La Unidad (2020) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

Sergio! Sergio!
[in English] What
happened? What happened? What?
No, no, no, man,
come on, Sergio. Come on.
No, no, no, no. Damn it!
Damn it!
[Miriam]What happened?
Call an ambulance, please.
Call an ambulance, hurry!
-[Miriam] Now!
-[Roberto]Call it, now!
-[Miriam] Tell them
to come now! Quickly!
-[Najwa]Get here now!
-Look at me. Look at me.
-[Najwa] Yes! Now!
That's it. Stay with me.
Come on Sergio! Come on.
-There's an ambulance
coming. -[Miriam]Make sure the
road is clear.
-The ambulance is coming.
-[Roberto] Where are they?
-Are they nearby or
not? -Relax. Just stay
-[Roberto] Did you call
too? -[Miriam] Shit!
[Roberto] Shit.
What the hell's happening
with that ambulance, man?
-[Roberto] An ambulance
right now!
-[Najwa]What's going on?
-Look at me.
-[Roberto] Here, now!
It's coming, it's here!
-Sergio, Sergio! Come on!
-[Najwa] It's here!
-I'm here.
[Najwa]It's here!
It's here! It's here!
-[Roberto] Come on, come
on! -The ambulance is here,
[Miriam] Quickly!
-[Roberto] Hurry up,
we don't have time.
-[Najwa yelling] Go!
-[Roberto] Go! Go, go.
-Quickly, go!
-[Najwa]Stay calm.
Stay with us.
Just a second, please.
Come on, let us work.
Come on.
I can't believe it.
[female paramedic]
Put a line in.
That's it.
[male paramedic]
Line's in.
Come on
This can't be happening
[sad music]
[vomits and gags]
[police sirens]
[officer 1]
We need some help over here.
[officer 2] Copy that.
[female officer]
Over here. Here.
[officer 2] This
won't do it.
[officer 3]Vehicles arriving.
Clear the way.
[officer 2] Come on!
[dog whimpers and sniffs]
[whimpers and barks]
[officer 4] Positive!
Police over here.
The dog has located
a buried victim.
Right here,
underneath this slab.
[fireman 1]
Yeah, there's a person trapped
underneath this slab.
[power tool operating]
Come on, let's make this
a quick removal,
to make the transfer safe.
Come on, move, on board!
[fireman 2] We've got
to get her out first Jesus.
[fireman 1] Ready?
One, two, go!
[fireman 1]
Come on, extraction.
[fireman 2] Come on.
Transfer, we'll leave her
on the stretcher.
Make way.
Make way.
[officer 1]Watch out,
firefighters coming through!
[TV]"The number of victims
of the attack
has now risen
to twelve in all,
while the number of injured
now stands at 23"
[in Arabic]
Good morning, Houda.
Good morning, Yasmina.
Good morning.
[TV] "and Sergio Castro,
Chief Inspector.
The suicide bomber
who was driving the vehicle
is also counted
among the dead"
What is this, El Hach?
Breakfast, Houda.
Nahila doesn't know
how they got to the apartment.
Maybe it was just
a drug bust in the building.
But they decided to
move the plan forward.
"El Hach", it will be alright.
It'd be best
if they hide themselves.
Do nothing
until waters are calm again.
No communication with anyone
else, even with family.
Only you.
But they must be prepared
to act again any time.
We've hit really hard,
"El Hach".
You should suspend
any more missions for a while.
Because they won't stop
'til they find us.
-Carla is still alive.
-She survived, true,
but TWO were eliminated. Two!
Don't stop
until we get to her.
Hear me?
Faisal, hear me?
[sad music]
[priest, in
English] Brothers
and sisters,
we are gathered here today
in mourning,
And while this moment
is quite painful and sad,
we must still profess,
before our two departed
and Sergio,
our faith in a life
which does not end
with the grave.
And also, we must
hold tightly and pray
for those friends
who are devastated
because of the death of the
ones they loved so dearly.
And finally,
we must ask God
to forgive any
of the sins
that our fallen brothers
may have confessed
when they were still
among us.
[water pouring]
You shouldn't go outside.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry,
I woke up badly and I don't
It was a mistake.
mmm sorry.
Everything all right?
Yes, yes, yes, all fine,
I didn't realize.
Do you need anything?
It's alright, really,
go to sleep.
-That's what I want to see.
-Hey, man!
-Don't get so close, please.
-help me, come on, this
one pulls on the leash a lot,
he's pretty strong
Come here, go with
uncle Marcos, that's it.
How are you?
-Yeah, fine.
And chief? How's she?
Well, not so fine.
She tells me
absolutely nothing,
what I know
is because of her dad.
She can't stand
having a bodyguard,
not seeing the sweet
little smurf is you know
Yeah, that's normal.
-Here, here.
And you?
How are you getting along
with Sergio's little guys?
With these guys?
Uh, to be honest
I really curse the day
that I decided
to take them in, serious
At six a.m., my friend,
six o'clock,
neither a minute
earlier nor a minute later,
and they're crying
at the door to get out.
-Come on, come on.
-Come on, let's go.
-Inflexible like their father.
The very same, I swear.
Tyron, here.
Sometimes it seems that
old German is still with us,
you know? Laughing at us,
'cause he's screwing us over.
You, with his dogs and
me, with his replacement.
How is he?
He's not Sergio.
I know.
We'll see
And what do you know
about Sanabria's replacement?
No one speaks badly
of him, huh?
I don't know. A bit political,
but but hardworking.
Above all,
he looks after his people.
As long as he doesn't pretend
this is like a little
drug bust where he gets to
bring in all the press
just to get a nice juicy
headline and photo,
we'll be good.
He needs time is all.
You seem confident. Yeah?
You seem good.
Are you doing well?
-Yes, grandpa, I'm fine.
But you haven't cried.
Have you?
Late at night,
I put on some sad songs,
and sob like a little girl.
It's not like that, kid,
okay? I'm serious.
Eventually, it'll break you,
That's how it works, Marcos,
that's just how it goes
my friend.
We're humans, you see?
Why do you still
got that in your hand?
Do you keep it, take it home?
Yes, I like it.
Tyron, Come on, here.
[Roberto] We've arrived.
Come in.
Leave the suitcase here,
and I'll show you the place.
I'll show you.
Quite big, as you can see,
plus it's pretty comfortable
and really practical.
Supermarket right below.
The metro is five or six
minutes away at most.
And no one,
absolutely no one
in the building
knows anything about you
or about your past.
So, no need to be worried.
Here's the keys.
Do you like it?
[laughs] You'll want
some time to adapt.
It always takes some time
to adapt.
Look, there's your kitchen.
I've bought some stuff.
There's the fridge
and some supplies.
Just the basics, because
I don't know what you like.
So, well,
something to survive.
Ah, I almost forgot,
almost slipped my mind
and also
And also
And I didn't forget
about you, Basma.
For you, I have
Since every little
bureaucratic process
moves super slow,
Ah.. here's a little cash,
to begin with, okay?
-No, Roberto, no.
-It's OK, Amina, seriously.
You'll return it, really.
I don't have
too many expenses.
It'd just be in the bank.
OK, so, Basma?
Wanna see your bedroom?
It's ok Do you want to see it?
Look, come with me, I'll
show it to you. You'll see.
This way. It's very cool.
And you, Amina?
Do you wanna see your bedroom?
Yes, but Olivia
and Matilda
are always playing the
teacher's little pets though.
She will always
treat them way better.
And now she says they'll play
Dorothy and the lion.
So much the better, yeah?
Then you can play the tin man,
the best character.
Yes, but the tin man
wearing all that tin
would suck.
Just like the character.
He's uncomfortable
with all the tin too.
He needs the heart
in order to become soft. Yeah,
to play the tin man
is hard, Lua
Yes, mom,
but the costume is
super complex.
But Elena's Mom will
take care of the costume,
-your father told me so.
-Not anymore.
What do you mean?
Not anymore,
I don't know.
She's upset.
Whatever, we'll resolve
this little crisis, easily.
Don't worry, baby. Have
a wonderful day at school.
OK, sweetie pie?
Ok, sweetie pie? Love you.
Love you very, very,
very, very much.
Love you back.
OK, then. Big, big kisses.
-Bye, Mom!
-Love you.
five minutes.
[in Arabic] The greatest
of men was killed,
and we are now crying,
over his death.
Our dearest Fennec,
my brother,
has marked out the path.
[yelling] We won't
forget his example!
-God is almighty.
-God is almighty.
-[Nahila] God is almighty.
-[all]God is almighty.
-[Nahila] God is almighty.
-[all]God is almighty.
God is almighty.
These images are dated
November two thousand fifteen
in Raqqa,
when Nahila's brother,
Fennec, died.
These are the only images
we have of her in Syria.
It was the year
when she came to Spain,
was arrested and
sent to juvenile detention.
It's rather weird, a woman as
the one giving a speech, no?
Her brother was a hero
and that status
gave her authority.
With enough authority
to lead a terrorist cell?
That's the question:
Whether it was her,
the leader, or
a third man,
who actually
killed Sergio.
This is Habib Wakil,
the terrorist
who sacrificed himself
in the car bomb
at the restaurant.
Since Wakil and Nahila
fought together in Syria,
we've been trying to find out
if the third man
was there too.
To begin, there's Jalal Sukur,
in prison in Germany
since two thousand seventeen,
so he's outta the picture.
This one was
more complicated to identify,
but it is almost certainly
Moad Ben Amar,
dead in two thousand eighteen
in Jordan,
so there's only
the third option, Ben Taled.
And Cobos has been cooperating
with the police in Italy.
He was located in Rome
and arrested,
but there is
conclusive evidence
that he hasn't left Italy
over the last two months.
-So there's that.
-So, we've been following
a completely false trail.
-Who else we got?
We got Naima,
Nahila's and Fennec's mother.
She lives here, in Madrid.
She has no relationship
with her children,
and Alvaro's team
keeps a close watch
on her day and night.
No contact so far.
There's been no contact,
yet we want Nahila to have
the need to contact her.
What's the next
step, then?
There's the trump card
of the grandchildren.
Fennec's children
are in Jordan,
and we believe we could
do something there.
Very good.
Let me see,
I want to affirm, to you all,
that my intention is
to continue Sanabria's work.
I won't make any changes,
it's not the time.
and further I don't believe
they'd be necessary, either.
We'll remain on course.
I know this team
works well, so..
Thank you.
-Go ahead with Naima, Miriam.
-Ok, I'm on it.
-I would like
-Thank you.
to speak with
you a minute.
How are you?
Notice how I look out for you?
Better than the consulate,
Sure, it's the least
you could do for me though.
Take care of the boss.
Don't invite her to dinner,
you know how it ends.
Son of a bitch
I know you want to come back
home with no bodyguard,
and go back to normal.
It's been four weeks now.
I don't think
I'm still a target.
There was so much information
about you and Sanabria
In that apartment. Too much.
Yeah, Sanabria and me
were the
The head, of
though, yes,
we lowered our guard too much.
I believe that with the
right precautions in place,
now though, I think it's safe.
Seems that it just concerns
The proper precautions. Hmm?
I can withstand pressure.
-My team needs
a little normality,
as I've said,
and my family as well.
If you will accept
a little advice
from someone who,
very much like your father,
has lived under ETA's threat,
never allow yourself to
put your loved ones in danger.
Think about it.
Do whatever it takes
with that woman.
-You've got my full support.
-Thank you.
[Hombrado] Thank you.
[whispers in Arabic] We
gave you abundance.
Pray, then, to the Lord
and offer sacrifices.
Yes, the one that hates you
is that deprived of posterity.
God is almighty.
Glory to my Lord,
The Supreme.
Glory to my Lord, The Supreme.
God listens
to the one who addresses him.
All praise is for you.
God is almighty.
This is what they've given me
of Abdel's.
The only thing
I have from him.
[sniffs] I gave it to him
as a present
when I told him
that he'd replace me
at the right hour.
I never imagined
that my son's heart
[sniffs] would stop working
before the watch though.
Thank you, dad.
[Al Hassan's son] It's
very important to me.
My son, my son.
[in English] Thief!
He went off with my purse!
Give me her current location.
Ma'am, is this your bag?
Yes. Yes.
Please, check
that everything's in there.
Perfect signal.
good job! Way to go!
Your guys just don't
lose sight of her, OK?
I know what to do.
Man, look, I get
what you're going through,
it's hard.
I know that, with Sergio,
you had very fluid dynamics,
that worked.
I'm not Sergio.
And it's rough.
And I'm not here to brag.
I am here to help.
Er Hey, Marcos,
we're all meeting
next Friday to have a drink
at El Cura Tavern,
in honor of Sergio.
Yes, I know, it's nasty,
it's really nasty, but
-He liked it.
-And we were thinking
that maybe
-If you don't want to come
-Thanks .
OK, man.
Hey, Marcos, excuse me,
we're all in the room
waiting. Want me to say
I don't know,
that we can leave, or?
What? Yes how?
[young man, in Arabic]
It's useless, "El Hach".
She's still under protection.
She goes to the office
with a bodyguard
comes back with
a bodyguard
and follows a different path
Our informant can do nothing.
It'd take fifteen men
taking turns.
to not raise suspicions
when they follow her.
We got to wait until things
are back to normal, "El Hach".
If we can't
reach the hive,
we'll get the queen
to come out to us.
She has a daughter
with a man who works
in Antiterrorism with her.
Pressure our informant
as necessary.
I want to know where
that woman's ex-husband lives.
We'll get the queen bee yet.
[crying and whimpering]
Please, let me go, please.
Shut up! Just shut it!
You're gonna speak a little
with your sister.
Ask her
where Marcos Cobos is now.
Are we clear here?
-Let me go, please.
-Quiet I said!
You sound like a baby
like that.
-Please Please
Wiam, Wiam, Quiet.
Hear me out.
Listen to me good.
Look, convince her
however you can, alright?
or I'll get it out of her.
-Have I made it clear?
-Uh, please
Don't play with me, Wiam.
Listen, I'm serious.
No, no
[tense music]
[Carla, in English]
She's smart, huh?
-[Carla] My daughter.
She'll play
"The Wizard of Oz"
and she knows
it's my favorite movie.
You know,
I Never watched the movie.
Come on, no!
You never watched
"The Wizard of Oz" ?
No, never.
You're not serious.
If we, uh,
went to the school, you know,
we could
watch the play together
You know that
we can't do that.
We're not going?
Carla, you know it's
Impossible, huh?
I gotta stop all this,
whatever it may take.
Is there something wrong?
[Carla] Oh, I
know that face.
This weekend
My ex
doesn't get
why I can't keep our kid.
She's never understood
this job.
[Carla sighs]
It's complicated, yes.
What path are we taking?
-By the center.
-By the center?
And arrive tomorrow?
-[cellphone rings]
-Right, but
-Miriam, talk to me.
-[Miriam] Carla.
We're entering now.
[Carla] Keep
me posted, OK?
[Roberto]Thank you
for meeting with us,
I promise we won't
bother you too much.
[Naima] I've asked you
for your help many times,
and you never
did anything.
Yes, that's
why we're here,
because our friends
from social services
have failed you so badly,
and we'd like to
apologize for that.
But now the case has been
taken over by the two of us.
So, let's see,
your oldest son
Your oldest
Eh Fennec,
went to Syria
in two thousand eight,
where he had two children
with a woman,
Yazira, who also passed away.
And these two kids
are the ones
you're requesting custody of?
It's to help you.
This isn't new
The million times
that I came to the office.
Did something change?
As I was saying,
the case now
is with me and my partner.
The change would be
we probably know
where your grandchildren are.
It seems they're in a
refugee camp, somewhere in
It's not for sure,
but it's very likely.
If you believe this,
why don't you
send someone to check?
They're alone!
That's the problem.
Seems there are some relatives
of the deceased mother
in Syria,
who are also claiming custody.
In the best interest
of the children,
we think that the priority is
that they get out
urgently of that refugee camp
and come with you.
But, to do so,
we will need to prove
circumstances with you
will be the best, OK?
Is there anyone
who can assist you?
I'm a widow, but I can manage
my own grandkids.
Right, but,
how about other family?
we know you've got a daughter,
Nahila, is it?
I don't want to hear
about her.
I disapprove of her actions.
I'm not sure
what you mean.
Consider though that
the juvenile court
is usually very reluctant
to grant custody
in these kinds of cases,
It's important that we prove
that they're better off here..
cared for sufficiently
And you alone,
with a single pension
I'm their grandmother!
And those children
are all I have.
And I'll give them everything.
I need you to help me do it.
Can you help me do it?
-I beg of you, please.
-Naima, Naima, Naima,
we'll do it, we'll do it.
we're gonna do this, hmm?
I truly promise you
we'll speak to the court,
and find what we can do
with repatriation, OK?
But, if you could
count on other relatives,
also, who may help you,
everything would be
so much easier.
-Trust me.
Fuck, I feel sad for
this woman. I don't know why.
She's a broken, poor lady.
As long as she's
being honest with us.
She knows nothing.
Well, we'll see.
No, she knows nothing.
-You've gotten soft.
And you, Roberto?
-Me what?
-I don't know,
what's going
on with Amina?
Are you also becoming soft
or still
acting like a tough guy?
What kind of a question
is that?
I don't know where you stand.
Are you already dating?
Friends with benefits?
Don't do this, OK?
Stop it. [chuckle]
It's not very professional.
Come on, seriously?
Don't be silly,
wasting your time.
Let's get something
out of all this at least.
Am I wrong?
[engine starts]
You made some friends, right?
-[Amina] Hi.
-[Roberto] Hi.
-How did it go?
-[Basma] Fine.
Did you have fun?
[in Arabic] Yasmina, Clean up!
As in now!
Things will all be
changing soon here.
What do you mean?
Didn't "El Hach" tell you?
He thinks that the family
of Abdel's fiancée bears
no responsibility
for anything, and
the deal with them
must be consummated.
[tense music]
Why kid yourself like that,
No one will replace
our dear Abdel in this house.
Abdel is still
"El Hach"'s favorite son,
yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Abdel's death
created an emptiness
It'll remain empty,
and never go away
No other son will replace
the loss of Abdel.
Not Zaid or anyone else.
You can go.
[sad music]
[Marcos, in English] How
old is your grandmother?
[woman]64. she had my mother
when she was twenty three,
who is the
youngest of six.
Did she ever
give you any advice?
[woman] That I should learn
to cook.
I wanna see
her online profile.
[woman] Let's see
OK, here I am with my family,
with my grandmother,
some friends
You could also find me here,
in the
high school alumni group
Oh, and articles
from my university
So you might stumble across
a couple of mine.
[smacks lips]
[Marcos]There's still
one last question.
What happens
if one of them
wants you
to give him a blow job?
these three are not single,
so, I'll go into
what the Shariah says
to do with adulterers.
-Oh, very effective.
-[woman laughs]
Or cut my tongue,
then say I have an infection.
What about that?
-I created a monster.
-[woman laughs]
No more questions?
That'll be it.
I said
I was better than you, no?
That's your best quality,
you realize?
Yeah, but thing is
Modesty doesn't
win any battles.
-"Gladiator" .
Your room is full
of those posters.
Wall too wall.
Yeah. Hey
what will you do when I leave?
Will you search
your favorite pages,
you know, like uh
Or like your favorite was
Denture Queen, wasn't it?
Yeah, but the thing is
I also have some undercover
agents to help prepare.
Hmm. Training undercovers is
one of your favorite things.
I'm good at it.
Don't know,
Let's see, show me.
Oh I gotta demonstrate?
Again, yes.
Oh, I think
you're very well trained.
-Yeah? [laughs]
[suspenseful music]
[engine starts]
[Yasmina, in Arabic]
I cannot believe
my son is getting married.
You'll be the most handsome
groom there's ever been.
Azahar will be overwhelmed
when she sees you.
Come on, stand up!
Let me see here
Oh, grab your jacket.
I think they're here.
You're gorgeous. [laughs]
Just splendid!
"El Hach"?
-May peace be with you.
-And with you.
-Thank you.
-How are you?
Welcome to my house.
God bless you. Thanks.
[man]This is
my daughter Azahar.
Welcome to your new house,
Thank you.
This is Youssuf
and his daughter Azahar,
my new wife.
This is my family.
And this is my house.
Thank you.
Houda and Yasmina
will treat both of you
like they'd treat
a father and a sister.
Welcome to your house, sister.
[Al Hassan]It'll be
a quick and simple ceremony.
-[Youssuf]God willing.
Azahar, we're going
to buy you a dress.
Let's go.
Go ahead, Azahar.
Your house.
[Houda] Come, sweetheart.
Thank you, brother.
[suspenseful music]
[imam] The dowry, please.
-Thank you.
-God bless you.
In this agreement,
besides the agreed upon dowry,
it's agreed that the
wife-to-be's father
may live under the same roof
as the spouses.
May God reward you.
Has the wife-to-be
given her consent?
Yes, sir, she has.
Well, then we may proceed
with signatures.
God bless you,
and your family.
And unite
both of you in goodness.
You are now wed, Azahar.
The Sublime says:
"If both spouses are merciful,
you'll achieve prosperity."
God's word is Truth.
Welcome to your house.
[photographer, in English]
And now look at me. Smile.
Look here, children.
[in Arabic] You'll receive
an allowance every week.
As long as
you aren't punished.
If there's punishment,
"El Hach" won't lie with you
and there's no money
for your own indulgences
-[Azahar] Mm-hmm.
-If you just
respect the rules,
You'll always
do OK though.
This is your room here,
-Never let it get untidy.
Your husband
could come at any hour.
You might get punished
if your bed's left unmade.
Don't forget.
"El Hach" always sleeps on
the side nearest the wardrobe.
Is "El Hach" good?
I mean is he kind?
He's your husband.
Does Mom let you watch
these kinda things?
[in English] Don't you
have nightmares then?
Lua? [laughs]
Have you brushed your teeth?
Let's go.
[massage tune]
[woman, on phone] Oh my,
now I am really nervous.
It's sad, isn't it?
Having to spend
the last night alone.
Well Kala,
you don't have to spend the..
whole last night alone,
-Fine fine.
[tense music]
[dramatic music]
-What happened?
[Kala moaning]
[Marcos] Fuck.
Cover yourself.
-Help, Dad!
-Lúa! On the floor!
[glass shatering]
Are you OK?
-Are you hurt?
No, dad,
I'm OK.
OK, guys, go
get some rest.
If I need you, we'll call you.
Good job.
Is everything all right?
They say there's
no danger.
-Lua, where's Lua?
-Lua is fine,
-Who is she with?
-don't worry. Trust me.
-Please, go with Lua, please.
-You can count on me.
[Alivaro] Let's see,
let's clear
this area here!
[female officer]Where
do we put that car? That one.
I don't care,
but get it out of here.
[cellphone ringing]
Look, here's Lua.
[Carla] Hi, honey.
Sweetie, it's over, OK?
It's alright, OK?
[Lua]They made us go down
to the parking lot.
I know, Lua, which is just
a precautionary measure,
but it is totally safe now.
I'm on my way.
-Carla, you can't
-Let me, please.
I'm begging you.
But Lua, OK, listen to me,
stay with dad,
you promise?
But I don't know where he is.
What do you mean?
-How come you don't know
where he is?
All is well, I'll take care
of evacuating Lua,
where the hell is Marcos?
Where the hell is Marcos?
I'm going there.
-Please, Carla.
-No, no, let me, please.
-Let me out.
I've to go and get my girl.
-Please, Carla.
No, I need to help
my daughter.
Stop. You can't go.
You've got to stay here.
You can't go.
-Calm down,
everything will be OK.
-Please, OK?
Fucking hell
Leave me alone.
Leave me alone.
Come on,
we've to take her now.
Where's Lua?
[suspenseful music]
[dog barking]
The dog has found explosives.
We need to clear the area
right now.
let's clear the area, please!
Let's move, please.
Come on, guys,
the party is over.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
Good morning
You OK?
We don't know if it didn't
explode due to a failure
or because the terrorist
had to abandon the area
and couldn't do it.
I opt for the second one,
because the mobile-driven
detonator worked perfectly.
The explosive
was not that powerful.
Probably, it wouldn't have
caused damage to the building.
But it would've killed
anyone nearby.
-Maybe they were, waiting
for someone else to show up.
-They're coming for us.
This is a direct attack
like we've never seen.
They've violated our security
and they almost hit us again.
We'll implement
drastic measures starting now.
New protocols for internal
security and communication,
isolation, and bodyguards
for the whole team.
always looking for those
responsible for these attacks.
let's also check
what we have at home.
So there's a
mole among us?
[dramatic music]
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