La Revolution (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Chapter Two - The Revenant

- [woman screams]
- [man] Anything of value!
- [woman] No! Please don't hurt me!
- [sombre piano music plays]
Don't touch me!
- [man] Any jewellery.
- [woman screaming]
- [man] Take it off! Come on!
- [men and women scream]
- [man] How many more have you got?
- [screaming continues]
Show 'em to me! Now!
[woman screams]
[man] My men and I'll take you
to the next town.
[man 2 in background]
D'you 'ear me? Come on.
- [coughs]
- [man] Once you get there,
if you haven't got papers
you'll have to fight for yourself.
- [suspenseful music plays]
- If any one of you gets arrested…
and decides
to tell the gendarmerie about us,
we will track you down.
And I promise…
I will personally cut out your tongue.
D'you 'ear me?
What've you come to France for?
Answer me!
- [cocks gun]
- Get up!
[Albert coughing]
[man] Get up!
- [suspenseful music continues]
- [wind whistling]
Your name?
I just want to leave here.
Your name?
Name of your family?
- [man] What you got there? Are you sick
- [Albert] Don't touch it!
[music intensifies]
Let go.
- Let go of me!
- [music intensifying]
[both grunting]
- [Albert stabbing]
- [man 2 grunts]
[repeated stabbing and grunting]
- [crunching]
- [screams]
- [Albert grunts, kicks]
- [man 3 groans]
[both grunting]
- [crunch]
- [women scream]
- [grunts]
- [men shouting]
- [Albert grunts]
- [stabs]
- [Albert grunting]
- [women scream]
[Albert screams]
- [swish, squelch]
- [grunts]
[music slowing]
[sombre music plays]
[Madeleine] I am still trying
to understand what happened.
Long before the Kingdom of France plunged
into fire and blood.
Long before the snow covered everything,
including the secrets.
I don't want to forget anything.
Someone somewhere has to remember.
What history has taught me
is that centuries are shaped
by those who are not afraid…
to die for a cause…
or to fight for justice.
Then, all it takes
is for just one man to stand
in order for people to rise up as well,
and at that precise moment, believe me,
anything will become possible.
[melancholy music plays]
[horses approach]
[maid, breathless] Madame!
Madame, your sister!
- Where is she?
- We don't know, Madame!
She should never be alone. I told you!
I'll look inside the castle.
Where did you last see her?
In the kitchen.
I swear I only left her for an instant,
Madame. I swear!
[disquieting music playing]
[breathless] There you are.
I've been looking for you.
[signing] I did nothing wrong.
I told you I want to know where you are
at all times. Is that clear?
[signing] You're not my mother!
I can do whatever I want!
Where did you find that?
[signing] In your bedroom.
Who is it?
Enough now. Let's go.
[signing] I don't want to go home.
I don't want to hear him scream anymore.
Calm, now.
I'm here.
Calm, now.
It's alright.
[distant male screaming]
[sobbing, screaming continues]
[woman sobs]
[screams in agony]
I must clean the wound, my Lord!
Hold him still!
Hold him! Hold him, for God's sake!
It's the only way to treat gangrene.
- [screaming in agony]
- [doctor] I need to clean this wound.
I'm almost finished.
Hold him still! Hold him for God's sake!
[melancholy string music plays]
[music intensifies]
[music fades]
[door opens]
- [doctor] My Lord…
- [door closes]
I'm afraid there's no other course.
We have to amputate.
My son is not some pathetic shrub
from which you cut a branch.
H-He is displaying the same symptoms
as his mother.
The gangrene is already spreading
My children, my cells,
my decision.
My Lord, your son will not survive
the winter if… Uh
Father! I implore you…
they must amputate.
You smell of wine.
When will you learn
some self-restraint, Marie?
You may leave.
[door shuts]
[door closes]
[footsteps approach]
What's wrong, dear cousin?
[Marie sobs]
I want to leave here.
To go where?
Somewhere. Anywhere.
Far from this family and my father. [sobs]
[Oka humming]
[distant commotion]
[keys jangle]
[stops humming]
[resumes humming]
[Joseph] You may leave us, thank you.
Bonjour, Oka.
- A guard did this to you, didn't he?
- [stops humming]
[Joseph] I know you didn't kill the girl.
I also know you need my help.
The question is:
"Have I misplaced confidence?"
What I saw last time, what was that?
- I don't believe in magic, Oka.
- [glass clinks]
So, therefore, what was it?
Tell me.
Is it suggestion? Is it…
Is it hypnosis?
- What's the secret? Hm?
- [ominous music playing]
You won't tell me?
[music intensifies abruptly]
When you were born,
you were tossed in a river.
But you survived.
You never knew your real name.
You've already tried
to end your life, but…
- you were afraid.
- [Joseph gasping]
As you are now. As always.
[jarring thudding]
[gasps] What is this?
It's about time
you started believing, doctor.
- [guard] Doctor, are you finished yet?
- Almost.
You're wasting your time, you know.
Oh, really? And why is that?
Are you saying
he'll try to kill himself again?
but his execution's been brought forward.
[suspenseful music playing]
- When is it happening?
- Thursday at dawn.
Impossible. It wasn't until
the end of the month!
- Who gave the order?
- What's it got to do with you?
Why are you so interested? Hm?
He's gonna die, doctor.
This time you won't be there.
- [guard yells]
- [prisoner] Ah! Ah!
[guard, in background]
Keep your mouth shut. I told you before.
[suspenseful music continues]
- [music intensifies]
- [bell tolls]
[indistinct chatter]
[newspaper vendor]
…a cannibal has been arrested!
The Fraternity strikes again!
Get the County Gazette!
A cannibal, ladies and gentlemen.
A cannibal! Get the County Gazette!
- A pigeon.
- [vendor] Nobles raided by the rebels!
Thank you, sir!
Looking for something, monsieur?
You looking for a girl, are ya? A beer?
I know everyone here.
All you gotta do is ask.
- Perhaps you can help me.
- Anything you want, monsieur.
Tell your little friend
he's stealing from the wrong pocket.
No, monsieur! It wasn't me, sir!
I didn't do anything.
- Have you seen this man?
- The cannibal?
- He's in prison. He's gonna be hanged.
- When?
I-I don't know. All Saints' Day.
[boy grunts]
[bell tolling]
[priest] The other dead
did not return to life
until the thousand years had passed.
This is the first resurrection.
Blessed and holy are those
who are in the first resurrection…
- [door opens]
- [footsteps]
…but God rained down fire from Heaven
that devoured them.
- And the devil…
- [ominous music playing]
…their seducer, was thrown
into the lake of fire and sulphur,
where lay the beast…
and the false prophet.
Whoever was not written
into the book of life was tossed out…
into the lake of fire.
Can I help you, my son?
Bonjour, Father.
- [gasps]
- [objects clatter]
[whispers] Albert?
[wind whistling faintly]
[bird squawks]
[suspenseful music playing]
There has to be a clue.
Stay where you are!
What are you doing here?
- What are you doing?
- Investigating the murder of a young girl.
Are you gendarmerie?
I-I'm a doctor.
I work at the prison, you see.
The man accused of murdering her
is a patient.
These flowers are for her, no?
You knew her, I would say.
We didn't see each other often…
but she was still my daughter.
- Here, you shouldn't stay here.
- [Joseph grunts]
It's dangerous.
She bore the mark of the Fraternity.
Were you aware?
At her age, you want to change the world.
What are you hoping to discover here?
To save your patient?
- I sympathise with you
- I already know he didn't kill her.
[ominous music plays]
Rebecca wasn't the first one.
What do you mean?
[man] Several girls have gone missing.
Peasant girls just disappeared.
And their bodies?
Never discovered.
There was a foreigner
asking around the villages.
He was looking for the killer.
How many victims?
[thunder rumbling]
[rain pattering]
[priest] This world is coming to an end
if the dead are returning
to haunt the living.
So many things have changed.
The orphanage?
It was shut down.
Versailles would rather invest in parties
than surrender to the people.
So nothing has really changed.
Does Joseph know you're alive?
How is he?
He's a man of admirability.
You would be proud of him.
But he misses you incredibly.
And Élise too.
Albert, where have you been all this time?
[thunder rumbles]
A long story, I'm afraid Father.
And our time is short.
The man you sheltered…
I need to set him free.
You will not succeed alone.
I know. That's why
you must take me to the Fraternity.
What makes you think
they'll agree to help you?
Father… if we don't take action…
nobody will survive
what's about to happen.
[thunder rumbles]
[urgent, suspenseful music plays]
[music intensifying]
[sinister whispering]
[panting frantically]
- [whispering intensifies]
- [jarring scrape]
[shuddering thud]
[quiet whispering]
[shuddering thud]
[jarring screeching]
[ominous music playing softly]
[whimpers softly]
Who is it?
[signing] She comes to see me
in my dreams.
And what's her name?
[signing] She doesn't want me
to say her name.
[Élise] You're safe. Calm.
I'm here. Don't worry.
[signing] But you won't always be here.
I promised you.
I won't let allow anyone
to take you from me.
Madeleine, what's happening?
[signing] You'll get sick too.
- [breathing shakily]
- What are you talking about?
[signing] She told me so:
everyone will die.
[breathing shakily]
Calm yourself.
[emotive piano music plays]
[music intensifies]
[urgent music plays]
- [inhales sharply]
- [ringing]
- [crunch]
- [screams]
[breathing deeply, groans in agony]
[muffled scream]
Corpus Domini nostri Jesu Christi
custodiat animam tuam in vitam æternam.
[bell tolling]
[coin clinks]
- [beggars calling out]
- Do you have a moment you could spare?
It's regarding your father.
[beggars continue]
Please take Madeleine back to the château.
Yes, Madame.
I shall return soon.
You can wait for me.
[signing] Where are you going?
I'll be back before you can count to ten.
[signing] Ten.
Not quite so fast.
I'll see you soon.
[beggars calling out]
[beggars continue]
[melancholy music plays]
[disquieting music plays]
[music intensifies]
- [urgent cello music playing]
- [horses neigh]
You're taking me where?
To introduce you to a friend of mine.
- Who is he?
- He prefers to be discreet.
[driver] Whoa.
[Lariboise] Please wait here a moment.
- No, stay there! Wait, please!
- [both grunt]
- Stop! Wait!
- You promised to come alone!
There's nothing to fear.
I brought the Countess
in confidence.
There's enough here
for a new life a long way away.
But first,
you must tell her everything you told me.
Go ahead, tell her!
Talk to me, please.
My… My cousin is a coachman.
He-He worked for your father.
[Élise] Continue!
[boy] When the Count left for Versailles,
he offered to take me along with him.
He said I could learn the trade.
Everything changed when we came back.
[suspenseful music building]
The Count fell ill…
Extremely ill.
We must have been…
thirty leagues away from here when…
when your uncle arrived
with the gendarmerie.
[music intensifying]
They forced the Count
to step out of the coach and…
And then…
I managed to escape
when they started shooting.
- You're lying to me.
- [boy] No. No.
- You're lying!
- [boy] I swear it's the truth!
Where's my father?
Answer me!
[Lariboise] You now have proof.
Your uncle is lying to you.
[music intensifies]
[disquieting music plays]
[Élise] Madeleine?
You should be asleep, angel.
Go back to bed, my love.
Where did you find this?
[ominous music plays]
Madeleine, who gave you this?
[signing] He was in the park.
I told you he would come back.
No, it's impossible.
[signing] He said
you would know where to find him.
[water dripping]
[melancholy choral music plays]
[Charles] Your absence is beginning
to raise questions in the salons.
Our enemies search
for the advantage they may gain from it.
I can deduce from their dark eyes…
long nights are dedicated to plotting.
[ominous music plays]
How are you, my brother?
I told you not to return here.
Do you not want news of your daughters?
How do they fare?
They still believe you are in Versailles.
They miss you.
[breathing heavily]
I've called upon the best doctors.
- You've been saying that for months.
- [Charles] Do not be ungrateful.
I promised to cure you.
Even if that involves risking my life.
The King betrayed me.
This poison in my veins!
- [grunts]
- [inhales and exhales deeply]
You have to trust me.
We will find the remedy.
- How long?
- It will be soon.
But they must continue their research.
Give me your arm.
[disquieting music playing]
[music intensifying]
[suspenseful music playing]
[muffled commotion from prison]
[music intensifies]
What is it?
Rebecca wasn't the first.
How do you know?
Look here.
[muffled commotion]
Do you have proof?
Have you seen this before?
It's blood but acting like a parasite.
[ominous music plays]
[distant yelling]
- [clank]
- [click]
Why are you so intent
on saving this prisoner…
[yelling continues]
…whom you've never met before?
He's innocent.
That's all that matters to me.
He's not alone.
What do you mean?
That it's always the mighty
who get to decide…
who is guilty and who is not.
That talk is dangerous, you know, Katell.
But true.
And you agree.
The nobles represent one percent,
and yet they command 99 percent
of all riches.
The laws are created by them and for them.
You think that's fair, do you?
- That's not my opinion.
- [chuckles]
But you'd prefer not to say.
I was 12 when the Montargis murdered
the only person who ever mattered to me.
I had no idea.
The Count had his body thrown on a fire,
so that no memory of him remained.
All I have left is an empty grave
and his name.
His name?
His name.
Have you seen my face?
The privilege of an orphan
is to choose their name
so I wouldn't forget him.
- [clatter]
- [gasps]
- [squeaking]
- [Katell gasps]
[squeaking continues]
[Katell] Ooh!
We got one! [chuckles]
- [continues chuckling]
- [door closes]
- [Katell] So what do we do now?
- [rat squeaks]
Rebecca managed to injure her murderer.
The blood I found on the cloth is his.
If my theory is correct,
the man we are looking for is ill.
So, if we identify the disease,
we can clear Oka.
[rat squeaking]
[loud squeak]
[suspenseful music plays]
[continues squeaking]
[music intensifying]
[Joseph sighs]
- [music intensifying]
- [louder squeaks]
- [rattle]
- [loud squeaking]
- [cage rattling]
- [strangled squeaking]
[louder rattling]
[rat chittering]
[croaking, rapid squeaks]
- [loud squeak]
- [Katell gasps]
[woman] Bring me a drink! Hurry up!
- Hey, that's mine!
- Alright! Calm down!
- [silence falls]
- [glass clinks]
[dog barks]
[suspenseful music playing]
[woman gasps]
- [man 1] Fight!
- [man 2] Oi!
[policeman] Hey! Get out!
[shouting, screaming]
I've always been fascinated
by some people's chronic inability
to accept the reality of their situation.
[liquid pours]
We are what we are.
Why would you fight it?
[horse neighs]
Whatever happens,
the mighty will remain the mighty.
Which means I'd like to pose a question.
Are you part of…
the powerful…
or the feeble?
I don't… know what you mean.
Do you have money?
Land of your own? A title?
- No.
- [chuckles] No…
Evidently not.
I'll repeat the question.
Are you part of…
the powerful…
or the feeble?
The feeble.
"My dear lord."
The feeble, my dear lord.
I hear reports you are contesting
the conclusions of my investigation.
I know that you have lied.
You are right.
The death of your daughter
was meant to pass without trouble.
Give him back his axe.
Rebecca was unimportant.
A tiny grain of sand in a machine
more superior than us.
[breathes deeply]
But every man has the right
to avenge the death of his child.
[cries out]
- [blade slices]
- [Rebecca's father groans]
[crying out in pain]
[whimpers, panting]
- [grunts]
- [blade strikes]
[strangled groans]
[panting, whimpering]
- [groans]
- [music intensifying]
[muffled grunting]
I know you spoke to the doctor
at the prison.
You should have walked away.
But you had to talk to him!
- [Joseph] The salivary glands have grown.
- [muffled commotion]
Cyanosis of the mucus membranes.
The blood in the arteries
should be bright red, but it remains blue.
This suggests it's no longer oxygenated.
The same symptoms as rabies…
but it's definitely a new disease.
- [Katell] The man who killed Rebecca…
- [Joseph] Was carrying this disease.
So we have proof that Oka didn't kill her.
We must tell the papers.
We can still save him.
I might know someone.
Follow me.
[rousing music building]
[sombre music playing]
[kicks door]
Track him down.
If he returns here,
you know what must be done.
You can count on me.
[irregular beats]
[rhythmic beating]
[squelching beats]
- [gunshot]
- [loud splatter]
[melancholy music plays]
[inhales sharply, exhales heavily]
[inhales shakily]
[Élise gasps]
[soft panting]
[ominous music playing]
[Élise, screaming] Let go of me!
Let go of me!
[distant dog howling]
- [Joseph panting slightly]
- [suspenseful music playing]
I'll go no further.
- I thought you trusted me?
- What are we doing here, Katell?
I've already told you.
The man you need to talk to
prefers to remain discreet.
Why do I get the feeling
you're lying to me?
[Katell draws blade, grunts]
- Sorry, Joseph.
- Katell!
The Fraternity has other projects for you.
[Joseph grunting]
[cries out]
[music crescendos dramatically]
[Joseph panting shakily]
- [horse snorts]
- [ominous music plays]
[Joseph and Élise panting]
- [Joseph exhales sharply]
- Welcome to the Fraternity.
[breathing shakily]
[melancholy piano music plays]
[Joseph and Élise gasping]
[exhales shakily]
[Charles] Five hundred years ago,
our ancestors built a fortress.
They say it was so tall
it could have cast a shadow
over Europe in its entirety.
[inhales deeply]
What remains of it today?
My whole life, I have fought
to restore splendour to this family.
But when I look at you…
I am forced to accept defeat.
I wish I had been worthy of you.
[sobbing breath]
It is not too late.
But I must know
how far you are prepared to go…
- to make me proud of you.
- I would do anything, Father, for you.
That's good.
That's good.
Father, what are you
No, Father!
- [Donatien gasps]
- [Charles grunting]
- [choking, gasping]
- [melancholy music intensifies]
[choking] Father, have mercy!
[Charles grunting]
- [choked gasp]
- [Charles grunting]
[Charles breathing heavily]
[ominous music building]
[music intensifies]
[Donatien panting]
- [panting accelerates]
- [Charles choking]
- [gasps]
- [crackling]
[strangled gasping]
[gasps loudly]
[rousing cello music plays]
[music intensifying]
[exhales heavily]
What have you done to me?
[music intensifies]
[rousing music continues]
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