La Revolution (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Chapter Six - The Alliance

[door creaks]
[Donatien] Good evening. Who are you?
[Katell] We're doctors.
It was doctors who killed my mother.
She endured years of suffering.
People say you get used to the pain,
but they're wrong.
It remains there.
Always there.
And there's nothing you can do
to escape it's grip.
It possesses you.
It contaminates
every instant of your life.
And even if your spirit is strong…
it too becomes poisoned by it.
[Donatien] And you beg
for the pain to stop.
You would do anything for only one second,
one measly second without suffering.
[Joseph] Evil threatens your county,
my lord.
We discovered that a disease
is spreading across your land.
We must isolate the sick,
protect the population.
Atrophy of the adrenal glands.
[ominous music playing]
Blue blood?
[Donatien] Those are the symptoms?
That's correct.
That's strange…
I'd say some are missing.
Senses doubled.
Strength increased.
Insensitivity to pain.
Such a hunger…
- [Donatien] Hunger that nothing can
- Enough.
- I said that's close enough.
- I forgot the last symptom.
Probably the most important.
[Donatien] Immortality.
[Madeleine] There are two kinds of men.
Those who are afraid to die,
and those who are ready
to give their lives for others.
When the Apocalypse began,
I saw the meekest, the weakest,
the outcasts lift up their heads,
and defy those in power.
Their blood was spilled
so I could tell you this story.
Remember their names.
Because if there is a light
in the darkness today,
it is thanks to them.
[Élise] An alliance
between your men and my supporters
would enable us to topple my cousin.
I will take his place.
I will hand over power,
and return this county
to those who ought lead it.
- [Marianne] And who might that be?
- Its people.
You'd abolish your privileges as well?
As well as my name and rank.
[Élise] First we must attack
the gendarmarie.
- That way my uncle is defenceless.
- I'll furnish you with arms.
We'll still be outnumbered.
Remember the Camisards.
They were only a few
against the royal troops.
If the King is called upon
by the nobility?
[Lariboise] We must have them
rally to our cause.
They will listen to me.
They will support the one
who is going to bring them peace.
Will it be sufficient
for them submit to a woman?
For that, I'll have to marry.
We'll announce our wedding
for All Saints' Day.
You are certain that is what you want?
You're an honest man.
You are respected within our Order.
Marriage is the only way
to convince the nobility.
- [ominous music playing]
- [wind stirs]
- [woman sobs]
- [grunts]
[chains rattle]
[indistinct cries]
[Joseph] Katell!
[Katell] Where are we?
[Joseph] I don't know,
but we have to leave. Get up!
[Katell] What is that?
[man 1] Help!
They're coming!
[woman 1] Please, sir…
[woman 2] Help me!
[man 1] They'll come back!
They will come back.
[woman 2] They will come back.
[man 2] They will come back.
They will come back.
- [woman 2] They'll come back.
- [man 2] Please…
[woman 1] Please…
[indistinct pleas]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Lariboise] The man who was there. Albert.
The one from your medallion?
What is it to you?
That you love him.
I was barely 15 years old
when we met first.
I'd remained in the château
since the death of my mother.
Every day spent crying.
I was certain
this awful feeling would never leave me.
[Élise] I was on my way to church
when he stole my brooch.
It belonged to my mother.
My last keepsake from her.
I don't know what came over me…
It angered me so
that all I could do was pursue him.
I ended up in the slums of the city
for the first time.
I saw people there
who were so dirty, so poor.
There were children playing in the mud.
And it smelt like a morgue.
But Albert turned and came back.
He put his arms around me.
He apologised at once
and said I shouldn't be so upset.
He had entered my life and from then,
he was all I could see.
I could think of nothing
but running with him
to the end of the world.
Far away.
As far away as possible.
I shall protect you, and also Madeleine.
But I will demand in return…
that once we are married,
you will never again see Albert.
[Lariboise] Ever.
speak to me.
You have my word.
[Oka] Remember why
you returned to this place.
You have to find Naïs.
But why me?
[Oka] Her blood runs through your veins,
for she who saved your life.
Have you ever thought she made a mistake?
That she should have saved
your son instead?
Every day.
But I'm aware that when we find Naïs,
I'll understand why it is so.
[Oka] And you will too.
[horse trotting]
[clicking tongue]
[clicks tongue]
Did you see that? I made it!
[Ophélie] My respects
to the best horsewoman in the county.
You're mocking me!
You're wrong.
I mean it. Really.
Madeleine, what's wrong?
I wish Father could have seen me.
I'm sure he would have been so proud.
Even if I was not his real daughter?
Who said that?
[Donatien] How touching.
The servant playing at being mother.
[horse neighs]
Stop! You're scaring him!
I understand absolutely nothing
you're saying, dear cousin.
- [Ophélie] She's asking you to stop.
- Nobody asked you.
You know, of all the family,
I've always felt
something special with you.
I was like you before…
diminished, fragile,
because I was different.
[sinister clamour]
- [inhales]
- [Ophélie] Madeleine!
Madeleine, it's Ophélie.
[Ophélie gasps] Madeleine, stop!
What are you doing?
[Madeleine gasps]
[Marianne] This alliance with the nobility
is our chance.
Our chance to never again have to submit.
Our chance to shout
what we are fighting for
from the rooftops.
Men are born free, equal before the law.
The time has come
to destabilize the power.
[metal clanging]
[woman grunts]
[chain rattles]
- Katell, please stop.
- Let go of me!
- Katell, please, this isn't the time
- [Katell] You saw him, as did I.
I shot him in his heart!
- Please calm yourself.
- [Katell] Calm myself?
He's dead, Joseph!
He's dead!
And yet he is still here.
He spoke with us.
You don't know who it is.
The disease may have altered something.
Stop! Stop! Stop!
That's enough about your diseases,
your remedies, your theories!
[woman weeps softly]
What we saw was the Devil.
And no one can do anything against him.
[gun clicks]
[Marianne] How flattering.
The price on my head has doubled again.
Someday, your head will be swinging
from up high in the city.
You must be aware
you're not the first to threaten me?
[Marianne] What do you expect?
You expect me to tremble?
And to beg?
I can see it in your eyes.
You're used to women trembling
before you, aren't you?
[officer] Bitches bark,
but they always end up obeying.
Do you share his views?
[Marianne] No who?
[Marianne] No who?
No, madame.
You're going to pass on
what you saw to Pérouse.
Repeat after me.
The Fraternity…
[officer] …declares war on
the cripple who claims to be our count.
As long as the cripple doesn't abdicate,
no noble shall remain unmarked.
Did she say anything else?
That you're at the top of her list.
[plates clatter]
- [indistinct whispers]
- [hurried footsteps]
[butler] Quickly!
My God.
[ominous music playing]
[indistinct heated conversation]
[indistinct conversation continues]
[man] What are we supposed to do?
What are we waiting for?
So they dance with our heads?
- Something must be done!
- [Charles] My lords,
- We understand.
- [Lariboise] Really, Charles?
You've said that before,
yet the attacks are multiplying.
- [man 1] That's right.
- Are you waiting for us all to die?
He's right. What are we waiting for?
Yes, it's impossible We can't go on.
[Donatien] Silence.
- Silence!
- [chatter increases]
[Donatien] Silence!
[screams] Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
[pounds table]
[Donatien sighs]
I like…
neither your manners…
nor your words.
I'm truly sorry you feel that
but I'm telling you the truth.
The truth?
That's a grand word
behind which you hide yourself.
I also have some truth, you see.
You are…
a pathetic baron of incompetence,
Monsieur de Lariboise.
A person to be ridiculed.
A miserable orator of the countryside.
But no matter how many feathers
you stick up your arsehole…
[Donatien scoffs]
- …you will never be a peacock!
- [Charles] Donatien!
[Donatien] You will always remain…
a timid little chick.
A helpless little bird
fallen from its nest
that I crush with my boot.
You're insulting me.
You understand, after all.
Yes, I'm insulting you.
But I'm making a finer point.
You are despised.
and you, and you, and you.
You're all the same.
Your fear repulses me.
I'm no longer the cripple you have mocked.
The pathetic limper,
the dead branch of the family,
who inspired your
Your banishment
and the cruel things you said.
[screams] I am your Count!
I demand your allegiance
and your unquestioning obedience!
And your Count is demanding…
my dear subordinates…
that all you do is listen to me
and obey.
Is that clear?
[Donatien] Very well.
I shall hear no more on it.
[Donatien sniffs]
We are dependant on the nobles.
If you humiliate them, they'll betray you!
Citizens won't attack what they fear.
And where is this knowledge coming from?
Your long experience in power?
No, from you, Father.
I've been observing.
I spent so long
seeking affection from you,
I didn't waste those opportunities.
And what did you learn?
That you're a coward, Father.
[dogs barking]
You see?
You didn't dare to inject
this disease into your veins.
- You were afraid to change.
- It was so I could save you.
Is this really why you did it?
And yet, deep inside you,
a little voice is whispering.
[whispers] It says again and again
you've always been
afraid of your ambition.
You could have deposed my uncle
and claimed this country as your own.
But you never even tried.
[door closes]
Your dog awaits. Don't be late.
I would hate to keep you.
[man 1] Leave us.
This must desist.
What do you mean?
You were right. That freak of nature
doesn't deserve to govern.
Would you be willing
to rally against Charles?
If the survival of this country
is at stake, I would.
- I'll give it some thought.
- Consider quickly.
A providential man
ought to bring back peace.
Why a man?
[indistinct conversation]
[Charles] Someone is trying
to sow panic and chaos.
- Those rebels are a bunch of agitators.
- I don't mean them.
Someone is using them to destabilise us.
The rebellion was dying.
And suddenly, as if by magic,
they are armed and some have the temerity
to approach us as we wait here.
[Pérouse] A conspiracy?
A revolt needs financing.
There are no ideals without a patron.
The Baron of Lariboise?
Yes, but he wouldn't act alone.
He has neither the courage nor the title
to dare to attack our family.
[Pérouse] Then who?
The enemy is often closer
than you imagine.
This is no time for politics.
Please deal with my niece, and the baron.
In his madness,
my son saw right through me.
I've been a coward for a long time.
Let's catch them in their own trap.
It should look like a political attack.
You must leave.
I cannot go.
I'm not leaving.
[Ophélie] Then send Madeleine away.
She's in danger here.
Or allow me. I'll ensure her security.
You need to make a decision.
[hooves thumping]
[indistinct shouts]
[indistinct chatter, laughter]
My lord? My master
Don't say anything.
Do you like riddles?
[Pérouse] I love riddles.
My father would invent them for me.
I'd discover them
under my pillow at bedtime.
And when I woke, I'd run to his room
with the solution.
How long have you been working
for the Baron of Lariboise?
For many years, monsieur.
[Pérouse] What could move a loyal servant
to come see me?
Either he's following his master's orders,
or he's about to betray him.
[whispers] My master and the
Countess of Montargis have allied
with the Fraternity.
I must send a message.
[Donatien humming]
[Marie] Donatien.
What's going on?
I'm worried.
I don't recognize you anymore.
Do not worry about me.
[inhales, exhales]
I have something to show you.
[Donatien] I assure you
it will change your life.
[Katell] Hurry up.
[Joseph] Move your head.
- Watch out, it's going to explode.
- All right.
- [metallic crack]
- [gasps]
- [chain rattles]
- [relieved sigh]
[Katell] Wait.
[Joseph pants]
[woman screams] They're coming!
They're coming!
- Just go!
- [Katell] No!
- Please, you have to leave.
- No, no!
Listen to me, please.
- You have to leave.
- I'm not leaving you. I just won't.
[Donatien] Our family tree.
Five hundred years of Montargis history.
It was planted by the first of our line
during the reign of Saint Louis.
Enemies of the family
were chained to its trunk.
Once they had died of hunger,
thirst or madness,
their cadavers were thrown into the lake.
[pistols click]
- [gunshot]
- [horses neigh]
[panicked breathing] What are you doing?
- [Marie] What are you doing?
- [Donatien] Shhh.
[Marie sobs]
[Donatien] Don't be afraid.
- Stay here.
- Donatien…
- Shhh.
- [gasps]
I'm going to offer you
a beautiful privilege.
You will no longer fear death any more.
I want you to be the first to stand by me.
- [gasps]
- [squelch]
[knife clatters]
[Donatien] Shhh.
Don't be afraid.
[strangled breathing]
[ominous music playing]
[Joseph whispers] He's contaminating them!
[Jean] We received this.
Élise is about to be trapped.
We must go now.
- Where will they go?
- I have family in the south.
[Lariboise] You'll go
under a false identity
and avoid the main roads.
[birds screech]
Come with us.
I cannot.
If you stay, you'll die.
I will not die, I promise.
Do you hear?
[Lariboise] Élise, please hurry.
[whispers] Au revoir.
Be strong.
Go on.
[Élise] I love you, Madeleine.
[whispers] I love you.
[Lariboise] Come on, please hurry.
[branch cracks]
[metallic click]
- [whispers] It will be all right.
- [Madeleine sobs]
[horse neighs]
- [gunshot]
- [Lariboise grunts]
[Lariboise grunts]
- [screams]
- [Élise] Baron!
- [gunshot]
- [Lariboise grunts]
[yells] Run! Hide, please!
- [Élise] Just go!
- [Ophélie] Madeleine, quickly!
[horses neigh]
- [Lariboise moans]
- [Élise pants] Henri.
[Élise] Henri, hold on!
No! Look at me!
Look at me!
[panicked breathing]
[Madeleine screams]
[Ophélie] Madeleine!
[Ophélie screams] No!
[Lariboise chokes]
[Pérouse] You reap what you sow, Baron!
Treason is punished with bullets.
[sharp gasp]
[inhales deeply]
[sinister music playing]
[Katell whispers] Joseph!
[Katell] They're waking up!
Run! Run, Katell.
Katell, please run! Save yourself!
[suspenseful music playing]
[horses blow, neigh]
[cocks gun]
The blue-bloods…
[Oka] I'll deal with them.
- [branch rustles]
- [cocks gun]
Where is Élise?
[door closes]
[Charles] This is where your father
took refuge after he fell ill.
You have assassinated a baron.
An enemy.
[Élise] What have you done with Madeleine?
Answer me!
[Charles] Did you think
you could seize power?
Only protect the people from you
and the monster you created.
Why are you doing all this?
Because you are threatening
the Establishment.
The people are dying
because of men like you.
But why not accept
the world needs to change?
You see this?
View it as a chance.
A chance to live…
and see your daughter grow up.
And if I refuse?
You will await death here.
And Madeleine will return
to where she belongs.
[Charles] And the people will forget
that a countess tried to upturn
the natural order of things.
[door closes]
Shhh, wait, Joseph.
[nervous breathing]
[chain rattles]
[panicked breathing]
Don't be afraid.
[softly] It'll be all right.
It'll be all right. Don't worry.
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
[girl screams]
[agonised scream]
[Katell whimpers]
[scattered screams]
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