La Unidad (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Ishak, please. Take this hood off me.
Where are you from?
Why did you approach my brother?
I didn't! I helped him,
like I do with everyone.
Where are you from?
My family's from Lebanon.
I came here 10 years ago, and you?
- What city do they live in?
- Damour.
My father has a bakery, but
he's old now. My brothers help him.
- What are their names?
- I don't have to answer.
- What are their names?
- I don't have to answer all of this!
My father's name is Myaz Farchuch.
And my brothers, Usama and Anaf.
We're going to check that.
There are a lot of infiltrators among
our people. We have to be careful.
Basement, Traveller, Golf
I thought
we were going out for breakfast.
To celebrate my promotion.
Honey, what's wrong?
It was like she was "my buddy".
I couldn't say no to her.
Yes, Miriam. I know, it's your job.
But you could've asked me.
- Miriam, really
- Yes?
- Our plans were exams, baby
- Yes.
- Then career.
- Right, but things change.
These things don't happen often,
in fact they never do.
What about me?
Don't I come into it?
It won't change that much,
we can do careers, exams, baby.
Or even better, careers, baby, exams.
The order of the factors
doesn't alter the product.
Come on, we're not that old.
This body
can still get up to no good.
- Yes.
- Hey
Can you explain this "buddy" thing?
It's like
a strong relationship of trust
with a partner.
When you have a very strong
connection with someone.
It's very intense.
Are you going to fuck her?
- Maybe, yeah.
- Yeah?
- You'd like that.
- Yeah.
Within the parameters,
we're doing well, Carla.
You're reacting well.
The dizziness is worse.
It'll probably get even worse,
but it's normal.
You've only just begun.
We got it in time.
In these matters, time is the key.
Have you told them
at home or at work?
Well, that's fine, there's no rush.
You'll handle these things
according to how you feel.
no one is indispensable at work.
So, if you need a break, take it.
And don't feel guilty about it, okay?
- Thanks a lot, Doctor.
- Please.
You have my number,
call me about anything, okay?
- Sure.
- Until the next visit.
See you next time.
- I was going to tell you in person.
- Here I am.
- Miriam is very good, you know it.
- I know.
She's part of my team,
and this investigation is mine.
I want someone to focus
exclusively on Al Garheeb.
Miriam is bilingual. We'll
be working with foreign agencies.
- You can't handle it all.
- If I can or not, I decide!
No, I decide! Okay?
Lately, you decide everything
yourself, right?
I've never mixed
the personal with the professional,
and I'm not starting now.
You know that very well.
I clearly don't know a thing.
I don't know anything about you.
Ismail Hamid: We've been after him
for a couple of years.
It all began
when we nicked a relative of his
and, to avoid jail,
he snitched on Ismail
for drug trafficking.
It made sense, his legal goods
took the same route as drugs,
from Africa
to the Canaries to Europe.
Call me racist, but I've never seen
a legit Arab taking that route.
- And you found nothing.
- No.
We got the guy out of jail
so he'd get us proof.
But a few weeks later,
we found him floating in the sea.
Still, we set up surveillance,
phone tapping,
until our authorization ran out,
and we had to close the case.
But I'm convinced
he's into drugs in some way.
- Drugs and any other criminal ties?
- What do you mean?
ISIS, that sort of thing?
I don't think so.
He's only into money,
he won't get mixed up in that mess.
Why are you investigating him?
Because of ISIS?
No, no. His name came up
in a money laundering matter.
We're looking into it, pure routine.
You know how it goes.
- Right.
- Well, thanks a lot, Javier.
You're welcome.
About time.
They let you onto the yard.
Nice to meet you, brother.
Here, my friend.
Sure, you look away
for a few minutes here,
and they take your best Pickle.
Actually, two of you,
you're taking Najwa with you.
- So, you're back then? Marcos, too?
- Yes, a few hours ago.
We have a briefing with Ops,
and we're outta here.
- I'll go see him.
- Want some help?
- No, I can do it.
- Are you sure?
If I were you,
I wouldn't talk to him today.
- Why?
- It's not a good time.
You know what?
I've tried to explain,
but he won't pick up his phone,
I'm worried.
You know him when his blood's up.
I'll talk to him, okay?
On the other hand,
I know a little lady
who'll be sitting pretty
under the wing of the boss.
You're the chosen one, my friend.
If you need anything, you know,
advice, a good wine, some crab
Here's the old man.
- Ramón, raring to go, for whatever.
- Thanks.
- Thanks a lot.
- Right, I'm going, I
Hey, one thing.
"Golf", "Basement" or "Traveller"?
The name
for the Al Garheeb operation.
"Golf" for the club,
"Basement", where we found him,
and "Traveller" because
I don't know, man, I'm bad at this.
- Bad. You are bad at this.
- Horrible.
"Salah" means
- to bow, to do a reverence. Right?
- I love it.
How about that?
Make them think you thought of it.
- I'm going to miss you.
- Me, too. Get to work.
This is Ismail's cousin,
he lives in Melilla, too.
He's awaiting trial
for drug trafficking,
- he could get 7 to 10 years.
- Not him either.
Dealers are motivated by money,
not ideals.
His wife.
An arranged marriage in Algeria.
No formal report, but
she's likely to be a victim of abuse.
There are strange injuries
in her medical record.
- How long has she been in Melilla?
- 10 years.
Fuck. If she hasn't reported him,
it's because she's scared.
Then she has to be convinced that
this way she'll stop being scared.
It's not that easy,
it doesn't work like that.
I know it's not,
be we have no other options.
We could see what she's like,
if she's educated, or not.
- Is she educated?
- Yes, higher education. Teaching.
She worked as a translator
in Algeria.
- Maybe there?
- We could get in there.
How does it look to you?
If she tells her husband,
it'll all fall through, you know?
- Put a tail on her, and we'll see.
- We already have.
- Let's go ahead with her.
- Good, let's go.
Good morning, how are you?
- Thank God.
- Everyone alright?
- Everyone's fine, thanks for asking.
- I'm glad.
Allah is the greatest.
Allah is the greatest.
There is no god but God,
Mohammed is the messenger of God.
I bear witness
that there is no god but God
and that Mohammed
is the messenger of God.
Allah is the greatest. Allah is
the greatest. Allah is the greatest.
Forgive me, All-powerful Allah.
There is no strength but in Allah.
Then I heard: "Your girlfriend's
waiting at the conjugal visits".
The conjugal visits, guys
I go all relaxed,
getting into the mood,
preparing the "goods".
But there I find a girl
- I've never seen before.
- What did you do?
What else?
She looked me up and down,
and then, suddenly,
she was butt naked.
What a chick!
She jumped on me like an animal.
From the front, behind,
against the wall,
on the floor,
behind again, in front
She dried me out.
When we were done, I said:
"Out of curiosity, what happened?"
She said,
"The conjugal visit
was with my boyfriend,
but they brought you,
and I fancy you more".
I say, "I just want to know
who your boyfriend is".
She tells me,
I thought,
"It's my lucky day,
I get to bang a cute girl,
and Samir has to do it
with my cow of a girlfriend".
It's not true.
I don't have a girlfriend.
You dick, of course it's not true.
You idiot, you're always the same.
God damn your mother!
God damn your father!
- I'll fuck you up.
- God damn your mama's pussy!
Let go of me! Shit!
That's it.
Leave him alone and go sit down.
You're Rachid, right?
Talk without looking at me.
- I'm told you're getting out soon.
- This Friday.
You can do a lot for your people.
I don't want to get into trouble.
Don't say "trouble".
Do you want to remain
an insignificant man?
Do you want to be important
in the eyes of Allah?
The eyes of Allah
are the only ones that count.
Rachid, you can be more important
than this scum.
What are you looking at, fool?
Fuck you.
Let's talk some other time.
The guards say he's contacted
some Arab prisoners,
but hasn't said anything relevant.
He's cautious.
- Tell me how he's behaving.
- Fine. A model prisoner.
He's volunteered for laundry duty.
Still, the other inmates
leave him alone.
Lúa, you're lovely in that.
- I think it's great.
- I don't like it.
Hold on a second, Roberto.
Lúa, honey. It's a Communion, okay?
All your friends will be wearing
much the same kind of dress.
We can take the bow off,
it's too flashy.
- Not the bow.
- No? You like the bow?
Hold on a second.
Go ahead, Roberto.
There was some tension
in the canteen.
Two "patriots" tipped over trays,
insults flew around, nothing serious.
- He didn't react.
- Watch him closely for me,
- I'm not happy with this situation.
- Yes, the warden isn't either.
Right, I imagine he isn't.
- Carla, one thing.
- Yes, quickly.
It's just I think Miriam's being
too hasty with the Ismail source.
For the record,
I think it's too risky.
Well, Miriam's in charge.
Do as she says, okay? I have to go.
Right, see you soon.
Lúa, we have to decide.
- I like the flower.
- That ghastly flower, no.
Shall we keep the bow
that's white like the dress?
- Can't we get both?
- No, Pippi Longstocking,
not both.
Thank you for coming.
I'm Tahira.
Sit down, please.
- What do you feel like? Tea, coffee?
- Nothing, thanks.
Fine. Anyway,
as we said, we specialize
in publishing tourist literature
in Arabic and Spanish
and we're after local translators
who know the area well.
We know you've worked
as a translator,
we wanted to know
if you're interested.
He's an oddball but a good guy.
He doesn't understand
a word of Arabic.
I bet he laughs like a jackass now.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing. Girl stuff.
When would this be?
- It'd mean starting now.
- Yes, the sooner the better.
You work from home,
the hours that suit you.
That's the advantage of this job.
It's easy work. And it's nice
to have money for yourself.
Go on, take a look.
- Get up, you son of a bitch!
- What? What are you doing?
What are you doing?
- I've cut many traitors!
- I swear it's the truth!
- Are you working with the police?
- No, Ishak, please.
- Are you working with the police?
- Ishak! Ishak! Tell him, please!
- You told us a stack of lies.
- I didn't lie.
I didn't lie, I swear!
Tarek, stop. Put the knife down.
Where did you say
your father's bakery was?
In Damour, the Mechref district.
Michayel Bakery, we checked.
It's in front of a church
in the Christian quarter.
- Are you a Christian?
- Lots of people live around there,
not just Christians.
We're not Christians.
And where's
that Moroccan dialect from?
Sure. I live with Moroccans.
I'm not a traitor.
Why is she here?
Because as of now,
she's dealing with this matter.
It won't change a thing.
I'm up to date
You said you'd suspend
my wife's thing.
We're working on it. Don't worry.
Listen, your wife's
not being thrown out.
I spoke to Immigration,
it's slow, but it's being done.
I don't believe you.
It's called "residency
due to exceptional reasons."
It cancels the expulsion order,
and we've got it.
Your cooperation with us
is the exceptional reason.
So, Hakim, what's he doing?
- He doesn't talk much.
- Yes, but about what?
He didn't know
who Salah Al Garheeb was.
He was just as surprised as us
when he found out
He's a good man.
Well, you stay close to him,
and I'll deal with your wife's thing.
Listen to me. From now on,
I'll be sorting this out.
So you'd better change your attitude
towards me.
Very well.
You undercut my authority,
now what do I do?
No, I helped you,
because you were losing him.
He's known me for months,
naturally he's suspicious of you.
- And this way he'll stay suspicious.
- Shit, Miriam
You're here because you wanted it.
But it's a mistake.
The guy's a Muslim.
He'll never trust a woman
who's not a Muslim.
Let me do the handling.
No. You're going back to Melilla
with Najwa.
I need you there, Roberto.
I have no choice.
The signal.
He's onto something big.
Let's go.
I don't believe it.
I don't believe it.
Marcos, as you say,
it's better to come clean now
than forever hold your tongue.
Fine, and listening your demand
and knowing you're probably right,
I have no doubt
that you have to do surveillance,
with 20, 30 individuals,
gather routines,
or whatever's required, Marcos.
I'm stating that
coordinating such an operation
would involve 100 of my people,
whom I'd have to transfer
to Catalonia
to the detriment of other operations
that you know very well
I have active right now.
That decision
depends on the relevant authority.
I can't set that in motion
under any circumstances,
you know that very well, Marcos.
Look, I don't care how you do it.
I need surveillance groups now.
Not later, now!
- Now.
- Got it?
Got it?
I'll explain it to you two
as many times as I have to.
In this office,
we work in compliance
with specific established procedures.
- You don't say!
- We know.
And I'm not violating them
for any reason.
The coordination of such an operation
depends on the approval
of the person of highest authority.
That individual is Carla.
The red carpet is Carla.
Fine, let's talk
like civilized people.
Civilized people would've intervened
before in this conversation.
Me? How many people
can you send to Catalonia right now?
- You know very well
- How many people?
I can give you two units.
- Two units.
- Two.
Okay. Tell me,
what do I do with two units
when I have to find a major terrorist
without knowing who he's linked to
or where the fuck he is?
Do you take responsibility for this?
Do you take responsibility for this?
You fucking blockhead, fuck you!
Who are you looking for?
My cousin Myaz.
He went away with a friend,
from work, I think.
Three days ago.
He says he went away with a workmate
and hasn't heard from him since.
We looked around the area, and
there's no trace of the van, either.
Carla, we have a problem.
They went into the old town
and haven't come out.
So they're still in the area.
They're still there.
Maybe he just couldn't contact us.
I don't know.
We can go house to house or
arrest the friends
to see if they recognize Kader.
We'll keep Myaz's cover for now in
case you're right and they come back.
We set up a 24-hour stakeout
on the house and the mosque,
and I want our people
on the streets of the old town.
- You and I are going, too.
- Got it.
Guys, choose your rooms.
Briefing here in 15 minutes, okay?
The rest of my guys
are joining in immediately.
Carla's made this top priority.
We're going to find him, Marcos.
I'm aware
that we wouldn't be in this situation
if we'd implemented the measures
you so rightly advised.
Two months ago,
he told me he wanted to quit,
that he couldn't
take this life anymore.
Do you know who convinced him
to keep at it?
I have to find him.
We have to find him. Let's go!
In 10 minutes, here.
We know it's not normal procedure,
Mr. Secretary, but it had to be done.
There was no evidence
to justify surveillance.
In fact, we're still not sure
that it's Abdel Kader Maalouf.
What size operation
are we talking about?
Well, with Information, GEOs, TEDAX,
some 120 officers sent to Gerona,
plus another 100 local officers.
It'd be wise to send the UIP from
Barcelona and Zaragoza as backup.
In any case,
what's going on will be in full view.
I want it all under control
and no mistakes.
Naturally, the top priority
is no civilian victims.
Of course.
- I want to be informed at all times.
- Very well.
One more thing.
Do we have any progress on
the Salah Al Garheeb investigation?
Last time you had us worried.
Measures are being taken
to get specific results.
And we expect to have results
in a very short time.
We hope so.
Right, Commissioner?
Aren't you going to tell me
what happened with the boss?
What did you do to her?
There was no cheating,
if that's what you're insinuating.
No, I wasn't insinuating anything.
So it was her decision, the?
You didn't see it coming?
That doesn't say much about you
as an investigator. No?
I don't know
- Normal arguments a couple has
- "Normal" arguments!
"Normal" arguments
with an Argentinean,
that has to be hell, right?
I bet you gave her
the worst migraines.
- Are you having fun?
- No, no.
At least someone is.
I really don't understand.
She told me she wanted to break up,
that it was no one's fault,
there was no one else and
I thought it was temporary.
Then she started on
about me finding a flat, that
that we had to tell Lúa.
And here I am, man.
- In the same jacket for a week.
- Yes, I noticed.
And your girl?
She took it better than me.
And how are you?
- I feel like shit.
- Look out.
There he is. Let's go.
Let go, let go!
They say you don't want to give us
any information.
I have nothing to say.
Let's take it from the top.
We're looking for a suspect,
he calls himself Myaz.
He's very involved in the mosque.
I don't know anything.
- Watch your tone, alright?
- I don't know anything.
Do you know his partner? Ishak.
Ishak who?
- A lot of people go into the mosque.
- Moha
Do I look like a fool to you?
I don't know where they are,
I don't know them.
I don't know where they are.
- I don't know them!
- You don't know Myaz?
Nothing goes on in the mosque
without you knowing.
Lots of people come and go.
- Fucking cooperate.
- That's a different thing.
I don't know anything.
About Ishak or Myaz.
You want to go back inside, huh?
You liked it in there?
You're not cooperating
with us anymore.
- I don't know anything.
- You don't know anything.
He doesn't know anything.
Then I'll help you remember,
you fucking asshole!
- Where the fuck is Myaz?
- I don't know where they are!
- Of course you know!
- Marcos, that's enough!
They haven't been at the mosque
for a while, that's all I know.
I'm reporting both of you.
You know your partner can't do this.
Do what? What did he do?
- You saw.
- I didn't see anything. Did you?
- I don't know anything. That's it.
- Alright. Neither do I, okay?
You didn't see anything,
I don't know anything.
I'm looking for this guy.
- Doesn't ring a bell.
- Are you sure?
He doesn't ring a bell at all.
- It's fine.
- Thank you for being so fast.
Won't you have tea this time?
Yes, thank you.
- Do you want something?
- No.
Is there a problem
with the translations?
Words like Hamulid
aren't easy to translate.
No, don't worry.
The translations are fine.
I'm going to tell you something,
and it's important that you stay
and listen to me closely to the end.
I'm not an editor
I'm a police officer.
No, sit down, please. Sit down.
Sit down, please. It's about
your daughter, Basma. And about you.
Sit down, please, trust me.
Trust me.
he'll keep beating you,
and one day,
the arm he breaks will be hers.
My husband has never hurt me.
I want you to see something.
What's this?
Your husband is working
with these people.
They're photos
of the Toulouse attack.
Amina, look at me.
If you help us,
he'll never lay a hand on you again,
not today, not ever Amina, Amina.
I've been away from the mosque
for long.
People will worry about me.
I'm your brother,
but I want to know
what we're going to do.
The will of God Almighty.
Do you like football?
I'm crazy about it.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Sit down. Don't move!
There are lots of Muslim footballers:
Nasri, Pogba, Touré, Ben Arfa
Benzema Adama Traoré, too.
I wasn't even one year old
when my dad bought me
my first
Olympique de Marseille shirt.
Look, I've got a photo.
- Here.
- Enough about football.
We've received orders.
We get started tonight.
And you, change that djellaba.
We mustn't attract attention.
Do you understand?
Come on.
Sit down to dinner.
Let's go.
In the name of God.
Which way?
Can I find out what we're doing?
We're going to get material.
That's all you needed me for?
To go unnoticed?
Take the highway to France.
Open up the van and help me.
Come on, help me.
What's this?
Shut up and help me. Hide them well.
- What about me?
- You concentrate on driving.
Ishak, please
What are we going to do?
Stay calm, brother.
It's all under control.
Tonight boom!
We're not going back
to the butcher shop. That way.
Three, two, one and
The ace of hearts. Yours.
Very good, honey.
No, no, no.
Don't send this kind of email
to any embassy,
under any circumstances.
The heading with the name
of the detainee, nothing else.
I'll do it again,
let's see if you guess how it's done.
Okay, try it again.
Calm down, calm down.
Act naturally.
If they stop you, accelerate.
Don't do anything stupid, don't
So, the name of
You put the name of the detainee
or the name investigated,
whatever's necessary,
but no more. That's illegal.
- Go, go, go.
- We've got him.
- We'll talk later.
- Okay.
Our guy activated the SIM card.
Downtown. Heading for Girona
in a moving vehicle.
- We can intercept it, there it is.
- Alemán.
- Everyone.
- Leave that and call everyone.
Luis, we're going.
- Leave that and call everyone!
- It's going straight.
We're going to find him.
Don't even breathe.
Goodbye, idiot.
You're the guys
from the Toulouse attack, right?
I knew it, I knew it.
Marcos, it's them.
From the Toulouse attack.
We have confirmation
that it's Kader Malouf, sir.
There are other terrorists,
plus our agent.
Where are we going?
I was scared in the tunnel.
I thought those fools
were going to arrest us.
He thought the city cops
were going to arrest them.
He says he was nervous in the tunnel.
He thought the cops
were going to arrest them.
Hey, do you believe in paradise?
Said asks, "Does paradise exist?"
Marcos, they've got explosives.
Be very careful, please.
- Is it that way? Arcos Mall?
- Yeah, yeah.
Do you believe it really exists?
Sometimes I'm scared.
I know I shouldn't doubt
I have the same doubt, my friend.
Don't feel bad.
My brother's convinced
we're doing the right thing.
Your brother is your brother.
You are you.
My real name is Said.
Hello, Said of Marseilles.
No one supports Olympique
unless they're from Marseilles.
He's not calling.
What the hell is he doing?
Which way now?
Said, it's dangerous to travel
with all these explosives.
I think it's there, the carpark.
Confirmed, explosives in the van.
The mobile signals have to be jammed.
The van's in the carpark, your boy's
inside with one of the terrorists.
- Where are the other two?
- We have no trace of them.
We have to act now.
High risk, low profile.
Green light, GEOs with me. Come.
What now?
We wait.
You know how paranoid the boss is.
Will we set off the bomb here?
My brother will come to activate it.
- Hey, excuse me.
- Yes?
- Is there no mobile coverage here?
- Yes. Normally there is.
No, there isn't.
Something's going on. Go take a look.
If something's wrong, I'll see you
at the meeting point, okay?
Something's wrong. Start it up.
Stop! Get my brother.
No, this way! Get my brother!
What the hell are you doing?
Said! Said, wait, please!
Don't do that, please!
Go, go, go!
Don't shoot!
I'm police, don't shoot!
- Get down!
- Drop the gun!
I'm police, don't shoot!
Don't shoot, I'm police!
Drop the gun!
- Drop the gun!
- Let her go!
Let her go!
- Drop the gun!
- Let her go!
Drop the gun!
Get out! Get out!
Go, go, go!
- Put your gun down!
- Don't shoot! I'm police!
He's ours, take it easy. He's ours.
Marcos, the explosives
are in the back.
- Is there any danger?
- No.
Get an ambulance! Officer hit!
Where's Kader?
I want confirmation, now!
Everyone haul ass!
I want Sergio on the phone now.
I want confirmation, please. Now!
One down.
Repeat, confirmed: One down.
Don't gloat, don't gloat.
Detain those people out there.
Exhaustive inside confiscation.
There are two more, we keep at it.
They got my brother.
I don't know if he's dead or not.
Idiots, you let him join us!
It's your fault! Your fault!
My little brother
There are police here. Shut up.
I'm going back for my little brother!
- Let go of me!
- Calm down, calm down.
Look at me. Calm down, calm down.
My little brother!
Let me go find my little brother!
He's not dead!
Look into my eyes,
your brother is not dead!
Calm down, calm down.
Come on, wake up.
You did fucking great.
You did fucking great, Myaz.
Look at me. Look at me, look at me!
Where's that fucking ambulance?!
Look into my eyes!
Your brother's alright, okay?
They only fired to scare him.
What are you telling me?!
The police are everywhere.
Do you want them to kill us?
Do you want them to kill us
like your brother?
Trust me, okay?
I'll be alright, it'll be alright.
It'll be alright. Alright.
Let's go.
One terrorist is down,
and our agent is wounded, sir.
The target wasn't there,
but we've seized the arms
- and the explosives.
- No civilian victims, right?
No, boss.
Only our agent.
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