La Revolution (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Chapter Three - The Innocents

- [suspenseful music plays]
- [panting]
- [rattling]
- [running footsteps]
- [bang]
- [squelch]
[panting, grunts]
[Madeleine] Many people refuse to see
the mysteries of this world.
They are certain
that any phenomenon can be explained…
- [wheezes]
- …even those that defy reason.
It reassures them.
They create the illusion
that they're the masters of their destiny.
[horse neighs]
[Albert] Ah!
[both grunt]
[blood gushing]
[music intensifying]
[Madeleine] They will refuse to believe
what I'm telling you today.
They will think that I made it all up.
That my imagination woke the dead.
I will not seek to convince them.
I know what I saw.
And believe me,
this is only the beginning.
[man panting]
- [woman] Albert, are you all right?
- [panting slower]
[Albert] I'm fine.
If you want us to help you
free your friend, Oka,
you'll have to help us
break my men out of prison.
- The lives of my men depend on it.
- I told you, you can count on me.
I will help you and the Fraternity.
And your countess?
Are you prepared to go through with it?
She means nothing to me now.
Just our way to get inside the prison.
You knew Albert was alive, didn't you?
No, Joseph.
You were with him
when your father shot him?
I heard the gunfire.
And then…
they took me away from the stable.
- I don't know what they did after that.
- Then why did your father hide the truth?
You said it yourself.
He was an orphan.
And I am a countess.
You have to free yourself.
The right pocket in my jacket. Hurry, now.
[Élise breathing rapidly]
- [metal jangles]
- No. You first.
It's more dangerous for you than me here.
Why would you help me?
We have both been lied to for 12 years.
That makes you the only person
in whom I have confidence.
[approaching footsteps]
[Élise grunts]
Remove her.
[footsteps receding]
- [rattling]
- [liquid sloshing]
[Katell sighs]
[Katell] I'm sorry that I lied to you.
[Joseph swallows]
You're going to help us free all our men.
- Are you playing with me?
- You won't be suspected or interrogated.
All you have to do is make sure Marianne
and the others get inside the prison.
Out of the question.
You know these men will be hanged,
don't you?
For having refused to obey.
Katell, all these people are outlaws.
The Fraternity plunders the nobles.
Thanks to you,
these men could be out of prison tomorrow.
Without it, they'll be no more.
- [footsteps recede]
- [water sloshes]
At the moment, let us pretend
I will help you. And I said "pretend".
I have no way of gaining them entry.
Yes, you do.
You'll start an epidemic.
[man] We never should've brought her here.
It's too dangerous.
And deprive her
of the charms of our palace?
[Marianne] No!
Under no circumstances would I want
to lack proper manners with such a…
prestigious guest.
You're far more prestigious than I am.
I've seen your portrait
on every wall in town.
A portrait I owe that to your father.
Speaking of whom,
- he's offering how much for my head?
- [man] Enough to feed a family for a year!
[laughter, calling out indistinctly]
So the only question arises:
how much is your family willing to pay
for your head.
So that's what you're after?
You want wealth?
I used to have respect for you.
Disapproving your methods,
I respected your combat.
You're wrong about me.
- I understand you.
- How could you understand us?
By having meat and wine on your table
while your people die of famine?
[crowd heckles]
By having compassion.
[scattered heckling]
[Marianne] Look at me.
I was a child when your crippled cousin
gave me this souvenir of his compassion.
The mighty only stand tall
because we are on our knees.
But finally, the people are rising up.
- [crowd clamouring]
- [Marianne] Take her away.
[suspenseful music plays]
Let go of me!
- You know what to do?
- Mm.
For justice.
For liberty.
Long live the Fraternity!
- [woman] Liberty!
- [all shouting in agreement]
[dramatic, ominous music plays]
[wind whistling]
[man grunts loudly]
[music intensifying]
[grunting loudly]
[grunting loudly]
[breathing deeply]
[Donatien screaming gutturally]
[Marie] Father!
What have I told you about knocking?
Where is my brother?
Donatien suffered another fit last night.
The doctor recommended
sending him away for treatment.
You know, as I do,
that treatment won't be his saviour!
- There's only one cure, and you know it!
- I told you.
I refuse for my son to be amputated
like some beggar!
- Our mother's death wasn't enough for you?
- [thud]
- You should leave.
- [Marie] She too had gangrene,
- and you refused to save her as well!
- I forbid you to speak of her.
[Marie] She took her own life
because of you!
[paper rustling]
We have just received it.
[gentle piano music plays]
[signing] Do you think I'm crazy too?
Me? No! Why would you say that?
[signing] I see how everyone looks at me.
Don't pay attention to others.
[signing] You are the sweetest,
most intelligent little girl I know.
[signing] Do you really think so?
Have I ever lied to you?
[signing] Yes.
You and Élise lie all the time.
No, of course we don't!
[signing] Then who are my real parents?
[Ophélie] What are you talking about?
[signing] The little girl in my dreams,
she told me. And she never lies.
Where is my niece?
She didn't say, my Lord.
Did she go out last night?
She was due to meet someone.
- [Charles] Who? Answer me!
- [suspenseful music building]
She wouldn't tell me, my Lord.
[Charles] Go on!
- [music intensifies]
- [horse canters away]
[music fades]
I'm sure she's fine, my angel.
[footsteps approaching]
How is this possible?
I scattered your ashes, Albert.
Where were you all these years?
In America.
In America. [sniffles]
Oka told me about a soldier
who bore your name.
I told him it couldn't be you
because you had been murdered.
Guy de Montargis gave me a choice.
Either I join the army…
or he would kill everyone
that was dear to me.
I was forbidden to return.
But here you are.
[Albert] I came back to help Oka, Joseph,
and I need your help.
Oka is who to you?
I am in debt to him.
You can help me repay it.
There are other ways to save Oka.
By talking to a judge,
- or… we tell the newspapers.
- [Albert] They won't listen to you.
- They will listen to me, as I have proof.
- [scoffs]
You really are prepared to risk a life
based on your convictions, Joseph?
Because that's what's at stake here.
If you are wrong…
Oka will die.
- [objects clattering]
- [indistinct chatter]
[Joseph] Ahem.
I'm prepared to help you.
But on one condition.
You are in no position
to make any demands, you know.
No one dies anymore.
- That I can do.
- [Joseph] Give me your word.
That's it.
[Ophélie] Élise!
[suspenseful music plays]
[Marianne] At the front gate,
there are four guards.
Jean and the others are in the basement.
Oka's cell is here.
It's isolated. The diversion will draw
the gendarmerie from the city.
- How much time do you need for the poison?
- Once absorbed, you need
- [Marianne] How long?
- Uh, about five minutes.
The guards will be gathered here.
I'll deal with them.
Ten minutes to get back to the gates.
Ten minutes
to reach the slums and disperse.
[music intensifies]
[horse neighs]
[police chief] We caught him
at the town gates.
He has a message for you, my Lord.
- Speak!
- Your niece is our prisoner.
[crowd gasping, muttering]
We want 30,000 coins
before the evening prayer.
You and your people are not the first
menace to my family.
Everyone knows your son's ill
as well as incapable.
And your daughter Marie
is only good for marrying!
Only Élise de Montargis is [grunts]
…after the death of you and your brother!
Go ahead.
- Cut me into pieces.
- [gasps]
But whatever I suffer, she will as well.
[crowd muttering]
[Lariboise] Wait!
Charles! Stop!
- You ought to stay where you are!
- [ominous music playing]
I will pay the ransom.
[music intensifies]
[steam hisses]
[metal clanking]
[subdued chatter]
[music intensifying]
We'll be in this one.
The difficulty is the guards here.
Now bring her coach.
[panting lightly]
Do you even know what to do with it?
- [gasps]
- Whoa.
- Get her back here!
- [footsteps recede]
I'm just trying to save innocent lives…
like you.
By manipulating everyone you cross?
By making them believe
I'm not responsible
for whatever you imagine.
- You've made that clear, thank you.
- [melancholy piano music plays]
[inhales sharply]
- [panting]
- [cocks gun]
Stay where you are.
Don't make me do it.
What happened that day?
[running footsteps]
[Élise] No! Let go of me!
No! No! [screams]
No! [screaming, knocking]
[yelling] No! No! Open up!
[continues yelling and knocking]
[Élise continues]
[unsettling music plays]
[gate clangs]
[muffled shout]
[distant male scream]
Open the gate, please.
[ominous music playing]
- Is there a problem, doctor?
- No.
- [guard] No?
- No.
[turns key]
[suspenseful music continues]
[Joseph chokes]
[head guard]
I dunno what the hell you've done.
Truth be told, I don't wanna know.
- [Joseph choking]
- It's a shame, doctor. I liked you.
- [glass smashes]
- [grunting]
- [woman grunts]
- [thud]
[Joseph grunts, gasping]
- [Katell] Are you all right?
- [wheezes, gasping]
We can't waste time.
We need to keep going.
[Joseph, gasping] Hold on.
Put this in the inmates' water.
- [Katell] How much shall I put?
- All of it. All of it.
[water sloshing]
- [indistinct shouting]
- [prisoner] …water!
[prisoners clamouring indistinctly]
[prisoners, shouting] Water!
- [keys jangle]
- [shouting continues]
- [prisoner 1] Water!
- [loud clamouring]
- [prisoner 1] I need water!
- [prisoner 2] Water!
[clamouring continuing]
- [prisoner 3] Gimme the water, please!
- [clamouring continuing]
[Ophélie] Father.
What's happened?
You are the confessor for Madame.
I need to know who is this man
and where I can find him.
- [Ophélie] He's abducted Élise!
- I'm sure you're concerned for no reason.
You know what happens to little girls
who aren't on the registers?
You know where they end up?
[Ophélie] I was one of them.
At 15, I ran away from the brothel,
but they caught me.
They beat me, there in the road,
like a dog.
That's when my angel appeared.
She told if they touched
another piece of my skin…
they would pay.
That day, I swore I would follow Élise…
- I cannot break the secrets of confession.
- [Ophélie] If anything happens to Élise,
I won't be able to protect Madeleine
from her uncle.
And neither will you.
But know that I will hold you
personally responsible.
And I will track you down…
and you will pay.
Now tell me, Father, who is this man?
[prisoners groaning]
Help us! Guard!
[prisoners groaning, calling out, heaving]
[man retches]
- [guard] What's the matter?
- [coughing, retching continues]
What do you want now?
[coughing, retching continues]
[cries out, groaning]
You disgusting dog!
What's goin' on?
- [guard 2] How should I know?
- [retching continues]
[water sloshes]
Alert the Hôtel-Dieu immediately.
- What does that mean?
- It means we have an epidemic, monsieur.
What disease?
Do you really want me to tell you here?
- [loud knocking]
- [man] Plague doctors. Open up!
[gate creaks]
[muffled screaming]
[cocks gun]
- What are you doing?
- Your keys!
[distant male scream]
[keys jangle]
[guard grunts]
[screaming continues]
[prisoners coughing]
[prisoner] Come here! Let us out!
[suspenseful music playing]
[Marianne] Get ready.
[prisoners clamouring]
Doctors. Open up!
[guards grunt]
[cocks gun]
- [clamouring]
- [prisoner] Let us out!
[indistinct yelling]
[Marianne panting]
[man] The foreigner. Where is he?
[Joseph grunting]
[man] Where is he?
I will take you there.
You will regret this. Mark my words.
[cocks gun]
[muffled clamouring continuing]
[Joseph] Guard.
Open this cell at once.
I need to see the foreigner.
Hurry up. There's an epidemic.
[keys jangle]
[key turning]
[Oka grunts softly]
[muffled clamouring continues]
- [thud]
- [grunt]
[keys jangle]
[Oka] My brother.
- [clang]
- [clamouring continues]
Oh. [sighs]
[breathing deeply]
- [ominous music plays]
- [bird squawks]
[horse snorts]
[suspenseful music building]
[fly buzzes]
[Ophélie] Monsieur de Lariboise!
Stop there!
I must speak with you!
[police chief] It's fine.
Let the servant through.
This is the man who abducted Élise.
They knew each other. He's with them.
The ones from the Fraternity.
- He wants what?
- He returned for the foreigner.
- The one in prison.
- What's the significance?
That this is a diversion.
[bell tolling]
We must leave now!
[Katell] Joseph!
Catch up with Marianne! [cocks gun]
- [police chief] Come on!
- [bell continues tolling]
[horse neighs]
No, no, no, no, no.
I swear this isn't how it should be.
Please, just lower your weapon.
Please, listen to me. You've no need
No, no, no! Wait, Albert!
Please, just do as we ask.
Lower your weapon.
Where are my men?
If you lower your weapon,
no harm will come to them.
You have my word.
[hurried footsteps]
[guard grunts]
- [grunting]
- What the hell are you doing?
- [guard grunts, panting]
- It's what he deserved.
- [guard wheezes]
- [Katell] We have to leave, Joseph.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Ophélie] Where is Élise?
[footsteps approach]
[untying ropes]
[Ophélie] He knows where she is.
Have faith in me.
Why are you untying me?
Élise de Montargis could be the one
to bring enlightenment to this century.
If she dies, hope dies with her.
For you, and for us.
By now, your friends have left the prison.
You've nothing to fear.
- She's at the morgue.
- [gasps, exhales shakily]
[ominous music plays]
[gasping, sobs]
Let me out. I'm begging you [gasps]
Help me!
- [thudding]
- I'm begging you!
[receding footsteps]
Come back! Come back!
[sobbing, banging]
[muffled sobbing, banging]
Help me! Help me!
[Joseph grunting]
Don't fall asleep. Look at me.
Don't leave me.
If you save him, he'll testify.
You'll be executed.
- Breathe! Shh.
- [guard grunting]
- [Katell] Come with us.
- Take my hand.
- [Katell] Joseph!
- Leave me!
Here, here. Press down.
Look at me! Look at me!
Shh. I'm here. I'm here.
- [guard grunts]
- [Joseph] Shh.
[Joseph panting]
[bell tolling]
We'll meet at the church.
- [gunshot]
- [panicked clamour]
- [indistinct shouting]
- [grunts]
[multiple gunshots]
- [shots continuing]
- [Marianne grunts]
[Albert grunts]
- [man grunts]
- Pérouse's men!
- Albert!
- [shots continue]
- [man crying out]
- [Albert grunts]
[policeman grunting]
[horse neighs]
[audio muffles]
- [normal audio]
- [horse neighs, runs on]
- [gunshot]
- [Albert grunts]
[women scream]
[muffled thud]
- [Albert breathing deeply]
- [ominous music playing]
- [swish]
- [gunshot]
[men and women screaming]
[breathing heavily]
[clamouring, screaming]
[music intensifying]
- [clattering]
- [bang]
[woman screams]
- [swish]
- [both grunting]
[muffled grunting]
[blade clatters]
- [Albert grunts]
- [man screams]
- [man cries out]
- [Albert grunts]
[breathing heavily]
[music intensifying]
[coughing, chokes]
- [bang]
- [inhales deeply]
- [banging]
- [coughs]
[continues grunting and banging]
[gasping, spluttering]
- [wood splinters]
- [gasping]
[breathing heavily]
[music softening]
[gasping, coughs]
- [blade strikes]
- [Pérouse grunting]
[Albert grunts]
[Albert groans softly]
- [Pérouse panting]
- [Albert groans]
[cocks gun]
- [spattering]
- [groans]
Kill him now,
and I spare dozens of lives.
One day, he will be of use to us.
[Élise gasping]
[panicked breathing]
[gentle piano music plays]
[wind whistling]
[urgent string music playing]
[music intensifying]
[music slowing]
- [eerie breath]
- [gasps suddenly]
- [grunts, coughs]
- [Élise panting]
[Albert grunting]
[sombre music plays]
[groans softly]
- [Ophélie] Élise!
- [wheezes]
- [music intensifies]
- [dialogue muted]
[sombre classical music continues]
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