La Reina del Sur (2011) s01e10 Episode Script

Pesadilla de tráfico

- Melilla's police are looking for you.
- I know.
If you know where's La Mexicana,
let me know so I can call my men.
I'm right here.
He fled, killing a Civil Guard officer.
Someone called Jaime Gutierrez Solana.
Gallego has come for you.
Mexicana, your luck is changing.
I'm not interested in her as a woman.
Last time we started all wrong.
So, let's start all over.
Stop the car!
My Güero.
It's clear I won't have a life
wherever La Mexicana is.
Well, she just saved whatever life
you had left.
It's you I want to be with.
Nothing else matters.
Gallego is a tobacco
and hashish smuggler.
In Melilla, drug and human traffic deals
are run by only one man.
- Who?
- Colonel Abdelkader Chaib.
Eventually all of us end up dead.
I'll be back.
The story repeats itself.
If you want to earn easy money,
I know how.
Spit it out.
Driving boats with illegal immigrants.
The Colonel is recruiting good pilots.
- It pays a lot of money.
- Human trafficking? No.
Don't be stubborn, Santiago.
It's a job like any other.
Think about it.
No. You're wrong, Suleiman.
You can throw hashish overboard
if need be, but you can't throw people.
Santiago, if you accepted,
the Colonel would be very grateful.
And probably let you deal hashish.
Isn't that what you want?
Think about it, Gallego.
What do you say?
- Is everything ready?
- Yes.
- Kids pay, too.
- Of course they do. Of course.
Go away!
- Let's start boarding.
- Yes, let's go.
So tell me, Santiago,
will you drive my boss's boats?
- No, Suleiman, I won't.
- You're so stubborn, Gallego.
Here's what I owe you.
I'll see you tomorrow at the port
at the usual time,
so you can pick up the tobacco.
This isn't even enough money for fuel.
- Let's celebrate our misery at Jamir's.
- Celebrate or go see La Mexicana?
Okay, both.
We should ask Suleiman
how much they're paying for those boats.
Lalo, I told you already,
we won't do human trafficking. Get it?
You're so stubborn.
- How many do we have today?
- Sixty-three.
Sixty-three, at 1500 euros each?
I trust you, okay?
Come on, quick.
Come on, rush them.
Hurry, don't you want to go to Spain?
Come on! Hurry!
Two cold beers.
Santi, you should think about the boats.
It sounds like a good business.
Lalo, if you mention them again,
you're going back to Galicia.
Don't you see?
That's how we could meet Colonel Chaib.
Hi, boys. Your beers.
They're really cool.
Like me, although your friend Gallego
pays no attention to me.
- Leave me alone, you liar and tramp.
- What's gotten into you?
We're talking business. Leave.
if we want out of this misery,
we need to deal with Colonel Chaib.
You heard Suleiman,
that guy owns the hashish trafficking
between Morocco
and Costa del Sol.
- What's wrong with that chick?
- You're the one who's wrong, Santiago!
I'm going to find out.
Can you tell me what's wrong with you?
- Don't you know me anymore?
- What do you want?
Why this sudden change of mood?
This morning we were together.
It's not morning anymore.
Come with me.
- What's wrong?
- Come.
- Hey, you're acting like a Galician.
- I don't care what you think.
- I know what you're doing.
- I don't get it.
I'm no fool, Santiago. Look at me.
Tell me you don't smuggle drugs.
Teresa, calm down. Drugs are like sports
to me. Only for fun on weekends.
Do you or don't you smuggle hashish?
So what? I also take tobacco
into the peninsula.
- I don't hurt anyone.
- No. Only yourself.
Look, we're all dying someday, okay?
But drug dealers carry a death sentence
every time they go out on the streets.
I won't make plans with you, Santiago.
Your days are numbered.
I can't stand going through that again.
I can't. End of story.
I won't be a drug dealer's woman again.
I can't.
Where's Dris?
- He got his money and went elsewhere.
- Hello
- Here's your share.
- What?
Are you sure?
The coast guard got one of our boats.
They tried to escape, but the boat
capsized and most of them drowned.
- And the pilot?
- Also dead.
I hate losing a pilot.
Of course.
It's difficult to find people
willing to take the risk.
I happen to have a pilot.
He's very fast and experienced.
- He just needs some convincing.
- What's his name?
Santiago Fisterra.
And he's probably around right now.
Today you called me by his name.
You called me Güero.
Is he the dealer you're talking about?
Your husband?
I won't talk about it.
You don't know what it's like
to be chased.
Or not being able to sleep,
because you're scared of being shot at.
You have no idea.
I saw his picture today at your place.
Was that your husband?
What does it matter? Güero is dead.
He's just a memory now.
And do you know who killed him?
His so-called dealer friends.
They'll kill you too.
Sorry to interrupt, Teresa.
You're Santiago, right?
They're looking for you.
- Tell my friend Lalo that I
- It's not Lalo.
It's Colonel Abdelkader Chaib
and Suleiman.
- How did he know I was here?
- Your bigmouth friend.
- He can't keep quiet.
- What does Suleiman want?
No idea, girl.
But Gallego can find out.
Of course, if you let him.
I don't need permission, you idiot!
Take it easy, my friend.
Take it easy.
Don't go!
Please, don't go.
- What's wrong with you?
- Working with them is a death sentence.
Excuse me, Colonel.
Santiago is on his way.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Are you sure he's a good pilot?
The best. I know him well.
He has taken tobacco shipments
into the peninsula for me.
In Galicia he worked with the Perna clan
dealing with Colombian coke.
Ah, honey.
You're home.
Yes, I'll go home soon, okay?
Okay, see you.
My wife.
She's back from Madrid.
I'm leaving.
- See you.
- Bye.
- Good night.
- Good night.
What's wrong here?
Why was Marcelo in such a hurry?
- His General is back.
- Really? His General!
Hey, what's wrong? Why the long face?
One of the boats sank.
- Everyone died, including the pilot.
- The pilot?
We lost one of our best men.
Okay, it's okay. Come on.
Why are you saying I'm a dead man?
I don't know, it's a hunch.
I can just feel it.
Please, don't go.
Don't talk with those guys.
Just because they killed your Güero
doesn't mean they'll kill me.
I'm not as stupid as he was.
You don't get it.
He thought the same thing.
That he'd never get killed,
and nothing would ever go wrong.
And that's why he's buried now.
- He must've done something wrong.
- Yes, he dreamed a lot.
Güero dreamed too much
and negotiated with the wrong people,
and they killed him like a dog.
Aren't you hearing me?
You're wrong about me, Teresa.
No woman tells me what to do!
Stay here crying for the dead,
because I'm going after my future.
- Rot in hell, moron.
- The other guy is rotten.
Because I'm more alive than ever before.
Wait a second, I'll call her.
Fatima, come here.
You have a phone call.
- For me?
- Yes.
- Who is it?
- From Morocco.
- Use the phone in the office.
- My boy! Something happened to him!
He's the pilot I mentioned.
I'm Santiago Fisterra.
You know my partner, Lalo Veiga.
Son? Mohamed?
What's wrong, Mohamed?
Don't cry, don't cry, there now
You should be with mom
Man, what a pleasure.
The most famous Moroccan Colonel.
Let's go straight to the point.
I hear you're an excellent pilot.
- I want you to drive one of my boats.
- He's the best pilot in Spain.
No one's faster or knows better
the routes in Costa del Sol.
What do you say? Do you accept?
Man, it's a privilege to be chosen
by the Colonel.
Only a few men work for him,
you know that.
You've been eager to meet him
for over six months now, remember?
The time to increase your luck has come.
And your bank account, too.
What do you say?
Fatima, what's wrong?
What happened to you?
Fatima, what's wrong? What happened?
Teresa, my boy
- He's alone in Temsia.
- Where's that?
In Morocco, near Agadir.
It's Fati's town.
It seems my aunt died.
I have no one to take care of him,
and I can't bring him here with me.
- Why not?
- Because her ID card is a fake.
She's here illegally.
I can't go back to Morocco, Teresa.
Don't you get it?
In Morocco,
prostitution is a very serious crime.
A while back, I asked Suleiman
to talk to you about me.
But about something else.
I see.
You want to talk about money?
What we're talking about
is none of your business.
- I'm doing my job.
- Go away.
Awful people, I'm leaving.
I pay 5000 euros per trip.
Ah, 5000 in one hour. Are you listening,
Santiago? It's what we make
I want to make things clear, Colonel.
I want to make a living off my trade,
moving hash or coke on my boat.
Not transporting people, Colonel.
I don't do human trafficking.
I became a mom when I was 14.
In my country religion is so different.
People spitted at me on the streets.
But I was lucky and escaped
before I was put into jail.
I ended up here, in Melilla.
I came looking for something better
for my son and me.
And look what I found.
Now he's alone with some neighbours
I don't even know.
And if they get mad
Fatima, mad about what?
What do you mean?
It's a long story, girls.
My brother was a rebel and
He ran away.
One night they went in my house and
they raped me in front of him.
Then they killed him.
That's why I was a mom at 14.
But my Mohamed is the reason
why I fight every day.
If they find out one of them is
his father, they'll take him forever.
Do you get it now?
If you help me with the immigrants
during one or two years,
then we can talk about
more important work.
You never start building a house
from the roof down, Santiago.
Hey, 5000 in one hour is a lot,
Santiago! It's the chance we wanted.
I don't get why we must beg him
He's not the only pilot in Melilla.
- Right, but he is the best.
- Hush.
Suleiman, how much do you pay them
to transport tobacco?
I pay 5000 a month, but only when
they make more than ten trips.
Very well.
I'll raise my offer one last time.
I'll pay 8000 euros per trip.
We're talking about 100,000 euros a
What do you say?
Take it or leave it.
You'd be the best paid pilot
in all of Melilla and Morocco.
I need to think about it, Colonel.
I don't like human trafficking.
Come on!
Suleiman will wait for your answer
tomorrow at the dock.
What have you done?
We need to get that boy immediately.
But what about the documents?
We can't.
Then we'll have to smuggle him.
That's what we Mexicans always do
to cross the border.
- Smuggle.
- No, Teresa
Look, the only one
who can help us is Dris.
I asked him and he said I have to work
for him for another year.
After what happened he won't do it.
Let me talk to him. Let me talk to him.
You'll see how I convince him.
I want to talk to you.
I want to talk to you, damn it.
We have nothing to talk about.
I spoke my mind already.
You didn't listen
and you negotiated with them.
Great, do whatever you want,
just leave me alone.
- I want to talk.
- Let me go.
I'm not used to women
talking to me like this.
Well, I'm not used to men
who don't have the guts to say "no".
How much money did they offer you?
A lot?
- What's your price, Santiago?
- That's none of your business.
You know what?
You're valuable to them now.
Tomorrow, when you're dead,
you'll be worth nothing.
The difference between them and me
is that you're already worth nothing.
I don't understand you, man.
You change your mind so much.
Why didn't you take the deal?
- I don't want to talk about it.
- We need to buy a place.
We live in a lousy inn. In Argentina
we lived in a lousy one, too.
- We could earn a 100,000 euros a month.
- I'll think about it. End of story.
There's nothing to think about.
Tomorrow could be too late.
You heard the bar owner.
Colonel Abdelkader is important here.
I don't give a damn about the bar owner,
him, La Mexicana, you, and everyone else!
There you go.
It's all because of La Mexicana.
- I think we should do
- Do what?
Something else.
Because surely Gallego won't do it.
Everyone has a price, Dris.
And we know Gallego's.
He'll accept the 100,000 euros.
Don't worry.
Better now?
Why don't you join us?
How are you, Colonel?
- What did we agree on?
- How are you, Abdelkader?
See? It takes longer,
but it sounds better.
I don't know if you've met
This is Suleiman.
- Nice to meet you. Teresa Mendoza.
- I have seen you around.
But you never noticed me, gorgeous.
My pleasure.
- Mr. Dris.
- What?
- Can we talk for a minute?
- I'm with my friends. I can't right know.
- If it weren't important
- For you or for me?
Come on, Dris.
The girl wants to chat.
To talk.
In a very polite manner.
Don't treat a lady like that.
How can he be so stubborn?
Where's my beer?
- What are you looking at, slut?
- You look so handsome when you're mad.
Forget it.
I won't fall for that this time.
If you stop being angry at me
maybe I'll give you free samples.
Oh, Lalo.
I said "maybe".
No. Look.
This is my business, okay?
My business is a club.
Not a charity helping poor people
on the street.
And Fatima knows that if she wants
to get her boy here,
she has to work another year for me.
Am I clear?
I know, Dris. I don't mean to interfere.
I'm saying a boy is alone in Morocco,
with no one to look after him.
It's an emergency.
Look, business and compassion
don't go together well, Mexicana.
I don't care about Fatima's problem.
She knew what she was doing
when she left her son in Morocco.
All I can do is give her a week
to solve her problem. That's it.
That's all I can do.
Hey, what's up with Gallego?
What do you mean?
I've seen how you look at each other.
I don't want problems in my bar.
Geez, I don't understand her.
I won't be a drug dealer's woman again.
I can't.
You don't know what it's like
to be chased.
Or not being able to sleep,
because your scared of being shot at.
You have no idea.
The difference between them and me
is that you're already worth nothing.
You can stay if you want.
Can I bring my toothbrush?
For when I come to visit you.
Your words cry out
I'm frantic at your absence
With pen and paper
I'm engraving my love and your essence
Between you and me
No marks are imposed by the wind
Between you and me
Only one soul and two bodies
Between you and me
My heart
I want you to control tonight's deal.
When it's over just call me
on the phone. Okay?
Do you want to ask me something, Teresa?
Why don't you have a drink with me?
- I need to ask you a favour.
- Tell me.
It's for my friend Fatima.
I need you to help bring her son
to Morocco.
- With fake documents. I know you can
- What's wrong with you, Mexicana?
- I'm just asking something.
- And what are you asking him?
- Come on, Dris. It's nothing important.
- No, I heard what she said.
The problem is she doesn't respect me.
I'm the boss here.
She asked me first,
and I said no.
She thinks she can do what she wants.
I'm the boss here. Is that clear?
I won't allow you to treat me
like one of your bitches.
You might be the owner,
but I deserve to be respected.
- Give me my jacket.
- What is it now?
- What is she doing? Teresa
- I lost, Dris.
I lost? Teresa, come here right now.
Babe, come here.
Babe, where are you going?
Dris Dris, what happened?
I don't know what happened!
Since she's been with Gallego,
nothing she does makes sense!
Why are you here?
Go inside and work. Now!
I'm sorry for you, Fatima.
La Mexicana told me everything.
Please, help me.
I can't, even if I wanted.
Dris made it very clear to Teresa.
But you're an important man.
You are powerful.
I can't fight against my partner
to help you.
Bye, girl.
Dry your tears.
I want to be with you.
Nothing else matters.
I'm going to forget about you
right now, Gallego.
"The grey hour."
That's when I'll die someday.
A moment that's neither night nor day.
Come in.
- Good morning, Fatima. Come in.
- Hi, Tere.
- Carmela told me you wanted to see me.
- Yes, come in.
- Do you have guests?
- Yes, you.
I tried making some Mexican eggs
with tortilla and what I could gather.
Have a seat.
Teresa, I appreciate everything, but
I'm not hungry.
I'm so worried about my Mohamed.
I can't eat, talk, or do anything else.
- You haven't slept, right?
- I couldn't sleep at all last night.
I know how you feel.
- What did you think about?
- Nothing.
All I did was cry.
Don't cry, it doesn't help.
Fatima, I've been thinking.
- We'll go get your son.
- What?
We'll go get your son.
I've been looking for you.
What? Are you still angry?
- I couldn't sleep, I just kept thinking.
- About the business?
And Teresa.
That chick really messed up your head.
You should've seen how mad she was
after you left.
Imagine this, she left the owner
of the bar in mid-sentence.
And you know what he said?
That La Mexicana is acting like that
because she's crazy about you.
- Crazy? About me?
- Yes.
Girl, have you gone completely mad?
Two women crossing the border alone?
Don't you know anything about Morocco?
I know what I need to know.
That it's a border
and it's in Africa, right?
Oh, my girl
Look, Morocco is Muslim territory.
Our laws are very different.
Religion forces us to depend on men
on many issues.
Two women walking around alone
is not acceptable.
Besides, my town is not like Marrakesh
or Casablanca.
It's a very small town
and it's very religious.
- What's your town's name?
- Temsia.
- It's close to a city called Agadir.
- How long does it take to get there?
If we had ID cards and go by plane,
one hour.
But by car, a day and a half, or two.
Two women can't be alone in Morocco.
We need a man with us.
Anyway, if we get my Mohamed
How do we cross the border?
I don't have papers for him,
and mine are terribly fake.
It won't be easy, but us Mexicans
are experts in crossing borders.
Look, you're a mom
before being a prostitute, right?
- Do you want your son, Fatima?
- Of course I do.
What do you say?
Okay. Okay, let's go.
What I don't understand is
why you argued with La Mexicana?
She got very aggressive
when she found out we smuggle drugs.
Why does she care?
She must've had a bad experience.
The worst experience for a woman
is to have a husband who is broke.
Girls only like us
to buy them nice things, Santiago.
- Teresa is not like that.
- They all are.
They're all the same.
Let's take the boat deal.
With money, every woman will want us.
I like her, but I don't like being told
what to do.
And it won't work with her.
You'll make her happy with money,
Santiago. Accept the Colonel's offer.
There's only one way
I'll accept the deal.
After Shelia's issue I only have a small
amount of money, but it's there.
I saved some money, too.
I was saving it for my Mohamed.
Well, we'll have to wear a veil,
cover ourselves up
and walk behind a man.
- What?
- Hey!
We could pretend to be wives
of the same man.
- The same man for the both of us?
- Sure.
They're allowed to marry
more than one woman?
The custom is to marry up to four women,
if they can support them, of course.
Can I marry two or three men,
if I can support them?
- I'll tell you about my town later.
- And where will we get a man?
Well, I have a cousin in Nador.
We can call him.
Call him right away.
- Hey, we forgot something.
- What?
We have to tell Dris.
What if he doesn't let us?
What? We'll go anyway!
We're free, Fatima.
In Spain, yes.
But not in Morocco.
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