Las Chicas Del Cable (2017) s03e01 Episode Script

Chapter 17: Time

1 [LIDIA.]
A long time ago, having a child would've been a problem for me.
Now I was willing to do the impossible - to save her life.
- [MAN.]
Stop! [LIDIA.]
To give her the future I wasn't able to have.
I won't hurt you.
Hold still.
Give me your hand.
Lidia! Lidia! Lidia.
While I was lying on the ground, I could only think one thing: a mother's love can overcome anything.
Please take us to another hospital.
We have to go to another hospital! - [CARLOS.]
Help, please! - But can it really? Is it able to overcome all adversity? She fell and stopped breathing [DOCTOR.]
She's in good hands.
We'll take over from here.
Or is it a lie we tell ourselves? I'm pregnant.
I'm pregnant.
- [LIDIA.]
Save my baby - [DOCTOR.]
Calm down.
- Please.
- No, no.
Calm down.
Sometimes, when you feel you're running out of time, a new life begins.
My baby [SHUSHES.]
It was just a nightmare.
Oh, my love.
There, there.
- There, there.
- Are you still not ready? Really, Lidia.
Come on, there's no time to lose.
I'll see to the baby - while Carlota puts in your curlers.
- Me? I don't think that's a good idea.
You're the expert.
Then will you look after the baby? She always cries with you.
What's a few curlers? Exactly.
There's no time to lose.
Come on.
All right, come on.
Are you all right? Have you changed your mind? Oh, God, she's thinking about it.
Do you have any brandy? Alcohol is the best for getting rid of that feeling of vertigo.
I had it.
It isn't vertigo.
I never thought that after all we've been through, we'd be here together.
And I feel happy, very happy.
This is your big day.
Lidia, you're getting married.
- Lidia, will you be much longer? - [LIDIA.]
Just a minute.
Eva, your mom is always late.
Look who's talking.
You kept Pablo waiting for a whole hour.
- He nearly had a heart attack.
- Blame Doña Lola.
She wanted all the neighbors to see me, all her friends and all of Chamberí.
I'm ready.
You look incredible.
The groom will be speechless.
I hope not because he has to say "I do.
" That rogue better do it.
I'm going to the church.
I want to get a good seat.
You're beautiful.
Here's the best man.
Miss, your carriage awaits.
We'll take Eva and we'll go by taxi.
You have to keep them waiting.
That's tradition.
- [LIDIA.]
But the car's downstairs.
- [MARGA.]
You must be late Take a drive around Madrid.
It's beautiful.
- Come on.
Really? Ángeles? - Come in.
- [MARGA.]
What's happened? - It's been so long.
I had to see you.
- Where have you been? We've been moving around, trying to stay away from the police.
- This is Eva.
She's beautiful! - Yes, and a rascal, too.
She says that because I'm her favorite.
That isn't true.
- It's true.
She doesn't cry with me.
- No.
Lidia! - Come on.
- Let's go.
There's no time to lose.
In the end, we're going to be late.
Marga, be careful.
- I'm coming.
No, this way.
I'm so glad you're here.
Excuse me, miss.
We know each other.
- No.
- Yes, you're from Valladolid.
No, I'm not.
You've mistaken me for someone else.
I'm sorry, but something strange is happening to me with you.
- With me? - Yes, I look at you and I know you from a long time ago.
Even from another life.
Come off it.
- You don't believe in these things? You should.
I'm convinced there are lots of things that happen around us - that are beyond logic and the senses.
- [WOMAN.]
Yes? That's why I'm sure I'd never forget a face like yours.
- Give me your hand.
- My hand? Yes, your hand.
I'm an expert at reading hands.
Oh? Girls, I'm going to sit at the back.
I don't want to be recognized.
Yes, that's best.
Hey, isn't that Pablo? Take the baby.
I see you have a very long love line.
That means a marvelous lover is about to come into your life.
What are you doing? Is this how you respect our vows? Vows? You're married? Pablo, let me tell you something.
I won't allow this sort of thing.
- Shame on you.
- Marga, no! That's not me.
He's my brother, Julio.
I'd say I'm pleased to meet you, but you ruined my chances there.
I got slapped twice.
- I didn't know your brother was coming.
- Me neither.
Nor that you were identical.
He just turned up.
I've always liked the surprise effect.
Anyway, let's go in.
We don't want to lose our seats as well.
- I thought you were in Melilla, Julio.
- I was discharged yesterday.
I was sick of sleeping on those bunks.
Guard duty, early mornings You don't know what that's like.
Mother must be waiting for you with a pot of stew.
I suppose you'll stay a day or two.
A day or a lifetime.
- A lifetime? - I'm thinking of staying in Madrid.
I hear life's good here.
So from now on, you'll be making the pots of stew for me.
- I can't cook.
- What do you mean, you're staying? [JULIO.]
Yes, and you have to find me a job in the company.
But no heavy lifting.
You know what my back is like.
I have chronic pain that goes down here.
Carrying a rifle wrecked me.
You want me to recommend you to the company? Do you remember the last time I recommended you? You lasted two days in the job.
If you want to stay in Madrid, that's great.
But look for your scams yourself.
This boy's never going to change.
Weren't you a bit hard on him? - After I slapped him - Marga, you don't know him.
My brother has such nerve.
He asks for your hand, and before you know it, he's grabbing your leg.
He's unreliable, irresponsible.
Mother's so worried about him.
- A playboy, right? - A source, Marga.
- A source? - Of problems.
So I'm telling you, the farther away, the better.
Let's sit down.
You're finally here.
Doña Lola, if you were wearing white, I'd think you were the bride.
- I've never seen you so gussied up.
- Be quiet.
If my friends from church hear I was at the wedding of a woman who was cohabiting, they'll excommunicate me.
Don't be more Catholic than the pope.
What matters is they're getting married.
That's right.
And we can celebrate it.
I hope you'll save a dance for me.
Sorry we're late.
How's the baby? - Having a great time.
Aren't you? - [EMILIO.]
- [PILAR.]
Carlota, dear.
I'll take Eva and we'll go out for some air.
No, no.
What I have to say concerns you, too, Miss Millán.
Stay here, please.
Your father has wanted to tell you something for a long time, but he didn't know how.
I'm very sorry, my dear.
Forgive me.
I shouldn't have thrown you out.
My own daughter.
I turned my back on you.
A father shouldn't do that.
And you, too, Miss Millán.
I was unfair to both of you.
Your father has changed a lot.
We all make mistakes.
We can fix them by owning up to them.
I understand that you can't forgive me, but being able to apologize is enough for me.
If you like, you can sit with us.
The pew behind us is free.
And who's this lovely girl? She's Lidia's daughter.
She's running late.
That's the tradition.
It seems the tradition is making the groom nervous.
Calm down.
All brides arrive late.
It adds excitement to the moment of "I do.
" - [CARLOS.]
Lidia isn't just any bride.
That's true.
It takes guts to have a wedding after a baby is born, ignoring all the gossip.
Neither she nor I care about the opinions of others.
I'm delighted because there's a storm coming.
A really big one.
What are you doing here? - Attending a wedding, Carlos.
We thought that there was some mix-up with the invitations.
No, you know perfectly well you're not welcome.
I thought that things were better between us, son.
The money I lent you helped you get the radio license.
Is it going well? Are there profits? Yes, introducing listeners' calls to the programs is making us very popular.
Thank you for asking.
I'm glad you're a success.
I'm glad for the three of you.
- Without that license - [CARLOS.]
A radio license doesn't make up for what you did to Lidia and my daughter.
I was wrong, and I'll apologize as often as necessary.
Lidia won't like seeing you here.
If a mother wants to see her son get married, that isn't a crime, is it? Carlos, don't worry.
We'll sit over there in a corner.
Good afternoon.
He lets us attend the ceremony.
As if we don't have the right.
- Elisa - [ELISA.]
No, Elisa.
He didn't even greet us as he should.
- Please - [CARMEN.]
It isn't that bad.
A few months ago, we couldn't even be in the same room with him.
Mother, please, eh? Please.
Don't you realize - we're the joke of the ceremony? - Elisa All of Madrid knows he didn't even invite us.
It's normal, after what happened, that he's still resentful.
But if you prefer, I'll get Fermín to take you home.
She isn't going anywhere.
She's staying to the end.
And a smile would look better, dear.
He was always your favorite.
It doesn't matter what he does.
- If Father was here, if he could see - [URIBE.]
Well He's here.
Come along.
A work matter.
We won't be long.
Come along.
When they see you like this they'll be stunned.
Here you are.
If, a long time ago, someone had told me this I'd have thought they were mad.
Yes, I never imagined it like this either.
But you said it.
We're not the kids from that train station anymore.
But one thing hasn't changed.
I still want the best for you.
Thank you.
I hope you're very happy.
Dear siblings.
Why is your mother, your sister and Uribe here? [CARLOS.]
They turned up without warning.
I couldn't throw them out.
the marriage of Carlos and Lidia By the way, you look beautiful.
join together in the presence of God.
Brethren, may Jesus, model and source of true love, - be with you now and forever.
- [ALL.]
And with your spirit.
Christ blesses - [CARLOTA.]
She's okay.
She's okay.
She's not okay, she's crying.
Come for a walk with your Aunt Marga.
Calm down, Evita.
What's up with you? I'll take you to a very nice place.
You'll see.
There, there.
So, before this assembly, I ask you your intention.
Carlos and Lidia [MARGA WHISPERS.]
you come here today without being coerced, freely and willingly? - Yes, we come freely.
- Yes, we come freely.
Will you love and respect each other all your lives? - Yes, we will.
- Yes, we will.
Are you willing to receive your children with love, and to educate them according to Christ and his Church? [CARLOS AND LIDIA.]
Yes, we are.
Do you promise to remain faithful, and united until death do you part? - Yes, we promise.
- Yes, we promise.
As you wish to contract holy matrimony, join your hands and state your consent before God and his Church.
Hold hands.
Carlos, repeat after me.
I, Carlos Cifuentes, take you, Lidia Aguilar, to be my wife.
I, Carlos Cifuentes, take you, Lidia Aguilar, to be my wife.
I give myself to you and promise to be faithful for better or for worse.
I give myself to you and promise to be faithful for better or for worse.
In sickness and in health.
In sickness and in health.
And so to love and honor you all the days of my life.
I, Lidia Aguilar [FRANCISCO.]
Fire! Fire! Everyone, get out! Everyone get out! Come on! Come on! - [CROWD SCREAMING.]
- Sara! Sara! We must hurry.
This place is a rat trap! Come on! - You go on.
I'll stay to help.
Father, no, come on! [EMILIO.]
Daughter I'm proud of you.
Where's Eva? Where's Eva? - Pablo! Pablo! - She's outside with Marga.
Come on! Get out! Get out! [COUGHING AND GASPING.]
Help! Help! Somebody, help! Help! - Where's Elisa? Where is she? - She has to be out! - Where is Eva and Marga? - They left before the fire.
- Did you see them come out? - No.
- No, wait, Lidia! Don't go in! - Where are you going? - [LIDIA.]
Marga and Eva are in there! - I'll go.
- Stay here! - [LIDIA.]
Marga, where are you? Marga! - The baby! Where is she? - [MARGA.]
What baby? - My daughter! Where is she? - [MARGA.]
My head hurts so much.
- Marga, come on.
- [MARGA.]
Help! [JULIO.]
Pablo! [PABLO.]
- [WOMAN.]
Marga! Marga! - [LIDIA.]
Marga! - [FRANCISCO.]
Help me.
- [LIDIA.]
Are you okay? Where's the baby? Where's the baby? I don't know.
I hit my head.
- [LIDIA.]
Eva! Eva! - [FRANCISCO.]
Lidia, wait, wait! - [LIDIA SCREAMING.]
Wait! [LIDIA.]
Eva! Eva! [SOBBING.]
Please find my daughter! She's inside! Please! [SARA.]
Don't worry, Marga.
She'll come out.
While we waited for our loved ones to come out of the church alive, I could only think of one thing.
Time was running against us, and there was nothing I could do.
Are you feeling better? The doctor says it was intoxication from smoke inhalation, like most of the survivors of the fire.
The fire [CUEVAS.]
It isn't the first church to burn so quickly.
The oils, the retable - Are my friends all right? - They're fine.
But you nearly didn't make it.
- You'll be released tomorrow.
And I have to arrest you.
- No.
No, Cristóbal Ángeles Vidal, you are under arrest for the murder of Mario Pérez.
No! Please! Please listen to me.
You can't do this to me.
I'll do anything.
Whatever you ask.
- Please! Please! - I told you.
I told you not to come back.
You don't know what this year has been like.
It's been so hard.
I was alone.
I missed my family, my friends.
Even you.
- I'm sorry.
No, please, please! No! - No! Please! - [DOOR CLOSES.]
No! Please! Please, Cristóbal! - It isn't fair! No! - No one is to enter that room.
Is there any word? [PILAR.]
No, love, we still know nothing.
Don't worry, Father will survive.
You'll see.
- You'll see.
- I saw how they took him away.
I saw his face, and his injuries are very serious.
María Imaculada, does it hurt? - No, I'm fine.
- [PILAR.]
There's the doctor.
- How's my father? - [DOCTOR.]
I'm sorry, miss, but - But, what? - [DOCTOR.]
We couldn't do anything.
What? You have to do something.
You have to save my father! - You have to save him! No! - [MARGA.]
- [NURSE.]
Relatives of Pablo Santos? - Yes.
You can go in and see him.
Pablo Pablo, darling! - Are you all right? - Yes.
God, I thought I wouldn't make it, squirrel.
Thank you, Julio.
If it weren't for you, you'd have no one to pick on now.
Let's not get sentimental.
We know each other better than that.
What matters is you're healthy as an ox.
- What? I didn't do anything.
That's my bad leg.
Your bad leg? The beam caused some lesions.
There may be long-term effects.
- Will he be crippled for life? - It's all my fault.
Look on the bright side.
It's the perfect excuse not to work again.
That's enough, okay? The doctor isn't certain about that.
It all depends on how it evolves and on the rehabilitation.
Now, if you'll excuse me [MARGA.]
Thank you, Doctor.
Don't worry, Pablo.
You'll be fine in no time.
I don't know.
He didn't seem very convinced.
What if I'm crippled? Marga, what if I'm crippled? [MARGA.]
Pablo, listen.
A minute ago, I thought I was losing you.
So I don't care if you're crippled, blind or whatever.
What matters is that you're here.
Excuse me.
Carlos! Francisco! [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
They told me you'd been brought here, but I didn't know how you were.
Where's Eva? Are they seeing to her? What is it? - We only found the pram.
- What? It was burned, Lidia.
- There was no sign of Eva.
- [LIDIA.]
No, don't dare think that.
I'm sure they found her and brought her here.
She has to be in She has to be here.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for my daughter.
She's a baby.
Her name is Eva Cifuentes Aguilar.
She has to be on the list.
She had a medallion with a [NURSE.]
I'm sorry, there's no one by that name.
Listen, she probably lost it.
That's why they don't recognize her.
No, let go! You tell her! Tell her! Where's the children's ward? Where is it? Excuse me.
I'm looking for my daughter.
She's a baby.
She was at the wedding.
- She must be here now.
- I'm sorry.
I have no word of that.
But they still can't access all the areas affected by the fire.
It seems it started in the sacristy and the foundations are damaged.
What? [OFFICER.]
The fire started in the sacristy and the foundations are damaged, so [CARLOS.]
Lidia, where are you going? Why were you in the sacristy? - Why were you in there? - What are you talking about? - You started the fire! - What are you talking about? I saw her coming out of there when I entered the church.
The police told me that's where the fire started.
That's why she came to the wedding.
No, Lidia - [LIDIA.]
It was her.
Why would I do something like that? You can't bear to see us happy! You want to punish me and keep me away from my daughter! - You are a - [CARLOS.]
Lidia! Elisa died in the fire.
She's not among the survivors.
My wife is dead.
Just now They told us just now.
I can't.
I have to go.
Don't go, please.
Stay with me, Lidia.
I need you.
I understand what you're feeling.
- At a moment like this - [LIDIA.]
"At a moment like this"? At what moment? - [CARLOS.]
Lidia - Be quiet! Now! Eva is alive.
In a matter of seconds, that fire changed not only my life but friends' lives, too.
For time grants no truces and it throws no lifelines.
- They said you're leaving.
- [PILAR.]
There's nothing left for us to do here.
Time is an unjust partner that never remembers what you've gone through.
It forgets everything as soon as it happens.
And there're only memories left.
Give Pablo a kiss.
- [MARGA.]
I'll tell him you say hi.
There's no going back.
The time to give in has come to face one's mistakes and pay for them.
Of course, I was afraid.
How could I not be? But my brother was dying, you know? I didn't think twice about saving him, because we heroes are like that.
We're moved by this not by this.
Ah, Marga, what's up? How's Pablo? Fantastic.
He's there, snoring like a rhinoceros.
I had to come out.
I don't know how you put up with it.
With what? His snoring.
Well, I'm going in.
No, I'll wait a while.
I don't want to wake him.
I brought him some cakes, but, well, I'll give them to him later.
I'm going for a coffee.
Hey, is anything wrong? [SOBS.]
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
These past few days have been hard.
- Yeah.
- I'm trying to be strong, but it isn't easy.
To be honest, I can't even imagine it.
Spending your whole life with a cripple [CHUCKLES.]
You can't console.
Pablo's the sensitive one.
I'm the hero.
Look, I'll tell you what.
I'll get that coffee and I'll bring you some tea.
And then, we'll eat some cakes.
Julio Thank you.
For saving Pablo's life, for being here, for the tea.
I'll do all I can to get you a job in the company.
You're a good person.
Turns out, my brother married well.
Ferrán, give us a minute, please.
Where are we? This isn't the police station.
I've found a way to exonerate you of Mario's death.
The other day, I arrested a guy, the worst kind of louse.
He's in for life, so he doesn't mind owning up to one more death.
All he wants in return is some money for his mother.
I don't know what to say.
Thank you.
Cristóbal, thank you [CUEVAS.]
You said you'd do anything to get your freedom, right? That man, the one behind us, smoking.
His name is Pedro Guzmán.
He's into smuggling and he has contacts even in hell.
He's a middle man.
He works for the highest bidder.
Arms, drugs He doesn't care as long as he gets a good cut.
We nearly got him several times, but he's smart.
He covers his back well.
Why are you telling me this? Your freedom in exchange for your help arresting him.
That's the deal.
Do you take it or not? [LIDIA.]
Sometimes, when you feel like there's nothing you can do when there's nothing left but the deepest pain time stands still.
Do you really not want a cake? Your brother ate all the meringues, - but the custard ones - Marga.
Please, don't insist.
I said I didn't want any.
By the way, the nurse left a note there for you.
I have to go, Pablo.
I'll be back later.
- Look after your brother.
- Marga, that's enough.
I'm grown up.
I don't need to be looked after.
Go on.
I'll be fine.
My mother's finally fallen asleep.
- [SARA.]
It's been a tough day.
- [SIGHS.]
Did you tell her she can come to us if she wants? I thought about it, but what about our relationship? And Oscar? I don't mind hiding again for a while if it's necessary.
What matters now is that you're near your mother.
Excuse me, miss.
- A letter has come for you.
Thank you.
Is the bad news not over yet? Maybe it is.
My father took out life insurance, and my mother and I are the beneficiaries.
What? Sara, it looks like we're millionaires.
Yes? Put her through.
Of course.
I'll see you right now.
Sara, it's Lidia.
- She needs me.
I'll see you later.
- Yes, that's fine.
Eva is alive.
Lidia, I think you need to rest.
It's hard to accept what's happened.
Don't treat me like I'm crazy.
It's Eva's blanket.
I found it at the back of the church.
- It isn't burned.
- How did it get there? I don't know, but it couldn't have gotten there on its own.
What if someone stole my baby during the fire? Or worse.
What if someone started the fire to take her? Will you help me find her? Together, to the end.
- Where do you want to start? - Carmen.
Something tells me she's behind all this.
Doña Carmen, a messenger from the royal household brought this.
The king offers his condolences.
Thank you, Cándido.
We were only sure of one thing.
My daughter was still alive.
And together, we'd get her back.
There was no time to lose.