La Unidad (2020) s03e03 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 3

Only things we can carry.
I don't know what to take.
I've never prayed before,
but if I have to
-I hope nothing happens.
-My mother will freak out.
I shouldn't tell her.
Thank you.
Come here.
I've always done this
with a coin, but Look.
Here's the stone.
And now
But But
Look, what's that behind your ear?
How did it end up there?
Did you see what he did?
Aman is arriving.
Aman, come. Sit here.
-May God give you health.
-May God give you health.
Sit down.
You know how to speak English.
Talk to this man.
Who is he? Where is he from?
What does he want?
What do you want, stranger?
Do you speak English?
Yes, a little.
My name is Pedro.
What's your name?
Nice to meet you, Aman.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
I'm really sorry, Carla.
This is Afghanistan,
that's how this country works.
-The Russians are very nervous.
They won't admit it,
but they're concerned.
I don't give a shit about them!
I should have negotiated myself!
That would have been impossible.
It would have been pointless.
Idris is cornered.
He wants to get what he wants quickly
to leave the country with some money.
Why isn't Marcos there?
Maybe he's hurt Or hiding.
If he were on the run,
he would have contacted me.
Carla, until we're positive,
we must think he's alive.
We have to.
You're completely wrong.
This was never about money,
but about assessing
the risks and consequences
if things go wrong.
But what the hell could go worse?
Who do you think will get hung next?
The kidnappers care about the Russians
because we don't give a fuck
about our own people!
We've been here working all night,
and so did Foreign Affairs.
We do care about them,
we're working overtime.
But if the Taliban find out
that we're helping Idris,
we will become their enemies too.
And we still have
many collaborators to rescue.
Lots of people, Carla.
So what, we'll wait
until they hung them all?
We're perfectly aware
of the urgency, Carla.
We all are.
We're asking the Russian embassy
to let us act together.
I will call you back.
You have my word. We're working on it.
He didn't wait for us.
Yuri's rescue team
has already left Herat. I'm sorry.
We're here And here,
further north That's Tajikistan
I need a phone.
A phone. I need to make a call.
Oh! A phone.
He says he needs a phone.
The Mujahideen have destroyed
all the antennas.
I'm sure it's because of this foreigner.
There's no signal.
The Mujahideen have destroyed
all antennas around this area.
Are you serious?
They are asking if it's your fault.
No, no.
Which is the nearest city?
How far is it from here?
Three days.
Three days walking?
Okay, but Do you have a car?
A pick-up? Something?
I don't know A horse?
No cars here.
I can pay for someone
to come with me, walking.
Do you see this watch?
It's very good, very expensive.
Tell them!
And I can give it to someone
if they come with me, walking.
He wants to walk to Talokan.
He'll pay whoever goes with him.
He'll give them his watch.
It's very expensive.
Ask him why would I need it
if every day is the same to me.
He asks why he needs them
if every day is the same for him.
Your watch is worthless.
You don't understand. You can sell it.
They will give you money
or you can trade it
for anything you need.
You need a lot of things here,
you everything
Come on! It's a really good watch.
When you arrived,
your hands were covered in blood.
What happened?
He said that when you arrived, your
The watch? Hands?
Your hands had blood on them,
he wants to know what happened.
I don't know, I
I cut myself in the desert.
Look, look
Tell him he has wounds on his hands.
The Mujahideen!
You have to hide, quick!
Is there anyone in there?
I saw a Westerner
in the mountains behind the village.
Come with me.
Show yourself confident.
Tell them everything's on track.
-Don't hesitate.
I want to see Yuri.
What's going on?
We're moving in.
What about my people?
The ones that are paying
don't want to wait.
You'll get the money as promised.
I have orders to go get the Russians.
We're already on the move.
I want to talk to Idris.
He'll get what he wants.
-It's late for that.
-Give me two hours, Yuri.
I just need two hours.
Give me two hours.
You're not getting anything
in two hours.
Two hours!
A foreigner has come to town.
We're going to help him.
Thank you.
What is happening?
They know they are looking for you
because you killed a Mujahideen.
Aman, he attacked me.
It was either him or me.
Do you understand?
My uncle says you are
no longer welcome here.
If you stay were are in danger.
But the old man says we don't
owe anything to the Mujahideen
And they are going to vote
To see if you stay or
they give you to the Mujahideen.
My uncle is always scared,
that's why he doesn't rule here.
Everybody wants you to stay.
Aman! Aman!
Why are you talking to him?
This is all your fault!
This is all your fault!
This is all your fault!
The power's out again!
Now you realize, genius?
Things always go wrong!
We've been like this all day.
I had to empty the fridge.
-Where are you going?
-To the hospital.
What for? So they can humiliate you?
I'm a doctor, people needs me.
But they treat you terribly.
How can you stand that?
I'd never allow an illiterate
to disrespect me!
Darya! What do you know?
What do you know?
You've always lived like a spoiled brat!
Do you know what they do
to Shi'ite women? Don't you?
You only care about playing basketball!
So please, shut up! Shut up!
My child, I'm nervous.
Where's Dad?
Your father is well.
Why hasn't he called?
The mobile network's not working.
He's smart, he knows
how to take care of himself.
He will be home soon,
and we'll leave this country for good.
-What happened?
Fazela, open the door!
Fazela, open the door! Fazela!
-What happened?
-Look what they've done, Fazela.
They've written on our walls.
They've also written on our house.
Relax, they just want to scare us.
If they wanted to hurt us,
they know where to find us.
They cannot stop all Shiites.
They can't? Fazela, don't you remember?
It won't happen again.
I'll go see Fahima and Grandma.
Any news from Massoud?
I haven't heard from him.
-No, please!
-Get her up there!
-No, no!
Massoud, Massoud! Please!
Let's talk, please! Let's talk!
Tell them I have a daughter,
I have a baby!
-Hung her! Kill her!
I have a baby
-No, no!
-Enough, enough!
-No, Massoud, please!
-Stop it!
-I have a daughter!
-Stop it! Stop!
We don't have the money.
Her death is their fault.
-She's a Spanish police officer!
-What happens?
Really? You won't save her by lying.
She was here to meet with Najib,
from Azam. I was with her.
-She's the head
of the Spanish anti-terrorism police!
-Why haven't they tried to release her?
-They'll come after you.
What did you tell him, Massoud?
What did you tell him?
No! No!
Stand back, dammit!
-Please, please! Please!
-Get him up.
Please, please!
Get in there! Close the door.
Let me through, please!
Let me through, please!
I work with the Spaniards!
Please, let me through!
I just have one question!
Spain! I just have one question!
I just have one question.
Do you work with the Spaniards?
I just have one question.
Spain, Spain!
I just want to know
if my husband is okay!
He collaborates with the Spanish police!
Spanish police!
Women and children.
Women and children first.
I just want to know
if my husband's okay!
-You're not on the list!
-What list?
I just need to know, please!
-His name is Massoud Amal.
-You're not on the list.
I don't care!
He works for the Spaniards!
Massoud Amal.
Spain! He works for you!
His name is Massoud Amal!
He works
You're not on the list.
What list?
His name is Massoud Amal! Massoud Amal!
He works with you!
Carla, the money is already
in the account.
Very well.
You already have the money.
Tell your rescue team to get Miriam,
Massoud, and Marcos.
You won't leave my people there.
You wanted the money,
and now you've got it.
This is not just about money
It's about the reputation of my team.
Money means nothing.
Reputation and information
are everything
And you, Carla, have been lying to me.
If Miriam Rodriguez is really
an important Spanish policewoman,
they should prove it.
Satisfy the fair demands
of those holding her
or her death will be broadcast
all over the world.
We've just received this.
You'll all be ashamed.
You didn't tell me
that the hostages were policemen.
We're not rescuing civilians,
but Westerners officers
who were on a mission in Afghanistan.
A mission that I'm sure
the Taliban won't be happy about.
The Taliban didn't know anything.
-This doesn't change anything.
If anyone from the village
recognizes her,
the whole mission would be compromised.
It endangers my team
and my hostages.
We're not going
to rescue your policemen, Carla.
Miriam met with an insider
infiltrating Azzam's people.
They bring weapons into Europe
and Russia.
We can share that
with the Russian secret service.
I'm sure that whoever pays you
will be interested.
I'd have to ask them.
They'd want
to assess the information first.
And they'll want
an official agreement, Carla,
to make sure
the information will be shared.
And not from that puppet
you have in the Embassy.
From someone in the actual NIC. Get it?
They'll have it.
May God be with you.
-May God be with you.
-We thought you weren't coming either.
Sorry, I was held up at a checkpoint.
-Haven't the other come?
-Not even Yamal.
-Are they okay?
-I don't know, I can't reach them.
Leaving us with all this mess
So irresponsible!
Fazela, they're asking for you.
Who's asking?
A girl. Salma sent her.
I'll take care of this,
you take care of the girl.
Salma is one of my patients.
She just needs me
to prescribe her medication.
I'll go with the girl.
She's here, doctor.
May God be with you.
I'm Fazela. Salma sent you.
Is she okay?
Yes, she's fine.
-Get me a box of antibiotics.
-Okay, doctor.
What's going on?
You may speak. That's why you are here.
I'm getting married in a month
Things have changed here.
It's very risky to do these operations.
Talk to your husband,
maybe he'll understand.
-He has enlisted with the Taliban.
-Sorry, I can't.
He'll kill me if he finds out.
I can't do anything.
-I can't.
-Please, doctor. Please. Please.
Let's see
It's not a complicated operation.
It's just rebuilding a piece of skin.
I can do it out of here.
But I won't be able to follow up.
Do you have someone at home
to care after you?
My mother.
She will have to take care of you.
You won't be able to move
for a week or ten days.
Tell your father
that you have an infection. Okay?
Can't you do it sooner?
I have to find the materials
and an anesthesiologist to help me.
Tell Salma to take a pill
after every meal.
If it hurts, she should call me. Okay?
Things changed, Gama. We're taking
some more passengers with us.
We've already told Idris.
Got it.
We're 45 miles away
from the place for the exchange.
There are no incidents at the moment.
Wake up! Are you asleep?
Wake up! Come on, wake up!
This is not your parent's house!
Wake up!
Up, up! Come on, Get up! Get up!
Get out, move!
Get out! Get out!
Move, move!
They're letting us go.
A team is coming for us!
It's over, Miriam. It's over.
Move, move! Go!
Come on!
Two colleagues from the factory
are already missing.
Mustafa's wife
went to look for her husband in jail,
but the jail is empty.
They let everyone out.
What do you mean?
The Taliban are lying.
They haven't arrested him.
He has been executed
and they've disposed of the body.
Just for being a Shiite.
They will do the same
with the other Shiites.
-What do you propose?
-Let's all go to Pakistan now.
-I'm not leaving!
-Your husband's not here!
I have to take care of you!
-You don't have to tell me
My wife and I are too old now.
I don't feel like leaving home
and going away.
Pakistan is not so different.
My wife and I will stay.
Take your wife and your daughter.
Fazela, I also understand
that you want to stay.
But this is an exceptional situation.
I'm not going anywhere without Massoud.
I'll take Darya and you'll come too.
If Massoud is well, he'll join us.
What can we take with us?
Money, gold, and some clothes.
Nothing else.
I've made up my mind.
Your mother is stubborn.
She doesn't want to leave with us.
-There is nothing for us in Pakistan.
-How do you know?
My father told me.
They are friends of the Taliban.
They won't treat us better.
My father doesn't think so.
I don't feel like playing.
What a situation
Come here.
I don't see the other Spanish guy.
Where is he?
He is dead.
Tell them we have to move fast.
We have seen different Taliban groups.
It's not a safe zone.
I want you to give me
what I have asked for.
He wants what he asked for.
He wants what he asked for.
Here's the money and documentation.
You're officially doctors
of the Pakistani Red Cross.
With this you can cross
the border into Tajikistan.
With this documentation
you can cross the border.
Release them.
Go, go!
All right. A booster team is waiting
for you at 36° North, 12° East.
Got it. Leave now.
Not you.
What happened? What's wrong?
He is a Shiite policeman.
His presence can affect all security.
What are you talking about?
I have orders to take you. No one else.
What the fuck are you saying?
He's coming with me.
No one else!
He's coming
If he's not coming me neither!
Go with them, Miriam.
I'm not leaving without you.
-No, no!
-What are you doing?
Come back here!
The woman goes with you
and the Afghan stays.
What is it?
If they don't agree, they both stay.
What's wrong?
Copy that.
Your policewoman and the Afghan
have stayed there.
And the other Spanish policeman
is dead.
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