La Unidad (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

The jihad does not die with its men,
when the sacrifices
of our brother martyrs
are still remembered
and perpetuated by those who live.
The sacrifices
of our brother martyrs.
Salah Al Garheeb is dead.
He was tortured to death
in your Spanish prison!
- Hi, honey.
- This is Christ's mystic body
He was murdered,
but his death
will never be forgotten.
The Word defines us as people
I tell you, all those who stained
their hands with his blood
will be punished.
- I'm sorry.
- Mum, you're leaving?
I invite every brother
to avenge my father.
will be members of the Church
Allah is the greatest.
And no one noticed anything?
It must've happened at night.
We found him
first thing in the morning.
You're fucking kidding me.
He bashed his own head
against the wall.
And those wounds?
Self-inflicted, he did it for weeks.
How do we prove
it was suicide now?
News of his death mustn't spread
inside the prison and beyond.
That's tricky,
news travels fast here.
Hakim has to be isolated again
before he starts a reprisal mutiny.
Brothers, Salah Al Garheeb
was tortured in prison
by the guards until he died.
- Hakim, come with me.
- Why?
The warden wants to see you.
He'll explain.
Come on, let's go.
This is proof that it's true.
They killed him.
Let's go.
Brothers, peace, peace!
Peace, peace.
- Let's go.
- Peace.
What did Hakim tell you?
That the guards tortured him
for days
- and beat him to death.
- When did he tell you?
To me and my cellmates, last night.
To the others, this morning.
I want the names
of all the inmates he spoke to,
even if it was to say, "hello",
"pass the salt", whatever.
Did he talk about doing anything?
Some kind of reprisal?
Nothing, he's always told us
he's a man of peace.
He announced Al Garheeb's death
before they found the body.
- It's a coordinated action.
- Al Garheeb was meant to be isolated.
He could've sent word
through his lawyer.
We have to arrest him
before news gets out.
Come on, Carla. He's a lawyer.
They'll go for our jugular
if we just arrest him.
This suicide makes no sense
unless it's meant to provoke
some reaction: A mutiny here
or a response outside.
We have to be ready.
Now I understand
why the Americans killed Bin Laden.
We made a mistake putting
Hakim with the common inmates.
"We"? No, make no mistake,
we did it because you scared
the people upstairs.
But relax, we can still play it
to our advantage.
Marcos, one question.
Did you like the stripper clowns
that we sent you?
Yes, Lúa loved them.
Okay, the fugitives turned on
the hostage's phone in a forest
some 30 kilometres
from where we found the body.
- When did they activate it?
- Ten minutes ago,
for a few seconds, enough for us.
We're heading there right now,
- they're fleeing on foot, desperate.
- Desperate
or not, Sergio, be careful, okay?
You're pissed to not be here
when we get them, huh?
No response?
You climbing the walls right now?
- You're climbing the walls.
- Any news, call me.
- Ramón.
- Hear this.
Al Garheeb's lawyer has disappeared.
They haven't
heard from him since yesterday.
- And his mobile's off.
- Right. Keep looking.
Leave a message at the practice.
Say he'd better contact me
before making any move.
Okay, I'm on my way.
She told me.
She's been seeing him
for a month in secret.
Why are you in the robe?
- I don't feel like swimming.
- Neither do I.
But take it off,
I'm hot just looking at you.
What's wrong? You're acting strange.
Don't worry, I'm fine.
But he's married.
Doesn't Rachida mind?
Why would she mind?
He gives her loads of gifts.
He's well endowed.
The wine's running low.
Do you have any more?
It's the last bottle.
Well, we'll get another one.
And smile. You look like a sourpuss.
That sourpuss Rachida
should look for other women's men.
Or I should,
I married the least rich
and the dumbest of the two brothers.
Cheer up, Amina.
With this house
and your husband's money,
I don't know
what else you want from life.
I'd give anything for
They're coming!
You two have a hard life!
We're very bored.
- Where's Ismael?
- On the phone.
- How are you?
- I missed you.
Me, too.
A problem!
Look, fool, tomorrow at 8,
bring me the merchandise.
Do you understand?
Bring it to me at 8.
It's not my problem.
Alright, Hakim.
As of now, you'll be totally cut off,
from you lawyer as well.
Got me?
I know you won't tell me
your intentions with the death
of Al Garheeb.
I know.
But you know that, whatever happens,
you'll pay the most here.
We know you were going
to meet with Ismail.
We follow him, Hakim.
We follow all of you.
Al Garheeb's plans won't go anywhere.
Your war is lost, accept it.
Do you really think it's worth
rotting here in jail,
for the rest of your life,
for a lost cause, Hakim?
Do you really think it's worth it?
I can offer you a way out.
I spoke to the prosecutor and
a few years here, very few,
and then
money, a life wherever you want.
Wherever you want, Hakim.
Think it over.
What are your intentions
with Al Garheeb's death?
Be smart, tell me.
Our war is not lost.
It's useless, he won't give in.
Let him rot in there.
Come on, we have to sweep
a perimeter of 4 kilometres!
They've found a mobile.
Near the riverbank.
15-4 to Iker-0:
We'll take care of it.
- Look for any prints.
- Where's this mobile?
Get that dog back.
It's the woman's mobile.
From here on, eyes peeled!
They found a trail
three kilometres from here.
Bag this mobile.
- They're recent.
- They are.
They're the tracks of a Land Rover.
Road access is meant to be closed.
What cars do the Rangers use?
- Jeeps, I think. Find out.
- On it.
They hijacked another vehicle
or someone picked them up.
Speak to the Rangers personally,
see if they're missing a vehicle.
And put out a search on a Land Rover.
Got it.
I don't know. They may have called
someone to transport them,
but they definitely have help,
and we've lost them, Marcos.
Where's the logic in that?
It's common sense, I think.
Everything alright?
Everything's fine, fine.
Just supposing.
Maybe in other places
Look, Pepe, take it back. Please
- See? No looks, but they communicate.
- Who's that inmate?
Rachid Hamid.
He got out a few weeks ago.
Theft and drugs.
He has no link to the jihad,
but he's crazy.
These two also got out
a couple of weeks ago
and were seen with him in jail.
But, as far as we know,
they had no contact with him.
I want all three of them.
We're onto him, but the other two
are whereabouts unknown.
You take care of them.
Okay. Thanks.
Are you happy?
Did you like the magician?
- Bye.
- Bye.
Don't worry, Lúa's fine.
She's inside with your dad.
- Well, I
- Wait.
We lost them. And I wasn't there.
It wouldn't have changed anything.
You're going already?
- Did you have fun?
- Yes, it was great.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
See you soon.
They have logistic support.
They called someone.
Someone picked them up.
We have another problem, Marcos.
Al Garheeb killed himself last night.
For now, we've kept it quiet,
but if news gets out,
- we're in deep shit.
- How did he kill himself?
Hey! How are you? Did you have fun?
- Thank you for inviting us.
- Right.
See you.
- See you soon.
- Bye.
I want you here with Ramón, okay?
Okay. Go to Lúa, don't worry.
- Look who's here.
- Lúa, honey.
She's acting offended now,
but she was playing all the time
with the girls. She had great fun.
I feel bad for her,
it's not her fault.
I get it. And I'm not saying it
so you'll forgive me.
Do you remember I once left
you and your brother in a shop?
There was an ETA alarm, remember?
A supermarket, Dad.
You held it against me for
I don't know how long.
You also forgot to call Mum
to come and get us.
You haven't eaten, have you?
You don't look well.
Can I get you something?
Well Don't worry about Lúa,
she's not as resentful
as another girl I remember.
Besides, you're doing better
than I did.
Well, that's not so hard.
Are you sure you're alright?
I'm worn out, Dad.
I'm missing something,
and I don't know where to look.
It's impossible.
I know the score, Carla.
When I ignored you two
or was mean to your mother,
it was really because
I didn't know
how to handle the pressure here,
the impotence, the frustration
You know that if you fail,
someone dies. And you can't fail.
But you can't control everything.
Sooner or later, it'll happen,
and there'll be a victim
you couldn't save, and
that's how this is.
Go on,
go to the little one.
Don't do what I did.
Hey, you
Grandpa told me you figured out
almost all the magician's tricks.
Is that true?
What's wrong, Longstocking,
are you never talking to me?
You're the only one,
the only mother
who left her daughter's Communion.
Well, honey,
your mother's a police officer.
Lucas' mum is a police officer, too,
but she goes to
all of his hockey games. All of them.
I've explained to you, Lúa.
- Mine is a different unit.
- Dad was there.
Only you have emergencies. Always.
You shouldn't have had kids,
because kids suffer, you know?
Don't get dramatic,
it doesn't suit you.
Mum, are you alright?
Yes, honey.
Let's go home, okay?
Tarek, they're here.
Let's go. Move it.
My heart, my life, my soul!
I was told of your father's dead.
I'm sorry, my friend.
It's not good to go through the pain
in solitude.
Nadim, my gift.
I have a wife in Syria,
and I remain faithful to her.
- She must go, please.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- Okay.
Andrés, go ahead.
Sorry. Rumaya has sent out
a new appeal from Nadim.
How awful.
are still remembered
and perpetuated by the living.
Salah Al Garheeb is dead.
Tortured in his Spanish prison
- Now we know Al Garheeb's plan.
- Yes, and we'll look like shit.
If Nadim spreads this video and
not us, the media will crucify us.
We have to ask the media
not to hype this up.
When we have the situation
under control,
- we'll give them the details.
- It's not that easy, Carla.
If anyone can do it, it's you.
These favours
are costly in the long run.
If the news gets out,
I'll have all my personnel
watching every reaction
in every corner of the country!
We'll lose control of the situation,
it'll be chaos!
Salah Al Garheeb is dead
I'll talk to the Minister
to see what can be done.
Are you alright?
We carry on.
I invite every brother
to avenge my father.
Allah is the greatest.
Good morning. We've called you here
this morning to tell you
of the death of Salah Al Garheeb,
which occurred yesterday.
The press was not told
strictly for security reasons.
We also want to point out
that this is, without a doubt,
a suicide.
And for complete transparency,
external experts
will witness the autopsy,
one of them
from Madrid's Islamic community.
As we have more information,
we will keep you updated.
Good day, and thank you.
Good morning, dear passengers.
We will be shortly landing
in Laos International Airport.
- Where is he?
- It's here. We have to wait.
We stay with the patrol, okay?
I shall take you to see William.
Just two of you. No police.
No, no. Where is William?
- No, wait, wait!
- No, no!
- It's dangerous to go alone.
- I'm talking to him, period.
- Not without the patrol.
- Are you coming or not?
- Miriam!
- Wait.
Fucking hell.
Hi. Excuse me.
I'm a bit lost, I'm not from around.
I'm looking for my cousin,
I think I got the wrong address.
Samir's his name. Samir Amir.
No? You haven't seen him?
Thanks a lot.
Of the inmates who contacted
Hakim in prison,
we only have the whereabouts
of Rachid, in a flat in Très Cantos.
- Pressure him to talk.
- What about the prosecutor?
I'll take care of the authorization,
don't worry.
One thing, Carla.
Everyone's also very nervous
about Nadim's appeal.
Al Garheeb's death
will have consequences.
At the slightest thing,
we'll act, with everyone.
I'm going for Rachid.
Allah is enough for me.
What better guardian!
Copy that.
More than 100 messages per second.
On social networks, the deep web.
It's a plague.
I can imagine.
It's probably nothing,
but we can't rule anything out.
He sent it to me here.
But what worries me most,
beyond the tide of messages,
is that some "delicate" profiles
are either strangely silent
or meet their contacts in person,
they don't trust the networks.
We can't go after all of them.
All the teams are on this,
working double shifts.
We can't keep up.
This is what Nadim and Al Garheeb
want with the suicide,
for us to go mad
and miss the main thing.
We're doing well. Okay?
If there's anything big, tell me.
But we carry on. Good work.
Rachid's flatmates
say he left a few hours ago.
Let's go.
- Police! Hands on your head!
- I haven't done anything!
- Who are you?
- Hold it! On the ground.
I haven't done anything!
I haven't done anything!
I haven't done anything! Let me go!
Let go of me!
I haven't done anything!
I haven't done anything, fuck!
Let go of me, you're hurting me!
Let go of me!
Nothing on him.
I haven't done anything, fuck!
Let go of me!
We've got him, we've arrested Rachid.
I don't buy it, I don't.
Find out if he's talked
to the people around him.
- What do we know about Samir?
- Nothing yet, but we're on it.
- I want them all.
- I'll keep in touch.
We carry on.
- Go and rest, I'll stay.
- It's not like there's much to do
No football today?
He's either extremely cautious,
or he smells something.
He never gives anything away.
Ismail, leave me alone.
Ismail, leave me alone.
Ismail, leave me alone!
I'm your husband.
- Fuck
- Not like this, Ismail!
I'm your husband!
Quiet, don't wake the girl.
I'm your husband.
I'm your husband!
Is William here?
Go inside.
Stay there.
I'm risking my life
with you being here.
I appreciate this opportunity
to talk with you.
Let's get straight to the point.
What do you want?
I need to find out why Al Garheeb
travelled from Nigeria to Spain.
The fact that I met him doesn't mean
he told me the story of his life.
Please. When did you see him?
About four months ago
in a Boko Haram camp,
at the border
between Nigeria and Chad.
What were you doing in that camp?
Did Al Garheeb
want to buy any weapons?
But later, he
he went over to Spain
without an escort or any weapons,
as far as we know.
All I know is he disappeared
before we closed the deal.
Why didn't the CIA arrest him?
Was Al Garheeb a CIA agent?
Look. Al Garheeb wasn't an agent.
The CIA was having him followed.
They wanted to see if
he might lead them to the big shots
who control
the chemical weapons traffic
that goes
through the port of Laos.
He and the Boko Haram
were searching for sarin.
Five hundred litres.
Enough to wipe out the population
of an entire city.
But nobody produces sarin anymore.
That's why they couldn't make a deal.
But why did the CIA let him escape?
They didn't.
Al Garheeb disappeared unexpectedly
from the scene and remained missing
until you guys arrested him
in Melilla.
Did he manage to obtain the sarin
from another trafficker?
Well, there are still
some old arsenals in Libya and Iraq,
hiding God knows where.
Do you know this man?
Put the picture on the table.
- Okay. Here?
- There.
I don't know him. Who is he?
Ismail Hamid.
He's a drug trafficker from Melilla.
Al Garheeb went there to see him.
Perhaps the drugs they needed
to exchange for chemical weapons
The drugs the DAESH handles
don't come from Spain,
they come from Asia and are sold
to Europe, not the other way around.
Sold to people like this guy, who
then introduces them into his market.
If Al Garheeb wanted to see him,
it must have been for another reason.
Ismail has set up
a solid distribution network.
If he is capable of delivering
his drugs all over Europe,
he can deliver any other stuff.
Like the sarin.
Enough with talking. Go.
Thank you.
At Ensenada de los Galápagos,
in ten minutes.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I'm sorry about
what happened last night.
Your partner, where is she?
She doesn't know I'm here.
- I must go, it's dangerous for me.
- I know. I know, Amina.
That's why I'm here.
You don't know how sorry I am
for not intervening.
It's alright,
- Don't worry.
- I do worry.
Amina, I want you to know
that I won't desert you.
Neither you nor Basma. I mean it.
I promise I'll do all I can
to get you out of here.
Trust me.
- What's this?
- Look.
- It's your favourite, isn't it?
- Yes. Thank you.
Listen, inside is my personal
phone number.
Memorize it and rip up the paper,
And anything you want,
anything, whatever,
call me.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Don't think that those killed
by Allah are dead.
On the contrary, they're alive
with their Lord, well provided for.
Die, you sons of bitches!
Die, you sons of bitches! Die!
Drop the gun!
An ambulance!
This way, please!
You've done your best.
- we're evacuating the wounded.
- What?
Anyway, we're combing the area.
How many victims are there?
Ten so far.
Five more are in a critical
condition, we're waiting for news.
We've identified him.
He got out of jail a week ago.
- I knew it, I knew it.
- Yes.
An officer on duty shot him, but
he'd already made this mess.
Are you alright?
Come here, come here. Come sit down.
Sit down, Carla. Sit down here.
Sit here.
- I was my fault!
- No, Carla.
- This is a crisis.
- God damn it!
It is not the first crisis.
Please, we have to focus,
- to carry on, to carry on.
- I have cancer, Marcos.
I've got cancer, damn it!
They removed it a month ago.
They found cancer,
they removed a node.
I've been on chemo for two months.
Forgive me.
Forgive me, forgive me.
- What kind of cancer is it?
- Breast cancer.
- Forgive me.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- I didn't want to worry you.
- You didn't want to worry me?
No, I didn't
I wanted to be here,
I wanted to control this.
I wanted to control all this.
firemen down the end, please!
I'm here, okay? Okay, stay here.
- We'll get a doctor, okay?
- No, I want to speak to Ramón.
We'll talk about it all,
I promise. Okay?
Let's get back.
Let's get back to work.
Let's go.
The area's been cleared, boss.
He acted alone,
with a delivery van
Guys, Ismail is leaving.
Monitoring team ready. Let's go.
Nothing to declare?
Something must've happened
for him to
Tell the other side
to get ready to take over.
Get ready to take over.
I have to identify him.
- They're ready on the other side.
- Good. Good.
- Cooperate, otherwise
- I'm cooperating, but you
- What have you got there?
- A bag and food.
- What's wrong?
- Go, sir, carry on, please.
- What? The same old story
- Get back, please.
Get back. Please, sir.
- Take it easy.
- Don't worry.
Get back. Please, sir.
People, get back.
What's wrong?
Get back. Please, sir.
Get back, sir.
Sir, sir.
What the fuck?
Police! Let me through!
God! God! God!
We've lost him.
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