La Unidad (2020) s03e04 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 4

It's best if you surrender.
To whom? Should I surrender
to the Taliban?
Miriam, tell them you're a journalist.
You will be questioned
and held up for a few days.
It might get ugly, but they'll take you
to your people in Kabul.
Yeah, sure. And you?
I will manage to get to Kabul.
We'll go together, Massoud.
Don't make things worse, Miriam.
They shouldn't see you with me.
Why? What's going to happen?
What will they do?
If they find out I'm a policeman,
they'll hung me. Okay?
We need to find a phone, somewhere.
They've taken everything.
Where are you going?
It's over.
It's over.
We have one-hour slots
to get our people on the planes.
People have to be ready.
How are you, Carla?
You have a seat
on the five o'clock plane.
You and Olmedo
will arrive to Madrid tomorrow.
It's the fastest we've found.
I'll take care of everything.
Your partner will return.
I'm not going anywhere.
Look, everyone will understand.
Your daughter needs you now.
No one will blame you.
-You need to deal with this.
-I've decided.
I'm not going anywhere without Miriam.
You can always change your mind.
-Your daughter will see it on the news.
-She has to be ready.
-I'll take care of my daughter!
I'll deal with it later.
-Hi, Mom!
We went to the beach
and practiced windsurf.
Good! Are you having a good time?
Yes. I'm with Sabina,
a girl from Valladolid.
-We played "who falls first."
We laughed a lot,
but she's worse than me.
She's so clumsy, it's funny.
The important thing is that you learn,
and have a good time, okay?
Yes, a great time.
Okay, I love you!
I love you too, Mom. A lot.
Lúa, I need to talk
to your counselor, please.
I need to talk to her.
Okay, Mom. I love you!
Have a great time!
Roberta, my mother wants to talk to you.
I'm Roberta, Lúa's counselor.
Hi, how are you?
I want to talk to you, but make sure
that my daughter isn't listening.
But But
What's going on in here? Out! Out!
Damn foreigner! Leave me alone!
A fucking great player.
Over here, over here.
This way, this way!
What now?
We'll wait until things calm down, okay?
You're a Spanish journalist, okay?
I've been assigned as your escort.
You don't know me at all!
You don't know me!
Who was that?
The old lady.
-What is this?
-I don't know.
-What did you get?
Are you hungry?
Eat something, Miriam.
Mrs. Halimi, I am Fazela, the doctor.
I need to talk to you.
What's wrong? What can I do for you?
I need to speak with you, please.
What happened?
You know my husband is a policeman.
He went on a mission up north
a few days ago
and I haven't heard from him.
This is not normal, he always calls me.
And tell me,
how could I help you with this?
That's your problem, not mine.
Does your husband still work
as a prosecutor for the Taliban?
If he asks about him,
they will tell him where he is.
His name is Massoud,
and he doesn't mess with anyone.
He's a police officer,
he does what he's asked to.
Look, my husband does not deal
with these matters.
He can't help you.
Please, if you ask him
they will tell him where he is.
I told you that
there's nothing we can do for you.
Do whatever you need to do.
It wasn't my problem either
when you asked me
to reconstruct your daughter's hymen.
But I did it,
in spite of the consequences.
Look, I don't know
what you're talking about.
My daughter never went to see you.
That thing is over, you hear me?
Do you understand?
I have a daughter too,
and I know we're willing to do
anything for them.
I don't want my daughter
to lose her father.
That's enough.
-We need to get out of here quickly.
-Abed's house is nearby. He has a phone.
-Do you trust him?
He's more afraid of the Taliban than us.
Okay. This
Shit. Do I have to wear this?
Yes, I'll help you.
How does it work?
This goes in front.
And try to walk like them,
not like a Westerner, okay?
Wait, wait.
I can't breathe!
How's that?
Head down, always behind me, okay?
-If I stop, you stop. Always behind me.
I can't see a thing. Let's go.
Come on, come on.
Let's go.
Abed, my friend. I need your help.
I'll get in trouble
if they see me with you.
You know what they'll do to me
if they find me.
But I cannot endanger my family!
Please, help us. Please.
We have no other choice.
Come on.
Go get some tea and something to eat.
May God give you health.
Thank you, Abed.
They're checking each house.
They will come here too.
This won't take long,
I just need your phone.
I'll make a call
and they'll pick us up soon.
I'm sorry,
but I have to think about my family.
We're moving to Pakistan.
-He wants money to go to Pakistan.
-Yes, yes.
We will get the money
when they pick us up.
-Yes. Trust me.
Shit. We're gonna make it, okay?
Don't you worry. Trust me.
-They're scared!
-I know.
But there's nothing you can do.
Trust me, Miriam.
-You think?
-Yes. Trust me.
They're arguing, but he'll bring it.
-Look, here he is.
He's bringing it!
He's bringing it.
No more than two minutes.
They have signal trackers.
Thank you.
Massoud! Wait!
-Darya, honey! It's your father!
I'm fine. I'm fine.
Massoud, honey. You are okay!
I'm fine.
I miss you and Darya.
Dad, are you okay? Where are you?
I'm fine. What about you?
We're fine. When are you coming home?
Soon. Darya, let me talk to your mother.
Massoud, what's wrong?
Are you being held?
No, but they're looking for us.
Listen, Fazela, I can't talk much.
I need you to call the embassy
and tell them we are in Chahyab.
We're at Abed's house.
Have them come to rescue us.
And bring a thousand dollars for Abed.
Did you understand?
All the embassies have been closed.
Westerners are now
at the military airport.
You need to talk to them
and tell them where we are, okay?
Can you hear me, Massoud?
Dad is fine, Mom. Don't worry.
Don't worry.
We have to call Madrid.
We have to call Madrid.
I need to call Madrid
to coordinate the rescue.
Not with my phone.
He says they'll track his phone.
So what now? We wait?
They will come, I've spoken to Fazela.
-Yes? Okay.
-That's it.
Is she okay? Yes?
I'm shaking. She's fine.
She's fine.
Spain! Spain!
Spain! Spain!
Here, Spain!
Spain! Spain! Here!
Spain! Spain!
Spain! Spain!
Spain! Spain!
Please, Spain!
I know where your partner is!
Spain, please!
Answer me!
I want to talk to your embassy!
I know where Miriam is!
Your partner! I know where Miriam is!
Where Miriam is! Where your partner is!
Let me through, please!
I know where she is!
Let me through!
-Do you know Miriam?
-Yes, that's right!
-Do you know where she is?
-She's with my husband!
-You know where she is?
-With my husband!
-Come with me!
Come with me!
Don't let them through!
-Did he say anything else?
Just that they were looking for him
and that we must hurry.
Did you talk to Miriam?
Did you hear her voice?
You only care about her, right?
We care about both of them.
We care about your husband
and our partner.
I spoke to Massoud
and he told me he was with her.
Then the line went off.
He didn't call back.
Is his number registered on your phone?
I'm not lying.
I know. But we need to be
absolutely sure of the location.
They're at Abed's house in Chahyab,
near the big well.
Please, rescue him.
We'll get them out of there.
Come with me.
Now we have
the information we needed, Manuel.
We know where she is
and we know they're after her.
He have to send a team
to rescue her now!
-No, no.
It's just the wife's version.
We can't trace the call
and we don't know if Miriam's alive.
And the thousand dollars
Isn't it weird?
Why would she lie to us?
She knows that
if we don't rescue Miriam,
we won't rescue her husband either.
They were both together 24 hours ago.
We must think they still are.
I'm worried about how I could justify
a direct mission on Afghan soil.
Maybe the time has come
to play our cards with the Taliban
and ask for their help.
They have no reason
to hurt a Western journalist.
Don't forget Massoud.
If they find him, they'll kill him.
Miriam's situation is also compromised.
We have to act now.
We cannot authorize
a Spanish military movement
behind the Taliban's backs
in their own country.
There might be an alternative.
I agree with Carla,
that rescue operation must be deployed,
but we need to care
about the Taliban, too.
What do you propose?
Excuse me.
They'll love having a woman there.
I think we're doing them a favor.
They can say
that the hatred towards women
is just a fallacy of ours.
As you already know,
this is not an official visit.
I'm just here with the head
of the NGO SafeLife.
He said this is not an official visit.
He only came to accompany
the head of the NGO.
All right, come in.
Come in, please.
It's okay, man. Relax. Come in.
Have a seat, please.
It's okay, ambassador. Come in.
Make yourselves at home.
This is just a joke.
Sit down, ambassador. Don't be scared.
There, there, please.
You can't sit there.
Have a seat, please.
It was just a joke.
They're happy, they're celebrating
the conquer
He says you were scared
to death by gunshots.
A little. Yes, a little.
Everything is safe now,
nothing is going to happen.
The government is with us now,
nothing is going to happen.
Well, Mrs. Aurelia Rodríguez
is one of the delegates
of the NGO SafeLife,
operating in different countries
and in Afghanistan, as well.
A commendable job.
We have received the information
about that NGO's activities.
Well, the thing is
that before domestic flights
were canceled,
the NGO received medical equipment
that has remained here,
at the military airport.
And it urgently needs to reach
their hospital in Tajikistan.
He said
you can deliver the material to us
and we'll move it to the refugee camps
across the border.
I appreciate it,
but it is a perishable material.
Two Spanish army vehicles
could take the material
directly to its destination faster.
We're requesting authorization
to cross the country.
As a token of appreciation,
the NGO would also donate part of it
to your hospitals.
He says that the West and Spain,
make us look like demons.
They treat us like barbarians,
like wild animals.
They don't want to negotiate with us,
because they say that we are terrorists.
Now you want your army to roam freely
in our country?
We are not as bad
as you make us out to be.
We may be ugly, but we're not bad.
He's joking.
He says
that if it's only medical equipment,
he doesn't see any inconvenience
in transferring them there.
He'll talk to the Ministry of Defense
to authorize you to cross borders.
He says that he hopes
to have meetings like these more often,
he's looking forward to it.
Of course, of course.
Of course, of course.
-May God give you health.
-May God give you health.
-How are you doing?
-I'm fine, I'm fine.
Well, I've been talking to Walid.
He will take you to Taloqan tomorrow.
He thanks you.
He wants your watch.
He says it is a very good watch.
I see a lot of fear in your eyes,
and your eyes are pure.
I can see a lot of pain
inside your eyes.
You have to pray
and God will take care of you.
You must change your clothes.
The women will give you
their husbands' clothes.
Walid! Treat my daughter well!
Treat my daughter well!
Fazela! Fazela!
I got you some real food.
No American burgers
for one night, at least.
When can I return to my daughter?
At night.
It's the safest way. Our GEO men
will get you out of the airport.
He'll come back, Fazela.
We're going to rescue your husband,
do you hear me?
Yeah, the Western savior.
Now you're leaving
a trail of disaster behind,
and we Afghans will stay here
and put up with what happens.
I can get you three back
to Spain. Trust me.
What about my parents,
my sister, my friends?
They're here. I'll stay with them.
It is complicated.
I am very sorry for this,
I am sorry for you, your family
and for this country.
It's complicated!
Nothing will change here, either.
Here, to be born a woman
is to be born a criminal.
They look at you, and you provoke them.
You fight back, and you are a scoundrel.
They rape you, and you had it coming.
Massoud shouldn't have gone there.
He should be at home.
The woman who is with your husband
could have been saved
and decided to stay.
She has a 6-month-old baby in Madrid.
We all have families.
-Take this, please.
-I don't want it. Thanks.
I said I don't want it!
Very well.
Come on, hide! Don't make any noise.
Quickly, quickly!
-Why, Mullah? What have I done?
-Take him away! Come on!
They've taken him because of you!
They've taken him because of you!
She says this is our fault.
They won't hurt him, they want us.
If they kill him, it will be your fault!
Calm down! She says
we'll get them all killed.
She wants us to leave. Calm down!
-What is she saying?
-We'll get them killed.
She wants us to leave. Calm down.
Calm down.
Calm down.
Calm down.
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