La Unidad (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

On March 11, 2004, in Madrid,
193 people died
in the greatest terrorist attack
by a jihadist cell in Spain.
Since then,
Spain has become the country
with the greatest number
of operations
international jihadist terrorism.
Most of these operations
are carried out
by the General Information Office
of the National Police,
also known as
- Until 5 in the morning.
- At Playa Nueva?
At Playa Nueva. Susi was there, too.
- Susi.
- Susi.
- You're still with her, right?
- No.
I haven't seen her for two years.
And I don't want to.
What are you saying? Why?
- Hey!
- You do your thing.
Sure, but my thing
- She was dangerous, too dangerous.
- Why dangerous?
- She was a bigmouth.
- A bigmouth?
- A wicked tongue?
- Yes, she talks too much.
A wicked tongue, that's bad.
If you look for trouble,
you'll find it.
We're in no mood for problems,
which is the worst.
I've got problems with my woman,
poor thing, she's sick of me.
I don't know how she
- What have I got here?
- A 2-euro coin, legal tender.
- Want to touch it?
- No need.
I put the coin here,
pass it slowly to my other hand
You blow
and the coin's disappeared.
The coin is here.
- We have to go, they're home.
- You're nervous.
You just have to do right
by your daughter.
Go, Lúa! That was great,
you are my mermaid! Good!
- Go to Susana.
- Now to me.
- Like that.
- Very good!
That's it.
Hold on a moment.
- Marcos.
- They've arrived.
The girls are at home.
Good. We'll update when
news arrives from Morocco and France.
- Waiting for the green light.
- Right, I'm on my way.
Lúa, the last one.
Why so tense, Alemán?
You'll scare the kids.
Listen up, please
People, it's almost time.
From now on, please,
accuracy and precision.
And when I say
accuracy and precision,
I mean the accuracy and precision
of an atomic clock.
As you know, this operation
is carried out in three countries.
One tiny error here in Melilla
may result in a fatal error
in Tangier or Toulouse
for our colleagues.
So, when the order comes,
we'll have very few seconds
to neutralize the targets
and rescue the two girls.
There is only one thing I ask:
Maximum concentration, please.
I know what I'm asking.
If possible, I'd need to know
what the critical entry time will be.
I need time, Sergio. I need an hour.
To work out if our entry is up top
or through the door.
- Okay?
- Got it.
That's all.
Now we wait for the green light.
We'll be waiting a few moments.
Thank you.
Still thinking about the coin?
Is that it?
You know why I don't like magic?
Because I can't control it.
- Granddad!
- Oh, my girl!
- Hey, Dad. This is the pool gear.
- Okay.
No uniform tomorrow,
everything she needs is in the bag.
- Blue trousers and polo shirt, okay?
- Okay.
- See you later.
- Bye.
Hello? I'm on my way.
- Do you want to see a movie?
- Okay.
- Do you see the Medina there?
- Yes.
The factory's there.
And inside is Wadi, our target.
I know you're not expecting anyone
at home, Wadi,
but move it. My wife is young.
Is there a problem?
- Play, my friend.
- Come on.
Play without goofing around.
Carla, targets located
in Tangier and Melilla,
waiting for news from Toulouse.
If the French target doesn't appear
in 30 minutes, we abort.
Haven't you heard Soolking?
The guy's huge in France.
He's got over
200 million Internet hits.
He's got a song called "Guerrilla".
Haven't you heard it?
I'll sing it for you.
In our head
It's always a guerrilla warfare.
I sing of love in the middle of it
Because I will always love you
My Algeria.
Guerrilla, guerrilla.
You never heard it?
- Were you singing?
- Of course.
My grandma had a sheep called Aisha
that sang better than you.
Okay. In Toulouse
we've already got them.
Marta, get me the prosecutor.
- Marcos?
- Yes.
Toulouse targets located.
Tangier, too.
- Start the raid.
- Copy that.
Activate Geo, we're going.
People, convoy formation
in five minutes. We're going.
It's my brother.
Something's happening!
Plainclothes pigs!
Slowly, don't let them see you.
Take it easy.
- Chief Sanabria wants a word.
- Not now, I'll call him later.
Hello. She can't right now,
but we'll be in touch right away.
Said, go up and check it out.
Don't let anyone see you.
We'll have company.
Guys, those of you
who want to smile for the photos
that the Gorge of Death narco
kindly wants to take,
this is your chance.
It's time. Green light in Melilla,
Tangier, and Toulouse.
Lynx 1 here. Green light, Geo.
Police! Police, stop! On the floor!
Police, out of the way!
Let us through! Police!
Police! Let us through!
He should've come back.
What the hell is he doing?
Calm down.
Police! Hands up!
Hands up! Hands up!
Stop! Police! On your knees!
Drop the phone!
On the ground!
Police! Hands up! Drop the gun!
Police! Police!
Objectives detained. Holding for IDs.
Yes, hello, boss.
Here in Morocco, two agents hurt.
I'll check now and tell you, okay?
I'm with Omar. I'll tell him.
It's him.
Congratulations from the boss
on the operation,
thanks for the collaboration
That stuff, you know.
My personal gift for the boss.
I'll take it to her, Omar.
- Take something for your wife.
- Me?
Sure, you have to be romantic.
What I am is hungry,
forget romance. Let's go.
- Go on, take it.
- Okay.
- Couscous?
- Couscous, right now. Let's go.
Yes, boss, it's them.
Confirmed: We've arrested all four.
How are you, Miriam?
Let's celebrate with the team.
I'm not much into parties.
Shall I see you back?
You're sweet, but no.
Come on, let's get out.
It was the disco.
They arrested four people.
See? They weren't after us.
Listen to me, guys.
Let this be a lesson to you.
Next time, if something happens,
we have to keep calm.
I'm in charge.
I give the orders, okay?
This is incredible.
Look, I'll tell you again,
there was no one else here.
When we went in,
we found the girls and Hakim.
- There was no other man.
- That information is wrong.
We need an exhaustive search inside.
So, green light to the BOID,
to the K-9 unit, to person search.
My guys never make mistakes.
They saw them enter
and didn't see them come out.
Your guys never make mistakes,
but mine do?
Mine did an impeccable job,
they got in there in eight seconds.
In eight seconds we had them
The procedure is over
when the house is secured.
My sources confirm
that this is how it is.
This is not the right forum
for this discussion.
So, let's take the required measures
to locate this individual.
End of conversation.
Where's the other man?
Where's the man who was with you?
- You're Noe, right?
- How do you know my name?
We're here for you. And for Ann.
The man with Hakim,
when did he leave?
Is this really for us two?
- What are they doing in there?
- I think they can't find him.
Listen, Sergio.
Sergio. Protect yourselves.
I don't want any riots,
is that clear?
At the least sign of it, we go.
Keep me informed.
We've combed the place,
thermal cameras, everything.
- There's no one else here.
- There was an error.
Thermal cameras aren't conclusive.
And prayers are starting.
The area's waking up,
they'll soon be trying to stone us.
So you tell me.
I'll be outside,
getting the press photos ready.
Another sweep.
Tell me.
I just spoke to the head
of the narcos, this is haywire.
- Why aren't we leaving?
- You have to hold on.
The procedure will be over
when we locate
the missing individual, you hear?
- Hold on.
- Fucking hell!
Hotel 1, green light for the bird.
Green light for the bird. Hold on.
- Leave me alone with Noe, please.
- You're in charge.
Don't I look like it?
You're not Spanish.
I lived in Argentina
when I was little,
but I have my ID card,
and I can make a good paella.
- Why did you go to Argentina?
- My father was killed.
My mother wanted a change,
and Buenos Aires seemed perfect.
- Really?
- Noe,
do you understand
why we've rescued you?
Girls like you
end up as slaves in Syria.
That's a lie.
I've seen many girls
end up that way.
They see a video of a handsome
Mujahedin online, leave a comment,
and he answers.
They feel important,
they exchange messages,
think they're going to marry him,
and when they realize
it's all a façade,
they're already in Syria
living with an old fuck
who abuses and rapes them.
- Why should I believe you?
- Because you're smart.
And deep down, you know it.
Go back to your homes!
Clear the area!
Please, go back to your homes!
- I need you to help me.
- Me, help you?
Unless I find the man
who was with Hakim,
other girls will end up in a bad way.
Girls like you.
Listen, I want to help you,
but first you have to help me.
These girls will suffer terribly.
What'll happen to me?
You'll go home.
Or end up in a center.
It depends on you.
And you?
Are you really going to help me?
Tell me.
Police! Hands up!
I want to see those hands!
I want to see those hands! Hands up!
On the floor!
Clear the area!
Clear the area!
You said you'd help me.
You lied, you son of a bitch.
- Cover up, the press is downstairs.
- Shit!
Yes, boss.
The four in Toulouse and those
in Tangier have been identified.
In Melilla the girls are safe.
We have two detainees
and one to identify.
Yes, I'll keep you informed. Thanks.
- Marcos.
- Boss,
- you'll be on the phone all night.
- What?
You know who the missing guy was?
Al Garheeb.
Are you sure?
You heard right: Salah Al Garheeb.
We've caught the world's
most wanted terrorist, Carla.
Sorry to call again,
but we have to wake up the minister.
Alright, we'll be on time.
First, Carla, thanks for letting me
- say a few words
- Why not?
Before you speak, Pickle.
You scared me.
- Pickle.
- Go ahead.
Let everyone be aware,
those present here,
that there were
some evident deviations
in the course of this operation.
Knowing this,
I want to say one thing to you.
You're great, really great!
You are great! Today
- What a fright you gave me!
- Pickle.
- Sorry again.
- Today you captured the devil,
most likely, at the present time,
the most lethal terrorist
on the face of the Earth.
The devil, that's who you captured.
And selfishly, I thank my people
for being certain, Marcos,
that the target
was still inside the house.
- He turned out to be the devil!
- Yes, sir!
Congratulations, everyone.
Everyone, from the heart.
Geo, Cyber, air support,
K-9 team, BOID,
forensics, everyone, from the heart.
those who spent almost four hours
- And we've gone like this.
- Over three days dodging rocks,
bullets, those who knew
how to dodge them.
Not all of you
knew how to dodge them.
And by extension, why not,
all of you here, but in support,
sleeping peacefully at home,
calmly enjoying your pets,
playing Candy Crush.
- Some of us.
- Sorry, maybe I'm wrong,
but I note a certain sensitivity.
Is that right or not?
- Pickle!
- Not me.
The sensitivity is all mine!
All mine!
- You're right here!
- But tiny. Or maybe,
the front covers of papers
are pure chance.
- No, the same ones always appear.
- True.
The youngest ones,
the best-looking ones,
the most Argentinean ones!
Marcos, would you give us
the courtesy of your opinion
- on these covers, this statistic?
- What a nerve!
Or maybe we should ask Carla.
Carla, I must ask you
before your comments
- as chief of
- Shut up, Gene Hackman!
- Well done!
- Guys, seriously now.
I don't need to explain
the importance of this.
I'm very proud of you all,
and I hope you are, too.
I pass on congratulations from
the Minister, from Chief Sanabria
Sanabria is alive?
Pickle, I want him stuffed
in a trunk tomorrow.
- From the international agencies
- The Spanish brand!
And I know a lot of you haven't
been home in how many days?
There will be a pay raise, right?
There would've been if the operation
had been perfect, but
- Don't overdo it.
- That's right.
So enjoy your families,
they're waiting for you.
I don't want to see you
until Monday.
We've got a whopper on our hands!
So be happy and come back fortified.
Oh, Ramón
- I'll miss you.
- And I'll miss you guys.
- A whopper and a half.
- Yes, sir.
I was thinking,
with this Al Garheeb thing
- We'll have a lot of work, right?
- When don't we?
Maybe it's not the best time
for our thing.
You said after the Melilla operation.
- I didn't know we'd have Al Garheeb.
- It has to be today.
Make it easy for me.
Here comes the fastest Smurf
in the West. And she flies!
- How are you?
- Good.
Mum told me you got a 10 in math,
is that right?
No Yes.
- Yeah?
- Hi. How are you?
- Hi.
- I'm Elena's mum.
My girl would love it
if Lúa came to our house to play.
We thought Friday after school,
for example.
Why not? Sure. Well
Let me talk to my wife,
she runs the schedule,
- and I'll let you know.
- Perfect.
- Do we have your number?
- Yes, we're in the parents chat line.
- She's Elena Santos, the new girl.
- Santos?
Thanks for the invitation, Elena.
Thank you.
- We'll be in touch this evening.
- Good. See you, Lúa.
- Bye.
- Thanks. Bye.
Let's go, darling.
- A lot of homework today?
- Just Spanish.
Spanish is my specialty.
Let's take a selfie for Mum.
Here. The prettiest one.
That's it.
- How's your new classmate? Santos.
- Fine.
- She's shy, but friendly.
- Give me your bag.
A race to the car. One, two, three!
I'm first! I'm first!
But as we know,
the cards like to be together.
Kings with kings, aces with aces
We put them all together,
like this
- Ramón.
- Marcos, about that report
you asked on Santos and his wife.
It looks like they're clean.
She works for the Tax Department,
so be careful.
He's a civil servant, too,
no problem.
Tell you friend that on Friday
you'll play with her at home.
Thanks, Ramón. Bye.
Oh, you did it? I didn't do anything.
Good afternoon, everyone. Welcome.
We called you here
to inform you that,
after months of investigation,
we've dismantled a network
that drew in young people
in France and Spain
and sent them to Syria via Morocco.
This is an operation in collaboration
with French and Moroccan police,
but led and coordinated,
it must be said,
from here, by us,
the General Information Office.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is a huge achievement
if we consider
that Salah Al Garheeb is
Well, was one of the world's
most wanted terrorists,
Al-Baghdadi's man of trust
and possible successor
after the death of the leader.
Head Commissioner Carla Torres,
the soul of this operation,
will give you more specifics
on the operation.
Carla, please.
Thank you.
Good afternoon.
I bring bad news, Nadim.
- What news?
- They got your father.
The council wants to get you out
of the country, to a safe place.
This is my country, my honor.
My dignity is here.
Nadim, brother, the city is lost.
I'm not a coward.
I won't run away, I'm staying.
The council wants it.
After your father, we can't lose you.
I'll show you a trick, sit down.
- Not now, we have to talk to you.
- Ready?
Take one from the first pile.
Since it's the first,
we put one on each side,
in the order you want.
Alright, the second pile.
- Two?
- Since it's the second pile, two.
- Excellent.
- Aren't I clever? One, two
- Okay?
- And here.
- Well, since it's the third, three.
- Great.
Look how thick the pile is.
So, you pass three.
And the fourth pile, how many?
- Four.
- Four.
One, two, three and four.
And on each side
in the order you want. Here.
- Here.
- Here.
- And one here.
- And here.
Now what? The magic happens.
An ace should come up here.
Another ace here, another here,
- and another ace here!
- Bravo!
You're a magician!
- Cool, isn't it?
- Very, very cool.
- Isn't it?
- Well, Lúa,
Dad and I
want to tell you something, okay?
We've made a decision.
Dad and I are going to separate.
But it's not at all serious
or sad or
It's like what Leonor's parents did,
your friend.
- They live in different houses.
- The main thing is that
- we keep getting along well
- Sure.
that we love you, very much.
And it's not because of anything
It's not because of anything
that you did or
- Of course not.
- It's not because of anything.
You'll just live in two houses
and have two different rooms.
- Everything will be
- Dad won't live here?
No. No, but I'll
I'll pick you up from school every
day, we'll spend weekends together.
And anytime you want, okay?
That won't change.
Don't go! Don't go!
Alemán, are you at home?
Don't cry for me
Always after you, sir.
I'm sorry, Sergio.
It won't be more
than two or three days, tops.
All the time you need, Marcos.
All the time you need.
Let's take a look
You say you're 5' 10".
Your file says so.
That info was never cross-checked.
We assume that you'll fit here.
- I think so.
- Egyptian cotton.
Ever tried Egyptian cotton?
Egyptian cotton
isn't talked about much.
Sit. Tyron.
He'll sit.
You're going to have
to feed the dogs. Sit down.
There are rules in this house.
You'll feed the dogs,
otherwise they'll eat you.
Feed. The. Dogs.
Like the coin.
I'm very glad you're here.
Coffee liquor?
This coffee liquor was made
by my grandfather, Quico the miller.
There's a before and after
you try this coffee liquor.
That face! That face! That face!
- To you.
- Thanks.
It's like talking to God.
- It's good, really good.
- Tyron! Tyron!
- Do they sleep here?
- In my room,
but you know what the problem is
with these dogs?
They can open doors, so
they start sleeping there,
but you never know
where they'll see the dawn.
How are you?
It's a stage. Couples have one stage,
then another.
I'll be alright.
I was never alright.
I'm sad to hear that.
It'll pass, you know? It'll pass.
Cheer up!
Turn around, brother.
Try not to get bumped here,
it's at the height of the pin.
This remote activates the bomb vest.
Press this three times.
Three times, got it?
So there won't be a mistake.
Take this.
Munir, you are great, my brother.
All the brothers
will be proud of you.
We are the vanguard,
and you're the first stone.
Your action will open the way
for other brothers.
With your act, we'll study the enemy.
How they react,
how they behave,
what measures they'll take
after the attack.
In the name of God,
the Compassionate,
the Merciful,
God All-powerful, says:
"Oh, believers,
the law of reprisals is established
for you in cases of murder.
Free for free, slave for slave,
and woman for woman".
True words of the Lord.
I'm proud of you, brother.
I'm proud of you.
Look, look.
Look at the photomontage Xocas did.
- What?
- Flawless.
Marcos, look.
Wait Look, guys, look.
- Where did he get this photo?
- Xocas.
- Look, look.
- Coffee?
- How are you?
- But he's in the Congo.
- Hello.
- He's in the Congo.
- Oh, okay, okay.
- Well, he's not alone.
Before you find out somewhere else,
Carla and I have separated, okay?
By mutual consent.
The Al Garheeb surprise
is going bring us a lot of noise.
- What I need
- Hold on, Marcos.
- Are you alright?
- Yes.
Yes, it's mutual consent.
"The Beard" in Melilla
was carrying fake Moroccan papers.
Find out from your friend in the
Moroccan police where he got them.
I will. Hold on, Marcos.
You can't just
blurt it out like that.
- Are you sure you're alright?
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Okay.
I'll talk to him. I bet my ass
this guy came in as a carrier.
- Yes.
- Then we have to find out
who went with him
over the border and how.
- Did we say coffee? Let's go.
- Yes.
Here's the woman
in charge of all this.
I don't know if you know
Jesús Jiménez, head of the CNI.
I think we've crossed paths, right?
An excellent operation. Well done.
Thanks, but it was luck,
we didn't know he was there.
Luck favors those who look.
There we have him.
What's going to happen today?
He won't talk today.
It'll be a slow process,
as usual with these people.
Let's see what garbage he says.
What were you doing in town?
He says his house was bombed,
and he had nowhere to go.
Melilla is a long way
from Syria, isn't it?
He says that we throw them
out of our country,
and we complain
that they live like fugitives.
Ask him
how he got to Melilla and when.
He says that all the hate
we poured on his country
will be returned.
We had no idea of his presence
in Spain, nor can we explain it.
A leader outside his country
and without an escort
- is an anomaly and very worrying.
- A woman.
- What?
- It wouldn't be the first time
that one of them broke cover
to visit one of his wives.
Or a lover.
Never a big fish like this.
Don't underestimate
the power of feminine seduction.
We're considering the idea
that he might be fleeing Syria.
His days were numbered there.
He could be going to Morocco
to await his ultimate destination.
But Melilla
We can't rule out that
he went in there to do something.
Hey, we have to handle
this situation delicately.
He's a religious leader, not a sheik.
And we've got him.
If he was planning something,
he's behind bars now.
This is a goal for the whole squad.
He says we're not innocent,
that our bombs killed
his wives and children.
Our government sells the bombs
to Saudi Arabia,
and washes its hands of them.
You're not a victim.
Not you in particular.
Why were you in Melilla
and in Hakim's house?
"The bars you lock me behind
will light the flames of Jihad.
You will pay dearly."
Well, the usual stuff.
You might get something out of him.
Good work, Carla.
Officers, my client isn't answering
any more questions.
If you please,
the interrogation is over.
My father knew what could happen,
he foresaw it.
That's why he gave me instructions
to continue his mission.
You have our full support, Nadim.
Salah Al Garheeb
will be proud of his son.
- Thank you.
- What are you going to do, Nadim?
If they've reached him,
they may have discovered something.
We shall not stop.
But we must use our heads.
We'll create distractions
so that they stop looking
where they shouldn't.
We'll confuse them, sow chaos,
so they'll be unable
to stop our true plan.
They mentioned your feat
on the radio today.
- Really?
- Yes. One said that Al Salah
whatever, is like Bin Laden.
- Will you stop nibbling?
- Sorry.
- Sure, another expert said no.
- No?
No, that there a no leaders
as powerful as Bin Laden anymore,
that ISIS is split,
fragmented, a mess.
Well, if the expert says so
Another thing, we have to decide if
we're going to Core's wedding or not,
and what we're getting as a present.
My cousins are coughing up
200 euros each.
I think it's outrageous.
What's happened?
Excuse me.
We're told now
that there are six dead
and 36 seriously injured.
So far, no one has claimed
responsibility for the attack,
but everything points
to a jihadi attack.
Wow, that's a radical change.
Well, I have separated.
New life, new look. How do I look?
You look gorgeous, Carla.
Thanks. So?
The Toulouse attack
has revolutionized everything.
Your new boss is a moron, isn't he?
"Don't underestimate the power
of feminine seduction".
- Let's give him some time.
- Listen to your buddy.
He's a moron today,
in a week, and in a month.
I have an interesting dossier on him,
if you want to read it one day.
Don't tempt me.
Anyway, what's so urgent?
Look at this.
Your superiors haven't seen it yet.
It's Nadim Al Garheeb, Salah's son.
He's young,
we don't know much about him.
It's said that he's taken
his father's place.
- How did you get this?
- Mossad has a mole in Rumiyah.
It's a matter of time
before they make it public.
It's nothing we haven't heard before,
it looks like just a tantrum, but
Or a statement of intention.
He wants to show his people
that he's the new leader,
and he's capable
of avenging his father.
You've arrested his father,
there will be reprisals.
The bus is leaving!
What is it?
We're going into Spain.
We have new orders.
- What are we going to do?
- We have to get the material first.
- No more questions.
- Okay.
- What's happened?
- Get the bags out.
- Why?
- Get them, we're going to Spain.
In God's name,
I seek refuge with Allah from Satan,
the accursed.
I bear witness that there is no god
but Allah, and Muhammad
is his messenger.
Come to prayer, come to prosperity.
The Prayer is ready.
Allah is the greatest.
In the name of Allah,
the Gracious, the Merciful.
Praise Allah, lord of the universe,
gracious and merciful.
Master of the Day of Judgement,
Thee alone do we worship.
Guide us on the right path,
the path of the blessed.
Allah is the greatest.
God listens to those who praise Him.
Lord, this praise is for You.
Allah is the greatest.
Allah is the greatest.
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