La Reina del Sur (2011) s01e15 Episode Script

Víctima de tortura

You should dress like that
more often.
You look like a queen.
This is the Colonel's house, right?
I go to bed with whomever I want.
You aren't on that list.
What price must I pay
for the night I just spent with you?
- You are banging him?
- Yes, we screwed all
How did you get the Colonel
to give us the job?
He did nothing.
The saint he worships did the miracle.
Shut up or I'll smash your face.
I was hiring him anyway.
He's a good pilot.
Why not take the opportunity
and be with a woman so beautiful?
Teresa, don't get your hopes too high
with that Gallego.
He leaves or he dies.
We have money and we'll get more.
Tonight we go to Cala Tramontana
for a new shipment to deliver.
Shut up!
No need to tell everyone.
Tell the Captain that the hashish
will be delivered tonight.
At Cala Tramontana.
I'm leaving. It's time.
No kiss goodbye?
Which port is it?
Who cares? Why do you ask?
- When are you coming back?
- Don't know. A week or so.
Why do you get like this when I go?
I get ready to never see you again.
If I don't return,
will you cry for me?
Not one tear.
Be faithful.
I'll try.
You're mean to me.
But I love it. When I see your ass,
I forget everything.
Like my bum?
And your tits!
I'd eat them like sweets.
Is that all you like about me?
I also like it when you talk to me.
And when you're silent.
Don't go.
Don't go.
I have a bad feeling.
If it were for that, I'd never work.
I'm not El Güero, ok?
Relax, everything will be alright.
I'll be back soon.
Check the coordinates.
You'll get the goods there.
Swear to me they'll never get you.
Swear to me you'll never die.
I don't want to be alone.
Laliño, unmoor. Let's go.
There isn't much time
to get to Cala Tramontana.
Oh, Fátima!
I know Lalo is a jerk
and says stupid things,
But I'm crazy about him.
Gallego is driving me mad.
I think I'm falling in love.
Oh no!
Another one to fall in the trap.
Mexicana, are you listening to her?
What is it?
She fell for Lalo.
What's that?
Oh, come on.
What's wrong with falling in love?
Tell me.
I'm thinking of giving this up
and becoming a housewife for my Lalo.
You? Housewife?
I don't think so.
What is it?
Has someone died? What is it?
Is this a funeral or a bar?
Ahmed, put some music on.
This can't be.
This is not good.
Your brother is good.
Your brother is good.
What's with him?
Yalah! Yalah!
Stop right there! I said stop!
The moor Coast Guard!
Unmoor, I'll try to get out.
They got us! Bummer!
It won't start!
It won't start!
Don't try to escape!
Get that ready.
They're trying to escape. Shoot!
Lalo! Lalo! What is it?
They got me, Santiago.
Start, for God's sake, just start!
Hold tight!
Stop the boat!
Stop the boat!
Santiago, don't leave!
Don't leave me!
Santiago! Don't leave, my brother!
No! Lalo!
Forgive me, brother!
Forgive me.
I don't want any problem here, really.
If you don't like the wine,
I'll change it. No problem.
I'll get the best wine in the bar.
Soraya, over here.
Get the best wine for these people
and take this one, this one's bad.
- Me?
- Yes, you.
Yes, quickly, quickly.
Get moving, you pretty thing.
Well, nothing happened.
Let's have a good time.
Oh, I'm, I'm just
Teresa, I'm sorry.
I ruined our clothes.
Don't worry. It's fine.
I'll be right back.
It's been a while.
Where you busy with work or what?
What's that?
Go get cleaned.
Oh, my! These girls!
Fátima! Fátima!
Come over here.
See to these customers, my best clients,
get them whatever they want. Anything.
What are you having?
Another scotch? Some wine?
Another scotch? Great.
Get the good one, the special one.
It's on me. It's on the house.
Men, seize the drugs and get this idiot
out of the water before he drowns.
Forgive me, brother!
Damned blood!
What is it with blood?
Let him be safe
Don't go.
I have a bad feeling.
If it were for that, I'd never work.
I'm not El Güero, ok?
- Why do you get like this when I go?
- I get ready to never see you again.
If I don't return, will you cry for me?
I'm really sorry.
Here's another shirt.
Put it on, come on. And give it up.
You can't wash blood away.
I have a terrible feeling.
Stop thinking nonsense, Teresa.
Just put it on,
let's get back to work.
By the way,
have you noticed Dris?
He's happier than ever.
Buying everyone drinks.
Very unlike him, don't you think?
So weird.
Am I falling for this fuc
Oh, Virgin,
if you really work miracles,
let Santiago be by my side
when I wake up.
Please, a doctor!
I need a doctor!
I'm dying! Please, a doctor!
You heard him.
Help him, please.
I need the name of your accomplice.
El Güero is down, Teresa.
Oh, Santiago!
I didn't hear you come in.
I came to say goodbye. I want to know
if you'll cry for me now that I'm dead.
Where are you going?
He's dead.
Something went wrong.
I tried to escape, but the damned boat
wouldn't start, and they got us.
The damned thing did not work.
It started suddenly
and Lalo fell in the water.
I couldn't help him.
You must help getting him out.
If they got him, they took him
to Morocco to get information.
- There's nothing I can do.
- You can't, but your boss can.
And I need to see him.
What you need is to leave. Hide!
Right now! They are looking for you!
I cannot leave Lalo!
You already have, Santiago!
Go to the peninsula now!
Hide in Algeciras for a month.
Until things cool down.
What are you waiting for, Santiago? Leave!
Come on, man!
Don't get in trouble.
Don't worry.
I can take care of myself.
Take care.
I'll go to Algeciras.
But I need two things from you.
Tell Teresa, the Mexican
what happened.
And please tell the Colonel
to get Lalo out of jail, ok?
I'll do what I can.
Now go. Come on.
Go! Quick!
Sorry, Santiago.
Lalo is a dead man now.
We were carrying hashish.
We know that, you jerk.
I want to know who was with you.
The other guy was the boss.
I was only the sailor.
Who is he?
Where is he?
Do you like salt?
Santiago Fisterra!
Who runs the operation?
Who do you and Fisterra work for?
For the Colonel.
Abdelkader Chaib.
Colonel Chaib.
This is Capt. Benamú
from the Morocco Coast Guard, sir.
Yes, sir.
What is it?
We caught a Spanish dealer yesterday.
And your name came up in his confession.
Does the name Lalo Vega ring any bell?
Santiago is dead, right?
They killed him?
Did they?
Tell me! Did they kill him?
Santiago is alive.
Then where is he?
Why isn't he here?
- Why are you here?
- He is fine.
That idiot Lalo Vega is not fine.
They caught him, and shot him.
Santiago escaped.
Is Lalo alive?
Yes, but in jail.
And Santiago?
You won't see him for a while.
He must be on his way
to the Peninsula.
Is Teresa there?
Yes, sir.
Put her through.
When I finish talking to her,
leave at once.
You have other business
to take care of.
Our business with the Mexican
ends today.
Yes, sir.
The Colonel, for you. Go on.
As you requested,
I put our Gallego to work.
But it seems it did not work out well.
His friend, his partner got caught.
What's his
Lalo. Lalo Vega.
He gave my name
to the Moroccan police.
Curse the time I listened to you, Mexican.
Goodbye and good luck, Mexican.
What is it?
The Coast Guard caught
Santiago's boat.
When they were loading the drugs.
Santiago got away.
And Lalo?
Lalo got caught.
He's arrested and badly hurt.
The Moroccan police have him.
Bonamú, I'll give you a raise
if you do as I say.
Thanks, Colonel.
The Spaniard?
He'll get fifteen years.
Cut his tongue.
What are you doing?
What will you do to me?
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
What? What are you doing?
What will you do to me?
No! No! Please, no!
Oh, my! Poor Lalo.
Some bad luck!
Running into the Moroccan police.
It would've been better if our own had
got him. We could do something.
Like I always say, in our line of work, we
can't fall in love. It's bad luck to them.
Last night he was telling me
that if everything went fine,
he'd get an apartment
so we could move in together.
I was even thinking of babies.
Don't cry. Have some tea.
Teresa, for his own sake, you should
forget about Gallego for a while.
He better stay away from Melilla now.
What happened last night, Santiago?
They caught us.
The area was clear,
and suddenly, two Coast Guard boats
appeared, shooting at us.
As if they knew our coordinates.
Someone ratted on us.
Work with me, Santiago.
I'm the major intermediary
of all contraband in the coast, a king.
Look, this business is growing.
I need people. People like you.
People I can trust.
People who are brave.
What do you say?
I still have stuff in Melilla.
Damn, Santiago!
They'll get you in Melilla!
Lalo must have confessed.
Lalo wouldn't betray me.
As I did with him.
I know the Moorish.
They can get a rock to speak.
Work with me, Santiago.
Come on.
Have a drink.
But how did they get him?
How could it go so badly?
I don't know. It sounds like a set-up.
That means there must have
been a snitch. But who?
We have money and we'll get more.
Tonight we go to Cala Tramontana
for a new shipment to deliver.
Shut up! No need to tell everyone.
It was Dris.
He was sitting right behind us.
Can't you remember?
Lalo opened his big mouth
and said where they'd load.
At Cala Tramontana.
He got up with such a creepy face.
I'm sure he did it.
Why would he?
Why else? For the Mexican.
He's jealous of Gallego.
He's liked you since day one.
A blind man could tell.
Don't say you didn't know, Teresa.
I guess so. But how could he
have gone that far?
Do you think he's capable of that?
But of course.
There's only one way to know.
You're not telling him, are you?
I won't miss that.
You're wrong. You got the wrong man,
and you failed me.
You should've caught the leader,
not let him go.
I'm sorry. Gallego's boat
was must faster. He escaped.
What? Can't you see I'm busy?
We need to talk.
Well, I'm leaving.
Once again, sorry, and thanks.
- What is it?
- Who's that?
I'd never seen him before. Was he the one
you tipped to get the Gallegos?
What's that nonsense?
You did it. Look at him. Soraya.
What are you talking about, Mexicana?
You know exactly what I'm talking about.
They caught them,
and someone ratted.
I think it was you.
No, it's not me.
I have nothing to do with those idiots.
Besides, I don't know where they load,
how would I know?
Because you heard Lalo saying it at
You go to work now!
Or I'll fire you!
Go or you're fired!
I'm growing tired of you, Mexican.
I'm fed up. Off to work,
and enough of this. Just go to work.
What is it, Mexican?
You did it.
Don't even try.
From Judge Omar Baazu.
Take him.
I don't want any trouble.
You go to work, I forget about it,
and I won't get angry. Ok?
You know what the difference is, Dris?
Between them and me?
That I'm not afraid of you.
I know you did it. You ratted them out.
Well, prove it.
Show me how and why I ratted on them.
I can't.
But I know you had it in for Santiago.
Look, Mexican,
it seems like you run Yamila.
I remind you
you'd be dead if not for me.
I do remember that.
I pay my dues, and you know that.
And I paid quite a bit.
But today, today it's over.
My debt to you.
And I warn you.
If something happens to Santiago,
you'll regret it. Until you die.
Hang on.
You are threatening me?
- No, I'm not.
- Yes, you are!
I'm warning you. I'm not the idiot
that came to Melilla last year anymore.
And I'm not afraid to die.
Soraya is devastated
after seeing Lalo.
She says he hasn't said a word.
He seemed like a ghost.
He didn't even look at her.
Like he's no longer in this world,
poor thing.
I told her not to go visit him,
but she's so stubborn.
I tried to cheer her up
but it was worse.
Have you heard from your Gallego?
One month. One month without news.
You know what?
I really think he found someone else.
I don't think so.
I think he remembers you.
Like you say: I got a hunch
that you'll see him soon.
One month. One month, you bastard,
not hearing from you.
What have you done with me, Mexican?
Why do I need you so badly?
What about your shopping?
Oh, boy. Oh, boy.
Those two really need a room.
But they are such a cute couple.
Oh, Mora. You're so corny!
Come on. Let's go.
They got Lalo.
And almost got me, too.
Lalo was wounded and fell.
I couldn't do anything,
the Coast Guard was on him.
A police boat came after me.
I had to flee.
I went full speed and I lost them.
And now I feel like a traitor.
It was an accident.
Whatever, but I left him.
I'll never forgive myself.
All the time I was in Algeciras,
I hoped that Abdelkader would help Lalo,
but the bastard did nothing.
Apparently Lalo talked about him,
Abdelkader was furious.
They must have tortured him.
I must visit him in jail.
No, you cannot go to Morocco.
They can put you in prison, too.
I'm sure Lalo will understand.
Don't torment yourself.
I have to go to work. It's late.
I don't want you to work there.
Come with me to Algeciras.
Let's leave Melilla behind.
I have contacts. I don't need Abdelkader
and you don't need Dris.
We can do it together.
What do you think?
I don't want to be away from you.
One day, I'll die at this time.
That dirty light that comes in when
the night begins or ends will kill me.
What are you talking about?
Yes. Let's go to Algeciras.
But on one condition.
That you let me work with you.
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