La Unidad (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

That's strange.
Wait here.
Fill the bags
and get two boxes, okay?
And take them to Atef.
Come on, go, quickly.
Take the other one.
Go, go, go.
See you soon. Thanks, thanks.
Sorry to call at this hour.
- That's what granddads are for, no?
- Yes.
Is it serious?
I'll tell you if
I can pick her up from school, okay?
Yes, do that,
or I'll have to cancel lunch.
- Okay.
- Another thing.
When you make certain decisions,
- you must consider the consequences.
- Fine, next time I'll sort it out.
- Really, don't worry.
- How is Marcos?
Marcos is fine.
We're both fine, Dad.
- Carla.
- What?
- Be careful.
- Okay.
Abdel Kader Maalouf.
We recognized him
from videos taken near the explosion.
Two days later,
he's at a gas station in Montpelier
with two other individuals
we haven't identified.
He was probably on a bus
headed for Nice,
but, for some reason,
- he suddenly changed route.
- Why?
A few hours ago,
some explosives were stolen
at a quarry in the Pyrenees,
near the border with Spain.
We have no proof that it was him.
But they slit the guards' throats,
and that doesn't
match a common crime.
No, it doesn't.
Carla, you have to consider
the option that they've entered
- or might enter Spain.
- And with explosives.
- I'll keep the photos, okay?
- Sure.
Good work, thanks.
It's the last one.
Are you sure it won't explode
if there's a bump?
I told you, don't worry,
it doesn't work without a detonator.
- Trust me.
- Okay.
Leave in a few days,
when the heat's off.
Leave the car at this address.
Put the keys on the wheel, okay?
- Peace be with you.
- And with you.
Allah is the greatest.
Allah is the greatest.
I send a call to all the brothers
to act against Spain.
- Who sent you this?
- Nasser.
The time has come
to return their bombs.
Forward this video to me.
Nasser should be more careful.
What do you want it for?
Let him do what he wants.
He's so stupid,
he'll get caught for this.
Why do you say that?
Delete the message. Now!
Don't share your intentions
with anyone. Just plan and act.
Take no notice.
Allah is great.
Sure, but how long
have we been on this?
Tell me something I don't know.
I don't
I don't care.
When you get it, send it to me.
Thank you, yes.
Good night, good night.
- What's up, boss?
- Hey there.
You know about it, right?
We have to get moving.
As well as Nadim's statement,
there's an active cell
- changing route for Spain.
- Coffee?
Come on, Carla,
you read the CNI report, too.
Al Garheeb's son, Nadim,
has no sway, as far as we know.
Nor do we know
if this Kader is in Spain.
Two coincidences, a solid suspicion.
Our job is to get there first.
- I know what our job is.
- Okay.
But for the Home Office,
we must be more analytical.
We can't base ourselves
on hunches and coincidences.
Are you worried that the big bosses
thinks we're provoking
a reprisal with Al Garheeb's arrest?
Listen If France tells us
that the Toulouse terrorists
might be in Spain,
we take it seriously.
But we're not linking them
to Al Garheeb without proof.
Don't look at me like that.
I can't ask the Home Secretary
to put the Army on the street
- without showing a real threat.
- Not the Army,
but we can ask
for more resources and staff.
- It's a serious threat.
- Come on, Carla
I understand. I'm with you.
It's good to prepare for the worst,
but it's not necessarily the reality.
No? In this case it is.
It's my job to prepare for the worst,
- I have to be one step ahead.
- You have a daughter.
I have a 16-year-old girl
and this bugger who won't
let us sleep. Here's what we'll do,
especially you.
Go get some sleep,
tomorrow I want you with a cool head.
Enjoy it, we scored a goal.
- Enjoy it
- Sure.
This bastard won't tell us shit.
What are we doing here?
Relax. It's better if he doesn't.
It'll all be fine, calm down.
You'll be famous,
all the brothers will talk about you.
Get off! Off!
You see?
- I haven't forgotten about you.
- So?
- How are you?
- Bad.
Are they treating you badly?
It's a prison,
and I didn't do anything.
No, it's a centre for minors,
a far cry from a prison.
It smells bad.
Okay, where would you like to be?
At home?
Between him
and the problems with your mother,
home isn't a good option.
It sucks, man.
The night you were at Hakim's house,
did they mention a place, a person,
any information
that could be of use to us?
There are other centres.
if you like the country life, but
you'd have to work and
they smell of cow shit.
What happened to your father?
He died in an ETA attack
when I was 8.
I, too, was lost at your age.
Very lost.
But there are ways out.
You'll end up finding your place.
Maybe better than I did, ending up
as a cop, like my father.
I didn't understand much.
It was a different dialect,
that's why they spoke in front of us.
But I know that Hakim told
the old man about a golf course.
Let's be serious.
A big fish from ISIS,
one of the world's
most wanted men, is in your house,
- and you don't know who he is.
- I'm a good Muslim.
A good Muslim
gives shelter to whomever needs it.
You're no good Muslim, Hakim.
you go around picking up beggars.
When you do this,
because you do it regularly,
you keep them in your basement.
No, sorry,
in a hidden room
in your basement.
But first you take them for a walk
around the golf course, right?
you're already getting a stretch
for enticing those girls.
Now, as an accomplice
of Salah Al Garheeb,
you're in the big leagues.
You'll get a stiff sentence,
that's if you're lucky and the U.S.
doesn't demand your extradition.
Have you heard of
the American interrogation methods?
You're going to like it.
Do me a favour and tell me:
Why was Al Garheeb in your house?
I was just being charitable.
Are we done?
Is that the strategy?
"I was just being charitable"
again and again in court?
I wish you luck in court.
The days are very long here, Hakim.
And the people there
don't like your kind.
Sooner or later, you'll have to cross
the yard or take a shower
Are you finished?
- What?
- Are you finished?
Now I am.
Let's go.
I'm a man of peace.
Your jacket's covered in hair.
Sergio's "kids."
Our priority is to find out
whom he met at the golf course.
Tomorrow I'm going to Melilla
with my guys.
Do you want to see Lúa first?
I thought I'd take her with me for
dinner tonight, if that's alright.
Sure, any time you want.
Actually, I have to talk to you.
We both have to do the Communion,
I can't do it all alone.
If you take care of the banquet,
I'll do the rest: The guests
I need my spare time
for flat-hunting.
- Come on, Marcos
- I told you it wasn't the best time.
And I didn't put this Communion stuff
in her heard,
- the Catechism and all that.
- All the kids do it,
- and she wants her Communion
- Carla,
I don't know
why I have to sleep with two dogs
instead of being at home
with my wife, my daughter, my family.
Never mind, Marcos. You're right.
I'll take care of it all.
This guy doesn't add up.
It makes no sense to hire a lawyer.
He offered.
He'd do anything to get on TV.
Put a tail on him.
We'll talk later.
Peace be upon you.
May the peace and mercy of God
go with you.
- How are you?
- Good.
I'm Sergeant Salek.
I know your father.
He's a great man.
And his son is welcome.
Here you're under the protection
of Boko Haram.
Five-star hotel.
- This way, please.
- Thank you.
While you're here,
you'll go to the mosque every day.
To look and observe.
To find out what the people think
of Nadim's appeal, okay?
Don't reveal your first or last name.
Nothing, okay?
There it is.
Peace be with you.
- How are you? Good?
- Good. Welcome.
Peace be with you.
Welcome. Come in.
- Ramón, how are you?
- Good.
- All good here?
- Yes.
Hey, kid.
You do your thing, okay?
And you do yours.
Good morning.
How are you?
Marcos, how are you?
- I just got your message.
- I'll fill you in.
Nothing in the wire taps
on Al Garheeb's lawyer.
He's cautious on the phone.
He doesn't let anything slip.
And he doesn't speak
a word of Arabic.
He's hired translators
to communicate with Al Garheeb
and changes them constantly,
a different one every time.
So that none of them
have all the information.
- Exactly.
- Okay.
We'll look into the translators
and try to work out the puzzle.
- Alright.
- Good.
Here are
the transcribed conversations.
- Is it a summary?
- So you have fun on the trip.
- Find out who hired him and how.
- Done.
You wrote this, right?
You're taking that tome to Melilla?
You won't have time to study, kid.
What do you want me to do?
I'm way behind on my exams.
Make a summary
of what you have to study.
- Your bag won't shut like that.
- It'll shut.
- It won't shut.
- I'm telling you, it will.
- It did shut, see?
- You brute.
This can't be a coincidence.
- It doesn't add up.
- What should I do?
Forget Salah Al Garheeb,
coordinate the search for Kader.
I can't give you more people,
we can't let the cat out of the bag.
- And the Al Garheeb investigation?
- I'll give it to someone else.
We have to prioritize the threats,
we have no choice.
- To Torras?
- What?
I saw him in your office before.
You can't give it to Torras.
- What has this to do with Torras?
- I arrested him.
You can't do it everything.
I want you to go after Kader.
My guys are leaving for Melilla now.
Let someone from my team go.
I'll take care of Kader myself.
Keep me informed.
Of course.
Of course.
Are you alright?
- Yes.
- You looked
Don't start with the questions.
You're going to Melilla without me.
- Why? What happened?
- I'm on something else.
Talk to me before you do anything,
but you're in charge, okay?
- Fine.
- It was hard to convince the boss.
- I won't screw it up.
- You won't.
- I don't want the case taken from us.
- Relax.
- I know you'll do great.
- Thanks, Marcos.
Time to strut your stuff, Pickle!
Let's go.
Mr. Mustafa, how are you?
How are your children?
How are you? Hello.
Here, gentlemen.
May God enlighten you.
Peace be upon you.
How are you, brother?
How is your health?
You're new, aren't you?
Where have you come from?
My name's Myaz.
Anything you need, I'm here.
I'm a volunteer at the mosque.
I know it's hard in a new place.
Don't be embarrassed,
asking for help isn't humiliating.
As the Prophet said,
peace be upon him,
"The poor man
isn't he who has a date or two,
a mouthful or two,
but he who is too proud to ask".
My name's Ishak.
Welcome, Ishak. This is your home.
Anything you need, I'm here.
Alberto's there.
- Welcome.
- How are you?
- How was the trip?
- Good, uneventful.
Shall we go to the golf club first
or to HQ?
No, first to the border crossing.
Ask your friends
where Salah Al Garheeb crossed.
Alberto. Discreetly, you know.
Not everyone can enter here,
it's member access only.
Still, we'd like to look
at the CCTV tapes.
I think for that you need
a warrant or something.
Yes, but avoiding paperwork
would help us save time,
and we could be more discreet.
We don't see the need
to question the members,
but if we have no choice
- Peace be with you.
- And with you.
How are you?
Right, translate.
Mr. Al Garheeb, we've requested
your release, but it's
unlikely to be granted.
In these cases,
the prosecutor isn't magnanimous.
We'll do everything possible,
but we can't be optimistic.
It will be as God wills.
The lawyer says
we can't be optimistic,
that in a few days we'll know more.
The translator translated correctly.
And that's all.
- That's all?
- Yes, that's all.
No, no way.
They're communicating in another way,
for sure.
Our defence will be that you didn't
know Salah Al Garheeb's identity
and that you usually give shelter
to those who need it.
We're fighting to get the Council
to give us a cemetery,
but they use any excuse
to drag their feet.
People here are racist.
- Like in Italy, don't you think?
- Yes.
People everywhere
are racist against Arabs.
I know you. Yassir's daughter, right?
What are you doing?
You're not at home! Cover up!
Be grateful I don't tell your father.
Go on, get out of here.
This is why the imam
is wrong to be so soft,
you don't get anything that way.
Well said, brother, you have
to be tough with the infidels.
May Allah thank you.
Come on, let's take this.
No, wash your hands first.
And your face. And you should
take a bath. Look at you.
- You're covered in hair.
- But they're so cute
No, no, no, Lúa.
They're not, they're dogs.
Can't dogs be police?
I'd rather answer that question.
They could be, Lúa, sure,
because they're so much smarter
than some people
your mum and dad have at the office.
You'd just have to teach them
how to use the computer.
No, dogs can't use computers.
Very well.
With their paws, sure. Right?
You give them the bad man's clothes,
and they look for him.
That'd be great,
but we're special police.
We don't chase the bad guys
when they've committed a crime,
our mission is to stop them
before they do it.
But how do you know they're going to
if they haven't done it yet?
That's a very good question, and
that's why we're special police.
Come here.
Look at me.
You're covered in hair, covered!
Did you see that Sara and Cisca
- are doing Communion next year?
- Yes.
Well, wouldn't it be cool
if you did it with them?
The three of you together,
in a triple party. It'd be nice.
- But I can't.
- Why?
Because I told Father Jacobo
I'd be doing it this year.
Sure, but if you really want to,
I could talk to him, and you can do
it next year with your cousins.
I don't want to,
I want to do it this year.
- But wouldn't it be nice?
- No buts about it, Marcos.
The girl's right.
Very good, Lúa. Very good.
You have to do things
when the time is right.
I'll give you an example
of doing things at the right time.
Three years ago, Tyron got a tick
on his neck, and I let it be.
Do you know what happened?
It formed a ball of pus and blood
the size of an apple,
because I didn't do things
when I should've. Tell your dad.
Naturally a "beard" like Al Garheeb
didn't go inside the club.
I think the girl made it up.
Last time I was here, I saw a father
throw his tiny son over the fence.
He was two or three.
That's awful.
Do you realize
that all the security cameras
face Morocco or the club
but not the road?
This is the most inconspicuous spot
in all Melilla.
Your photo is in the French papers.
They say that Munir backed out,
and you blew him up remotely.
Munir was a coward.
But he was one of us.
His children go to school
with my sister's.
So what?
He was going to die anyway, right?
He can rot in Jahannam
if God wishes it.
What if Nadim
doesn't send us a message?
We must wait for the explosives!
Listen, guys. Listen closely.
We're privileged.
We're destined to do something great.
We have to cause chaos
to distract them
so that Al Garheeb's plan
is accomplished.
One must thank God Almighty
for this great opportunity.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- Look.
- What does it say?
"On the way back from Mecca.
Only those who've been there
know how wonderful it is."
- From what year?
- 2008.
- Good work.
- Thanks.
We're going through what the CNI
and foreign agencies gave us.
Nadim and Kader were both in Raqqa,
at least from 2010 to 2012.
We have no proof that
they fought or were together, but
in 2008, when Kader was still
a good second-generation Frenchman,
he commented on his old
Facebook profile, now deleted,
that he went to Mecca that year, and
this photo is from that year, 2008.
- Recognize him?
- Nadim.
Nadim and Kadim
were also in Mecca in 2008, so
- That's two matches now.
- You betcha.
Boss, that's the terrorism advisor.
He's the one who needs convincing.
Mr. Secretary.
- Let's start, please.
- Thank you.
Kader Maalouf, the Toulouse
terrorist, and Nadim Garheeb
were in different places
but on the same dates,
which raises suspicions
that they may know each other.
If Kader is here,
it's probably not to run away,
but on the orders of Al Garheeb's son
and to prepare an action here.
Do we have any concrete proof
that he's crossed into our country?
No, it's just a possibility.
But we have to work on the assumption
that they've crossed the border.
Yes, the hypothesis makes sense,
but so do many others.
- We need something more concrete.
- What measures do you propose?
Increase controls
on the border states,
and we'll shift our centre
of operations to Catalonia,
which is where we believe
the suspect is right now.
By his modus operandi,
Kader Maalouf is not impulsive.
He'll attempt a standout action.
And he needs to expose himself,
to get logistic support in Spain.
We've stepped up our sources
and undercover people
in the most radical Arab communities,
but we need more resources and staff.
Resources and staff, of course.
When you show proof of his presence
in Spain, we'll have them.
We can handle this situation
with the resources we have.
Good, I like hearing that
and knowing it's under control.
One more thing.
We have another priority
apart from Kader Maalouf:
To find out why a big fish like
Salah Al Garheeb came to Melilla.
His being behind bars doesn't mean
there's no strategy or threat
that we haven't deactivated yet.
What do you propose?
The creation of a special team
with direct connection
with CNI
and the international agencies.
We need freedom of movement.
Very well.
I don't know
how you were with my predecessor,
but I don't like you
going off-script.
I don't recall discussing,
much less approving, this.
I'm sorry, I seized the moment.
Now you've let the cat
out of the bag,
they'll want results
on Al Garheeb fast.
We have to get information
from the detainees somehow.
You want to put them
with the common inmates?
No, just Hakim.
He won't trust the first inmate
he shares a cell with.
We don't know that.
With touchy prisoners,
that man's dangerous, boss.
- Fine, you'll watch him closely.
- What if they kill him?
Carla, you got them to accept
that Al Garheeb is an active threat.
We no, you have to give them
an immediate result.
Isn't that what you wanted?
You've got it.
Hakim, get your things.
Change of room.
Come on, let's go.
Impossible! Fuck!
- What's wrong?
- It's broken down.
Call a tow truck.
- No.
- Why not?
I said no!
Then what do we do?
I'm going to pull over here.
Let's get out of here.
Let's go.
I was waiting for you, honey.
- Look, I lit candles.
- So I see.
- Rodríguez
- How are you?
I've seen better days.
- Calvin Klein?
- Yes!
You wear the same djellaba for months
and tell me.
Make yourself at home.
How's the mosque?
The current hotheads are nervous,
saying something must be done,
- but nothing serious for now.
- Nothing else?
A new guy. He says his name is Ishak,
and he's from Morocco.
But he's more at ease
speaking French than Arabic.
- When did he arrive?
- Two days after Toulouse.
Is this him?
No, that's not him.
He says he's off to work down south,
but he's no day labourer.
- Watch him closely.
- It'd be good to put a tail on him.
We have a lot of fronts to cover,
and I don't have the resources.
The same old thing, right?
By the way,
I still haven't been paid
for last quarter's expenses.
- It sucks.
- It sucks?
What sucks is the sweat,
the cold, not seeing my wife and son
- and paying expenses in advance.
- Okay, I'll take care of it.
Yeah, right. You did last time, too,
and here we are.
- How much?
- 260.
Two restaurant meals, a hotel, gas
Take this for now, and I'll get you
the rest as soon as I can. Here.
I don't want an advance.
I want respect, I'm risking my life.
You're right, man.
You really stink, man.
Okay, take a shower.
It's all paid for.
- Where do you find these places?
- I've got contacts.
- I'll take care of this.
- But I want the money.
Yes, of course.
Where are you? In a hotel?
- How's the little guy? Good?
- He's playing football.
- And how are you?
- Well
What's wrong?
Same as always,
I don't like this situation.
I don't like you being away,
that you don't tell me anything.
You know I can't tell you anything.
We'd all be in danger if I tell you
where I am or what I'm doing.
Your son wants to know about you,
and I don't know what to say.
He's always asking after you.
- How is the boy?
- He's fine.
- Is he behaving?
- Yes. He's a good boy.
And very loving.
Yeah? He's as good-looking
as his mother,
as loving as his mother.
- I miss you two.
- We miss you, too.
I love you.
I love you, too.
The golf club
is the most watched and the most
inconspicuous place in all Melilla,
because the cameras face Morocco.
Here. Do you see it?
The lump in the back of the car?
Someone gets in the car,
it goes around the golf course
a few times,
and the third passenger vanishes.
So, someone got in, talked
to Salah Al Garheeb for 20 minutes,
and got out. Now we're here
It's a camera inside the club.
This person
comes out minutes before
Hakim's car reaches the area
and goes back in
a few minutes after the car goes.
We've identified him as Ismail Hamid.
What do we know about him?
He has some
fruit and fish import-export firms
- with legal warehouses countrywide.
- Any priors?
Not that we know of.
Check that his company's not a front.
- Great work, Miriam.
- Thanks.
- Can we watch him up close?
- You bet.
Thanks, guys.
- Marcos.
- Carla,
local sources aren't much help.
We have 11 false positives,
another 7 in analysis.
After Toulouse, everyone's
seeing suspicious movements.
But without more resources and units,
I'm wasting time here.
Marcos, I'm going into a meeting,
- I can't talk now.
- Call me.
Hello, Doctor.
That dickhead left the car 20 km.
Away from Girona, in a carpark.
What do we do?
- Fuck! What's the exact location?
- Don't swear!
We have to get a vehicle
to go get the car, it's simple.
I met a volunteer at the mosque.
He's a good brother,
and he has a van.
- I said not to talk to anyone!
- I didn't, he talked to me.
I don't care!
You don't listen to me when I speak!
- He thinks my name's Ishak.
- Leave him alone.
Do I approach him?
- Yes.
- Are you sure?
Leave him alone.
I'm sorry to bring you here, but
I needed to talk to you
outside of Canillas.
It's fine.
You're taking the civil service exam.
On May 14.
Hitting the books,
nights and weekends, I guess.
Yes. I haven't been out for ages.
This is great.
I suggest you postpone it, Miriam.
I'm creating a special investigation
team on Salah Al Garheeb.
Connection with the CNI
and the international agencies.
I want you to run it.
You're a hard worker,
you speak languages, you handled
the French team in Toulouse
You work better than anyone else,
to me, you're the best.
- And Marcos?
- What about Marcos?
- Shouldn't it be him?
- I thought of you, not Marcos.
But without telling him.
If you don't feel up to it,
I understand. It's not easy.
Much less in a male world
like this one.
What do you say?
It'll be an honour, Carla.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Ishak! What's wrong?
I need you to come with me, now.
Myaz, what is it?
Some friends. Go back to bed.
- Who's that?
- My brother.
Peace be upon you.
- Peace and mercy upon you.
- How are you?
- Fine. Thanks be to God.
- Can we come in?
Welcome. Give me a minute.
Leave your phone there.
What's going on?
Get the keys to the van
and some clothes. Come with us.
What's going on?
Do you want to help your people?
My clothes are on the line.
Where are we going?
Tell your flatmates you're going away
for a few days for work.
Give me the keys.
Put it on and get in the back.
I'm not doing anything
unless you tell me what's going on.
Please, brother. Trust me.
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