La Unidad (2020) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

[in English]
"Aval" comes from the Arabic
word, which means "hawala".
In practice, though hawala's
a kind of money transfer
from one country to another
with no PHYSICAL cash flow.
So that you can't trace
the money trail.
That's why it's the most
commonly used method by ISIS.
You understand?
I think it'll be clearer
with an example.
Let's suppose that
I want to send money
to my cousin in Spain,
from any country,
without leaving a trace.
To do this, I meet
a hawaladar in my country.
["Money for Nothing"
by Dire Straits playing]
I give him
the amount I want to send
and the name of the city
where my cousin,
the payee, is.
In return, I get a code.
Now, the physical money stays
in the country of origin.
The hawaladar
will ask another hawaladar
to pay the amount in question
to the person showing up
with that code in Spain.
The operation may involve
more countries
and more guarantors,
to complicate
any attempt to trace it.
- Florence -
- Code: JYG753I6 Madrid -
in the destination country,
the local hawaladar
pays the person
showing up with the code.
Everything is very discreet
and anonymous.
We got to install
microwave ovens,
custom kitchen ♪
[Carla] I should emphasize
that the physical money
doesn't leave
the country of origin.
Hawaladars from
the different countries,
by adding
all their operations,
compensate their debts
and loans to each other,
balancing out
most of the operations.
It's a system that's super
difficult to detect,
but it may give us
an opportunity.
There have been cases in which
we could reach apparently
unreachable targets
by identifying and catching
them paying hawaladar.
Reaching the payer.
That's the key.
I hope it's clearer to you.
Anyway, I'm sending a text
explaining all the dynamics
in more detail. Ok?
And I'm sorry it's impossible
that I be there
to do this talk in person,
I really would have loved it.
Thank you very much, Carla.
It's been very educational,
And I as well
hope we'll get
to meet in person soon.
Yes. Thanks.
[teacher] See you later.
- LUA -
OK, guys, exercise 7, page 99.
Julia has a cake,
and splits it into two
and then splits THIS
into four equal parts.
The question is:
what cake fraction does
each slice here represent?
-[Lua] Me!
-Let's see.
-[bell ringing]
-Saved by the bell
until tomorrow.
Cristian, whatever you got
to say to him, say it later.
-Ask him, OK?
-See ya.
-[teacher] Bye, Lua,
see you tomorrow.
-[Lua] Bye.
-[teacher] Come on.
-[friend] Bye.
-[teacher] Bye!
-[Lua] Bye.
-[Ramon] Oh, there you are!
-[Lua] Did you forget?
[chuckles] No, how could
I forget about your class?
No, I was kidding.
Come on, let's go.
-[Lua] I'm super excited
for the party.
-[Ramon] Really?
Sara has invited me to go,
and THEN only Marta and I
will sleep over.
Only the three of us.
-We'll have
a really great time.
-Lua, I'm sorry,
but you can't go. Hm?
But the bad guys
won't know I went to Marta's.
You'll get me there secretly.
No, sorry,
but it can't happen, sorry.
-This will just never end.
-Of course it will.
It's just
all a matter of patience.
I have an idea, um
I'll speak to Carla,
and I promise you
everything you miss this
season we'll make it up, OK?
Eh? And plus,
I'll wine and dine Marisa,
which she deserves, and, uh
and give you all my apartment
for a party.
We've been reviewing
Nahila's involvement
in the whole network
ever since February 2017,
when she got out
of the juvenile center.
As usual, she started
little by little,
until she established herself
in June. See?
As such, when there's already
a clear pattern,
we can detect
if there's any anomaly.
And there are two.
In November 2017
and March 2018.
In both cases,
she talks to people
outside of her usual circle
and then she disappears
for a number of days.
We've already talked to her
various friends from college.
There's nothing
in November 2017. [puffs]
-Maybe because
it was the exam period.
-[Carla] OK.
Now, in March 2018,
she borrows a friend's car,
supposedly to go to Barcelona,
but, according
to the highway recordings,
she doesn't go to Barcelona
but to Valencia.
[Carla] Mm-Hm.
We don't know exactly
where she was,
since she didn't
post anything,
didn't use her phone
or her card,
and didn't check
into any hotel.
Smart girl, that one.
What we do have is that
when she came back
she wasn't alone in the car.
And, Analysis,
what do you have?
We have extended our
search [clears throat]
to eight weeks
before and after,
the date of her stay
in Valencia,
-and there's
there's nothing
really significant in Spain,
but uh, there was an alert
dated February Twenty Seventh,
from the Turkish police,
warning both Cypriot
and Greek police,
of the potential presence
of someone coming back from
Liby, Syria, sorry,
-on a ship.
This information's been
verified by by the Mossad,
as well.
According to this hypothesis,
Fennec came to Spain through
Valencia and he's here,
with his sister, in Madrid?
It looks like it.
Don't stop, don't stop,
don't stop then.
Take this, please, it looks
like a birthday party.
-I'm taking this for the guys.
-OK, very good, thank you.
You're welcome.
[coughs] OK.
How many hawaladars
are there in Madrid?
Three who can move
big amounts.
Or, under control, three.
And five of the second tier,
and third tier, not sure.
OK, look into that,
see if there's anything weird
going on.
But We'll have to
offer something.
That tap's open, Marcos.
[in Arabic] In these times,
we seriously have to prevent
any image issues with Islam
in Spain.
It's critical
that we keep relations
between Spain and Saudi Arabia
rather friendly
and open at all costs.
And with officials in Spain
We've got to avoid anything
that may change
the situation politically.
The high-speed rail contract.
I understand.
What do you want me to do?
These are
some mosques propagating a
rather radical message.
At times like this
that is very inconvenient.
No, it's a VERY serious
With some imams,
donations will be enough.
And they will say
what we want them to say.
Others are more
We'll have to get rid of them
and put in someone close,
who we trust.
This is longer
and more complicated.
I'm in agreement.
'Cause this is too important.
You can count on me.
I will take care
of everything.
You'll be the imam of imams
one day, God willing, Omar.
And you have our confidence.
There's one more thing,
The attack against
the police officers in Madrid.
We're very worried about it.
This is exactly
what can't happen.
Now Spain might halt the
financial negotiations
that we had been carrying out
I don't know
who's behind any of those.
OK. But it'd be nice
if you convinced
your contacts then
to assist
the Spanish government's
intelligence services.
At least,
they should see we're helping.
We have to help
find the individuals
who are responsible
for the attacks.
Got it, Omar?
Great. Thanks.
Have you told her
to reinstate?
[sighs] She's hard-headed.
We need to talk
to Human Resources,
I don't want to be involved
in a mess, Marcos.
OK. I'm on it.
-Welcome, Kala.
-Thanks, Carla.
-Can we have a word
in my office, please?
-Of course we can.
Thank you.
Hey, Marcos, can I borrow you?
-What happened?
-Miriam wants to talk.
-Come on.
How is your baby?
Fine, we're loving the baby.
-Are you? How beautiful.
-Yes, yes.
Thank you. One thing.
Do you mind, Najwa?
We didn't talk about it.
But, when you were shot,
you were together
at your house,
at eleven p.m
You don't need to act like
you two are just co-workers,
-you can be honest about it.
-Thanks, thank you, inspector.
-Glad to be useful.
-Yes, yes, very useful.
-Very well.
-Uh, how's shopping?
Shut up, Marcos!
[in Arabic]
You weren't followed?
Come on out.
Everything's inside.
[suspenseful music]
[man on phone, in English]
Alpha 3 and Alpha 4 arriving.
Alpha 1, enter with her.
Alpha 4,
get ready to relieve her.
[in English]
Hi. Can I help you?
Um, well
I've got a thick wool blanket.
King size. How much
would it cost to clean it?
One moment, I'll go ask.
[in Arabic]
Go back on a different route.
Continue to Toledo.
Stay there,
Check into a motel.
If anything
seems odd at all
[in English] She's leaving.
You take over, Alpha 4.
Follow her.
She was in back of the store.
-With anyone?
-[Alpha 1 on phone]
Not sure who she talked to.
There're a lot of girls.
But she didn't deliver
or bring any clothes.
[male agent, on phone]
Perhaps she tried
to deliver a message.
Alpha 3, continue watching
the laundromat.
[loads weapon]
[in Arabic] Are you sure the
guys know how to use these?
Faisal is training them.
Everything is ready.
Good to go.
You've done very well, Nahila.
I'm proud of you.
What's wrong?
Our mother.
I'm not listening to this.
Your children are alive.
They're with your mother.
Are they OK?
Don't worry. They're OK.
I told you this
because I had to.
But don't get distracted.
We got a great mission
to carry out.
Calm down, Amina, don't get
overwhelmed, be patient.
[Amina] Don't you think
it's a problem?
No, of course not.
Every child has difficulty
when switching schools.
It's normal.
It'd be the same in Melilla.
But we're not in Melilla.
And in the building here,
everybody hates me.
I think you're exaggerating.
nobody cares about you.
Because they don't care
about anybody.
Roberto, it's late.
-Basma needs to shower.
-OK, but, wait,
listen to me, I'm.
about to complete this job,
and I promise you
I'll be coming back soon, OK?
Then what happens?
You'll go to school
with Basma?
No, but I will help you
as much as I can.
Come on, Amina, cheer up.
It's normal for the beginning
to be harder,
but everything's gonna click.
Basma needs a shower
-OK Ch
-[disconnecting tune]
Any movement
at Nahila's mother's house?
Maybe we were too optimistic
when thinking
she'd fall for it.
It's still soon,
we should just wait. OK?
And so
We've made a complete profile
of all of them here.
Information on translators,
suspected co-workers,
and we haven't found anything:
no weird cash movements
or anything,
no change of habits, nothing.
Honestly, I don't think
any of them would collaborate
with ISIS for money.
Nor from conviction.
[Miriam] No, because
we already investigated them
when they became
a part of the team.
Blackmail's one reason
I think
it's the most probable, eh?
That they're
getting blackmailed,
whether directly
or through their relatives,
especially those
with relatives abroad.
Here are the ones
with family in Spain.
Here, in Morocco.
Here, in Algeria.
Those are Belgian.
And one is French.
And we're checking
everybody's situation.
In Spain it's easy, but
-yeah, but not in Algeria.
-[Miriam] Right.
Take care of Spain,
Belgium, France, Morocco.
Me, I'll take care
of family in Algeria.
I'm afraid we'll
need International Relations'
help with this.
But it's got to be discreet,
I don't want a translator
to tell me
the police
have been investigating
their family, OK?
All this assuming
there's a mole hiding here.
Yes, Miriam, we already know
you don't think so.
Can you help
a little bit more?
You wanna talk about what
happened at the supermarket?
Thanks then.
Let's continue.
I don't believe it either.
Hey, Najwa,
destroy all of this
outside if you would, OK?
Mmm, it's him, right?
It's him. Let's go.
[announcer] Dear customers,
we remind you
that our facilities
are closing in 15 minutes.
We remind you that our hours
are from 9 AM to 8 PM daily.
Hey, Anuar, this print
is a kind of tacky, isn't it?
We're closing.
it won't take much time.
The boss isn't here,
but will come back soon.
So, you'd better be quick.
Ah no..
Can we go to the warehouse,
instead of here in the shop.
[announcer] Elsa, Please
report to the warehouse.
-to the warehouse, please.
Anuar, it's very simple.
We need some information
on your boss
-and we want you to get it.
-[Anuar] I can't do that.
Yes, you can,
of course you can.
Your boss must have a notebook
where he writes
everything down.
You simply
photograph the pages
That's all. It's that easy.
I'm in trouble
if I'm caught though.
I don't think the message is
getting through to you, Anuar.
It's not a matter
of you choosing
whether to help or not.
-You're gonna help us.
-I can't do it, I'll be fired.
Some friends want to
meet you outside, come.
-No. No. What are you doing?
-Stop, stop, calm down.
Anuar, I promise you
nobody will link it to you.
Nothing will happen to you.
But it'd be in your
best interest to cooperate.
[Marcos] Very much
in your interest.
Think about it, hmm?
Thinking won't help.
[counselor] I don't think
we have to worry.
Lua is living the process
in a natural way.
She told me she's very happy
with her bodyguard,
who is a friend of the family.
Yes, Ramon.
-Yes, Ramon.
I believe it was good
to use Ramon
because she doesn't see him
as a bodyguard which helps,
because it doesn't produce
more stress, fear or anxiety.
What's wrong?
It's just that
you're describing the
situation as normal, and
I'm sure
there's something wrong.
I mean
That this is not OK.
Of course, Carla,
she's sad from the situation.
She's upset 'cause she can't
play with her friends,
not able to go to
soccer practice for example.
but all of this
is part of the process.
She's extremely sad,
but she accepts it.
Ah, but this is exactly
what doesn't feel normal
That she's sad
for her friends,
about soccer
not because she misses her
father and mother. Don't know.
Hasn't she talked about us?
It's just that
if I don't call her,
it may take days
for her to call me, and
And when she's on the phone,
it's like
nothing bad is going on.
Sorry for being so honest,
but, is this problem
Lua's or yours?
Let's see,
Lua is overcoming this phase
without turning to you
and maybe it makes you feel
pushed aside.
But she doesn't do it because
she broke the relationship
with you
or with her father, but
because that is what grown ups
have asked her to do.
She's been asked
to overcome a situation
where she's gotta stay away
from you two.
And she's responding well,
Do you know
what the solution may be?
That your lives
go back to normal, yeah?
When do you think
normality could return?
[cellphone vibrates]]
I gotta answer.
[counselor] Yes, of course.
Marta, I'm here. I'm busy
Carla, there's movement
at Nahila's mother's house.
Ok. Thanks.
Alvaro, she's gonna call soon.
Is there any place where
I could talk privately,
Yes, sure, stay here.
-Thank you.
-You got it.
Give me a sec.
-[Alvaro, on phone] Carla.
-Alvaro, is it Nahila?
We don't know. So far, she's
passed the house three times.
And she's prowling
around the neighborhood
She walks as if she was lost,
but she's combed
the entire area.
She moves like a professional.
We're alternating my people
so that she doesn't see
the same faces in the street.
Send someone to talk to her,
to ask her any information.
-And we'll record her voice.
-[Alvaro] OK.
Send someone
to record her voice.
Alpha 1 on the way.
[suspenseful music]
[male officer]
Alvaro, what's up?
Andres, work with Yoli.
We still don't have it.
[device beeping]
Be careful. The cat is in the
street with the kittens so
Everyone remain
in their positions.
Excuse me, do you know
where the metro station is?
No. I don't live here, sorry.
[male agent, on phone]
Alpha 1. Let her go.
Walk away behind the cat.
Alpha 3 and 6, on the woman.
-We have two active tracking,
I need reinforcements.
-[male officer] Play it again.
[Nahila, on record] "No.
I don't live here, sorry."
"No. I don't live here,
"No. I don't live here"
-Come on, damn it.
-"No. I don't live here,
"No. I don't live here,
-"No. I don't live here"
-It matches.
The same voice as the funeral.
It's Nahila.
Carla, it's her!
The woman is Eagle 2.
I repeat,
it's Eagle 2.
Keep her in sight.
Keep on the grandmother
with the kids as well.
Could be just a distraction.
My officers are limited,
I want reinforcements
for the team
following the cat, right now.
[male agent]
Alpha 3, following her.
Alpha 6, at a distance.
Ready to relieve.
Alpha 8 and 9, be ready.
She's getting away
on a vespa, what now?
Woman's getting away on vespa.
Eagle 2 is leaving on a vespa.
I can't guarantee
the tracking.
Either we arrest her now
or we'll lose her.
I'm losing her in 10 seconds.
Carla, she's leaving.
-Either we arrest her
or we let her go.
-[Alpha 3] What do I do?
[engine starts]
Let her go.
Don't pursue.
Let her go, Alpha 3.
It's clear that Nahila
is scoping out the area
for her brother,
but we want Fennec,
so it's both
or neither of them.
[Miriam] Hey, I need you
to help me with France.
do you think that is possible?
I'll give any information
you need.
But the rest
can't be my job though.
OK. Can you send it by e-mail?
-And Belgium?
OK, OK, nothing.
I didn't say anything.
-[phone vibrates]
Yes, yes, I called. Yes.
Oh, wait, huh?
Don't hang up.
I'll tell you, OK?
How's working at a desk?
Well, honestly,
it was more fun
when I worked at Immigration.
Maybe, I guess it's OK
to be calm for once.
Marcos, I'm feeling
completely useless.
This is only paperwork.
Don't say that.
You'll be back to normal soon.
Well, and us then?
What is our normality?
I think it's rather obvious.
Our normality?
Don't burn yourself.
[young man, in Arabic]
I don't get it.
You always said
violence is not the way.
That's what we're told here
every day.
-In the Quran's words
-The Quran has
nothing to do with this.
I told you revenge only brings
more revenge.
'Cause blood brings
more blood,
hate, more hate, more anger.
And, indeed,
I won't deny anything.
In which case
Who do we listen to?
Me, and then.
I'll face
all the consequences.
Every single one. For I was
unjustly robbed of my son.
So sorry for your son.
But this is your war,
not mine.
I've screwed up
my life before.
I don't want to do it again.
Hey, quiet.
You're talking to "El Hach".
He's right.
Let "El Hach"
explain it to you.
I want you to meet someone.
Let's go.
[man, on PC] Why end up in
jail the rest of your life,
until the day you die?
I thought the same thing
many times
when I went to battle
in Syria.
I heard the explosions
and knew
that I was being shot at,
and I thought:
"Why did I leave Madrid?"
"What am I doing here,
risking my life?"
Ah! But then I saw
what Western missiles
did to a hospital,
the death of kids,
of the innocent
of women.
Bombs built by Spain
and sold to Arabia
still to this day.
And I thought that
if I had come back home
without having done anything
I would've been a coward.
A fucking coward.
We don't fight
for Omar's son.
We fight for every kid,
for every brother that fell
at the hands of the West.
Because, brothers,
if we don't do anything
We're accomplices.
And cowards.
what are you?
-[Yasmina] Azahar?
-[Azahar] What?
Last night,
"El Hach" slept with me.
And he gave me money
for my stuff.
I'm giving you back the cash..
[Houda] What are you doing,
you ridiculous girl?
Thank you, Yasmina.
However, I really don't need
any money, Yasmina.
Who does need money now?
Do you want some new shoes?
Come on, what is all this
ridiculous business, huh?
Huh, have you lost your mind?
Do you want "El Hach"
to ground you?
Have you slept
with "El Hach" recently?
Why should you care?
I've seen the schedule.
Since your son's death,
may he rest in peace,
you haven't at all.
He doesn't give you money.
He doesn't give you presents.
Whatever you are doing here,
all this, I mean,
when El Hach finds out
This is all your idea, right?
I know because
little missy here
can't wipe
or clean her own butt.
Here, take it,
you'll give it back to me
when I'll need it.
What's wrong
with lending each other cash?
We're obedient and so loyal
Helping each other's
not a bad thing.
That's all I have.
It's enough, I think.
take it
and buy a pair of new shoes,
Look. What's yours is yours.
Just be grateful that I'm not
saying anything to "El Hach".
nobody will get
any of this then.
So, you can do two things:
You can take it
or tell it all
to our dear El Hach.
[in English] Very well.
See how things go better
when you go along
with us a little?
And all pages are here, right?
Yes, all of them.
-But now, leave,
get out, please.
-[Marcos] Huh!
Leave me be.
Calm down. Calm down,
we're fine here. Aren't we?
One thing.
I know you'll tell me
you don't remember, but
Any chance that you might
remember this girl
from a few years ago?
No, but I think
I saw her recently
What day?
I think Thursday
or Wednesday last week.
How much did she get?
It's written here.
-What? This? Sure?
Yes. Sure.
Ah, I think
I'm falling in love, huh?
Thanks very much, Anuar.
You're an ace.
[in Arabic] What did you do
at school?
We played
Did you see
who put this in my bag?
-Let's go.
[Naima] Come on, let's go.
[male agent]
This is from last Thursday.
-Last Thursday.
-[cellphone vibrates]
-Give me a sec.
-Something's wrong.
She was about to go in,
but she found something.
Did you see anyone?
-[male agent 2] No, I haven't.
But she's leaving
with the kids in a rush.
OK, I'm here watching.
Thanks you.
Alpha 9, behind the cat.
Alpha 8, at a distance.
the mother's leaving
with the kids.
[loud chatter]
-[device beeping]
-[Alvaro] Carla,
Nahila's mother and the kids
entered the metro.
It seems
they received a message.
They must be going to him,
mobilize everybody.
OK. Time to move, Marcos.
-Yeah, Marcos?
Go to the metro
with everybody.
You coordinate,
stay in contact with me.
Got it. Team, we're leaving!
Sara, Oscar.
What's up? Aren't you going?
Don't know.
Am I invited along?
I think you've spent
enough time at the desk.
I think so.
Everybody's going, come on.
-[Kala] Coming, chief.
-Go, go, go.
[loud chatter]
[Alvaro] I want reinforcements
for the entire train car.
-Thanks, man.
They took the seven, towards
the Hospital metro stop.
Isn't there a match today?
Yes, it's the Atleti
The stadium
is where they're heading.
[scoffs] Son of a bitch.
She may go meet Fennec
at the Wanda.
Open your eyes in case
it happens on the metro.
He could go as a fan.
[female officer]
What's going on?
Nahila's mother
and her grandchildren
are on the metro.
They may meet Fennec.
But we'll nab Fennec.
[head of GEO] Alvaro.
Geo, I think the meeting
point will be the stadium.
We can't move
with all of the crowds.
OK, I'll coordinate
with the UIP
already present in the area.
OK, received.
Coordinate teams
at every station.
He may get out earlier.
Beta team, near the stadium.
I repeat, we need a team in
the Plaza marking a perimeter.
50 meters away from the cat. I
don't want any mistakes, guys.
And officers in street
clothes at every station.
[loud cheering]
- It's a trap. -
[on phone] Alpha 9 here,
the boy has seen something.
I repeat,
the boy has seen something.
Attention, Alpha,
don't intervene
until you get instructions.
Confirm that you got a team
at San Blas, please,
in case he gets out sooner.
[Alvaro] They're arriving
at the next stop.
[Shouting in Arabic]
Allahu Akbar!
Allahu Akbar!
[in English] Hey!
I'm gonna kill you all!
-[people screaming]
-I'm going to kill you all!
What is it?
What's going on?
He's escaping, damn it!
Cover the area!
What's happening?
Outta the way, police! Police!
Make way!
[Alberto] Move away!
Make way! Police! Police!
You, take the stairs!
[on phone] Alpha 9 here,
there was a stampede.
I repeat,
there was a stampede.
Block every
metro station exit.
Let nobody get out.
No one gets let out!
[Alpha 9]
He escaped, sir. If he was
on the metro, he escaped.
-The hell?
-What happened?
What happened?
We lost him.
Jesus Christ
We lost him.
Mr. Al Hassan,
your guest has arrived.
Thank you very much.
I must leave. Apologies
for the inconvenience.
My friend
My friend.
Feel free to drink wine,
I got no problem with that.
I should cut down.
My last check up
wasn't too good, so
I got to look out.
or anybody
I should be concerned about
that you know of?
Farada brothers, in Seville.
-My source suspects
their company is a cover.
They're selling
military vehicles to ISIS.
There are messages.
Messages to
their closest circle.
Thank you.
Look, well, if you don't mind,
[laughs] I think
I will drink a glass of wine.
As you see, will power
is not my greatest virtue.
-I see, I see
the media is still talking
about the attack
against the police officers.
We're worried.
Yeah, we're all worried.
Any idea who it was?
Uh, any thoughts?
Something's got to be
circulating in your parts, no?
Not around here.
Listen, Manuel,
what we're worried about
is the social and political
pressure on your government.
Well, our friends must stay
calm, right now, in any case.
Spain, Saudi Arabia-
we have solid relations,
in spite of it all.
It won't affect the the
the rail line. [laughs]
That calms me down, Manuel.
And now drink that wine.
[in Arabic] What'd you do?
Why didn't you let me know?
I threw away my phone.
I've been circling in case
I was being tailed.
It is not safe anymore.
We gotta leave.
It was a trap!
They used my children, Nahila!
My children
My children As bait!
They'll pay
They're gonna pay!
Calm down.
They didn't see you.
You've escaped, OK?
You listening?
We'll be OK.
-You weren't followed.
-I saw my children, Nahila.
I saw my children.
I saw my kids
but I couldn't speak to 'em.
It's OK. Everything is ready.
They saw me, their father.
They saw their father, Nahila.
They can't see
the terrorist that I am.
It's OK. Try to calm down.
Calm down.
Everything is ready.
You're safe now, brother.
It's going to be OK.
It's going to be OK.
[in English]
Can we grab a coffee, Marcos?
It's one of your people,
Fennec got a text.
Let's see,
this is not like when you
were at Narcotics, OK?
Here we don't have friends
paid by the bad guys.
What happened then?
He detected us?
We've gone over
the whole operation.
-There're no mistakes.
-We were spotted.
He may have had guards
in the station.
Guards were a hypothesis,
and we took it into account.
We never outed ourselves.
Play it, Angel.
Just before the metro
arrives at the station,
he receives a message.
And then goes on
to start a stampede.
It's one of our own.
This puts us in an exceedingly
complicated scenario.
Very few knew the details
of the operation-
the prosecutor, officers
in the field and finally us..
How many is that?
Around eighty or ninety.
Operations watched
the mother for weeks.
If it was one of my people,
they would have
warned him sooner.
And the GEO and UIP didn't
have details of the operation.
This tightens the net
around the investigation team.
It's not possible.
We already
investigated our people.
What we've done so far,
Marcos, means nothing.
The translators,
collaborators, didn't have
access to this information.
It's someone closer.
-[Carla] Yes.
-Oh, come on
Martinez. You want to
suspect him again?
Stop, stop, stop, stop.
Carla. Carla,
We're assuming one of our own
actively assisted
in killing Sergio?
Or tried to kill you?
We are losing focus.
Out there,
there're two terrorists
who just received 230,000
euros from a hawaladar
and are preparing something
really huge!
There's gotta be focus
back here on the resources.
-Not bullshit.
-Investigate everyone again.
Everybody report details back
directly to me.
OK. How is the investigation
suppose to go?
If we can't
count on our people
to investigate our people.
Ask Alvaro,
he knows everything.
[ominous music]
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