Las Chicas Del Cable (2017) s03e02 Episode Script

Chapter 18: Death

1 [LIDIA.]
In death, we are all equal.
The rich, the poor, men, women There's no difference when death knocks on your door.
There is only sadness at the void left by those who are gone.
Today, we bid farewell to our loved ones with tears in our eyes.
But now, more than ever, we must remember this holy prayer.
"He was taken to the land of life.
" His abode from now is rest and his attire, the light.
Silence and peace.
What do we know? Silence and peace.
Why ask questions? 'I am the resurrection and the life, ' says the Lord.
"'He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.
'" [LIDIA.]
I did have questions, but they weren't about death.
There, at the funeral I was still convinced that my daughter was alive.
How are you? Carlota.
Fine, fine At least we could bury him.
That's more than everyone else got They haven't identified the bodies? No.
The police are treating those they haven't found as dead.
My daughter's coffin was empty because they found no remains.
I think someone wants to forget this too quickly.
Eva is alive.
She's alive.
Lidia, we believe you.
So you're not alone in this.
And we'll help you find her.
I need you to search Carmen's office in the company building.
I'm sure there's something in the foundation's papers.
I can't go in there now, but you girls can.
If Carmen's hiding something, we'll find out.
Carlota, I'm sorry, but the taxi is here.
Your mother's waiting.
I have to go, too.
Pablo's getting out today and Don't worry.
I'll stay with her.
Let's go.
If you want to go be with Sofía, you can go.
No, no.
Sofía's with my mother.
At least for a while.
Now that I'm going back to the company it'll be better for her to stay in the village.
I'm going to stay at Lola's boarding house Ángeles, are you going to tell me? Cuevas saves you from jail and you're back as an operator.
It's all a bit fast, isn't it? I can't tell you.
I want to give you something.
If Carmen is responsible for your daughter's disappearance you have to be prepared.
For God's sake, put that away.
- Ángeles, put it away.
- Open your purse.
It's just for security.
These tables are badly placed.
Fix them.
Nacho, is the champagne chilled? No more customer complaints.
Rodrigo, bring me last week's invoices.
Girls, what you're doing is great but why don't we try something a bit more modern? Have you heard of the Charleston? [VICTORIA.]
I didn't know you were a dance hall expert.
- It's just a suggestion, partner.
- I think it's a good idea.
- You see? - Vanessa, mind your own business.
I don't tell you how to manage the customers and you don't tell me how to manage the girls.
It's humble advice from an admirer of the dance troupe.
You have a visitor waiting in the office.
Miguel, what are you doing here? They told me that you were running the cabaret.
And, well I need some money.
I haven't eaten for a couple of days.
For food? Do you think I was born yesterday? You'd better go, Miguel.
I have nothing.
You're right.
It's not for food, but addiction has taken everything from me.
And where's Carlota? I drifted away a while ago.
I don't want to know about her or Sara.
I've tried to stop, but I can't.
I can't do it alone.
Miguel the White Lady gave me a second chance.
I hope you can make the most of it, too.
Francisco Thank you so much.
- What can I do? - Shower, rest up and when you're better, we'll talk.
Thank you.
To be honest, I wasn't expecting you.
Lidia wanted to see you.
We thought we'd come for lunch.
I hope you don't mind.
Of course not.
This is your home.
Thank you, Ubalda.
There will be two more for lunch.
I owe you an apology, Doña Carmen.
What I said to you at the hospital was out of line.
I I was beside myself and I couldn't accept what was going on.
Not yet.
I shouldn't have taken it out on you.
I understand more than you know.
I've lost a daughter, too so I ask you to forgive me.
Forgive you? Why? I was awful to you.
I didn't want that child to be born because I thought it was a mistake, but I was wrong.
She was a reason to live.
This past year I've told you many times but I needed you to believe me.
My only granddaughter and daughter were innocent souls who didn't deserve this end.
You're right.
They didn't deserve it.
Nor do we deserve all this.
Then I have your forgiveness? Family forgives everything.
I spoke to the insurance people and it's all in order.
With Don Emilio's death certificate, the insurance money may be collected.
The amount stipulated comes to 100 million pesetas to be divided equally between the beneficiaries.
Still, I'll need both signatures.
Of course.
Thank you.
Here, sweetheart.
That's everything.
If you don't need anything else I've thought it over and without your father, there's no sense living in this house.
You and Sara can come here.
I'll go to the house in Santander.
What do I do with 50 million pesetas? Whatever you want.
- You could leave the company.
- No, no.
I'm not doing that.
But I think the Violets will be getting a nice economic boost.
- Excuse me.
- Yes? - You're Judge Casas? - Yes.
You dismissed the case regarding the murder of Remedios Martos.
Her husband caught her in the act of adultery.
That doesn't justify murder.
Miss, the law is the law.
Now get out of my way.
I'm not going to argue about my decisions in the street and especially not with a stranger.
Out of the way! Now! The law you defend is unjust and sexist! To equality! [ALL CHANTING.]
To equality! - Let go of me! - Guards! Guards! - [POLICE WHISTLE BLOWING.]
- [CASAS.]
Guards, after them! Hurry! [LUCÍA.]
Our actions won't bring Remedios back but it helped many people see that we're subjected to unjust legislation dictated by and for the benefit of men.
And we achieved this with just a bucket of paint.
Comrades, if we joined forces, imagine how much more we could achieve.
Tell the girls who didn't come today.
All the money we raise will go towards printing 20 pamphlets.
And if we collect enough, we'll buy another bucket of paint.
A lot of judges need a bucket of paint dumped on them.
Yes, I agree but why settle for so little when could have much more? Sara, please.
What's all this? I received a large sum of money.
I'm thinking of donating it to our cause.
We have to hide all this stuff from the people upstairs.
With this, we can go much bigger and reach a lot more people.
EMERGENCY What you need to do now is heal that leg.
Heal my leg and look after my brother.
What a time for him to turn up.
Do you know where he is? He said he was waiting at home and making lunch.
Lunch? He can't even fry an egg.
Listen, Pablo, I don't care.
The main thing is that you're here, thanks to him.
So for me, he's done enough.
- All right? - Look, here comes the chef.
Shh! Cut the sarcasm.
I was making some deluxe tripe for you.
But the police turned up and I burnt the chorizo [BOTH.]
The police? Hmm! "danger of the building collapsing"? Give me that.
Yes, they evacuated us about an hour ago.
There's a crack somewhere the size of the Suez Canal.
They have to buttress the whole building.
It's going to take at least two months.
Great, terrific.
What do we do now? - Two months without a home.
- The three of us.
The three of us.
Well, we have an alternative.
No, no.
A thousand times no.
But Lola, can't you see it's a matter of life or death? We spent our savings on that place.
We have nowhere to go.
I said no.
Mmm The only man to come into this house is Father Genaro.
And that's quite enough.
I was an altar boy, if that does any good.
María Inmaculada, you know that my only rule is no men in this boarding house.
- End of discussion.
- But Pablo's not a man! Pablo's my husband and Julio is his brother.
- He's like a brother to me.
- Marga, that's enough.
Lola's quite right.
Don't worry.
Look, we'll sleep in a park in the Retiro.
It's very pretty.
Don't look at me like that.
It'll be fine, sleeping in the rough like a beggar.
Pablo, look on the bright side.
The freezing nights will be great for your leg.
At least, if it's numb, you won't feel any pain.
The only thing, Lola if you'd be so kind as to give us some pepper.
They say it keeps the rats from biting you.
Well, all right, you can stay.
But no sleeping together.
You in your room and these two in theirs, separate.
And no sharing the bathroom with the ladies.
You'll wash at the tap in the courtyard.
Thank you so much, Lola, really.
You're a saint.
Get to the point, Cuevas.
I haven't got all day.
- Why'd you bring me here? - You want to catch Pedro Guzmán.
We know he's the link to the Apache.
They're distributing cocaine all over Europe.
I've organized a raid on the White Lady for tomorrow.
I hope to catch him with a few kilos on him.
Don't do it.
I want to propose another operation I've been working on.
If you arrest him tomorrow, we'll be tipping him off.
- But we'll have Guzmán in jail.
- Right.
For how long? Guzmán is just one cog in all these gears.
Why remove one cog when we can bring down the whole machine? You have one minute to convince me.
I have a contact we can use who can pretend to be one of his men.
We can find out who he works for, all his contacts, his operations.
I just need a little time to get him to trust me.
Thirty seconds.
I'll make him an offer he can't refuse.
Important information.
And I have just the person for this.
I'm sure you remember Ángeles Vidal.
Good afternoon.
Sorry I'm late.
I remember her, but I don't know how she'll be of use to us.
Ángeles has her operator job back.
I can make Guzmán believe I'm tapping the police phones and pass on whatever information you think is appropriate.
Guzmán won't pass up an opportunity like this.
Trust me.
When have I let you down? You have until tomorrow or I go in with my men to the White Lady and arrest him.
That's all I can give you.
Very generous of you.
- Here, madam.
- Thank you.
This is it.
Here, they were six years old.
The first time we summered in Biarritz.
Look at that smile.
We had so many plans.
I'm going to the bathroom.
Lidia, what are you doing? You're quite an actress.
I need to find our daughter.
Lidia - Our daughter is dead.
- No.
No, I found her blanket outside the church, intact.
She was wrapped in it and it wasn't burnt.
Don't you see? How long have you known this? Why didn't you tell me? - Because I knew you'd be like this.
- You're searching my mother's office while she's in the parlor crying over the death of her daughter.
My God, this is madness.
Don't you realize? - Don't you realize that? - It's not! It's not! I know your mother is involved in Eva's disappearance.
I saw her leaving the sacristy and that was where the fire started, Carlos.
She didn't want us to have our girl.
You know that as well as I do.
- She wanted to abort the pregnancy - That's enough! Lidia, I know this is very hard, but my life will be even harder if we cling to impossible theories.
Lidia we have to accept reality.
We have to accept reality.
I knew you wouldn't understand.
I don't even know why I tried.
Say goodbye to your mother for me.
Say goodbye? Where are you going? Lidia.
Lidia, please.
- Miriam, do you have a moment? - No, Marga, I've got The operators wanted to offer Carmen their condolences on Doña Elisa's passing.
Very well.
I'll pass on your condolences We thought about buying her something but we don't know what.
Maybe you could lend us a hand.
I don't know, Marga.
A wreath with a dedication.
From just the operators or What do we put in the dedication? I'm terrible at this.
Um Something like [CARLOTA.]
9:00 in the morning.
Train tickets to Paris.
I think just "RIP.
" - What is RIP? - Marga! "Rest in peace.
" So that's what RIP means? I thought it was Hello.
Marga, any news on my job? Julio, this isn't a good time.
Let's talk later in the lobby.
Miriam, where are you going? [SCOFFS.]
Where am I going? In there.
You can't go in.
Why not? Because we haven't been properly introduced.
Hi, I'm Julio Santos, the lady's brother-in-law and future employee of the company.
And who's this beauty before me? Please, just what I needed Nice to meet you, Miss Just-What-I-Needed.
Though I do believe we've met before.
I believe in other lives.
Do you? Julio is very spiritual.
He can read palms, can't you? Yes, I'm a specialist.
How did it go? I found a diary in Carmen's office.
And an envelope containing two tickets to Paris for tomorrow at midnight.
Tomorrow? She's going on a trip while she's in mourning? - [ÁNGELES.]
And with whom? - [CARLOTA.]
That's not the best part.
She's crossed out all her appointments except one.
- When is it? - Tomorrow at 9:00 a.
She only wrote the initials D.
And you? Did you find anything at the Cifuentes house? Carlos walked in on me searching the office.
- I told him everything.
- And he didn't take it well? Naturally.
I don't know why you wanted to keep him out of it.
Carlota, we're putting his mother under suspicion.
But he's shown a thousand times that he's with Lidia and not his witch mother.
He's having a tough time, too.
He also lost his daughter.
Thank you so much for your call.
Keep listening to Radio Central, your trusted broadcaster.
Do we have time for another call? No? Switch off the lines.
Good work.
The switchboard was overflowing with calls.
We're doing well.
See you tomorrow.
I'll close up.
Doing overtime? I'm sorry I lied to you.
Honey I think I should've shown you this before.
Lidia, I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
I didn't listen to you.
You really don't think there's hope? Huh? Honey I find it very hard to believe that my mother is involved.
I find it hard, but all right.
The only way we can be sure is by asking the right questions.
- All right, very well.
- You're with me on this? Yes, darling.
What do you want us to do now? [LIDIA.]
For the first time since that damned fire the shadow of my daughter's death vanished.
- Hello.
- Hello.
A little late, isn't it? I got tied up with some friends.
How's Pablo? Terrific.
In great spirits.
He's in there, whining about everything.
I don't know how you stand him.
Love must be blind and deaf.
I'm going out for the night.
So you've got free rein to go in there and play the loving wife, hmm.
- Look, Julio, these things are - Sure, sure.
Don't worry, I know.
Some do all the work while others get all the credit.
Julio, remember you're meeting the supervisor first thing tomorrow.
Don't worry.
- Yes? Yes? - Hello.
Oh, it's you.
I thought it was my pest of a brother.
How was your day? Better than mine, shut in here It's all right now.
It's all right.
Listen, Lola's at church and I thought, if we're quiet, I could stay with you tonight.
Your brother won't be back tonight.
So, we can finally be alone.
Everything all right? - Same as always.
- Pablo.
- Hmm? I don't know how to tell you this.
Sweetie you can tell me whatever you want.
Yes, yes.
Of course.
I know, and I'm a little embarrassed because I see you're enjoying yourself.
And it's not that I'm having a bad time.
Not at all, but I don't enjoy it as much as you.
You know? [CLEARS THROAT.]
Just stay by my side.
Don't do or say anything.
I'll take care of everything.
I don't want to run any risks.
I don't want anything to happen to you.
Your only job is to stay safe, all right? [STUTTERS.]
But if I'm going to spy on Guzmán I do all the talking here, got it? Here, I hope I got the right size.
All set.
Guzmán's waiting at the table at the end.
Let's go.
Sorry for the delay.
Santiago Brey and his wife, Ángeles Vidal.
- Welcome.
- A pleasure.
Pedro Guzmán.
Sit down.
I took the liberty of ordering a bottle of champagne.
Francisco says you have something for me that deserves a toast.
I'm sure it'll interest you.
Good, I'm all ears.
We have access to the police's calls.
Firsthand, to-the-minute information on their operations.
I told you it'd be worth a toast.
How do you have this information? My wife works at the Telephone Company.
- Well, well, a cable girl.
That's right.
She has access to all the calls [PEDRO.]
Brey, what's wrong? Has the cat got her tongue? I From my panel, I have access to all the central police stations.
Well, Vallecas and Chamartín, too.
You're not scared of being found out? You wouldn't just lose your job, you'd be accused of a serious crime.
I've worked there for six years.
I know my job very well.
The risk of being discovered is practically zero.
Sorry to interrupt, but we have a problem with the suppliers.
Francisco, I need you urgently in the cellar.
If you'll excuse me.
You can toast without me.
What are you doing? - I've got it all under control.
- On the contrary.
You lost it when you let that cop into our place.
You can't play both sides and win, my dear.
Do you hear me? Francisco, are you listening to me? - I thought you didn't like Guzmán.
- I don't.
I hate him doing his business here.
But I know from experience that the police aren't much better.
They'll leave you hanging when they get what they want.
I'll take that into account.
I know what I'm doing.
That's what worries me.
Cemeteries are full of reckless men who knew what they were doing.
- Thank you.
- My business, my business [CHUCKLING.]
What do you know of my business? Let's say you help people in need.
If someone wants something, you get it.
If they need discretion to do some business you move your contacts and make it possible.
Of course, all for a good price.
And you want a cut of all this, right? - I don't think this is going to work.
We can negotiate, make a deal.
The information we can give you I have snitches in all the police stations.
- I don't need one in a skirt.
- Mr.
Guzmán Don't push it, Mr.
You can have the bottle.
I'm buying.
Good night.
Flora, please take the ladies' bags to their rooms.
Thank you for letting me stay in your house.
Forget it, Sara.
I'm delighted.
Hello, dear.
Excuse me.
We're looking for Miss Sara Millán.
We're told this is her new address.
- Why do you want her? - Are you Sara? No, I am.
Sara Millán, you're under arrest for contempt and attacking Judge Casas.
This must be a mistake.
She had nothing to do with that.
We found her papers at the scene.
Handcuff her.
Carlota, relax, it'll be all right.
Where are you taking her? Central Police Station.
Let's go.
Carlota, tell me what's happening.
Nothing, take it easy.
I'm a fellow operator.
I need a favor.
Can you find out the extension of Judge Domingo Casas? You're going out? Yes.
What's wrong? You're not dressed yet.
No, I'm in no mood for anything.
Neither am I but I'm not going to sit around and do nothing.
Today is the meeting with Octavio Monsalve's secretary.
I forgot.
Even in death, that bastard keeps causing trouble for us.
Sometimes, even if you kill the dog, it still bites.
I'll give him the tickets for Paris in exchange for the papers we need.
How do you do it, Carmen? Your strength is admirable.
Your ability to rise above and watch over all of us What choice is there? My daughter died to recover those papers.
I won't let her death be in vain.
I'm indebted to you, for life.
You're family now, forever.
Excuse me.
The car is waiting, madam.
That's the envelope Carlota was talking about.
There are two tickets for a train going to Paris tonight.
Carlos, where are you going? To talk to her.
I want to know what the hell's going on.
It's better that she doesn't know we're here.
Excuse me, madam, but I think someone followed us here.
Who? It was your son's car.
Let's go.
I have a contact in the police who can trace this.
- What is it? It's great to see you so spirited.
It's been a long time.
I must admit that when you smile, you drive me crazy.
I missed that smile, Lidia.
If I'm smiling, it's because I finally have hope.
I feel strong with you by my side.
We're going to find her, together.
I have to stay to supervise the next program.
When I learn something, I'll call you.
Your friend's attack on me deserves corrective action.
- I can't withdraw the charges.
- No, I understand.
I'm only looking for another solution.
Do you like the cognac? It's splendid, but I mustn't abuse it.
Despite appearances, I'm on duty.
It's all right.
My father had it sent from the finest cellars in Charente.
The paradise caves are there, where they store the finest cognacs.
Have you heard of La part des anges? La part des anges.
I studied French, and I know cognacs.
"The part the angels take.
" Indeed.
It's the liquor lost to evaporation but which makes cognac such an exquisite drink.
It's precisely the compensation I'd like to offer you.
Miss Rodríguez de Senillosa, are you trying to bribe me? No.
I'm simply seeking a less conflictive solution So that both sides win.
Sending my friend to jail for dumping a little paint on you I don't know how that benefits you.
The compensation would have to match the offense.
You set the price.
Now that the matter is settled [INHALES SHARPLY.]
- I'd like to discuss something else.
- I'm all ears.
Why did you follow me this morning? I asked you a question, son.
If you tell me who the man you made a deal with was.
Damián Aguirre, secretary to the government delegate who died in the fire.
I've been bribing him to get the name of his substitute.
Why bribe this man, Mother? For the good of the company.
You know I always like to have someone on our side.
You can accuse me of that of taking care of the business after your sister's death.
But I swear, that's all.
- It hurts so much.
- But you're doing so well.
No, Marga, no.
Really, no.
- Pablo, really, please.
- [PABLO.]
- [MARGA.]
Oh, really - What's wrong? What's wrong? I learned to walk a long time ago, hmm and I don't feel like learning again now, [SCOFFS.]
like some baby.
Your brother refuses to do the exercises the doctor advised.
Why are you looking so dapper? Mmm! It's important to present a good image of yourself on your first day of work.
And Julio Santos isn't going to clash with those magnificent offices.
Julio, you're not going to work in any offices.
Oh, no? Then where? [JULIO CHUCKLES.]
- Uh, what's this? - This is your uniform.
Your job's in the Department of Land Mail Management.
So it's loading boxes.
No more than 20 pounds per package.
That's the rule.
Julio, I did what I could.
Without a degree, you can't do anything else here.
You'll see, it's not so bad.
And your supervisor is Raúl.
He's really nice.
Put it on.
Don't waste time.
Have a good day.
Pablo, what are you doing here? You're still on leave.
No, no.
I'm so glad to see you.
Instead of finding a replacement they've got me doing my job and yours.
- My job? - [CHUCKLES.]
That's management for you.
They'll get you doing accounts before they even say good morning.
Maybe, maybe.
I'm so glad.
See you later.
Sorry I'm late.
- Sara's been arrested again.
- Why? She dropped her wallet when you threw paint on that judge.
In fact, I just met with him.
He promised to release her today.
So don't worry, it's all fine.
Why did the judge change his mind? I offered him money and he took it.
And if you offer him more money, would he bring Remedios' killer to trial? I tried that, too.
He said that turning a blind eye to a little paint is one thing and trying a man supposedly defending his honor is another.
Huh? It seems that money can't buy everything.
Aren't you going to tell me why you need to trace this vehicle? I told you.
It's for a friend.
- But thanks.
- You're welcome.
Listen, I'm sorry about Guzmán.
Really, I would've liked to be of more help.
The commissioner ordered the raid for tonight.
I tried to convince him it was a bad idea, but there was no way.
Well, maybe it's not a bad idea.
What? Maybe this raid is just what we need.
Drinks all around.
I'm buying.
She hasn't found out.
You'll squander your inheritance.
Marga, don't be a prophet of doom.
- [JULIO.]
- Hello.
What are you doing here? - Celebrating with some friends.
- What? Celebrating with some friends.
And you? Your day must've been okay if you're out partying.
No, it went pretty well.
Better than I thought this morning.
Thanks to you.
In fact, I owe you a dance.
No, no, Julio.
What are we doing here? The initials D.
stand for Damián Aguirre.
This is his home address.
Please don't do anything alone.
I'll call Carlos.
Don't worry.
Thank you.
Didn't bring your husband today? My husband's working, and I came with news that may interest you.
Me? They're coming for you.
I listened to Commissioner Buendía.
They know you're working with some Apache guy helping him get his merchandise out of Spain.
They think part of the merchandise might be here and they need proof to put you before a judge.
Are you sure? Do you know what we do with liars? There will be a raid tonight.
If I were you, I'd be prepared.
How do I know I can trust you? You don't know.
Give me that or I call the police.
I don't know what you mean.
I mean the purse you just stole from one of my best customers.
Excuse me.
I believe you dropped this.
- Oh, thank you.
Thank you very much.
- Good evening.
- Can I go now? - No, come with me.
Get inside.
- Let go of me or I swear I'll - [FRANCISCO.]
You'll what? Call the police if you like.
Hmm? Well, well, well.
Your mother must be very proud of you.
You're quite a jewel.
That must be why they call me Pearl.
I do what I have to to survive.
Very well.
Then from now on, survive outside my place.
I don't want to see you here again.
What else did you steal? Nobody move.
We have a search warrant.
Stay here.
If you're as smart as you think, you'll know it's best.
What are you after, gentlemen? We have reason to believe that narcotics and other illegal substances are dealt in this club.
Please, you know this is a respectable place.
Arms up.
If you want some candy, go ahead.
Please, Commissioner, don't arrest me for this candy.
Let's go.
Sorry for the bother.
Drinks all around.
"I hope we're even.
" [LIDIA.]
There are many ways to stay alive.
Anything to survive.
And often Put Remedios' killer on trial or you'll pay the consequences.
You and your whole family.
the borders separating life and death are blurred.
Where does one start and the other end? [PEDRO.]
You should've seen the commissioner's face.
I appreciate it.
Now I know I can trust you.
I told you my wife would be of great help.
This was just the first example.
A battle without end.
But that night, life defeated death and I was the sole witness.
My daughter was alive and I wasn't going to let her be taken away from me again.