La Unidad (2020) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

[suspenseful music]
[in English] Yes?
How are the bosses
with everything?
Very bad.
We completely, screwed up.
He must have seen one of us,
and caused a scene.
And now?
We'll, uh
stay with what's
in front of us.
We insist on
surveillance and,
with our sources
Both of them must still be
around here
in Madrid somewhere, yeah?
Yeah. So, then
what happens
That's pretty
much it, Najwa.
[woman] And do they
follow you everywhere?
[Miriam] Day and night.
[woman] Shit.
Lucky for you
you're not having an affair.
I couldn't imagine. Damn!
-Paquito, come, here.
-I really hadn't thought
about that one at all.
Yeah, that would suck a lot.
How's David been?
It's David
-[dog whimpers]
Hey, Paquito, look.
Hey, no, don't you dare
give him that.
-Why not? Poor dog.
-No, his stomach is upset.
The last thing he needs
is to eat that.
Oh, jeez, really?
You can give him this.
-This bullshit?
-It's his.
OK, tell me.
What's so important and secret
that we had to meet here?
We believe a mole is among us.
And they are
giving away information.
-Oh shit, you serious?
And I figured
to find that person
I could ask help from my old
friend from the academy,
who's always really helpful.
-[dog whimpers]
-Be quiet, Paquito, quiet.
Damn, that's Najwa.
Is it really that bad?
We can't rule out anybody,
but I'd like you
to first focus mainly
her, Kala.
I have nothing,
it's just a hunch, but
-Is she new?
But we got a slight problem.
She's dating Marcos Cobos.
Carla's ex?
-Oh God.
But, does he know?
I have to tell this
to my team.
Whatever you need.
Paquito, come, here, psst.
How long have you had Paquito?
Paquito? For nine years.
-Nine years?
-I thought it was another one.
-[woman] Another what?
Yes, I thought it was black.
Paquito has always been brown.
Well, of course,
he's grown up.
[in Arabic]
Everything is so cute here.
Look at this bag, Houda.
How beautiful!
Yes, beautiful. Just lovely.
Let's see the shoes, huh?
Come on. Whatever you want,
you'll find it here.
these are lovely.
These are beautiful.
Try them on.
They're size 38.
Come on, try them on.
They look beautiful, sister.
Love them.
They're very shiny.
Stop with the objections
and just buy them.
Come on, buy them.
I'm telling you
they're beautiful.
We're having some issues
with the mole, El Hach.
She doesn't want
to collaborate anymore,
nor does her sister.
I don't care how.
I need to know where Carla is.
Am I clear?
Yes, perfectly.
Tell Fennec the operation's
place has been changed.
That woman will never
forget my son.
[Nahila] We can't improvise
on such short notice.
Faisal can't ask for this.
That was not our deal at all.
Tell Faisal we'll hit
in the updated location.
You can't be serious.
It's OK, Nahila.
Calm down.
It's a new place.
Don't be afraid.
You have lost your mind?
This is insane.
[Lua, in English]
I was the Tin Man. ♪
Doo-doo-doo-doo ♪
Looking for
the Wizard of Oz. ♪
Because I had
no feelings ♪
It's a little bit, uh,
creased in the arm. You see
-And I needed
a heart myself. ♪
-We haven't finished it.
That's my girl.
Well, well, well.
You're VERY good, Lua.
You're quite a natural
you know.
She didn't get it
from her dad,
because I've heard him
sing in the shower- pathetic.
-Oh, yeah?
-It won't be hot in that?
-Cause it looks like it
Please go
and prepare some snacks,
and take the dogs
for a walk. Go on.
Come on, guys.
Let's see
That's it.
And Paquito?
Where's he? Look.
I brought him
This is healthy for him.
The veterinarian told me
it's very natural by the way.
But Paquito is gone.
-What are you saying?
-He was very old,
and Pedro had to
put him down yesterday.
How do you feel?
You're such a
jerk, my God.
Girl, your face. [laughs]
Yeah? what face
should I make, Gracia?
He's fine actually.
He's at home. [laughs]
I'm glad, I mean it.
Girl, don't get upset,
don't you know me?
I'm sorry. OK?
-Miriam, I'm sorry.
-OK, OK.
S'up with you?
What's wrong?
I'm 13 weeks pregnant.
But everything's
OK though?
No, no,
everything's fine, yeah.
Actually, Gracia, I
I don't know if I'm capable of
having a child with my life.
Or occupation. Look.
What kind of life
is it for a newborn, hm?
What kind of mother
would this create?
[sniffs] Not a good one.
What's David say?
-David doesn't know yet.
-Lord, girl.
I know, I know, I know.
I know.
I know.
think about yourself.
How do you do it, girl?
-I don't know how I do it.
I don't know.
-With two, with two
This is truly for the brave.
I don't know.
God, the morning I'm having
I don't know.
No, tell me.
I mean, I'm saying it'll all
be worth it, Miriam.
Yes, right?
OK, let's get down
to business, whaddya got?
-you were right.
-Damn it, no!
[Gracia] Everything is there.
Is this picture recent?
Yes. Less than two months old.
They first met
when Kala was a teenager.
They studied
at the same school.
People call him Ahmed.
Then he quit school,
and everything went to shit
Radical environments,
a few angry exchanges
on social media
In fact, we kept a watch
on him for a while.
Gracia's team found him
due to this picture.
Who is he?
The one wearing a hat.
And it's not that old.
Just about two months.
We missed someone
who was with a radical
when they entered
I'm sorry. Yeah.
I want an arrest warrant
on Ahmed and Kala
Prepare whatever report
you have to,
-to justify her arrest.
-Got it.
We should tell Marcos.
No. [chuckle]
everybody right now
is super reactive and
I will manage everything.
No problems for you, OK?
You know nothing.
Thank you,
I really appreciate it
Yes, Ahmed Diab.
I know because
she told me.
He was only fifteen years old
and the moron
didn't do anything.
They've met up
quite recently.
And apparently,
more than once.
She took a bullet
that was meant for me.
I wouldn't be here
if she hadn't.
Let's not forget that.
I've been thinking a lot
about it, Marcos.
I won't deny one detail
that is in every report.
It was a very clean shot
and he's an expert sniper.
It's simply not possible
that a professional
at that level,
at such a
distance, failed,
not by accident.
It was a
superficial wound.
Honestly, that's why
they cancelled the mission
and she stayed with us,
it was a masterstroke.
It dropped our guard
Everything is just
making us paranoid, Carla.
That photo tells us nothing.
I mean, I was there.
Her expression
was surprised by it.
The way to reach Fennec
is the hawaladar, not this.
We'll keep
a close watch on her,
I'm asking you
to be professional,
and keep out of this.
[man 1 in Arabic]
Come on, come on!
-[man 2]Coming, coming!
Out! Kamal, cover me!
[in English] Out!
[in Arabic]
On the right, Malek!
Careful, careful!
[in English] Dead!
-Come on!
Woo-hoo. Yeah
-Like that, guys!
-Yes, brother!
Like that, just like that!
-That's it!
-I'm proud of you, very good.
You're getting better
every day.
But there's one thing.
The plan has changed.
What's that?
The plan has changed.
And when
do we get the details?
Be patient.
Take those clothes off.
Let's go.
I'm glad you've fit in.
You've brought harmony.
Thanks, El Hach.
Yes, I'm glad.
[in English]
Do you miss your home?
[in Arabic] How?
Of course she misses her home.
Oh, I don't believe it
You had nothing at home.
There's nothing there.
You were in POVERTY back then.
You have to find someone
to teach Spanish to Azahar.
[in English] Me, me, me!
[in Arabic]
That's all we need now.
That the first thing
Azahar learns is swear words.
El Bachir's wife is a teacher.
I could go ask her.
Yes, certainly.
What did you get
with your cash?
I haven't used the money.
I've never had money to buy
something for myself before.
I want to make
the right choice.
[Omar] It's good to be aware
of the value of things.
Rayan, my son,
go get Youssef
and tell him to come, please.
What is it, El Hach?
May the peace be with you.
Sir, El Hach?
-How are you? Fine?
-I have a question for you.
-Yes, sir?
Since you're the one who knows
the most about gardening here.
When a weed grows
in a beautiful garden
what do you have to do
so that the other plants
don't get spoiled?
If there's a weed,
you must remove it
immediately, El Hach.
Otherwise, it takes
the water and resources
from the beautiful plants,
and it spoils
the whole garden.
-Thanks, Youssef.
-May God bless you.
Before the weed arrived
at this house,
there were rules,
and they were respected.
Get your stuff ready, Youssef.
A car will take you to
the airport tomorrow morning.
[Youssef]Have I done anything
wrong? Please, forgive me.
[Omar] You're
going back home.
No, El Hach, no.
-Just go!
-Please, forgive me
El Hach,
if I've done anything
Then take it out on me.
El Hach, please.
Punish ME.
Return the shoes to Azahar,
they're hers.
You're gonna get slapped!
Give them to her!
[Omar] What did
you do yesterday?
I went out with friends.
We just played.
[Omar] Your friends
[in English]
Why are you still here?
Oh, I was just leaving.
Who is it?
Kala. They're at a hotel.
I'm getting the car.
-OK. I'll be there.
-See you downstairs, OK?
What's wrong?
-What's wrong?
-Nothing, they're at a hotel.
Go fuck yourself.
-See you tomorrow. [chuckles]
-See you tomorrow.
Will you tell me
what's going on?
Marcos, you've been
somewhere else all day.
Is it work?
I'm not supposed
to tell you, OK?
Rodriguez's team
-They've arrested Ahmed.
You're worried about it,
Because he's your friend.
Marcos, it's been
a very, very long time.
If I met him on the street,
I wouldn't recognize the guy.
stop thinking about work
and relax a little bit.
I see you don't feel like it.
-[Marcos sighs]
-[Kala sighs]
Relax, come on.
[water running]
[suspenseful music]
[Kala' in
Arabic] Is he dead?
God is the greatest.
God is the greatest.
What's up, Marcos?
Hand out of the bag right now.
What are we playing?
Kala, get your hand
out of the bag, right now,
-and throw it away.
-Or what?
Get your hand out of the bag!
-Yeah, OK.
-Throw the fucking bag away!
-And now what?
-Put your hands on your head.
-What are you saying?
-Kala, hands on your head.
-Is this a joke?
-Knees on the floor.
It's not a joke.
OK, Marcos, come on!
Put your fucking knees
on the floor, Kala!
Marcos, can you tell me
what's going on?
I'm going to handcuff you, OK?
What? handcuffs? what?
Marcos, what
Ouch! Marcos, Marcos.
-Ouch, my arm, Marcos!
-Stop resisting then!
Can you tell me
what the fuck is going on?
What the fuck
are you doing, man?
Ouch, damn, my arm.
What's going on, man?
are you fucking nuts or what?
What are you doing
handcuffing me, Marcos?
Can you tell me
what's going on?
[Marcos]Come up now,
I need you to come up now.
OK, going up.
can you let me go?
Marcos, can you look at me,
please? Can you talk to me?
Ouch. You messed up
my arm, fuckhead.
Is everything OK, Marcos?
What? "Is everything OK"?
Take her in.
What is this, a joke? How?
Marcos. Let me go, man.
Marcos? Marcos.
Marcos, look at me, man.
Ugh! Can you just tell me
-what the fuck is going
-Just do what I say.
Ouch! My arm Let me go!
Ouch! Let me go! Damn it!
Be careful with her shoulder.
[Kala] Marcos,
fucking hell.
[dramatic music]
[Miriam] Why are you
collaborating with them?
Miriam, I'm not
collaborating with anyone.
[Miriam]Is Ahmed blackmailing
you, threatening you?
Tell me. I want to know.
I have nothing to do with him.
Kala, we know
you see him still.
Stop taking me for a fool.
Who is that?
Sometimes we get together
for dinner with friends,
but I don't talk to him,
he doesn't even know
I'm a police officer.
Oh, is that so? That's swell.
You get dinner yet
you don't talk at all?
No work talk, Kala?
Very well.
What happened
in the metro?
I don't know, Miriam,
what happened at the metro?
You tell me what happened
at the metro. I'm asking you.
What are you referring to?
Just before the metro arrived,
you take out your phone,
and you warn him.
-Want to watch the tapes
should I show them to you?
I remind you
that everything's recorded.
How do you
communicate with Fennec?
[Marcos]You think you're
very smart, don't you, Kala?
you think you're smarter
than all of us here, huh?
Where is Fennec?
Who did you talk to
on the phone
when you were in the bathroom?
-Marcos, it was just my
friend, you gotta believe me.
-Because of you,
my daughter was attacked.
You'll tell me
why you're doing this.
You better to get Cobos out of
there, I see him too involved.
Tell me why you're doing this.
What did they promise you?
Talk to me.
-Why? What have they
promised you?
-Please, Marcos.
-What have they promised you?
What's the plan?
Killing my daughter
or simply me? Tell me.
What was the plan?
Did it go well or did it fail?
-I got fucking
shot in the arm.
-And that's why you're here!
And why I never
And how you were able
to inform Fennec
about how to escape
when we had him cornered.
[Miriam] Where is Fennec?
How do you
communicate together?
Tell me.
I'm your friend, please.
You got no idea
of what being a friend is,
and certainly
not a police officer.
tell me where he is
and let's be done with this.
Be done already. OK?
Miriam, I don't know anything.
Stop lying, right now!
Stop lying
and look me in the eye!
You killed my friend.
Sergio is not here
because of you.
You tried to kill
the mother of my daughter!
My own daughter!
DO you understand?
Look at me, look at me!
With me
you're not gonna win.
Let it get into
your fucking head. Look at me!
You won't beat me.
And I swear on
my father
I swear on his name
that you'll
never leave your cell..
What a disaster.
[Carla] Marcos!
-I fucked it up.
I fucked it up.
Go home.
Go home
and take the day off, Marcos
I took her home, OK?
To Lua. It was me.
-Come with me.
-I took her
to Fennec's operation.
Come on.
Nobody saw it coming, come on.
-I'm sorry, Carla.
I'm really sorry.
I couldn't see it.
I lowered my guard
at a restaurant,
where there were victims,
all cause I was there.
Don't torture yourself
about it.
It doesn't matter what there
was between you and Kala.
-It doesn't matter.
-She was here.
-So what? So what? So what?
-I never saw it.
She was already on the inside.
She earned everybody's trust,
she deceived us all.
Out there are
Nahila and Fennec.
Stop wasting your time,
Are you listening?
Come on.
For Lua.
For Lua, Marcos.
100 %.
Our daughter was shot at
because of me.
It's my fault.
So where is Fennec and how
do you communicate with him?
Miriam, I swear
I don't know anything.
Where is Fennec?
I don't know,
Jesus Christ.
-Where is Fennec?
-I have nothing to say!
-I swear
I'm telling the truth.
-Tell me where he is.
-We'll end this, now.
-I swear
I don't know anything.
Where is Fennec?
Who is the next target?
I would
never hurt someone I love.
How many more people
must die, Kala?
You'll end up talking.
And I hope
it'll be soon, huh?
For your sake.
Damn it
Miriam, it's green.
-I'm pregnant.
13 weeks.
You're going to be a dad.
I'll see what's up.
-[woman 2] Thanks.
-[man 3] See you later.
[dramatic music]
[in Arabic] There's a tracker
in the box. It's the lipstick.
I don't care how but
you'll put it on your boss.
I want to speak with her.
To see if she's still OK.
Listen to me, whore!
Just put the tracker
or you'll receive
another gift package.
do you have Nadia's reports?
No. No, but I'm on it.
OK, I'll need those as soon
as you have them, OK?
-Yes, yes, of course.
-Thank you.
I'm downstairs.
OK, see you soon.
-Oh, Fatima. Come in.
-Always running, huh?
-Are you OK?
-Yes, and you?
Carla, just a second.
[Carla] What
are you doing?
Everybody out!
Out of here!
What's happening?
What are you talking about?
-Carla, open the door!
-Shut the fuck up! Take her!
-On the ground! On the ground!
Someone take care of this.
-Hands against the wall.
-Come on!
-[Carla] Don't believe
a word she says.
-She's the mole.
-Somebody bring
a pair of handcuffs.
-Carla, listen to me, please.
-Shut up! Shut up!
-Don't believe
a word she says.
-Shut up!
Take her
before a magistrate, now!
My sister, please. They
have her, they will kill her.
-You've no idea
what you've done.
-They'll kill her.
-Two of us died! Two of us died
cause of you!
-[bodyguard] Take her
-Shut up!
-I'm really sorry.
Please, Carla
-Take her away. Now!
-My sister, please.
They'll murder her, please.
-I didn't want to do it.
-[Carla] Take her away!
-Take her away!
You don't understand.
Take her away!
God. God.
Where's Marcos?
[Fatima] No!
I can't believe it.
Still can't.
What an effort for this girl.
she's texting him while
standing right there with us.
She wasn't using
a work SIM card then.
Which is why we missed
any weird or out of ordinary
movements of hers.
-That bitch.
[Carla] Hi, Kala.
I'm going to be
straightforward here.
And I won't give you the
"we're sorry,
and hope you'll
forgive us" speech.
We work in information,
we investigate,
we're investigated
because we can't afford
having rotten apples
and even less when
two of our people were killed.
Today it's your turn,
tomorrow, it could be us.
I hope you understand it,
because you're a member
of the unit
and I'd like it
to stay like this.
Here at your disposal,
Despite you never having left,
welcome back to the unit.
And inspector Cobos
will give you your tasks.
Welcome back, kiddo.
Thanks, Miriam.
I'm very sorry.
If you want, let's talk later.
Only if it's strictly
professional, inspector.
And now, excuse me.
Inspector, we're ready.
If they try to track
the location of the call,
-it will look like
she's at home.
-[Carla] Thanks.
[Miriam] Yes, Carla.
It's time.
Got it.
Fatima, look at me.
You know this is the only way
we have to help your sister.
That's how they know
I want to talk to them.
They'll call back soon
from another phone number.
[Miriam] Alright,
we wait, OK?
[in Arabic]
Hasn't she eaten anything?
She doesn't eat, this idiot.
Make her eat, damn it.
Does she want to starve?
That's it, that's it.
I know what I'm going to do.
What's going on?
Her sister
wants to talk to her.
[phone rings]
[kidnaper 1, in Arabic]
Did you do it?
her bag has the tracker.
[kidnaper 2]
I got it. It's working.
[kidnaper 1] You've
done well.
I wanna talk to my sister.
[in English] We almost got it.
I've done everything
you've wanted me to
I want to talk to her
or I'll tell them.
I want to talk
to her now.
[kidnaper 1] Talk!
Talk, it's your sister!
[male officer] OK,
we got it.
[Wiam] Fatima?
Fatima, sister, is it you?
[Fatima] Wiam!
have they hurt you again?
-Fatima, help me!
-[kidnaper 1]That's all.
-[Wiam] Fatima, help me!
-[kidnaper]Shut up!
-[Wiam] Fatima, help me!
Fatima, help me!
-[kidnaper 1]Shut up!
-That's it.
-[Wiam] Fatima
You talked with her.
She's alive, inform Morocco.
[Fatima crying]
Don't hurt her, please.
I did everything
you asked me to do.
[in English] No.
OK. We will remain here
and get ready, OK?
Someone charge it, please.
I'll be back soon.
[in Arabic] Stop crying and
eat something. You'll starve.
We've been followed, Alba.
go with them to the apartment.
We'll communicate by radio.
Good luck.
Thanks, Rodriguez.
we have some advantage.
As of right now, they think
they've placed the tracker
on their target.
They will act soon,
in case we discover it.
So tonight, they'll come
and explore the area.
They'll begin
by sending a scouting party,
We cannot afford to make
a single mistake.
We can't raise ANY kind
of suspicion in the area.
Not one deviation
from the plan, OK?
And, especially,
we're not gonna act
until it is totally certain,
without any doubt whatsoever
our target is there.
Our target
meaning Fennec Brahim.
And tonight, we will bag him.
OK, guys?
Let's go for it.
Alpha and Bravo units,
in motion.
How are you?
Sorry about Sergio, honestly.
He was a good man,
a really great cop.
The unit loved him very much.
Atomic watches, Jaime.
We'll catch
that son of a bitch.
Let's go.
[Jaime] GEO,
let's go!
What's up, how's everything?
We're almost ready.
Soon we'll have
images of the area.
Great. Marta, please,
get me a direct line to
the Moroccan chief of police.
-Right now.
-Let him know that
we won't intervene
until we know
where Fennec is. OK?
I think he knows
that's the priority, boss.
-We're ordering dinner.
-I don't want anything, guys.
You should eat something.
I can't eat anything,
Let's see
-OK. Chicken and water,
-Got it.
And coffee, David, please.
Carla, you got a call
with Morocco on line.
OK. Great.
[in Arabic] Entering
without detection'll be
The guys
will have to enter first.
We got the woman's position.
She managed
to place the tracker.
She did?
With no recognition
of the place?
Faisal wants to do it
-Before they find the tracker.
-Let him go then!
Why does he make you go?
Don't worry, dear Nahila.
Listen. Stop worrying.
We finish the mission,
go get my children
and get out of here.
Away from all of this.
With the money
Al Hassan will give us
We will begin new.
and we'll live a better life,
God willing.
It's just that
something doesn't fit.
I've told you
Nahila, sister,
I need you by my side.
I need you by my side.
Stand by me.
10 attempts,
and only one goal is scored?
It's not his position.
He plays on the other side,
in the 11 position.
No, nothing.
[phone vibrates]
OK. Calm down.
What's going on?
We've got to clean everything.
We're leaving.
And what about her?
[in English] Morocco informs
that the kidnappers
have been
contacted from Spain.
We're tracking the source.
It's a mobile phone
from Granada.
It's here,
in La Chana neighborhood.
There're some buildings
and, apparently, a foundation.
Carla, what's wrong?
[phone vibrates]
-We need Surveillance at the
foundation and target's house.
Find out where Al Hassan is
right now,
-but without intervening.
-OK, boss.
-Miriam, are you listening?
-Yes, I'm listening.
Go to Granada with Najwa,
I want you
to coordinate from there.
Will do.
What happened with my sister?
Carry on.
[Miriam] Najwa.
-[phone vibrates]
-Just a second.
-I'm here, Carla.
-[Carla] Alvaro,
we won't do anything
until Fennec does.
[Alvaro] OK, understood.
Oh, you were the one who did
tricks before operations, huh?
Would you like to see one?
Do you see this coin?
Well, now, I am gonna take it
very slowly,
with the left hand.
And you
All you got to do now
is blow.
That's the best
you can do?
[Alvaro laughs]
You bastard. [chuckle]
And the coin has disappeared.
Do you like magic?
Yes, I love it.
we have something in common.
I was in the neighborhood
and decided to come in person.
That's it, that's it, Manuel,
the whole network's monitored.
Al Hassan in the villa.
Number 2, the one
talking to the kidnappers,
is at the foundation.
We're only missing
the third one.
When are you
going to arrest him?
As soon as we have Fennec,
we'll move.
No doubts?
Carla, look,
give me three,
four hours.
Give me four hours.
I'm asking you.
-I need to eliminate
everything linking us
-I won't delay it.
I won't miss this chance.
-The moment we get Fennec,
we'll act.
-Carla, please, no. Stop.
They will crucify me if
they know he is our informant.
Please, Carla,
I need more time,
It'll all be over
in three hours.
[male officer 2, on radio]
Someone's approaching.
He's crossing the bridge.
in the house
-Hey, girls.
There's signal.
-Oh, great, let's go.
-Come on.
[phone ringing]
-[Miriam]Boss, no movement
in Al Hassan's villa.
When you give me
the green light, we'll enter.
[Carla] Wait, Miriam.
[traffic sounds]
[suspenseful music]
Is it him?
[Alvaro] Do you
recognize him?
He's wearing a hoodie.
But he's carrying
a backpack.
Do nothing until we're sure.
He's leaving.
Alba, get closer
to the window, show yourself.
He bit. That's it.
He took out his binoculars,
he's looking over here.
It's him,
positive recognition.
Everybody be ready.
Carla, it's him.
Now move in.
Affirmative. Go ahead GEO.
Go, go, go. Go, go.
[tense music]
Stop, police!
Stop! Police!
Hands where I
can see them.
Lift your clothes.
That's it.
Now turn around.
Turn around again.
That's it.
[Jaime] Hands, Fennec!
Behind your head.
[breathing slowly]
[Jaime] On the ground.
Marcos, it seems he's clean.
We're going for him.
Copy that.
[Fennec mumbles in Arabic]
[in English] What is he doing?
[Fennec] Lord!
[in English] The backpack.
GEO get back,
everybody get back.
[mumbles in Arabic]
[Alvaro] Holy shit.
Jaime. Jaime, do you copy?
[Marcos] Jaime,
do you copy?
Jaime, damn it, answer.
[Jaime] Marcos,
we're good here.
Thank God.
[Jaime] He
sacrificed himself.
Target eliminated.
I repeat.
Target eliminated.
oh my God.
Let's go for Al Hassan.
First, our hostage.
First the hostage.
[officer shouts] Police!
On the ground!
On the ground! That's it!
Don't shoot, don't shoot!
[in Arabic] Boss, it's clear.
Where's the girl?
Don't complicate things!
Where's the girl?
Boss. Boss. Here.
Open the door.
Don't hurt me. Don't hurt me.
Calm down, it's
the police.
You're safe now.
We're the police.
Calm down, don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid.
Everything's over.
Everything's over.
[Wiam crying]
Calm down.
[phone vibrates]
[in English] Yes.
OK. Thanks. Bye-bye.
Your sister is fine.
Roberto, I
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry, really.
I'm sorry.
Good job.
Thank you.
Marcos, what happened?
Fennec's been eliminated.
We still have to catch
his sister,
but I wanted
to tell you the news.
Thank you for telling me.
it's no consolation right now.
It's no
consolation at all.
I've informed everybody,
we may proceed, Carla.
[phone ringing]
Let's move in Granada.
I want Al Hassan kept alive,
and arrest
every other foundation worker.
Stop, police!
Stop, police!
Hands where I
can see them!
-Stop, police!
-Stop, police!
[in Arabic]
I haven't done anything!
-I haven't done anything!
-Stop, police!
The secretary of the State
almost had a heart attack
when I told him
it's about Al Hassan.
He asked for discretion,
meaning that all the names
not be disclosed
to the media, at least.
It's delicate.
Yes, delicate, yes.
[Hombrado] This will have
significant consequences.
Right now, there are many
many people having a bad time.
At some offices paper
shredders must be on fire.
What's going on?
I got to show you something.
-Come. Follow me.
What's this?
A tunnel.
To where?
we believe it leads outdoors.
And that's how Al Hassan
escaped the house.
You're joking.
[Miriam] Carla,
Al-Hassan is not here.
What do you mean?
what the fuck are you saying?
What do you mean?
What happened?
Well, he isn't here.
There's a tunnel
that goes from the house.
-He must have gotten out
that way.
-What's going on, Carla?
What happened, Miriam?
He's been warned, for sure.
For sure.
[dramatic music]
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