La Reina del Sur (2011) s01e20 Episode Script

Pelea de Sudacas

Every time I try to be happy,
something horrible happens,
and all my dreams fall apart.
Go to hell!
Get out!
Get out!
- Where are the drugs Jaime Arenas stole?
- I don't know what you're talking about.
There's one very important thing: El
Gallego must seem guilty. Is that clear?
They ask for guarantees
on both sides so that the goods arrive.
Your word is the guarantee.
Then it has to stay ashore.
Let's not take this load.
Something's not right.
I can't, honey.
I've given my word.
Hold on!
It's a trap!
El Gallego died on the impact.
I don't count on anyone else but you.
He who laughs last laughs best,
Aztec princess.
That's how I like them.
To tame them, honey.
In two days, you'll be like this, honey.
Like a chicken.
Eating from my hand.
Come on, I have to return the file
before dinner so nobody notices I took it.
Why are you so interested in that girl
if you don't know?
You know how much I like stories.
I was wondering how a Mexican could get
to be a hashish trafficker in Andalusia.
Guardians told Martina,
the caretaker,
that she worked dressed up as sailor
with her husband,
moving drugs through the channel.
Come on! Like that's so easy.
She's just what I need.
Here. Put it back.
Do you like the Mexican girl?
Nora, we like or dislike people
in many ways
and for many reasons.
I'm not following.
Never mind.
You never understand anything.
Come by my cell
so I can give you your stuff.
Where is she?
Lieutenant, Carmela told me you wanted
to talk to me.
First tell me what you want.
Do you remember
how you welcomed me?
We've settled our differences.
Calm down.
I just want you to do me
a personal favor.
My name is Santiago.
Would you marry me?
I have very bad luck,
you must understand.
Every time I try to be happy,
something horrible happens
and all my dreams fall apart.
Hold on!
It's a trap!
Hello, are you the new one?
They're calling us for lunch.
I'm not hungry.
I suggest you hurry up
so they see you eating.
In this prison, they don't believe
in bulimic or anorexic girls.
Especially not on hunger strikes.
Very little.
If the food tastes like it looks
You get used
to everything, honey.
Next month,
you'll think it's a god's feast.
People eat so well in Spain, I don't get
why they don't do something better.
What did you say
about Spanish food?
No, Valenciana.
You misheard.
The new girl is talking about how good
Spanish food is and how bad it is here.
If you like your Indian food so much,
go back to your monkey country.
Say something bad
about Spanish food again.
Let's see how brave you are,
you idiot.
I'm the director,
believe it or not.
I don't discuss my decisions
with subordinates.
Triny Sanchez is a sociopath
and she hopeless.
She'll hurt La Mexicana.
let's take it easy.
I'm looking for a promotion for next year
and you're looking for a transfer.
Who cares if they kill each other
or continue to live!
They're scum.
Social debris.
Of course.
They are scum for you.
For me, they're human beings.
I'm sure we can get back
Teresa Mendoza.
They are South Americans,
drug traffickers.
She's a lost cause.
Come on!
Repeat what you said about Spanish food.
- Say it's junk.
- I didn't say that.
I heard you say it!
Come on. Repeat it again.
In front of everyone.
Get back, Valenciana,
unless you want to get solitary
confinement for a week. Let's go.
You get off thanks to them!
Otherwise, I'd have already
kicked your ass!
Pick up your tray
and go to get served again, Mexicana.
And everybody shut up!
Pick it up!
And after eating,
you clean.
That hurts!
If that happened with Valenciana,
imagine what will happen
with Makoki.
She'll eat you alive!
Poor her.
Don't do that again.
Don't you ever do that again.
I desperately need a smoke.
I know.
But you looked like the biggest fool.
Thank God I'm the only one
who saw you.
I won't charge you anything.
Get used to the idea
that all favors are paid here.
With money
or special favors.
Yes, honey.
The kinds of special favors
you're thinking of.
Don't look at me.
I'm not into butches.
I like big, handsome men.
That was my ruin!
Did María give you a book
when you arrived?
Don't even read it.
I'll teach you everything
you need to know.
In this prison,
there are three kinds of prisoners.
The first kind
is like those girls. Look at them.
Your friend, Valenciana.
She's a troublemaker.
Yes, they start big fights
to mark their territory.
Many girls pay troublemakers
to protect them from their enemies.
Or from the others.
What others?
The butches.
What butches?
Hardcore lesbians who think
they own the prison.
They're like sharks scaring
and enslaving innocent girls.
The worst thing
that can happen to you here
is that no one respects you.
And what group
do you belong to?
I have no classification, honey.
They don't mess with me.
Firstly, because I'm not pretty like you.
Secondly, they're afraid of me.
I'm sorry. I don't want to offend you,
but you look like
like a regular housewife.
I look like what I was.
An insignificant housewife.
But I'm not that anymore.
Not anymore.
And they know it.
And I enjoy the fact
that they're afraid of me.
Others' fear gives you power.
Some day, when I'm in the mood,
I'll tell you why they're scared of me.
I'd love to know.
We have so many races and colors,
we almost seem to be the UN.
We're the ones from the host country,
the Spanish.
Then the Moorish.
The Ukrainians
No, those are Romanians.
We prisoners aren't supportive at all.
Except for the Gypsies, of course.
They protect one another.
Who's the blondie?
Who is she?
I think I know her.
If you know famous people from
magazines, maybe you know her.
Lt. O'Farrell
is pure oligarchy, honey.
- She's a lieutenant?
- Of course not!
We call her that because she's more used
to giving orders than a lieutenant.
She knew how to win everyone's respect
from the very first day she arrived.
We were in the showers
when O'Farrell entered naked.
She looked like a queen,
a goddess.
And we were all flabbergasted.
Of course,
with that amazing body she has.
We saw the scars
from the gunshots.
- Gunshots?
- Yes.
When Valenciana saw her, all queen-like,
she wanted to get back at her.
Don't ask me why.
I guess she's just a brute.
And she pushes her.
Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't want to push you,
Your Majesty, the queen.
What do you say?
Shall we help her find the shampoo?
Very funny.
Let this be the first and last time,
unless you want to die, okay?
It was a joke.
Very funny.
First and last time.
She's never had any other problems.
She messes with nobody, does some
favors, doesn't charge for them,
and pays very well
for the ones she requests.
Wow. She knows how to get around.
That's right.
So learn from that lesson.
Valenciana is after you now and she'll
stop at nothing until she humiliates you.
Get ready for that fight.
I hope you win.
Based on the original work of
Arturo Pérez Reverte: La Reina Del Sur
- Is everything all right?
- Yeah.
We're very happy here in our love nest.
Very happy.
What, honey? Tell her, Mexicana.
Tell her I'm behaving like a lady.
Tell her.
Everything is all right.
Come on, honey.
Won't you take your clothes off?
You're scared, aren't you?
What I'll do to you.
Are you scared or what?
- You know what your problem is, Makoki?
- What?
You think you're a man.
But you're missing that thing men have
between their legs that women love.
Besides, you're fat,
ugly and short.
And the worst of all,
you're very dirty.
And girls like me like good-smelling men.
Especially if the man is not a man.
Don't even try anything
with me, Makoki.
You're very bad-tempered,
aren't you?
Come on, I showered today.
That bastard is taking my crack.
- You looking for this?
- Give it back.
That's mine.
I'll give it to you
when I get another cell.
For the time being, go to bed.
I'd suggest you do it.
Go to sleep and shut your mouth.
Don't move around too much,
I'm a light sleeper.
You think you're too much.
You know what?
I was the pass
Don't shush me!
You'll regret it.
You'll have a real bad time.
You idiot!
Look at all these
sacks of bones!
Out of the way,
we're showering first!
Honey, young little dyke.
Open up!
We want to shower!
Stop pushing me!
Nice girl. Did you wax?
Delicious, baby.
Stop laughing.
Let's get those sweet things clean.
So? Aren't you getting naked,
Are you going to shower
with you pants on?
Or do you have something weird
that we don't?
And if she does, it's simple.
We'll make her like us with this.
I'll help you, honey. Come.
Don't touch me.
Don't mess with me.
Stop messing with me.
Who do you think you are?
Come on now. Let's see.
I really want
to make a mark on that face.
Look at you, baby, shaking.
I promised you'd have a house,
and here you have it.
A promise is a promise.
Excuse me,
what shall I do with these things?
What is this?
Keep it or throw it away.
Do whatever you want. I don't care.
Hold on,
what's going on here?
Who are you?
I'm Fátima Mansur,
Teresa Mendoza's friend. Who are you?
Get out!
What right do you have to take
my friend and Santiago's things?
You'd better calm down.
The guards are coming.
Get out of here. She has to give back
what she stole from me.
I tried to convince her to hire
a good lawyer,
but you know her,
always so thrifty.
And she insisted
on the court-appointed attorney.
And I don't know what to do.
All I could come up with
was selling everything
to see if I can find a good lawyer
to take her out of this mess.
Yes, my friend is very weird,
you know.
She's Mexican.
I'll tell you something.
She was crazy in love
and that clouded her judgment.
- What are you saying?
- Yes.
By the way,
where are her clothes?
In the wardrobe, I guess. I don't know.
There must be something in there.
All right, excuse me. I'll prepare
a little suitcase to take it to her.
The wardrobe!
How didn't I think
about the wardrobe?
I'm sure this girl
hid some money in there.
You're losing your capacities, Eddie.
You broke my nose, you bitch!
- You broke it!
- You! You wanted to fight, didn't you?
I'll cut off your stupid face!
Take that!
You bitch!
You're going to kill her!
Stop, Mexicana,
you'll kill her!
Come on. Come on.
Hurry up!
What's going on here?
Come on.
- Nothing's going on.
- Everything is all right.
How many times
do I have to tell you?
I slipped in the shower
and hit my face.
That means nobody hit you.
Who could hit me?
I slipped and broke my nose.
What else?
And you?
Makoki didn't threaten you?
She didn't start the fight?
No, Mr. Warden. I haven't had
any problems with anyone.
Take Trinidad to the nurse's office.
And you go to the dining room.
I don't like violent girls.
Me neither.
Excuse me.
Damn it.
I didn't want to risk getting killed.
Did you see how angry she was?
You did what you had to.
Take your money and thanks.
Hey, Mexicana! Come here.
You girl, be careful with her.
She loves to mix juice with bleach.
I'll wash your mouth with bleach
so you stop cursing!
Excuse me.
You got your ass kicked,
didn't you?
I thought you were
on my side, Valenciana.
I thought you were tougher.
You treacherous bitch.
You stood there,
watching me die.
We all get old, Makoki.
Today, this girl made you look like a fool
in front of everyone.
Little by little,
everyone will stop being afraid of you.
Come on.
Get well!
Take care.
You take care, bitch!
That guy wasn't trustworthy.
I'm so stupid. So stupid.
I never imagined
he'd leave me alone.
Yes, it was weird he had your car
and was taking all your furniture.
Don't worry.
I was able to take some stuff.
It's all with the guards.
They'll check it and give it to you.
I'm so sorry. Instead of making
you happy, I made you feel worse.
Don't worry.
It's okay.
It's not even worth crying over.
I'll make that guy pay,
I swear.
What about you? How you doing?
How is your son?
He's so handsome, so big.
I brought you a picture. Look.
He really wants to see you.
Makoki, how are you feeling?
Don't bother me. I want to kill someone,
and it might be you.
I had some gossip, but I won't tell you.
Piss off.
Mendoza. Pick up your stuff.
You're being transferred. Let's go.
- Where are you taking me?
- Don't ask. Move.
Go, you dyke!
This is not over.
Whenever you want, let's
Do you think I'm scared of you?
- Come on!
- Dirty Colombian.
What is it, honey?
Did the warden like you?
You walked through the big door.
Smells like fresh meat, honey!
Stop it!
What's wrong with them?
Where are you taking me?
Don't worry.
They don't like your good luck.
This way.
Welcome to my home, Mexicana.
From now on, we're cellmates.
From now on, we're cellmates.
I see you've got influences.
- I'm Teresa Mendoza.
- I know who you are.
We all know everything about everyone
before they step inside.
Well, what do you think
about our cabin?
Compared to the other cells,
this is like a palace.
With a queen included.
Go ahead.
You can look.
Now I know
why you seemed familiar.
Nice ass!
What are you talking about?
We met at a restaurant.
You grabbed my ass, Lt. O'Farrell.
First and last time.
Next time you touch me,
one of us dies. Is that clear?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
I walked by you
and you groped me.
I didn't hit you because some Russians
came in and started shooting,
and then I didn't see you.
If I did that, you must have
a really nice ass.
Or I was drunk.
Or both.
What's so funny?
What do you want me to do? Cry?
I was very drunk
and high that day.
Just so you know, the Russians
were looking for my boyfriend,
and to make the story short,
that's why I'm in here.
It's a small world.
Look where we get to meet again.
And alcohol definitely makes you
look beautiful.
Your ass isn't even that nice.
All right, I'm sorry I bothered you
when I touched your ass.
Here's mine. Come on.
It's your loss.
- You're crazy!
- You can't imagine how much!
But you'll find out.
You'll see.
Patricia is a criminal
like the others.
Sure, she's an O'Farrell.
But you don't do anything
because there's money involved, right?
What do you want me to do?
I can't make end meets with my salary
and if I can get some extra money,
I won't deny her some whims.
The weird thing is she'd never wanted
a cellmate.
What is she planning with that Mexican?
Hold on a moment.
Training center.
I'll be right there.
Nora, the books
of the library have arrived.
At last!
Look for Conejo and tell her to meet me
at the library to help me organize them.
- All right. Excuse me.
- Sure.
You love reading, right?
Yes, I really do.
You look like those celebrities
who appear in magazines.
Those dresses must have been
very expensive, right?
Sure, honey!
This is from Château de Seda.
It costs thirty thousand euros.
And all the designs you see here
are made exclusively for my body.
This is from Paris,
Milan, Seville.
This one I don't know.
I think it was a birthday present.
I don't know
- What?
- I'm not a fool.
Why am I here?
Because I like you.
Don't worry, I don't like you like that.
You're not my type.
What I like about you is your brain.
You think fast
and are straightforward.
That's much more than I can say
about half the people I know.
We'll get along.
You're hiding something.
You'll spill the beans eventually.
I love how you speak!
What are you reading?
Someone from your country. Octavio Paz.
Do you know him?
You should.
He's one of the best from your country
and an excellent writer of our language.
I'm glad for that Mr. Paz.
Because I only knew the worst
of my country.
So Teresita Mendoza
was given five years?
What did she do?
Apparently, she got
with the wrong man.
A fast boat driver. A trafficker.
They were trafficking and got caught.
They had it coming.
Hey, she's always been in love
with pilots, right?
First, El Güero, plane pilot.
Now this sailor.
Apparently, she likes pilots and dead men,
because this one's dead too.
Hold on. I'll clean my boots
so I can see my reflection.
Seriously, though,
what did Teresita do?
First, she got involved with this man.
Santiago Fisterra, who was a trafficker
I'll give you some free advice,
Always use flip-flops
in the shower
and never touch the toilets
with your parts.
Don't get your parts near anything.
You could get something.
Don't criticize singers
that the other prisoners like.
Not even Camarón, Pantoja,
Chunguitos, Camela.
Don't switch the channel
when soap operas are on.
I like soap operas.
A waste of time.
Of course,
South Americans love soap operas.
- Don't Spanish people like them?
- Only housewives like Conejo.
I don't. I've only watched
Pasión de Gavilanes.
Because the child who sang
was really hot.
Listen to me.
Don't accept any drug
without knowing
what they want in exchange.
If you behave well and don't cause
any trouble, you'll be free in one year.
Year and a half, tops.
So always say, "Yes, sir or ma'am."
Don't annoy me, and we'll get along great.
And accept your nickname.
I'm Lt. O'Farrell,
and I like it.
Did you see?
Lieutenant got away with it!
Now she has La Mexicana
all for herself.
They knew each other
before being here.
That Mexicana. What a traitor.
What a disgrace.
And worse!
The chickens will come home to roost.
You think so?
I'm absolutely sure.
Well, I believe you.
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