La Reina del Sur (2011) s01e16 Episode Script

Amor a la Mexicana

Don't go.
I have a bad feeling.
If it were for that, I'd never work.
What's with him?
Stop right there!
I said stop!
The moor Coast Guard!
Unmoor, I'll try to get out.
Hold tight!
Go to the peninsula now!
Hide in Algeciras for a month.
Until things cool down.
Do you like salt?
Santiago Fisterra!
Who runs the operation?
Who do you and Fisterra work for?
Abdelkader Chaib.
Curse the time I listened to you, Mexican.
Cut his tongue.
That means there was a snitch.
It was Dris.
And I warn you.
If something happens to Santiago,
you'll regret it.
Let's go to Algeciras.
But on one condition.
That you let me work with you.
I said no.
And that means no.
Say what you want. But I won't keep
waiting, thinking you'll die.
It's horrible. So it's up to you.
You put me on that boat,
or that's that.
Are you crazy, stupid or what?
All three. I'm crazy, stupid and what.
What are you laughing at? I'm sick of you,
of Melilla and of everything.
Don't be stubborn.
My job is dangerous
and you can die.
You don't get it.
I don't mind dying.
I don't want to go
through this again.
And if you die
I won't stand that pain.
So, together.
I you die, I die with you.
Ok. Fine. To hell with it.
But the moors won't ruin me
if they get me.
So try not to fall like Lalo.
This is the best scotch in the house,
the very best, VIP only,
not for customers.
I'll get you some, ok? Cheers!
I'll be right back.
Where is Teresa?
Where is she?
The Mexican won't be coming.
Yep. She's on her honeymoon.
She won't come for a week.
If it were me, I'd take two weeks.
You know what? I think I'm too good.
But you'll see one day.
You'll see.
Some good scotch?
You, Marcelo?
Good evening.
I'll deduct the time you're late.
I need a word in private, Dris.
Can't you see I'm with friends?
As you wish.
I quit.
I won't work here anymore.
Come with me.
Come in. Go, go.
Lalo said nothing?
Not a word, Santiago.
He wasn't saying anything.
He was gone.
They tortured him.
He had
he was wounded.
His nose, his legs.
They're driving him insane, Santiago.
Those bastards will kill him.
He won't come back.
I must see him.
Don't be stupid, Santiago.
Your face is all over
the Moroccan press.
You can't.
Go, if you don't want to end up like Lalo.
Hey! What is that
about the Mexican quitting?
Where will she work now?
Your crazy friend
has some crazy ideas.
She's coming to Algeciras
to work with me.
With you?
You and I need to talk.
These are all the books.
Everything's fine. Taxes are paid,
the police are paid for.
Everything's fine.
The staff is paid up until last week.
This is annoying, Teresa.
I know you do this because of Gallego.
I've told you.
That's not a man who stays.
Good. Just like me.
Everything in detail.
What you owe me,
you can give to Fátima.
I can do things to stop you.
No, Dris, you can't.
I want you to do something for me.
I'm sorry.
I won't work for you again.
I have other safer contacts.
With no snitches.
I don't know what you mean.
But I don't like that tone.
Is that a threat?
What? No.
I want to thank you.
You're a gentleman
and a good friend.
Shall we meet again?
Who knows?
Who can tell?
Bon voyage, mon chere.
Don't forget to write.
Very, very often.
Take good care of your mom.
So she stops crying.
Don't cry, we'll meet again.
Oh, Mexican,
I owe you big time.
You're my only family.
Take good care of her, Gallego, please.
Just stop crying already,
you silly moorish.
I'm not a person who cries
or talks rubbish.
Come over here.
I love you, too.
And I love that you are like me.
Take care, Soraya.
You'll find love soon.
Don't worry. Take care, ok?
Ahmed, thanks for everything.
Thank you.
Thanks so much.
You look after them. Make sure
no abusive guys mess with them.
And me?
Who will protect me from them?
Hey, it's not like
we're going to the moon.
I'll miss you all so much.
Thanks for everything.
Hey, Gallego!
- What?
- Olives.
From Morocco. Delicious.
- I'll miss you.
- Take care. Stay out of trouble.
Let's go!
Come on, cheer up!
Take care.
- Bye!
- Goodbye!
Are you Mr. Dris?
- Pleased to meet you. Teresa Mendoza.
- The Mexican?
Come to the light,
so I can see you.
Dris Larby?
Teresa, is it you?
I'm Carolina.
Mr. Hinojosa sends me.
Mr. Hinojosa.
Come closer.
Come to the light,
so I can see you.
Come over here, will you?
Too dark for my taste.
Moroccans and Italians will like you.
Calm down. Easy, it's ok.
Let's see.
Open your mouth.
Open wide!
I'll say this only once.
Pay attention.
Fifty percent for you,
Fifty percent for me.
The rest for you.
Your job is to make clients drink as much
as possible, the most expensive drinks.
Got an AIDS certificate?
- No, but
- I don't care if you're rotten, I don't.
I need a paper to show the inspector.
So, do you or don't you?
Don't worry. I can get one.
I don't care if you're rotten.
But I don't want trouble.
Got papers?
I'll get those, too.
Oh, and take these.
Don't want you infecting
my clients.
To the cutest sailor ever.
To the best captain
in the whole of Spain.
I really want to know Spain.
Let me show you Málaga, Marbella,
Tarife, Cádiz
Now you'll know my Spain, Mexican.
You look so pretty.
Maybe being in love suits me.
Thanks for losing the picture.
Will you believe me now?
You'll see.
They have the best martinis here.
Right, Carlitos?
Sure, Miss O'Farrell.
Specially for you. Come in.
Pick a table. Come on in.
You're quite drunk.
A strong coffee can fix that.
All hail my Russian friends!
Let's be discreet.
My boyfriend here, Jaime Arenas,
is the powder king of Andalucia.
I want to sit there.
Come on.
Oh, I left the smokes
in the car.
Ok, I'll get it.
So pretty. Hello.
Based on the original work
of Arturo Pérez-Reverte "La Reina Del Sur"
Nice ass.
Patty O'Farrell, and you?
Get out, you freak! Why are you
grabbing my butt? What's wrong with you?
You mad or what?
Come, Patty!
Nobody moves. No one gets out!
I said no one gets out!
Look for him, he must be here.
Where are you?
There's no escape!
Son of a bitch!
Ok, come on.
- What do they want?
- Patty!
Now, run until I tell you to stop.
Ok. Now. Come on!
- Careful.
- Come on!
Find him. I want him alive.
To kill him with my own hands.
Yes, sir.
What language is that?
The Russian drug mafia.
- What do they want?
- Some guy.
- Is that him?
- No.
Don't talk. Don't answer.
Don't move.
- Where's the car?
- Forget the car!
This dog is waiting for us.
- What do we do?
- Wait!
We take this one. Get in!
Can you explain why those Russians
wanted to kill you?
Patty, first things first.
First we escape, ok?
They got away.
How could you let them?
Let's go!
You heard him.
These guys are just like
the Sinaloa cartel.
They kill first,
ask questions later.
Sometimes they don't ask at all.
Where's the blonde chick
that grabbed my bum?
- Who?
- The lesbian who grabbed me. She left.
- Who are you calling?
- I must warn my contacts.
Contacts? I'm hallucinating with you.
I'm hallucinating with the Russians.
That fucker, Yasikoff, he can't negotiate.
See you later.
- They won't answer.
- You need a safe place to hide.
At least until I find my partners and we
negotiate new terms with the Russians.
We should go to my family farmhouse.
That's too far!
Do you have a better idea?
Who knows if this thing
can get there.
That blonde at the restaurant was right.
Your ass is glorious.
Would have loved to see a woman
touching you up.
Well, sorry,
but I don't like women.
- No?
- No.
And then I'd make love to you both.
You disgusting
and arrogant perv!
Quite a temper, I was just kidding!
I'm not. I don't like those games.
Hey, seriously
She grabbed your ass
and you did nothing.
The Russians came in shooting like in a
gringo movie before I could say anything.
Fine, if you don't want to play,
we won't play.
But one thing. Just one thing.
How did she grab you?
Like this?
No, no. More like this.
Like this.
So? Was it humiliating?
Loved it.
Sure. 'Cause I'm a girl.
If I were a guy,
you'd punch me in the face.
Your ass is to die for.
I have something else you'll like.
I want you to make love to me
all night long.
This is about your trip
to Colombia, right?
The less you know, the better.
I'm your girlfriend and I want to know.
You were doing business with drug lords.
So the Russians are mad, right?
This is not a game, I told you.
Don't want to involve
the O'Farrells.
Don't care about my family,
what they say or do.
Relax, it'll be ok.
This business will set us free
from our families.
No bullshit to put up with.
I'm tired of being the black sheep.
The worst of the Arenas.
I'm exhausted. I'm going to bed.
Lt Juárez?
You were right.
Suspects arrived at Jerez de la Frontera.
They're hiding
at the O'Farrell farmhouse, sir.
Fine. I'll keep in touch.
That's Morocco.
That's the Rock.
What are we doing
in the middle of nowhere?
You left Melilla behind, right?
You work with me,
so I'll teach you what you need.
- Huh?
- Ok.
So here's your first lesson, Mexican.
Soon you'll know what I know
about the sea. Come.
I'm thick. If it has no money or numbers,
I don't get it.
Who are you kidding? Why lie?
You're the brightest person I know.
Here's lesson one.
This is the radar, ok?
This is the main thing
when we are carrying.
This and the radio
tell us if we are in danger.
Whether it's moors,
Christians or the Virgin Mary.
Get it?
Coast Guard from Spain, Morocco,
Gibraltar, someone will always chase us.
And this is the only thing
that will let us know what's going on
for real, as you say.
Now, check this out.
If I press this,
the radar shows more nautical miles.
This line is the Spanish coast.
This is Algeciras.
And this
But what the hell?
What's that?
The bird.
Which bird?
A helicopter
from the Spanish Coast Guard.
What the hell is it doing?
Son of a bitch!
That one, right there,
is our worst enemy.
Ok, the lesson continues.
Did you get that?
Look what we've got here!
My pretty girl.
Long time no see.
It's been a while since
we enjoyed each other.
But, miss, we are here and
Well, ok, ok.
But you'll give me a couple
friendly kisses, right?
Your boyfriend may come.
Don't mind Jimmy.
He's not jealous at all.
I'm here, baby!
Excuse me.
We'll discuss tonight's
special dinner later.
Check out what Rosario prepared for us.
Eat something, come on.
I couldn't get hold
of my partners.
None of them answer.
It's like the Earth swallowed them.
Well, the impact is consistent
with a Russian weapon.
The Russians were quite busy yesterday.
Seven killed at the restaurant.
This loser was riddled with bullets.
Well, if you want to know,
he was stuffed with cocaine, very pure.
Nothing local.
So the shipment from Colombia did arrive.
It seems so.
Excuse me.
Hello. Yes.
I'm on my way.
We have another corpse.
Damned stupid screw.
This is the eighth time I try to
Noon. Gibraltar.
Fine, see you there.
Ok, I give up. I just can't.
So frustrating.
I suck at this mechanical stuff.
Can't tell where this screw goes.
There. See?
How did you do it?
I just don't get it.
I tried a million times.
I can't. I'm too thick.
Just imagine every piece
is a number.
You just put them in order in your head
like you did with the radar, remember?
What you are doing
is fixing an engine so it uses less gas.
When you are being chased at sea, that's
the difference between life and death.
Lesson is over for today.
Let's go.
We have other stuff to do.
You'll see the famous
Rock of Gibraltar.
We have business there and I want you
to meet some people.
So let's get this dirt off, ok?
I want to show you off
to the llanitos.
The what?
The people of Gibraltar.
I'm going. Just let me do this again.
Just once.
Or I'll be upset. Won't be long.
Don't be.
This has Tovarich written all over.
Well, of course.
It looks like this guy
was into something big.
These punks think they can play
the Russian mafia like a fiddle.
Both were friends with Jaime Arenas.
Do you know if he's still hiding
at the O'Farrell farmhouse?
Flores confirmed it.
We just have to wait.
The Russians will make him confess.
That will lead us to the big fish
behind this.
In Galicia, where I was born,
there's a Cape called Finisterre.
Finisterre as in "final"?
Yes. It was the end of the world
before we discovered America.
The Atlantic Ocean began there.
That was the dangerous and the unknown.
- Is that the Rock?
- Yes.
Isn't it beautiful?
I'll tell you something
they told us when we were kids.
From the Rock of Gibraltar,
see that one?
- Yes.
- That's Africa.
- That's Africa?
- Morocco. Yes.
If you draw a straight line,
it's 14 kilometers.
And the sea here, with the boats
is the Mediterranean.
And from the line onwards,
that's the Atlantic.
- The Atlantic?
- Yes.
- Up to Veracruz?
- Mexico.
It all started when I realized I couldn't
hide the money I made in the closet.
I also could not keep it in Spanish banks
because of taxes.
I didn't want to pay for money
I'd worked so hard to make.
So I invested on Gibraltar.
What's the difference? It's all Spain.
Gibraltar does not belong to Spain.
Gibraltar is English.
And a tax haven.
Tell me who this Eddie is.
I told you. He is a llanito lawyer,
perfectly bilingual.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
He helps me pass
the money I make as legal.
Don't see why you have to give him
part of your share.
How can I put it?
Let's see.
Here in Spain, hash is produced
differently than in Morocco.
When you transport, two thirds they pay
in cash and one third is deposited
in a bank in Gibraltar.
That's where Eddie comes in.
He gets that third and deposits it
in a bank in Gibraltar.
And justifies the earnings
with fake invoices.
So it becomes legal.
He calls it
"Minimum Infrastructure Investment".
- What's that?
- How would I know?
How can you not know?
What I know is that I depend on him,
'cause he knows
how to launder the money.
Well, you've got to ask.
Yeah, and also, he charges me
to even call his name.
Even more so, then.
You'll meet him soon.
Santiago Fisterra, my favorite Galician.
What's up?
- Long time!
- How are you?
This must be your girl,
the famous Mexican.
Oh, my! So gorgeous!
She looks like an Aztec princess.
No wonder you didn't
want to leave Africa.
You had to protect the goods.
Oh, yeah, very pretty.
She's just perfect, Gallego.
And she's mute too.
Girl, say something!
What, you have no tongue?
No, I do. I do.
I'm Teresa, your favorite Galician's
girlfriend and new partner.
I'd like to know about that infrastructure
thing you did with our money.
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