Las Chicas Del Cable (2017) s02e07 Episode Script

Chapter 15: Opportunities

1 Girls, lay her down here.
Be careful.
- What happened? - If you want to help, get more towels.
Miguel, please.
More towels.
People think that seizing an opportunity is like catching a train.
The train only comes around once and whether you catch it depends on your luck.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but I was so scared, I didn't dare.
You don't have to explain.
We are your friends.
We don't need anything else.
Thank you.
We are in this together whatever happens.
I, however, believe that opportunities are all around us, and that real luck Sara.
is knowing how to spot them and not pass them up.
You're home now.
Let's go.
Just rest.
- Good morning, Cuevas.
- Good morning.
What is all this? I called you because I want you to see something important.
Follow me.
Looks like Mario Pérez.
- When did they find him? - [BUENDÍA.]
Just hours ago.
I'd say he's been in there for a couple of weeks.
- First, you have to inform - Inform his wife, yes.
I'll stop by her workplace.
I wanted love the most A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES But it never stays long A notch to my bedpost Pretend they're mine Sundress wrinkled on the floor I'm naked, you're not here no more To keep me warm, keep me warm Crack the door with a trash bin Maybe you will come back in And keep me warm, keep me warm My love, my love, my love Pour salt in the wound My love, my love, my love Pour salt in the wound Good morning.
Good morning.
A lot of girls would kill for an opportunity like this.
CHAPTER 15: OPPORTUNITIES Who would have guessed that we would finally understand each other? It was you who declared war on me.
Let's leave the bad memories behind.
Before I keep my part of the deal, I want you to sign this.
This is a medical consent form.
Obviously, I want to make sure that you'll get rid of the child if I'm going to give you this amount of money.
But this isn't what we discussed.
He's a very competent doctor.
Don't worry.
It's for your own good.
I don't want you to fall into the hands of a seedy butcher.
I'll give you half now, and the other half when the problem is solved.
In that case, I want twice as much money.
Money has never been a problem.
When all this is over, we'll drink to us.
Who knows? Maybe one day, we'll do great things together.
Who knows? Have a nice day.
Lidia! How did it go? This afternoon, we'll fix the problem.
I'll tell Marga and Carlota - to cover for us - No.
They must not know.
I'm taking a big risk conning Doña Carmen.
- I know that, Lidia, I do.
- That's why.
The fewer people involved, the better.
Of course.
One more thing.
What are you going to do when people start noticing you're pregnant? I don't know.
But we've got the money and we know where the witness lives.
- That's what matters now.
- Of course.
One step at a time.
One step at a time.
I'm sick of that witch.
She left this in my locker.
Lidia, this was Mario's.
I'm sure it was her.
Like she did with the lighter, with the message on the mirror.
- She wants to drive me crazy.
- Don't worry about her now.
We have more important things to do.
Come on.
Excuse me.
Inspector Cuevas has some important news.
I need to speak to you about an urgent matter, alone.
Can we speak in front of Lidia? She's my friend.
She's trustworthy.
- Very well.
What is it? Mrs.
Vidal, we have found a body that matches your husband's description.
What? I know it's a delicate matter, but I need you to come to the morgue to identify the body.
- Where was he found? - In the river.
The current carried him to the riverbank after the storm.
There, there.
It's going to be all right.
Can I go with her? - Of course.
- [LIDIA.]
Thank you.
I'll drive you there myself.
Thank you for everything.
Everything will be all right.
Lidia I'll be here for whatever you need.
We can take all the time you need.
I'm fine.
The sooner we finish this, the better.
Very well.
Gentlemen, proceed.
See the sky [GASPS.]
Fire inside Standing tall Until the end [GASPS.]
Are you all right? I want you to find the bastards who did this to my husband.
I'll do that.
- Are there any suspects? - At the moment, nothing official.
Excuse me.
Your face suddenly seems very familiar, as if we've met before.
Yes, at Ángeles' house, when you came to Yes, that must be it.
Ángeles, can we have a word in my office? Don't say anything.
Stay calm.
This way.
Sit down, please.
How are you? If I can do anything to help you I don't know how this could have happened.
Even today, I was receiving signs that he was still alive, as if he'd come back.
Um excuse me a moment.
Thursday the 11th, visit to suspect's house.
I leave the lighter on the table.
Friday the 12th, call from Bilbao.
Tuesday the 16th, I write a message on a hand mirror.
I put it in the locker.
You shouldn't have opened that file.
It was you.
Sometimes, in an investigation, we have to do things we are not proud of.
- It was - Ángeles.
You tried to make me believe that Mario was alive to see to see if I was behind all this.
My God! Let me explain.
Let me explain how it all happened.
Is that why you slept with me? - No.
- To get information? [CRYING.]
My God! Ángeles, please I thought you were different.
What are you looking at? Don't you have work to do? - [LIDIA.]
What happened? - [SIGHS.]
It seems I was not the only one seducing someone to get information out of them.
We can't waste any more time.
We have to see the witness.
Yes, please.
Thank you.
Nurse, hello.
I'm Adeleida Carrascosa.
I'm a former patient of Dr.
I wanted to send him a gift to thank him for his excellent treatment.
But I don't have his address.
Could you give it to me? Thank you.
Yes, go ahead.
16 Puente Bajo Street, apartment 3A.
Thank you so much.
Marga, Marga, Marga.
Pablo, how did it go? - How are you? - He's pretty good.
How lucky that your operation was moved up.
Keep your distance! Both he and I need to rest for a few days, so keep your distance.
And then I'll be all ready to do my part on our wedding night.
Good, now listen.
Since the meal will be at the lake, next to the church, I thought we could find a little hotel to you know.
Marga, distance, distance.
It sounds like a great idea, but I think now we have to focus on Don Fermín.
Doña Lola has done a lot to help us.
We have to try to make a good impression on the priest.
Yes, you're right.
What if we invite him for dinner after the presentation of the phone booths? Doña Lola could make some nice soup.
I think the dinner idea is good, but soup isn't very much, is it? Are you taking over Doña Lola's kitchen? I don't want to take over anything of Doña Lola's, but, with a priest, either you fill him with food and wine, - or you don't get anything.
- Right.
You can take care of the wine and calling Don Fermín.
Hm? Distance, please.
- Tomorrow at 10:00.
- Yes.
Good morning, beautiful - What do you want? - Forgive me but I promised the boy we'd come here if he got good grades.
And he got "excellent" in religion.
- Isn't that so, darling? - Mm-hmm.
Uh Can I order something for you? Chamomile tea or An herbal brandy, please.
Father, I asked you to come because I find myself in a delicate situation.
- Look at him.
- A good bath will fix that.
No, I didn't mean that.
I meant the child's father.
What father? It's best if he explains it to you.
Listen, Alvarito, my child, can you tell Father Fermín who your father is? Pablo Santos Villanueva.
26 years.
Born in Valladolid.
Yes, that's enough, darling.
Pablo Santos? But that young man Leave the bottle.
Yes, that same man.
He wants to marry another woman in your church.
That's right.
Six years ago, we got married in a little town in Valladolid.
Just as the child was born, he My poor little angel.
That scoundrel with a dumb face! That's his trick, father.
That's how he deceived me.
He intends to do the same with you and everyone who attends this wedding.
I'm calling the church right now! That scoundrel will get what he deserves! Take this, Father.
Our marriage certificate.
That lowlife will likely deny everything.
A liar is caught sooner than a cripple.
Honey, when the priest comes back, can you act with a little more feeling? You act like you don't have a mother.
That'll cost two more churros, doll.
What do you [SCOFFS.]
Waiter, two more churros for the child.
Did you check the switchboard connection? [ALBERTO.]
Miguel was supposed to do that.
- And where's Miguel? - He hasn't come in.
What do you mean? He hasn't come in at all today? Who is taking care of the adjustments? Good morning, Don Carlos.
How can I help you? Where have you been? You look dreadful.
I was thinking about the prototype.
A couple of things don't add up.
What things? Nothing important.
Nothing that can't be fixed.
I'll get coffee and start working.
No, I'll make sure you get coffee.
The presentation is tomorrow.
You have to start right now.
Very well.
I'm sorry, but I promise that the prototype will be ready tomorrow.
Do what you like with your life at night, but I won't let you ruin mine.
This is very important.
There's a lot riding on this.
- [SIGHS.]
It won't happen again.
- Okay, let's see how you fix it.
If you haven't slept all night, it won't be easy.
Alberto, supervise the project.
Keep an eye on him.
This is your last chance.
High You and I, above the city lights High We don't need the air to stay alive 'Cause we got that fire in our bones Come on, guys! Let's do this! Marga, do you know where they keep the cans of gasoline here? I'm sure there are some in the installers' parking lot.
Why? No reason.
An engineer told me they had run out.
Cifuentes, do you need something? I'm looking for Ángeles Vidal.
Has she come back yet? Back from where? Has something happened? Look the police were here.
They found a body in the river, and they think it belongs to Ángeles' husband.
What? No, it can't be.
- Oh, my God.
- No, no, take it easy.
Calm down, Marga.
Um Do you know where she is right now? A few hours ago, she went to the morgue with Inspector Cuevas.
Lidia went with them, too.
Don't worry.
As soon as we see them, we'll let you know.
Thank you, Carlota.
It would be best if you don't repeat this to anyone.
No, of course not.
What are we going to do? Marga, first of all, calm down and breathe.
And let me think.
Oh, God.
Look, there he is.
Excuse me! Could we speak to you for a moment, please? Listen - Excuse me.
- Excuse me.
Please, it will just take a moment.
Listen to us.
Is this your daughter? Does she live here? No.
Because she works in the city, right? You want to talk about that? In here, there is a large amount of money.
Enough to be set for life.
It's yours if you tell the police there was another woman.
One who looks nothing like me.
Lidia hasn't done anything wrong.
She's a good woman.
She just wants a second chance, and you can have yours if you accept that money.
I don't want anything more than what I have.
And your daughter? I'm sure she's full of dreams, and this could be the chance to fulfill them.
You have until noon tomorrow.
If you agree to collaborate and keep the money, you have to call this phone number.
Ask for Lidia Aguilar.
- I've got bad news, Francisco.
- What a surprise.
Tell me.
The church has refused to annul the marriage.
We'll have to wait until death separates us.
But we both signed the agreement.
- Or maybe you didn't.
- I'm as anxious as you are to put an end to this, but we're not the only ones involved.
Carlos has used his connections to stop the process.
What? A close family friend told me it was Carlos who intervened to stop the process.
Very well.
I'll take care of this matter.
I don't care how you do it, but the champagne has to be at 8 degrees, no more, no less, understood? You may leave.
I'm glad you are no longer pretending to like me, Doña Carmen.
It saves me the trouble.
And why should I have to try to fool anyone - or have them fool me? - You see? It's better to speak frankly.
I need your help.
And why would I help you? Because you are as interested as I am in what I've come to ask.
Your son has stopped the annulment process that Elisa and I had started.
He has pulled some strings.
Now I need you to pull yours.
If my son intervened He wants to keep me away from Lidia so that he can marry her.
I know you never liked me as a husband for Elisa, but this is the perfect opportunity for Lidia to disappear from your lives.
If she decides on me, of course.
Please, Francisco, I played my cards a long time ago.
It's quite possible that at this moment, that girl is not even pregnant anymore.
What? I'm sorry to disappoint you, but women are much more practical than men.
Especially those who know what it is to be poor.
- You bribed her to get an abortion? - I couldn't have said it better.
Lidia would never make a deal with you.
It's a pity this document will destroy that idyllic image you have of that girl.
- Was it really Mario, Carlota? - Let's go and talk to Ángeles! What happened? What are you doing here? - Is it Mario? - Weren't we in all this together? - Who told you? - Carlos.
He came to the switchboard looking for you.
Well, are you going to tell us? [DOOR LOCKS.]
Mario's body was found in the river.
The storms brought it to the surface.
What are we going to do? Calm down, Marga, please.
I don't want you to worry about anything.
If things get worse, if they get more complicated, I'm going to take the blame.
No one will do that because it will all work out.
And here I am planning my wedding.
I have to talk to Pablo.
- [LIDIA.]
Marga! - I need to talk to Pablo.
No, that's just the opposite of what we should do.
If we start acting strangely, that could give us away.
Maybe I could speak with my father and He knows people No, I don't know.
Your father? He doesn't even accept your independence.
I'm looking for a solution.
I don't want to go to prison.
No one is going to prison! Ángeles and I have taken care of everything.
What? We spoke to the witness who could place me near Mario's car.
And? And if tomorrow before noon we receive his call, everything will be okay.
And if he doesn't call? As long as there's still hope, we shouldn't think otherwise.
I'm on your every move That pale skin and crimson lips So it's true I'm hanging on with you It must be written all over my face [CARLOS.]
You're fired! What is all this, Miguel? Look.
I'll introduce you to the only friend I have lately, the only one that understands me and keeps me company.
- Miguel, stop! Stop! - Don't touch me! You can't keep doing this.
You have to present the prototype to the company tomorrow.
Screw the company and screw the prototype.
I got fired.
And you know what? I don't care.
That's not true.
You're passionate about your work.
What do you know? You don't know me that well.
When did I become your enemy? When you two started sidelining me and left me alone.
I don't know what you mean.
Carlota, Sara.
She's important to me, too, you know? Much more than you think.
Since you turned up in our lives, it's all gone to shit.
Where do I fit in her life? Huh? Tell me.
When have I been part of all those secrets you keep? Leave me be! I don't want you, want you, want you Leave me alone! After all, I'm already alone! How's the prototype going? [ALBERTO.]
It's almost ready, Miss Aguilar.
We need to finish the structure of the booth.
You can go home.
Tomorrow will be a tough day.
Thanks a lot.
We've made a lot of progress today.
- See you tomorrow.
Let's go, guys! - See you tomorrow.
Don't do it.
Don't let that woman control your life.
I don't know what you mean.
Carmen told me everything.
Lidia I think we're all pushing you into doing something you don't want to do.
This stupid battle between me and Carlos to be with you isn't helping you at all.
Forgive me.
Come here.
I wanted to tell you I'm taking a step back not because I don't love you.
I can't stop doing that.
I'm doing it so you can decide without any pressure, without anyone forcing you to do something you may regret tomorrow.
Recognizing an opportunity and making the most of it means facing new risks.
You think I'm so stupid That I don't know where you've been [LIDIA.]
You never know if your attempt to take advantage of a situation will actually complicate matters more.
That I'd give you another chance That I'd give you another chance No [LIDIA.]
That's why, when you've made a decision, it's better to stop questioning yourself, and just be prepared to face the consequences.
Maybe you'll see a lesson learned Hold me down So you've got a new life now But you're still coming round again Don't you know that it's over? Murder in Madrid! Extra, extra! Murder in Madrid! Extra, extra! Murder in Madrid! MURDER AT THE TELEPHONE COMPANY - How can you come to work, dear? - [STAMMERS.]
- My condolences.
- Thanks, Aurora.
I'm so sorry, too, Ángeles.
Whatever you need Thank you.
Aren't you going to shed a single tear? Get away from me! How I grieve for my husband is none of your business.
Anyone in your place wouldn't be calmly strolling around here.
Caroline, please, leave me alone.
Did you decide to take revenge into your own hands? - What? - I won't stop, Ángeles.
Not until you tell me the truth.
- What truth? - You killed him.
- You're crazy! - You killed him.
Will you leave me alone! [MUMBLES, GRUNTS.]
Ángeles! Ángeles! You won't get away with it.
Such terrible news.
And with the king attending the anniversary party today, it's very poor timing.
What? The man's dead.
We can't do anything for him.
Let's concentrate on saving this company.
I didn't know we were discussing that.
If His Majesty the King discovers that the company isn't in Cifuentes hands, he will not renew our contract, and believe me, that'll be the end of the company.
Any suggestion on how to avoid that? My son Carlos will present the phone booths tonight.
Come on, Doña Carmen.
We have to present ourselves as a modern company.
A woman should make the presentation tonight.
It's not a suggestion.
Either my son Carlos makes the presentation tonight, or I will personally tell the king that the company is no longer in our hands.
This is no way to do things.
You know as well as I do that it was Miss Aguilar's idea.
No company has ever been in the hands of a woman.
We'd be the laughingstock of all of Spain.
Some things should change.
To my knowledge, up until now, no woman has ever been able to run a business this important.
Either my son Carlos presents the phone booths tonight, or you're left without a company.
Putting you through.
Love is just a word Any news on the witness? - He'll call.
There's still time.
Hey, you! They want you upstairs.
That bitch wants to catch us off guard.
Tell me if something happens.
And I might know inside What's wrong now? Father Fermín's not coming to dinner tonight.
Fine, he can come another day.
Marga, are you all right? - I'm in no mood for nonsense.
- It's not nonsense.
It's serious.
- It's only a wedding.
- Only a wedding? It's our wedding, and it might not happen.
What? What are you saying? [BUZZES.]
Well Pablo, I don't know, maybe it's not that important.
- Marga.
- Operator 47.
Go ahead.
Very well.
Putting you through.
No, Lidia's not here, but I have the money.
We can close the deal.
Good afternoon.
Inspector, thank you for coming down again.
Your call sounded important.
What is it? I'll be damned! Interesting.
The fabric covering the corpse had this embroidery.
TELEPHONE COMPANY It was so dirty it couldn't be seen under all that muck.
Clearly this man didn't leave the company alive that night.
So it seems.
Someone killed him and wrapped him in this tablecloth.
The ropes that bound the body weren't normal ropes.
They were telephone cables.
I hope this helps you, Inspector.
It certainly does.
Thanks a lot.
the telephone for everyone.
You didn't like it, did you? Do you want to make a change or No, no, no.
The speech is perfect, Miss Aguilar.
Then what's the problem? - She's the problem.
- What's that? Look, I was thinking and I've made a decision.
Carlos will present the project tonight.
What? She's been preparing this for days, it's her project.
- Why wouldn't she present it? - [LIDIA.]
It's because I'm a woman.
It's my idea and I worked like a dog for it, but it won't be appreciated because I'm not in a suit and tie.
You did an impeccable job, Lidia Yes, but the credit will go to a man.
Look, I can't change the country we're living in.
Can you imagine the scandal if a woman headed a project like this? You told me to fight and show you what I was worth.
That it didn't matter if I was a man or a woman.
Yes, and it doesn't matter, to me.
But what will the king think of a woman in charge of this? The government is about to renew the company's contract, and we can't risk it.
And Doña Carmen assures me that it's best for everyone if Carlos makes the presentation.
So it was her idea and she convinced you.
The decision is mine.
- It's better for everyone.
That's all.
- It's funny.
It's funny because you boasted about having a new, modern company.
Maybe you should consider changing tonight's speech.
We wouldn't want anybody to be outraged.
TELEPHONE COMPANY That's fine, you may carry on.
How did you get Uribe to remove Lidia from the presentation? What are you doing? You forget that I'm your mother.
It's her project.
She doesn't deserve this.
How can you be so cruel? Life is always cruel for women.
A lowly secretary leading the project tonight would mean a huge scandal and irreparable damage to the company.
You knew it was Lidia's chance to shine and you took it from her.
Stop whining.
If I've learned anything in life, it's that women shouldn't be at the forefront.
Luckily, not all women are like you.
Of course they are.
We do what it takes to survive, but we do it in the shadows.
You're an expert at that, moving in the shadows like a sewer rat.
You're so ungrateful! I did all this for you! All that I care about is what's best for my family.
You're doing something wrong, because the only thing you'll manage to do is end up alone.
Thank you.
Just one more thing before I accept your invitation to the party, Sebastián.
What do you really want from me? I'm not naive.
I helped you break free from your mother's scheme, right? Mm-hmm.
Now I need you to help me.
What's this about? About us getting married.
You Argentinians sure are direct.
While I do love that smile, it just so happens that the Spanish government demands that the company must be owned by Spanish citizens.
A marriage of convenience.
What do I get in exchange? Thirty percent of the company.
This is becoming the least romantic date in history.
I love that smile.
Sebastián, don't think that I don't want to help you but things are more difficult for me.
I can't get married.
They just rejected my marriage annulment.
My medical history precludes me from being able to solve the issue on my own, and my brother has stopped the process for personal reasons.
Gosh, you really are a happy family.
I imagine there are secrets in yours, too.
I won't deny that.
Elisa if you assure me that our agreement will move forward, I'll get you the annulment.
It's a deal.
Lidia! Carlos, not now, please.
I didn't mess with the presentation.
If it were up to me, you'd do it.
I don't care about the project or the company.
Then what's wrong? Forget it.
Is it about the baby? Lidia, we still have a chance.
If you let me, I'll take care of it.
I want to start a family.
- Please - It's true, Lidia.
This child has opened my eyes.
This is the chance It's nothing! This is nothing.
Let go of me, please.
- What happened? - The witness wanted more money.
- What? - Ángeles went to close the deal.
- Do you know anything else? - [CARLOTA.]
- File it.
- Yes, sir.
Why are you here? The witness insisted on speaking with you, Inspector.
So? I remember something else about the woman I saw that night.
Yes? Men, I want you all to keep your eyes peeled! Robles, you'll alert His Majesty, got it? Come on, let's go! FIFTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE TELEPHONE COMPANY [URIBE.]
I heard, your Majesty, that Barcelona is worth visiting to see the World Expo.
A marvel, an essential visit, and barely 24 hours by train from Madrid.
The world's progressing as fast as that train, isn't it? And we're grateful that you want to travel with us, Majesty.
We Cifuenteses know that you've been a good luck charm for our company.
I'm sure you'll continue to be for the new project, conceived by my son Carlos.
He takes after his father.
Don't underestimate yourself, Mother.
Carlos takes after you, too.
Elisa, excellent timing.
Majesty, let me introduce my fiancée.
Well! It's good news for the Cifuentes family, - so I think you'll be happy, too.
- Congratulations to you both.
- Thank you.
- I need to go to the powder room.
- Will you accompany me? - Of course.
I'll be right with you, Majesty.
Majesty, if you please, we can take our seats.
You must be truly unbalanced to do this.
On the contrary, Mother.
This is the most rational decision I've made in my life.
I deserve my chance, and now it's finally come.
Please, you've had everything you've ever wanted.
- What else do you want? - Mother, don't bother.
From now on, I'll be pulling the strings.
- That remains to be seen.
- Enjoy your party.
Good evening.
Good evening, everyone.
Majesty, thank you for honoring us with your presence again.
- Is Ángeles here yet? - No.
I'm glad to see you all looking so elegant, as this night will be remembered for a long time.
Today, the history of the telephone will change forever and you are all privileged to witness it.
I've always dreamed of revolutionizing the world of telecommunications, of reaching new heights.
But you can't do that without first looking around you.
You have to be with the people, which is something I wouldn't have learned if not for Miss Aguilar.
Hers is the brilliant mind behind this idea.
So, Lidia you should be up here, not me.
Please, a round of applause.
Good evening.
Ten years ago I arrived in Madrid and lost someone very important to me.
And if at that time, I'd had within my reach a telephone to make just one phone call maybe my future would've been different.
That's why this project affects me so personally.
It's true that an idea, just an idea, isn't much on its own, and I wouldn't be here in front of you presenting this project if it weren't for the person who trusted in me.
And who opened the doors of this company to me.
We present the public telephone booth.
Who's that girl? She's heading the project.
You four, cover the rear exit.
The rest of you, with me.
Let's go.
You two, the alley.
Please, clear the street.
There's nothing to see here.
Go on! Nobody move, please! Everyone remain inside the hall.
I left my heart out And crashing through the floor We have proof that the person who is responsible for Mario Pérez's murder is here.
Freedom or imprisonment.
Success or failure.
When you strive to accomplish something big, the outcome can extend far beyond your efforts, and it can impact everybody else.
Carolina Moreno, you're under arrest for the murder of Mario Pérez.
No, this is a mistake! Let go of me! Let go! I didn't do anything! I didn't do anything! Let me go! I didn't do anything! I left my city I have nothing to do with this! Let go of me! Give me hope, give me strength [SCREAMING INDISTINCTLY.]
I've been tired, switching off To someone else You've seen the light How it's shining bright, shining down Through the clouds Making everything come alive Making everything wrong feel right Making everything loose feel tight Like the stars in the heavens lined up Like I'm only on the set There's no more feeling like it's over But the only thing that's over I'm no longer standing over I don't know what's the use, the use Maybe they no longer can refuse me 'Cause now I'm taking control And now, tonight I'm getting out, out, out of this place And I'm not falling behind I'll hold the winning trophy At the end of this race I'll be dancing in the rain I'll be drinking champagne! This is my night, and I own it Say yeah