La Revolution (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Chapter Eight - The Rebellion

[Madeleine] My whole life,
I have seen men be humiliated.
I have seen slaves be threatened,
women being thrown down into the mud.
I felt this silent anger within them.
Every day,
I watched it grow within their heart.
What those in power don't know
is that, one day,
this anger will merge.
This is not a prediction.
It is a certainty.
Then the voices of thousands
of anonymous people will rise and say,
"No, I will no longer submit."
And yesterday's slaves
will become today's rebels.
[bell tolls]
Come on. Quickly.
[indistinct reading]
Is this a rebel?
[man] The gendarmerie are coming!
[officer]"We, the people,
are offering the usurper,
Donatien de Montargis,
the chance to restore justice.
We are prepared to release his sister,
Marie de Montargis,
on the condition that the usurper
renounce the title of Count.
Those responsible for the crimes
that have covered this town in blood
will be imprisoned and quarantined.
Should our offer be refused,
Marie de Montargis will be tried,
and executed in retribution
for the crimes committed by her family."
[officer] "The exchange will take place
at noon,
in the main street.
[nervous cough]
"The cripple should prepare for war
if he doesn't abdicate."
[Donatien] Go then…
to arms.
[ragged breathing]
[sinister clamour]
Help me, please.
[clamour fades]
[Joseph] You're worried about your sister.
If she's contaminated…
- We don't know that
- Yes, but what if she is?
I'll discover a cure.
I promise you.
Let us not promise
what we might not be able to do.
On the contrary,
the time for promises has arrived.
It's up to us to keep them.
We have to, you and me.
Everyone here, in fact.
Otherwise, what remains?
She's not my sister.
Albert and I, we
She's our daughter.
Why tell me?
Because if something should happen to me,
she'll need good people
to take care of her.
[muffled] No!
[Albert] You can't leave now.
Since the beginning you've known
it isn't my battle. It isn't yours either.
You're wrong.
Maybe you're right,
but they need us both right now.
You want to save as many as possible?
Then finding Naïs
is the only thing that counts.
They're willing to die for their liberty.
Like you.
- Like your son.
- Don't mention my son!
Do you think he'd let you turn your back?
If he were here,
I'd tell him the same as I told you.
Your friends are no more.
The blue-bloods will decimate them.
- They have desire.
- No.
And in your heart, you know it.
Slaying Naïs is the only way
to prevent darkness engulfing this world.
You will do something for me.
Make sure that Madeleine
doesn't live to see the sun rise.
[man] What about your wedding?
She is abnormal.
And Donatien de Montargis doesn't want
abnormal people around him.
Her presence here could be used
to please your cousin.
I don't need an infant
to ensure my victory.
[dramatic choral music playing]
[Donatien] This day will be remembered
as a flamboyant reminder
of the order of things.
[Donatien] People need to remember
what their fate is.
To submit, to obey…
and to feed us.
[Joseph] If we do depart,
the best thing we can expect
is merely survive whilst we are hiding.
But we will bear witness
to the spread of the most terrible,
the most deadly and unjust epidemic
humanity has ever known.
Or we can fight it. Not for ourselves, no,
or our lives,
but for a cause even greater.
Yes, our enemies are very rich,
very powerful.
But let me tell you in confidence.
They are afraid.
Because they know that
if we unite our forces,
we number infinitely more than they do.
I made you a promise,
and I will keep that promise.
I'm most fortunate
to have you as a friend.
I shall return your daughter
and ensure her safety.
Donatien must already be on his way.
I'll go to the château
once the guards have left.
[crows caw]
[door rattles]
[nervous breathing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[faint crackle]
[door creaks]
[ragged breathing]
[Ophélie] Madeleine!
[Ophélie] Madeleine!
[Ophélie] Madeleine?
[heavy breathing]
[Ophélie screams]
[muffled cries]
[inhales deeply]
[knife clatters]
[blood trickles]
[Ophélie] Shhh.
Where's Élise?
[Ophélie] We have to leave!
[bell tolls]
[boy] They're coming!
[boy] They're coming!
[marching feet approach]
[horses neigh]
[metallic click]
[slow horse-trot]
With whom will Donatien
endure the dishonour of speaking?
[Élise] Donatien.
- My salutat
- I have no desire to speak.
You know our conditions.
- Indeed. Your requests were read out.
- [Élise] You don't understand.
They are not requests.
You've inflicted enough damage
on this county
and its people.
What have they done to you, cousin?
Tell me how they managed to convince you
the people can dictate their conditions?
The suffering you inflict
is unforgivable as you know.
And I should trust you why?
You must assume that I'm stupid
as not to see your miserable,
ridiculous little strategy, but…
you have somehow managed
to convince brutes and illiterates
to help you depose me from my place.
I've no plan to take your place.
I shall never again be a countess.
[Élise] Before God
and the sovereign people,
I renounce my name and my privileges.
On this day, I swear to renounce
my given rights by blood and my family.
And beginning from today,
and till I am no more,
I am the equal of each woman
and each man who lives in your domain.
[Marianne] You hear that?
If you want us to return your sister,
and have a chance to escape, you abdicate.
Let's pretend,
and I mean "let's pretend,"
I do as you propose?
Expand on the next stage.
The diseased will be quarantined
inside the château.
And we will cure you.
It appears you're not leaving me
much of a choice.
Lower your weapons, men.
Now you return my sister.
[Donatien] Come.
Come, come.
- [Marie cries]
- [Donatien shushes]
[Donatien] Calm yourself.
It's over. It's over.
This is all your fault, you know.
[whispers] None of this would've happened
if you had been worthy of me.
[Marie grunts]
- [Donatien] Gentlemen, go ahead.
- [man 1] Fire!
- [gunfire]
- [indistinct shouts, bustle]
[indistinct shouts]
[man 1] Fire!
- [explosion]
- [indistinct screams, shouts]
[muffled explosions echo]
[muffled shouts]
[muffled neighs]
[Joseph grunts]
[man screams]
[indistinct screams]
[Katell] Joseph! Joseph, get up.
Get up!
Get up, Joseph. It's me!
It's me. It's me. It's me. It's me.
[distant explosions, gunfire]
[Ophélie] I'm entrusting her to you.
[Ophélie] Take her to Versailles.
[man] Go! Run!
[Joseph moans]
[horses whinny]
[Marianne] Jules! No!
Get in! Get in there!
[man] Stay where you are!
[cocks gun]
Where's Madeleine?
Hidden safely.
[door rattles]
[Élise] Here, take this.
- [indistinct screams]
- [Joseph] Justin, no!
[Albert] Marianne!
- [agonised groan]
- [Joseph] Hold on!
Stay with me, Justin!
It'll be fine! Justin, look at me.
Justin, I'll take care of you.
Justin, look at me.
- [Justin] It hurts…
- [Joseph] Shhh.
[Joseph] You'll be all right.
Don't worry, I'll take care of you.
- We need to leave here!
- What?
- We must leave now!
- No!
[Joseph] Justin, breathe…
I'm here, hold on!
It's no use!
It's no use, you can't help him.
[melancholy music playing]
[indistinct pleas]
We have to leave! Joseph!
[agonised scream]
[Joseph] Jean!
[Joseph] Get up!
[Joseph] Wait, Jean…
[Katell screams]
[Katell] This way.
[Marianne] Retreat!
Retreat to the church! Go to the church!
- [indistinct shouting]
- [Albert] Get up!
Get to the church!
[Katell] A little further!
[Marianne grunts]
[man yells]
[Katell] Let us through!
[Joseph] You'l be all right.
Get to the church!
[Marianne] Retreat.
[Marianne] Help him. Help him.
[Joseph] You'll be all right. All right.
[man 1] Kill him!
[Marianne] No!
[man 2 roars]
[inhales deeply]
[flesh rips]
[horse neighs]
[Donatien] Kill him! Just kill him!
[horse neighs]
Get back, you whore.
You have lost, Donatien.
But you could still choose to surrender.
And suffer that humiliation once more?
No. No.
I'd prefer to set this town on fire
and destroy every souvenir of this county.
[gun clicks]
[sword clatters]
I tried to warn you.
You shouldn't trust anybody.
Ophélie… Why?
Your daughter.
- [Élise] I don't understand.
- You really have no idea?
Who are you?
Just someone.
[footsteps fading]
[Albert] Élise!
[Albert] Élise!
[Albert] Élise!
[Albert] No…
["Moonlight Sonata" playing]
[courtier] His Majesty the King!
[footsteps approach]
[Louis XVI groans softly]
[Donatien] Your Majesty…
I tried to contain the revolt, but
[Louis XVI] Hmm…
I beg of you, I plead for your pardon.
[Louis XVI] Hmm!
These rebels,
what do they know of my great project?
- They have no idea.
- [Louis XVI] Hmm… good.
Take the girl to the Bastille
and double the guard.
[Louis XVI] Dear friend,
it is time to compose yourself.
The rebels will come here.
To Paris.
[Louis XVI]
And we will give them a fitting welcome.
[Louis XVI groans softly]
[Louis XVI] Look at me.
Do you know why they say
I am the equal of the gods?
- Yes.
- [Louis XVI] I'm listening.
Because you are just as cruel as they are.
[sinister laugh]
[Louis XVI groans softly]
[Madeleine] What happened that year…
is not written in the history books.
Sceptics will continue
to believe it never existed…
No matter.
I know what I saw.
I was there.
I am telling you this
so that you will not forget.
So that someone will remember
that the murder of a low-born girl
was the spark that set fire
to the kingdom of France.
I want to remember
that her death was not for nothing.
It was the beginning of a conquest.
That of a people
prepared to fight for liberty,
and fraternity.
[chains rattle]
[man sighs]
So, it is you…
Yes, it's her.
[door locks]
My perfect twins…
Finally reunited.
[glass tinkles]
All is well.
You're beginning to understand, then.
[theme music playing]
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