La Unidad (2020) s02e03 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 3

[in English] Yes, they've been
following you,
And through
you they got to Marcos,
which is serious.
Very serious.
But it doesn't mean there's
a mole on the inside
and we need bodyguards.
-I really think it's bad.
-Yes' It's bad, Miriam.
It's really bad!
They're coming for us,
and one of our own
was wounded last night.
[Marcos] Two.
Kala is in hospital.
Yes, two of our own,
and a girl, yeah?
No single precaution
is too much.
Totally with you.
Someone shot at Lua.
Kala and me too.
Do you really
think like them?
The mole is a hypothesis
and simply can't be rejected.
I'm asking you to
investigate objectively your
your sources, your
collaborators and your teams.
Rely only on those
you fully trust,
and reveal as little
as humanly possible.
OK, but it's pretty
difficult not to say anything
if we've got bodyguards,
if we've to change protocols
We won't change protocols,
[Najwa] How do we know
what to do?
Is there anyone
we can we talk to?
Nobody other than the people
in this room now, Najwa.
If you need some days off
No, no. No vacation, OK?
Are we finished?
Yeah, We're done here.
[Carla] Let's continue.
[TV] Last night in Madrid
there were
some moments of tension
during a settling of scores
between two drug dealers,
some gunshots impacted
on a building's facade.
The police had to evacuate
the area for several hours,
until calm was restored.
The responsible ones
were arrested
and placed at the
disposal of the court.
And now
[tense music]
- There's nothing on the
news. What happened? -
- We did everything
as planned. -
- We didn't
detonate the bomb -
- because the woman
didn't come. -
- Stay there, hidden. -
- We'll send you
instructions. -
- We need money. -
[Yasmina, in Arabic]
My son didn't let me sleep
last night.
If he cries a lot,
maybe something's wrong.
I know what's happening.
His skin is irritated.
He needs cream.
But it's expensive.
Why don't you talk
to "El Hach"?
What do you think,
that I haven't?
But he says I should manage
children's stuff with Houda.
It's useless to talk to Houda.
She's a snake.
She is the one
that puts him against me.
She brainwashes him.
If that damned witch
wasn't here
[clears throat]
Houda, we're running out
of eggs and potatoes.
Put in on the shopping list.
What are you doing here?
You're grounded
Go back to your room.
[Azahar]I just wanted
to help you.
You cannot be here.
I don't know
what you think you're doing,
but you should change your
attitude towards "El Hach".
I'm doing my best.
"El Hach" is a thousand times
smarter than you.
Don't try him.
I'm not afraid.
-Come here.
-What are you doing?
[Houda] Look.
Tonight, "El Hach" told me
he doesn't need a gardener.
Is that what you want?
That "El Hach"
sends your father back
-to his mud house in Morocco?
My father has
nothing to do with this.
Then stop that nonsense.
Behave as a good wife.
And accept things as they are.
As we all have done.
[in English]
Just a second.
A formality?
It's safe.
[Miriam] Thank you.
Roberto, we're downstairs, OK?
OK. Great, thanks.
Listen, Amina,
something unforeseen
has come up, and
I won't be able
to go there tonight.
But we've prepared dinner.
Basma has cooked too.
[Roberto, on phone]
I'm very sorry, Amina,
it's not up to me.
I don't understand.
It's been your idea.
Yes, I know, I know, but,
as I'm telling you,
it's not up to me, and
They're sending me abroad
for a trip.
In fact, I won't be able
to see you and Basma
for a long time.
And one more thing,
I can't withdraw money.
[phone] Yeah, your husband's
assets are still seized.
We have requested for the
release of some part, but
What am I going to do
in the meantime?
[phone]Tell me how much you
need and I'll lend it to you.
I don't want your money,
I want to have my money.
[phone]You told me
I would be independent here.
Amina, keep calm, I assure you
it's just a matter of time.
Right. Time.
Always time.
[phone] Let me know
when you come back.
Amina, listen
Mom, when are we
going back home?
Come on, Basma.
Let's have dinner.
How are you doing?
They're arriving
in five minutes.
Would you like anything?
Should I tell them to leave?
That would be nice.
We've been very well
without them.
[Carla sighs]
It turns out that the danger
is caused by you and me.
We won't be safe in any place.
We can't even guarantee
our daughter's safety.
We'll need to have eyes in
the back of our heads, Marcos.
In the back.
And we'll catch them.
We'll do it.
[guard] They're here.
[Carla] OK.
[Carla laughs] Look
at her.
[Marcos] Smurf!
[Carla] Lu!
Come here, sweetie
-[Marcos] Look.
I've brought
a magical hat.
[Carla and Lua laugh]
Let's see, and now
we say the magical words
Abracadabra, alakazam.
How was that?
-Did you like it?
It's for you.
Come on, let's go inside.
-Hi, Dad.
-Hi, hi.
-Sorry, I didn't say hi.
-Are you going to order pizza?
[Carla] Hi.
[Lua] Hi.
[Carla's Dad]
Well, how do you do?
[Carlos] Putting up
with this circus.
[Carla's Dad] I believed
this wouldn't happen anymore.
I've lived years
with this fear.
That any day
could be that day.
It's nothing to do with that,
Dad, totally different.
[Carla's Dad]
But what is different?
Having to sleep away
from your family
so that nothing bad happens
to them because of you?
No, it's not.
What is different is that you
are better trained than me.
You're better police officers.
I did what I thought
was better,
I had to stay away
so much that,
when I came back,
I was a stranger to my family.
You're not a stranger,
grandpa, you're the best.
Don't worry about me,
I'm fine.
And I know
what's going on.
I miss you very much,
but I'm fine.
May we order
another pizza?
Two, one for you
and one for me, OK?
Look at her,
she's just like you.
Wow. Just like you.
Look at her.
[man calling from afar]Hey,
wait up. Excuse me, ma'am.
Excuse me.
My card is not working.
Please, could you send someone
to door two?
Hey, it's not necessary
for you to come these days,
There's not much work,
so you may take some days off.
We'll call you when necessary,
[Arab Woman 1] Understood.
-OK, see you later.
-[Miriam] They
swallowed it? -[Najua]I think
I don't know,
job is half done.
-It's weird.
Everything from all these?
Yes, yes,
of all of them, Alberto.
That's right, and thoroughly.
Mark if they've had
some extra income,
changes in their routine,
new mobile phones,
any chance that they're
being blackmailed
OK, but it'll take time.
Yes, yes,
but give priority to it.
And, look, if you want, you
may work with Maria and Marta,
but just them, OK?
Nobody else.
OK, but,
is there anything wrong or?
No, no,
just the new boss's rules.
-But, hey,
don't take this lightly, OK?
Alberto, I'm sorry
you got stuck with this.
Don't worry.
[Miriam puffs]
Oh, boy
[in Arabic]
Where are we going?
-Have we done anything wrong?
-It's a surprise. Get in.
Come on.
-[instructor, in English] Hi.
-What's up, Alex?
-[Alex] What's up?
-How's it going, my man?
I brought you these guys
so they could play a little.
You can explain more.
OK. I'll explain to you how
these weapons work, guys.
We'll give you
M4-like weapons.
The operation is very simple.
We've the magazine, the
CO2 cartridge, the trigger.
When we're not shooting,
the trigger outside it.
When shooting, important:
The buttstock'S always held
above your shoulder
and point the weapon.
The operation is very simple,
Well, now we'll give you
the protection.
Ah! Dead!
[in Arabic] When the Almighty
divided up intelligence,
it seems these three guys
were in the bathroom.
But don't worry.
They're obedient and loyal
They'll obey.
I trust your judgement.
Bring them here three times
a week, and we'll see.
Have you told anything?
Nahila has contacted me.
She says they need money
to continue, "El Hach".
Tell her she'll receive
what she needs soon.
Why do you think
the attack is not on the news?
They want to hide
that we've hurt them.
That's good.
A hurt animal
is not always easy to catch.
It hides and protects itself,
it's always on alert.
Getting to the boss
will be more difficult.
We must find out
where they hide her.
-Don't waste time.
Stand up.
I'm telling you to stand up!
Don't you hear me?
Pay attention!
We've new instructions
for your sister.
Don't make me hurt you.
Is that what you want?
Do you want me
to take your eye out?
Do I take an eye out?
Speak, whore!
You'll kill me anyway.
Is that what you want?
Do you want us to kill you?
Do you want me
to take your eye out?
Listen to me,
we'll be home soon.
Nobody will ever want a
one-eyed woman as a wife.
Do you want me
to stab you?
Eh! That's it.
Aren't you
listening, Wiam?
Your choice.
Come on.
Come on,
go and die in that room.
[phone] I want to
talk to my sister.
You'll talk to her when
you give us new information.
[phone] I can't do anything.
Everybody is very nervous.
And we've bodyguards.
And they keep a close watch
on the Arabs.
I want to talk
to my sister now
or I'll tell everything.
You'll tell nothing!
Understood? Nothing!
When you get new information,
then you'll talk to her.
What has she told you?
Damn it
[in English] Mate.
[Kala laughs] Hi.
You got it.
Paid holidays.
Now, next time
you become intimidated,
please talk to me. OK?
You don't need to act
as a human shield.
God, two months
training for nothing.
Kala, you'll have
another opportunity.
Well, what happened?
Why were we shot?
Marcos, I was shot
in the arm, damn it.
I think that at least
you could tell me
who it was, right?
Yeah. We have nothing.
-There's no trace,
not even a strand of hair
on the rooftop, nothing.
By what we saw in the cameras,
they got there and left with
a helmet hiding their face.
We were shot from over 50
meters away.
And then they disappeared
in a street
with no cameras,
it must be someone trained.
A professional.
We're checking
among former fighters.
How did they know
where you live?
We're on it.
They've been following me
for a week at least.
It's been well planned.
It's bad luck
that you were there.
The good thing
is that otherwise
I would be dead.
What are you going to do now?
Take care of you.
And, in the meantime,
catch them, of course.
[laughs] Fuck
Ouch, it hurts.
I was hurt too, huh?
[Kala laughs] Yeah, right
Poor guy.
Hey, how is your daughter?
She's fine, at her grandpa's.
Getting over it.
Well, but I'm not here
to tell you my problems, huh?
I'm here to check on you.
Let's see, what do you need?
Some magazines, sudokus
A Blu-ray special edition
of "Gladiator",
your favorite movie.
That. You'd like that.
Fuck, it hurts when I laugh.
I think I've had
enough action so far.
-Are you really sure?
Do you know what I would like?
Getting out of here soon
and helping you.
Right, right, right.
Well Your family?
My sister lives
in Morocco.
Well, I'll take care
of bringing her here.
-Regarding tickets and hotel,
you don't need to worry.
-Marcos, no.
-I'll manage
-I'm saying no.
I said no, Marcos. OK?
I appreciate it,
but I don't want to give
explanations to anyone?
Well, I assume you won't want
these chocolates I've brought.
Chocolates yes.
-Are they chocolates?
-Open and look.
Well, thank you very much.
The only thing is that you'll
have to share them with me.
Well, we'll discuss that now.
I'd love to.
Maybe it's nothing, but
he goes there twice a week,
after work,
and there's nothing there.
Except for that
Pakistani store.
Who is that?
Do you suspect Martinez?
I don't suspect
anyone in particular, OK?
But if I have to go
suspecting someone,
I mean, someone like Martinez,
he doesn't talk much,
He goes to odd places.
-He's weird, Marcos.
-He's weird, indeed.
[Marcos] Or he likes
smoking from a hookah.
Nahila and her partners
are out there.
And we're here, locked in,
suspecting each other
with half the team
investigating the other half.
What a strategy.
-[Miriam] I'd understand.
Being investigated.
I'd understand it.
it wouldn't bother me,
under the circumstances.
Let's see how Martinez reacts
if he finds out.
I don't give a shit
about how Martinez reacts.
[Carla]Hey, OK,
the Martinez topic is over.
Do you have anything else?
How elegant, right?
You've to see this.
You won't believe it.
Had you seen
a sweating corpse before?
Put the Fennec image.
I realized when digitally
raising the images quality
to prepare the portraits.
-It's a fake, he's alive.
He's sweating.
But, is that so?
Ok, don't let anyone see it,
What do you think
about how he staged his death?
You believed it, we
believed it, everybody believed
In fact, the video
was sent by the Israelis.
Yes, yes, he made everyone
stop searching for him,
but he's here, in Spain.
that's not confirmed yet.
But we do have
a good trump card.
A great trump card.
Look there.
We've found his mother, Naima.
She's two grandchildren
in a refugee camp in Jordan.
We'll need help from the top
as soon as possible.
Well, that's very complex.
Yes, Manolo,
we know it's very complex.
That's why we need your help.
Well, you take care
of justice,
I'll take care
of the politicians.
I don't think
they'll resist all of us.
Thanks, Manolo.
[Carla] Thanks.
[chatter in the street]
OK This woman says
she knows where they are.
-Yes, OK.
They're in the
southern part of the camp
with a group of orphans.
She'll take us there,
but she wants money.
Are these the children?
-[in Arabic]
These are the children?
-[in English] Are you sure?
-Are these?
-I want my money.
-I want my money. Yes.
-[in English]
She wants something,
-she wants to get paid.
-No, no.
The kids first.
The kids first.
[in Arabic] We'll pay you
when we see the children.
That's not fair.
That wasn't the deal.
I want my money now.
[in English] When I see
the kids, I'll pay you.
Not now.
[in Arabic]
After seeing the children.
-After seeing the children.
-I won't risk my life for this
woman in exchange for nothing.
I don't want my effort
to get lost.
After seeing the children!
-I want my money.
-[Miriam, in English] No
-[in Arabic] I want my money.
come in!
-That way.
-Come in!
But as soon as we get there,
you pay me!
-After seeing the children.
[in English] Is everything OK?
-Yes, yes. Go! Go!
-Yes? OK.
Hey, Lua, you know, you
don't get out of school until
Until my bodyguards
pick me up inside.
They accompany me inside
and pick me up inside.
-I know, grandpa, keep calm.
what are you doing here?
Nothing, your mother told me
that your mates
and teachers miss you
But, are you going to be
my bodyguard?
What's wrong with it?
Do you think
I'm too old or what?
I'm in top shape, huh?
And, besides,
I got backup,
look, this ugly one's name
is Rodrigo.
Rodrigo, get them out, please.
And inside the car,
there are the boys.
-Petroleo, Tyron!
-Come on.
So, if there's no problem,
Lua, we'll come every day
and then we'll pick you up
from school. What do you say?
May I get in the back?
Of course,
you are not going in the boot.
-Come one, we're late.
-Bye, grandpa.
Bye, princess.
Fennec is a professional
murderer, he's a fox,
he's been hidden for ages.
If we're waiting for him
to make a mistake, he won't.
What you want is
to speed up the arrival
of those kids in Spain,
that they reunite
with their grandmother
so that their father
exposes himself, right?
That's all we've.
Do you realize that
what you're asking me
is to authorize
the use of minors as bait
to catch a terrorist?
I assure you these kids
will not be in danger at all.
If something did happen,
I remind you that
this prosecutor's office
has already been reported
by Hamid's attorney for
false promises to his client.
[in Arabic] I want my money.
What are you waiting for?
-I don't trust this mean lady.
-I want my money.
-[in English]
She wants the money now.
No, no money now.
The kids first! No, no.
[in Arabic]
I want my money, now.
-[in English]
Where are the kids?
-[in Arabic] There.
-But when we get there,
you'll pay.
-[in English] She says there.
That way? Let's go.
[in English] Hey, you.
[in English] My money
I won't pay you now! Later.
The kids first. Come on!
-[in Arabic] Give me the money
to take you there!
-[in English] No!
[in Arabic] Come on. That way.
Come on!
[Arab woman 2]
This is their crew.
They must be here.
[in English]
I don't see them
We need to be careful
These kids
They don't have anyone
and they protect each other.
Protect each other from whom?
[agent]From the mafias that
take them,
make them work
or sell them to pimps.
Aya? Khaled?
[in Arabic] Be calm, be
calm. We don't want to hurt you.
We want to talk to you.
Come with me.
Aya, Khaled, Rosa.
I don't speak Arabic. Do you
understand me like this?
Yes? OK. Let's see
I come from Spain
and I bring a message
from your grandmother.
Your dad's mom.
She's been looking for you
for so long
and she wants you to go there
and live with her, OK?
Since she couldn't come
she's sent you this message,
that I want you to watch.
[on phone]
Hi, Khaled, hi, Aya.
I'm your grandmother Naima
your father Fennec's mother.
Rosa will take you
out of Jordan.
I'm counting the days
until I can kiss you.
I miss you very much.
[in English]
Is this our grandmother?
Will you take us with her?
Do you want me to?
Yes, really. [laughs]
What are they doing?
It's a local tradition.
They free the doves so that
their dreams will come true.
-Me? Yes?
-Go, you may go.
[in Arabic]
Who are these kids?
Does their father
have much money?
I want a bigger reward.
[in English]
May I grab it? Yes?
This one?
[man, in Arabic] One
[Carla, in English] Oh!
Have you already finished?
We've finished today.
-What's up, everything OK?
I think we'll get on well.
Right, Lua?
Well, great.
We're going home.
Can we talk for a minute?
Yes. Yes, of course.
I'll be here in a minute.
[Carla's Dad]OK. Well,
what's up? How was it?
[Lua] Very well.
[Carla's Dad] Did she
ask a lot of questions?
Honestly, I think she's fine,
after all she's gone through.
In fact, there're only
two things that worry her.
The first one is that she's
afraid of not being able
to participate in
the school performance.
Because it seems
she's been assigned
a character she likes.
Yes, yes, the tin man.
And she's worried that,
under the circumstances,
she can't go back to school
before the school performance.
I'm sorry,
but I can't call the school
and ask them
to postpone things.
As regards the causes
for her second concern
I don't believe
she's aware of them, but
I think
I know what they're about.
It's about you.
About her father and you.
And I don't want you
to misinterpret it
because she loves you very
much and misses you very much,
especially her mother.
But your presence,
with bodyguards,
and the extraordinary
security measures in place,
they're really bringing her
stress and anxiety.
So the closer I am to my
daughter, the worse she gets.
No, I'm saying that
Lua needs to process,
overcome and leave behind
her traumatic experience.
She needs to have
a normal life again,
without anything reminding her
of what she's gone through.
And with police officers,
security measures
she even told me
about a drone,
that won't be possible, Carla.
So, what are you suggesting?
If you don't need
anything else
It turns out that the best
I can do for my daughter
is to stay away from her.
What do you think?
What? I don't get it.
That's what the psychologist
told me this afternoon.
Listen, I'll drink this
bottle of wine,
and I'd rather
not drink alone.
Do you want to stay?
/Yes, but
I don't drink.
Oh, damn it, you're right.
But we've water.
We've water.
And good company.
Thank you.
Here you are.
But, isn't it bad luck
to toast with water?
I don't think
this could be much worse.
To you.
You're a good mother, Carla.
I don't know
if you realise, but
you're a very good mother.
You worry about her,
you call her,
you talk to her every night.
Every time I see that
I feel bad, I feel envy.
I'd like to have the
relationship you've with your
daughter with my son, but
I don't though.
There's no
instructions manual for this.
Believe me.
Come on.
To bad parents?
And to good cops?
Yes. [laughs]
-I don't know.
- For your whims -
-[Yasmina, in Arabic] Hi.
-[Zahar] Hi.
Take it.
For your baby cream.
"El Hach" doesn't want us
to lend money to each other.
No. I'm not lending it to you.
It's my money,
and I can buy any whim.
And I want to buy that cream.
Take it.
It's better if
Houda doesn't find out.
You know what?
If we were more united,
we wouldn't be so afraid
of "El Hach".
[man on phone]It's a
delicate situation, Omar.
Spain has
stopped negotiations
because of the
stir created.
I get it.
But we still have
a good relationship
with the local authorities
and the CNI.
[phone] That's good.
But we've to do more.
That's why I think we should
meet and talk directly.
You're always welcome
whenever you want
is there anything wrong?
[phone] We'll talk about it
in person, Omar.
Do whatever you can
to make them feel there's
total and maximum cooperation.
[phone]We need them to see
that we're helping.
I'll need more money then.
To buy information
and pay informants.
Don't worry about that.
We'll transfer
as much money as you need.
This time, there should be no
trace of the money transfer.
No, Omar.
We've to act with transparency
without hiding anything.
[phone]And we'll continue
doing so.
But some steps
require discretion.
[phone] OK, bye.
May the peace
be with you.
[crying] Welcome, my children.
Do you remember me? Yes.
-Who am I?
-My grandmother.
I've missed you.
I've missed you very much.
-How are you?
[Naima] I've missed you
very much.
[Roberto TV, in English]
You'll see,
your school is really on
it has two soccer fields,
two basketball courts,
a huge gym.
-[Miriam on TV] Swings.
-[Roberto on TV]And swings,
yes, sir. Indeed.
You'll love it, honestly.
And, by the way,
it's already been established
with the school,
you'll have an extra teacher
to help you keep pace.
Thank you very much, madam,
it wasn't necessary.
Yes, it was necessary, yes.
Thank you very much,
thank you very much
for bringing my children.
You're welcome. Mmm.
Mm! How lucky you are
for having a grandmother
who cooks such tasty pastries.
[Naima laughs]
I see you.
You are like me,
you could eat pastries
all day long, am I right?
Of course.
do you want to go to school?
No, I don't like it.
-Oh, well
We'll have to do
something about it.
-Right, Rosa?
Mmm, Rosa.
-The bag.
Well, this is for you, guys.
I think the orange one
is for Aya
and the red one
for you, Khaled.
- Let's see.
-[Roberto]Let's see.
-[in Arabic] Look!
-[Aya] I like them very much!
-[Khaled]Me too.
Now go to your bedroom
and try them on.
Let's see if Rosa has
guessed right with the size.
[Miriam] Yes, let's see
You're welcome.
Well, let's see, listen.
The juvenile court continues
reviewing the custody,
but they're still not sure
that you alone
can take care of the children.
But they think I can,
don't they?
They'll be fine here, with me,
they won't lack anything.
Please, please, tell them.
-But Naima,
it doesn't depend on us.
-They won't take them away.
But, it's true
that it could help a lot
if you could count with
the help of a direct relative,
You see, it's because
something could happen to you,
then those kids
would be unprotected,
and we can't let that happen.
Do you understand it?
We're only and exclusively
thinking about
their wellbeing. Yes?
-Let me see.
-[Miriam] Oh, my!
-I love them.
-You love them?
-They look great on you.
[Roberto] Look,
he's a mini-Ronaldo.
-They're beautiful.
-[Miriam] Yes.
[Miriam, on TV]
What about the size?
-[TV] Good?
-[Aya, on TV]Nice!
[Miriam, on TV]I'm very glad.
You look amazing.
-[Khaled, on TV] Thank you.
-[Aya, on TV]I love them,
Seriously, thank you both.
-[Miriam, TV] No, thank
you. -[Roberto, TV]You're
welcome. Thank you.
[male agent 1]The marker
in the children's trainers
are sending a good signal.
[male agent 2] Good, good.
I lost it, OK? I almost
screwed it up, I'm sorry.
No. No, it doesn't have
anything to do with pregnancy,
I see it coming.
It's this situation, dude,
this fucking situation, I'm
It surpasses me.
Look, if it helps you somehow,
every time I get home,
I don't turn on the light
until I check nobody has
opened the gas valve,
my blinds
are pulled down 24/7,
I don't know how many times
I check the door
is well closed,
more than once I've looked
under the bed
And lately I've been sleeping
on the couch.
What a fucking shit, huh?
A fucking shit, yes.
Have you checked the wardrobe?
[Ramon]How do I have
to say it? The girl's fine.
She's fine.
She plays with the dogs
in the car,
she talks about school,
about mates, about the play,
about Elena's mother,
who is still mad at you,
and I told you so.
Or didn't I?
No mothers from school,
no coworkers, but
nah, Marcos, It goes
in one ear and out the other.
I was in an operation.
-My daughter is a rock.
Dude, it's normal,
given the genetics
Hey, imagine she gets your
"Latin lover" thing.
Shut up.
Are you pissed?
You can do anything you want,
you're totally free,
-and the girl nothing?
-She may do whatever she
wants, I want her to be happy.
Says the modern dad. huh?
Yes, yes.
And how is your girlfriend?
Willing to work again.
I'm surrounded
by strong women.
you look for them that way.
-My mother is like that.
And, do you have
any professional help?
Because of the Oedipus?
A psychologist?
Sure! You're an Argentinian,
aren't you?
And there everybody
goes to a psychologist
more than to the supermarket.
No, really, dude.
You've suffered
a murder attempt.
And with your background,
I mean, your father
That's the minimum, huh?
It's not the same.
My father was murdered, and he
never knew what was going on.
He was going to work
and a car exploded. There.
That's it.
That was the first
and only time
I saw my mother
break down.
I locked myself in my bedroom,
I didn't want to listen to
I was nine
and already understood.
It's different now.
They're coming for us.
With first and last names.
What they don't know
is that we're getting closer.
And we'll catch them all.
What I can assure you is that
Lua will not be left
without her father.
The market next to home
was much more comfortable.
Honestly, yes.
This is never-ending.
Let's make the most
out of the situation.
-Of what?
-Let's make them
take the bags upstairs.
Yes, yes, yes.
Look at them,
they're very strong.
Right, so what?
They're not slaves, David.
-I don't think
it's such a crazy idea.
In fact, I regret not having
taken a 12-bottle pack.
They're really heavy.
And the fruit,
haven't you taken it?
No. It was your task.
Ok. Well, going.
-No, it's our turn.
-I'll be really fast.
Guys, I'll be right back.
[relaxed background music
in the supermarket]
[suspenseful music]
-[slight noise]
-Stop, police! Shit!
Go, go, go, everybody out!
Now, now, now!
Fast, fast! Go, go!
[people shouting]
[bodyguard]Police! Out!
Everybody out!
Come on, fast, fast, fast!
Out, now!
[bodyguard] Everybody out!
Come on!
Come on!
[indistinct shouting]
Hey! Fast, come on,
come on, dammit!
On the ground, police!
Hands behind your head! Now!
Do what I say!
On the ground, damn it!
-On the ground too!
-Please, please!
-Hands behind your head now!
-[Arab people mumbles]
I said hands behind you head
right now!
-[Arab man mumbling]
-I said don't move your arm.
Don't move! Don't move!
[bodyguard] It's over.
Come on. Be calm.
Don't move!
[bodyguard 3]
Put the gun down, Miriam,
put the gun down.
[bodyguard 1] Don't move.
-It's gonna be OK.
-[bodyguard 2]
Come on, call it in.
Call it in.
Miriam, are you ok?
It seems he's clean.
He was just a customer
who doesn't speak Spanish.
That's why he didn't
understand you.
Sweetheart, Miriam.
You saw how your partner
was murdered.
Ok? Yes.
Miriam, you're a human.
Come on.
I almost shoot him, David.
-But you didn't.
[sad music]
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