La Reina del Sur (2011) s01e12 Episode Script

Matar por amor

Congratulations, Santiago.
Now earn some good money.
So you'll traffic in people too.
You sicken me.
Don't touch me!
- I won't do it.
- What are you saying, Santiago?
I said I'd take no children.
No, you're going nowhere, Mexicana.
- What?
- You're not.
If you go, don't come back,
you'll have no job, no room, or anything.
The Coast Guard! Hold on tight!
- He's gone!
- Come back!
I'm not discounting the passenger
you lost in the sea.
You tried to tell me
and I didn't listen to you.
He's a miserable trafficker of dreams.
Get it, you won't go to Morocco
without me.
Like it or not, I'm going with you two.
Get down, please.
- Is anything wrong, officer?
- We'll find out.
Are you Fatima Mansur
or the Spaniard Josef Dominguez?
He has character. He punched me
and said he won't transport more illegals.
Gallego took the bait.
When his money runs out
he'll ask you to forgive him.
- Oh, God. Don't leave me here, please.
- I'll look for help.
I don't know, but we must do something.
She must be really scared.
We need to fix this the Mexican way.
Let's pay the guard.
That guard can take your money
and accuse you of it.
What a nice surprise to find you here.
Is there any problem?
I can't believe you're here.
I do have a problem,
and only you can help.
It's my friend Fatima.
We'll see what can be done.
What's wrong?
Please let me go.
I have to check your criminal record
with the Spanish police.
Your future depends on what they say.
Really, Dris, I don't get your interest
in Gallego.
- Does he owe you?
- No, nothing.
But he's like a thorn in my side.
Let's see No criminal record.
He lives in Algeciras.
He registered a boat in Gibraltar.
His full name is Santiago Lopez Fisterra.
He's totally harmless.
At least in the eyes of the law.
Harmless. Look, everyone has
a skeleton in the closet.
I'll find out what Santiago Fisterra
is hiding.
Oh, Teresa
You'll drive everyone crazy.
Do you think you have power
in the border to do anything you want?
Please, Colonel, read her report.
She forged her documents.
Nothing happened here.
Do you hear me?
Now, tell me, officer
This woman wants to come back
to her country.
Is there any problem?
No, Colonel.
Pick up your purse.
Why don't they come out?
Why does the Colonel want to help you?
He doesn't help for no reason.
Here they come.
- What happened?
- I'm free.
Thank you.
Thanks, Colonel.
- Thanks.
- Okay, okay
It's the second time I save you
from a problem.
You seem to like getting in trouble,
don't you?
No, honestly, something always happens.
I know you come to Morocco
to get Fatima's son.
And I know you had an argument
last night with Dris. He told me.
It calms me that at least
you're not alone.
Yes, Santiago joined us.
I don't know how to thank you.
You could thank me with a kiss,
for example.
speaks in Arabic
Despite the kid's death,
you two did a good job.
It's a sad loss, don't you think?
I'll call you for your next job.
I told Suleyman already.
Don't count on me!
We'll see.
Let's go.
- You have to come back.
- Really?
- You'll like it.
- I'm liking it already.
What? Wait.
I want you to treat that client very well.
All his drinks are on the house.
Free? Who'll pay my commission then?
Don't worry about your commission.
Don't worry about anything.
You just have to worry
about treating him well,
and when you go to bed with him,
be very professional.
And caring. Don't worry about anything.
- In exchange for what?
- Don't worry.
One thing.
Don't mention a word of this.
And when you're in bed with him
Get all the information about his friend
Santiago Fisterra, okay?
All of it.
Go. Come on.
Had you forgotten me?
My cousin and I didn't forget you.
Leave me alone
Don't be scared, girl.
We won't do anything you don't like.
- So, cousin? What do we do now?
- What do you think?
We'll get even.
Ma'am Ma'am, calm down.
Calm down.
I had a horrible nightmare.
Here it is.
They bring the boys with no family here.
Remember what we talked about.
Come on. Let's go in.
Good luck.
- So that's it.
- Yes.
We have the goods ready.
I'll take them to Spain for you.
He knows the hash route better
La Mexicana.
- Is there anything wrong, Josef?
- No, nothing.
I thought I saw someone I know.
As I said, he knows the hash route
better than me.
I always keep my promise.
Remember what we told you in the car.
- Trust that everything will be fine.
- I hope. I hope so.
I'm so nervous, Gallego.
It's Fatima's hand.
Do you know who Fatima was?
No, I don't. You're the only one I know.
She's the prophet's daughter.
She'll bring us luck.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- The director wants to see you.
- Oh, thanks.
She said the director will see us.
I told you Fatima brings good luck.
Fatima. The director awaits us.
You're so tall
I came for you.
We'll be together. Don't worry.
Come on, let's go.
- Good evening, sir.
- Good evening.
I'm Fatima Mansur.
I came for my son, Mohamed Mansur.
He's my husband in Spain.
The father.
Do you want to talk
in your husband's language?
- Yes, of course.
- Thanks a lot.
I need your marriage records
and the boy's birth certificates.
Perfect. Just like we agreed.
You get the cargo,
and we'll hide it in the car.
Then you pick up your payment
and leave immediately.
No, not immediately.
I need to solve an issue first.
Please, what could be more important
than a 500-kilo shipment of hash?
You know there's lots of money in this,
and you're not in the civil guard anymore.
Tell me about it.
It's the savings of a lifetime.
That's why I don't want partners.
I pay the cargo, the rest is my problem.
But first I have to collect a debt,
and I can't let this chance go away.
So do your thing and I'll do mine.
It was all in vain.
They won't give him to me. They won't.
Let's talk outside.
Teresa is waiting. Let's go.
- What did they tell you?
- Allah is punishing me since I was born.
- What happened?
- They asked us for some documents.
- It seems this won't be easy.
- What happened with your son?
The government thinks I abandoned him
when I left the country.
Now I have to go to trial.
The worst is, it could last months
or even years.
I have to prove I have a serious life
and I can support him, and you know I
A kid needs a mother, not the government.
You should have seen how grown he is.
Oh, you're insatiable.
We went on all night long,
but you're not tired.
That's the thing about Galicians,
we make the most of a good offer.
If I'm given a two-for-one special,
I'll take it.
Especially if it's free.
Come on. Tell me who loves you the most.
You, you.
You, the coolest Spaniard.
Why don't you tell me again about
when you and Santiago worked
for your country's dealers?
Again, Soraya? What's up with you?
I don't get it.
Are you more interested in Santiago?
Because if you do, I don't care.
I warn you,
Santi is crazy about La Mexicana.
And he's faithful.
If he's with one girl, he stays with her.
I like you, dummy. Only you.
But I find your life very interesting.
Come on
Tell me again.
It's just
It turns me on to hear it.
So it turns you on.
Why didn't you tell me that before?
Look, like I was telling you
Santi and I started working for the Perlas
clan before getting into the Academy.
We were around 16.
Don't you get it? I'm a single mother.
I have no husband.
All I know how to do to earn a living
is punished by Allah's law.
I can't fight against so many things.
I know they won't give me back my child.
Then what will you do, Fatima?
Leave your kid here, starving?
- Don't talk like that. I'm too sensitive.
- It's just you can't give up.
If you want your son, you have to fight
against everything for him.
If they don't give him back the easy way,
then we'll take him.
No law can take your son from you.
You're his mom.
- What?
- You're so crazy. But she's right.
Your son will only be fine with you.
If we need to, we'll get in and take him.
What? Take him? That's kidnapping.
No, because it's your own son.
But we could go to jail if they find out.
Only if they do.
No one said this would be easy,
but it's not impossible.
I came to take him out of here.
I'll get you and your son out of Morocco.
What do you say?
You decide.
If I do that, I can never come back.
Why come back to a country
where you can't be with your son?
Stop hesitating, Fatima.
Don't over-think it, let's go.
There he is.
The one in the white t-shirt.
- Call him.
- Okay.
Mohamed. Mohamed!
Mohamed. Mohamed
Where are you, Mohamed?
Don't you think it's taking too long?
No, it's okay. Don't worry.
I don't know, Teresa. This morning
I thought this would go well, but
Now, I don't know.
I think this is haram.
- What's that?
- A mortal sin.
A mortal sin, Fatima? Not having your son
by your side is a mortal sin.
Or having him grow up alone.
Don't worry, it will be okay.
When Santiago and the boy come out,
we'll leave
Lalo will wait for us with a boat
in Tanger. Everything will be fine.
You'll be in Melilla soon,
happy with your son.
Don't worry.
What's this?
I think it's Josef. Teresa, it's Josef!
I promised I'd go back to Spain
to make you pay, but look at this.
You came to Morocco,
and I'll get even with you now.
You're not him.
I can't tell you apart in the dark.
Okay, let's go. Up.
Get out.
Stay there.
Your arm.
You. Get out.
Get out!
Come. Turn around.
- Mom!
- Fatima!
Fatima, what happened?
Can you hear me?
- Are you okay?
- Oh, Mohamed!
- Where's Teresa?
- Josef. He came with a gun.
He took her. He'll kill her.
Let's go.
The mother, it must have been her.
She said her name was Fatima Mansur.
Unless it was the father.
- What will you do to me?
- To you?
I'll kill you,
but I'll play with you first.
Where should we start?
My cousin's dead because of you.
You ruined my life.
But you'll pay.
- This is impossible.
- Santiago, please.
- We've looked for hours.
- We must go on.
One second.
Santiago, I think this is it.
Are you sure?
- Are you sure?
- I think it is.
Listen, stay here.
No matter what, don't get out of the car.
Did you like it?
- Did you like it?
- Help me. Help me!
Scream, but no one will come help you.
Kill me already, you coward.
You're a coward.
I'll kill you, but I'll enjoy this first.
Remember what you did to me
in that hospital? Do you?
Put on the handcuffs!
I'm the one laughing now.
Don't get your hopes up.
No one's coming for you.
I'll make you scream
There's a gun there.
Go get the gun, I'm okay.
Go get the gun.
Go get the gun!
Let me
It's a delicious liquor from Tunisia.
It's a gift from my dear friend
Colonel Habib.
Thanks, you may leave.
Let's cheer for the beginning
of the hash harvest.
For Allah.
It's time to organize
this year's operations.
If you're going to talk about business,
I have nothing to say. I'll leave.
Dris, when will you dare earn
some real good money?
No, no. Look, it's one thing
to bribe two Spanish cops
so they don't bother my girls
or my immigrants about their papers.
But bribing a judge to get an acquittal
is a different thing.
Oh, that's called being scared.
Scared? I'm not scared, Caceres!
It's called being cautious.
For you it's easy, government delegate.
I don't have your power or influence.
Abdelkader is a Colonel
from the Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie.
Do you know where I come from? Do you?
I cleaned shoes when I was a kid.
Just leave me alone
with my boats and my girls.
The money comes slower but safer.
I can do whatever I want.
Okay, you don't need to get mad.
- How?
- Yes. Calm down, Dris.
I'm not scared, man.
Oh, Lalo. My Lalo, what a night!
Oh, all night with me for free.
So free, I have no money.
What do I do now?
Where's Dris?
Now that I have the info for him,
where's Dris?
I can't do the math. Damn it.
Do you want my help?
Come on. Why don't you go home?
It's late.
Why don't you lend me some money?
Come on.
Have you gone mad or what?
Please. Just an advance from my salary.
- Come on.
- I can't even pay for my breakfast.
Dris hasn't paid me yet.
What's up with you? Hey
Why don't you do this?
Go to the dock and work overtime.
And earn some money, pretty face.
Leave me alone.
I have enough problems already.
The numbers don't make sense.
That's because you have no brain!
If La Mexicana was here,
she'd solve this!
Oh, what a crazy girl
Just what I needed. Damn.
Summer is ending and the cannabis
harvest is at its peak moment.
It's time to supply Europe
with the best African hash. Double Zero.
Do we have the transporters?
Yes. The Northern routes will arrive here.
That's a large cargo.
The largest one we've ever had.
I want the goods to reach the peninsula
with no problems.
Last season we got a ton seized from us.
We have to reduce that amount.
We depend on some pilots.
Where will we get so many pilots?
Dris. I want you to take care
of the pateras business.
With some boats, 4 or 5.
Enough to keep the illegals business
at least at half-speed.
So we can keep the rest of the pilots
in the hash traffic to the peninsula.
What about Santiago Fisterra?
Won't you use him?
Let's forget about Santiago.
He's not even in Melilla.
He's in Morocco doing who knows what
with La Mexicana.
Wait for me here, Mohamed. Okay?
I killed him.
- It was you or him.
- I killed him.
I killed a man.
You and I would be dead now.
You did it for me.
What happened?
We have to leave. Let's go.
Santiago, we have to
Santiago, we have to go.
Everything will be fine, okay?
You saved my life.
You did it for me. Okay?
Let's go.
- What's wrong?
- Come on!
- It's dead.
- What do we do now?
I know.
- Are we leaving in that?
- Come on. Let's go.
You three better go in the truck.
We'll be in Tanger in around 4 hours.
Wait in the dock from last time.
Yes, that one.
No, we can't cross the border.
Be there before us, we can't lose time.
The police are after us.
Okay. We have to cross to Spain
however we can.
Police check
We don't even have the truck's papers.
They must know it's stolen.
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