Las Chicas Del Cable (2017) s03e05 Episode Script

Chapter 21: Sin

1 - There must be some way - I'm sorry, Alba.
It's too late.
It's done.
How did it happen? When I ordered the death of Carmen Cifuentes I knew I was committing the gravest of sins.
What I didn't know was that I'd regret it so quickly or that my punishment would be so devastating.
All of my wishes became a nightmare.
Doña Carmen.
Doña Carmen, can you hear me? Please, say something.
I wanted Carmen Cifuentes dead, and that desire turned against me.
Just think about getting better.
The doctors say it's all under control.
Miriam, how is my mother? Where is she? She just went into surgery.
We have to be ready for anything.
I'm sorry.
All we can do is pray.
Now I wished with all my might that she'd survive.
But what if that wish ended up hurting me even more? - Any news of the operation? - To whom did you speak? - She's still in surgery.
- You must be strong now.
- I want to call my husband.
You know your mother ordered you to contact no one.
But this is an emergency! I need to speak to Sebastián.
I'm sorry, but all we can do for your mother now is entrust her to God.
The Lord will give her the relief she needs.
Hail Mary, full of grace.
The Lord is with you Uribe didn't tell you where the baby is? He could barely speak.
It's so awful.
Now only Carmen knowns where my daughter is and she's about to die.
CHAPTER 21: SIN No, she'll survive the operation.
No, she won't.
This is punishment.
Lidia, you haven't done anything.
I ordered Carmen killed.
It wasn't an accident.
But my daughter shouldn't pay for my sins.
I should.
Don't say that.
You've been through a lot.
She took your daughter.
Anyone would've lost their head.
There's always a moment when you have to stop to choose another path.
And I let my hate carry me away.
Sometimes we do things for our children that we're not proud of.
I know as well as you do.
Have you told Carlos? If she did, she'd lose him.
Some things are better left unsaid because they only bring pain and don't fix anything.
And why let him go through that if you're truly sorry? Yes, Carlos needs you and you need him.
I'm worse than Carmen.
I'm worse than Carmen.
Lidia, maybe you want to tell him to ease your conscience but lying to him protects him.
Lidia, the girls are right.
You've been through enough.
I hope Lidia doesn't lose Carlos.
She won't.
She knows she has you girls if that happens.
She'll never be alone again.
Excuse me, madam.
This was left at the door.
- Now? Who left it? - I don't know.
There was a knock, but no one was there when I opened it.
Thank you.
Another secret admirer? "We finally know who you are, Athena.
Your time is up.
" I'm calling the police right now.
I don't want the police here! It's not good for us.
Carlota, you're in danger.
This is no joke.
No! That's what they want us to think! And if it's true and you're really in danger? - Maybe you should get off the radio.
- No.
This is proof that we're doing something good.
They're angry because we've finally woken up.
Carlota, please.
Just for a while.
I can't imagine what it'd be like if something happened to you.
All right, then.
I'll hire someone to take me to the radio station.
I have money.
Damn it, Carlota! Money doesn't fix everything! Money doesn't make you invincible! You're more mistaken than you think! You taught me to fight for what we believe in! Or is that no good now? You're my role model! Maybe not anymore.
What are you doing here? Can't a husband come and see his wife? No.
Julio, you scared me.
What are you doing up? Do you know that assets on a balance sheet are classified as fixed, while holdings are liquid or available assets? - Oh, you're studying.
- Yes, I have no choice.
Do you have Pablo's work? You have to present the quarterly balance tomorrow.
- No, it's done.
- It's done? Yes, Perico did it.
He's a whiz.
I had to butter him up, but Is he really that good? Balance sheets are a really tricky part of accounting along with financial statements and cost classifications.
Good Lord You sound like a real accountant.
What? Actually, I'm drawn to it.
Sometimes it's all Chinese, but when you understand it, you feel good.
You're doing really well.
Pablo would be very proud of you.
If Pablo found out, he'd kill us both.
At least I'm getting something positive out of the mess you got me into.
Go to bed.
You need to be ready to present the balance tomorrow.
I'm staying up a little longer.
I tapped Guzmán's calls.
He's planning to sell guns to some gang called the Sandoval Clan.
I know them.
They're very dangerous.
- I'll tell the commissioner tomorrow.
- Is that for the best? It seems dangerous to me.
I'll take care of it.
Or don't you trust me? Has Guzmán bothered you again with his insinuations? Why? Because I don't want you to sleep with him.
A woman shouldn't do anything she doesn't want to.
It turns my stomach just to think about it.
Then what does a woman do? What a man says? I remind you, there's nothing between us.
If I don't sleep with him, it's because I don't want to not because you say so.
I'm not imposing anything on you.
I'm just apologizing for what I said the other day.
It's also a way of telling you I care about you more than I'd ever imagined.
Mother! She's still sedated.
You must give her time to recover.
- How is she? How did it go? - It's a miracle.
The iron bar didn't affect any vital organ but seconds more and we'd be bemoaning her fate.
Then she's out of danger? You know what these things are like, but the prognosis is good.
- We're through the worst.
- Thank you.
- Can I get you anything? - No, I'm all right.
You should go home and rest.
You've done enough today.
I'll stay and take care of you.
My parents died too soon, so I never had anyone to look after me.
But I realized that what I really want is to look after someone else.
That's what starting a family means, doesn't it? Why don't we get married? This time for real.
You're leaving without saying goodbye? I don't want Miguel or Victoria to see me leaving your office with my hair down.
Who cares? I'm the boss.
That's exactly why.
- So you've realized? - What are you talking about? Francisco.
I imagine you've realized that he's a good man.
That's why you didn't take a single peseta, right? I didn't because my mother taught me to be a good person.
I'd say that since you got intimate with your boss your heart troubles you more than your pocket.
You looked happy coming out of his office.
Fine, whatever you say.
Have it your way.
Cigarettes? Roque, what's going on? - Nothing.
- Get out.
Go to the car now! I'm surrounded by fools and incompetents! I bet you can tell me why all my men are in a paddy wagon.
Sandoval, I was going to buy you a drink, but I see you've had a few.
Someone told the cops about our deal.
Doesn't that tell you anything? It tells me that I've lost some major business, too.
What else do you have to tell me? I know the snitch is one of your people.
That's why you're here around your people and I'm alone.
You shouldn't accuse my men of being traitors much less when, as you say, you're alone here.
- You'll hear from me.
- Fine.
- You're right, he's a dimwit.
- He's a son of a bitch, Brey.
That guy is a son of a bitch.
And that son of a bitch is right, understand? All his men are locked up and mine are all here.
All of them.
There's obviously a snitch.
He's one of mine and I want you to find him.
I want you to find him before Sandoval does.
Relax, I will.
Sorry to interrupt, but I need to talk to you.
You see we've been looking over Mrs.
Cifuentes' car and found something we didn't expect.
The brakes were tampered with.
I'm afraid that what happened wasn't an accident.
Can you think of anyone who could've done it? Has your mother had any conflict recently? Is anyone capable of doing this? Anything you can tell us might help us clear up the case.
I can't think of anyone right now.
I don't know what to tell you.
All right.
If you think of anything, however insignificant it may seem get in touch with us.
Please I beg you.
Tell me it wasn't you.
Carlos How could you do something like this? What kind of person does something like this? I know I've hit rock bottom.
I tried to stop it, but it was too late.
Shut up! Nothing you say now will change what you've done.
Was that the reason for all that nonsense in there? Telling me we're a family and how much you love me? Everything I said yesterday is true.
I love you so much.
You don't know what love is! If you did, you'd have known how to forgive.
The best thing now is for us to go our separate ways.
So please go.
Lidia, go away! I could never blame Carlos.
I understood.
I saw his gaze change.
He ceased to see the woman.
he'd promised to love Losing him was the cost of my sin.
Wait, I won't be long.
I'd like to give you this from Pablo and me.
Some doughnuts.
I didn't know if you'd prefer cream or angel hair, so I got half-and-half.
What's this for? Pablo told me you helped him with the quarterly balance, so - it's the least I can do.
- Me? Come on.
He did it all by himself.
But thanks.
I'd like these even if they were filled with mud.
He did it all by himself? He told me you were the best here.
In fact, I wanted to ask you an accounting question.
Hmm? Why ask for my help when you have Pablo at home? He's the whiz.
What are you doing here? Nothing.
Covering for Pablo.
I could've had a rich brother Pablo! Sorry, sorry, sorry I couldn't let that cheeky devil replace me.
We're talking about my job.
You know what it means to me.
And I'll tell you something I was tricked first.
You were in cahoots with him.
But I did it for you, so you wouldn't lose your job.
- Why didn't you tell me? - Would you have let me come to work? - No.
Your health is more important.
- Then you know why I didn't tell you.
I just want to take care of you.
"In sickness and in health" remember? Pablo, you're buying today.
Last night you cost me a week's wages.
"Last night"? Well, you two I'm glad to see you as united as ever.
- How long were you out last night? - I don't know.
- Hour and minute, Pablo.
- I don't know, Marga.
Until after midnight.
I heard the church bells when I got back.
But It's no big deal, right? Marga.
Marga, sorry, sorry.
Okay, I had some wine Listen, Marga.
Say something.
What's wrong? I don't like you going out so late.
Neither does Doña Lola.
She might throw us out.
Would she do that? It's no big deal.
I just wanted to have a drink with the guys.
I never have before.
I had a good time.
Marga I didn't think you'd be mad.
- Don't touch me right now.
- But There they are! Miss, are the papers right? Are you Athena? What are you talking about? - Leave me alone! Please! - What does your family think? - Are you Athena? - Let's go, Carlota.
That's enough! I don't know how they found out.
It doesn't matter now.
You have to stop going on the radio.
- You fake! Not so brave now, eh? - What do you mean? - A husband's what you need.
- Maybe you need one! Hold it, Ramírez! Shut your mouth! Or I'll shut it for you.
I've missed you.
Me, too.
So did I.
True friends are there in the tough times, right? Now we have to figure out how to end all this.
Yes, Carlota, Miguel's right.
But I don't want to end it.
- Operator 3.
How can I help you? - Ángeles.
Sorry to bother you, but I urgently need you to call Guzmán.
What happened? Sandoval came to see him.
He's sure Guzmán has a mole among his men.
I knew it.
I knew this would happen.
- What now? - No one's going to hurt you.
They know nothing.
I just need you to do as I tell you.
Ángeles, please trust me.
We have to be more united than ever.
- What do I have to do? - I need you to call Guzmán and tell him you've found out who the mole is.
Say it's Roque.
They've been on bad terms for some time.
But if I do, that man Nothing will happen to him.
That's where I come in.
Just do as I say, please.
I'll talk to you later.
Could you put me through to Chamberí 344? Mr.
This is the closest we've been to a miracle.
Don't you think? That's what the doctors say, yes.
But I knew you were a strong woman, very strong.
I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you.
I'll never forget it.
Why didn't you tell me she'd woken up? I asked Miriam to fix me up a little before she told you.
I know you've been very worried about me.
Give me a kiss, son.
I'm so glad to see you.
Who do you think caused this accident? Lidia and I have broken up.
It was the last straw.
I will hear no more of her.
I knew it.
I knew it was her.
What I didn't know is that she could admit it to you.
What are you going to do now? Mother, we've all suffered enough.
It's better to leave things be.
I'm willing to not report her if you do as I propose.
What are you thinking? I want to hold a reception at the company to honor the king after the scandal Uribe unleashed.
I want him to trust us again.
It's time to introduce him to the new director.
I want you to return to the position that's always been yours.
I was told you were looking for me.
You left in a rush yesterday, and after your shift, you didn't say bye.
You want to know if I'm avoiding you, right? Are you or not? Why are you avoiding me? Because I know the story by heart.
Now you want to buy me dinner, and in two days, you'll tire of me and toss me out like a cigarette butt.
No, thank you.
What kind of men have you been with? I assure you I'm not like that.
You see? You just said what they all say.
Why are you so defensive? We had fun yesterday, didn't we? It's not about that.
Then what? Francisco when you get to know me, you'll realize I'm a fraud.
Why are you so hard on yourself? My mother wants me to run the company again.
- Am I interrupting something? - I was leaving.
That means that your mother is better, doesn't it? Yes.
Frankly, I haven't the slightest idea of what to do and only you can help me.
Lidia and I broke up.
Our relationship is over.
Oh I didn't know.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't be.
She's responsible for my mother's accident and she's lost her mind.
How are you? Guzmán, sorry I'm late.
I couldn't come any sooner.
Don't worry.
I just wanted to give you this.
Two tickets to the theater.
Some Lorca guy, the ladies love him.
I want you to take Ángeles in thanks for her great work.
Thanks to her, we've found the mole.
She's almost becoming my guardian angel.
I want her to be happy.
Thanks for the tickets.
I'm very proud of her, too.
My only concern is her safety.
No one's more concerned with her safety than me.
So you'd better not tell her what you're doing tonight.
It's about the mole.
The bastard will never see the light of day again.
I want you to handle it, Brey.
No mistakes.
This must be Manuel settling the score.
- What are we doing here? - I'm looking into something.
- What are you doing? - Guzmán knows you're the mole! - What? - On your knees.
On your knees! That's a total lie! I'd never betray Guzmán! You know that! What is this, a joke? I'm sparing your life! Get out of town before Guzmán kills both of us! - Why are you doing this? - Get out of here.
Get out of here! - What's wrong, Marga? - Nothing.
What could be wrong? Is it so strange for a woman to speak to her husband? Of course not, squirrel.
- It's just that you're at work.
- We're on a lunch break and I thought we could meet in the bar across the street.
I don't know.
My leg's not up to walking.
On the contrary.
The doctor told you it's good to exercise it.
See you in ten minutes at the bar? Okay, whatever you like, squirrel.
Would you be willing to? No, of course, of course.
Cover me.
I'll be right back.
Dolores, take it easy.
Really, I'm very discreet.
See you tonight.
Carlota, look at this.
A friend gave it to me.
It's the names of all the men in the Knights of Order.
I've got something even juicier.
A woman just called me.
Her name's Dolores Torres and she says she knows who's threatening me because she's in the same situation.
She wants to say it on the radio and I'm meeting her tonight.
Lidia called.
She needs to see us as soon as possible.
Hello, squirrel.
Look what I picked up on the way.
How could you, Julio? - I'm Pablo.
- Don't lie to me! You're not Pablo and you weren't last night.
You took advantage of me.
Look, Marga, I didn't want to take advantage of you.
What happened last night happened.
That is true.
I couldn't help it.
I'm your brother's wife, Julio.
Can you imagine what'd happen if he found out? You turned me into an adulteress.
Marga Don't say that.
You didn't know.
It's my fault.
I'm vile.
- It won't happen again.
- Of course not.
What do you think? If I'd known, I wouldn't have done it.
I would've never touched you.
Julio, please.
Pablo must never find out about this.
Don't worry.
He never will.
Miriam just called.
Your mother's woken up and it seems she's out of danger.
Thank God.
Which hospital is she in? I want to see her.
Elisa, you know your mother ordered us to make sure you stay in the convent.
I need to see my mother.
I'm sorry.
And remember, this isn't just for your own good.
- It's for the girl as well.
- Please.
Lidia, are you ok? What happened? Carlos knows that I ordered the hit on his mother.
The police told him that when they checked the car the brakes were tampered with.
Then you're in danger.
- Has Carlos told the police? - No, he hasn't.
But he wants me out of his life.
We'll overcome this together, as always.
I need a favor.
You have to help me get into Carmen's room.
Mother! Elisa, what are you doing here? Did anyone see you? They said you'd recovered, but I couldn't believe it.
You must return to the convent at once.
I'm fine here.
I'm not going back.
I'm fed up.
Elisa, if anyone discovers you, your sacrifice will have been in vain.
Where's Sebastián? I thought he'd be here.
I need to see him.
Sebastián is on a business trip, but he'll be back soon.
He has to feign normalcy.
You must understand.
Then there's no need for me to go back to the convent.
I can go to him with the girl and we can go to America.
Elisa, leave right now.
- Miriam! - Excuse me! - Hello.
- What are you doing here? We came to visit a friend.
The other day she fell ill at work.
She started vomiting and Thank you, sister.
You may go.
I'll be brief.
Give me one reason why I shouldn't call the nurses.
I want to make a pact and I think my proposal will be of great interest to you.
I give up.
You win.
What I did put me at your level and I'm disgusted with myself.
I give it up.
All of it.
I give up Carlos.
I'm leaving.
But give me back my daughter.
Don't do it for me.
Do it for her.
A daughter should be with her mother.
My girl, we've lost him.
The hospital just confirmed it.
Your brother didn't survive the fire.
My poor Carlos I know I know it's terrible but no one said life was easy.
We have to think about her.
About her? Is her mother dead, too? No, her mother's not dead, but it pains my soul to think that this woman is going to raise a Cifuentes.
This girl has our blood.
Haven't you and Sebastián been trying to have a baby for some time? But Sebastián He won't agree to this and neither will I.
She's not our daughter.
Sebastián has given his consent.
I spoke to him in the hospital and he agrees.
But what about her mother? What will she say when they don't find her body to weep over? She won't accept just any explanation.
That woman took my son from me.
She didn't even let me say goodbye to Carlos.
And she took your husband away from you some time ago.
Have you forgotten? That baby is the least of what she owes us.
In a few years, no one will recognize her and after a while, you can say she's yours.
- How long? - As long as it takes.
I spoke to Sebastián and he said that in a few months you'll both leave for Mexico.
And meanwhile, what do I do? - Stay locked inside the house? - Not here.
It's dangerous.
You must go somewhere else with her.
There's someone I helped a while ago.
Now the time has come for her to help me.
I'll never give her back to you.
Lidia, leave.
- Or I'll tell the police what you - I don't feel well.
Please, call a doctor.
- A doctor, please.
- Lidia, let's go home.
Come on.
Please, I'm not well.
I'm not well, please.
Elisa was here.
She almost ran into her brother.
Call the convent.
Make sure she gets back.
Did she confess? Did she tell you where the girl is? We're sorry.
We tried to hold up Miriam, but Carlos turned up It was our fault, Lidia.
It wasn't your fault.
It's mine.
I should've seen a long time ago that I'd never find my daughter.
No, don't say that.
She'll never tell me where she is.
Sara, Sara.
I found out who the number you asked about belongs to.
- It was a call from Carlota's panel.
- I know.
Her name's Dolores Torres.
No, no, our customer information says it's Heliodoro Calzada.
Sara? What's wrong? Sara? KNIGHTS OF THE ORDER MEMBERS HELIODORO CALZADA You're scaring me.
They've set a trap for her.
I have to find her! Tell the girls! Girls, let's go, hurry! Are you Dolores Torres? Come in.
I'd like you to tell me all you know about the Knights of Order and What happens when it's too late to regret what you've done? Some decide to look the other way, to hide, even from themselves.
Some pay, even without having committed a sin.
And some never forgive themselves.
You were right, boss.
Brey is a cop.
But at some point, we all have to pay for our actions.
Did you think I wouldn't figure out your game? You were wrong.
I know that Brey is a cop and you're a fraud.
No! We should report Lidia right now.
You have everything you need to lock her up for life.
I won't set Carlos against me again.
He's agreed to run the company in exchange for my silence.
But that girl is mine and I won't let her mother see her ever again.
And when she's grown up? What if she starts asking questions? Then it'll be too late because her mother will be dead.
You'll take care of that.
There is only one thing that can purge away our sins forever and that is death.
What happened? I can't take it anymore, Francisco.
I can't take it anymore.
I've done horrible things.
If I never see Eva again, it'll be my fault.
I'll help you find your daughter.
You can always count on me.