La Reina del Sur (2011) s01e18 Episode Script

Amar con locura

Everything's awful at the bar now.
Since I've slept with half of the clients,
they keep touching my ass.
Just like that.
The only difference
is that now it's for free.
Don't laugh. It's true.
My boy is growing up
and I don't want him to know
what I've gone through
all these years.
So I've thought about moving here
to southern Spain.
What do you think?
Nobody knows me here.
What do I think? I think it's great!
I'll have a friend to talk to,
some company.
You don't need
any company here, honey.
El Gallego is clearly crazy about you.
Are you happy?
- Oh, happy?
- Yes.
That word scares me.
It's just
It's just that El Güero really hurt me.
I was too young, and dumb, and
I had to run away because of him.
And I ran so far that look where I am.
I crossed the ocean!
So far away from your dear Mexico.
But El Gallego is different.
You know what?
Sometimes, when I see him
driving his boat,
so manly, so self-confident,
so handsome,
with the water and the wind
hitting my face,
I feel so free,
I want to scream that I'm happy.
You're so madly in love.
I don't know
I guess
this thing I feel
for El Gallego is called love.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
What is this?
The Russians were here.
It seems they're very near.
This has to be over now!
Go to hell!
Let's talk.
I don't talk to the dead.
Leave me alone.
I'll give the drug
to the Russians, okay?
You're right. Our lives are worth
more than 500 kilos of coke.
Look, don't leave me alone now.
You know I can't live without you.
They're very different.
But the same time,
they're also very similar.
El Gallego is smart,
he's like El Güero.
He's very firm for business.
He never loses it.
Even if he's working really hard,
he's always there.
In bed, he is
a bit different.
He's very generous
Besides, he's always calm.
He always keeps himself together.
He always thinks
about what I want.
But I don't know
El Güero was a bit funnier.
But El Gallego is much more tender.
Those are all the similarities.
And what are the differences?
El Güero was always laughing.
He had lots of friends,
he was always partying.
He never planned for the future.
He didn't like it. Never.
Whereas El Gallego is serious, quiet
He's got acquaintances,
but no friends at all.
He has dreams.
Nice ones.
Like his boats,
which he's very dedicated to.
He wants us to buy a boat
and go around the world.
And teach our kids how to drive it,
because he already talked about children.
He wants lots of them.
And only with me.
Oh, my!
I get goose bumps.
That's really beautiful.
Well, he doesn't like me
to drink tequila or to smoke.
But you know what?
He respects me.
I'm worth it for him.
A Mexican girl
who has no place to go to,
and yet I'm important for that man.
You should see how your face brightens up
when you talk about him.
You look so pretty.
Your eyes!
I could have loved him crazily.
But El Gallego arrived too late.
After El Güero
had already ruined all my dreams.
Don't say that, you hear me?
Please. I'm going to cry.
Don't say that.
I wish I could think
this feeling will last forever.
I wish I could tell Santiago,
"I love you" from deep within.
I wish his hands, his mouth, his eyes,
everything could erase all my memories.
I'd like to have
I'd like us to have
Time for all that.
But I don't know.
Something tells that
Something tells me that
That nothing good in my life
can last forever.
You know what happens
to those who betray a Russian.
And if he's a Muscovite like me,
it's much worse.
Sometimes you can win by losing.
I never lose.
You knew where my drugs were
and you didn't tell me.
But sometimes the police
have to score one, right?
Well, lovebirds
I don't want to bother you anymore,
so you can take the rest of the afternoon.
Just one thing.
Don't forget about me.
Tonight, you're taking me out!
If I'm lucky,
I'll hook up with a rich Andalusian.
- Leave them there.
- No. Don't worry.
- Go shopping.
- No!
It's just a second. Bye.
It's great that Fátima
is with us, isn't it?
I didn't realize how much I miss her.
What was that for?
- Do you like it?
- Of course I do.
Do you like it?
You know I love it.
What's wrong with you?
Of course you like it.
Tell me who's better at it.
Who's better? El Güero or me?
- What?
- Who's better at it? El Güero or me?
Let me go!
You exposed me
by killing those people in the restaurant.
You were very stupid to send the order
to kill Jaime's partners
without even asking them
where the drugs were.
How did you know
where it was hidden?
My men found,
in the car where you killed Martin,
a leasing contract of a warehouse.
How many kilos did you confiscate?
The ton that were stolen.
But now it's in customs.
I'll skin Jaime Arenas alive
and then throw him in acid.
Oleg, killing Arenas
won't give you your drugs back.
You should forget about those drugs
and buy the Colombians a new cargo.
Choose your words carefully,
because my life and yours depend on that.
That guy has been followed
by several detectives for months.
Besides, his girlfriend
is nothing less than an O'Farrell.
The most powerful last name
in the south of Spain.
Kalashnikov is more powerful.
Oleg, I'd recommend you
not to take any risk.
Nobody steals from me
and lives to tell about it.
- Hello?
- Oleg, it's me, Jaime Arenas.
- I need to negotiate with you.
- Jaime! What a surprise!
I know I did wrong. I'm sorry.
I made a mistake,
but I'd like to amend it.
I'd like to arrange something with you.
It's good that you regretted it.
I'm not resentful.
No, everything has a solution.
Tell me where you are.
I know that place.
I don't know.
He sounded rather calm.
When you tell him you saved
half his ton of coke,
the inner Stalin that all Russians have
will come out.
Let's eat. I'm starving.
This is stressful!
I'm sick and tired of you
comparing me with the dead guy.
So choose. Either him or me.
Is this how it's going to be?
You make me decide
between a dead guy and you?
It's too easy. I pick him.
What do you think, you idiot?
That my life starts and ends
in your bed?
El Güero would have never wondered
who was better because he knew
that he was the best.
Ours is a big lie!
- You have no right!
- Where are you going?
- No right!
- Don't go!
I'm leaving. I swear I'll go to hell.
Let go of me.
When I heard you talk
about that goddamn Güero
I lost it. I'm sorry.
I got jealous.
Jealous of a dead guy?
Are you crazy?
And why were you eavesdropping?
- I didn't mean it.
- Oh, right. But you still heard it all.
Because you never talk to me about him.
You never talk about El Güero.
You never say his name,
but he's always between us.
Like a shadow
that doesn't leave us alone.
So what?
You also have thousands
of Spanish girlfriends, so what?
You are with me, right?
That's what should matter.
You're with me for some reason.
Must everything be white or black for you?
Besides, you know what?
El Güero was part of my life
before you came.
El Güero is dead.
He's dead. He's not here anymore.
So stop thinking about El Güero.
Okay? I'm with you.
You're my life now.
And I don't know if you'll die
like an idiot and
And if we'll be together
until we have no teeth, or hair,
or boobs, butt, or everything.
I don't have
Don't laugh!
I'm betting my life to be with you.
To die old, but together.
And if you don't want that,
I don't know what will happen.
But if die, I want to die with you.
At sea. On our little boat.
And that's it.
This is the only way I can love.
If it's not enough, you can go.
This is all there is.
Of course it's enough.
That love is enough for me.
And I take it.
I love you, you idiot. I love you.
- Let's sit here at the bar.
- No.
Everything is ready
like you asked.
Thanks. Where are we going?
That way? Ladies.
Come in.
This is so romantic!
I've told you,
this man belongs in a movie.
Brad Pitt is nothing next to him.
Well, ladies
Tonight will be a very special night.
- Do you want some?
- No.
This is the last time
you get me in such a mess.
Let's make a toast.
I'm really intrigued.
May we know the reason for this toast?
Would you marry me?
Why are you doing this?
Because I love you
and I want you to be my wife.
Here you go.
Just extend your finger.
She's nervous, Gallego.
Mexicana, in these cases,
you put the ring on and say, "I do."
This is so romantic!
This is like a movie.
I think I'm going to cry.
Teresa, you know
I'm not good with words.
- I asked
- I heard every word.
You're the one
who's not listening.
What's the matter with her now? Teresa!
Like I've said, La Mexicana is so weird!
I wish such a handsome man
would ask me to marry him.
Excuse me,
was the lady talking to me?
No, to my friends.
But now that you're here
- My name is Fátima Mansur. Yours?
- My name is Pepe. At your service.
- Stop, damn it!
- Let go of me.
Can you tell me
what the hell is wrong?
I'm asking you to marry me,
and you act like I had rabies.
Don't touch me.
What is it?
You know I want you
to be my wife.
I want to have a life with you.
To have a family.
I want us to be together forever.
Why are you running from me?
Because you're a stupid Spaniard!
We argued over this today
and you still don't get it.
I wish I could be born again
and say old words like they were new,
so they wouldn't sound like lies.
But I can't. It's impossible.
I promised myself
not to cry over anyone's death again.
And I want to be alone. Alone!
You're right.
Only a stupid Galician would fall
in love with an iceberg.
Nothing personal, Ms. O'Farrell.
You were in the wrong place.
With the wrong person.
Let's go.
So you're single, right?
How about that? There are no men left
and you're so handsome.
Nobody understands
Andalusian girls.
That's what happens for chasing
two rabbits at the same time.
They both met by accident, and bam!
So you're a bad boy.
A heartbreaker.
Well, well, well
That must be
because of your beautiful eyes.
Don't look at me like that. I fall in love
right away and suffer a lot.
But I don't want you to suffer at all.
I just want to make that heart happy.
Please don't talk about happiness.
I haven't tasted it for months.
I'll bring your order right away.
Take the key of the house
and call a cab.
Where's Teresa?
Your friend is worse
than the Rock of Gibraltar.
- Just a hard rock with no soul.
- What happened?
What are you doing? No!
Don't even think about it.
Give it to me. Give it.
Come on!
You'll regret it.
Besides, I'm sure you can get a refund.
- I wish money were the only problem.
- I'll keep it, okay?
Just in case.
Tomorrow you can make a decision.
I've made my decision.
You can throw it away. Bye.
Come on, Santiago!
It's so beautiful.
What happened to your friend?
My friend
He's living in a Mexican soap opera.
So Will you wait
for me to end my shift?
I have to see a friend
who is in intensive care.
Maybe some other time.
Would you marry me?
You know I want you
to be my wife.
Because just a stupid Galician would fall
in love with an iceberg.
This is what I wanted to see.
- You reading bridal magazines.
- Give it back!
You said we'd never get married.
It's not mine!
- Really? Then whose is it?
- That's none of your business.
What are you looking at?
Of course I want to get married,
but not to you.
When I get married,
it'll be to a real man
not with someone who hasn't even said,
"I love you, you look so beautiful,"
or, "I love your eyes" in days!
I don't expect you
to even sing me "Happy Birthday."
My baby, you look beautiful,
you have beautiful eyes
You look beautiful
when you're angry.
I promise you we'll get married
one of these days.
- I don't believe you.
- You don't?
I swear on my mother
that we'll get married!
My dear, we'll be very happy.
One of these days, I'll surprise you
with a golden ring, including a diamond.
I'm serious.
Just don't complain about me
being a bad husband
- And all that stuff.
- Then behave yourself.
Don't complain
if one of these days,
I leave you a widow
during our honeymoon.
Why do you always have to talk
about death?
I don't like it.
We were born to die.
This is what happens
when you play dirty with the Tovarich.
The woman's got a pulse!
Call an ambulance. Quick!
We have to save this woman's life,
no matter what.
Patty O'Farrell.
You can't die.
Not without telling me first
where the missing half ton is.
I've already lost all the cocaine
All of it.
Who knows
what the price for all this is.
Call Moscow.
I want them to know
what happened.
I'm sorry to bother you, sir
We've been informed
that Jaime's wife is still alive.
O'Farrell's parents have arrived.
- About time.
- Let's go.
It's those two.
I would've never guessed.
Mr. O'Farrell.
Mrs. O'Farrell.
Nice to meet you both.
I'm Lt. Juárez, Narcotics.
This is not the time
for social introductions, Lieutenant.
What did the doctors say
about my daughter?
I regret to tell you that your daughter
has received three gunshots.
Her state can't be revealed yet.
Who did it? What was the attack like?
We believe the Russian mafia tried
to settle scores with her companion,
Jaime Arenas.
Did you know him?
If we knew him?
Is Jimmy dead?
Ma'am, I regret to tell you
the late Mr. Arenas
received 13 gunshots.
Well, nothing of value was lost.
He was a good-for-nothing.
Sir, we know your daughter called you
just seconds before the attack.
Could you tell me what she said?
She said she needed my help.
What did you tell her?
That information is private
and it's none of your business.
Anything that helps me find out
the motive behind this is my business.
Could you repeat
her exact words, please?
My daughter is always getting into trouble
due to her bad company.
Count on me to help you
work it out.
But this time,
I told her to resolve it by herself.
I thought she was exaggerating,
that she'd had too much to drink.
I curse the day she met that guy,
Jaime Arenas.
How was your relationship with him?
I've had some business with his father.
And that's all.
If you need more information,
call my office.
My secretary will contact you
with my lawyers, Lieutenant.
Now, we need to go see her,
if we may.
Let's go.
Damned aristocrats!
Who do they think they are?
An orujo.
Mexicana, finally!
I've been thinking
what I should do.
Nothing. El Gallego left me the keys
to the house, paid and left.
Where to?
I don't know, he didn't tell me.
He was so angry,
he almost threw the ring to the sea.
I'm sorry, I tried it on. Here.
Think carefully what you're going to do,
you may regret it.
Do you think I'm crazy?
Well, I'll have to be honest you are.
You're absolutely insane.
But I'll tell you something else.
I know how much you love him.
Only a woman in love
can react like you did it.
I'd like you
to think about something.
What if El Gallego finds a woman
less weird than you?
Listen carefully.
Out there
there are many women who would kill
to be with your man.
Ours is a big lie!
All right, all right.
Go away.
Take this.
Damn you, Mexicana.
Look what you've done to me.
You can't smoke here, Lieutenant.
Yes, I know. It's not lit. See?
I'm trying to quit.
Regarding Ms. Patricia,
when do you think we can interview her?
Are you serious?
Do I look like I'm kidding?
I'm asking because she is
the only witness we have.
Well, she'll probably die
with any knowledge she has.
If she makes it through tonight,
it'll be a miracle.
You won't die
without telling me where the drugs are.
Finally, you're here.
What are you doing?
Are you leaving?
Santiago, I'm talking to you.
Where are you going?
Look, yesterday we had
a big argument.
And that same night you give me
an engagement ring I wasn't expecting.
If you had prepared me for the surprise
But you're always so rough.
Please don't get so angry now,
it's not that serious.
And I don't believe in the suitcase thing.
I invented that.
At least tell me
where you are going.
I'm talking to you!
Don't go! Santiago!
I want to marry you.
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