Las Chicas Del Cable (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Las mentiras

1 From a very young age, we're taught that lying is wrong that it makes you a bad person.
But that's just the first lie.
Lies help us overcome our fears.
They project a tailored image of ourselves to others.
In short, lies help us live.
IDENTITY CARD I'd lied many times in my life.
I never felt guilt or remorse, and I always got away with it.
Until I decided to become Lidia Aguilar.
She wasn't selected.
Don Francisco, she was tricked.
The girl swears up and down that this woman stopped her from taking the tests.
- And you think I tricked her? - You certainly fit the description.
This is absurd.
I am Lidia Aguilar.
If you are, why don't you show us your identification? - I didn't bring it.
- Sure.
What a coincidence.
- Well, I'm working.
- Sure, sure.
In all my time here, I've never had a situation like this.
I know every single employee.
Do you know how many Antonio Garcías or Dolores Ruizes there are here? Hmm? You did the right thing by informing me, but I'd like this to remain as it is, merely an unfortunate coincidence.
- Yes, of course, sir.
- Thank you, Ángeles.
If you'll excuse me.
Talk to her.
Stop her from telling anyone else.
I'm sorry you had to lie again because of me.
- I don't care about that.
- Well, I do.
It's obvious that I only cause problems for you.
Since I left, everything's gone so well for you.
Are you going to pretend that nothing happened? - That kiss was a mistake.
- No, it wasn't, Alba.
Since you arrived, everything's changed for me.
What do you want? You.
Tell me you don't.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Son, it's just as well you're still here.
The early bird catches the worm.
That must be why the poor get up so early, something you clearly don't need to do.
No, nor do any of us.
Father and Francisco leave early of their own free will.
We need to talk to you.
Your sister's worried about Francisco.
- Mother, please! - When isn't she? Talk to him.
Find out if something's worrying him, if CHAPTER 3: LIES If there's another woman! Fine.
Yes, it's true.
Your husband's cheating on you.
He's cheating on you with the Telephone Company.
Idiot! For God's sake, your jokes are always in such poor taste.
Mother, Francisco's only problem is that he works too hard.
You see, my girl? You needn't worry.
Don't obsess, and let's get on with our lives.
Have you taken your medication? - Happy? - Yes.
Switchboard? Good morning.
This is Mrs.
I want to speak to Carolina, my husband's secretary.
Management Office.
Hello? - Carolina, good morning.
- Good morning, Elisa.
- I'll put you through to Francisco.
- No, no.
I want to speak to you.
How long have you been working for the company? Three or four years? Four and a half, to be exact.
Not counting my time on the switchboard.
I know.
And you've always been there when I needed you, true? Of course.
You know how much I owe your family.
Look, what I'm going to propose is to stay between us.
I don't want anyone to find out.
- How can I help you, Elisa? - Hmm I want to be informed about my husband's activities.
If you mean his schedule, I could Carolina, please, we're both women who know how men work.
Must I explain in detail what I want to know? I want to know if my husband has a lover.
A lover? Francisco? Uh, I'm very sorry, but I just want you to tell me if you find out anything.
I assure you, I can be very generous.
How could you do that to me? Do you want to get me fired? No.
I don't.
I just want you to tell the truth.
You're hiding something.
It doesn't matter what you say, I don't believe you.
It's better to think I'm a liar who lied to you about Mario, too.
That's much better.
You know what? If you're hurt, take it out on him, not me.
I've got nothing to do with this.
What's going on? We could hear you from the hallway.
Tell them.
Tell them.
Her name's not Lidia Aguilar.
She's a liar.
What are you saying? Denying it doesn't make it less true.
- You're a liar.
- Ángeles Keep on deceiving yourself.
It's your marriage, not mine.
Yes, it's my marriage.
He's my husband.
You didn't see anything.
You made it up.
She didn't make it up, Ángeles.
She didn't see him with someone else.
I did.
At the grand opening party, I opened the bathroom door and I didn't know he was your husband, so I didn't dare tell you.
Lidia thought you should know.
I told you I wasn't lying.
Ángeles, are you all right? Ángeles! What's wrong? I had an argument with Lidia.
It was just awful, Carolina.
With Lidia? There's a girl who says she's Lidia Aguilar and that the Lidia we know isn't really Lidia at all.
She's not who she says she is.
Is that why you were talking to Francisco this morning? Yes.
I told him, but he didn't believe me.
He says it was a coincidence, and he believed her.
- I feel dizzy.
- Ángeles, I was looking for you.
Are you all right? No, she's not.
She's a little unwell, Sara.
Miss Millán, do you mind if I take the day off? Yes, of course, if you're not feeling well.
- Thank you.
- I'll see her out.
Girls, I'd like to speak to you.
This has all been a mix-up.
I can't convince Ángeles but I wouldn't want you to doubt me as well.
Sure, it's a coincidence.
Lots of people have the same name.
Don't worry about us.
- Carlota, may I have a word? - Yes, of course.
Is Ángeles all right? - I just saw her in the hallway, and - Yes.
- Well, no.
It's a personal matter.
- I understand.
I don't want to pry.
I was just worried it was about work.
Were you aware that tomorrow's her last day? - Yes, I heard.
- Ángeles is a model employee.
I was thinking of organizing a surprise farewell party for her.
- If you could help me - Sure, I'd love to.
Of course.
It's not every day a woman's worth is recognized.
By the way, congratulations on your part in the talk yesterday.
I just said what I think.
What a lot of us think.
It's nice to meet people with whom you share ideas and beliefs.
But be careful who you talk to about the Lyceum meetings.
Not everyone agrees with us.
- Sure, I understand.
- Back to work.
- What? Are you crazy? - Ángeles told me everything.
- Everything, or just about me? - You don't fool me.
I know your type.
- Butter wouldn't melt in your mouth.
- Are you talking about yourself or me? It was tough for me to get to where I am now, and I'm not letting anyone jeopardize that.
Mind your own business, or you'll be the one with the problem.
I hope you can prove who you are because you'll have to prove it to the police.
What's wrong? Did you think this was just a chat in the changing room? Ángeles may be a saint, but I can't let this go.
- What about Francisco? - Francisco did all he could.
I convinced one operator, but, Victoria, if the cops show up Honey, if they do, you'd better not be there.
- I can't leave now.
- Why's that? If I do, they'll fire all the girls who have helped me.
Alba sacrificing herself for her friends? I thought I taught you not to be sentimental and that after what happened to Gimena, you'd learned your lesson.
I need fake papers that say I'm Lidia Aguilar.
- Sure.
By when? - Today.
That's impossible.
You know I need at least two days.
A birth certificate, anything.
All right.
I'll talk to my contact.
Miss Aguilar? Come around tonight.
I hope to have the papers by then What a nice coincidence.
It makes coming to work a joy.
Well, coincidence or fate.
It's trouble in my case, but you can see it as you like.
Why? You know, the reprimand, the customer support department Ah, the reprimand.
- Are you always so pragmatic? - Are you always so frivolous? You're one of the few people I know who always says what they think.
That must be a rare thing in your life.
True, but I must admit that you've disappointed me this time.
Being the boss' son with a silver spoon in my mouth doesn't mean I'm empty-headed.
I've got big dreams for myself and for the company.
I'm sorry I broke your heart.
Does that mean you'll stop asking me out to dinner? - No.
- Gee! This world is for the stubborn.
And when I have a dream, I chase it until I reach it.
And what are your dreams, Miss Aguilar? Some of us don't have the luxury of having dreams.
We just try to survive.
What are you doing? Nothing, Don Ricardo That's not even my best impression of my father.
- Like father, like - Finish that sentence, and you're fired.
I sense your nervous energy is due to more than just the line issues.
Any new stroke of genius I should know about? I'm losing sleep over the rotary.
What's wrong with the little fellow? I think I've found the key to stop it from overheating.
The exponential rise in calls and simultaneous running is no problem if processing management is Okay, okay! Do you think you can solve it? I don't think so.
I know so.
But to check, we need to build a prototype Miguel, one step at a time.
First, we have to convince my father.
- We'll do that tomorrow.
- You're serious? Make a list of what you need, and I'll take care of it.
It won't be cheap, Carlos.
Making dreams come true never is.
- Carolina.
- Good morning.
- I didn't know you were here.
- There's money missing.
Did you take it? It was an emergency.
What kind of emergency? My sister's worried about you.
She thinks you have a lover.
She asked me to find out.
Remember I told you the other day that I'd seen Alba again? It was her.
She needed money, and I lent it to her.
I'll pay it back, I swear.
I won't say a thing.
You can trust me.
It's a delicate situation.
I'll have some cognac, too.
A generous amount.
Why didn't you tell me before? Because Alba isn't the person she was.
She's changed a lot.
You're not thinking of leaving my sister, are you? You have to be honest with yourself, Francisco.
We're friends.
That won't change, no matter what you decide.
But Elisa's my sister, and she doesn't deserve to be hurt.
Thanks, Carlos.
She'd eventually get over it, but my father wouldn't rest until he'd destroyed you.
Come in.
Uh, Don Francisco, the police are here.
- The best.
- I know, right? It's amazing what you can do with the telephone.
Carlota, today's a great day, an historic day.
I hope it's not pie in the sky, but this could be pioneering.
No one understands what you're talking about.
The Rotary 7.
Carlos is behind me.
We're showing it to his father.
- Congratulations.
What's a Rotary 7? - What is this project? I never listen when you talk about integral equations.
I'll cut out the scientific jargon.
The Rotary 7 is the future of telecommunications.
It's a long way off.
I need to present the project, build the prototype One step at a time.
If it works, you'll be rich? My head's spinning thinking about it.
The Cifuenteses will make a fortune off of it.
- Excuse me.
Are you Miss Aguilar? - Mm-hmm.
The director wants to see you in his office.
- Go right in.
They're waiting for you.
- Best of luck, honey.
Are you Miss Aguilar? Inspector Beltrán.
Take a seat, please.
Relax, it's nothing.
We got a report from someone who says you took her spot in the company's tests.
I've told him things like that don't happen in my company.
- I trust my staff completely.
- It's obviously just a coincidence.
Most likely.
And after a simple check, I'm sure this matter will be settled.
Miss, do you have any papers to verify your identity? - I told Don Francisco - Is this really necessary? I'm afraid so.
Excuse me, could you leave me alone with Miss Aguilar? It will just be a moment.
Let's go.
What's all this about? You know very well that I don't have papers.
I know it, you know it, but they don't.
I know all about you, Don Francisco, your past with him and this reunion at the station.
Keep it.
I have more.
Maybe you don't care about your life.
No wonder.
It's not a great life.
But what if I went out there and showed people this photo? What do you think would happen to your dear Francisco? What do you want? Money? I'm not surprised that you got the job.
You're pretty smart for a woman.
- What if I say no? - You won't.
- What's taking so long? - How should I know? Sorry.
I don't like the police being here.
Excuse me.
Shall I prepare the dismissal letter? Whose dismissal? Um, this girl's built up several work infractions, and considering the criteria for dismissal, I thought Carolina, you're not paid to think.
Don Ricardo may have been fond of you, but while I'm director, just do as I say and keep your thoughts to yourself.
Very well.
It's all sorted out.
Miss Aguilar is who she says.
It was just an unfortunate coincidence.
If you don't need me, I'd like to get back to work.
Of course.
Go, go.
I apologize for any inconvenience we've caused you, Mr.
- Of course.
- Mr.
I'm glad it's all cleared up.
So am I.
That girl's fantastic.
By the way, I need to speak to you and my father.
I have a proposal that will change the future of the company.
What is it? It's a secret.
To top it off, he chewed me out.
I don't know how she got away with it.
Don't be silly.
They have the same name.
Still, those Cifuenteses are a piece of work.
If the police asked about any other girl, she'd be kicked to the curb.
But of course she's got both of them spellbound.
If Cifuentes Junior is anything like his dad, she'll handle him easily enough.
- You know what I mean.
- You idiot.
I don't know why I came.
I am surprised at Francisco.
He's not like the Cifuenteses.
Or he hides it better than they do.
It could be one of the new operators, but far be it from me to make accusations without proof.
And I suppose that proof comes at a price.
Doña Elisa, you must understand, I'm putting my job on the line.
You'll get whatever you ask for.
But I want proof, and I hope you do what it takes to get it.
Don't you doubt it.
I was looking for you.
Ubalda brought the centerpieces.
I need you to help me choose.
Are you all right, honey? - Honey? - Hmm? Yes, Mother, of course.
You lie as badly as your father.
I hope you know what you're doing and it doesn't get out of control.
Mother, please, trust me just this once.
That's what your father said, and nine months later, you were born.
Carlota what do you think? I don't know.
Two days ago, she told us thugs were after her for money.
Sure, maybe that's why she changed her name.
Marga, I don't know.
All I know is she's a mystery and she never says anything about her life.
That's not true.
She told us about her mother and the thugs.
She looks really upset.
You don't fool around with sickness and death.
You're too trusting.
- Ladies, good morning.
- Good morning, Don Ricardo.
Uh, Miss Rodríguez de Senillosa? Come with me for a moment, please.
Yes, of course.
Operator 40 57.
- Hello.
- Hello, it's Pablo Santos from administration.
Good morning, Don Pablo.
How's your morning? I got to work a bit late.
I got lost in the subway tunnels, and it took me 15 minutes to get out.
Madrid is a little tricky for newcomers.
Well, so they tell me.
I'm from Madrid, born and raised.
You'll see.
Madrid has its good things, too.
I'm so hungry, the only good things I can think of are the calamari sandwiches.
Then I won't keep you.
You need breakfast, and to make a call.
- What number do you want? - No number.
In fact, I only called to speak to you a little.
Yesterday's shift flew by and I wanted to hear your voice.
Don Pablo, I have to go.
- I've got a string of calls.
- Yes, of course.
Until next time, Operator 57.
You know where to find me.
Good morning.
Operator Help! There's a fire in my home.
A fire? The fire's spreading.
I can't put it out.
Right, relax and breathe.
Um give me your address.
- 23 Hortaleza.
- I'll take care of it.
Go out at once and warn the neighbors.
I'll call the firemen and the authorities.
Relax, it'll all be fine.
Madrid Fire Department? This is the Telephone Company.
There's a fire at 23 Hortaleza.
Send an ambulance at once.
Call the police station on Luna Street.
Is there a problem, Don Ricardo? Actually, there is, my dear.
That's why I asked you to come.
We had no idea that we had a Rodríguez de Senillosa in our ranks.
So that's it.
I assume the company's interested in my worth, not my name.
I suppose you know our two families have been friends for a long time.
Yes, but I wanted to get the job based on my own merit, not my connections.
That's where you're wrong.
If we'd known, you never would have gotten the job.
And I'm afraid it's reason enough to let you go.
- What? - You'll understand that we cannot allow a woman of your station to work as a common operator.
- You're firing me? - It's for your own good.
Your place is down there, among the customers, not in uniform.
It was my father, wasn't it? Sometimes we fathers have to make decisions that our children don't like.
But I can assure you of one thing.
We're always thinking of what's best for them.
Carlota! What are you doing? You have to go back to your post.
What are you doing? You need to find someone else to help with Ángeles' farewell.
I just got fired.
- No one told me about it.
- It's my father's fault.
He's ashamed of me.
He won't stop until I go back home.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
Do you know how long I was begging for a job like this just to be free? I didn't care what the price was.
And what was the price? Losing my home, my friends, my family and my mother.
All for this job.
And now I've even lost that.
Carlota, there's still hope.
I can get you rehired.
What? Well, there's something I know you won't like it, with your principles, but No, but what's it all about? Spying for the Cifuentes family.
Pretending is a form of lying.
It's the same as not telling the truth about how you really feel.
It's like covering up the truth.
Sometimes, not saying anything is the best kind of lie.
Miss Aguilar.
Can we discuss what happened in my office with that policeman? I've got nothing to say to you, Francisco.
Problem solved.
Here's your identification.
You can relax now.
It's not solved yet.
Is there something else? Beltrán is back.
So? I don't believe it.
You've fallen again? What did I tell you? What? I warned you to stay away from him, but you let yourself be led What do you want What do you want me to say? That I'm human? That I made a mistake? Yes, I did.
I'm the one who will have to pay.
That's more absolute nonsense.
Francisco has plenty of money so he can pay.
It won't bother him.
I suppose you told him.
Beltrán threatened me.
If I tell him, he'll publish the photos.
I see you're still worrying about this man.
He helped me after what I did.
I'm not letting him lose everything he's achieved.
These photos aren't going to fall into the wrong hands.
Oh, really? How are you going to manage to do that? There's a prototype that's worth a lot of money and I'm going to steal it.
Roque, I want your best champagne.
We've got something big to celebrate.
Well, the second-best.
Keep me under control.
I haven't achieved anything yet, and look at me.
- Are you all right? - Yes.
I was thinking about what's been happening to me lately.
- So many changes - For the good.
Now you've got a job, independence, a boyfriend who's about to be rich.
Everything you could want.
I'm serious.
Honestly, I didn't think it'd be like this, you know? I don't want decisions to be made for me, but maybe it's simpler that way.
Nobody read us the fine print in the contract.
Look, Carlota, when you decide to become independent Thanks, Roque.
no one warns you being free is a burden.
The struggle to make your dreams come true is long and brutal, but you have to make it to the end.
If I'd set aside the rotary three years ago - we wouldn't be here.
- Sure.
But if the price you pay is your conscience or your principles, how do you know if it's the right decision? You don't.
That's part of the fun, the unexpected things in life.
Didn't you want excitement? If I've learned anything, it's that before making a decision, you must answer the question "Is it worth the sacrifice?" There's your answer.
Miss Rodríguez de Senillosa is your collaborator? You told me to find someone to help, and I chose her.
I gained her trust and told her everything.
She's the one helping me with the tapping for the government delegate.
If you fire her, she might talk about the supposed coup, and then I know what could happen.
Tell her to come back.
I'll talk to Ricardo.
Carlota, a little dessert wine? - No, thanks, Doña Lola.
- I'll have a little.
You stick to water.
Alcohol doesn't agree with you.
What's wrong with you two? You look like you're at a wake.
Don't worry, I'll get it.
Go on, have your purée before it gets cold.
- It's work.
It's exhausting.
- Exhausting? What are you doing here? Hello! You're late, but here you are.
- You know each other, right? - Yes, we work together.
Of course.
- You thought that was it, right? - Come say hello, girls.
I'll make sure Francisco himself gets rid of you.
And he will.
Or does he have a reason not to? Hello, girls.
Francisco? Francisco! What are you doing here? I was looking all over for you.
I was organizing some old things.
But it's nothing that can't wait.
- Is supper ready? - Yes.
You look so pretty.
- How was your day? Good? - Yes, very good.
Let's go to my office.
We have to talk.
You're crazy.
They almost saw us, and my shift starts in ten minutes.
What's this about? Tell me what happened.
What did he say? Or what did you say to make him believe you? That doesn't matter now.
The problem's solved.
Then let's see each other.
We can't be seen in the company.
- It's for your sake, not mine.
- Ah.
You're the boss and you're married.
- You're risking your future.
- I don't care about my future.
Well, I do, and you know nothing about my life.
Tell me about it.
Let me be a part of it again.
Come in.
- Don Francisco.
- Yes? - Don Ricardo wants to see you.
- Tell him I'll be right there.
You know he doesn't like to wait.
Forgive the delay.
Please, proceed.
The company has come far.
Days ago, we witnessed the first transatlantic call, but now we step into the future.
Gentlemen, we present automatic switching.
All the big firms are investing in prototypes.
- Whoever builds it first - Will make history, sure.
Yes, and make a fortune.
Automatic switching gives us faster, more effective service, with no breakdowns.
And no operators.
That's right.
Interline connection would be done directly.
Perhaps it's a good idea, but we need subscribers, more lines.
That's our only objective and what I want the company to put all its energy into.
150,000 subscribers not one less.
- We'll more forward with - Carlos! Carlos, wait.
We've just made a huge investment and hired a lot of staff.
Naturally, your father's priority is to get new subscribers.
I'm not angry about the project! If it's not the Rotary 7, it'll be the 8 or 9.
What hurts is that I've always supported you.
I'm sorry.
I've always supported you, too.
Except when my father has another opinion, right? In there, it was just his opinion and your silence.
My father should be proud to have the perfect guard dog at his side.
I thought we were brothers but now I see that you'd rather play the part of his son.
Don't worry.
- He'll get over it.
- Do you really think so? I'm starting to doubt it.
It was a great idea.
If we got rid of the operators, we wouldn't be able to listen in and we wouldn't be here.
If that's so important to you, you'll understand my latest decision.
I'm rehiring the colonel's daughter.
She's one of our collaborators.
So unless you want the whole city to know what we're doing, you'll have to convince the colonel.
Carolina? Like I said, she's come to stay at our boardinghouse.
Lidia was stunned.
Imagine, after what happened yesterday with the police.
It was all my fault.
I shouldn't have told her about Lidia.
It's in her interest to make Lidia look like a liar.
Why? No no reason.
No, no.
What do you mean, "no reason"? What's going on? I tried to tell you, but you wouldn't let me.
Carolina's the woman Marga saw with your husband.
Really? Yes.
Ángeles, wait! I hope she puts Mario and that woman in their place.
It's all their fault.
Did you hear about Lidia? It was all a mistake.
Don't kid yourself, Ángeles.
She's got a lot to hide.
I suppose so.
I can't trust anyone lately.
I don't feel very well.
What's wrong, Ángeles? I've found out that Mario has a lover.
But a lover? Are you sure? Yes.
And, so have you spoken to him, or just No.
I haven't said anything to him, because I'm pregnant and I don't want him to know about a child he doesn't want.
Pregnant? Excuse me.
Críspulo Miranda, reporter at El Sol.
I'd like to speak to the head of the operators.
The residents of 23 Hortaleza, whose building caught fire yesterday, keep talking about an operator whose assistance was key in bringing a happy ending to the story.
Ladies, you heard Mr.
The operator who helped with the fire, please identify yourself.
Really, Carlota, I can't.
I really can't.
We're waiting.
It was me.
Yes, I saved them all.
Carlota Rodríguez de Senillosa.
At your service, Don Críspulo.
When I got the distress call, I called the fire department, then the hospital, and the rest is history.
Believe it or not, we women are ready to face any situation.
Though some men might not agree Who knew that the telephone was going to save lives? What a story! Good afternoon, Don Pablo.
Do you want to talk? No, actually I was calling to clear up a doubt.
A doubt? This morning in the lobby, I saw an operator being interviewed about the fire but she wasn't the one who handled the incident.
It was you.
How can you be so sure I wasn't the one being interviewed? Well Because I'd recognize your voice anywhere, Miss 57.
That operator didn't have your voice.
- Why didn't you want to say it was you? - I'll be honest.
It's true, I called the fire department, but I can't be in the news.
My family disapproves of my work, and I didn't want to upset them by appearing in the papers.
My parents want me to get married, but I'd rather work and be independent.
A progressive woman.
- Do you mind? - No.
That's great.
Do you have anyone you have to answer to? Me? No, I only answer to myself.
Listen, miss, I can't talk now.
I've got a lot of work.
Thanks a lot, Don Pablo.
What a day! Let's get dolled up for Ángeles' party.
I really don't know why she's leaving voluntarily.
She wants to look after her family, doesn't she? - By the way, I can't go.
- What? - I have to do overtime.
- Sure, you really need to! - You're avoiding Pablo.
- I can't! Don't go on about it! - How can you be so dull? - I lied to him.
I told him that I Look, this is the report from customer support Lidia.
Um it isn't easy for me to say this to you You don't have to.
No, I do.
I do.
You were right.
I was furious about Mario, and I didn't even give you the benefit of the doubt.
I was wrong.
Wrong about you and wrong about Carolina.
I'm sorry, Lidia.
It's all right.
It's fine.
When someone lies, they should not try their luck.
Especially not if they were almost caught and barely managed to get away with it.
Perhaps I wouldn't get the money, but I could get something even more valuable.
- It looks like this is the end.
- Don't let my father get you down.
He's an expert at killing dreams.
We'll carry on until the end.
What's wrong, huh? - Afraid of my father? - It's not that.
When Francisco said that the rotary would mean the end of operators, I thought about how hard it was for Carlota to become independent.
If the rotary becomes a reality, it's the end of operators.
Dreams aren't free.
You knew that when you started on the rotary.
Yes, but it was the dream of a science nut, not a reality.
I didn't think of the consequences.
Sometimes you have to choose your conscience or your dreams.
Geniuses make history, not cowards.
Well, geniuses and their patrons.
- What about your father? - My father! When the rotary's up and running, he'll have to say we were right.
I'll take the blueprints.
I'll get the money to do it, but this needs to stay between us.
Got it? No one's to know.
I don't know how I can look you in the eye.
- This is a nice surprise.
- Don't touch me.
- What's eating you? - Your wife knows you're cheating.
- What? - She told me herself.
I'm a fool to believe your two-bit promises.
This doesn't change anything.
Oh, no? Then you're leaving her? I told I would.
Then can you explain why she's pregnant again? Sure.
Pretend you didn't know.
Miss Millán, can I talk to you for a moment? Yes.
Yes, Ángeles, but outside.
I need a pick-me-up.
It's been a long day.
- Will you come with me? - Yes, of course.
- What I wanted to say - We can talk it over inside.
It's Ángeles.
I can't stay long.
Sofía's with Doña Paca, and Surprise! If I hadn't tricked you, you would've gone home.
I didn't expect this.
- Thank you.
They're beautiful.
- Honey! Congratulations! - Are you happy? - Yes.
Yes, very.
I really didn't expect this.
I couldn't say it before, but thanks to what you did, I haven't lost my job and I didn't have to go back home.
The question The question is why? Am I missing anything interesting? No.
No, we were just talking about the interview I gave today.
Now that you are a celebrity, I'll have to share you.
Get used to it.
This is Sara Millán, my supervisor.
Maybe you know her.
Only by sight.
We have never been properly introduced.
- Miss Millán.
- Just Sara in here.
That's fine, Sara.
I am Miguel Pascual, The one who suffers because of the misfortunes of the new heroine of Madrid's working class.
Sufferer is my middle name.
Shall we toast? Sure.
Cheers! Operator 47.
How can I help you? Someone is asking for Operator 57.
You told me to tell you if a Pablo was asking about her.
Uh, yes, yes, put him through.
- Operator 57.
- Hello, it's Pablo.
- Hello, Don Pablo.
How are you? - Good.
I'm at the farewell party for Ángeles, Mario's wife.
I hoped to see you here.
I've got a lot of work.
A lot.
Um I'd like to ask you something.
Ask me what? I'd like to see you.
Well, to talk for a while.
It's time we put our cards on the table, don't you think? Your attention.
Attention, please, one second.
I want to say a few words to honor Ángeles.
This is a celebration to pay tribute to the woman I've been lucky enough to work with.
Ángeles' conduct is impeccable, inside and outside of work.
And it pains me that she's leaving to devote herself to her family.
Those are her wishes.
So, a big hand for her, in honor of all her years of devotion and commitment.
Thank you.
Thank you.
From my heart, thank you so much.
So I hope you're not disappointed when I tell you that what I really want is to stay with the company.
That's what I wanted to tell you.
Also, I'd like to accept the job of supervisor.
If it's still available, of course.
Yes, of course.
If it's up to me, you can count on it.
Let's talk.
Sometimes the only way to fight a lie is to face it.
No one can live life with their back turned to reality - Let's talk, Ángeles! - as much as they may want to.
- I don't want to talk.
- Well, I do! Let go of me! What just happened in there? What was that scene about? Didn't we agree that you'd look after Sofía and the home? Yes.
And you promised to be faithful to me and you had no qualms about cheating on me with Carolina.
- At the grand opening party, right? - No.
That's why you wanted me to leave the company.
It's not like that.
Ángeles! Ángeles! You could do as you please and cheat on me! - Leave me alone.
- Ángeles, stop.
I made a mistake.
We were mad at each other.
She threw herself at me.
It won't happen again.
Lies take many forms, and they're everywhere.
I want to be the husband I promised you I'd be.
I want to be the father our children deserve.
What? I'm not pregnant.
I made it up to find out if you and Carolina were still together, and now I see she went to you with the story.
But why do we do it? Why do we lie, knowing that the truth could come to light? Maybe the fear of facing the truth paralyzes us.
Anyway, Ángeles continuing to work is cause for celebration.
Of course.
And the more women work, the less we men have to do.
I'm getting a drink.
He's charming.
Witty, intelligent, fun.
Not many like him left.
So you needn't worry about me.
It's obvious you like him, and he likes you.
You've got chemistry and it's no wonder.
Miguel's a man with an open mind, which is a rare thing, and I like him but he doesn't interest me as much as you do.
What are you doing? Do you want them to see us? - Get in.
We have to talk.
- No.
I'm not leaving until we talk.
You want to talk? Let's talk.
I don't want you to do anything for me.
I don't want you to leave anything behind for me.
I don't want you throwing your life away, because I don't love you.
I don't believe you.
It's true.
I'm grateful for what you did, but when I pay my debt I don't care about the money.
Ten years apart, and finally we're together.
It's a sign, Alba.
If I'd known you worked here, I never would've come.
You can't be in love with me.
You don't know me.
- I'm in love with you.
- You're in love with my memory.
Tell me you feel nothing for me.
That the kiss meant nothing.
Look into my eyes and tell me, and I'll leave you alone.
The kiss at the station was between two kids who'd just arrived in Madrid.
It wasn't you and me.
We should go our separate ways.
Alba, please.
Go away, please.
I told you, I don't love you.
You need to find courage when you don't have any.
But we're not always brave enough to face the truth.
Get out some spoons, too, please.
We're having clam consommé first.
Tell Rosalía to hold off on the quail until the shad's taken away.
- Yes, ma'am.
When do we serve supper? - Soon.
When the master arrives.
And we stay there, motionless, waiting, unaware that, like it or not Thank you, Ubalda.
the truth, unable to resign itself to living in the shadows, always comes to light in the end.
"I will always love you, Alba.
" - And when that happens - Who is Alba? - Elisa, let me explain.
- Who is Alba? - no lie can save you.
- Who is Alba? - Elisa - Francisco, stay away from me! How could you do this to me? Who is Alba? Elisa.
Who is Alba?