La Reina del Sur (2011) s01e13 Episode Script

Sacrificio de amor

Is there any problem?
I do have a problem,
and only you can help.
Everyone has a skeleton in the closet.
I'll find out what Santiago Fisterra
is hiding.
I'm free.
Thank you.
Get all the information about his friend
Santiago Fisterra, okay?
I don't know how to thank you.
You could thank me with a kiss,
for example.
La Mexicana.
Why don't you tell me again about
when you and Santiago worked
for your country's dealers?
If they don't give him to you,
then we'll take him.
I promised I'd go back to Spain
to make you pay, but look at this.
My cousin's dead because of you.
You ruined my life.
But you'll pay.
Let's forget about Santiago.
He's not even in Melilla.
He's in Morocco with La Mexicana.
- Are we leaving in that?
- Come on. Let's go.
Ask me to fix a drink or a beer.
Not your accounting.
Get lost!
- What's wrong with you?
- Tell him I'm not La Mexicana!
You're not. You can't do this, so leave.
speaks in Arabic
- What's up with you now?
- I came last night but you weren't here.
I have the info you wanted.
- About Gallego.
- Really?
That's my girl! Okay, sit down.
Tell me, were you lucky?
- Very.
- What happened?
Help me.
Why did you stop?
There's a police checkpoint ahead.
- The police?
- I had to pull over.
- The boy is thirsty, and me too.
- I know, I know.
- I think we'll drop this to go faster.
- Perfect. That stuff stinks.
Out with this.
What's this?
I can't believe it.
This is hash.
The boxes are full of hash.
Gosh, just what we needed!
We'll get accused with kidnapping,
drug dealing, and killing a Moroccan!
We'll be in jail forever!
- We need to get rid of it.
- No.
We won't throw it.
Lalo and him loaded the boat offshore
and took the coke to Galicia.
Santiago is famous
for piloting fast boats.
I already knew that!
Where was the cocaine from?
Colombia. They took Colombian coke
to the peninsula.
Why did he leave Galicia?
They wanted him dead.
He's accused of killing a cop.
Oh, Gallego
He's not as good as he seemed.
Very good, my girl. Good job.
Now get to work. Come on!
And show more skin, damn it!
Are you crazy? Taking the drugs?
The police are following us!
Besides that's
- What? 200 kilos?
- Are you guessing now?
Santiago, trust her.
If she says it's 200 kilos, it's true.
Even better.
Do you know how much that's worth?
- How much we can make?
- That drug has owners.
Do you think they'll be calm?
If they catch us,
they'll take the drugs and kill us all.
I'm hungry.
There's a new restaurant. You'll love it.
Let me finish signing these.
Come in.
- Mister, a fax for you.
- Thank you.
What happened? Why that face?
La Mexicana is causing problems again.
But this time
She crossed the line.
We're not taking it.
It's too dangerous, Santiago.
Living is dangerous.
This thing we're doing is dangerous.
But I came here for you. I dared.
Stop thinking about your past.
We're taking all this.
You know what, Santiago?
I appreciate that you came with us
and helped us, and saved my life.
Then what? We take the drugs?
Who will you sell it to?
You know no one.
You're just a transporter.
We have no contacts.
We do know someone, Mexicana.
Someone who can buy it.
That Mexicana is trying to get shot.
Be careful, Chaif.
That woman only brings trouble.
She didn't just kidnap Fatima's son.
She's also involved in a murder
and trafficking drugs.
All in 24 hours,
the time she's been in Morocco.
Damn. A murderer, too? What a pearl.
- Where did all that happen?
- In Agadir.
They found the car
Teresa rented in Melilla.
They left it just beside the corpse.
According to Moroccan police,
the man was killed to steal a hash cargo.
Wait, let me get this.
Where they in Morocco for hash
or to get Fatima's son?
Josef Farid.
In this moment
La Mexicana is escaping
from Moroccan police.
Think about it.
He's a very important Colonel.
He controls Melilla's border.
He has influential friends who can
get Mohamed's papers done for me.
Only he who can let us
cross the border safely.
Come on, Santiago. Everybody knows
the Colonel traffics in chocolate.
He'll be delighted about a 200-kilo gift.
I think Fatima's right.
That moor will rob us, take our money,
and won't help us.
If he can get us out of this,
why not negotiate with him?
- I don't like the idea?
- No?
Let's hear what better idea you have.
Okay, negotiate with the Colonel.
He won't give us a cent.
Let's leave.
Come on.
- Help me up.
- Come on.
You won't always win.
There was no option, Gallego.
So la Mexicana went to Agadir
looking for Josef.
She found him and killed him in revenge.
Damn, she's brave.
She even took his hash cargo.
If they get caught in Morocco,
they'll be in prison for life.
It's strange La Mexicana hasn't call
- Hello.
- Colonel.
I have to start again.
speaks in Arabic
speaks in Arabic
speaks in Arabic
Now you must hire a professional.
That will cost you very much.
speaks in Arabic
You'll confuse me again.
Let's see if you can do it.
- Did you bring me anything today?
- Yes.
How will you help me?
What do you have for me?
Oh, you're always so nice to me.
- Can you wait a moment?
- Okay.
Weren't you in Tangier?
I changed my plan.
It seems you did too, slut!
How much?
500 kilos?
Listen, Teresa.
I knew all this already.
I have no powers over Agadir's police,
just Nador and Spain's border.
If you get to my territory,
we can talk business.
If you can't
I'm sorry,
I won't be able to help you.
500 kilos.
Something's wrong, Mexicana.
Men don't like women
messing with their business either.
I'm glad to see you, Teresa.
I thought you wouldn't make it here.
You surprise me again.
What quality is it, Suleyman?
The best, Colonel.
There's around 14 packages per container.
It won't be easy to get you out
of Morocco, but we'll do all we can.
I'll negotiate this.
I think you don't understand
your problem, Gallego.
You kidnapped a boy.
- You stole a truck.
- You're taking advantage of us.
I'm not the one being chased
by Moroccan police for a murder.
- Right?
- How do you know that?
I know everything, Teresa.
Never forget it.
Those drugs aren't yours.
I'm your only option.
You have no choice, Gallego.
Take it or leave it.
This isn't what we agreed, Teresa.
Santiago, come here. Please, listen.
Give me a chance to do it my way. Please.
Let me. Please.
Look, we're not interested in the drugs.
Do what you want with it.
We just want to get out of here alive.
I don't know what you did
to have Gallego in the palm of your hand.
Don't worry about the rest.
You'll have everything you need.
I'll even join you personally
to cross the border if it's necessary.
Suleyman, call me
when you finish recounting.
Yes, Colonel.
It's been a pleasure
to negotiate with you.
It could happen more often.
- You must be happy.
- I am. Very happy.
Me too, my Colonel.
I finally have my boy with me.
I trust you to get his papers.
- Thanks.
- Enough.
Don't worry. As I told Teresa,
you'll be safe and have no problems.
I'll make some calls to the peninsula.
I'll tell you when there's news.
There's something about you
I don't know. It puzzles me.
It can't be that a woman as
fascinating as you
I don't understand.
Maybe I don't understand myself either.
I don't know how you can be with a man
like that when you can do better.
So you've helped me so far
because you want to sleep with me?
Don't get confused.
A woman who wants to be with me
It's because she wants it.
A real pleasure, Teresa.
By the way, Gallego
take care of her.
She's a great woman.
I hope you never forget.
What an idiot.
You almost died today.
You know it, right?
We have to celebrate this.
Ahmed, calm down.
I don't think she's up for a party.
We haven't even left the hospital.
Of course I am.
I'll buy a champagne bottle.
You know I don't drink alcohol.
Sweetheart, I'll buy you a peach juice.
Oh, Sheyla!
speaking in Arabic
What I'd give to have La Mexicana back.
Hello, Dris.
Do you know who I just
brought back to Melilla?
Your favorite Mexicana.
The best thing is I just earned
a large amount of money thanks to her.
I'm so happy. I don't know
whether to laugh or to cry.
I'll never thank you enough
what you did for us.
Thank you so much.
Everything came out fine.
- Won't you change that grim face?
- It's the one I have.
Your ambition blinds you, Santiago.
You're counting the drug money you lost,
but it was never yours.
The drugs or the money.
Everything is great. Look.
Fatima has her son,
and we simply came out of this alive.
Okay. I'll change my face,
but with one condition.
What is it?
Bring your toothbrush home.
Well, okay. If I have no choice.
Stay, say you will.
This night is just ours.
You and me.
Sheyla, stay home. I'll do the shopping.
You just got out of hospital.
That's why. I was there for so long
that I want to see the sun and people,
even have a drink.
You're impossible.
Look who's back here!
Soraya! Sheyla! I got him!
- Look at my son. He's so handsome.
- He's so handsome!
See? Girl, you're out of the hospital.
You look great.
- I'm better now.
- I'm so happy for you.
He's handsome, Fatima. Look at his eyes!
Hey, now give a kiss to Aunt Sheyla
and one to Aunt Soraya.
- Yes, a kiss.
- Come on.
It's just he doesn't speak Spanish.
How handsome.
He's smart, I'll teach him. Right, honey?
If you knew how much your mother cried
Yes, it's true.
Mexicana! Come here.
If it weren't for her and Gallego,
this wouldn't have happened.
Thanks. Hey, Sheyla, you look great.
How good you're out of the hospital.
Finally. Hey, I'm happy for you two,
and especially the boy.
- Let's go inside.
- Let's go.
You have lots to tell us.
Why are you here, you skanks?
You can't come back here.
Why not? They can come
whenever they want, they're my guests.
And mine. You can also sleep
at my place as long as you need.
Okay? That's why I pay my rent on time.
With these!
You'll see! This won't end like this.
It won't end like this.
Aren't you happy La Mexicana is back?
Not really.
You know, let's throw a party.
Yes, let's throw a party.
A party with class, with glamour.
Let's push the boat out.
- What are we celebrating?
- What else?
The deal I made with La Mexicana.
And our future deals from now on.
The real money is not in the damn clubs,
Dris, or in immigrant traffic.
The real money, that's in hashish.
Brown gold.
What are you doing here?
Sorry, sir.
I didn't know you had a meeting.
- I have to talk to you.
- What is it?
- Coffee.
- Thanks.
- It's hot.
- Okay.
- And that juice?
- For the king of the house.
Teresa, let me get this clear.
Are you and Gallego
together formally or what?
I just know I feel good with him,
but time will tell.
Look, don't act like a saint, girl.
You're crazy about Gallego.
Well, Teresa, no man deserves to be
taken so seriously.
Tell me about it.
I almost died because of one.
But you're back, and you're okay.
Now you just need to be in full health.
I miss you in the Yamila, Sheyla.
I'm worried since I left the hospital.
I'm afraid Josef
will come here to kill me.
I had a nightmare about him yesterday.
It will be hard for Josef to kill you.
Unless he's a ghost.
What do you mean?
Help me!
- Josef is dead.
- Dead? How?
Like people die. Like this.
Fatima, don't joke about that.
How did he die?
It doesn't matter.
Don't ask. He's just dead.
Oh, I'm so happy.
Why are you here, Mexicana?
Dris, I want no trouble.
I just came to say goodbye.
I'll go get my things.
- I don't want to be kicked out twice.
- No, I'm not here to argue with you.
I came to talk business.
What business?
Well, if you're talking business,
we'll go to the kitchen.
If you need anything
- Let's go.
- Yes, yes.
I want you back in the Yamila.
It's good for you, and good for me.
For the misery you pay me?
I'm not crazy.
If you offer me good money,
I'll think about it.
- 2000 euros per month.
- 2500 and free housing.
I need a Moroccan.
- With conditions.
- Even more?
I want you to contract Fatima,
as a waitress.
And give her back her apartment
to live there with her son.
When can you start?
For our friendship, the money we'll make,
Galicia, women, and because I can.
- And for our new boat.
- And the money to pay for it.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- Fine, Teresa.
Well I'm leaving.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- I have a surprise.
- Your toothbrush?
No, but I have a job
and an apartment already.
- Come with me.
- Where will you work?
In the Yamila.
- With Dris Larbi again?
- Yes, but it's okay.
He's always treated me well
and respected me.
Right. Everyone's good for you.
Except me.
Stop, Santiago.
Don't complain about everything.
Don't be silly. Enjoy the moment.
You never know
when life will hit you again.
Be happy, Santiago.
Be happy like I am now.
I had thought
That everything had ended for me
And that my heart wouldn't feel again
A love like this one.
I had sworn
That I'd never give my soul
to anyone again
But when I look at you now
it runs away from me
And it flies towards you.
Because you've become a part
A part of me.
Because if you're here
I start believing.
Stay by my side.
I can't live without your love.
Stay, say you will.
This night is just ours.
It's just ours.
Stay, say you will.
This night is just ours.
This night
It's just ours.
You and me.
You and me.
What an idiot.
He didn't give me any job.
Won't you say anything?
May I? When you get like this,
everything I say can be used against me.
- You're mocking me.
- I'm not, Santiago.
What did you expect
after what happened with Suleyman?
Don't worry, you'll find another job.
And we have housing and food.
How can I not worry?
I wasn't raised to be a freeloader.
- Who's the man here? Me.
- Of course.
Why did I listen to you?
If you'd let me keep the hash,
we'd have all that money for ourselves.
I'd take it to the peninsula
and get contacts and money. Damn.
I let you convince me, and look.
Now I'm a freeloader here.
Do you really think you'll get rich
trafficking drugs?
- It's all I can do.
- You could fish like your grandparents.
And starve like them? No, thanks.
All I want is to have enough to live well.
Enough for a family, a boat, all that.
We've talked about the risks.
- Are you talking about Guero?
- Yes, about him, and also you.
It seems I can't escape my destiny.
What destiny?
My damn bad luck.
Everything I love dies.
Okay, calm down. Don't get like this.
It's just for a while.
Hey, I'm talking about us two.
Do you get me?
Having a family, a house, a boat.
The beach, you. I want all that.
I understand.
You want it all.
You'll have it.
Do you want to be a drug dealer?
I'll help you. I know how to do it.
- What are you thinking?
- I know what I'm doing.
Don't complain or blame me later.
- Teresa, what do you mean?
- Santiago
You saved my life.
I know how to pay my debts.
What will you do?
Don't ask.
Food's ready.
Mexicana. What's up? I didn't hear you.
I need a favor.
From me?
Yes. I know we haven't been best friends,
but if anything's really changed,
I need your help.
Whatever you want.
- Don't overdo it.
- Just some color, you're too pale.
This is an elegant thing.
Come on. Are we ready?
It's late, we need to go.
Fatima, you're in charge.
I'll take the van.
- Alone with all this?
- You'll do it.
Are we ready? Where's Sheyla?
We need to go.
- I'm here. I'm ready.
- Come on, it's late!
- Sheyla, how good
- Dris! Can I join you?
Here it is, gentlemen.
Very well. Two glasses.
Here. Very well.
Your check, gentleman. Thanks.
Fatima. Have you seen Teresa?
Why is this empty? Where's everyone?
Don't you know she went
Where did Teresa go?
Dear friend, I see you have good company.
Very good.
My dear friend, how are you?
I hope you do well.
What's going on?
Where are all the girls? With Teresa?
Where did they go, Fatima?
I don't know, I wasn't
I didn't hear where they
Where they went.
My dear friend, the mayor.
- How are you?
- Everything fine?
Fine, fine. See you later.
I'll meet the other guests.
- A drink?
- Thanks, Ahmed.
Dear friend. I'll be back soon.
My dear friends. Englishmen.
speaks in Arabic
Oh, excuse me.
Dris, Dris, my dear friend Dris.
- Here are the girls.
- The best part of the party.
The most beautiful girls
from Northern Africa and part of Spain.
Have fun, girls. Have a good time.
Dris, I was
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