La Unidad (2020) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

[TV, in Arabic] Hakim
Ziyech sneaks into the
-[man 1] Come on!
-[man 2]Go, go!
[TV] and Goal!
[woman] The girl needs to
sleep, turn down the volume!
Ok, ok.
[TV]El Haddadi, who was
transferred from Barcelona!
-[latefa in Arabic] Hi.
-[woman] Hi.
I've prepared
some tea and milk.
[in English]
Thanks, Latefa.
-[in Arabic] How are you?
-[in English] I'm Fine.
-[in Arabic] And you,
honey? -[In English] Good.
-[in Arabic] Good. Good
night. -[in English] Good night.
Basma, one more hour
and then bed time.
[man 3]It's hot, isn't it?
It's hot.
[man 4]Cover them.
I can't say anything,
but if you don't cover
them, I'll see them.
[man 3] Yeah, OK.
-[man 4] OK, then.
-[man 3]OK.
-[both laugh] -[man
3] Hey, What's wrong?
-[man 5] Get out of here.
-[man 4]What luck.
What a hand that is. Oh, man.
-No luck here.
-[woman 2] Yeah.
merely the shame
of watching you play.
Come on, deal, alright?
What's the deal with you?
-[woman 2] Yeah,
what's the deal?
-[man 3]What's up? Yeah
Oh, you're already
in the zone.
Yes. you seem really excited,
You, come over here. You like
to show off a little bit.
-[woman 2] Yeah, totally.
-[man 4]Am I wrong?
Better be careful there.
That information is classified.
classified as blonde
or brunette?
Oh, it's getting better.
[man 5] Let's
see, let's see.
-[woman] Yes.
-[man 4] Wait. Look, look
Let the GEO see that.
-Oh, wow.
-Sharing is caring.
She's a single mom
from your daughter's school?
-You're kidding me?
-And so what?
She's a mom for real?
You never learn.
It's better if I get involved
with another coworker?
Jiss , who's to say, man?
[woman 2]
She's elegant, refined.
-[man 5] And?
-A bit like someone else.
[man 3] So Who does she
remind you of?
-[man 5] Oh
-[woman 2] Oh, yes! The boss!
That's your type.
What idiots but how adorable
[kisses] you are.
[man 7] How's
it going?
The CNI has confirmed
that Ismail has left
with two bodyguards.
So far, so good.
Well, seems our efforts are
finally giving some results.
Still don't have him, however.
Let's wager dinner on it.
-You got it.
-[man chuckles]
Ismail's helicopter
-is arriving at the platform.
Is it serious
or what's it called?
-"friends with benefits"?
-No, I've asked her father
-for her hand already,
like you taught me.
-As it should be.
-[man 3]Why don't you
go to a professional?
Avoid complications.
-[woman 2]
What are you talking about?
-[man 3]Boss.
[woman 2]
What? Are you serious?
[woman on phone]
Marcos, He just passed
the control center.
He's arriving
at destination.
Copy that.
Yes, we're all already here.
-OK, guys, let's go.
Marcos, the unit is prepared.
Abdel, he's coming over here.
No, no, don't worry.
Don't worry, we'll cover you.
[dramatic music]
[man 8, in foreign language]
It's cold today.
Our ass will freeze.
What's going on?
[in Arabic]
Welcome, Mr. Ismail.
God bless you.
Isn't your father with you?
My father apologizes for not
welcoming you in person.
His presence would awaken
too much curiosity.
The fewer people
know you're here, the better.
Ok. Fine. Got it.
[TV] The Morocco
national team
against the Cameroon
national team match
[man yelling]
The cooks are
already sleeping,
But I've made them
prepare something to eat.
Ok, but something light.
Ok. Wait 5 minutes here.
I'll order them
to prepare some food.
Police! Stop! Police!
Put the guns down!
[policeman] Put
the guns down!
-[woman 3] Shit.
-[radio] Let him go!
Come on.
[tense music]
No, please! No, please!
No, no, no. Don't touch her!
Don't touch my daughter!
Help me!
Stop! Police!
Let him go!
Sergio, the target, I want him
alive. Do you hear? Sergio?
Let him go! Police!
[woman on phone] Sergio!
-No, no!
Where's my daughter?
Who are you?
Where's my daughter?
Go, go, go, go!
Drop the gun!
Target subdued.
Oh, well.
I'll go reserve a table then.
Good job.
of course.
Who are you? Who are you?
-Where's my daughter?
-It's alright.
-Amina, calm down.
-It's us. Calm down.
Your daughter is safe, your
daughter is safe. Calm down.
-You're safe.
-Where is Basma?
-Your daughter is safe.
-My men are bringing her here.
-[Basma yells] Mom, mom, mom!
[Amina] Are you ok? Huh?
Are you ok?
Listen, Amina,
it's all over, it's over.
-I'm sorry
that it took so long.
-Ismail will find us.
-They'll find us again.
-No, Amina, listen to me,
we got him.
You won't have
to see him anymore. Ok?
[kisses] You're OK?
[woman on radio] Marcos.
Identification verified,
We got him.
He talks to no
one, got it?
insure he's isolated.
well done, everyone.
Well done.
Just one problem, Marcos.
One of my guys, he shot Abdel.
He's been killed.
[dramatis music]
[woman 4, in Arabic] Come
on, guys, your father is
This is Rawan's.
Whatever, now it's yours.
This is for being so messy.
-[man] Good morning.
-[woman]Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
You're late. Come on, give
your children the breakfast.
[woman] I didn't hear
my alarm clock.
Here, quickly.
Here's the milk.
Good morning, kids.
-[kids] Good morning.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
-My champion
Hit! Hit strongly! Ouch!
You've hurt me.
Look. Look what you did!
[all laugh]
My breakfast.
Do you want me
to toast the bread?
Yes, please.
Would you like some milk?
Would you like milk or juice?
-Milk. I'd like milk.
-Leave it, he wants milk.
Like this?
Say goodbye!
You're always like this.
Because of you,
they'll all be late.
My princess, come with me!
-Bye, kids.
-Ready for school?
[kid] Ready.
[phone rings]
[in Hebrew] Hello.
[in English]
Yes, speaking.
Excuse me?
What's up, "El Hach"?
[sad music]
What's wrong with him?
-Is Abdel fine?
Abdel is fine, right?
It must not be Abdel.
Not Abdel
Not Abdel
Not Abdel
Not Abdel.
[in English] So, Welcome back
to Spain, Ismail.
What am I doing here?
Let's hit right to the it,
I won't remind you
about the seriousness
of the charges
against you.
We only had to find you
floating in
international waters,
and we did.
You got nothing.
I'm have a business, and
I only try to earn a living.
Drug trafficking, nine years.
Participation in an attempted
terrorist act, 15 years.
Illegal retention of a woman
and her daughter
My wife and my daughter
are free to stay in my home.
[Carla] Now they're free.
Where are they?
Forget about Amina and Basma
because you'll
never see them again.
On the other hand,
I've heard that
the public prosecutor
is requesting
the seizure of your assets.
That's 20 years in jail.
-Yeah, We'll see 'bout that.
-So far, the only ones who
who even know
about your arrest
are the prosecutor
and of course, us.
But we could negotiate
a healthy reduction
of your penalty, it seems.
I want to know
where he is.
[tense music]
I don't know the guy.
20 years, Ismail.
You got 48 hours
to come up with that,
and then
I won't be able to help you.
[police siren in the street]
[chuckles] Sorry, Manuel,
the flight was delayed.
I wanted to see your father,
how is he?
You know, grumpy, the usual.
That little girl, the redhead,
-would that be your daughter?
-Yes. Let's Go for it, Lua!
Oh my.
These girls pull
some maneuvers, huh!
[Carla] Well,
what did you want to tell me?
There was
a problem with the man shot
and killed on the platform.
With Abdel.
He was the son of a
Moroccan business associate,
Omar Al Hassan,
a Moroccan man
who settled in Granada.
He's not just
any old individual.
He's closely related
to business
and political circles.
He runs a foundation
for the de-radicalization
of susceptible youth.
He's more than an informant.
He's on very close terms
with the Saudi secret service,
with us.
With the CNI?
I can't have problems
with him, he knows a lot.
And this has to be handled
very delicately.
After all, his son
was killed by our bullet.
Abdel was his firstborn child,
his favorite as well.
You know how these things are
in Moroccan culture.
What's next?
[sad music]
[in Arabic]
Thank God for making
the water pure.
and Islam a light
and our Prophet
Muhammad [sniffs]
the messenger of good news
and teacher.
[sad music]
[cries] My dear
My son
[emotional music]
[radio] [indistinct]
-How are you? All right?
-[phone] Thank God.
-[Carla, in English]
Do we have him?
-He's in Nigeria,
in the north of the country.
the exact location.
[radio]Eagle One
approaching the objective.
[in Arabic] I'll send you
instructions in a few days.
[radio]Positive recognition.
He's in the second vehicle.
He's in the
second vehicle.
He's in the
second vehicle.
[female Officer]
We don't have nearby troops,
so an arrest operation
is impossible.
[male officer]We have to
eliminate the target.
[man 10, in Arabic] You know
they're looking for us,
especially after the death
of our French partners.
[pilot, in English]
Eagle One ready to fire.
[female officer on radio]
Green light, Eagle One.
-[in English]
Prepare the goods and
[radio] May God help us.
Thanks, Nadim. Thank you.
[electronics beeping]
[radio]The objective
has been neutralized.
-I repeat: the objective
has been neutralized.
-Objective neutralized.
-I can't believe it!
-Thank you.
-Good job, boys. Good job.
-Good job.
Good job.
[distant chanting in Arabic]
Come this way.
[chanting in Arabic]
[man 7] OK, then
Here we go.
I think we can approach.
[Omar sighs] Manuel.
[Manuel] Omar
This is Ernesto Sanabria
and Carla Torres,
Please accept my condolences.
Thank you very much.
The police department is sorry
for your terrible loss.
For you, for your wife,
for your family
and for Abdel's
We know they were
about to get married.
We're really sorry.
It was a tragic fatality
for which we will take
full responsibility.
The only one
responsible for his death
is the terrorist you arrested.
Excuse me, ma'am, the women
are inside the villa,
If you would like
to express your condolences.
Which one is the mother?
-The one dressed in white.
-Thank you.
I'm so sorry for your loss,
Please accept my condolences,
On behalf of my team.
[chanting continues]
[woman 5, in Arabic]
Hi, honey.
[Al Hassan] Hi.
I'll take care of you.
Thank you, Yasmina.
But tonight,
I'll stay with Houda.
Yes, sure. I get it.
[upbeat music]
[in English]
How wonderful!
Hey, hey, hey,
don't drink too much, ok?
I want to see you
at the office tomorrow.
We missed you at dinner.
[Carla] Oh, but I'm totally
here for you tonight.
-[Ramón] I hope so.
-[Carla] I promise.
-That is, if I don't fall.
[both laugh]
Hey, you guys,
you're toasting without me.
The boss,
ladies and gentlemen.
What gives? You look so good.
Thank you. And you look great
in indigo blue.
-You look just marvelous.
-[Carla] Sure, sure
I didn't expect
anything less of you, huh?
-Well, have a good time.
David? Wow!
[woman 6]
You look spectacular!
Why, thank you.
-Well, look who's talking.
-[laughs] Of course.
So David,
it's nice to see you again.
-How are you?
Your wife's beautiful,
isn't she?
-[woman 6] Come on.
Look what I have.
Thank you very much,
my friend.
-You look so beautiful.
-Look over at Sergio.
Yes, yes, I've noticed.
She's not from the office.
No, no, she isn't.
She's his niece.
-No, Sergio, it's just that
-What are you two looking at?
You're in very good company.
Thank you, you're not so bad
either, huh? Miss inspector.
-Hey, be careful.
-Be careful?
So not the moment
-for miss inspector.
For miss inspector.
-Well, have some fun.
-Likewise. You too.
-Have a good time.
-You too!
-Go have fun.
-What a character he is.
-[laughs] Son of a bitch.
-So you sure you're alright?
Sure, yeah.
It's time, everyone.
Listen up!
Everyone, please
listen up.
Ramón, Marisa, let's give them
a big hand, alright?
To our guest of honor.
would you be so kind
Stop it, all of you.
Come over here,
to the kids' table.
That is if you can.
Here we go. We're here today
to say goodbye to a man
who was already
a policeman
when none of us here
had yet been born.
Not even our Lord Jesus Christ
had been born yet
and you were already
a policeman, Ramón.
[Ramón] Yes.
And, honestly,
we've to tell you, Ramón,
you're on your last leg.
You're the dream of the bad
guys, Ramón,
you are their fantasy.
We have audios
of criminals saying:
"I wish Ramón
will investigate me,
so I stay free".
Is this public humiliation
necessary? Marisa, for real.
Marisa, Marisa
we don't forget you, Marisa.
Absolute solidarity.
We're all Marisa
right now!
In fact, we're organizing
a collection, Marisa,
just for you to know,
we the co-workers.
Don't put him
in a nursing home yet,
because we're still working
on the walker, and
-Oh, my
-A few canes
-Fanny packs, I know.
-Of course, yeah
a diaper
We're working on it.
No, honestly,
I got to be honest.
Truth be told,
the best one is leaving.
The one who taught me
everything I know is leaving.
I'll cry, huh? I mean
Cry all you want.
The one
that made us
better individuals and
better officers
is leaving.
- Thank you very much, Ramón.
-You're welcome, Sergio.
Let's make a toast,
let's make a toast.
We'll miss you, master!
-[everyone] Yeah!
-To Ramón!
-To Ramón!
-To Ramón!
-To the maestro!
-To the maestro!
Come on, Ramón!
Ramón, Ramón, Ramón!
Ramón, Ramón, Ramón!
Cover this guy's mouth!
Let's go home.
[in Arabic]
we'll get over it together.
You bowed your head
before those who are guilty
of my son's death.
[sad music]
[guide, in English]
Our goal here,
at the
Al Mustaqbal foundation,
is to de-radicalize them,
to help them re-join society.
[woman 7] But,
how do they get here?
Generally, it's the imams
that show us the individuals.
Sometimes, it's the relatives,
or courts with which we've
a very good relationship.
Look, if we're talking about
saving these people,
we've much more to do here, in
the foundation,
than in prison.
I don't have to tell you
what happens to these kids
in prison.
Mr. Al Hassan,
I'm very sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
I hope you'll enjoy the visit.
[in Arabic]
I'd like to talk to you.
[in English]
Just a moment, please.
-[in Arabic] What?
-I want you to contact Nahila.
Want to activate her?
Who's ordering this?
What has changed, "El Hach"?
Do what I tell you.
I swear, every time this
professor opens her mouth,
it's like my head
stops understanding words.
-What didn't you understand?
Huh Nothing?
Well, I didn't understand
the difference
between centrode
and instantaneous center.
It's easy,
centrode is the path
traced by
the instantaneous center.
Well, I think they
explain badly on purpose,
because they must get a
bonus for every fail.
Then they're gonna
make a lot of money.
Judging by my
grades alone.
[female student] Nahila,
everything all right?
Yes. Yes, yes,
let's go. Let's go.
[female student]
Let's have a coffee.
[cheerful music]
Where have you
hidden the clothes?
What clothes?
Don't waste my time.
What have you taken?
I haven't taken anything.
Look, give me the clothes
or a co-worker
will have to frisk you
at the police station,
it's up to you.
I'm telling you,
I haven't taken anything.
We know your
type, sweetie.
You take off your kerchief
to avoid attention,
and as soon as you get out
you put it on again.
Let's see, you're public
You ever try speaking to us
with more respect and manners?
-Show me the backpack.
-I don't have to.
I'm fucking sick of you.
Get over here,
give me the backpack.
Spread your legs.
You're very cocky, right?
Let's go.
Stop moving, dammit!
Lower your head, honey.
[male, on speaker] The one
we have under contract.
[Miriam, on speaker]Come on,
this is unbelievable.
What are you
two doing here?
Nothing, we were nearby, so
You got furious, right?
admit it.
[om speaker]You can both
go fuck yourselves.
[on speaker]Nice respect
for authority.
[on speaker]
It's a test, right?
You did very well, didn't
show your badge, very good.
That doesn't mean
you have what it takes
to be an undercover agent.
Hey, Marcos,
it's been your idea,
The fact that they touched me,
called me "shitty Moor"
in the car, right?
You're a Moor. Aren't you?
Weren't you born in Morocco?
Now, tell me,
why does a Moor want to be
an undercover agent?
[on speaker] Because I
withstand pressure
and have no
emotional ties.
I know I can do it well
because I'm good.
[on speaker]
That's nonsense, Kala.
When you're in a pigsty for
three weeks without a
with five guys, and have
to suck them off one by one
to not screw up the mission,
these incentives
won't be worth shit.
What's wrong with you?
What's your problem? Huh?
-What do you want to prove?
-I've been patrolling
for six years. Six!
They're not just a few,
right? And I can't make
-It must be for a reason.
-Because of people like you,
who underestimate me
for being a Moor.
So, when what you're saying
finally occurs,
do you know what I'll do?
I'll think about all the
morons who believe I'm shit,
And Marcos, finally
I'll show you AND my boss
I'm much better than you,
and able to do anything.
"Gladiator", right?
No? It sounds like a movie,
is it "Gladiator"?
Kala, Kala, thank you.
You may leave.
We'll let you know.
-What the hell's with you?
-With me? Why?
What do you mean "why"?
She's very impulsive.
-No, she's very good, huh?
Besides, we don't have any
other woman willing to do it.
-It's her on no matter what.
-her on no matter what?
Marcos, if you did that to
me I swear I'd kill you.
That's why you could never be
an undercover agent.
Sure. Try me, "Gladiator".
Try me.
I'm out of here.
[man 11[ Messing with
the General Commissariat
of Information
-is something huge, Omar.
-Relax, it's routine.
Everything's here.
The Arabian agents
and the translators
working in Antiterrorism.
And their relatives.
Their relatives Good job,
Castro. Thank you very much.
[tense music]
[indistinct loud chatter]
[in Arabic]
Hi, Wiam! What's up?
Who are you?
I'm Esam,
a friend of your sister.
[dramatic music]
-Cristian Garcia, rapper
Calls himself "Last Judgment".
-Yes, yes.
-He hasn't posted anything
on his social media
for the last ten days.
no videos, No messages.
And he used to
post considerably.
-We've known him
for some time,
he's a character
And it's common
that he disappears.
He barks but doesn't bite.
More rappers.
Nadir Rodriguez,
he's a good-for-nothing.
Quite violent messages.
-He was arrested once.
It's been nine days
since we last heard from him.
-He should be under control.
Nahila Brahim,
Engineering student,
sister of a deceased fighter,
Fennec Brahim.
It's been one week
with no activity.
And she used to be
very active.
She's never been
too aggressive,
but considering
who her brother was
Fuck, I can't believe it,
-[Carla] Of course!
-What the hell?
-Sergio Bermúdez.
-Your friend. -[Marcos] What a
-[Miriam] Yes, my best friend.
-Yes, our friend.
He radicalized in Modelo.
He must be under control
no matter what.
And these are
all. Twelve in total.
-Let's see, to sum up,
all these should be under
So many.
-Yes, too many.
And Sergio
is not short on targets.
-As usual.
Let's see
Bermúdez, Habid
and Nahila.
Just them?
So far, yes.
Coordinate with Sergio the
surveillance, if necessary,
and as for the rest,
follow their social media
and send an officer
to their known address.
We'll see what to do
in the next meeting
if they're still missing.
-Very good.
Last Judgment, huh?
-That's right.
-[Carla] amazing. Romantic.
Yes, just marvelous.
[Carla laughs]
It's great. Yes.
[woman 2]Ok, let's see,
Nahila Brahim,
scroll down a bit.
She likes changing her look,
so let's prepare a report with
every aspect, ok?
OK. These two
are her two university mates.
Jorge and Judith.
Scroll down a little bit.
And this girl? Ana.
Scroll down a bit.
Yes, that's Judith,
they're the same. OK.
Scroll down, scroll down,
scroll down
[female student]I'll send you
a WhatsApp later,
we'll be studying downstairs,
OK? Bye.
If you want,
we can go downstairs
Hey. Hi. What's up? You're
Nahila's friends, right?
-Yes, why?
I've been trying to contact
her for days,
but she doesn't pick up
the phone. I don't know if
She hasn't come to class
for a couple of weeks.
Something's wrong with her
mother or something like that.
-[Judith] Some family issue.
-[Jorge]Her mom and dad
-[girl] Daddy!
-There's my little smurf.
-[kisses] How was it?
-Very good.
Give me your backpack. Let's
see, let's see
Hey, it's very heavy today,
what's up? All knowledge?
[Girl] Too much homework.
Hey, don't you want to invite
any of your friends
to go for ice-cream?
I've time.
Mmm, no. Sara and Olivia have
extracurricular class today.
Well, any other friends
I don't know?
See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
What's her name? Elena, right?
Adolescence. Ok.
[Marcos] Have you had a fight
over something?
-With who?
-[Marcos] With Elena.
No, we are not
close friends now.
Now? So, something happened.
What has happened?
You're so annoying. She's just
not in my group of friends.
Would you give me your phone?
So, I'm annoying
[girl] Thanks.
Do you have much homework?
How about a frozen yogurt?
With three toppings?
I had thought
about one topping.
So, we'll have to negotiate.
Will it be two?
Skittles and sprinkles.
Ok, Skittles
and sprinkles.
-[cellphone ringing]
-Your phone's ringing.
Nahila Brahim
has been seen in Lavapies
with new people
in a drug flat.
I could send a couple of
officers, but
it sounds
fishy, you know?
Lavapies Ok, give me
20 minutes and I'll be there.
I'm sorry, little smurf.
Grandpa or mum?
[Marcos] Grandpa.
-There he comes.
-Where's she?
Inside the courtyard housing,
with two men.
Should we wait
for the GEO?
Maybe she's
visiting her cousins
or something like that.
Let's check first.
-You and Fátima go ahead, ok?
Be careful, it's a drug flat,
they smell
police from 100 ft. away.
-And you, go have some coffee.
-Why am I going for coffee?
-I don't know.
Can you drink coffee?
Do you all know about it?
Weren't you
going to say anything?
-Congratulations, mom!
-Congratulations, boss.
Thanks. OK, don't go nuts.
No way, we better go.
OK, lets move out.
-Yes, the girls are entering.
-I won't say a word.
How did you find out?
Unplanned, right?
[kids shouting]
[Najwa] It's 2B.
[man 12] Police.
Police! Police!
We've been made.
Fuck. We've been made, Marcos.
-Shall we go in?
-Shit. Sergio, we're entering.
Let's go.
-[officer] Let us through!
-[Marcos] Police!
Police, coming through!
[Miriam] Police!
No one leaves, ok? No one!
Police! Move
the fuck away!
Hey! What're you doing
in there? Police!
Go to your house!
Go to your fucking house!
We're going in.
Hands on your head,
get on the floor.
-Everybody on the floor!
-Get on the floor!
On the floor!
Hands behind your head.
-behind your head.
-I want to see them!
-Get down.
-Don't move! Police!
On the floor!
Hands behind your head,
stay still!
On the floor.
Fuck, don't move!
Shit. Get your hands
behind your head!
Just don't move, OK?
Go, go, go.
-[officer] No one is leaving.
-[Najwa]On the floor.
Hands behind your head.
Stop moving. Hey, hey!
[Marcos] What the fuck
happened? Where's the girl?
The girl isn't here.
It's not them.
Fuck me. Have we got it wrong?
We've to check everywhere.
Go, go!
-On the floor, on the floor!
-[Marcos] Coming through!
Throw that, throw that!
On the floor, right now!
-Get down! Police!
-On the floor. Nobody leaves!
Is this your flat? Come here.
-I told you to bend over!
-[Marcos] Open the door.
Walk to me slowly,
that's right.
Hands behind your head.
Open. On the floor.
On the floor, stay there.
-Yeah, nothing.
I'm calling Sergio, OK?
-Make everyone enter.
-Is this the flat or not?
[Miriam] Sergio,
we need search warrants
for every house.
How many? Eh, huh
Well, yes, ok.
Well, first things first.
There's no trace
of the disease, and this is
the best possible scenario.
This is as good as it gets.
How do you feel?
As if it had never happened.
Right. It's normal.
Well, I've nothing else
to say, see you in six months
-for a control test.
-Very good, thanks.
Hey, Carla,
remember that, when you
finished chemotherapy,
you told me:
"I don't want to ring the bell
-I'm worried it'd be
celebrating prematurely?"
-I do. I do, yes.
Well, today, if you feel
like it, there's the bell.
Better next time.
[laughs] Whenever
you want.
-[laughs] Bye.
[in Arabic]
"God is the greatest."
"In the name of God, the
the Merciful!
Put us on the right track,
the track graced by You,
not the ones who have
incurred anger, not the lost
[All] Amen.
God is the greatest.
[whispering] Glory to
my Lord, the Almighty.
The Quran recognizes
the right of retaliation,
but it says:
"In the name of God,
the Compassionate,
the Merciful!
Be indulgent!
Do the good, and walk
away from the ignorant".
God's word is Truth.
What do we gain from revenge?
That they get
what they deserve.
What did you gain from hatred?
Six months in a juvenile
center and now you're here.
Reflect on this, Malek.
What does it do?
Have you made this world
a better place?
Or ruined your own situation?
[indistinct loud chatter]
[in English] Guys, it's going
to be a very long night.
I'll get
some chocolate and churros.
[Miriam] Yes, please
meaning the legal one.
Do we all want chocolate
and churros?
Yes, please.
Hey, but, are you going?
You still think
you're ordering
lil' miss inspector
to do it?
You're no longer
miss inspector,
you're the greatest.
-A coffee.
Always under control.
[shouting] Hey, hey, come up!
Let's go.
[Miriam] l should've asked
for fritters, man.
-Do you want fritters?
-[Miriam] Yes.
Yes, I have a craving.
[police siren]
Let me through, please.
Thanks. Thanks, mate.
[loud chatter]
Huh, we moved the furniture
and found this.
Well, when I
heard you say:
Enjoy your meal.
"Ismail, this is
from man to man". [laughs]
I just didn't recognize you.
I had to refrain
from laughing, you know?
-I mean
I also have
my moments of glory.
Of glory and of pose.
Of pose
Well, I mean, pose
-I'd like to propose a
toast. -[laughs] Ok, let's
-Yes, yes. It's a good moment,
no I know that
-sometimes I'm too
optimistic. -Too optimistic,
yes. Too.
And I also know
that you're going to tell me
that, although
we eliminated the scum,
-more will take their place.
-That's for sure.
that our job never ends
-It never ends.
-And that we never
really have a relaxing day.
We don't, indeed. Always
ahead, always getting earlier,
always anticipating None
of these people seem worried.
I'd like to spend
a night like that.
-Cause we worry for them.
-That's true.
Well, I'd like to share
something with you today.
I was at the hospital
this afternoon, and
there's no trace
of the disease.
I'm "clean".
Shit, Carla. Congratulations.
Thank you. So, let's toast,
To the moment. To be able
to celebrate here and now.
-To you. [laughs]
Mm! My daughter,
of course.
She's experimenting
her first play.
-Pick it up. Pick it up.
-Excuse me, but
-Pick up, it's an order.
-[laughs] Thank you.
Lua, honey, why do you
call me at this time?
Vero, Vero
Take a picture
of the people behind me.
I'll say: "These are for yours
and this, for mine"
Hey, excuse me, the one
wearing a hat, could you?
Would you? Excuse me.
Hey, just a
minute, please.
[dialing tune]
[dramatic music]
What the fuck
is going on here?
-[Miriam] What is this?
-Damn it!
Oh my!
Fuck me What the fuck?
Fuck! This is Carla's house,
isn't it, Marcos?
What the fuck, dude?
What the hell is this, man?
What's this? Our Families?
But it is normal
that you're nervous, Lua,
because it's about to happen.
But you'll see
how we'll prepare
and everything will be OK.
Shit, shit, shit
[Miriam] Attention here.
Attention here, this one.
Send backup and keep track of
my location through the phone.
Stop, police! It's the last
time that I tell you to stop!
Now turn around slowly.
Hands up.
Take off the hat.
[motorcycle approaching]
Ok? I need to hang up,
I'm at a dinner.
Bye honey, love you.
Carla, Carla where are you?
Are you with Lua?
No, I'm having dinner.
I'm with Sanabria,
what's going on?
With Sanabria?
Get out of there right now.
- Why? What's going on?
-Right now.
I can't explain,
get out of there now.
[alarm beeping]
[people shouting]
Clear out! Everybody out!
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