La Reina del Sur (2011) s01e17 Episode Script

Misión cumplida

My job is dangerous
and can kill you.
I you die, I die with you.
I can do things to stop you.
No, Dris. You can't.
Nice ass.
Nobody moves.
Find him. I want him alive.
Now, run until I tell you to stop.
Ok. Now.
Come on!
Come on. Come on!
You work with me,
so I'll teach you what you need.
- Huh?
- Ok.
So here's your first lesson,
Relax, it'll be ok.
This business will set us free
from our families.
You were right.
Suspects arrived at Jerez de la Frontera.
You'll see the famous
Rock of Gibraltar.
I want you to meet
some business contacts there.
I'm Teresa, your favorite Galician's
girlfriend and new partner.
I'd like to know about that infrastructure
thing you did with our money.
Listen, honey.
I have advised in finance for 15 years.
And I won't let a sudaca, pretty as
she may be, just off the coconut tree
You, get me some scotch.
Come question me
on how I do my work, ok?
Listen, honey.
All I want you to do is explain
how you are handling el Gallego's money.
Because he trusted you with it, and one
thing I know is two and two is four.
But, since money likes money,
maybe two and two is five.
I tell you she is a human computer.
One other thing, honey.
As of today, I'll keep the accounting
records of el Gallego's company.
What company? What the hell?
The only thing he has
is a personal account here in Gibraltar
and two stupid investments.
That's it.
Even stupid investments
generate interest.
What is that minimum
infrastructure thing?
Some adviser you are.
Because even a sudaca
just off the coconut tree
knows that to justify
large amounts
you need to create a ghost company.
Or are the laws different
here in Gibraltar?
Nice opportunity to keep
your mouth shut.
Today, I came to this meeting
to suggest that tomorrow
we open a company.
Located in my firm,
but in your name.
Crystal clear.
It's about time.
At least you can justify your earnings.
And with your permission
this Indian is going to the toilet.
I just learned what toilets are for.
So I want to use one.
I'll go pee.
One more thing: the company's name
will be Transport Gallego Azteca.
Like it?
Love it.
Write it down
so you don't forget.
Transport Gallego Azteca.
Sounds great, huh?
Who the hell does this
Indian think she is?
Who the hell?
Here's the paper
you asked for.
I hate this place. It's pathetic.
Patty, this is one of the most
beautiful houses in Spain.
It's only good for photographs.
The rest is all bulls and flies.
And my brother is coming next week, kids,
sanctimonious wife and all. We must leave.
Cocaine must have fried your brain
or something. Forgot about the Russians?
We are here because I am hiding
from some thugs who want to gut me.
My God.
They killed him.
Killed who?
Rodrigo, my partner.
In broad daylight!
What can I do now?
Jimmy, I know you're in trouble.
But if you don't tell me, I can't help.
Ok. Ok.
I need to think.
I need to find Martín, I need to
I need to hide for a while.
But where?
Does the sea sound good?
Hope you're not really
making her your partner.
Come on. "Transport Gallego Azteca".
Listen, I've seen things.
These chicks are all the same.
First a kiss, then a fuck,
then they sign some papers
then you put it all in your name,
and then you're out of everything.
This will happen to you
if you let this sudaca get away with it.
Enough. Get it? Enough.
If I let her steal from me,
it's my thing.
Read my lips.
My thing.
That woman stands by me rain or shine,
so she's my partner.
And she has a say
on everything that's mine,
and if she says Gallego Azteca,
that's it.
If you don't like it, you can leave.
I'm sure this town is full
of lawyers like you.
Are we clear?
- Yes.
- Sure?
Yes. Crystal clear.
How's everything?
Great. Fantastic.
Eddie, can you take our pic?
- Can you operate it?
- Sure, if it's European.
Or is it Mexican?
Further back, please.
Get a good one.
Suspects are leaving their hideout.
I'm following them.
We're being followed.
The Russians!
Don't be daft.
Remember the restaurant.
If it were them, they'd have shot.
I think it's the police.
What do we do?
He's accelerating.
My handy!
And now.
What happened to those bastards?
Yes. What?
You lost them?
Get backup.
Do anything! Got it?
I'll get the court order right now.
One of the things I love here
are botanas. I just love them.
The what?
Botanas, you jerk.
It's different plates with snacks
and you can pick and choose.
- Well, tapas, you call them tapas.
- Tapas
Don't eat too much, though.
Tonight we sail.
We have our first shipment.
There's always a first time, right?
And you wanted to do this.
Well, you begin today.
Your fate changes today.
When the weather is bad and things
get rough, good sailors curse.
Curse the sea, curse your luck,
but never curse the boat.
I love it that you know about boats,
about the sea, where did you
Keep it down.
Remember what I told you.
I know.
You said everything
is louder at night.
This is your first time.
Don't want surprises.
If the Coast Guards arrives,
it will be bad.
Did you hear that?
I heard something.
Damned moors!
One hour late.
It's all clear, Santiago.
It better stay that way
until we reach coast.
- Remember what I said about the load.
- Yes.
I'll help with the mooring.
I'll tie up.
- What's my name?
- Patricia O'Farrell.
- Who owns this boat?
- Your dad, but
Obviously he will believe my version.
So if you don't take me, I'll say
you attacked me and you'll be fired.
- Get it?
- Yes, ma'am.
Call captaincy, tell them you travel alone
to Estoril and follow these coordinates.
Yes, ma'am.
And tell the crew I'll have
a light dinner.
Yes, ma'am.
Now we'll dine
and then you explain everything.
Can you help me?
Quick, quick.
What's on the radar?
It's clear.
Let's cover the load.
Come on.
Now this is serious.
Hold tight. If the guards show up,
I don't want you to end up like Lalo.
Let's go.
This is it!
There's a signal!
Two signals now!
Hold tight!
Party time!
They're gone now.
They are very far.
- Sure?
- Yes.
The Civil Guard!
Hold tight!
I'm all ears and I don't want excuses.
I almost got killed because of you.
The Russians and the police are after us.
I want to know why and who I can die for.
Ok. Fine.
Here's the truth.
It all began when I went to Colombia.
So I was right.
The Medellin drug lords are behind this.
I wasn't alone there. A Russian man,
Oleg Yasikov was there too.
He's a former Soviet Army general
who runs the Russian mafia in Spain.
An idiot.
The Russians don't put idiots in charge.
They all descend from the KGB.
You don't know anything, dear.
Think what you want, babe.
The thing is they are high-profile.
Everyone finds them suspicious
in any airport.
So they needed a liaison
with the Colombians.
That's when I come in,
To sum up
I got the Colombian King of Cocaine
together with the Russian Mafia Tzar.
We agreed that the first shipment
would be a ton of 100% pure coke.
A ton? How did you expect
to get it into Spain?
That's when my partners came in.
The missing one and the dead one.
Yep. Rodrigo and Martín.
You met them at your birthday.
Can't remember.
Nouveau riche, right?
They are customs inspectors in Málaga.
We agreed that they would approve
two tons of Colombian coffee.
One ton of coffee and one ton of coke.
That's right.
That's how the drugs would get in.
I get the idea. You got caught.
The load came in fine.
The Russians paid and all went well.
I don't get it, then.
What's the problem?
Why are the Russians so mad?
My partners and I decided it was not fair
that the Russians got the money so easily.
So we decided to get
something extra for our work.
Didn't you say the Russians had paid?
But they were desperate to get the load
and, well, no pain, no gain.
So Rodrigo and Martín hid half a ton,
and I hid the other half.
Mad as hatters.
Oh, good. This is all, then? Great.
- Juárez.
- Yes.
The contents of the vehicle
of the deceased Rodrigo Fuste.
Very good.
- Tell the detectives they can go. Thanks.
- Fine. Good night.
Guys! Time to go home!
- Flores!
- Yes?
Nobody leaves yet.
Hold on.
- Call a judge and get a search warrant.
- Ok.
I need to know who this woman is.
I don't know.
Search everywhere.
The rocks are there!
What if one day the helicopters
or the boats get us?
If that happens we'll have to be
extremely brave.
We must run, turn around in spiral,
towards the point.
But you said
that was very dangerous.
It's filled with rocks, it's suicide.
That's why I said "extremely brave".
No one would dare to go there
at 6,000 RPM at night.
Let's go to the point!
The rocks!
That's the shore!
We can't make it!
Don't worry! We'll make it!
We're entering Gibraltar, Mexicana.
Pass me the knife.
Sand. See? Told you.
It would have been stupid
to hide the coke here.
Don't overestimate them,
they're not that clever.
Arenas is a hick,
and the others are rookies.
We better find them before the Russians
or they'll chop their tongues off in time.
Bring that sack here.
Move back a bit, please.
How did you do it?
High-quality cocaine.
- You did it again.
- I knew it.
We found the load.
Look who's here.
Zorrino, let me get a picture
with the load.
Cádiz Paper. Front page.
You'll be a national celebrity.
Oscar Lobato.
How is it that you always know
before anyone else?
- Who tipped you off?
- I can't reveal my sources.
If I told the secret,
it'd be no secret.
Colombian cocaine.
What the Russian mafia was after.
You found it first.
How did you know
about the Russians?
Three times I thought we'd crash!
The best came at the end.
- The end?
- Why do you hit me?
Why? Because you scared me so much.
I had the rocks in my face.
I thought we'd crash.
I prayed to all the saints,
the Virgin, God, everyone.
I did.
Well, we're in Gibraltar,
safe and sound, right?
- Have you noticed them?
- What?
- Like her?
- Some are like us.
Shippers from Malta,
Andalusia, Italy.
Why are you laughing?
It's that they remind me of Mexico.
You stick a sombrero and some boots
on them, and they look like Mexicans.
They remind me of when I was young,
silly and deep in love.
You're not in love anymore, then?
Two beers.
Santiago, mate!
Oscar! Long time no see.
Where were you?
Meet my girlfriend.
Teresa, Oscar Lobato.
- Hi.
- How are you?
Cadiz Newspaper.
The only one of his kind
that can keep a secret.
Why the handshake?
- No?
- No.
The pretty ones
get two kisses here.
Even three, but, well
Santiago. Quiet.
I know you don't have much time,
so I'll be brief.
What they're having, please.
- So, Mexican.
- Yep.
You've ended up quite far from home.
Yes. That's life.
That's life.
I must file the report.
It was a great operation, Flores.
And tomorrow, with the front page,
even better.
You don't always seize
half a ton of cocaine.
Right, boss.
Tomorrow, when the Russians
see the press
they'll get violent.
Gotta be ready.
Juárez, can I ask you a question?
Any question you want.
If we knew there was a ton of cocaine,
and we only seized half
where's the rest of it?
A Mexican and a Galician,
who would have thought?
My dad was Spanish.
- Where from?
- Don't know.
- Don't know or don't want to say?
- No, for real.
He left before I met him.
Oh, ok. Well
They say you go to the moor
with El Gallego.
Who's "they"?
Everyone knows.
Fifteen kilometers is not much water.
End of the interview.
Lovely girl and funny accent.
I like it.
That's the helicopter pilot.
I'm sure.
It's him!
Between Achaens and Trojans again.
Be right back.
Yep. They are the ones
who chased us.
Why aren't we leaving?
- Let's go!
- Why? Where are you going?
On land, they have nothing.
They're ahead of us at sea only.
What is it? Why are you like that?
What do you mean "why"?
At Culiacán they would've beaten us up.
But this is Spain. Right, Mexicana?
So what?
Spaniards are more civilized?
No, not more civilized.
We're learning. They wanted to get us
and make us hit the rocks.
But they did not fire at all
during the chase.
Spain, honey.
That human rights thing
is good for us.
I think I need something stronger.
Can we have a tequila?
Your car, Miss Patty.
Thanks for renting it in your name.
Excuse me, but is there
anything I should know?
None of your business.
Let's go.
What if they followed us?
Don't be paranoid.
Stop gazing and make coffee.
What are you doing?
Another boat?
You'll flood the house with boats.
Thought you liked them.
I loved them.
I love watching you make them.
Focused and patient and serious.
What's that one?
That's the schooner of my dreams.
You'll see. It'll be 70 feet
and we'll sail the seven seas.
- Like it?
- Love it.
Yes? You'll love it more
when it's real.
You'll see. It'll have three cabins,
lots of wood, a big white and blue sail.
Like a summer sky.
I'll call it Teresa. You'll see.
We'll see, Gallego.
This early?
Damn. Someone needs a life.
Tell them to go to hell.
Fátima! So good to talk to you.
Yes, this is the largest load of cocaine
ever found in Spain.
Is it true that it's a ton, Lieutenant?
That's confidential. I cannot answer.
Is this related to the recent murder
of two customs agents?
We're investigating the connection.
I'm afraid that's all I can say now.
They found the half-ton
your partners had.
Have they killed Martín?
They'll kill me, Patty.
I don't want to die.
Listen to me. The Russians haven't
lost all. You still have half, fight?
You need courage to trade the coke
for your life..
López just phoned.
What about him? Anything new?
He just turned up.
He was at sea with Patricia O'Farrell.
Where were they sailing to?
He doesn't know.
He's on them again now.
So? Do we arrest them?
We have the court order.
We need to give these two some air.
They'll lead us to the Russians after all.
How long will she stay?
Don't know. But why?
What's wrong?
Don't be mean.
- I wanted to see you so badly!
- Me too.
God, you look great!
You too!
The Gallego diet is great on you.
And this one just
couldn't be more handsome.
With your permission, I'll hug him.
It's been months since I touched a man.
Don't laugh, it's true!
I came here to misbehave,
away from my kid for a change.
Oh, my!
We miss you so much in Melilla.
For Christ's sake,
you both look fantastic!
What's your secret?
Well, the breeze, the sun,
the stars, the Gallego diet
Well, we are happier.
That love suits you.
She never tells me that she loves me.
Not ever.
- I love you.
- Yes, well.
- I love you, Gallego
- Of course.
See what I have to do to get it from her?
Well, I'll wait in the car.
- Don't be long.
- I love you. Lots.
I think he got a bit angry.
No, he'll be fine.
By the way, see who's there.
Forgot to tell you.
He was on the ferry.
First class, of course. Unlike me..
- Why is he here?
- No idea.
Nothing good. Bastard.
Look at his face.
Come on, Mexicana.
Gallego is waiting.
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