Las Chicas Del Cable (2017) s02e08 Episode Script

Chapter 16: Innocence

1 Flower crown upon her head Innocence is for those who are free of guilt, of sin.
Can someone really claim to be innocent if they are complicit and keep quiet about someone else's schemes? They arrested an innocent woman! They arrested her! Calm down! Stay calm or this will ruin our lives.
What life, Lidia? - What life? - Marga! Carolina was no angel.
That's enough! She was no angel.
She threatened me.
She suspected me.
Don't you see? It was either her or us.
You see? I'm sick of whispering all the time and feeling sick from fear.
Marga, it was an accident.
We've sent an innocent woman to prison.
Was there really no other solution? - I'm turning myself in.
- What? No, no, no.
You're not doing that, Marga.
Stop! If you go down, we all go down.
I may sound selfish, but I have no intention of going to prison, and I don't think you do, either.
Hello? Yes, speaking.
What? I wanted love the most A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES But it never stays long A notch to my bedpost Pretend they're mine Sundress wrinkled on the floor I'm naked, you're not here no more To keep me warm, keep me warm Crack the door with a trash bin Maybe you will come back in And keep me warm, keep me warm My love, my love, my love Pour salt in the wound My love, my love, my love Pour salt in the wound I've administered a sedative so he can rest.
We can't allow his heart rate to get that high again.
He can't have any more convulsions.
His heart can't take it.
Is there anything we can do? Pray.
Nurse! Miguel Pascual? Yes, this way.
The rest of you, wait here.
It's not the end Sara! You're stupid and thoughtless.
Why is he doing this to me? INNOCENCE He's sedated.
That's why he looks like that.
We already went through all this, and we had overcome this shit.
Without realizing it, we've been excluding him.
What do you mean? I've never left him out.
But he felt like you were.
Before this happened, we argued at home.
He said we were hiding things from him and seeing each other alone.
I'm sorry, Carlota.
This is all my fault.
If you hadn't been so worried about me I came between you.
No, Sara, please, don't say that.
You've always been with us.
You've always helped me.
You helped with Mario.
Come here, please.
What would I do without you both? Lidia you understand why I did it, right? I did this Carolina was suspicious of me, and suddenly it was very clear.
I saw that it was It was the chance to save us.
Do you understand? I don't want anything bad to happen to any of you, but if Marga confesses, it's over.
She won't do it.
But it's normal that she's upset by all this.
I'll talk to her again tomorrow and try to calm her down.
How is he? It's under control.
He's sedated, and tomorrow we'll know more.
And Carlota? She's going to sleep here.
She asked me to bring some clothes.
Girls, you should go and rest.
I'll see you tomorrow.
How are you? Better, thank you.
Come on.
When we found him, he'd been in the water for weeks.
His lungs were bloated, and he was covered in sores.
- I didn't do anything to him.
- Yeah.
But the odd thing is Mario didn't die from that.
Someone hit him on the head, hit him with rage.
It was a blow from someone who hated him deeply.
I loved him, Inspector.
The body was wrapped in tablecloth from the Telephone Company.
We've deduced that the crime was committed there.
We also have a witness who says he saw a woman getting rid of Mario's car that night.
That's impossible.
I can't drive.
This is the witness's signed statement.
No, this is a mistake.
Don't you realize that Ángeles is behind all this? The witness says that the woman was dark-haired.
That is a description of you, not of Ángeles.
I didn't hurt Mario.
I was in love with him.
That woman is telling the truth.
Now what do we say? Let me talk to the witness again.
Elisa! Ubalda, where's my sister? Carlos, my dear.
Why don't you sit and have breakfast instead of shouting like that? Do you think I'm an idiot? I know you are up to something with the Uribes.
Is that so? Elisa, you're not going to ruin our lives.
Watch your step.
Good morning.
Do you remember me? I'd like to speak to you.
Did I come at a bad time? No, don't worry, we've finished.
What do you want? I've told you everything I know.
Yes, but I'd like to go over a few details.
If you don't mind Well, what can I do for you? That girl you identified, Carolina Moreno, you remember her? - Mm-hmm.
- She insists she was never there.
That girl's lying.
We've accused her of killing a man.
Do you know the punishment for that? She could spend her life in prison, or the judge could send her to the garrote.
So I'd just like to be sure that you didn't identify the wrong person.
It's a very serious matter.
Father, remember Don Julián will be coming so we can pay for the land.
Excuse me, I didn't know you were busy.
Ah, your daughter.
Hello, I'm Inspector Cuevas.
Amparo García, at your service.
Is anything wrong? Amparo, go to your room.
Father, what's happened? Were you going to buy some land? - Yes.
- No.
Uh Which one is it? Earlier, you were closing a deal with a man.
The keys he gave you, were they for a house? For a small farm.
Well! A farm, some land.
A very nice radio, Basilio.
Where did you get all this money? - An inheritance.
- Do you have a document to prove it? No, I don't.
Because it doesn't exist.
Inspector, I don't understand any of this, but I'm worried.
I'd be worried, too.
I fear your father has made a deal with someone to cover up a crime.
What? They offer you money and an innocent woman rots in prison.
Isn't that so? Father! Father, look at me! Father, tell me that what he's saying isn't true.
I'm willing to help you, provided you tell me who offered you money.
Mar Marga! Mr.
Uribe has organized a wake at the company.
If we aren't there, it'll look suspicious.
Come on.
Leave me alone, please! I mean it, please.
Listen, I know this is all insane, but we can't give up now.
You have to fight for your dreams, for you, for us.
- Come on.
- Lidia, I said no! I can't stop thinking that we've ruined that woman's life, even if she was bad.
She's innocent, Lidia, and you know it! I'm not going.
Very well.
Listen, you have to promise me one thing.
That you won't do anything crazy.
Promise me.
Leave me alone, please.
Lidia, don't be a pest! Operator 57? Operator 57? Pablo, now isn't the I know we haven't spoken in a long time.
It's just that my fiancée has told me that she isn't sure she wants to marry me, and the truth is I need a friendly voice.
You've always given me good advice.
So I thought that maybe you could give me some now, because just the thought of losing her makes it difficult to breathe.
I'm sorry, Pablo.
Yes? I can't help you with that.
You deserve something better than a stupid girl who can't see that she has the most wonderful man.
It's time to look for another girl who loves you No, no, no.
Marga And a better operator.
Please, listen to me.
Don't say that.
Hush now, don't say anything I'll be right where you want me You want me Now that you're around and older We'll be safe and sound Put the photograph here, please.
Have you got the flowers? Thank you.
The clinic is at 15 Buenavista Street.
I can ask my chauffeur to take you there.
You don't trust me to go on my own? It was just a gesture of goodwill, but I see you're not used to those.
The appointment is at 5:00.
Be punctual.
Are you going ahead with all this? Don't worry.
It's all under control.
I wanted to give you this before I left.
Where are you going? My grandfather taught me to do this.
He helped the doctor when he came to the village.
Thank you.
You have to press on the wound so that it stops bleeding.
I'm sorry.
I'm staining the handkerchief.
It must be your favorite.
Can you keep a secret? I've never liked my name.
If I could, I'd change it right now.
How can you say that? I think Alba is a beautiful name.
And we're going to call our first daughter Alba.
You're thinking far ahead! It's decided.
We were so naive.
We were very young.
We knew nothing.
And we were happy.
That's a lot more than we can say now.
If only things had happened differently.
We can make them happen.
I still think I'll call my first daughter Alba.
Nothing has changed for me.
Alba I'm leaving.
There's no reason for me to stay here.
What will you do? I don't know yet.
Promise we'll see each other again.
Francisco Thank you.
Juan I know you won't believe it I thought you were dead.
I thought I'd never see you again.
It's a long story.
I was in some trouble.
I had to disappear for awhile.
I waited for you a long time, Juan Pedro.
I'm Pedro Guzmán now.
I have to go unnoticed.
Although from what I've read, I'm not the only one with a name change.
My life has changed a lot, too.
Too much.
The newspaper says you're an exemplary woman.
I couldn't believe it when I saw your photo.
Why have you come? I'd like to talk in private.
Let's go.
Miguel, my love, I'm here.
Can you hear me? - Carlota.
- Yes, it's me.
I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
- I thought I'd lost you.
- Shh.
I thought I'd lost you.
But I promise you I'll never leave you all alone again, you hear me? And I'm staying here with you, for as long as you need me.
I love you.
And I love you.
Miss Millán! Miss Millán.
Please! No! No, no! Listen, no - Leave me alone.
- Sara! No, wait.
Please, wait.
We have to talk.
- We have nothing to talk about.
- Yes, we do.
I'm like you.
Let me talk to you.
It'll only take a moment.
Longoria is your father? Yes, but he didn't treat you.
That was my brother.
All my life, I've felt that I'm living in the wrong body, and I was never afraid to say it, but my father didn't accept it, and tried with all his might to make me the woman he wanted me to be.
That's why I dress like this and work with them in the sanatorium.
My father forced me to, as part of my treatment.
He said that only by seeing the suffering of others can I avoid being a repeat offender.
A repeat offender? We are not criminals.
I know.
Paloma, you have to get out of there.
If we don't fight for respect, no one will.
I will.
I've got it all ready.
I'm going to Berlin.
There's a community there of people like us who live in total freedom.
Are you sure? You're not the first patient I've contacted.
Come with me.
- You were looking for me? - Yes, the witness has confessed.
A woman paid for his silence.
Lidia Aguilar.
Also known as Teresa Calderón, Esther Rodríguez, Carmen Valdés and hundreds of other names.
Fraud, theft, murder.
Interesting résumé.
But what's her connection with Mario? I still have to work that out.
She's a friend of Ángeles, and they work together.
It gets better, boss.
Look at this.
She knows how to drive.
If she bribed the witness, she's involved with the crime.
Very well, arrest her.
But we don't want another scandal.
We'll try to be more discreet.
Add some to the coffee.
A bit more.
It's been a rough day.
Thank you.
Well, well, just look at you.
You're all dressed up.
Thank you, Marisol.
My mother gave me this suit for when I got married.
But I think I'll only be using it for funerals.
- Did you argue again? - No, we didn't argue.
I wish we had.
We don't even argue anymore.
- Come on, Pablo.
Tell me about it.
- It's nothing.
It's Um Marga's having doubts.
She says she isn't good enough for me, that I deserve someone better.
Some compliment.
You know what? Preparing a wedding is very complicated.
You have to make so many decisions.
Like, do we get married in this church or in another? Do we serve hors d'oeuvres? Should Grandma sit at this table or that one? That's it! Of course it is, Pablo.
And all those arguments are a preview of what your marriage will be like.
If you're arguing over hors d'oeuvres Thank you.
Grandma, she's the one who can fix this.
- What? - Thank you so much, Marisol.
You've solved my problem.
- What? - Thank you.
No, I wasn't talking about that.
Pablo Yes, operator.
Hello? - Grandma! - Pablo! Grandma, do you hear me? - Grandma! - Don't shout so loud.
- I still hear a bit in this ear.
- Sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm just eager to talk to you.
I just got measured for my dress for the wedding.
How about that? You haven't paid for it, have you? Uh, why do you say that? No reason Well, it seems that Marga isn't so sure about getting married.
You've done something, you scoundrel.
She hasn't dumped you for no reason.
No, Grandma, that's why I'm calling you.
Look, I don't know why, but Marga isn't well.
What are you talking about? No one else can help me get Marga out of bed.
I'm going to need your help.
Nothing's gonna hold me down How are you? Hm Not many people have come.
Ángeles, I have to talk to you.
I thought you came to apologize.
I didn't want to hurt you.
Leading a murder investigation isn't easy.
Why are you here? Lidia Aguilar.
I expected to find her here with you.
What What happened? We think she is involved in your husband's murder.
My husband's body is lying right here, and you come here to tell me that my best friend is involved The witness identified her as the woman who dumped the car.
She also paid him to keep quiet.
That can't be.
No, that can’t be.
Lidia would never do something like that.
You don't really know your friend.
She's not even called Lidia Aguilar.
We investigated her.
She is a dangerous criminal, Ángeles.
- Believe me, I have to arrest her.
- No, no.
No, no.
- At least wait until the wake is over.
- Ángeles I'll help you.
I will turn her in myself.
I'll ask her to meet me on the rooftop at 5:00.
I will tell her that I'm not feeling well, that I need to talk.
And then you'll be able to arrest her.
All right.
We'll do it that way.
That time I had to disappear and now I have to do it again.
Who's looking for you? It's best if you don't know.
I walked away from that life long ago.
If I'm going to help you, I have a right to know what risks I'm taking.
None, I promise you.
I'll spend one night in Madrid.
I don't trust anyone.
I only feel at ease with you.
And if I hadn't shown up in the newspaper, who would you have gone to? Who cares? What matters is that you did show up, and that fate has brought us back together.
You can stay at the boardinghouse.
It's called Dolores Boardinghouse, on Blancaro Street.
Wait for me there.
Be there around 5:30.
Doña Lola will be at six o'clock mass.
If you see any of the girls and they ask who you are, tell them you're my brother.
I knew that I could count on you.
My room is 205.
Stay there.
I'll be there around 9:00.
Thanks, I owe you one.
I hope I won't regret this.
I don't want anyone to see me leave.
Relax, come on.
Sara, he's woken up.
He told me that It's okay, Carlota.
This is Paloma.
What is she doing here? - Perhaps I should leave.
- No, wait.
Carlota, Paloma is a victim, just like you and me.
What? After all she did to you.
She's forced to work with the doctor.
He's her brother.
And part of her punishment for feeling like I do is having to witness other patients' treatments.
That's horrible! Carlota, she's told me she found a place in Berlin where we can express ourselves freely and live without feeling marginalized.
Are you going to go? We could all go together.
But, Sara, what are you saying? We have to wait for Miguel to get better.
We can't leave him all alone.
Besides, that would be running away, and you're the one who taught me not to act like a victim.
So no, you can't go.
We have made a lot of progress and we need to continue.
I don't know if I still have the strength.
Sara, look at me.
Let's do it here.
Let's start the first organization for sexual freedom here in Spain, just like in Berlin.
That way we'll all be organized and we can fight together.
More than ever before.
What do you say? Doña Lola, I told you already, I am not well.
Doña Lola, really I don't I've been told you haven't had anything to eat all day.
Grandma, my God! Ay, ay Inmaculada, my dear! Oh.
- What are you doing here? - What do you think? I wanted to see my granddaughter, so I took the bus.
Is that so strange? Grandma, I I am a horrible person.
So you've canceled the wedding? Pablo deserves a good girl by his side.
Stop all that nonsense, Marga, dear.
I also had a Pablo, you know? Before your grandfather.
I was crazy about him.
We were going to get married, but then we argued and I broke the engagement.
Then I met your grandfather and we were very happy, but I always wondered what my life would've been like if I'd chosen love without fear.
My girl I don't know what's been going on lately, but I do know that Pablo is a great kid, and that he loves you just as much as you love him.
Don't let your fear of taking this step ruin your life.
I don't think he wants to see me now.
Who do you think made this snack? He's waiting outside! - Really, Grandma? - Yes! Oh! Come on.
Go on, then.
Hey, hold on.
Fix yourself up a little.
My robe.
Pablo? Thank you for the gesture and the snack.
Well, actually, I would like to have afternoon snack, lunch, dinner, breakfast with you every day of my life.
If you want to.
Thanks for everything.
I'll see you tonight.
Be careful.
- Who are you? Let me go! Let me go! - Shut up and get in! Help, help! Help, let me go! What are you doing here? Where is Lidia? Lidia's not coming.
What do you mean? Lidia didn't kill Mario.
What the hell are you talking about? She didn't do anything.
It was me.
No! You're lying to me.
You're trying to protect your friend! - I tried to poison him.
- You lie! You are lying! - He found out.
- You're lying, Ángeles.
- At the party - Shut up! I'm the killer you're after.
Why have you done this to me? What I feel for you is real.
I love you.
You have an hour to get out of here.
I'm going to report you.
Come on! What is this? Where are you taking me? Shut up and keep still! If you thought I was going to trust you, you've learned nothing.
- Take her to the operating room.
- What? - Come on! - What? No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Please! No! Carlos I'm leaving.
I'm leaving Madrid.
I quit this stupid competition for Lidia.
I don't believe you.
We are hurting her.
Your mother is pressuring her not to have the child.
I know perfectly well what my mother is capable of, but Lidia will not be manipulated that easily.
I don't know what she'll end up doing, but this is the address of the clinic where she has an appointment this afternoon.
Why are you telling me this now? Because she doesn't want to listen to me.
And you're the only one who can stop it.
Lidia loves you.
You must hate me.
I would love to, but I can't.
All that I am, I owe to you.
You're near her Drip, drip, drip, drip, drip Hurry before it's too late.
Clever things she says You could coin every phrase Please! - Shut up! - No, please, please! No! Shut up! No! No! No! No! No! Please! No! Tie her down! - Help! No! No, please, no! - No! Help, help! - Please, don't! - Hold still! On and on Help! Help! Help! Please, no! Help! Release her! Get the hell out of here! Lidia, are you okay? Hold on to me.
I love you.
I love you.
I will not allow anyone to take me for a fool.
You are a monster! I'm trying to protect you.
Don't let her get out of here.
Lidia, run, run! Stay with him.
I'll get the girl.
Lidia! Lidia, run! When a purely innocent being is inside you, there are lots of reasons to keep fighting until the end.
Even if that means risking your own life or facing everyone, even if you don't know whether you'll succeed.
Innocence is synonymous with happiness.
That is why it's important to enjoy it, because you never know how long it will last.
Ooh, ooh, ooh Feel that rush, never forget There will always be someone to show you that nothing is entirely in your hands It burns like a fire inside me Higher when you love me and that life only gives you new opportunities I'll fall until you catch me Can you feel my heartbeat Rising, rising, rising? sometimes.
Till there's nothing but gold Nothing but gold Nothing but gold Stop! One wrong move, one misstep And ooh, ooh, ooh - Come here.
I won't hurt you.
- No.
Hold still.
Give me your hand.
No! Lidia! Lidia! Lidia.
Life or death, hope or despair.
On the brink of death, I swore if I lost my child, I'd get revenge.
Like a fire inside me Higher when you love me Hold me, baby, don't let go I'll fall until you catch me Can you feel my heartbeat Rising, rising, rising? Till there's nothing but gold Higher, nothing but gold Nothing but fire inside me Higher when you love me Hold me, baby, don't let go I'll fall until you catch me Can you feel my heartbeat Rising, rising, rising? Till there's nothing but gold Gold