La Revolution (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Chapter Seven - The Dilemma

[Madeleine] Signs from both God
and the Devil are all around you.
You need only open your eyes to see them.
They haunt our lives,
they inhabit our dreams,
colour our nightmares.
These are signs that there exists
something greater than us.
Light and shadow beyond the visible,
beyond the universe, beyond life itself.
That year,
more than during any other,
the signs were already there.
And among those who refused to see them,
believe me, not one survived.
[ragged breathing]
- [door opens]
- [footsteps approach]
Élise, don't do that.
You cannot escape the blue blood.
Believe me, it's what has become of me.
Do you want to know what happens?
When you wake up again…
the first thing you feel
is an icy cold coursing in your veins.
And then the hunger.
I know you are strong,
but the hunger will grow.
It will gnaw at your thoughts,
your will.
If you're lucky,
you might learn to control yourself.
But some day, you won't be able to.
The hunger will overpower you.
And those sharing your path
will be in terrible danger.
Do you understand what I'm telling you?
You'll no longer be able
to care for Madeleine.
You won't feel love any more, Élise.
For ever.
Because all you'll have to offer
is the promise of death.
[indistinct screams]
- [chains rattle]
- [panicked moans]
[sinister music playing]
- [stifled cry]
- [Joseph] Shhh.
[blood drips]
[Marie] Henri!
[Marie whimpers] What…
No, no!
[Marie] No…
[Marie] Stop.
[yells] Oka, no!
[Joseph] Don't do it! We need her!
[Katell] I've got her! Help me!
[Charles] Donatien! Come here at once!
- [man] I couldn't do anything.
- Donatien!
[Donatien] Yes, Father…
[Donatien] What is it now?
Where's my sister?
[enunciates] Where is my sister?
I couldn't help
[Donatien] Summon the gendarmarie.
At once!
[Marie whimpers]
[chain rattles]
[Marie whimpers]
What's wrong with her?
This woman is ill
and she's my responsibility.
[Joseph] I need to isolate her
in order to understand her condition.
[Joseph] Move your head.
Does it hurt?
What would you do
if I became a blue-blood?
If I understood correctly,
we'd have to cut off your head.
Am I right? That's the only solution.
[Marianne] That's what Albert told me.
My men are afraid.
I have no way of reassuring them.
Care to tell me
what you have planned for her?
To study her.
She's in the first phase of contamination,
the most virulent.
For how long?
- Give us some time.
- [Marianne] Two days.
No more.
After that, Marie de Montargis's head
will join her uncle's.
If the epidemic spreads, it's impossible
to decapitate all of the diseased.
Why couldn't we?
[Joseph] We don't have enough knives.
I hear you're very ingenious,
Joseph Guillotin.
[Joseph] Yes, but I'm not a butcher.
[Joseph] Keep still.
[Joseph] Squeeze your fist.
[Joseph] Squeeze tight.
What are you doing?
Can you answer me? Why do you want blood?
To verify.
[Jean] Verify what?
If among us, there is immunity.
In English?
[Katell] If your blood resists
the disease, it means you're immune.
And your blood can help us
fight the disease.
And in theory,
we'd be able to find a cure.
[Jean] There's a chance
the theory will work?
In time we'll see. Next!
[Élise] No.
I can't stay here any longer.
[Albert] We must wait until dark
to return to the camp.
[Élise] I have no intention
of returning there.
I'm going back to the château.
Alone you don't stand a chance.
[sighs] I'll surrender.
- I accept their conditions.
- No.
I won't let you risk your life.
Why are you worried about that?
Marianne promised to support you.
We've a chance to topple your cousin
and stop the blue blood.
You know what Donatien is capable of.
That's why it's impossible
to leave Madeleine with him.
If we don't stop the epidemic,
so many will die.
Are you sure Madeleine is more important
than everyone?
- You know I'm right.
- I know.
You must take responsibility.
You have no idea what you're asking me.
If you die,
Madeleine won't have anyone to count on.
You're wrong.
She will still have her father.
She's my daughter, Albert.
She's our daughter.
Are you really prepared to sacrifice her
now that you know?
[deep sigh]
You should try to eat something,
[echoes] You are now on your own.
[Madeleine claps] I'm not.
[sinister clamour]
- [wind gusts]
- [glass shatters]
[Donatien] Those rebels…
I shall…
I shall keep them alive.
I shall begin with their feet…
and I'll slowly make my way up.
And when I've had enough
of hearing their screams,
I will devour their tongues. [chuckles]
From the day you were born,
I knew you would be a perpetual failure.
I knew it when you spoke your first words.
I knew it as I watched you grow,
without a single quality.
[Charles] I thought the privilege
of the blue blood
might heal your body
and broaden your mind.
I realize today
how I completely deluded myself.
There is no remedy or cure for mediocrity.
Shut up!
You are incapable of learning patience.
Your vanity,
cowardice, manipulation…
You're the chastisement God has sent
to punish my pride for being too naive.
And I know, on this day,
that my line will end and die
with you in dishonour.
You have no right
to speak to me like that.
[yells] I am the Count!
You have destroyed each and every hope
I have placed in you.
- You have contaminated…
- [Donatien sobs]
…the most degenerate of your friends.
You've abandoned your sister
to our enemies.
[screams] That's enough!
To top it all…
you betrayed the crown.
[stifled sob]
What do you think will happen
now that our enemies know
about the blue blood?
They will revolt now.
They will take the château.
Even the most cowardly of men
doesn't turn a blind eye
when someone devours his children.
You see, my son, there are few things
in which we're all equals.
That is one I tell you.
All spurred and blinded
by our love for our children.
No matter how ungrateful
and miserable they are.
[screams] Shut your mouth!
[Charles grunts]
Look what you're finally making me do!
Are you happy now?
[Charles chokes]
I told you to be quiet!
[Charles moans]
But you never listen to me!
[Donatien sobs]
You've never listened to me.
[melancholic piano instrumental playing]
[bird screeches]
[soft footsteps]
I'm sorry.
I wasn't able to protect Madeleine.
[whispers] You'll have the occasion
to keep your promise.
[Élise] War will soon be declared.
We'll use the diversion
to get Madeleine out.
Joseph, look at me.
- You're right to be angry.
- [scoffs]
It's a bit late to be a big brother,
wouldn't you say?
You used me and then you deceived me.
And you never thought
you could place me in your confidence?
You saw what happened to Father Maxence?
He helped and he is dead.
- I don't want you to end up the same way.
- [scoffs]
You always think
you're able to understand,
explain everything. You can't, Joseph.
You think your science
will find an answer?
The only cure for the blue-bloods is this.
One gets used to saving lives
just as one gets used to taking them.
But that's the difference
between you and me.
[Donatien chews]
When will you bury your father?
Who says he will be buried?
Why would I deprive myself of the pleasure
of seeing what I've escaped?
And forever.
Now it's my turn to pose the questions.
Have you found my sister?
[Donatien] No?
Have you found my cousin?
Have you crushed the rebels? No.
[sing-song voice] No, no, no, no, no, no!
Yet importantly,
that's not what's bothering me, Edmond.
You're a good hound.
A little rusty, but a good hound.
And that's exactly my problem.
A hound remains loyal to its master.
Even after his demise.
Why do you think
every self-respecting king
replaces all his ministers
when he comes to power?
I'm planning great things, my friend,
and I sincerely want to give you a chance.
A chance to prove to me your devotion.
So, Edmond,
will you obey me?
You are the Count.
It's my role to obey you.
Let's see, then.
Fetch it.
[clicks tongue]
You forget the detail, Edmond.
[Donatien] Dogs walk on four legs.
As you will.
[Pérouse grunts]
[Pérouse grunts in pain]
- You shouldn't be surprised, Edmond.
- [thuds, grunts]
It's just the law of the pack.
[thuds, grunts continue]
Once the dominant one is feeble,
the others scramble to take its place.
[Donatien] Get rid of him.
[Pérouse] I'll be back!
[Pérouse] I will kill you!
You degenerate cripple!
[Donatien] Goodbye, Edmond.
- [Pérouse yells indistinctly]
- [Donatien] You know,
death is only the beginning.
- [crows cawing]
- [shovel hits soil]
[Donatien] My lords…
I welcome you all.
Have you ever visited Versailles,
my friends?
My father took me once.
[man] And where is he?
Your father?
Where is he?
In his bureau.
It seems you are dying to join him.
Then later I will personally see to it
you get your wish.
I was saying… Versailles.
I was very young.
But I remember meeting there
the most strange creature.
The courtier.
[scattered chuckles]
A courtier must never be right.
He must never have an opinion.
He constantly perfects
the most difficult art of all.
[whispers] Grovelling.
[Donatien] You, my friends,
are not like that.
You are the aristocracy of my county.
You are the the very finest
of the kingdom's nobility.
And I…
I desperately need you.
Are you prepared to help me?
It is my pleasure to announce my wedding!
In three days,
- I will marry my dear cousin!
- [murmurs of assent]
Madeleine de Montargis.
[indistinct murmurs]
- She's still an infant.
- [Donatien] And I'll make you a promise.
On that day,
with your help…
[hushed murmurs]
…my sister Marie will be at my side.
May this moment
seal the bonds that unite us…
[Donatien] forever.
[suspenseful music builds]
[Donatien sighs]
[Donatien] The time has come…
to create an army.
[Marie] Élise, help me. I need you.
[Élise] Marie?
What are you doing?
She's unwell.
[Joseph] Recently contaminated.
And her body
hasn't yet adapted to the disease.
What will you do with her, Joseph?
I must take her blood.
[Élise] Why?
Not everyone's the same
in battling the disease.
Some individuals
have a natural resistance to it.
If we find an individual who's immune
we can use their blood
in order to extract a vaccine.
[Joseph] Trust me, Élise.
- It's only a theory…
- [whimpers]
…but it's our only hope.
[Marie screams]
[sobs] Help me.
Help me.
[door slams]
[footsteps approach]
They say it brings bad luck
to see one's fiancée
in her wedding robes.
But I've not believed
in superstition for a long time.
It will be quick.
You'll hardly feel a thing.
[Donatien] Shhh… [clicks tongue]
…it's no use.
People won't come to help you.
They have abandoned you.
[Donatien] All of them.
I am you're only hope.
My sweet Madeleine.
My father never realized
how clever you are.
Concealing yourself behind a mask
of lunacy was a magnificent ruse.
Kill her.
[Madeleine grunts]
[ominous clamour]
[Madeleine] Idiot!
Do you understand now?
You're powerless against me.
Return her to her chamber.
[Donatien] Lock her in!
No one must go near her.
[door closes]
[man gasps]
[scattered gasps]
[sharp gasp]
[bones crunch]
[laboured breaths]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Joseph] No, no, no.
That was our last sample.
They're all contaminated.
We will continue searching.
This is only the premier trial.
- I propose we combine samples.
- There's no point. None of us are immune.
[Joseph] Maybe such a case
doesn't even exist.
And without one,
we won't be able to protect anyone.
- [dogs bark]
- [crows caw]
[indistinct conversation, laughter]
[wild laughter coming from tavern]
[woman] Good evening, my lords.
Can I offer you something to drink?
[woman] My lord, what are you doing?
- [woman screams]
- [frantic screams]
- [glass breaking]
- [wild screams]
[glass shatters]
[agonised screams]
[sinister music playing]
[indistinct screams]
- [woman screams]
- [flesh rips]
[desperate screams]
[muffled cries]
[baby wails]
[boy shouts] Help!
Help! Help!
[boy] Help us…
[woman] The nobles have lost their minds.
They attacked us at the tavern.
My God…
So it commences.
[blood drips]
[melancholy music playing softly]
We have to leave.
Right away.
Perhaps you're right.
We should leave here.
But one thing is for sure.
If we do depart,
the best thing we can expect to do
is merely survive whilst we are hiding.
But we will bear witness
to the spread of the most terrible,
the most deadly and unjust epidemic
humanity has ever known.
Or we can fight it.
Not for ourselves, no. Or our lives.
But for a cause even greater.
The others.
Those men and women we don't even know,
and who will probably
never learn our names.
[Joseph] Yes, our enemies are very rich,
very powerful.
But let me tell you in confidence.
They are afraid.
Because they know
that if we unite our forces,
we number infinitely more than they do.
Enough at least to prevent
what happened here.
Who will stay?
And fight?
I will be staying here.
And me.
[Katell] Do you know what this means?
This will begin a revolution.
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