La Reina del Sur (2011) s01e14 Episode Script

Carrera de Hachís

This is hashish.
- Why did he leave Galicia?
- He's accused of killing a cop.
If they catch us they'll take
the drugs from us and kill us.
So La Mexicana went to Agadir
looking for Josef.
She found him and killed him in revenge.
Who will you sell it to? You know no one.
You're just a transporter.
We do know someone, Mexicana.
If you get to my territory,
we can talk business.
Look, we're not interested in the drugs.
Do what you want with it.
We just want to get out of here alive.
I want you back in the Yamila.
It's good for you, and good for me.
You'll have it all.
Do you want to be a drug dealer?
I'll help you.
Dris! Can I join you?
Where did they go, Fatima?
Hello, Teresa.
It's an honor to have you here.
You should dress like this more often.
You look like a queen.
I just do it on special occasions,
like this one.
Well, I must tell you
you leave me really surprised.
Well, like they say in my country,
viva Mexico.
For you.
Where did they go, Fatima?
I don't know, I wasn't
I didn't hear where they
Where they went.
It seems Dris needed her for something,
but that's all I know.
- Ahmed went too.
- Don't lie to me, Fatima.
I know where Teresa is.
I just want you to confirm it.
Look at me.
She's at the Colonel's place. Right?
She's at the moor's house.
- Do you know what houris are?
- No.
They're the maidens who receive
believers who get in paradise.
I'd like to find a beauty like you
in my paradise.
I assure you I'm not heavenly.
Teresa, the Mexican!
She wants something from you, Chaib.
I'm sure about that.
What's up? Will you sleep with him
to ask him a favor?
Then say it was a bad night,
like you did with me?
You should stop drinking.
Three drinks and you act like an idiot.
- Idiot? Your father, Chaib.
- It's not the right place or time.
Don't say something
you might regret later.
I'll never allow
disrespecting a lady in my house.
Now If you excuse us.
Get screwed.
Let's go.
Alcohol and jealousy
are an explosive mix.
You're a very smart man.
Likable, and a gentleman.
I hope you like all that.
A lot.
Teresa would never hurt you.
- She does it because she loves you.
- Do what?
You know it well.
She's with another man.
Teresa is my woman. She's my woman.
Hey, she looks so pretty.
- Of course, I did her make-up.
- I never realized she was so attractive.
Look how that shameless girl
flirts with him.
What's up?
Wasn't she crazy about Gallego?
She still is, Ahmed. Don't be silly.
She does all this for him.
Only for him.
I'll never understand women.
Let me see San Luis.
- I didn't know you spoke English so well.
- Not so well, just some words.
I get by.
It would be wonderful to have
such a beautiful woman by my side.
- Chandon.
- Very well. Excuse me.
You, take the olives and feel the plates.
You, go take care of the guests.
- Go.
- Ahmed
- 3 champagne glasses for the Colonel.
- Okay.
You're really stunning tonight.
Dressed to kill.
You got everyone's attention.
Every man's drooling for you.
Even poor Ahmed.
It feels like a disguise.
Oh, if you got in the business
like the other girls
You'll make great money. I tell you.
That's why I'm here. For business.
- Business
- Business?
But not for you.
You're doing business for Gallego.
You want it all.
You'll have it all.
Do you want to be a dealer?
I'll help you.
What will you do?
Don't ask.
Why do you care about what I do?
I don't. For me it's all the same.
But hypocrisy annoys me.
Be clear, Dris.
Are you calling me a slut?
Yes, I am. Happy now?
I don't care if you sleep with moors
or Christians or whoever you want.
But I'm no fool. You won't use me again.
- Use?
- Yes, use.
I won't bring you to another party.
You can sleep with Caceres or Abdelkader
to help your Gallego's business.
But I won't pay the bed.
Is it clear or should I translate it?
I appreciate you, Dris.
And I'm grateful.
You helped me when I needed it.
But I don't belong to you.
I won't belong to anyone. Ever.
You can't ban me anything. I'm free.
I go to bed and wake up
with whoever I want.
You're not on the list.
- Colonel.
- Cheers.
Excuse me.
Done. I have it, boss.
They're 500,000 pounds.
That's impossible.
What's wrong?
Suleyman can't find out how
many pounds 450,000 euros are.
- What's the exchange rate today?
- 90 pennies per euro.
They're 405,000.
Is that true?
Yes. She's right.
405,000 pounds.
- It's a very good amount for business.
- We have a deal, Colonel.
- Let's celebrate.
- Girls!
I want you to treat my guests well.
I'd like them to learn there's no one
like the Andalusian for love tonight.
Of course, Colonel.
They'll feel at home, right?
No, not like home. Much better.
- Ole, ole
- Come here. Let's learn some Spanish.
I'll teach you the universal language.
You're dangerously seductive.
You don't only know how to speak
English correctly.
You're also good with numbers.
Do you have any other surprise
for me tonight?
Well, did you like the party?
I'm delighted.
I like your country a lot too.
Morocco is beautiful.
Although a bit hard to understand.
Hard to understand?
Forget it, I drank some tequila.
Do you mean Muslim culture?
Men are very different to us.
We human beings are all the same.
No matter the country or religion.
Imagine this.
When tourists come to Morocco,
they expect to find decorations
like the ones in the 1001 Nights.
Magic flying carpets
But they find modern cities.
Westernized cities.
And people who don't exactly live
lives out of a story.
Or do I look like Ali Baba
coming out of the thieves' cave?
You're right.
Jews, Muslims, Catholics,
we're all the same.
We're human beings
who suffer the same grief.
Yes, that's true. That's life.
I definitely like Morocco.
The question is
Do you like me?
You're a very attractive man.
A very handsome moor.
And as I said, a gentleman.
A gentleman
Who's still just a man
In front of a woman he likes a lot.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Like I told you last night
It's wonderful to see so much beauty
in the body of just one woman.
It would be very easy to get used
to waking up with you every day.
I'm not such good company as you think.
What a pity. The night
is gone, and the magic is lost.
What's the price I have to pay
for the night I just spent with you?
Since I saw you arrive,
I knew you were up to something.
- It's Gallego, right?
- Yes.
He needs to work.
He doesn't want to pilot
the immigrant boats.
No. He wants to transport hashish.
I see.
You're guy has a strange moral code.
He won't transport human beings,
but he'll transport drugs.
He loves you.
But he sent you to sleep with the person
who can get him in the business.
He didn't send me.
I'm here because I want to be here.
Besides, you know hashish
makes really good money.
It's a good business.
And you and I are big businesspeople.
Okay, Teresa.
Your guy will transport my hash
to the peninsula.
Tell your Gallego
That he'll have the job you got him.
You know
Deep inside I envy your Gallego.
You were never in love with me.
I'm Mexican. I have Native blood.
I'm rebellious.
You're a great moor General.
You give orders.
- We'd have killed each other in a week.
- Yes.
A pity, don't you think?
- It was my pleasure.
- Thanks.
Did you see that?
That's why Gallego was furious.
That Mexicana is a slut.
Oh, Teresa. It will be a mess.
Gallego was so mad yesterday, girl.
Like a rabid dog.
- It will pass.
- Just look at you!
So you slept with the Colonel.
Could you lower your voice?
I have half the British consulate
sleeping in there.
Teresa, how did the party end?
See? We're all a bit of a slut
when we need it.
- Oh, what a nasty woman you are.
- Hey, I wasn't trying to be mean.
She's right.
This will be bad.
I tell you it will be a big fight.
Did you sleep with Abdelkader?
I told you the only condition
was that you not as me questions
because I will answer them.
That's what I want. Answers.
Did you do it?
Yes, we screwed all night!
I told you it'd be bad.
They're hitting again.
Hi, girls.
- What's wrong?
- Don't even think about entering.
What will you do, Santiago?
Hit me to death for getting you
what you want?
You have your job!
But you know what?
Every time you cross that strait,
fill that boat with hash, and get paid,
you'll remember what I had to do
for your dream.
I never asked you to do it.
You didn't stop me either!
We're even.
I'm a slut, but you're a pimp.
My pimp.
Sorry to interrupt,
but Suleyman wants to see Santiago.
He has an important message from Chaib.
It couldn't be quicker.
Enjoy your new job, Santiago.
Now leave. I need to sleep.
- Here's Suleyman.
- Good news, Gallego.
What is it?
My boss says you'll do
your first hash trip tomorrow.
You did it, Santiago! You did it, dude!
How did you convince the Colonel?
He didn't do anything.
His saint did all the work for him.
- Shut up or I'll beat you up.
- Santiago, stop.
I got the job.
I'll start tonight.
I'm glad for you.
You'll earn lots of money.
I should be happy, but
I can't.
Does it hurt?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I don't deserve you.
Why would I deny it?
You don't deserve me at all.
Why are you here with me then?
Because you have very pretty eyes.
And a criminally nice butt too.
You look at me like no one else does.
You have strong arms.
And great hands.
Should I go on?
Even if I'm crazy, Mexicana
I'm under your spell.
Don't you want to know
why I sleep with you?
Because you make love to me
like no one else, Gallego.
What are you saying? Will you really
give Santiago "Gallego" Fisterra a job?
Okay, alright.
I just thought that you
You liked La Mexicana.
I do.
But she chose Gallego.
I'd give him a job anyway.
He's a good pilot.
Why not take the chance to be
with a woman that's so
At my age, it's better to be practical
than sentimental.
Okay, I have nothing to add.
But in the end,
Santiago and the Mexican got away with it.
What's wrong, Dris?
Do you mind that they're together?
- It doesn't bother me.
- Do you like La Mexicana?
I don't like La Mexicana!
You know I've had better women.
I have clubs with better women
from all around the world.
All I care about La Mexicana
is that she's a good accountant.
She's good for my business.
I don't want her distracted.
I don't like La Mexicana!
Will you go out in a rainy, dark night?
New moon.
We have to profit while it's dark.
There will be a full moon soon.
Nobody is safe from getting caught.
- Come on, Santiago. We have to go.
- Okay.
We're ready.
Don't take too many risks.
Don't worry. I can take care.
Why is Dris here?
You sound racist.
He's done nothing to you.
Why don't you quit the Yamila?
You don't need that moor.
Oh, but you need other moors
for your businesses.
Stop, dude. Dris is cool.
He respects me and pays me.
- He's a darn moor pimp.
- And I'm a darn Native slut.
Why don't you go live in Algeciras
with me?
In a beautiful house by the sea?
And see each other every day.
Away from this.
Seeing you every day?
Damn. You're a weird girl.
Real weird.
I didn't know Mexicans were like that.
I don't know how all Mexicans are,
but I know how I am.
Well, I think sometimes I am.
I swear you're like a child sometimes.
I love that you're like this.
Take care.
Come on, buddy. Let's make a living.
- Bye, Lalo.
- Bye.
The ropes.
What's wrong?
Are you following me?
Me? Following you?
I just thought that
I could walk you home.
There's no need.
I've looked after
myself since I was 14.
Ah, of course. Sure.
It's a dark night.
A good night for traffickers.
Teresa, don't get your hopes up
with that Gallego.
He won't stay.
He'll get killed or go away.
You must know about that.
Don't follow me.
In dark nights like these
I like being alone.
Dear God, please don't
let anything bad happen to Santiago.
They killed Guero, Teresa.
They killed your husband.
Here's your pay. You can count it.
Smile, brother. Smile.
We'll get rich for sure now, Santiago.
- Here, your part.
- Thanks, dude.
- See you.
- Where are you going?
Santiago, wait! Where are you going?
Dear God, please don't let
anything bad happen to Santiago.
Teresa, I'm back!
Swear you'll never get caught.
Swear you'll never die.
I don't want to be alone.
Is that about me or
your dead husband?
About you, fool.
Someday you'll say you love me
by mistake.
- Okay. I love you.
- Yeah, sure.
What do you care?
I love you, idiot.
Stay by my side.
I can't live without your love.
Stay, say you will.
This night is just ours.
This night
It's just ours.
Coffee's ready.
You and me.
- What's this?
- What I earned last night.
So you can save it, invest it,
or whatever you want to do with it.
- Are you crazy?
- I made a disaster with money.
But you're good.
- But this is your money.
- And yours.
I told you I want a life with you.
I mean it.
Because you've become a part
A part of me.
Sometimes life's so beautiful
you can't believe it.
I start believing.
I love you, Santiago.
I can't live without your love.
Stay, say you will.
I'll believe it when I stop seeing
that picture.
This night
It's just ours.
You and me.
You and me.
Santiago, you can't complain.
You've made lots of money very fast.
What will you do with it?
I'll live, Suleyman. Life's short.
You have to profit from it, right?
Of course, brother.
I'd save it. You don't always win
in this business.
Look, we spend every night
playing cat and mouse
with policemen and civil guards.
We've won so far.
- We'll keep winning.
- I know that.
The Colonel, too.
He's happy with your work.
Come on, Veiga.
Let's go meet the girls at the beach.
Don't forget you have
to pick up goods tonight.
- Yes.
- We'll be there.
I hope so.
- The water's great.
- I'm drinking a beer.
Finish it then. Come on.
It's gone.
Don't lose your breath.
It's easier to get a cat in the water.
There's no Galician
swimming champions.
- What about you?
- I don't care. It's hot.
- Let's go.
- Brother
Come on.
Come on, Santiago!
Slowly. Okay?
- What will we drink to, Mexicana?
- Whatever you want.
For the good food and wine.
That's why we have bucks,
what you call "dough".
Yes, you Spaniards talk very strange.
Dough is food, so for me
it's not money. Get it?
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Yes, sir. We have money
and we'll have more.
This night we'll go get another cargo
for the peninsula.
Shut up, Lalo. Don't say it out loud.
Oh, I'll shut him up.
- Yes. It's Dris Larbi.
- Do you have the info?
Tell Captain Benamo that tonight
there's a hash cargo delivery
in Cala Tramontana.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I have firsthand info.
I'm sure the authorities will be happy
to have this info.
What do you get, Dris?
I don't think you do this for free.
Pleasure, pure pleasure.
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