La Reina del Sur (2011) s01e19 Episode Script

Amor mortal

I could've loved him madly
but El Gallego came too late,
after El Güero
had already ruined all my dreams.
You knew where my drugs were
and didn't tell me.
Sometimes the police
have to score one, too, right?
I'm sick and tired of you comparing me
with the dead guy! So choose.
El Güero would have never wondered
who was better. He knew he was.
It's me, Jaime Arenas.
I need to negotiate with you.
I know I made a mistake.
I'm sorry.
Will you marry me?
Call an ambulance. Quick!
We must save this woman,
no matter what.
I promised myself
not to cry over anyone's death again.
Because only a stupid Galician
would fall in love with an iceberg.
We've been informed
that Jaime's wife is still alive.
You're not dying without telling me
where the drugs are.
I want to marry you.
Why did you put on the ring?
Because I'm leaving
and you're afraid to be alone?
No! I put it on
long before you arrived.
Then why do you want
to marry me now?
Because I love you, why else?
I still think I shouldn't marry.
I have very bad luck, Santiago.
You should understand that.
Every time I make plans to be happy,
something horrible happens
and all my dreams fall apart.
But if you want to marry,
let's marry. No problem.
That sure is a romantic way
to say you want to marry me.
Well, if you want,
I can sing something by José Alfredo,
so you see I can be romantic.
In my own way, but I can be.
Come on!
Come on, you dummy.
Let's hit the sack
to celebrate the marriage.
That's the best thing we do.
At least we don't fight there.
You'll see how romantic I get.
The prettier the rose,
the sharper the thorns.
Love is so beautiful!
- Mr. O'Farrell!
- Hold it.
I told you
you can't come in.
If he finds out you denied him
an interview
with the most important magazine
in southern Spain, he won't be happy.
Yes, but we're talking
about his daughter's health,
so he won't be giving
any exclusive interviews.
Mr. O'Farrell!
Sir, please.
What is it?
Lower your voice!
Is there no more respect
for other people's pain?
I'm sorry, sir. I'm a journalist
from the magazine Corazón, Corazón.
I'm writing about your family. We'd like
to know about your daughter's health.
- Our readers would like to know.
- Yes, thanks.
I'd appreciate it
if you don't take any pictures.
As you wish, sir.
Thanks for understanding.
This is painful.
This is disgusting!
I'm telling you.
They don't want any priest. They need
a bishop to give her the last rites.
By God.
And now with pictures.
Lord, we ask you to dispel any suffering
from her body and her soul.
Give her her spiritual
and physical health back,
so that when she recovers
with your forgiveness,
she can get to continue
her daily tasks again.
You, who lives and reigns
forever and ever. Amen.
Oh, my God.
She's waking up.
Are you alright, honey?
What do you want?
Go to hell.
Go to hell.
Go to hell.
To hell! Get out!
Everyone get out!
Get out!
Sirs, the patient has woken up
from the anesthesia.
No, you stay here.
Let me know if her parents come.
I need to talk to her in private.
Patty O'Farrell. Welcome.
You just came back
from the land of the dead.
Leave me alone.
Sure. But first, we need to talk
about some things.
I have nothing to talk to you.
I don't know you.
But I know you, and very well.
I know you know something I don't.
But you're telling me right now
because I'm Lieutenant Juárez,
Chief of the Narcotics Department.
Go away, or I'll call the nurse.
Where are the drugs
that Jaime Arenas stole?
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Of course you do.
You can't just hide
half a ton of coke anywhere.
Screw you.
You're hurting me.
And I'll hurt you even more.
So speak.
I don't know anything about any drugs
or what my boyfriend did.
So you'll rot in prison
for drug possession.
And your daddy won't be able
to do anything.
I don't have any drugs.
No. Not here.
But it must be somewhere.
And I assure you
I'll make sure I find it.
You'll be the most beautiful, aristocratic
woman to ever step into a Spanish prison.
Have a good day.
Go to hell.
20,000 euros for each.
There's something very important.
El Gallego must look guilty,
is that clear?
- Bravo!
- Is it in?
That's my girl. You did it!
Is everything okay? You sure?
Didn't I miss anything?
Not even one screw.
You assembled the engine
all by yourself.
Now you know everything I know
about the sea and its secrets.
Now you know everything about
assembling engines outboard,
routes, maps.
Nobody can beat you
at reading the radar.
And you're better than me
at the steering wheel.
What will you do with me?
You don't need me anymore.
I've nothing else to teach you.
Are you leaving me now?
No, I still need you.
I need you even to breathe,
you dummy.
You're my oxygen.
My everyday fresh air.
See? I can be romantic.
Well, that sounded faker
than a six-euro bill.
When I'm not romantic, I'm not.
But when I am,
you don't believe me.
Hey! Yeah, we're free.
Whose shipment is it?
Yeah. They're all right.
See you in a while.
Cañabotas. He wants us
to do a job for him tonight.
I don't like him at all.
You wanted to be my partner?
Well, partners share everything.
Even people we don't like.
So let's go.
400 kilos of hashish.
Seven times purer than the normal one.
The best there is.
20 groups in 20 packages.
Where do we have
to unload the goods?
In Punta Castor. Do you know
where it is? Next to Estepona.
They'll be waiting for you at 1:00.
I brought Officer Velazco,
the authority.
He'll look the other way.
We're completely safe.
This time we're taking notaries.
I said no. Too many people on board.
- My boat isn't a passenger ferry.
- The notaries will do their work.
They ask both parties for warranties
so the goods arrive safely.
My word is my warranty.
Both sides know me very well.
All right.
But she has to stay ashore.
What's your problem?
I was wondering the same.
Why does she have to stay ashore?
Is there anything I should know?
There's nothing going on.
Don't be so suspicious.
How would you justify being caught or
having the goods taken? With witnesses.
These goods belong
to hardcore Italian Mafiosi.
If I'm caught and I throw the packages,
they'll know I had to.
The one who hires me knows it.
She comes with me. Period.
This could cause a problem
one of these days.
Try not to be the one who causes it.
All right, all right.
Those are your rules.
We won't argue.
We're all in this together.
Don't look at me.
I told you
this wouldn't work out like this.
That he wouldn't leave his wife,
who is also his best pilot, ashore.
And let alone
letting one of your notaries get on.
So, let's change the subject.
What about the payment? Same as usual?
- Whatever.
- Good.
Two thirds first.
The rest, in Gibraltar's bank.
- Very well. Deal.
- Deal.
- You can talk the numbers with Teresa.
- All right, don't worry.
See you, bye.
Honey, those guys, Cañabotas and
Velazco, I really don't like them at all.
You're right. Me, neither.
Let's not take this load.
Something's not right.
I can't, honey.
I've already given my word.
But I feel tonight will be rough.
I'll go to the car.
Come on. Let's go.
- Hold on. Ready?
- Yes.
There are two Coast Guards.
Hold on.
The helicopter!
What do we do?
Hold on! It's a setup!
Let's go to the shore!
There are rocks there!
Cañabotas, say that again.
I can't hear you.
- Tell me what's wrong.
- I can't hear you.
Turn off the music.
Say that again, Cañabotas.
Get out!
- Then who died?
- Who's dead?
Are you sure?
What happened, Laarbi?
Don't move.
Have some rest.
Where is Santiago?
Where is Santiago?
Calm down, Teresa.
I asked you a question, God damn it.
Where is Santiago?
He's dead, isn't he?
I don't know why I'm asking.
I know he died.
In the end,
all my nightmares became true.
He died as well.
Yes, Teresa,
El Gallego died with the impact.
Santiago hated the idea
of dying drowned.
He died instantly.
He didn't have time to process anything.
What happened, Teresa?
Nobody knows that sea
better than you two.
We were betrayed, Oscar.
We were betrayed.
Everything was wrong
from the very beginning.
The shipment wasn't
what it should be.
The Coast Guard was waiting for us
like they knew when we'd arrive.
I remember we were running away,
we were going at 50 knots.
The bastards were cornering us.
The light of that bird
tormented us.
Suddenly, out of the blue,
two other boats appeared.
And they pulled us over.
I knew the rocks of Piedra de León
were near.
That they were coming,
and I told Santiago.
There are rocks at the shore!
I can't remember anything.
The impact was terrible.
The boat was pulverized.
Santiago fell on the rocks and you fell
in the water and broke your shoulder.
How am I still alive?
Javier Collado saved your life.
He wanted to come with me
to make sure you're alive.
I know that guy.
Yes, I pointed him out to you.
He's the pilot
of the Coast Guard helicopter.
So he's partially responsible
for Santiago's death.
He's also responsible
for you being alive.
Do you think that makes me happy?
The man I love has just died.
I lost again.
I have to keep his face
in my memory.
You're angry. That's why you want to take
revenge on the man who saved your life.
I just know I can't forget
his face and his name.
Javier Collado.
Where is he?
Santiago. His body,
what did they do with it?
It's being taken to Galicia.
He would've wanted
to be buried in Galicia.
I also want to be buried
in my Mexico.
Santiago was a good guy.
Thanks, Oscar.
- I want to get some sleep.
- Of course.
I'll go.
I'll leave you and
I'm with you, Teresa.
With your pain.
Javier Collado
If you get me a good lawyer,
will I be able to get out in one year?
Much less. Don't worry.
Besides, we will be in touch. Look.
I wanted to talk to you about that,
before you were taken to prison.
You know
all good things are expensive.
And for the justice engine to work,
fuel is needed.
But don't worry. Look.
Sign these papers
and I'll get you the best judge
in all Andalusia.
- What are those papers?
- Nothing.
A power of attorney so I can manage
the little money there's in the banks.
And so I can sell something,
if necessary,
to pay your defense.
But it won't be necessary.
Miss Mendoza.
Give me a minute, please.
Eddie, don't let me down.
I can't count on anyone else but you.
Look, Teresa
Santiago was like a brother to me.
I swear I'll get you out of prison
no matter what, all right?
Let's go.
You'll be out in two shakes.
Thanks, Eddie.
He who laughs last laughs best,
Aztec princess.
Where did you say Mexicana is?
In Pinar de Puerto de Santa María.
Five years.
Five years for Mexicana,
how about that?
Are you dumb or what?
She's Mexicana's best friend,
that's why she's sad.
What is it? Get out!
So, five years
They're giving her five years.
In the end, she came off well.
She can rot in prison for all I care.
Revenge is best served cold, right?
What? I couldn't care less! Like he says,
she can rot in prison for all I care.
She can spend all her life
in prison.
Poor Mexican.
She didn't exactly end up
in a five-star hotel.
You're right!
He laughs like a hyena.
Teresa said it, he's really in trouble.
Let me tell you one thing,
he'll pay for everything he's done.
When my friend makes a promise,
she keeps her word.
So, Teresa Mendoza. Mexicana.
All right.
My name is María Tejada.
I'm the prison's social worker.
I'm here to help you
with your social reintegration.
How do you eat that?
That's not for eating, honey.
I'm a kind of social counselor.
I'll help you to better use
your time in here.
So when you get out, you can have
a decent life and a job you deserve.
- Can you read?
- Yes.
I won't have to bother you
with a half-hour speech
about the prison's rules,
which are here, by the way.
Pay attention to the timetables
if you don't want to get in any trouble.
All right.
I can help you contact
any friend or relative.
If you want, I'll include them
in the visitors' list.
I don't even have a dog.
Can you repeat?
I have no one.
In that case
I can help you find a job
doing what you like to do the most.
Have you got any specialization?
If you've read my file, you must know
what my specialization is.
Smuggling hashish.
I want to help you.
So tell me what you can do, please.
Now you know everything I know
about the sea and its secrets.
You know everything about assembling
an outboard engine, routes, maps.
Nobody can beat you
reading the radar.
You're better than me
at the steering wheel.
I know about outboard engines
and sailing.
I can also read nautical charts
and drive fast boats.
Although I don't think
that's very useful in here.
Not very much, Teresa.
But I'm sure you can do something else.
I'm good at numbers and accounts.
Well, we may have something there.
In one week,
I'll give you some advice, all right?
That's all for today.
Teresa, this prison
is far from being a paradise.
The only way to shorten your sentence
is following the rules
and staying away from trouble.
All right.
Be strong. Strong and brave.
I know these days are the most difficult.
Cheer up!
Micaela, take her to her cell.
O'Farrell, what are you doing?
- They just took the cast off. It hurts.
- Alright. Let's go.
South-American, sailor and trafficker.
Interesting résumé.
Hey. Has there been a verdict?
Hail Mary!
Come in.
Lock the door.
Take a seat.
You're at home.
Like you didn't know
it's forbidden.
Your proposal was accepted
by the board,
so you're on the prison's library.
The Director was the only one against it.
I don't care about him.
What matters is that you'll say I'm good,
which will shorten my sentence.
I only say what I see,
so keep behaving.
That's my girl!
Hey, who's that girl
that just came out?
Her name is Teresa Mendoza.
Mexican. Sentenced to five years
for smuggling hashish.
Her husband was killed
when they were chasing them.
She was saved miraculously. Poor girl.
You can see the sadness in her face.
And she will be sadder.
You don't know?
I can't believe
you don't know those details.
Her cellmate is Makoki.
Poor Teresa.
I win, like always!
Come here, honey!
Come on! Who's your love?
Come on!
Give me my prize.
That's so you all see
who's the boss here.
What a babe!
Do I have a new cellmate?
Did you see
what I'm having for dinner tonight?
That's mine. Mine!
Don't touch me, you idiot.
I'll go see what my future wife needs.
Makoki's new toy!
Go in.
I have to go to the toilet here?
In front of everyone?
Of course.
Leave me alone with her.
I'll welcome her, honey.
Just in front of me, babe.
Leave us, Micaela.
I'll show this baby our love nest.
Come here.
Calm down, Makoki!
What am I doing?
I'm behaving like a lady.
To your level, honey.
I'll give this doll
a tour around the cell,
so she feels at home, honey.
Let me know if she gets annoying.
Come here.
My name is Trinidad Sánchez.
From Pereira, Colombia, honey.
But my friends call me Makoki 3.
Because there was a Makoki 1,
a Makoki 2.
They were more hardcore than me,
but they were killed, baby.
But you're a delicious thing, honey.
What's your name, baby?
My name is Teresa.
Mexican from Culiacán.
I'm very bad-tempered.
I don't like bitches to get so close,
especially when their breath stinks.
You insolent
I brush my teeth every day.
- But that's how I like them.
- What's up, Makoki?
How's everything going
with the new one?
I'm so happy with this cookie
they sent me.
So nice, so intense, so insolent.
That's how I like them.
Taming them down, honey.
You'll be like a chicken
in two days, honey.
Eating from my hand, honey.
She's right.
They all fall for Makoki.
Baby girl.
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