina del Sur (2011) s01e09 Episode Script

Deseo Gallego

They cut the wires.
I didn't like what we did.
You're fat and ugly.
I'd bet anything
that you're not going to a party.
Don't bet anything on me.
I don't.
Santiago Fisterra, you're surrounded.
There's no escape.
The beaner kept her promise
and killed Sheila!
Help! Call the police!
Let's get him. Everyone be alert!
You're under arrest for attempted murder.
Run, Teresa! Run!
They cut us off.
But we managed to escape.
That slut Sheila talked.
She said you tried to kill her.
Youssef is Ali's cousin?
They'll never see me again.
I have nothing left in Galicia.
That slut tried to kill
one of your women.
What are you saying?
Which slut?
- That damn Mexicana!
- What?
The entire police department in Melilla
is looking for you.
And Cáceres wants
to see you in jail the most.
I know. But I'm innocent.
Colonel, didn't you say you could help?
I need you today. I need your help.
It all began when I realized
Ali was stealing from Yamila's register.
Give back the money you took.
What money?
I told Dris, and Dris fired him.
- You're gone.
- You're wrong!
Then he put me in charge of the register.
Sheila of course didn't like that at all.
Because Sheila was Ali's lover.
She was so mad she waited for me
on the street and attack me with a blade.
But afterwards, she and Ali
planned the hashish deal in my place.
The cop that came out of nowhere
is called Youssef.
Today I found out Youssef is Ali's cousin.
You're under arrest for drug trafficking.
If everything you're saying is true
Why do the police think you
were the one that tried to kill Sheila?
Because we had a rough fight.
We beat each other and everyone saw us.
I tried to get back
the money she stole from me.
Ali and her broke into my place
and stole all my savings
when they thought I was deported to
Mexico because of the drugs.
Next time you mess with me,
I'll shoot you right here!
Did you hear me?
That was when Cáceres got you
out of jail and deportation.
But after that I saw a shadow, a bulk,
right outside the building.
Then I found out
that shadow was Ali.
And the bulk was Sheila.
Once again, that Youssef cop showed up.
You're under arrest for attempted murder.
Do you believe me?
I know very well when someone
is lying or telling the truth.
But I'm not the chief of police.
I can't now, I'm working.
I'll call you later, I'll call you.
Girls, what's going on here?
Mister, let me introduce this beauty
She's gorgeous. Come here.
Let me introduce her
and her beautiful friend.
Have a good time, OK?
Cáceres. Let's go to your office.
We need to talk.
I'm sorry, Colonel.
I don't know if the girls will let me.
Believe me, you want to come.
It's about a friend of yours.
- Oh yeah?
- Teresa Mendoza.
Soraya, Fátima. Come with us.
Come on, let's go. Go, go!
If you know where La Mexicana is,
tell me right away.
So I can call my men.
Here I am.
Teresa, have you gone mad?
Girl, you're crawling into the lion's den.
You'll call the precinct later, Cáceres.
For now, you'd do well to listen
to what Teresa will tell you.
And you two will be the witnesses.
You will validate or deny
everything Teresa will say from now on.
I don't have to remind you that I am
Melilla's government's delegate.
So don't tell me what to do!
Listen to this, Cáceres.
It'll be good for you.
You trust me, right?
That's why we're partners, right?
It's not wise for a cop to take out
seized drugs from the precinct
to plant it on an innocent person.
And everything behind your back,
I presume.
Without your consent, of course.
Come again?
Take a seat and listen.
You may begin telling us all you know.
Sergeant Farid!
- Ready, Lieutenant.
- You're under arrest.
Under arrest?
The hashish found at Teresa Mendoza's
house came from our deposit.
You gave it to your cousin Ali
so he could frame her.
That's a lie.
And you're accessory
to the attempted murder of a woman.
I have nothing to do with that.
What are you carrying?
Yes. OK, thanks.
Sergeant Youssef Farid
is on the run and killed a lieutenant from
civil guard. Some Jaime Gutierrez Solana.
Poor Jaime.
- Did you know him?
- Yes, I met him.
You have to get these two guys.
I hope they rot in jail!
Don't worry, neither of these men
will bother you again.
Right, Cáceres?
Thank you very much.
If it wasn't for you
I don't know what I'd have done.
This favor has a price,
like everything in life.
How much?
You calling me by my first name.
From now on.
Thank you.
What? Are you here for the shelter?
No. Take this with you.
I'll buy something, OK?
I'll see you later.
The fruit is so expensive,
it's ruining me.
- Did you see the celery?
- Awful.
- I'll do a celery free diet.
- No, no. I can't believe it.
- So?
- What?
Do you like the colonel or what?
No. I find him attractive, but
- Oh.
- But I don't like him.
He and I, I don't know
I respect him and he respects me.
There's respect.
That means that there's no banging, right?
Of course not, silly!
No, the only man in Melilla
I'd like to nuzzle
- Nuz-what? What's that?
- Nuzzle.
- Nuzzle. Cuddle, caress, fondle.
- Oh, nuzzle.
- I don't know. I
- El Gallego.
Exactly. El Gallego.
No, girl, no. Look over there.
El Gallego came to get you.
You see? Your luck's changing.
Go get him. Run, go get him!
Go, come on!
Listen to me. Don't be nervous, OK?
Love is the best to change your luck.
You're beautiful, you're a queen!
So get nuzzling or whatever.
Come on, move it.
What are you doing?
What are you doing, Youssef?
What are you doing?
Here, wear this.
This is your passport. Memorize the name.
What's all this for?
What do you mean "what for"? They want
to make our heads roll in Melilla.
We have to change our identities. OK?
I'm not leaving Melilla
until I get back at Sheila!
- No, no!
- Listen! It's your fault we're here.
You couldn't even kill that bitch.
So now here's what you get.
Let's go!
Look, I want to get back
at La Mexicana too.
But right now we have to run
and wait for this to die down.
But I promise you we'll get back
at both bitches. OK?
Remember cousin.
Promises are made to be kept.
Let's go.
No. I don't want any failures.
Do what you have to do to stop them.
I can't wait to be face to face
with those two bastards.
What La Mexicana said
turned out to be true.
You can't deny she's a loyal woman.
The drugs were a trap to frame her,
and she didn't try to kill
the prostitute either.
I see you're
very interested in La Mexicana.
Don't be silly, Cáceres.
I'm not interested in her as a woman.
Where were you?
On a trip. In my land.
Closing business and burying my mother.
I'm very sorry.
It's better this way.
She's no longer suffering.
When did you get back?
This morning.
We didn't start very well last time.
So we'd better start from scratch.
Right? Like we don't know each other.
My name is Santiago.
Mine's Teresa.
La Mexicana.
Based on the original work
of Arturo Pérez-Reverte "La Reina Del Sur"
Sheila, stop talking already!
And stop thinking about that man.
I can't, Soraya.
I really can't.
I'm scared.
It seems Ali will walk through that door
anytime to kill me.
No, silly, no. Really.
There's a policeman 24 hours a day.
You know what I found out?
Ali is on the run with his cousin Youssef
because they killed a guard.
You know, they're killers.
- Tell me about it.
- Some crowd you hang out with.
Two keepers.
But I'll tell you one thing. They don't
have much time. They'll catch them.
When a bad guy kills a civil guard,
the whole police department becomes
a hornets' nest until they get them.
You'll see.
I don't know
Cousin. Cousin!
They'll catch us for sure.
What are we going to do?
Shut up and relax. Shut up and relax.
Listen, if they ask any questions,
I'll be the one who speaks.
If they stop us in Morocco
they'll cut our hands.
- If they know you killed a civil guard-
- I said shut up!
Listen, Ali. I'm a cop. I know where to
stash the drug so they don't find it.
So relax already.
- Good morning. Passport, please.
- Hi, good morning.
Can you step out, sir?
- Is there a problem?
- No, no problem. Step out, please.
It's a routine check.
What's up? What's up?
Could you take off your glasses?
Sorry to trouble you.
You may go on to Morocco.
They can't go! They can't go!
Stop the vehicle! Stop the vehicle!
Cousin! Cousin!
Ali! Cousin!
That was them!
Tonight there'll be three more.
Soon enough you'll have to get
a Swiss bank account.
Hooray for bank secrecy.
Discretion, Marcelo. Discretion.
Let no one in the Spanish government
find out about your fortune.
It seems you fear nothing, partner.
Only death, friend. Only death.
Right, OK.
Farid, he just escaped.
He got through the Morocco border.
My Güero.
Teresa found you
in our house's doorstep, girl.
So you're alive because of La Mexicana.
Half alive.
Or half dead, whatever.
All bruised up and without a job.
We'll talk with Dris. You'll see,
you'll be working with us in no time.
- OK?
- Sure, Dris.
Dris wouldn't help his own mother.
That soulless bastard only cares about
his deals and the money he can get.
And the illegals business.
You're right. For him
we're only hookers who provide money.
OK, now, enough. Enough weeping, OK?
I have big news!
El Gallego has returned.
I saw him with my own eyes, girls.
Teresa grabbed him
and took him to her place.
I screwed up again?
You like El Gallego?
What's the difference? It's obvious
I have no life where La Mexicana is.
She saved what little you had left.
When I woke up I said it wasn't her
who tried to kill me.
So we're even.
You sure can hold a grudge.
Why don't you try being her friend?
What? La Mexicana and I?
Don't make me laugh.
We're like oil and water.
What does "güero" mean?
We're about to f and you
think of another man?
There's no point in me lying.
But that's my past.
You're the one I want to be with.
I'm sorry.
Did you hear me?
You're the one want to be with.
The rest doesn't matter.
I'm sorry, cousin.
We're expected in an hour.
I like the adrenaline of our business.
Is Jaime dead too?
Poor kid. He was a good friend.
I thought I should tell you.
He died the same day as my mother.
You can stay here if you want.
Are you sure?
I might accept.
So Shall we set boundaries?
Only for when I come to visit.
Don't make a habit of it.
Only every now and then, OK?
I'm leaving. I'll stop by the hospital
to see Sheila and then to work.
So See you tonight?
I think I'll go get you.
I don't want you to come back alone.
Don't tell me you're jealous.
I'm Galician, which is worse.
You're mine and no one else's.
And you're not leaving.
You're not going anywhere.
I gotta go.
So you're Güero.
Since Ali had fallen asleep
I got up quietly
and grabbed the money.
But then he woke up.
He came towards me
and hit me so hard I fell to the floor.
That's all I remember. The rest I know
because you told me.
I just remember waking up
here at the hospital.
It's like a horror movie, girl.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Thank you Sheila, for
For saying I wasn't the one who beat you.
You saved me.
Well The truth is
you did beat me, Mexican.
You beat me hard.
But the real truth is
you didn't do this to me.
I'm sorry I beat you.
It all came crushing down on me.
- I'm sorry.
- Hush.
I'm alive because of you.
So what? Do we make up?
Well, I was just telling these two,
we're like a pair of matches
which can't be lit up.
We'll always be at each other.
That's true.
But while all we do is pull
each other's locks, everything'll be fine.
What? Our locks?
Sure, like, a lock of hair.
The locks.
Oh, Mexicans talk funny.
Right, because your talk is so normal.
"You're gonna get it". Get what?
And what's a douche bag?
Why do they have a bag?
"I'm gonna come".
Come where? You're already here.
You guys really talk crazy.
- I can't laugh
- And "beat it"
Her stitches will come out! Stop laughing.
OK, girls. Let's talk about
really important stuff.
You want to tell me what's up with
El Gallego? But tell me everything.
If Sheila doesn't mind, of course.
Why should I mind? El Gallego
was only a potential costumer.
- Come on, tell.
- You won't get me to.
There's nothing to tell.
I don't really know him.
I don't know what he does, where he lives,
what he does
Well, I do know.
El Gallego is
a tobacco and hashish dealer.
Lalo Veiga told me
the night I took him home.
Who's that?
Santiago's friend. Don't you remember?
We met him when
they went to Yamila together.
- Yes, I remember.
- OK.
According to Lalo, right now
they only bring tobacco to the peninsula.
Because some Suleiman
doesn't allow them to deal drugs yet.
But their plan is to deal hashish and
cocaine, cause that's where the money is.
- That's what he said.
- Who's Suleiman?
Maybe he's the drug supplier.
Maybe, I don't know.
This sounds like a fantasy
from this Lalo guy to play it cool.
No fantasy, girl. They're professionals.
In Galicia they belonged to an all-powered
clan which dealt cocaine. The good kind.
Colombian cocaine.
That's some memory, girl.
If you get that much info out of clients
you'll be the first encyclopedic whore.
Right. But I just gave you
a very exciting story.
He's supposed to expect us here.
Finally! What happened, Gallego?
I thought you bailed, man.
- Where were you?
- You want to know?
Drug dealers escape with big haul
of cocaine. Wanted all over Galicia.
We were the ones who escaped.
Congratulations. Why do I care?
Because my partner and I are ready
to deal more than tobacco.
Again with the same?
We want to deal hashish or cocaine
to mainland. We need that money.
- Santiago, Santiago
- No. Test us.
Here in Melilla, everything related to
drug or immigrants trafficking
- is in the hands of one man.
- Who?
Colonel Abdelkader Chaib.
Some life you're leading, girl.
I heard it all.
You crawl out of a hole
just to fall in another one?
Poor Sheila, right?
I just went to the hospital.
The only good thing about all this
is we finally made up.
What? I can't believe it.
- And Sheila made up with you?
- Yes.
Of course. The beating.
The beating left her amnesiac
and dimmed her wits, it's the only way.
You don't know Sheila. I know her.
That Sheila can teach a blind demon
how to sew.
You wouldn't happen to know
some Suleiman?
Keep your voice down, Teresita.
- You know him or what?
- Of course I do.
That's the main cocaine dealer
in the south of Spain and around.
And where does this come from?
You also know this Suleiman.
Why would I know him?
Of course you do.
The guy often comes here.
He asked for two rum bottles
the other day. He came with some friends.
Of course you know him.
A little beard, chubby, walks funny.
I don't remember.
What's your angle? Isn't everything
that's happened enough for you?
Now you want to deal drugs?
Don't be silly. Do I have the face
of a drug dealer?
Listen, girl. I'm just warning you
to be careful with that guy.
He's dangerous. Just like the people
he hangs out with.
Everyone knows this, Teresa.
The drug dealing environment
is a dangerous one.
Sooner or later everyone, everyone,
turns up dead.
History repeats itself.
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