La Unidad (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

There's no time to cry,
we can't afford that.
We're alone, this unit
and our teams,
in hunting down these fuckers.
Detach yourself from the outside,
don't listen to anything:
Rumours, the press,
the media, the bosses
I'll deal with the noise.
You're to concentrate
solely and exclusively on the job.
Go over every detail, everything
we've done, which we've done well.
We're not to overlook anything.
Cancel leave for your people,
motivate them to the utmost,
but demand the utmost, too.
And if someone isn't working out,
they're out.
And if someone
can't give it all they've got,
set them aside,
replace them ruthlessly.
there's only us.
You're the best
and we're going to catch
these sons of bitches.
We cannot and will not fail.
Go, guys, get to work.
One, two, and three.
We can both go later,
we're free all morning.
I'd rather go when the bank's empty.
Later, there's a line of old people.
It's a drag.
Whatever you like.
Come on, girls. Teeth and bags.
- And, Basma, listen to your aunt.
- Okay.
I'm off.
You know where everything is.
If anything happens, call me.
- Handbag.
- What?
You forgot your handbag.
See you downtown at 10, okay?
Relax. The bank's not running away.
After the incident,
the Home Secretary
will have to explain,
in his address to Congress,
this chain of errors that led
to an inmate radicalized in jail
being able to carry out the attack
- days after getting out.
- Mum, my jumper.
- Mum.
- Fourteen in a serious condition
- in two hospitals in Madrid
- Mum Mum!
What? What's wrong?
You don't shout inside.
Here's your juice.
- My jumper.
- What jumper?
My uniform!
I forgot to put it in the dryer
last night, it's all wet.
- Dad's here.
- Okay.
And my sandwich?
- Go open up.
- Daddy!
Breakfast first, it's alright
if you're five minutes late.
Come in. We have a problem
with your daughter's uniform.
We have a problem
with my daughter's uniform?
What's the problem
with my daughter's uniform?
It's just
we left the jumpers
in the washing machine last night.
- Coffee?
- Okay.
- How are you?
- Good, good. Relax.
- Yeah?
- Yes.
How do we solve this?
Where can we get a jumper?
Amina, why didn't you tell us
he was leaving?
He didn't tell me,
I had no time to tell you.
Has he left like this before,
it is normal?
His brother told me he'll be away
a few days on business.
- Your brother-in-law's at home?
- He minds us when Ismail's not there.
Fine, Amina, call Ismail.
We have to locate him
I can't, he never takes
his mobile phone.
He's cautious. If I have problems,
my brother-in-law contacts him.
Fine. Call your brother-in-law,
make something up.
You saw what happened in Madrid.
Your husband
No, no, it wasn't him.
Amina, you're not helping us,
and this is very
- I swear I don't know where he is.
- Give us a moment, Najwa.
Give us a moment, please, Najwa.
Really, I can't call him.
I don't know where he is.
Relax, Amina, relax.
Don't worry. Listen to me.
Your sister-in-law asks your daughter
questions when you're gone.
- I saw it on the cameras.
- What questions?
Where you were going, or if
you'd met a man.
But relax, she has no idea.
Amina, I have to ask you to please,
please, be very careful
of your sister-in-law.
Alright? Do you promise me?
Do you know if Mum
still has a bad tummy?
She told me she was sick, but
she was better now,
and she's going to be fine.
- Mum's going to be great.
- She's always angry.
She's not angry, she's worried.
About work.
You saw what happened
at Puerta del Sol?
We're all upset about it and
Mum even more, because
she's the boss and feels responsible.
So, as much as possible,
we'll try not to give her
any more reasons to worry.
You understand, right?
No getting mad, no tantrums and
none of those things
that you learned from me, okay?
Before he vanished,
Ismail contacted someone.
We can't recover the conversation,
which sucks.
But he accessed
this erotic chat line.
The same one Kader used when
we surrounded him, and he vanished.
Yes, the same one.
If he spoke to Ismail
and gave him logistic support
They clearly link operations.
Kader was put in Spain
to substitute Hakim in his work.
You found out that Al Garheeb
tried to buy sarin
and introduce it here.
- Sarin gas?
- Yes, sarin.
For years,
Ismail has been bringing in drugs
without the police catching him.
We know that, right?
So I think they're going to use
his distribution network
to get sarin gas
to hidden cells in Europe.
- It makes sense.
- Yes,
but it's still speculation.
It would explain why Al Garheeb
went to Melilla.
What doesn't fit is why Ismail
would risk so much with Daesh,
considering what he makes
from drug trafficking.
Because Daesh can give him access
to the ports of Nigeria
to expand his business.
Whoever controls the ports of Laos
controls smuggling in half the world.
The problem is that we don't know
where these weapons are.
If they exist, if they've arrived
or they're waiting for them
- or what is going on.
- Ismail disappeared.
That means he's with Kader
waiting for the sarin.
We have to find him. I don't care
what you do, find out where he is.
We're following
the brother everywhere,
we tapped his phone,
but there was no contact.
We have to try harder, all of us.
Marcos, Marcos.
We haven't spoken since Carla
entrusted me with the operation.
The boss made a good decision.
- You did great work in Nigeria.
- Thanks.
One moment.
Marta, send a copy of the dossier
to the Secretary of State
and tell me when the security
meeting will be.
They just told us
the meeting took place already.
- When?
- Yesterday afternoon.
- And who was there?
- Everyone.
Very well. Send a copy anyway.
Good morning.
- Any news?
- No.
Alberto, can you go outside
for a moment, please?
Is something wrong?
We're not being effective
with Amina, Roberto.
She's at home while her husband
is about to attack somewhere.
Amina's done what we've asked,
and she's taking a huge risk.
- We stay after the brother-in-law.
- Roberto, she has to do more.
- We have to pressure her.
- Najwa,
if we do, she'll make mistakes.
You know what would happen to her.
It's not the first time
we've worked with a source.
What do you mean?
I've seen you push others
to the limit.
You've never been so considerate.
What's up with you and her?
Nothing! But I don't want
to gamble with an innocent life.
- Noe.
- Leave me alone.
- How are you?
- What do you care?
Okay, I need to talk to you.
So, are you getting me out of here?
That's not in my power,
but I can improve your situation.
Would you like to work outside?
Tell me where, I'll make it happen.
Look, Noe.
Your intel on the golf course
helped us with the investigation.
- I'm so glad.
- You should be!
Hakim and Al Garheeb
had planned something awful.
If we'd done nothing,
many would've died.
But it can still happen.
At least Hakim treated me well, like
a daughter. You locked me in here.
Hakim doesn't care about anyone.
He was going to sell you like meat.
No. I heard him talk to his son,
he's a good father.
- What son?
- He contacted me online.
That's a photo
that you believed was his son.
- No, it was his son. I know it.
- How? Did you see him in person?
- No.
- Then?
I heard him on the phone,
for his birthday.
You could tell that he loves him.
He's not a monster like you say.
Where is this son?
In Morocco? Melilla? Where?
In a clothes store.
I'd like to work in a store
where they design clothes.
inmate radicalized in jail
being able to carry out the attack
just days after getting out.
- Peace be upon you.
- And upon you. How are you?
We're shut in this boat like rats.
We're wasting time.
Things have gotten complicated.
Your faces are in all the papers.
All the cops are looking for you.
Where's the product?
Don't worry,
it'll be here in two days.
The freighter's
already off the Spanish coast.
I'll transfer the cargo
to a smaller boat to avoid controls.
- I'm the best, right?
- That's why I'm working with you.
Then trust me.
I just ask one thing: Caution.
Until it arrives,
you have to stay hidden here.
- Is that clear? Stay right here.
- Okay, okay.
But try to get the product
on time and as soon as possible.
Trust me, it's my job.
- See you in two days?
- God willing.
- It's very important.
- Count on me.
These are all the vessels that went
through the port of Laos
headed for Spanish ports,
so as long as
they haven't transferred
the product to another vessel
- It's impossible to check them all.
- Alright,
we have a list
of all the warehouses Ismail used
in the past for his imports.
Or a lot of them.
He won't be so stupid
as to put the weapons there.
- We can't count on people, as usual.
- Here we go, the optimist.
He doesn't know we're after him,
he doesn't have to change strategy.
They never found the drugs.
Why would we find the weapons?
We're using special systems:
Dragonfly, thermal
And we're still one step behind.
What the hell's wrong with you today?
Someone's known the plan
from the start.
- And we have him.
- Hakim.
But he's not talking.
And he won't talk.
Maybe. Or maybe
it's a problem of communication.
Miriam, at your age
I didn't want bullets
to leave gun barrels, and today
if I have to break all the fingers
of an individual like Hakim,
I have no problem.
Don't talk shit, please.
- How do you want to do it?
- What the fuck is this?
- I don't need to save my reputation.
- Me neither.
We're here to save lives.
Are you kidding?
You're kidding, right?
It's fine
if you don't want to be part.
But then
you'd better not know anything.
Carla, Sanabria's in your office.
Okay, put it in a report
and send it there.
Or tell Marta. Thanks.
- Boss.
- Carla.
Sorry I haven't seen you
these past days,
but it's a tough time for everyone.
Sorry as well for not calling you
to the CES security meeting,
but I did it for your own sake.
- I'm not following you.
- Yes.
As you know, we're under a lot
of pressure: Political, media
Our work is being seriously
called into question.
At all levels. For those upstairs,
it would be easier
to hand the head of Antiterrorism
to the public as a scapegoat.
But I didn't want them
to go after you.
And, fortunately, that was the case.
So you can relax.
They saw that the responsibility lies
with the prison authorities.
It was us.
Samir never would've acted
if it wasn't for Hakim.
The decision to put him
with the common inmates was ours.
- Yours and mine.
- No, Carla, no.
No, no, our strategy was correct,
and you should see it that way, too.
Remember why
we had to reach that point.
Listen, I hope you understand
who's supporting you in all this.
We have to be united, right?
Good. Good, because
we still have two terrorists
on the loose in the country
and a shipment
of chemical weapons somewhere.
Devote yourself to that.
The Home Secretary
appeared in Congress
to explain the chain
of errors that allowed
an inmate radicalized
in jail to carry out an attack
a few days after his release.
- Hi.
- How are you?
Good. Come in.
Are you alone?
Lúa's in her room,
she'll be right down.
- I got your favourite wine.
- Oh, so I see.
What's wrong?
Do you remember
Alberto Sanz González?
He's to be your replacement.
Proposed by Sanabria himself.
He's dumped the responsibility
on you for the failure
of the source put with Hakim.
He had it in for you, Carla.
Son of a bitch.
He already told
the Secretary of State,
and it was approved
the day of the attack.
They're just waiting
for a quiet day to announce it.
Alberto Sanz González is a drone,
he won't solve anything.
- He's mediocre, yes
- Yes.
who won't bother Sanabria.
He'll ruin the operation in two
months, that's what'll happen, Jesús.
Well, there's still something
that can be done.
But it has consequences.
I'm not talking as a friend now
but as an Intelligence officer.
In fact, this goes beyond
the personal relationship that
you and I may have. Alright?
Forget everything
that binds us together,
because once your hands get dirty,
they'll never get clean,
and I won't be able to help you.
Hello, Jesús.
- Hi, honey. How are you?
- What are you two doing?
We're talking shop, Lúa. Will you do
your homework? I won't be long.
- Bye.
- Bye, honey.
She's getting so big.
What are you asking of me?
Your unit has an open investigation
on a businessman in Almeria,
Karim Abid.
We have certain interest
in things not moving forward.
You want me to redirect
the inquiry?
That's just the first thing.
You're going to have
an outstanding debt.
She won't come.
- No, she won't come.
- No.
At this stage in my career,
if they open a file on me
But you two, watch out.
- Ten says she's coming.
- I'll match that.
I can afford 10 euros.
And you'll have to cough up.
Same old story.
Don't get mad,
I'll buy you some sweets later.
Some of us thought the system
was starting to regurgitate you,
- Pickle.
- What the hell's wrong with you?
- I never understand what he's saying.
- Nobody does.
now that your lawyer's not present,
you may want to expand on your story.
I'm not scared.
Where will Ismail
receive the weapons?
I don't know what you mean.
I'm a man of peace.
believe me,
it'd be much better for everyone
if you talked now.
Peace be upon you.
- You know who I am, right, Hakim?
- What's this?
I'm from the Moroccan Police.
Yesterday, thanks to the cooperation
of Spanish officers,
we arrested a suspect.
Do you know him?
Ahmed? My son!
My son has nothing to do with this!
My son has nothing to do with this!
Hakim, take it easy.
He's suspected of roping in
young Europeans.
He has nothing to do with this.
I I used his photo. I did.
I was the one who spoke to the girls.
You sons of bitches.
look at me.
You're not a fanatic like Al Garheeb.
Take this as a chance
to not fuck up your life
- or that of your son.
- He's a kid.
He's a kid. He'll beat him to death.
Please, please.
Hakim, listen. Look at me.
Hakim, look at me.
Do you care about your son?
You do, don't you?
Where will the delivery be?
Fine, you don't care about your son.
It's up to you. Goodbye.
In Vigo.
Vigo where? Where?
Where, Hakim? Speak.
Hakim, please.
Save your son.
Where? Where in Vigo? In the port?
- In the port of Vigo?
- Where?
Look at him, look at him.
Look at him, look at him.
- No.
- Look at him.
- Where in Vigo, Hakim?
- In the port! The port!
Good, go on! Where?
- Where in the port? What ship?
- In the port!
We've got him.
I don't know. I don't know.
- Hakim
- What are the weapons for?
What did you have to do with them?
What are they for?
How were you meant
to use the weapons?
Come on.
- One part for the brothers in Europe.
- Very good.
Who's supplying the weapons? Ismail?
- Ismail?
- Who?
Ismail, okay.
Ismail's supplying the weapons.
Where's the other part going?
- It was for me! For me! For me!
- Okay. Good.
What were you meant to do
with the weapons?
- The other part for what?
- Speak, Hakim!
- For an attack here, here!
- Where?
- An attack where?
- Speak, Hakim! Where?
- I don't know.
- You don't know?
They were supplying you with weapons,
and you know nothing.
- I really don't know, I don't.
- I don't believe it.
They would give me the target
at the last moment.
I don't know anything.
- You have to free my son! Please!
- You should've spoken up before.
- It would've been better for you.
- Sons of bitches!
- We're on our way there.
- Najwa,
we have to confirm
that Ismail is in Vigo.
- Put Roberto on, please.
- Miriam,
- we have a problem with Roberto.
- What problem?
- A big problem.
- What?
- We should talk in private.
- I'll call you soon, okay?
I'll call you soon.
Well, it was a pleasure
working with you.
Same here.
This isn't
about religion or cultures.
It's like in the movies.
- The good guys get the bad guys.
- Right.
- And we're the good guys.
- At least it looks that way, no?
- Thanks.
- You owe me dinner in Tangier.
- A good couscous.
- Please.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
The port's 14 kilometres long.
It has some 1,000 buildings,
with warehouses, depots,
and every day it handles
100,000 containers.
It's virtually unmanageable.
Even more so if we consider
that we can't reveal ourselves
because we'd lose
what little advantage we have.
I don't understand
why Hakim decided to talk now.
It's bullshit to waste our time.
We were lucky that,
on an operation in Morocco,
the local police arrested his son.
We offered to release the lad
in return for information and
he showed himself
willing to cooperate.
Were we informed of this?
Yes, I authorized it. I tried to
get word out, but we couldn't talk.
He told the truth, he told the truth.
For the first time,
we have an advantage.
And we can state
that it's an objective advantage.
- Very good work, everyone.
- Thanks.
First we check that the weapons
haven't left the port.
So we have to find out
if Ismail's in Vigo or elsewhere.
You get on that, Miriam.
Do what you have to do,
- but find out.
- Sure.
Ramón, re-check the warehouses,
storage lots, and transport firms
that this guy has used
before for legal goods.
And we need infiltrators.
Carla, I took the liberty
of starting with that.
Will you handle the Vigo op?
You have carte blanche.
- Let's go.
- Let's get to it.
We have to speak to upstairs,
give them all the information.
- We have to be transparent.
- I count on you for that, boss.
Go ahead.
- The heads of Tedax and GEO are here.
- Where?
- Outside.
- Come along.
We have ten minutes.
We'd be at your disposal.
The closest to a sarin attack
we could be facing
is the one in 1996
in the Tokyo subway.
On that occasion, a few litres
were released at various stations,
and there were around 100 victims.
Now we're talking about 500 litres.
Okay, I need a window of time.
- Give me an estimate.
- If they release the agent,
the toxic cloud will spread
over an area of several kilometres.
It'll be uncontrollable,
so we have to stop them soon.
They don't plan to release it here,
but to carry out an attack
on a larger scale.
We imagine the shipment
is hidden among other items,
- they won't have it at hand.
- That's good,
but releasing the agent
isn't that complicated.
It just needs contact with air,
and it turns into a vapour.
So if they decide to explode
the product,
wherever they hide it,
500 litres will be released at once.
We've distributed atropine
to all the city's medical centres,
but it's going to be
a fucking disaster.
- Welcome, Miriam.
- How are you doing, guys?
How are spirits after the attack?
- Bad, pretty bad.
- Sure.
The car's in the carpark.
Want to stop at the hotel first?
I'd like a word alone, if I may?
- Yes, of course.
- Najwa, will you please?
We're not getting
what we need from the source.
Amina's taking a lot of risks.
Her brother-in-law suspects.
Normally we'd leave her alone,
but the situation is critical.
- We need to know where Ismail is.
- Yes, Miriam,
but it's a delicate situation.
If she's discovered, the plan fails.
I know the risk,
but they're going to attack again.
I'll speak to her again,
but I can't guarantee anything.
- No.
- No what?
From now on,
Najwa will be her only handler.
- What are you saying?
- I'm sorry.
this is a mistake.
She'll realize something's wrong.
She'll get nervous
and make mistakes.
You're too involved.
- No, Miriam.
- Yes, it's my decision.
Miriam, listen to me.
- It has to be me. Let me.
- No.
He doesn't usually work
with the same clients, Marcos,
but we've verified that,
through his web of legal companies,
he transferred money 5 to 10 days ago
- to two companies here.
- Tell me the names.
They're called One is Fish&Go,
a frozen goods company.
He's never worked with this one,
the other he has.
And that is Pescanorte S.L.
He's worked with it a few times.
- I'll send you the info now.
- Okay.
I'll speak to Sergio
to set up surveillance.
- How are you? Everything alright?
- Yes.
Sit down.
Nadim has finally told me
where we strike.
We are going to fulfil
the will of almighty Allah.
- Are you sick? What's wrong?
- Nothing.
Listen to me,
you're going to avenge your brother.
Your mother will be proud of you.
Remember that your brother
is not dead.
And remember the verse.
In the name of God.
"And do not believe that those
who have fallen for the cause of God
are dead.
On the contrary, they live and
receive sustenance beside their Lord.
Amen". The great truth of God.
Be happy, be happy.
Do you know
where your brother awaits us?
At the rivers of wine
and with the nymphs.
Are you listening or not?
We have one step left to go.
One step. If we die, we die.
And if we survive,
we fight for the love of God.
Okay? Be brave.
If we die, we die martyrs.
Did you hear me?
- Okay?
- Okay.
Okay? Say it from the heart!
Okay, okay.
- Look at this!
- Yes.
Bring me the blue one, too, please.
But you've got one the same.
- Really?
- I saw you in it at Rachida's party.
Then a white dress, please.
Same place, in half an hour.
- Who was that?
- No one. She mistook me for someone.
And my dress?
- Hello, Amina. How are you?
- Hello.
Keep walking, we'll talk like this.
- Where's Roberto?
- Roberto's not here. I am.
Listen, we need you to get Ismail
to call you.
Impossible, we spoke about this.
Things have changed,
and it's very urgent.
- Roberto promised me it was over.
- It's not over, Amina.
Your husband's going to cause an
attack, and a lot of people will die.
Innocent people.
We have to find out where he is.
Bring your girl to the hospital.
We'll admit her
for something serious.
- Is it enough for Ismail to call you?
- I don't want Basma involved.
And my sister-in-law
knows that's she's perfectly healthy.
Amina, if you don't do your part,
we won't be able to do ours.
Where's Roberto?
Why didn't he come?
- What's going on?
- If you want to see Roberto,
do your part.
- My son
- Hello, Mum.
Where are you, son?
Why aren't you here?
You know I'd love to be with you,
- but I can't.
- Why can't you?
- I'm calling just to say goodbye.
- No, no, no,
don't say goodbye!
Come here to your people!
Mum, say hello
to my brothers and sisters for me.
Come with me, please.
Come and tell them.
Tell them yourself, tell them.
I can't, Mum. I love you very much.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Why didn't you protect your brother?
It's all I asked of you.
Mum, they killed him.
He was a kid. They killed him.
Don't worry,
I'll avenge him, God willing.
No, no, no!
Don't talk about revenge!
Don't talk about revenge, please!
Allah does not want revenge.
No, no, no
They killed him, Mum.
They killed him.
I wish you and your brother
had never been born!
Why do you say this to me? Why?!
Okay, the shift's over
in two hours?
- Yes, an hour and a half.
- Okay, then
What the fuck is she doing?
- What's wrong?
- She just took a bottle of pills.
This tea is weak as shit,
with all due respect.
I don't like it.
You're fucking shitting me
She did it to get Ismail to call her.
Good, she'll go to hospital.
Set up the wires there first.
Alright? I'm calling Carla.
- Carla.
- Yes?
- Amina has cast the hook.
- Tap any phones you need to.
I'll handle the prosecutor.
Wait, don't hang up.
I just wanted to wish you
the best of luck before you go.
Anything you need, count on me.
- Thanks.
- I'll go with you.
Oh, one thing.
I'm so sorry
about Alberto Sanz González.
I understand
he was a friend of yours.
Let's hope it doesn't hit
anyone else. I'm off to Vigo.
Yes, yes, yes.
- Peace be upon you.
- And upon you.
The product is in the port.
Try not to be recognized.
- And the weapons?
- I'll give them to you there.
No, I want to see them now.
Your brother. You're to call him.
My brother? Okay.
If anything happens,
detonate it. Alright?
- Thank you.
- It's been a pleasure.
Relax, Amina.
You did great. Let Ismail call you,
and it'll all be over.
We're with you.
- You can come in.
- Thank you.
- Feeling calmer?
- Yes, thank God.
- Are you alright?
- Yes.
Get in the truck, I'll follow you.
- I want to check the product.
- In the warehouse.
No, I want to see it now.
Open up the truck!
I don't know.
I suddenly got dizzy and fainted.
I took some sleeping pills,
but I think I took too many.
- Yes, she's talking to him.
- We need to hear him.
They're talking
on two Romanian SIMs.
I'm hacking the number.
Sure, but I'm fine now.
- Come on, come on.
- The girl is fine.
Come on.
Happy with her new friend.
You rest. Let my brother
take care of everything.
They're in Vigo, the port.
I'm doing a job. I'll call you later.
Take care, honey.
Carla, we've got them.
Yes, he's in Vigo,
the port, sector 22.
He's talking to her right now.
- We've got him.
- There he is.
- What's wrong?
- Can you come here a moment?
- What do you want?
- Nothing.
Your older sister wants you.
We'll be right back.
Is it alright?
Follow the truck,
I'll catch up later. Go on.
- Stay here and keep watch.
- Okay.
- Where's Ismail?
- I don't know, I didn't see him.
Prepare the sarin.
- What's wrong?
- Get the grenade ready.
Explode it if anything happens.
Something's wrong.
- No.
- What?
I'm not going to explode it.
Stop! Police!
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
Did we kill them? Confirm.
- Come out!
- Come out!
- Come out!
- He's leaving in the truck!
- One down here!
- One down!
One down, the other one got away.
They're all traitors!
He's in the truck.
We open fire on visual contact.
- The truck? The gas is in the truck!
- The gas!
- Marcos, the truck's headed for you.
- Copy that.
It's coming this way!
The cargo's in the truck.
Only safe shots.
Guys, in position.
Have you got him?
Jaime, have you got him?
- I've got him.
- Guys, have you got him?
Have you got him?
Terrorist down.
Repeat, terrorist down.
Great, guys. Good work.
Terrorists down. Both of them.
Repeat, they're down.
The cargo's in the container, intact.
It's over.
Ismail's not here. His man
says he didn't get in the car.
- He left his phone on the seat.
- Miriam.
Ismail has disappeared.
Go, go!
They've taken her!
Block all exits, block all exits!
The operation resulted in the death
of the two wanted terrorists.
It was a clean operation,
the fruit of long
and patient surveillance activity
which, it must be said,
involved no danger
to citizens.
The team I'm proud to lead
has displayed full effectiveness
and professionalism.
It was slow and meticulous work
that involved
the collaboration of other agencies,
such as the CNI, the CIA,
and the French and Moroccan police.
To all of them,
I give my heartfelt thanks.
The terrorists shot down
I'm so sorry, Nadim,
but I couldn't do anything.
- The police followed them.
- We have to go now.
Pick it up.
Pick it up, go on!
- Tomorrow.
- Promise me.
I promise. Tomorrow
we'll see Dad's new flat, okay?
- Okay.
- But you have to go to sleep now.
- Yes?
- Okay.
- In you go.
- Goodnight, Mum.
- Sleep well.
- Good night.
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