Las Chicas Del Cable (2017) s03e03 Episode Script

Chapter 19: Truth

1 [LIDIA.]
The truth is only one thing.
It's not a belief or a wish.
Or an opinion either.
The truth is reality, however harsh and terrible it is.
As I watched the car drive away all I thought was the truth was fleeing with it.
How can it be stopped? How do I get my daughter back? When you know the truth, you can't look the other way.
But was I ready to face it? Carlos, I know who your mother met with.
The government delegate's secretary.
Damián Aguirre, yes.
My mother found out we followed her.
She came here and I had to speak to her.
She admitted she bribed Aguirre to give her the name of the new delegate.
She lied to you.
I saw him with his wife and our daughter, with suitcases, a few minutes ago, leaving their house.
The tickets to Paris.
At 12:00.
The truth always forces you to face it and fight for it, whatever the price, whatever the cost.
Lidia, this is it.
- [SIGHS.]
There they are.
Carlos, there they are.
Stop! Stop.
Stay away from that train.
- What are you doing? Put that away.
- I just want Eva back.
- Lidia, please.
- Carlos, grab her.
What are you waiting for? Grab her.
Grab her.
Sorry, we don't want any trouble.
We're just looking for our daughter.
Can I check that it's not her, please? [WOMAN.]
CHAPTER 19: TRUTH Lidia, put that down.
I'm sorry.
- It's not Eva.
- What? - Lidia - Carlos, grab her.
- It's a boy.
- Grab her.
She's there.
Darling, it's not our daughter.
It isn't.
- Let go of me! - Okay, relax.
Please, please.
You owe me a dance.
We didn't dance because of the raid, so come on.
Come on, you dance very well.
Come on, a turn.
Dance with me, Sara.
I was thinking about Miguel.
- Didn't it upset you to see him? - [SCOFFS.]
He left without an explanation or goodbye.
He doesn't deserve my thoughts.
Besides I only think about you.
Well, about Oscar.
- Is that dance still on? - [CHUCKLES.]
Of course.
You're crazy, you know that? Don't you know it's your fault? Hmm? Sorry, we heard music.
We didn't know you had a guest.
She's not a guest.
Carlota, maybe this isn't the best time.
It's our house and our rules.
Girls, I must tell you something that requires loyalty and absolute discretion.
I promise I'll reward you, all right? [SIGHS.]
- Hello.
- Hello.
I just came to give you a goodnight kiss.
Why not stay here with me, like the other night? It's been a long day.
I'm tired.
I'd better go to my room.
- Marga.
- What? - Is everything all right? - Of course, silly.
Rest up.
Where are you sneaking off to? I gave Pablo a goodnight kiss, and if Lola finds out, she'll kick us out.
Marga, Pablo is your husband.
You have the right to share a room with him, honey.
I don't really miss the intimacy much, you know? No, I don't know.
- Are you and Pablo having problems? - No.
No way! No, no.
Pablo's my life and I'm his, but I'm just embarrassed talking about it Marga, you can tell me.
All right.
I thought that intimacy was much much better.
Maybe people exaggerate.
It's not that I don't like it.
I do.
But I don't I'm getting mixed up.
What you're trying to say is you don't enjoy sleeping with Pablo.
- Maybe I'm not - Chats are for teatime.
Someone here is trying to get some shut-eye.
Yes, we're going to bed.
Don't worry.
All right.
- What do we know about Lidia? - I don't know anything.
I gave her that man's address and she left with Carlos.
- What's she going to do? - Don't know.
- Is she going to see him? - No idea.
I just hope she doesn't do anything crazy.
Is this enough to let the lady go? Sorry for the bother.
We're going home.
Forgive me.
When I saw that woman with the baby in her arms, I thought it was Eva.
Where'd you get that gun? Are you aware that what you did could've ended in tragedy? Look, Lidia, you're not the only one suffering in all this.
I had my hopes up, too.
I started thinking our daughter was alive.
- Lidia, Eva's no longer with us.
- Don't say that again! Eva is alive and I'm going to find her.
I just spoke to Damián Aguirre.
He missed the train to Paris.
How did he miss the train? What happened? Guess who turned up at the station and caused a scene.
But I thought she'd seen reason.
She came to the house.
She apologized.
Her apologies were fake.
That woman can't open her mouth without lying.
Carmen, she's clinging to any hope of finding her daughter alive.
It's understandable.
I, too, find it hard to accept that Elisa's no longer with us.
What happened was an accident.
I keep thinking I could've stopped it.
- I imagine if - Stop imagining and concentrate on what matters: that we're not discovered.
That's not easy, Carmen.
It's not easy for me either.
I lost Elisa, too.
I'd like to lock myself in a room and grieve, too but I'm not doing it.
I shall do what I must.
I'll speak to Aguirre.
I'll get him to go.
Thank you, son.
You're a Cifuentes now, one of the family.
And family is there to help each other.
A moment, please.
- Get back or I'll call the police.
- Excuse me, I I won't come near you or your son.
Really, I promise.
I don't have a gun.
- What do you want? - To apologize for yesterday.
I'm just a mother desperately looking for her daughter.
Her name's Eva and she disappeared in the Santa Ana fire.
Everyone thinks she's dead, but I don't.
I know she's alive.
- What do you want from me? - I know your husband's involved - No, my husband's a good man.
- No doubt.
I'm not blaming him.
But he has dealings with Carmen de Cifuentes.
And I'm certain she's behind my daughter's disappearance.
Perhaps you could speak to him - or find something out.
- I missed the train because of you.
Help me, please.
I listened to you.
Now leave me alone.
Imagine if your son disappeared.
Wouldn't you do the impossible to find him? If you change your mind, tomorrow at noon, I'll be in the bar across from the Telephone Company.
Look, Críspulo, I recommend that you never get married.
But since you're going to make this mistake I give to you the secret of a happy marriage.
Ready? Ready? Keep the little woman happy.
Psst! Psst! It seems easy and it is.
You just need to make her, what I call, the three S's.
Number one: smiling.
Eh? Number two: satisfied.
- Number three: sated.
- [all laugh.]
He gets it.
My little squirrel.
Come here.
Tell these gentlemen how happy you are with me.
- Mmm - See how I leave her speechless? [ALL LAUGH.]
Now, if you'll excuse me Love calls.
All right The next time you kiss me, I swear I'll slap your face.
It wasn't my best kiss, but it was either that or Being revealed as a fraud? Julio, why are you passing yourself off as Pablo? Marga, the storeroom job wasn't for me.
It was exhausting.
But you're not an accountant.
You don't know what the job entails.
You're wrong, smartie.
I do.
You know what the trick is? [WHISPERS.]
I'll tell you.
Come here.
You slack off.
And in that, my dear, I'm the best.
Ask me about my Army skills? - Oh, come on.
- No, ask me.
How much? None.
I got out of all of it.
You just have to butter up some dummies and bingo.
Julio, no more excuses.
This is over [SHUSHING.]
- Good morning, Don Ernesto.
- Mrs.
- Good morning, Ernesto.
- How's the quarterly balance? The quarterly balance? Fine.
It's going wonderfully, in fact.
Remember, you have to present it first thing tomorrow.
- Is there a problem? - A problem No, it'll be on your desk first thing tomorrow.
For sure.
Why did you say that? Because I won't let Pablo look like a fraud because of his brother.
- Right, but I can't do a balance.
- Pablo will do it tonight.
We'll hand in the report tomorrow, then work all this out.
Agreed? - Agreed.
- Good.
Very good.
They're announcing it on the radio.
We continue our daily program about events and the courts with some surprising news.
The Honorable Judge Casas has initiated trial proceedings for the murder of Remedios Martos.
He saw reason.
- Lower your voice.
They'll hear us.
- Sara, justice at last.
We remind listeners that Mrs.
Martos' spouse, the only person accused, acted to defend his honor.
Honor? What's he talking about? We cannot but pity this man who seeing himself betrayed by an unfaithful and despicable wife was carried away by emotion and committed a folly I can't listen to this garbage.
Why portray Remedios as a demon and her husband as a saint? She's accused of adultery proofless They manipulate people with lies.
The sad part is that no one's defending Remedios.
She's the victim.
That's the truth.
The media are all the same.
They tell the same version, so the people in the street won't support Remedios either.
What if the media was on our side? [PRESENTER.]
Thank you for your call.
- Keep listening to Radio Central.
- So, a program by women - for women.
Look, Carlos.
Not many people know this, but I belong to a group.
We're called the Violets.
There are a few of us.
We're a group of operators, but if we had a radio show, we'd reach a lot of people.
Excuse me, Mr.
Cifuentes, the switchboard is inundated.
We're getting so many calls.
Shut down the lines.
It seems we have a problem with the line - Go on, please.
- Yes.
Carlos, what you're doing with the radio is wonderful.
You're giving a voice to the people on the street.
I want to do that with women because we have no voice.
Carlota, I like the concept.
It's modern and innovative.
That's what a station looks for.
Now, you will be running a risk.
- Do you know what I mean? - Yes, yes.
I know.
In that case, welcome.
Seriously? Oh, thank you, Carlos.
Really, you don't know what it means to us.
You're one of Lidia's best friends and I just wanna see her happy.
I want us to look ahead.
In fact, now that you're here, I'd like to ask your advice.
Yes, of course.
Go ahead.
Lidia isn't well, and I'm worried because she's unable to accept the loss of Eva.
In fact, yesterday, she lost control completely.
- The police had to intervene.
- Police? What are you saying? I don't think Lidia told you what really happened last night.
I achieved nothing.
Aguirre's wife wouldn't cooperate.
I would've been scared to see you, too.
You pointed a gun at her.
What? - How do you know? - Carlos just told me.
He's worried.
I just used the gun so that they wouldn't get on that train.
I wasn't going to pull the trigger.
I did what I had to do and Where did you get the gun? If it's from the black market, they can arrest you just for that.
It's mine.
I gave it to her.
What? I did it for her safety.
She didn't know what she was up against, and I thought - I could help her.
- Ángeles, how could you? - What if she had fired it? - [LIDIA.]
But that didn't happen.
- Because it wasn't God's will! - What does it matter now? Or where the gun came from? Or who gave it to me? What matters is that I don't know where my daughter is! I don't know.
You all think I'm going crazy, too.
No, no, Lidia.
I think a mother knows when her daughter is alive and - I don't know.
If it was Sofía - [CARLOTA.]
What are you saying? Because I'm not a mother I don't know how it is? No, I'm not saying that, Carlota.
It's absurd to hold on to an illusion, an intuition.
You shouldn't say anything.
You shouldn't have given her the gun.
- It was reckless.
- [LIDIA.]
Don't blame her.
I shouldn't have involved you in this.
Brother, you're making a scene.
I told you not to get up.
- [MARGA.]
What happened? - What happened? It's your cripple husband here.
His back hurts from lying in bed all day, right? The doctor gave him a muscle relaxant and the pain's sure gone away.
- Good God.
Little squirrel Cutie, cutie - How do we do the balance like this? - I don't know.
- Help me get him up.
- Come on.
- Pablo, honey, come on.
- Up you get.
- Good evening.
- [PEDRO.]
Allow me to introduce my wife, Catalina.
- Nice to meet you.
- Delighted.
- Delighted.
- Ángeles, order what you like.
Thank you.
Your husband and I have matters to discuss.
Well Our husbands will be busy for some time, so let's drink.
They're for my son.
He has a sweet tooth.
Do you have children, Brey? No, but you didn't call me to talk about our families.
A man of action.
Why waste time, right? I called because I want to change the terms of your offer.
I don't need to spy on the calls of the cops but rather, one of my clients.
They call him the Apache.
He wants my help to transport some merchandise.
He wants to get it into France.
But I don't trust him.
I think he's shafting me.
I understand, but that's not what we discussed.
What does it matter who you listen to? "Apache" means enemy.
He's called that for some reason, so it does matter.
I like you, Brey.
You know what you want and you've got nerve.
I'm willing to offer you more money.
Pablo, please, drink the coffee.
Even just a little.
- Hey! - To snap him out of it.
- I'll do it.
- No, cut it out.
Then you tell me what we do.
But that work has to be handed in tomorrow.
Pablo has some books from when he studied accounting.
Maybe I can find them.
I'll go see.
- That's how it was.
- Miguel.
- How are you? It's been a long time.
It's great to see you and to see you looking so good.
How's everything? Your daughter? She must be seven, eight? Eight years old.
She's good.
She's with my mother in the village.
Good, she must be delighted there.
Excuse me, I think they're calling you.
You said you had no children, Brey.
My daughter's from a previous marriage.
My husband died in the Rif War and [SIGHS.]
we were alone for a long time until Santiago appeared.
Really, you're so tactless.
I didn't mean to pry or bring back painful memories.
Vidal, accept my apologies.
- We should go.
It's getting late.
- Yes.
- Thank you for everything.
- If you'll excuse me - Good night.
- Good night.
Why are you in here? Looking for something to steal? - You're coming with me, honey.
- No, no.
Let me go! Help! - She was stealing.
- I was after something I left here.
Miguel, I'll take care of it.
Leave us alone.
- You believe me, right? - I haven't decided yet.
- What were you looking for? - A bottle of pills.
I dropped them here.
I'm not stupid.
I'm not going to rob the same place twice.
A bottle of pills.
- Why are they so important? - They're for one of my brothers.
He has to take them every day, and they're expensive.
I can't just buy another bottle.
- So, a brother - Yes, my younger brother.
He's not bedridden now and he can go to school.
But he's always had a bad heart, and he needs those pills.
- He's the second? - Mmm.
How many more? Five.
I'm the oldest the only one who can bring money home.
Thank you.
If you really need help, I can help you.
But you have to do things the right way.
All right? Of course when I found out about the scene Lidia made at the station, I called Aguirre.
Lidia lost her mind for a moment and it all went haywire.
Does she still think I'm hiding something from you? And you? What do you think? [SIGHS HEAVILY.]
I know now that there's nothing to hide.
But she wants to believe that Eva's still alive.
And she's clinging desperately to that idea.
Nothing is worse than a mother losing her child.
Some Some can't bear it and end up going mad.
I'm afraid I'll end up losing her forever.
I'll sleep somewhere else tonight.
Lidia, wait.
Lidia, let's talk.
I didn't imagine Guzmán and his wife would be like that.
They're normal.
Catalina says wonderful things about her husband.
She says he's attentive, that he's a good father.
She's very much in love with him.
Criminals don't stand around with a sign saying what they are and they also have families.
Or do you think his wife doesn't know what he does? Of course she knows.
That friend of yours was about to give us away.
But you did well and saved us.
That's twice now.
Good night.
Good night.
What's all this? A job for Pablo's boss, but it's a long story - and I've got a lot of work.
- I'm going to bed.
- All right.
- Don't stay up too late.
Captain, I didn't What? Oh, yeah, that job.
How are we doing? We almost have it, right? Really! Right, then [VICTORIA SIGHS.]
Francisco, if you don't need me, I'm going home.
Yes, I'm finishing up, too.
I want to tell you something first.
There's a new cigarette girl starting tomorrow.
Her family's depending on her, and she has a sick brother.
A stranger comes and tells you her sorrows and you believe it.
If I had a peseta for every sob story I've heard, I'd be a millionaire.
I'm not that naïve.
- She didn't ask for my help.
Besides, she's pretty, young [CHUCKLES.]
She'll do fine.
Trust me.
All right, as you wish but I'm not spending one peseta on that girl.
Mmm! I'll give her the uniform, of course but silk stocking prices are through the roof so she brings her own.
I'll tell her.
You won't refuse an old friend a drink.
I saw him there with his mother and I left.
I don't want to see him now.
Him or anyone.
How long since you've slept? [LIDIA SIGHS.]
Maybe one of these will help me get to sleep and forget about everything for a few hours.
I don't know what I can say to console you.
You don't have to say anything.
Keep me company and listen to me.
That's enough.
I feel so alone.
Lidia, I I know you feel alone, but you're not.
You have your friends, you have Carlos and you have me.
But sometimes, it's not easy to show love.
The truth is, a friend will never betray you.
You might fall out with them or want to forget them.
But they'll always be there for you.
Because truth only has one face.
A face that always appears, no matter what.
You know what to do, don't you? [PEARL.]
I walk around, and when someone wants cigarettes or matches I go over, smile and say to the customer, "Will there be anything else, sir?" Mmm No, thank you.
Then here are your matches.
I think she's got it down pat.
Good morning.
Am I interrupting? No.
This is Pearl, the new cigarette girl.
- How are you? - Hello.
- Do you want some coffee? - Yes.
If you don't mind, thanks.
I don't need to fix my makeup.
It's not for your makeup.
It's for the line on your stocking.
I painted them on, too, when I couldn't afford new ones.
- They're so expensive.
- Hmm.
The customers don't care if you wear stockings or not, but if Victoria catches you, you'll be out on your rear.
I'll do it in the bathroom and I'll give it right back.
Don't worry.
Keep it.
It's a gift.
- Thank you.
Here's your coffee.
You look better.
Rest did you some good.
What are you gonna do today? I'll try to see Aguirre's wife.
It may be my last chance to find out more about Eva.
I hope it all goes well.
So do I.
Remedios must be the priority.
We'll devote the first show to her.
But then, we can discuss women's suffrage, divorce, so many things, Sara.
Sorry for going on, but I'm excited.
What did you want to tell me? I checked the call list and discovered something.
Lucía has called Judge Casas several times.
You think she influenced the reopening of the case? Carlota, it's very suspicious that the judge changed his mind.
And right after the calls.
Sure, but those calls don't prove anything.
I think we should watch Lucía during her shift.
What a fright! Marga, where are you going? I've got something to do.
See you later.
What do we do? [WHISTLING.]
- Did you hand in the balance? - Yes, a couple of hours ago, but they haven't said anything yet.
That's bad, isn't it? Or not.
If there were errors, they would've told you.
Maybe they haven't had time to look at it and when they do, they'll see it's a mess.
We did the best we could.
I think I got the hang of that active-passive thing.
But, Julio, when your boss comes, ask for more leave.
All right? Careful, here comes the wolf.
Good morning, Mrs.
Visiting your husband today, too? Yes, well, I had a break and here I am.
- Relax, I'm glad you're here so you can hear what I have to say to your husband.
It's about the balance this morning.
Look, Pablo, I'll be honest.
Until yesterday, I had my doubts about you but after looking over the balance, I've reached the conclusion that you're the perfect candidate for promotion.
If you accept it, of course.
He accepts it.
He accepts it.
Of course he accepts it.
- Right, Pablo? - Yes, thank you.
You won't regret it.
- Ma'am.
- Thank you.
Listen closely because I'm saying it one last time.
Either Remedios' killer goes to jail or your family will pay the consequences, Judge.
- Otherwise - We have to talk.
You threatened Judge Casas? Yes.
So what? It worked, didn't it? - What are you saying? - Why do you think he changed his mind? Sometimes you get your hands dirty to get what you want for the common good, for justice.
The end doesn't justify the means.
You've committed a crime and put us in the wrong.
What if the judge investigates the calls and reaches us? - You're just scared.
- No, I'm not scared.
You did wrong.
We'll win with arguments, the truth, the power of the word, - not with brute force.
- Words have no power.
You're spoiled brats, bourgeois girls who don't have the courage to face the music.
You don't know how the world works.
If you want to be heard, you have to act.
We Violets aren't like that.
Take it or leave it.
In that case, relax.
I won't talk to the judge again.
I'm leaving the group.
But you'll see, they'll acquit Remedios' husband and then you'll understand how the world really works.
Anything else, miss? - No, thanks.
Every time I looked at my son, I thought about what you said.
What if it had happened to me? So, here I am.
I'm so grateful you came.
Sit down, please.
Look, I know nothing of your daughter's whereabouts but I do know that Octavio Monsalve, the government delegate my husband's boss, was blackmailing Mr.
- But why? - I don't know.
This is all I can show you.
This is proof of blackmail.
You'll see the amounts Uribe paid for his silence.
- There must be more proof - No, no, no.
My husband gave it all to Uribe in exchange for the Paris tickets and some money.
He only kept this as a guarantee, in case something went wrong.
You didn't hear what the blackmail's about? I'm already telling you too much.
I'm betraying my husband's trust.
I only know that my husband thinks that, during your wedding the delegate was to receive more money from Uribe.
So his death was very good for the Cifuentes.
You suspect that they started the fire to get rid of Octavio Monsalve? Not only that Also to take away my daughter.
I only hope that what I've said helps you get her back.
I'm sorry.
Operator 3.
How can I help you? [LIDIA.]
Ángeles, it's me.
I have proof that Carmen and Uribe could have started the fire.
- What? - I spoke to Damián Aguirre's wife and she helped me.
I'm going to show everyone that I'm not crazy that my daughter is alive.
- Will you help me? - Of course.
But can we do it alone? I have the help of an old friend.
This is the plan I wanted to see Mr.
Is he in his office? [DOOR CLOSES.]
Ah, Miss Aguilar, nice to see you.
Take a seat, please.
Tell me, how are you? To be honest, not good.
Of course, I understand.
Do you know what happens to me? When I wake up in the morning, for a few seconds, I think I'll find Elisa asleep beside me.
And so goes one day, then another, and the feeling persists.
They've probably told you, too, that you should try to turn the page, eh? As if it were a question of will as if one chooses this Oh, forgive me.
Forgive me.
I haven't even asked what your visit is about.
If you don't mind, I could do with one of those.
Please, please.
They prescribed me some pills, but they don't do anything.
What would this humble announcer be without the radio, this speaker that allows me to reach you every day? But I don't wish to speak to you.
I wish to listen to you.
Call this station and the whole country will hear you.
We are the first program to enable this innovation.
And all thanks to our visionary director.
José Luis Isbert.
Good afternoon.
To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking? [JOSÉ.]
Oh, hello? Am I on the radio yet? You are.
- The whole city's listening.
- Francisco.
Come in.
I wanted to see how you work and this revolutionary radio program everyone's talking about.
Everyone? I don't think we're that big a hit yet.
- The next call? - [ASSISTANT.]
Alba Romero.
Put it through.
Where did you get these documents? [LIDIA.]
What does that matter? They're real and prove you made payments to the government delegate.
Uribe, you have to tell the truth.
Because because I had no choice.
The man discovered something about my past and was pressuring me.
So I agreed to pay him, thinking that this way my problems would be over, but they only got worse.
- [LIDIA.]
He was blackmailing you.
- Blackmailing me? [URIBE.]
He was sucking my blood.
He was greed personified.
He always wanted more, more.
I was desperate.
What was the secret he discovered? What was serious enough to blackmail you? Say it.
Say it or I'll have to tell everyone.
In Argentina I'm married.
I never got a divorce.
I was still married when I met Elisa.
You needed a Spanish wife so the king would give you control of the company.
- [URIBE.]
- You lied to everyone, - including Elisa.
- [URIBE.]
No, it's not like that.
- [URIBE.]
I loved Elisa.
- Fine, Elisa was deceived, but Doña Carmen? [URIBE.]
At first, she knew nothing, but when the blackmail started with this government bastard, I went to her.
She advised me to talk to him, to try to make him see reason.
So, that's what I did.
I set up a meeting with Monsalve at your wedding.
We met in the sacristy.
But it was impossible to reason with this man.
I want the money tomorrow morning or say goodbye to your life.
He demanded more money.
We argued, a struggle ensued.
I just pushed him slightly and the man stumbled and hit his head.
So, you and Carmen started the fire at my wedding to hide the body of the delegate.
No, it wasn't like that.
A candle must've fallen in the struggle and started the fire.
At least, I guess so because I saw the smoke later while I was sitting in a pew.
Carmen could've started that fire.
My daughter's disappearance couldn't have been a coincidence.
No, it's not a coincidence.
It's misfortune and a tragedy.
Your daughter and Elisa died in an accident.
I'm telling you the truth, Lidia.
I'm not lying.
Lidia, are you all right? - [SNIFFLES.]
- Lidia What's this? Hello? Who was listening to this? Did you set a trap for me? Who was listening to this? All of Madrid.
Lidia needs you.
You have to go to her.
All right, all right, all right.
Not here.
Not here.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
You were right.
Eva is dead.
I have nothing to forgive.
When you're forced to face the truth and it's too painful, you can only seek refuge in those who love you.
Trust is a fragile thing.
It can be gained or lost in an instant.
But neither trust, nor love, nor understanding alleviates the pain of the truth.
One can only await the passing of time for wounds to heal, for time to reveal that some truths are relative and others remain hidden under the shadow of the powerful.
Forgive my delay, Mother.
How is the girl? [MOTHER SUPERIOR.]
Little Eva slept well.
She's getting used to her new home.
I brought some gifts.
One for the girl, and this for the convent.
Always so generous, Doña Carmen.
But there's no truth that a lie can cover up for long.
And my daughter's death was to be no exception.