La Revolution (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Chapter Five - The Blue Blood

[soft piano instrumental playing]
[girl sighs]
[breathing heavily]
Long live the Fraternity!
[footsteps approaching]
[horse neighs]
I've packed your baggage.
The carriage is prepared.
And why would you do that?
[Ophélie] Because you must leave.
You mean to flee?
[Ophélie] Write to your mother's sister.
She will shelter you.
She'll protect you from your cousin.
I will stay here.
After what happened?
No, madame That's impossible.
I am the legitimate heir to this county.
- Donatien has no right to my title.
- [Ophélie] I agree, but he's dangerous.
[ominous music playing]
I've no right to let him have his way.
But first, I must pose a question.
[Ophélie] Yes, madame.
You know the truth about Madeleine?
So you understand
why you have to protect her.
[Ophélie] Yes.
No matter whatever…
Whatever should happen.
Swear to me you'll give your life for her.
I swear.
[Albert] They murdered him in his church.
Like a dog.
Like a dog, Oka!
[Oka] You can't change the past.
Father Maxence sheltered and raised me.
- I should have saved him.
- [Oka] You must control your emotions.
We cannot abandon the Fraternity!
They helped us, Oka.
Without them, you'd be dead.
The epidemic is growing.
You know what must be done first.
Discover the source of evil at all costs!
Joseph risked his life to save you.
He was your saviour.
Now you're demanding
that I just abandon them?
You know the orders of the new count.
Preparing for a massacre.
There will no doubt be sacrifices
to save others.
- They couldn't imagine what awaits them.
- [dog barks]
I'm their protection.
Who will protect them from you?
You've taught me control.
[suspenseful music playing]
[metal creaks]
[Katell] Joseph…
Listen to me.
- I have no time to lose. Please leave.
- [Katell] Neither do I.
You must listen to me.
Really? I must listen?
Are you aware of the difficulties
I overcame to become a doctor?
How much it cost me?
Thank you, as I'll never practise again.
You at least had the opportunity thus far.
Not me.
I could have died because of you.
Oh, stop it now.
You didn't, did you?
Go away.
- No.
- Katell, leave, please.
Right away.
[Katell] This time, whether you like it
or not, you won't succeed alone.
And I'm here to help you.
[door closes, locks]
How do you know this place?
This is where I learned everything I know.
With Father Maxence.
[Katell] May he rest in peace.
You're not the only one with whom
he shared the knowledge in the world.
He would say that here
was the only university open to women.
[Katell] Did he tell you to come here?
But why?
No more secrets.
I never made promises to people.
I'm not about to start doing so.
[Joseph sighs]
For what do we search?
A remedy.
Guy de Montargis wasn't just unwell.
Rebecca and the others, that was him.
That's why the gendarmarie
was covering his crimes.
Guy de Montargis is dead now.
His blood was contagious.
I don't know, maybe I'm wrong,
but I imagine he contaminated others.
[inhales] If what you say is right,
it's not knowledge we need.
It's arms.
You don't kill the unwell,
you make them better.
A disease is like a living being.
It's there, it moves, it evolves…
It changes, it adapts.
It's never entirely new, though.
There must be examples which are similar.
Your ambition is to understand
the origins of the disease…
To discover a way to cure it, exactly.
[footsteps approaching]
[Pérouse] If you find the rebels,
show no mercy.
[dogs barking]
[bats screech]
[indistinct whispers]
[whispers] Put the fires out!
Someone's coming.
[dogs snarling, barking]
[sword unsheathes]
[man] It's enough.
There's no one here.
[sword sheathes]
[barking echoes]
Nothing but bats, sir!
They are rats with wings.
Prepare your things, one bag each.
- We'll go.
- Go where?
- Somewhere else.
- No.
We'll end up spreading out.
We can't do that.
You'd rather we stay here
and starve until they return?
Pérouse will hunt you down.
If we're spread out,
he'll kill us one by one.
Are you aware what will happen
to the children if we're found?
You expect them to fight?
You don't understand.
We all must fight this battle.
- [Marianne sighs]
- Your friends in town,
they're dying
because they won't betray you.
Don't include me.
[Jean grunts]
Men have given their lives
to get you out of prison.
[Marianne] Albert, stop! Stop!
[Jean grunts]
- [Mariane grunts]
- [Albert coughs]
[Oka] Come now.
Leave him to me.
[Albert moans]
I'm not able to cure you.
- But I can give you some respite.
- [Albert pants]
Enough time for you to visit her.
[Albert panting]
Élise is not like her family.
She can help us.
[Oka] Stop talking nonsense.
I will take her father's letters to her.
She'll do anything to protect her people.
[grunts in pain]
You don't understand this temptation.
The unrelenting hunger…
But I cannot leave them again.
It's not fair.
[Albert grunts]
I'll help you.
[sinister clamour]
[grunts in pain]
Who are you?
[sinister clamour]
[glass shatters]
[door slams]
[faint sobbing]
I know how you're feeling.
I'm also confused.
Who killed Father?
They say it was the rebels.
That's not true.
I know.
The monsters killed him.
Look at me! Will you look at me?
You mustn't say that.
It's dangerous.
I know you're keeping quiet to protect me.
But you can't let them do this.
Calm now.
You have to avenge Father.
You have to go see him.
He's waiting for you.
I saw him, in my dreams.
The little girl with the mask,
she wanted me to meet him.
[door slams]
I thought it was clear.
About what, Papa?
That you agree to learn self-control.
Your new nature should remain a secret.
And you definitely cannot feed here.
Why should I hide?
The people have always been present
to feed us here.
Like this or another way,
what's the difference?
Don't you understand me?
The public who are afraid obey.
But a public with nothing to lose
will end up revolting, you stupid fool!
You seem to forget
this stupid fool is Count of Montargis.
You presume
to still give him instructions?
You have let vermin
proliferate everywhere.
They defied him.
Insulted him.
You want him then, Donatien,
to make sure he is worthy
of his privilege?
He will.
Beginning today,
he will take control of his lands
and all other affairs.
[door slams]
[clicks tongue]
His weight in gold…
to he who successfully kills
the most rebels!
[shouts] This chase is to death!
[horse neighs]
When was the last time you ate?
I'm not hungry, thank you.
Eat it!
You must.
[Katell] My father was a poacher.
He said he'd happily die young
as long as his belly was full.
When we arrived here, the Montargis
proved he was right and he was hanged.
For a rabbit…
[Katell scoffs]
[Katell] And you?
Your family?
What family?
I grew up in the orphanage
along with Albert.
[Joseph] I admired him.
I admired him because he showed no fear.
Deep down, I believe
we must have the same father.
Whereas Albert, I knew…
didn't believe I was just a…
a raggamuffin or a pet.
One day the children threw me
in the river, to see if I could swim.
It was Albert who pulled me out.
From then on, he looked at me differently.
He said when you save a life,
they become your responsibility.
From then on, I was "little brother."
To everyone.
He'd say to the others, "That one there…
that's my brother."
About me.
I was so proud.
To feel that protection.
It felt like we were family.
I've always been really good
at deluding myself.
[ominous music playing]
[sword unsheathes]
Where are you going?
We need allies.
You have faith in your countess, have you?
- She'll listen to me.
- She'll have you killed.
What do you know of her?
She's a Montargis, that's enough.
You may have forgotten what they did
but not me.
I accept the risk.
Marianne, I believe…
Élise is the only one
who could stand up to the count.
What makes you think
I'm prepared to take this risk?
Because you have no choice.
Which means what?
It means you're going to die here.
[Marianne scoffs]
- At least we decide how.
- You don't know what you're talking about.
[Oka] Show her, Albert.
[Oka] Something worse is brewing…
Worse than anything you can imagine.
You think I was able to choose?
[man sobs]
Where's your brother?
[man] I don't know.
- Where's your brother?
- [man] I don't know, my lord!
[pleads] No! No! No!
[muffled] No!
[coughs, splutters]
- Where can I find the rebels?
- I don't know!
[hushed whispers]
Oh, my Lord.
How wonderfully moving, bravo!
[Pérouse] My lord.
You shouldn't be here.
This situation is beneath you.
On the contrary, my dear friend.
I've been thinking of late.
The error of my uncle
was his distance from his people.
Me, I want to have connections
with my subjects.
To feed from them.
A beer for everyone!
I said everyone. Him as well.
[clicks fingers]
Oh, may I?
Edmond, I'm disappointed.
You have been striving
ever since I remember…
and look what you've obtained.
A pathetic peasant pissing himself.
[all chuckle]
[imitating whining] Right, my lord,
I'm incompetent, my lord.
[whines] Shhh! Edmond!
I would say you've played your hand.
When a watch dog rebels…
it would do well
to remember who its master is now.
[Pérouse breathes deeply]
I will never forget.
I'd say you've become very bitter, Edmond.
[all laugh]
[Donatien] From now on,
I shall get matters under control
- Edmond.
- [glass shatters]
[door opens]
[door closes]
All right.
[man] No!
No! [muffled screams]
[whispers] Lazarus…
Countess! Countess!
You can't go out by yourself.
The Count requests
that you are always accompanied.
This time, it's loaded.
[cocks gun]
For a moment,
I thought you'd returned for us.
For me.
You must think I'm very naive.
I'm only asking that you listen.
Your armed.
Put down your weapons.
What I saw on the street is impossible.
[Élise] You should be dead.
You never should have seen that.
Pérouse stabbed you in the heart.
I saw you.
I saw you die in front of me
and resurrect.
[Élise] Tell me the truth…
- You won't believe me
- The truth now!
[whispers] Tell me.
[whispers] My God, your heart…
It's not beating.
That's impossible.
You wanted the truth.
There is no other.
I returned to find the woman
who made me so.
[Albert] Her name is Naïs.
Her blood is a curse.
[ragged breathing]
No, this doesn't make sense.
Your father encountered her too.
Shortly after, he was infected.
[Albert] He explained everything to you
in this letter.
Perhaps you'll trust him.
[ragged breathing]
[footsteps fade]
[Donatien] Shhh.
[inhales, puffs]
Do you smell that?
[sniffs] A woman…
[sniffs] …brunette…
[clicks tongue]
[bell tolls in the distance]
[inhales deeply]
[door creaks]
[door closes]
[soft romantic music playing]
[ragged breathing]
[ragged breathing]
[sigh of pleasure]
[Guy] "Élise, if by some miracle,
this confession reaches you,
it means there is still hope.
I am guilty of having spilled
the blood of innocent girls.
This disease that poisons my veins
has turned me into a monster.
I must pay for my crimes,
atone for the sins that blacken my soul,
if I even still have one.
You must protect Madeleine, our family,
and fight for our subjects, our people.
Forgive me.
Pray for me.
Your father who loves you."
What do you want from me?
Assemble all the nobles
who believe your ideas.
You must convince them to fight…
alongside us.
An alliance?
Between the nobility and the Third Estate.
Without this alliance,
no one will be able to stop this plague.
You're asking me to ally
with those who'd rather me dead?
No, I'm not.
No, no…
I'm asking that you guide them.
And protect them.
[Élise] I will do so.
[Katell] Look…
Saint Lazarus…
[hollow echo]
[Katell] Step aside.
Let me.
Katell, wait.
[suspenseful music playing]
[whispers] "As the saint
opened his arms…"
Some sort of journal or log book…
[Joseph] These are notes
of the first mate.
"October 7th.
New Orleans.
- Anno Domini…"
- [man's voice overlapping]…1786.
[both] Mainly calm,
west wind.
Thank God, we will finally set sail.
We were waiting for
our most illustrious passenger,
one of His Majesty's doctors.
In great secret,
he had something carried into his cabin
and forbade anyone to go near it.
They say it's a present
for the King himself.
October 23rd.
The mood on board is deteriorating.
The men are complaining
of recurrent nightmares.
They all speak of
a mysterious little girl.
I struggle greatly
to understand their accounts.
I'm beginning to suspect our food
has been contaminated with ergot fungus.
I'd like to ask the King's doctor
for advice,
but he has refused to leave his cabin
since we set sail.
November 3rd.
Third suicide onboard.
The men are seized by violence
and madness,
pushed to their limit
by incessant nightmares.
I keep seeing her myself…
[hisses, chuckles]
[deep sigh]
"November 13th.
I must resolve to throw
this demon overboard before our arrival.
I have now persuaded myself…
her death is the only way
to stop this evil.
May the Lord give me strength."
That's all.
[Élise] Baron de Lariboise,
can I count on you to depose Donatien?
The nights ahead
will be full of treason and despair.
Are you ready for that?
The light only comes
after the night which is most sombre.
[Élise] Then I have your word?
I'm here to serve you, Madame Countess.
Ask, and I shall obey.
Who are they?
These are our allies.
[Katell] They went to America
to find a man who was sick.
[Joseph] They brought him to France.
But what for?
I have no idea.
But according to these notes…
this is our patient zero.
The one that contaminated
Guy de Montargis.
The count was at court, right?
You're saying
this malady is at Versailles?
[suspenseful music playing]
[horse whinnies]
[inhales and exhales deeply]
[breathes deeply]
- [man] There is no one here.
- [clicks tongue]
[suspenseful music builds]
[cocks gun]
[whispers] Oh no…
There's someone here.
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