Las Chicas Del Cable (2017) s02e06 Episode Script

Chapter 14: Loneliness

1 We are born alone and we die alone.
That's the truth.
You're pregnant? - Am I the father? - You don't need to answer that.
- Yes, it's yours.
- We have to talk about this.
- Don't pressure her.
- We have to talk, alone.
Whatever you have to say, you can say it here.
- Keep out of this.
- Or what? So far, you've treated her like she was worthless.
You're despicable.
Are you going to tell me how to behave? You, of all people? - Someone should put you in your place.
- Stop! I don't want to hear another word.
Nothing you say will change my decision.
I've made up my mind.
I'll take care of my child, on my own.
I don't need you.
What's the point of sharing your life with someone? There are many other ways to feel wanted and loved without needing a man by your side.
Did you know she was pregnant? Not too long ago, I thought of you as a brother.
And now look.
Carlos, I love Lidia.
And if she wants to be with me, I'll care for that child No, this child doesn't need a father.
I'm the father.
Accept it.
And you have nothing to offer Lidia.
Remember, you're a married man.
She can't raise the child alone.
I'm going to win her back.
I'm sorry, but this is my chance to finally be with her.
I won't put your happiness before mine.
I won't give up.
Then may the best man win.
But remember that all's fair in love and war.
Very well.
It's important is to realize this before it's too late, and to keep alive the bonds of friendship, so you can lean on someone when you need to.
Just like I was doing with my friends.
My refuge from the bitter loneliness.
Lidia! I thought I'd never see you again.
I've changed my mind.
I'm staying.
You were right.
No more running away.
No more running away.
That's over.
"Witness states he saw a dark-haired woman dump the car.
" Ángeles.
Lidia I agreed you should leave because I think you have to go.
- Why? - Because you're in danger.
A man saw you getting rid of Mario's car.
I wanted love the most A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES But it never stays long A notch to my bedpost Pretend they're mine Sundress wrinkled on the floor I'm naked, you're not here no more To keep me warm, keep me warm Crack the door with a trash bin Maybe you will come back in And keep me warm, keep me warm My love, my love, my love Pour salt in the wound My love, my love, my love Pour salt in the wound What do you know about the man who saw me? I don't know anything.
But if he sees you and recognizes you, we'll have a problem.
No, he won't.
But I need you to keep acting like you're interested in him.
You must stay close to him to find out who that witness is.
Will you do that for me? Of course.
I'll do whatever is necessary.
I don't want to get you into trouble.
I won't get into trouble.
We'll find out who that witness is.
Now, more than ever, I have to fight to stay out of prison.
Carlota, wait! Carlota! Carlota, forgive me.
LONELINESS I I wanted to apologize for judging you the other day.
I don't want to upset you.
I want to help you, like you've always helped me.
So, if you need to tell me anything, you know I'm here.
I don't want secrets between us.
Come on.
Where's Sara? She was supposed to come back to work today.
- She's not coming.
- Why not? Is she ill? No, she isn't.
Her mother is, and She's looking after her, so she won't be coming for a while.
I can drop by later and see if she needs anything.
Do you have her address? No.
In fact, I don't remember it.
When you do, tell me.
I have some free time and Marga, no! Really, it isn't necessary, everything's fine.
And It's a family matter.
You needn't bother.
And you face every fear Just one moment near to me It can't be.
It's Lidia.
Lidia? What are you doing here? I decided to stay.
Thank goodness, Lidia.
I was so upset about all this.
That's great.
Don't go crying now.
I'll cry, too.
I'm so glad you decided to stay.
You were right, Carlota.
I was running away again.
I'm not letting this pregnancy separate me from you all.
We'll be there for whatever you need.
That child won't want for anything.
Thanks for always being by my side.
Thank you.
Come here.
A ridiculous sport.
What is the fascination in hitting a ball with a stick? I don't understand.
One doesn't understand sport, Doña Carmen.
One feels it.
- Of course, if you say so.
- Yes.
And, as you see, I'm very busy right now with this "ridiculous" sport.
So As you know, I'm planning the company's anniversary party.
And? You'll be happy to know that this morning, the king confirmed his attendance.
And I'm supposed to believe he contacted you out of the blue, and not the other way round? The eternal question, which came first, the chicken or the egg? Another thing.
The king informed me he'd like to see a prototype of a telephone booth at the party.
That won't be possible, Doña Carmen.
There isn't enough time.
I'm sorry, but this is no time for excuses.
It's time for action.
Every year, we have presented the company's latest technological advances during the party.
If we don't do it this year, the king will be very disappointed.
So I'll leave you to your little ball.
Pablo, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, forgive me.
- Marga, an hour and a half.
- I I was waiting for an hour and a half at the church.
Maybe you don't care about our wedding.
Of course I do.
A lot.
But I've got a thousand things on my mind and I forgot.
So, is the San Antonio Church the ideal place for us to get married? Yes, but we can't get married there for at least a year.
- Why? - The people in the capital are insane.
They organize weddings a year or two in advance.
I knew it.
- Well, we'll have to keep looking.
- Yes.
- But you're coming with me.
- Yes.
- I don't want to go on my own.
- Don't get angry, Pablo.
I was Well! Trouble in paradise? Marisol, what are you doing here? - I'm a telephone operator now.
- What? My father is still recuperating and he can't work, so I had to find a job to help my family and I thought, "Why don't I leave my résumé at the Telephone Company?" And they called me.
This must be a mistake.
No, not at all.
I start tomorrow.
- Aren't you pleased, Marga? - Smile in the face of adversity.
Excuse me, did you say something? No, not at all.
Well, we'll have a great time together, won't we? You sounded very nervous on the phone.
I guess you didn't call me so we could have a chat and a cigarette.
When I gave you proof that your mother was stealing from the foundation I said I'd want repayment someday.
Something tells me that day has come.
What do you want? A marriage annulment.
- And I want it now.
- Well it seems you're in a hurry.
I just want to put an end to this, so we'll both be free.
You can go about your life, and so can I.
Very well, I'll sign the annulment.
But I warn you, however much you try, you have no future with Lidia.
- You lied to her, tricked her - Elisa, that's my business.
You just sign the annulment.
Marga, I need you to cover for me for a while.
- I have to sort something out.
- Is it Sara? No, it's Miguel.
He hasn't come to work.
- Want me to go with you? - No, don't worry.
I'll be all right.
Yes? Inspector Cuevas, it's me, Ángeles.
Vidal, I wasn't expecting your call.
I need to speak to you.
Go ahead.
What's it about? Well, I'd like to tell you in person.
Could you come to my house tonight? I don't think that's a good idea, Mrs.
I think it's important that we clarify things especially after what happened.
Don't you think? Please, Cristóbal.
I'd feel better.
It isn't right to leave things like this.
10:00 at your house.
I told you I'd manage it.
- What's this? - A sleeping pill.
Put it in his drink and you can steal his keys without any risk.
He'll fall asleep and tomorrow, when he wakes up, he won't remember a thing.
And we'll have all the details on the witness.
Wait in the meeting room.
See you later? Good.
Sara? When did you get here? You couldn't even answer the phone? - Did it ring? - What's wrong with you? I've been worried all morning waiting for news of Sara.
Sara this, Sara that Is this what you've been doing all day? Smoking God knows what shit.
You promised me you wouldn't use it again.
Will you take care of me like you take care of her? I can't believe you're so cowardly and selfish, doing all this to get attention.
If you want to destroy yourself, go ahead.
If you want to fall into the abyss, do it, but I won't pull you out.
I've done that once before.
Sara, have you filled out those forms? Yes, and here's the consent form the nurse gave me.
- I see you're getting settled in.
- Hmm.
I'm delighted.
You've made the best possible decision.
- I hope so.
- Of course.
- We'll start the treatment soon and - Treatment? What do you mean, treatment? You never mentioned treatment.
Patients come here looking for a solution.
Haven't you come here to be cured? To be cured? I'm not sick.
I don't like calling it "being sick.
" I prefer to call it "a deviation.
" I'm sorry, I think there's been a misunderstanding.
No, there hasn't.
Based on our discussion and your case, this place is right for you.
But I came here looking for answers, nothing more.
I don't want to be treated.
You didn't say anything about this in the consultation.
Don't worry.
It's normal to be scared, but you shouldn't worry.
You're in very good hands.
Medicine has made great advances.
It will all go well.
Sit down.
You've signed the consent form, so you're under my care now.
I'll decide when you can leave.
You can't hold me here against my will.
Believe me, Sara, it's best for you and everyone.
No, no, no! Wait, please! No, no, no! Listen, no! No! You can't leave me here! Please! No, no! Miss Aguilar, please take a seat.
We don't have much time.
I sent for you so urgently because we need to move ahead with the public telephones project.
I want to see a prototype to show to the king at the company's anniversary party.
I'm sorry, this year it won't be possible.
We still have to do the design and confirm details with the engineers.
Good, I see you're clear about how to proceed.
You have two days.
- That won't be possible.
- Was I wrong to put my trust in you? With all due respect, Mr.
Uribe, I think that it's insane.
We don't know which project is going ahead and we can't build two prototypes.
I have something to say.
I'm withdrawing from the competition.
I stole the idea from Lidia.
In my office.
In my office, now.
You're a scoundrel.
I made it clear, I want no thieves here.
I'm sorry about what happened.
But I felt betrayed by her, and stealing the project was my perfect chance for revenge.
Are you kidding me? You're obviously in love with that girl.
What are you talking about? Mr.
Cifuentes don't play games with me.
What changed overnight for you to confess it all now? Lidia is pregnant with my child.
So you can relax, I won't keep up this fight.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Fine, now's not the time to lose either of you.
I need that project now.
After the presentation for the king, I'll make a decision.
Thank you.
Switch off your phone Follow the silence Why did you do that in the meeting? I want to start over.
I want us to forget past mistakes.
Lidia, I love you and I want to be with you.
Let's raise this child together.
I'd be an idiot to trust you again.
I was a bastard.
I got carried away by bitterness, I did things I'm ashamed of but you didn't tell me who you were.
And now this.
Lidia I'm willing to forget everything for that child.
Where did you get that? I pretended to sell it at the auction.
I wanted to teach you a lesson.
I don't know who I was trying to fool.
I love you, Lidia.
Please, give me another chance.
I have to think about it.
That's much more than I could have hoped for.
Carlos, wait.
Mother, I'm in no mood for sermons.
How dare you back out of the competition? It was our only way of regaining control of the company.
And all for that hussy.
Don't call her that.
Lidia is expecting my child.
What? And I won't stop until I get her back.
Acknowledging that child would be the biggest mistake of your life.
Should I pretend it doesn't exist? - Think what people will say.
- I don't give a damn.
Well, you should.
Must I remind you that she's a fraud, that's she's broken the law? She's the woman I love.
Stop treating me as if I were a child.
I've made a decision.
I'm not backing down.
We'll start a family, whether you like it or not.
You're going to choose him.
You're going to stay with Carlos.
I thought you wanted to be with me.
This is our last chance to be together.
I thought that, too, Francisco.
Until I learned I was expecting Carlos' child.
And now I don't know, because nothing is the same.
Do you really think he'll look after you and that baby? - After how he's hurt you? - I hurt him, too.
I stole the Rotary and I lied to him from the start.
I broke his heart, too, Francisco.
It isn't that simple.
Yes, it is.
You just have to choose who you love him or me.
You'll always be my first great love.
And you're a part of me.
When you left, I thought that I could never fall in love again, until until he came along.
I have to think about what's best for my child.
And you're a married man.
But not for long, Lidia.
Elisa and I are going to sign a marriage annulment.
Lidia, stay with me, please.
I can give you and your child everything you want.
I'm sorry.
I have to think.
I need to be alone.
I thought you wouldn't come.
And I shouldn't have.
Come in.
I wanted to talk about the other day.
That was a mistake and it won't happen again.
I've come to tell you that from now on, our relationship is purely professional.
Why? I did nothing.
What more can I do to prove it? Nothing.
I'm investigating your husband's disappearance.
I won't stop until it's solved.
Mario! - Mario! - Are you all right? Mario! What about him? I saw Mario.
- Calm down.
- He was in the mirror.
Mario was in the mirror? I swear he was.
I saw him in the mirror.
But that's impossible.
Mario isn't Why is it impossible? Talk to me.
Why is it impossible? Calm down.
You can trust me.
Thank you.
When this is all over, I don't want to give this up.
I don't want to.
Because I want you.
I want you more than I've ever wanted anyone before.
Don't worry, dear, this time I come in peace.
I think we're both old enough to know it's impossible to speak of peace.
I know you're expecting my son's child.
If you've come to insult me Don't worry, I don't need to have you near to insult you.
I've come to propose something.
Don't tell me you want to attend the baptism.
I'll give you a lot of money if you go far away.
I'm not going anywhere.
I know where I want to be, and it's here.
And neither you nor your money will stop that.
Very well.
You don't want to leave.
But we both know the child you're carrying is a mistake.
And mistakes can be rectified.
You want me to get rid of it? Yes, it's best for everyone.
Maybe for your son, and for the good of your family name, or am I wrong? You're completely wrong.
You're the one who'd benefit most.
Don't you think it's too much? Running the company, your child Anyone with half a brain knows that's aiming too high for a woman.
Accept my money, get rid of that child, and carry on with your dreams.
See the sky open wide That's enough for today.
- Hey, honey.
What is it? - Huh? - I don't know.
- This is good news, right? Yes, the best.
The thought of us not getting married made me so anxious Not getting married? Are you having doubts? - No, Pablo, it's not that - Then what? Sometimes I feel like our relationship is cursed.
- Cursed? - Yes.
Cursed, yes.
As soon as we meet, Marisol turns up.
When we shake her off, she comes along with the sick father story.
And now she's going to work at the company.
Not to mention your hiccup in the groin area.
Hey, that's no hiccup.
Lots of men have it.
I assure you, I'll take care of it.
Coming! Carlota? Sorry, I didn't know you were with Pablo.
I didn't mean to bother you.
No, I was just leaving.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Carlota, what happened? Well It's It's Sara It's Miguel and It's everything.
I lied to you this morning.
Sara's not with her mother.
Where is she? - I can't - Oh, Carlota, come here.
Come here.
Calm down.
Calm down.
Calm down.
It'll all be fine.
Calm down.
Do you have them? Okay.
I'll bring them back before he wakes up.
Did you put the sleeping pill in his wine? Yes.
You have nothing to worry about.
Not even the end of the world would wake him up.
Everything running smoothly? Yes, yes, like silk.
We'd gone too far to leave our fate up to chance.
Now we had to reach the end.
"Basilio García Serrano.
3 Santa Ana Street.
" Don't tell me you've had second thoughts.
I want to negotiate.
How can I help you? I thought it over, and I think you're right.
This pregnancy has been a problem for everyone.
I wasn't planning to become a mother right now.
It makes no sense to sacrifice my dreams for a mistake.
A wise decision, but I thought I hadn't convinced you.
If you think this doesn't hurt When do you think we can settle this matter? After the anniversary party.
I know of a place where it can be done discreetly, but the woman needs payment in advance.
How much do you need? Yes, that's it! - Doña Lola took care of it all? - Yes.
My God, I'd make that woman the maid of honor, but my mom would kill me.
At last, the wedding I've dreamed of.
The curse is over.
There's no curse! We're getting married! Who's getting married? - We are.
- We are.
May 28th, at La Paz Parish Church.
What, aren't you glad? Good news on your first day as a cable girl.
Yes, of course, the best.
Well, I'm leaving.
See you later.
Hey, Marisol.
To show you there's no hard feelings, you're invited.
You can read something, or be the ring bearer, whatever you want.
- You tell me what you want.
- Yes.
Have a good day.
Excuse me, I'm not only new to the job, but to the city as well.
I don't know where La Paz Parish Church is, and I need to speak to the parish priest urgently.
Lidia, how did it go with Doña Carmen? Fine.
I just closed the deal.
She fell for it.
She thinks I'm getting an abortion.
We'll have the money tomorrow.
Now we find the witness and carry on with the plan.
Are you sure it's the best thing? I haven't the slightest doubt.
With that money, we'll buy the witness's silence.
Operator 48, how can I help you? Carlota, is that you? Sara! Why didn't you call me? I was going crazy.
Are you all right? No, I'm not all right.
This place isn't what it seems.
What's going on? What do you need? Tell me.
You have to get me out of here.
As soon as possible, Carlota.
You have to come.
Sara! Sara! I thought I told you.
No personal calls during your treatment.
What's happened, Carlota? Was it Sara? Yes, it was Sara.
Marga, I told you I felt something wasn't right, that I had a bad feeling, and I wasn't wrong.
She couldn't even speak.
I have to get her out of there.
This is crazy.
If you don't want to help me, I understand.
It's fine.
Carlota, I'm going to help you.
But we need help.
We can't do it alone.
Girls Sara's going through a tough time in her life because she's not sure who she is, and she wanted to see a professional.
So she went to see this doctor.
I hadn't heard from her since she went into that place.
But today, she called me, desperately asking for help.
I don't know what's happening, but I fear it's not good.
I just want to get her out of there.
That's why we need your help.
Carlota, I know you're fond of Sara, that you're great friends, but this is very risky.
Sara took risks for us, too.
We owe it to her.
What do you mean, Carlota? Well Sara helped us by leaving Mario's hat on the train.
What? Oh, my God, Carlota.
Sara knows about Mario? How could you tell her about Mario? What did you want me to do? No, listen.
I was at home, crying and bloodstained, and she walked in on me.
I had no choice but to confess.
I believe in her.
She helped us shake off the police.
We're safe, aren't we? I think that's reason enough to trust her.
All right, girls.
Sara helped us.
Now she's having a tough time and we have to return the favor.
We'll do it tonight.
There will be less surveillance.
At 9:00 at the front gate.
- Can we talk? - Of course.
Of course, come in.
- Alex, if you'll excuse us.
- Sure, I'll leave you two alone.
How are you? Actually, I wanted you to meet someone.
As I said, Miss Moreno has full knowledge of the company's dealings.
She was secretary to the late Mr.
Cifuentes for years.
To what do I owe the honor of meeting her? Carolina has cooperated with the police from the beginning.
She's been a big help.
Yes, in fact, I knew Mario personally.
Then I thank you.
But I don't quite get the reason for your visit.
Well, I I'd like to get my job back and We thought that her efforts to solve the case could be rewarded.
Frankly, Inspector, this is rather bold.
And I don't see what your role is in all this.
Maybe you might consider that recovering the stolen money merits a second chance.
- Is that the money he took? - It is.
Mario had a kind of debt with Miss Moreno.
We think that's why he stole it.
The girl's not involved? No, I had nothing to do with it.
When I found out about the theft, I took the money straight to the police.
We held onto the money.
We didn't want news of it to interfere with the investigation.
- So, you've found this - Mario? No.
On the contrary, the case has gotten more complicated.
Complicated? I can't give you any more details.
The case is still open, but we have no reason to hold onto this money any longer.
I understand that you can't give me further explanations.
But I'm worried about this company's reputation.
I guess I'll have to find out in the papers.
I'm very grateful for your honesty, Miss Carolina.
I'm sorry I doubted you.
It doesn't matter, if that means I'll get my job back.
A determined woman.
All right, I'll give you a chance.
Thank you, Mr.
You won't regret it.
I hope not.
"It was you.
" What are you doing? - It's you, isn't it? - What's all this about? - Is it you? - What's this about? It was you all this time.
Don't act crazy with me.
- Don't play dumb! - What are you talking about? You're trying to make me think I'm crazy! Making me believe that Mario's following me! God.
You come to my place and tell me Mario's here, you purposely leave his lighter behind, then you make that anonymous call Now, to top it off, you write something in my locker.
Admit it, Carolina! Please, admit it.
It's you.
Look, stop it.
Stop it.
What's wrong with you? Why are so worried that Mario's trying to contact you? What are you hiding, Ángeles? Huh? Come on, tell me what you did to him.
What did you do to him? We took what we had Leave her alone.
Just what I need.
It's been a long time, Lidia.
I told you to leave her alone.
Don't tell me you're mixed up in this, too? The last time you got in my way, it didn't go so well for you.
I thought you'd learned your lesson.
Gone with the smoke, sky high Um, girls, one other little thing I forgot.
I'm not letting this slide.
I know you're hiding something and I'm going to expose it.
Hello! Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Sorry to bother you.
Go ahead, it's no trouble.
- My husband got a flat tire - Oh, geez.
a mile or so back, on the road to Navacerrada and The flat's fixed, but you can't see a thing in the dark.
Could you tell us the way? Of course, ladies, but it's a bit far away.
But my memory serves me right And replaced behind closed eyes But now as I wander The streets of Japan I have all that I want here But you Our love is more than enough Our hearts are strong enough And when I finally come home Say you'll be waiting for me Here's number nine.
So I'll come home Sara Sara When a person is alone, they are very vulnerable.
We have to get her out of here.
We're getting you out of here.
Stay calm.
Stay calm.
Pain, fear, weakness It all grows when one is alone.
Someone's coming.
Girls, let's get out of here, fast.
That's why we have to act like a pack fighting for its survival.
We must disregard our individual motivations to overcome the dangers awaiting us.
Sara, Sara.
Sara, what's wrong? Sara.
Our love is more than enough Our hearts are strong enough And when I finally come home Say you'll be waiting for me You've seen the light How it's shining bright, shining down Through the clouds Making everything come alive Making everything wrong feel right Making everything loose feel tight Like the stars in the heavens lined up Like I'm only on the set There's no more feeling like it's over But the only thing that's over I'm no longer standing over I don't know what's the use, the use Maybe they no longer can refuse me 'Cause now I'm taking control And now, tonight I'm getting out, out, out of this place And I'm not falling behind I'll hold the winning trophy At the end of this race I'll be dancing in the rain I'll be drinking champagne! This is my night, and I own it Say yeah