La Unidad (2020) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

[in English]
A helicopter is coming
to carry you outside
of national territory.
From that moment on,
it's your problem.
Thanks, my friend.
Where is Nahila?
I lost my son, Manuel,
bringing you Ismail,
You should never forget.
[helicopter approaching]
[barely sounding]
But thanks because
still I'm grateful, Manuel.
She's in downtown Madrid.
In an abounded warehouse
And now you can deal
with it [inaudible]
Carla, Nahila's been arrested,
we just learned.
She was at an abandoned
building in the center.
[phone vibrates]
Son of a bitch.
Hi, Manuel.
[in Arabic] Thanks for coming,
Amina. Really. Thanks
I miss you You and Basma.
How is my daughter?
She made you a drawing.
The guards took
it from me.
Oh, tell her
that it's hanging on my wall.
I won't lie to her.
I'm really sorry for
everything I've done to you.
I have nothing
The only thing that I miss,
though, of
all that I lost,
is You and Basma.
I will do anything
to get myself outta
this place, God willing
and get back
to the life we had in Melilla.
I give you my word.
I will inform Basma
you miss her.
She misses you too.
Do you miss me? Do you?
You say you don't lie.
[in English]
I only have two bags and
a couple of boxes, that's all.
-It's my father.
He's such a pain.
-May I help?
Yeah, sure.
Yes, dad, I'm eager
to go back home, of course.
Yes, sure, sure,
stop worrying.
Come on, we're almost ready.
OK, bye.
[Miriam] Yes.
It's weird, huh?
Yeah, I don't get it.
It doesn't look good,
No, we haven't found anything.
-Then I'll keep you posted.
-Don't touch me.
Calm down, huh?
OK, later.
-Don't move.
-Let me go!
-Let him go, let him go.
-Don't touch me!
What's going on here?
Huh? huh?
Those screams, chill out, huh?
What's going on here?
You go to the bathroom?
Are you finished?
You finished?
OK, everybody inside, now.
And chill out, huh?
Holy hell
-What is it?
-Yes, please.
Nobody move,
nobody go to the bathroom, OK?
Damn it.
This pilgrimage
to the bathroom.
-Let's see.
-Yes, please.
Tell me.
It's been
an extraction operation
in every sense, Miriam.
-It was, wasn't it?
Traffic cameras recorded
a vehicle with a fake number
plate around the area
just an hour or so
before we got here.
-An hour?
They were waiting
for him at the tunnel exit
then left.
-Boss. We got the box.
-Yes. OK.
This is so bad.
-I know.
[in Arabic] If we're arrested,
who takes care of the kids.
Don't be stupid.
Have you done anything?
Then they won't arrest you
They won't arrest any of us.
And "El Hach" will keep
taking care of us, as always.
[in English]
There's nothing, Miriam.
OK, So yeah, I guess
we'll just keep looking?
Keep me posted.
[man] Damn
[phone beeping]
Kala, they got Nahila.
Shall we go?
[via speaker] Nahila
Be proud of your dear,
dear brother.
Sacrificing himself,
quite the hero.
Unfortunately, you won't
be able to bury him this time.
But there wasn't much
to bury in any case.
And you buried
'em already.
The man you killed
in Lavapiés was my friend.
So, you went to his funeral.
As you'd expect, yes.
Let's get into it.
[via speaker]
Where is Al-Hassan?
We know
you communicate with him.
Tell us where he is,
right now.
[in Arabic]
Aren't you ashamed?
You're collaborating
with them.
[in English] What's that?
[in Arabic]
I will tell you this
You're a little bitch,
serving your master.
Do you think
he listens to you?
You're going
to obey attentively.
Then when he returns
he kicks you out,
And that night
you'll freeze outside.
You're getting exploited.
Stop pretending.
They use you
because you're an Arab
You're betraying
your brothers and sisters
Your place is not there.
Your place's right here.
With me here.
[in English]
I will tell you something.
You don't understand that
YOU are
the cancer of our people.
You are the one that makes us
feel ashamed. Not me.
Now respond to
our motherfucking question:
tell us where's Al-Hassan.
A neighbor told me
they returned to Melilla.
To her husband's family.
Thank you very much.
[driver] You're welcome.
I can't believe it.
[engine starts]
[Naima, in Arabic]
Did you make the bed?
-Would you like
more orange juice?
[male reporter, on TV,
in English]These are images
of Madrid, from last night,
after an explosion during
a national police operation
that ended up
with a terrorist
sacrificing himself
when cornered by the GEO.
The police have not given
any details yet,
but it's been confirmed
that the terrorist
was Fennec Ibrahim,
who belonged
to the terrorist group
[Slow, sad music]
[in Arabic]
What is it, grandma?
-[exhales, sniffs]
It's nothing
Come on, eat your breakfast,
or you'll be late for school.
Grandma, I drew you a picture.
Thank you, sweetie.
-Who is this?
-And this?
[Carla]Hey, Moussa, let me
open this coffin, please.
I need to breathe.
Pretty please, pretty please.
Hey, guys, you don't need
to stay all day, really.
We got to,
unless otherwise instructed.
There isn't any other choice.
What instructions?
I mean, look, look,
no offense. Really.
But, tomorrow
it will be wonderful
to go to the office alone.
I'll take a bus, in fact.
No, by metro.
At the peak hour.
Yes, in the crowds. People
all together. So so nice.
Maybe drop me
at Plaza de España.
Might "twerk"
in the middle of the plaza.
Naked Carla
By herself.
Ah, free at last.
[kids playing
in the background]
[quietly] Come on.
How cute,
they're all wearing costumes.
-Hi, good morning.
-[guard] Good morning.
How beautiful. [laughs]
Remove those dark glasses,
it's as if you're disguised
as a bodyguard.
I'm working right now.
Ah, what's wrong?
Look, I won't be able to
tonight, I'll be with the kid,
but tomorrow night?
Yes. It's OK.
Come on, let's go.
Good morning.
[teacher] Please, one more
time, pay attention.
Kids will enter first,
but just the kids first.
And parents, you
you can go in
from 10 a.m. Understand?
There's room for everyone,
so be calm.
So whatever happens, just stay
calm. Stay calm. OK? Got it?
Hi, Carla! Long time no see.
-Yes, I know.
-How are you?
Hey, sorry for asking.
I'm confused. Is this wise?
You being here.
Isidro, if I'm here,
it means
it will be alright, OK?
Right. The problem is that
Wendy tells me
Lúa still goes around
with a bodyguard, and that
-No, there's no bodyguard
anymore, don't worry,
-OK, OK.
Well, we've had
a really tense few weeks.
I had a heart attack
every time the kids
started and left school.
I assume it was
one of those false alarms
-How are you?
-How are you guys doing today?
-Look, there's Lúa.
-Who's here? Who's here?
Oh, you're so beautiful!
Oh, you're so beautiful.
What did you think,
that I wasn't coming? That it?
Are you staying
for the festival?
Yes, of course
I'm staying.
I wouldn't miss it
for the world.
That's great! Try to sit down
at the front, please.
OK, but not the first row.
Other parents will get mad.
We need to go now.
Come on, let's go,
let's go. [laughs]
-[Ramon] Say bye to your Mom.
-Oh, she's so beautiful,
-Do you like the outfit?
-Very, very much, so much.
-Thank you, thank you.
-She behaved very well
during the fittings.
-Good morning.
Hi, what's up?
How's everything going?
Do you know,
are the kids inside?
-Very good.
-Nice. Oh, excuse me.
-[phone vibrates]
Yeah well,
it's very important to them.
-Excuse me.
-Yes, they're really excited.
Yes, boss.
-You think it's time?
Save me a seat, please.
-Yes, sure.
CNI extracted him
right under our noses.
They turned him in to the
Saudi secret service
in exchange for the guarantee
that he'll get
a severe punishment.
An act of courtesy between
intelligence agencies.
-Yes, yes.
Our dear Manuel.
Everybody's dear ally,
am I right?
Yes, except it's our problem.
I've had three calls
from Internal Affairs. Three.
Asking me about the case,
and making it clear not to do
anything without them.
There are many people
implicated with Al-Hassan.
I want a strategy
for meeting the secretary.
Of course, but I've got
a complicated morning.
Please, Carla,
this is our priority now.
So I'll need to call you back.
[Hombrado] Where are you?
[loud chatter]
And, so?
Do you have butterflies
in your stomach?
-You're so smart, Ramón.
-Not at all, Lua.
[kids screaming]
Ok, let's sing
-Hey, here she is, ok?
-Hi, Lúa!
Tin man, your backpack.
Break a leg!
See you later, Ramón.
Let's go, let's go.
-Everybody get into groups.
-My Mom is coming.
Oh, that's nice. Come on,
guys, hurry up, come on.
OK, let's divide the class
into two groups, OK?
-Who wants to sing?
Raise your hands.
-[kid] Me! Me!
Does it meet
your security standards?
No, but it doesn't matter.
It's official, my services
here are no longer required.
Oh, is that so?
Well, you can stay
for the festival.
That would be
very thoughtful of you.
I've been at my son's,
so I'll pass.
that's for retired people.
Ah man!
[both laugh]
Well then,
I guess it's your loss.
[in Arabic]
What's all this for?
Don't start any games
right now.
I know what you've done
What I did?
I've never done
anything against you. Ever!
What is this?
I don't understand.
Who told you?
Spanish CNI? I'm sure.
I expressly asked them
to turn you in.
And I promised them there will
be an exemplary punishment.
One far worse than the one
you would suffer in Spain.
And rest assured,
I'll honor my promise.
-I can still be useful to you.
Very useful.
No, Omar. It's all over
I just wish I had
figured it out before, Omar.
What're you
gonna do to me?
find out if
you've got more secrets
"El Hach"! Please.
Please, listen to me!
Take him.
Wait! Listen!
-Just for a
-Come on!
Please Listen to me. Wait!
[in English] And you?
Who are you going as?
[in Arabic] Come out!
Grab his feet and take him
out. Help me. Come on!
Come on, man! Quick.
[kids screaming]
[in English] Come on.
OK, where is
the 12-year-old classroom?
You, what's your name?
What's your name?
-[yells] Tell me your name!
Enric, Enric,
where's the girl?
-Tell me where's the girl. I
know you know where she is!
-What girl?
Enric the coward doesn't know
where the girl is. Marvelous.
[kids screaming]
Hey, you,
where's the girl?
Lúa Cobos, Lúa Cobos,
where's the 12-year-old
You, do you know
where it is? Go, go!
He's telling you to stand up!
Aren't you listening?
Come on! Come with me.
-Yes. So
-[kids shouting
in the background]
I can't hear you, boss,
they must have started
-Move out.
-[man] Wendy!
-Don't move!
-Everybody on the ground!
-[woman] Alvaro!
-Don't enter!
-[man] Wendy!
-Get down.
[screaming] Get Out!
I said go.
What the fuck
are you doing here? Go away!
-Do you want to die?
-Wendy! Let me go, damn it!
Let me go!
Out! Clear out! Clear out!
Get out!
-Go downstairs! Everybody!
[Carla] Out!
I said out!
-Hey, Lúa Cobos,
come on, Lúa Cobos.
-Out! Out of here!
Who is Cobos?
Where is Lúa?
She didn't come today.
She didn't come today?
I think she did.
Lúa, move away from the group,
come, come.
Move away from the group.
-No, no.
-Don't get close, don't get
close. Huh? Come on, go, go.
Hey. Come on, everybody out!
Lúa, move away. Everybody out.
Come on, go.
Everybody out!
Don't move!
-Come on!
-Come on, go!
Come on, let's go.
-Come on.
Aren't you listening? Come on.
Come on!
[teacher] Go, go!
Upstairs, everybody upstairs!
-Come on!
-[in Arabic] Go, go
[in English]
Come on, huh, come on!
[distant screams]
Get in this classroom,
guys. Come on, come on.
[terrorist] Clear.
Come on.
Go, go, go!
Come on, Carla. Answer.
Come on, Carla. Answer.
[answering machine]The
subscriber you have dialed
is not available
or has travelled
outside the coverage area.
What have you done
with the 200,000
you got from
the hawaladar?
Well. We can do this
all day long, I'm in no hurry.
[phone vibrates]
-Ramón, I'm listening.
The school's been attacked.
-What? - Yes, there's been an
You can't stop us.
[in Arabic] They're avenging
my brother, you see!
-What have you done?
Against the wall!
Hey, now you will do as I say!
The one who doesn't I'll
blow their fucking head off.
Go. Come on, COME ON!
Come on, go, get inside.
[teacher] Do as he says.
They're at least three,
maybe more.
They got
automatic Kalashnikovs.
Lúa, have you seen Lúa?
I see her right now.
She's with her classmates,
she's OK.
With her teacher.
[Terrorist] Come on!
-Get Back!
[teacher] Don't move,
don't move. [shushes]
Nobody move, huh?
check nobody is in there.
[Ramon] They're coming towards
me, I'm hanging up. Trust me.
[kids crying]
[terrorist] Go!
[in Arabic] Everything's OK.
[in English] Any victims?
Ok. Eh
How many? How many got in?
OK. How many guys didn't
return to the foundation?
Three, and one of the mentors.
Ok. Alvaro,
we may know who they are.
Yes. OK, OK. I'll keep you
posted. Ok, later.
Hey, their files, huh?
Especially the mentor's.
Send them to Alvaro.
Ok. Right away. Got it.
Holy shit
Come on, go,
everybody over there. Come on!
Come on! Come on!
Come on.
Let's see, huh?
sit in a circle.
Come on, now, now, now.
-[terrorist 2] A circle, now.
-[terrorist 1]
Is this a circle?
Come on!
Come on. Hey!
Lúa, come here, come.
Sit down.
This is all because of
your mother, you know?
Do you know that?
[in Arabic]
The door, put it behind it.
In the name of the Lord,
the Compassionate.
[Jaime]OK. The theatre room
has no accessible windows.
We know they've
put explosives
at the main entrance.
We need to find
another entry.
OK. Work on that.
I want video coverage
of all sides of the school.
OK. Got it.
What do we know?
The only class
held hostage is Lúa's.
-[Alvaro] Boss.
-I'm Listening.
One of ours is inside,
maybe two, Carla's bodyguard,
but we can't
communicate with him.
We believe they're four,
these three guys,
who are missing
at Al-Hassan's foundation,
and one of its mentors.
It seems these guys
don't want to negotiate.
We must intervene now, Carla.
[Alvaro] GEO is
looking for access.
Are you Strong enough
to keep talking to Ramón?
-Tell him we're entering.
Tell him to stay hidden
and inform us
if he hears something.
[suspenseful music]
[in Arabic]
Stick her in the vest.
[in English] Move away.
And you, up, come on, come on!
-We're ready.
-Green light, GEO.
[Jaime] We're going in.
[Jaime]We're entering
in three, two,
one. GEO's entering.
Jaime, Jaime,
stop, stop, stop.
Don't move! Don't move!
Nobody move. Wait instruction.
[Alvaro] TEDAX!
Analysis, please.
Let's see
Let's see, can't see it well,
but, if it's a fake,
it's well done.
It could be real.
They might have time
to activate it.
[Jaime] Abort, retreat.
What do we do now?
[quietly] Let me think.
Let me think.
They'll ask for something,
this will give us time.
Sit down.
Malek, don't be afraid,
my friend.
The time has come.
Today, we'll be great,
We'll be REALLY great.
Kamal, Yassim,
you and me opened Jannah.
Malek, look here.
The doors of Jannah
are opening. Yeah?
Yassim, take the backpack.
This is all due to your
husband. I hope you know that.
People have died.
And there are kids like
yours, just like them, in
If you continue
protecting Omar,
you're collaborating with him.
Know what that means?
Huh? Are you aware?
Think about it.
Think about your children.
I'll be straight with you.
I only want you to tell me
how to contact him.
That's all, it's that simple.
Our husband tells us nothing.
We're not guilty
for this situation.
[in Arabic] Zaid knows.
-[in English]
She says Zaid knows.
[in Arabic] He's the only one
"El Hach" tells.
-No, you're still
"El Hach"'s wife.
-[in English]Shut up.
-That's it.
-[in Arabic] You're still
his wife! Don't forget it.
[in English] Separate these
two. Get these girls apart.
Najwa, take Azahar away,
please. Bring Zaid.
-[In Arabic] You ingrate.
-[in English] Shut up!
Take the children away,
please. Children, out.
The baby can stay.
Come on, come on guys.
-Hey, hey, hey. Quiet there.
-[in Arabic]
Don't you dare talk
-[in English] Come on, to
the corner. Whatever you've
to say, you say it to me now.
[Azahar]After Abdel died,
may he rest in peace,
El Hach chose him
as his favorite son.
He always
He ate beside him
he took him
to the foundation, and
They went alone to the office.
Were they together
last night at all?
They talked for a long time.
[in English] Look, I know
you're his favorite son.
And you know
exactly what's going on,
I know he told you.
I won't ask you
to tell me everything,
the only thing I want to know
is how to contact him, huh?
How can I talk to him,
that's it.
Come on, Zaid.
I won't turn on my father.
He's the one
who left yeah?
So, you're the one
in charge now, right?
So, let's do this.
Now I'm asking
Tell Malek, Faisal and Yassim,
to stop everything.
This is insane, Zaid.
They know you.
They'll listen to you, right?
Listen to me.
You and your mother paying
for something you haven't done
isn't fair.
Because if that's so,
you'll pay a very high price.
And you're very young.
Don't screw up your life.
I know you've done
everything you were able to.
I don't blame you
for anything,
but this is different,
this is against me, this is
It's my daughter.
I need to speak to Al-Hassan,
please, Manuel.
To stop this total insanity.
It's no longer in our hands.
Nor in his.
backed up the attack,
the terrorists are
guys from his foundation.
Look, look, there are too many
people involved in this now,
and not only
here in Spain.
They won't let you
talk to him.
Jesus, Manuel,
I mean, twenty kids are there,
twenty children, dammit!
Well, I'llI'll
I'll try.
It won't be good enough
to try.
You need to succeed.
Stop this insanity
for good, please.
Look I'm not talking
to you professionally.
I'm asking because
you were close with my Dad.
Please, Please, Manuel.
stop this now.
Yes, I promise,
I promise, Carla.
I'll do it and I'll make it,
I'll talk to him.
I promise.
All those kids at school
are the same age
as Nazli and Ahmed.
They're the same age.
they're children.
They're not guilty
of anything.
[Azahar, in Arabic]
Listen to me,
With "El Hach"
we're slaves or in prison.
We owe him nothing,
Yasmina. Nothing.
And your son is
not like him.
Don't have Zaid suffer
for what "El Hach" has done.
We can be free now.
We're no longer afraid of him.
I want you to
persuade Zaid
to stop all of this.
Come on, come on.
[in Arabic] No matter
what they tell you
You must never
betray your father.
[in English] What's happening?
What is she saying?
-She's telling Zaid
not to do it!
-Not to do it?
-Miriam, Miriam!
-You bitch.
I'll punch you in the face!
You're killing
all the children in school
you selfish bitch!
Don't you understand
what you're doing?
-How can you do this?
You bitch!
-Stop! Stop!
-[in Arabic] Your father
will be ashamed of you!
-[in English] Stop, damn it!
Their blood will be
on your hands.
[Miriam] How can you do this
to the children?
You crazy selfish bitch!
-[in Arabic]Nobody!
You have nobody! Nobody!
[in English]
Miriam, for God's sake! Stop!
-[in Arabic] Your father'll be
ashamed of you! -[in
English] Selfish Bitch!
-Stop it!
-Don't touch me, damn it!
[in Arabic] You snake!
You got nobody!
[Carla]No, no, no, no, no,
no, Manuel won't help us.
-No, Marcos, no.
-[Marcos]So what, Carla?
GEO will go in,
rescue the kids and save Lúa.
This is our team, these are
the people we count on.
-Not so sure.
-And they count on you, Carla.
-[phone beeping]
Hey, phone!
They say you should let me
talk and not interrupt me.
They say They say
this is all your fault.
And that
if you turn yourself in,
they'll let us go.
Me, my schoolmates
and the teacher.
Sweetie, this will be over
soon, I promise.
I need to talk to them
myself, OK?
Tell 'em I want to talk.
I need to talk to them,
sweetie, OK?
[Lua] Mom.
They say you have fifteen
minutes or it's all over.
Lúa, sweetie,
Tell them to answer.
Tell them
I want to talk to them.
They They hung up.
Damn it.
That's not an option, Carla.
Your entrance means
your death, you know it.
If that door is open,
and Carla enters,
we'll have a chance and
we can really use that.
Please, it's not only
about our daughter,
There are so many lives,
for Goodness sakes.
It's my decision, boss,
let's do it.
Come on!
We hold off a little bit.
We have direct communication
with them now.
We call again, gain time
and check if there's
no other alternative.
Try to see if there's
something we can offer.
-Liberation of a key figure.
Just see.
Omar. I'm the only one that's
able to do something for you.
I'm the only one
that's able to save your life.
But you must stop those men,
you got to stop them now.
Omar, stop this insanity,
stop and it'll count,
you have my word.
But stop them now. Make
them turn themselves in.
[quietly] I have no regrets.
[Manuel] Omar, please.
-It was a mistake.
-[Omar] She killed my son.
-She killed my son.
[Omar] She has to
know what pain is.
[phone ringing]
[negotiator, on phone]
I want to talk to Faisal.
What do you want?
Faisal, my name is Angel,
I'm the police negotiator.
There's nothing to negotiate,
you already know what to do.
I'm on it, Faisal,
I'm on it.
Lúa Cobos' mother
is on her way,
but I need time
so that she gets there.
And guarantees.
I don't want more victims.
Nobody wants that.
I wanna check
that everyone's OK.
And I'll offer you something
if you cooperate.
What things?
You tell me, Faisal.
I want everyone to be OK.
We can send you some food,
-water, we can
-Unless the woman is here
in ten minutes,
-you'll be responsible for a
fucking massacre. 10 minutes!
-[Angel]Faisal, listen
You have ten, asshole!
Sons of bitches!
[in Arabic] Take them,
take them inside!
[yells in English]
Get Out! Come on!
Sit down, Lúa.
He turned his phone off.
[in Arabic] It's now!
Until Jannah,
-God is almighty
-See you in Jannah, brothers.
-God is almighty!
-God is almighty!
[in English] Be calm, be calm,
be calm, calm down, kids,
I'm a cop, OK? Be calm.
Leave it to me, OK?
I'll handle this.
Make room for me, please,
I don't want to step on you.
Be calm. Be calm, please,
be calm. Keep calm.
Be calm, girls.
Leave it to me. I'm a cop.
[Jaime] Alright. We'll follow
the plan we've laid out.
Access will be
through the back door.
We'll go down
the central corridor, in
the shortest possible time.
The one that leads
to every room.
Good. Determination.
You know what the priority is.
You'd do the same,
and you know it.
I'm coming too.
-We're both going.
When Lúa gets out,
I want you there.
We'll be ready to intervene
at all times
in case anything's wrong.
The kids have been taken
to the auditorium.
It's obvious that they
want the worst damage possible.
[tense music]
Come on. Come in, damn it.
Come in, damn it.
[door slams]
She's here.
Not a fucking word.
Come on, go.
Go, damn it, go.
Carla is inside,
we're disconnecting mobiles.
We only maintain active
communication with Ramón.
[Lua crying]
There's a terrorist
in the middle of the theatre
with a detonator.
And that's
our priority target.
If they see the GEO,
they'll kill them all.
We must go on, Marcos.
Come on, go, damn it.
[in Arabic] It's deactivated
As soon as the woman enters,
blow everything up
Do you hear me?
-God is almighty!
-We'll meet in Jannah.
-God is almighty!
-God is almighty!
-[terrorist 3]
God is almighty!
-God is almighty!
-[yelling] God is almighty!
-God is almighty!
[in English] Come on.
Terrorist shot down, I
repeat, terrorist shot down.
Stop Carla. Green light,
we still gotta move.
Now, this is very important,
please, cover your heads.
Cover your heads, OK?
[Ramon yelling]
Cover yourself, Lúa!
[screams] No! No!
What's going on?
Stay calm, Marcos.
Let's go. Come on.
[Jaime]Targets shot down,
targets shot down.
We need an ambulance.
Paramedics, Ambulances
[Alvaro] Go to the school.
I want every unit inside, now.
[in Arabic] Come on!
[in English]
You're Lúa, aren't you?
I want you to be calm, OK?
You gonna be fine.
Nothing bad will happen.
I'll handle this calmly.
[distant sirens]
[woman] They're coming.
[man] Take them out.
There they are.
[woman]They're here.
I think I can see her.
I think I can see her.
[indistinct shouting]
Alvaro, Alvaro!
Hi. Honey, you're OK.
I was so scared.
[Carla crying]
My girl
Where's Ramón?
[Marcos] Shall we go home?
Yes, yes.
My brave girl. My girl.
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