Las Chicas Del Cable (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Los recuerdos

1 [Alba.]
There are moments when time seems to stand still.
Instants when you remember, in barely a second, all the important moments of your life.
To forget or to remember I thought I could forget my past if I took the money.
How could I be so naive? You can't forget who you are because someone always comes along to make you remember.
If it's you, why lie to me, Alba? Now you understand.
I didn't know you were here.
It's the truth.
I imagined a thousand times how I'd see you again.
Crossing the street with a husband and two children.
Or in the paper as the first woman to achieve God knows what.
I imagined it all except this.
- Let me go, Francisco.
- Leave the money and shut the safe.
I can't do that.
I need this money.
You don't understand.
Why? Tell me.
Why do you want to rob me? If I don't have this money before 1:00, I'm in big trouble.
[door opens.]
Francisco? Everyone is toasting downstairs, and you're up here.
Some cocktail party bills had to be paid in advance.
- I came for the money.
- Where were they? I knew I'd left them here.
I was sure.
You should be more careful.
The wrong person could get their hands on them.
You were right.
It was a bad idea to trust the new girl with the call.
I was sure she could do it.
Never mind.
It all worked out.
That girl Lidia has me under her spell.
My father was grinning from ear to ear.
"We've made history, my son!" he kept saying.
I need at least two drinks before he starts bragging in front of the king.
Francisco! I'm getting security to change the locks to my office and the safe.
But the keys turned up.
I know, but we have a lot of new staff this week, and you never know who you can trust.
[clicks tongue.]
Don't leave me alone for long with those old fogies.
- [Carlota.]
Leaving already? - I don't belong here.
I quit.
- [Ángeles.]
- Will you hand it in for me? I have to go.
If it's about the call, I can talk to Sara.
- [Alba.]
I don't want you to.
- But she can help.
I don't want you to help me.
Not you, not Ángeles, none of you! Why? We're friends.
- I don't have any friends.
- But I thought we Well, no! Someone you've known for two days is not your friend! You don't help her or trust her, because you don't know her! You don't know who I am.
I wanted love the most A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES But it never stays long A notch to my bedpost Pretend they're mine Sundress wrinkled on the floor I'm naked, you're not here no more To keep me warm Keep me warm Crack the door with a trash bin Maybe you will come back in And keep me warm Keep me warm My love, my love, my love Pour salt in the wound My love, my love, my love Pour salt in the wound Damn that woman.
What do you want us to do? I want my money.
Get it.
What if she doesn't have it? Bring her to me.
Miss Millán.
Ángeles, the call today made it clear that you're ready for this promotion.
CHAPTER 2: MEMORIES I need you to supervise the girls, so please think it over before you decide.
- Sara.
- Don Francisco.
I'm looking for Miss Aguilar.
I want to speak to her.
She left.
She gathered her things and left a few minutes ago.
She asked me to hand in her resignation for her.
Thank you.
- Come here, blue eyes.
- [chuckles.]
[Carolina moaning.]
- Mario, we shouldn't be doing this.
- What's wrong? I'm just a man celebrating finally getting a decent job with a woman in his arms who drives him crazy.
You mean "lover.
" [Mario.]
I told you, I'm leaving her.
It's a matter of time.
[Carolina moans.]
We agreed not to do this in the office until your wife quits.
What does it matter? [Carolina.]
How can you be so sure she's going to quit? Because I'm her husband and I ordered her to do it.
Well, Sara's offered her a promotion and from what I heard, the conditions are much better than what she's had up to now.
She didn't say anything to me.
Nothing can justify the way Lidia treated you.
We all have our problems.
You miss your hometown, I've been kicked out of my house Marga! It's the guy who got my purse back.
- [Carlota.]
Him? - He works here? He's in administration.
Pablo, I think he's called.
I don't believe it.
Pablo from administration? He's one of my subscribers.
I connect all his calls.
Look at him.
Handsome, isn't he? I mean, he's cute.
With the fright yesterday, I didn't notice.
He's a dish, huh? A dish He's too far away for me to tell you if he's a dish.
- Introduce yourself, then you can tell me.
- No, no Are you crazy? After the fool I made of myself, no.
I ran off, Carlota, as if he was the thief.
- Go on, Marga, go.
- No.
- Look out.
- Sorry.
Sorry, miss, I didn't see you.
[both panting.]
Sometimes I'm a real klutz.
A strange way to finally meet Mario.
- Uh, Mario? - Mm-hmm.
My husband.
I hadn't had the chance to introduce you, but this is Carlota and Marga.
Nice to meet you.
- Shall we go? - Sure.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Shall we go, honey? - Mm-hmm.
Oh! I've got to pick up Sofía from Doña María's house.
You don't need to.
I spoke to her.
Sofía's spending the night there.
Why? Because you've got to dine and dance with your husband.
I want you to start enjoying the kind of life that I'll give you when you stop working.
- [Carlota.]
Go on, tell me.
- [Marga.]
Tell you what? [Carlota.]
Your head's somewhere else.
No, Carlota, I'm fine.
I'm - [Carlota.]
You're an open book.
- [Marga.]
Carlota [Carlota.]
You've been like this since work.
- [Marga.]
No, I'm fine.
- Tell me.
I can be a pest when I want to know something, so just tell me! It's fine, really.
Let's drop it.
- Are you sure? - I'm sure.
Carlota, you have a visitor.
Why are you here? - Kicking her out didn't work.
- [clicks tongue.]
She hasn't thought it over, and she's standing her ground.
It hasn't been long.
Perhaps in a few days we can And what will people think? That I can't straighten out my own daughter? We tried it your way.
Now it's my turn.
Emilio, please don't do anything we might regret later.
I know what I have to do.
- [music playing.]
- [indistinct chatter.]
Your Majesty, we cannot rest if we want our companies to keep progressing as they have been.
It's an ambitious plan, considering the world's not infinite.
You know the saying.
"Good business means staying one jump ahead.
" It just means seeing into the future.
And here we have our expert.
Francisco, finally.
Your Majesty, I'm so sorry I'm late.
Three years ago, I thought he was crazy when he proposed building a skyscraper in the capital and look now.
It was Carlos' idea.
But it wouldn't have become a reality without your work.
He hired the architect and supervised construction personally.
Three years of colossal work.
Uh, Majesty Let him puff his feathers like a peacock.
You don't need his praise.
You have his shares.
[Carlos chuckles.]
Are you all right? I'm fine, really.
Don't let what he said get to you.
Don't give him the satisfaction.
You say you love me How do I know? You say you miss me Then I didn't go Baby, we could be together [inaudible.]
How long, how long? Tell me, what are you waiting for? [laughs.]
Cheer up.
You have more than enough reasons to be happy.
And I think we can find another, because I've been thinking it over [laughing.]
going over and over it, and I don't think there's any reason why we couldn't have a child.
Can you imagine a little Francisco running around the house, laughing? The more I think about it, the more excited I am.
What's wrong? [chuckles.]
Aren't you excited? Of course I'm excited.
It's not that.
Then what? Francisco, I want to be a mother.
- I want to be a mother.
- Elisa, you want to be a mother? Get lost in the dark instead Come on, come on Have you thought about whether it's a good time for us? For the company? [softly.]
The company? The company? What about family? Am I the only one That you want tonight? I spend my whole life thinking about the Cifuentes name.
Don't tell me what I do or don't have to do.
Sir, there's a woman asking for you at the entrance.
Am I the only one That you want tonight? Tell her I'll be right there.
I'm sorry to bother you.
I have what you asked for.
Come in.
Sara, come to my office first thing tomorrow.
There's a list of subscribers I want you to listen to.
Francisco, I need help.
With the opening of the building, I have barely any time.
Get an operator to carry out the assignment.
Sara! Someone you can control.
Don Benjamín, I'm glad you could make it.
Who could decline an invitation like this? It's one of those events you tell your grandchildren about.
That's exactly why we had to invite our government delegate.
[inhales sharply.]
But I wasn't sure if you could come.
You're so busy.
- Yes, the past weeks have been difficult.
- I imagine.
No one said leading a double life was easy.
Excuse me? Don't act surprised.
You can fool your wife, but don't play innocent with me.
I'm not having a good day.
The transcriptions of your chats with your wife's sister, everything from the last few weeks.
What do you want? Government authorization that is, your authorization to raise subscriber fees.
Come now, you can convince anyone.
I think I can help you.
Don Ricardo will be happy to hear that.
But the company must also do me and the regime a favor.
We know a faction of the army is unhappy with government orders.
The king fears a coup.
He wants the rebels' names and the date of the coup.
You can count on having our collaboration and service.
[boxes clattering.]
Nothing, no trace of the money.
Beltrán said it should be here.
Keep looking.
[drawers clattering.]
Let's find her! [rat squeaking.]
[rats squeaking.]
Get in.
[young Alba coughing.]
Here, put this on.
Go on.
Do you want to catch pneumonia? Go on.
Why'd they lock you up? It was a mistake.
I'm not a thief.
In this city, just looking like one can get you in here.
You don't look like a thief, and you're in this cell, too.
Yes, but there's a difference.
You know how long it'll take me to get out? One hour.
Two, tops.
But, you How long have you been in here? When my boyfriend finds me, he'll get me Yeah, sure.
Here's some advice.
Never wait for a man to help you out.
I'm sure he's replaced you by now.
Come on.
Your bail's been posted.
[cell door unlocking.]
Victoria taught me to forget.
She taught me not to tie myself to anything I couldn't leave behind.
People who think they are our friends are just people we can take advantage of when we need them before leaving them behind.
That's what Victoria said.
What are you doing here? I wanted to apologize.
I acted like an idiot this morning.
I felt bad and took it out on you.
It wasn't your fault.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's no wonder you were nervous.
About the call, I mean.
So don't worry.
Well, I won't bother you.
I can see you're busy.
Goodbye, Marga.
Lidia! Lidia, wait! [upbeat music playing.]
Welcome to the boardinghouse, Lidia.
Luckily, Lola's at church.
She left 50 minutes ago.
It's a ten-minute walk Carlota said there was plenty of time for What was it called? A soirée.
It turns out it means "party" in French.
I'm sorry.
You've got yourself a republican suffragette girlfriend.
"Girlfriend"? No, I'm free.
And if you're against women voting [Víctor.]
If women vote, it'll hurt us, because most are housewives or religious, so they'd vote for whoever their husbands or the church says.
The issue is that they're dependent - It looks like a union meeting.
- Yes.
- [Miguel.]
This is how a revolution starts! - You're finally here! And a last-minute guest.
What are you doing here? You left it pretty clear how you felt about us this morning.
Carlota, she apologized.
Yes I took it out on you when it wasn't your fault, so I'm sorry.
Well, all right.
Get yourself a drink.
What did you bring? Anisette.
You really brought anisette? - It's what they do in my town.
- [scoffs.]
- Have you ever drunk anisette? - Never.
But they say it helps you forget.
Are you all right? I opened the door, and there was Ángeles' husband and Francisco's secretary, Carolina doing well, you know what.
Now I'm not sure.
Do I tell her or not? If it were me, I'd like to know.
But Ángeles is a mother.
She's married with a child.
- What would you do? - You and I are very different.
But if you'd seen them and had to see Ángeles the next day would you tell her? I've never liked people meddling in my life, so I'd rather not meddle in theirs.
You save yourself a lot of trouble.
And you can keep yourself from getting hurt.
Sure, you're right.
You're right.
Anisette, I hope you work.
Besides, Ángeles is a smart lady.
She must know what her husband's like.
Turn the lights on Hold on tight [Ángeles.]
Mario, I didn't tell you Sara offered me a promotion.
That's why I couldn't resign.
I didn't tell you because I didn't know how you'd react.
And we've been arguing so much, I was afraid you wouldn't understand.
A chance to walk Away, away, away So why tell me now? [chuckles.]
Because now I know what I want, Mario.
I do now.
I listen to you, and I see what a wonderful night we're having and I know what I want.
I know I want to be with you.
And I think that the best thing is for me to stop working.
When they turn the lights on Hold on tighter to me I love you.
I can feel the rush We can fight for it This place will never be the way It's time to break away [slurring.]
Right now, I want to tell all men that they're pigs.
They're pigs and they care little or nothing about what we think.
- What do you say? - Sit down.
- You overdid it with the anisette.
- I'm tipsy? What's that got to do with it? - Do you agree with me? - Yes.
I know that some of them try to do the right thing.
Who knows? You're right.
- [chuckles.]
Like Pablo.
- Who's Pablo? - My hero.
- Stop drinking.
He stopped me from getting robbed.
He's cute, and he's got curly hair.
I just love curly hair, but I'm a coward.
I didn't even thank him.
He gets my handbag back Can you believe it? I can't.
But I'm going to fix it right now.
I'll write him a letter thanking him for saving me.
Marga! [exclaiming.]
The apocalypse is here! [chuckling.]
- [Carlota.]
It's Doña Lola! - Do me a favor.
Leave this in the company mailbox.
- All right.
- Promise? I promise.
Party's over.
Go out the kitchen door.
[all laughing.]
Short, but it'll do till tomorrow.
Come on, hurry.
[doorknob rattling.]
Where are you running off to, María Inmaculada? Now you're in a hurry to get to sleep? You can't be sleepy after turning this house into a den of iniquity.
[Lola gasps.]
[all laughing.]
Men in this boardinghouse! Have you no shame or morals? Your grandmother will be shocked when she finds out her granddaughter is a tart! [slurring.]
You're a tart! I'm 21, Doña Lola and I work to pay for that room.
Call my grandmother, but I'm not a little girl.
I don't need anyone's permission to do what I do with my life.
Doña Lola? Oh, God, I called her a tart.
Really, that's not me.
It was the anisette.
Are you sure? They say that children and drunks tell the truth.
Don't tell me you didn't have fun, even just a little bit.
We won't get kicked out? No, Lola's bark is worse than her bite.
When she goes to sleep, you can go home.
Girls could I stay here with you? Just for a couple of days, until things calm down and I find a solution.
Did something happen to you? [crying.]
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I don't want to burden you with my problems.
You have enough of your own.
No, don't worry.
If you get it off your chest, you might feel better.
Sit down.
Why can't you go home? This is my mother.
Well, she was.
She got sick recently.
The doctors said they couldn't do anything for her and the best thing was for her to enjoy the short time she had left.
So I decided to take her to Argentina with me, something we'd always wanted to do together.
I was willing to do anything, even borrow money from bad people.
But her disease beat me to it and took her before I could get her away from here.
And all I was left with were enormous debts [sighs.]
and thugs after me for money I don't have.
- How much do you owe them? - [crying.]
A lot, Marga.
A lot.
And they want it now.
These people are dangerous, and I'm scared they'll find me.
Let's see There must be a solution, something we can do.
I think there's one way for me to get rid of them.
Well for us to get rid of them, because I can't do it without a couple A couple of friends.
Two friends.
A heap of extremely sad stories It never fails.
And if you add some tears, you can even get people to risk what they treasure most.
Ángeles! Ángeles! Hello.
Lidia, I thought you weren't coming back to the company.
I'm not, but I need a favor.
But you have to know, you may be risking your job.
All our jobs, but it's for a good cause.
Some guys want to - [overlapping chatter.]
- I can explain.
No, there's nothing to explain.
What do I have to do? Are you sure you can make a call seem like it's coming from France? I've been working here for years.
Marga, keep a lookout for Sara.
Yes, I'll be the lookout.
Go, get inside.
I'll do it.
Pascual! Get in.
Do you know the subscriber number? San Blas 415.
[in French.]
415 San Blas.
Carlota, I need to talk to you.
Can you come with me? Not now.
I'll see you later.
Hey! - Where'd you get all this money? - Your father.
He tried to bribe me into leaving you.
He thinks I convinced you to become independent.
I'm sorry.
[phone ringing.]
[in French accent.]
Monsieur, you have a call from Paris.
Do you wish to take it? Yes, of course.
Bonjour, Beltrán.
You bitch.
You can tell your thugs to leave me alone or to get their passports and cross the Pyrenees.
I swear I won't stop until I find you.
What are you up to? [Sara.]
Speak up.
What are you doing? France, huh? I don't know how you did it, but I will track you down and get my money.
Do you hear me? My money, or I'll report you and make sure you're executed I want an explanation.
You, too? You all know how serious it is to let non-staff make use of these switchboards.
You'll have to explain to the director, and he'll decide if you follow Miss Aguilar's footsteps and lose your jobs.
- No, they - That's enough! All of you, come with me.
Let's go.
Don Francisco, I'm sorry to have called you at home.
It seems it wasn't enough for Miss Aguilar to ruin the king's call.
She thinks the switchboard room is her parlor and went inside with her friends.
It's all my fault.
They're not to blame.
You can explain it to me in my office.
The rest of you wait outside.
The girls weren't involved.
It's not fair their jobs are at stake.
I thought I'd never see you again.
It's only because I had no choice.
What did you do? I needed the switchboard and the girls.
For what? To make someone think I was out of the country.
- Who is this person? - What does that matter? I want to know if you're in danger, Alba.
I owe money and if I don't pay it back, I'll go to jail or worse.
That's why I opened the safe.
I'm not the girl you knew.
This is what I've become.
When you pay these people could you start a new life? Maybe here? I haven't relied on anyone for ten years, and this won't be the exception.
I didn't say I'd give you the money.
It'd be a loan.
You could pay it off and come back to work tomorrow.
I'm sorry.
I'll find a way out of this, like I always have.
Alba, if you don't stay, the girls will lose their jobs.
They'll be the ones who pay.
[inhales deeply.]
Alba I'm not the boy you knew back home, either.
Do you want to try me? [softly.]
You wouldn't dare.
I might do anything to keep you close to me.
Miss Aguilar filled me in, and it's all clear now.
Don't let it happen again.
All right? Back to your posts.
- And Sara - Yes, Don Francisco.
Miss Aguilar is coming back to the company.
But she'll be in customer support.
It's punishment enough for a new girl.
Miss Aguilar! Sara, I want to speak to you alone.
First Carlos, now Francisco.
Heads have rolled for less here, but you're still standing.
I don't know what you do in that office to get away with it, but I can imagine.
Be very careful.
I think you're running out of bosses to string along.
You be careful.
From now on, stay out of my business.
You don't want to have me as an enemy.
I sure wouldn't.
A coup d'état! It's what the government delegate fears.
Here's a list of the numbers of the barracks under suspicion.
As you know, any detail that might help us.
Who's behind it, when they're planning to do it All right.
And, Sara, absolute discretion, as usual.
Miss Aguilar, you have a package from management.
Thank you.
I'm dying to know what Lidia said to Francisco to get us off the hook.
I've got such a headache and my stomach hurts - And you had a great time! - If I could only remember.
I don't believe it.
I just remembered.
I wrote a letter to Pablo.
What Pablo? Your Pablo? He's not my Pablo.
Well, yes he is.
I gave it to someone - What does it say? - I don't remember.
Marga! Marga! The note, where is it? I put it in the mailbox first thing.
They're delivering the mail now.
Ask for Diego.
Ricardo, switch it on! Diego, anything for me? Thank you.
What happened? Did he read the note? Yes.
But at least I don't think he saw me.
It's Pablo.
Carlota, it's Pablo.
Then pick it up and sort it out.
No, Carlota.
No, please.
Carlota, no.
Operator 47.
How can I help you? Yes, hello.
[clears throat.]
Forty-seven? Is this Marga? No, I'm not Marga.
But you just said you were Operator 47.
I did? I got mixed up.
I'm Operator 57.
I'm Pablo, in administration.
I'd like to speak to Operator 47.
I'm sorry, operators and subscribers aren't allowed I know, but it's important.
Don't worry, it's fine.
I'll come down and speak to her in person.
No, there's no need.
Uh, what did you want to talk to her about? With all due respect, this doesn't concern you.
Uh, no, of course not.
Operator 47 isn't here.
And when can I speak to her? Never.
I mean, she doesn't work here anymore.
She went home because she couldn't handle city life.
Well [clears throat.]
All right, then.
Thanks a lot.
Sorry to bother you.
And you are I'm Operator 57 47 57.
Don't forget it.
A pleasure, Miss 57.
Same here, Don Pablo.
Have a good day.
Operator 57? You lied to him.
You're getting yourself in such a jam! Customer support, technical and subscriber assistance.
Good afternoon.
Aguilar! I had no idea you were in customer support.
If my boss hadn't had the bright idea to have a new hire handle the king's call You're right, that boss should first apologize and then take you to dinner tonight.
You're calling the number for customer support, not the one for flirting with the staff.
Why else would I be calling? I have a problem with my line.
- This is your line.
- My other line.
Take a note, miss.
No, very urgent.
When did you start having difficulties? Some 30 seconds ago.
Could you describe it, please? I have a reservation for two in Madrid's most exclusive restaurant, and my date just turned me down, so technically, I need your assistance at once, Miss Aguilar.
I'm sorry, this department doesn't deal with those claims.
You'll have to call another one.
Lots of girls in the switchboard room would be willing to help you.
I've called the switchboard room many times, but, between you and me, I wasn't satisfied.
Has it occurred to you that they might not have been satisfied with you? Maybe.
There's only one way to find out.
Come to dinner with me.
Have a good evening, Don Carlos.
At 8:30, I'll send a car around.
See you at dinner.
Is this Laura García? I'm calling on behalf of the Telephone Company.
We're looking for a replacement for an operator.
Could you come for an interview tomorrow? Thank you.
Ángeles, are you all right? - Who are you replacing? - Me.
I'm leaving the company, girls.
But why? Because Mario and I decided long ago that this would be temporary and [sobbing.]
Mario thinks it's what's best for the family, and so do I.
But I really like my job.
Then don't quit.
You don't have to do everything Mario says.
Carlota, you don't understand.
My family is very important.
My family comes first.
Mario's cheating on you with a woman who works here.
That's why he wants you to quit.
Ángeles! Ángeles, wait! Wait! Ángeles, wait! You don't know me.
You don't know Mario.
Mario's lying to you.
- You have to know.
- It's not true.
- He's lying to you.
- That's not true.
I've tried to help you, and now you want to destroy my marriage.
It's no wonder you don't have any friends, Lidia.
- [Marga.]
Why did you tell her? - [Alba.]
She has to open her eyes! She can't change her life for the wrong reasons! Because so many women submit to their husbands, and she can't be one of them.
You said you didn't like meddling in other people's lives.
That's what I thought.
I had learned to take care of myself, to avoid making friends, to not have memories that would make me vulnerable, to forget everyone else.
I never was a good student.
Small town Nothing's what it seems Drive all night To escape my broken dreams Television flickers like a flame I'm hurting And there's no one else to blame I should have listened [Beltrán.]
I hope this isn't another one of your little tricks.
Darling, keep fighting those demons In your head Sure, I was pretty reckless - How did you get it? - It's none of your business.
I kept my part of the bargain.
I hope you intend to keep yours.
Ash to ashes Dust to dust Did you do it? Yes.
I'm glad.
Now get in the car.
I don't want to.
Please, get in.
I want to show you something.
Then I swear I'll leave you alone.
Nobody said that forgetting everything would be easy.
I believe this is your money.
Maybe you can pay a girl to play the perfect, submissive daughter, because I'm not your daughter anymore! [Alba.]
Sometimes your life pursues you and you can't escape it.
That was Carlota, wasn't it? Do you see how important it is to fire her? [Alba.]
Maybe that's precisely the problem trying to forget.
Tell me, baby What have you come here for? VICTORIA KENT CONFERENCE IN THE LYCEUM, MADRID But I can't close my eyes I'm losing track Of all the countless tears I've cried Ash to ashes Carlota? What a coincidence! This is the last place I expected to see you.
Sara, ma'am, I didn't know you were Don't be so formal.
We're not at work.
Sit next to me if you like.
Drive me away from here I wanna disappear I need to know a way Excuse me.
- Ángeles Vidal? - Yes, that's me.
I'm told you're handling the hiring of a replacement operator.
You called everyone except me, and I don't know why.
If you give me your name, I'll check the list tomorrow.
Lidia Aguilar.
I guess you remember this place.
Francisco, this doesn't make sense.
I can't stop thinking about the irony of all this.
If I'd had a phone, I could've called you.
It's not worth talking about things you can't change.
But it is, if it's about what happens from now on.
Do you want me to tell you what's going to happen? We'll recall our past and say goodbye.
You'll go home to your mansion and your pretty wife.
And I'll I went to 340 boardinghouses trying to find you after sleeping here for a week, waiting for you to come back.
Because the only truth is that we are our memories, and each and every one of them, for better or worse, makes you the person you are.
I've woken up.
And I'd forgotten how much I could feel until I saw you again.
I need someone to Drive me away from here I wanna disappear I need to know a way I haven't been Alba for a long time.
And dust to dust [Francisco.]
I lost you here once.
It won't happen again.
Whatever you do, no matter how much you change your life, your appearance, your name, the memories always, always stay with you.
And you can never forget the most important ones.
You've seen the light How it's shining bright, shining down Through the clouds Making everything come alive Making everything wrong feel right Making everything loose feel tight Like the stars in the heavens Lined up Like I'm only on the set There's no more feeling like it's over But the only thing that's over I'm no longer standing over I don't know what's the use, the use They no longer can refuse me 'Cause now I'm taking control And now, tonight I'm getting out, out, out of this place And I'm not falling behind I'll hold the winning trophy At the end of this race I'll be dancing in the rain I'll be drinking champagne! This is my night And I own it Say yeah