Las Chicas Del Cable (2017) s03e06 Episode Script

Chapter 22: Fight

Don't touch me! Please! No! Don't touch me! Don't touch me, pig! [LIDIA.]
Fate insists on placing obstacles in our path Leave her alone! Miss, you're going to hurt yourself with that.
Put it down or [LUCÍA.]
I'm talking to the police station.
Put me through to the police station, please.
This is an emergency.
And we fight at every moment to survive them.
Carlota! [SOBBING.]
The key is in resisting when the truth makes us weak.
How could I let myself be fooled by you? I lied to you, but I had no choice.
Cuevas is a policeman.
I was forced to collaborate with him.
Why should I believe you? [LIDIA.]
The key is to be brave, to face your fate and change it.
Listen to me.
You can get something out of this I can inform you about every move Cuevas makes.
Give me Cuevas or it'll be your daughter who pays for this.
Yes Okay.
Because life is a fight to get ahead to not give in to our weaknesses and to be able to stand up again.
We both know that this doesn't mean anything.
We'd better not make a mistake.
Although at times we feel lost and believe that we can't go on that nothing more can happen to us fate manages to complicate our lives a little more.
This time, we want a job done very discreetly.
She was with Uribe when you faked the robbery.
Fidel, her death has to go totally unnoticed.
- [JULIO.]
Can I lend you a hand? - No, I can manage on my own.
As you wish.
I just wanted to give you some good news.
I'm going back to the company, to work in the storeroom.
I've got things to do.
Come on.
We can't go on like this.
I apologized to you for that thing we're not talking about However much you say it, the damage is done.
Good evening CHAPTER 22: FIGH Or not? Is something wrong? No.
Not at all.
What could be wrong? Nonsense.
I'm going to bed.
I have to get up early tomorrow.
Marga, what has my brother done now? Squirrel, we have always told each other everything.
- If something happened, you can tell me.
- No.
Nothing's wrong.
I won't need these anymore.
- You're only getting in now? - [TELEPHONE RINGING.]
Yes, it got late.
Hello? We're on our way.
- It's Sara.
They tried to attack Carlota.
- What? - [MARGA.]
Doña Lola! - [LOLA.]
Yes? - Is Lidia home? - No.
Something happened to Carlota.
We're going to see her.
Tell Lidia that we're at the radio station.
- Yes, yes.
- But is she okay? - [MARGA.]
I don't know.
Oh, my God.
Go, go.
But what happened? - [MARGA.]
I don't know.
There was no aggression so, no crime No crime, no complaint to be lodge I'm telling you, we prevented it.
If we'd arrived a few minutes later But that isn't what happened, is it? What if they try again? What do we do then? You just have to be careful and take my advice: don't provoke them anymore.
The announcements that you make over the radio get people worked up.
If you don't want trouble, act accordingly.
As you can't, or won't, help us, I'd ask you to please leave.
- [MARGA.]
Sara - [ÁNGELES.]
We came as fast as we could.
How are you? It seems that instead of the victim, I'm the culprit.
I don't think I've ever been so scared.
I'm sorry.
If I'd known that it was going to be a waste of time, I'd never have called.
- Don't worry.
Are you okay, Carlota? It's okay.
And Lidia? I thought she'd come with you.
Lidia wasn't home yet.
Lidia, I was waiting for you.
Ángeles and Marga have gone to the radio station.
Apparently something's happened to Carlota.
They want you to go.
It'd be best if you have a strong cup of coffee first.
You're a mess.
I want to be on my own, Doña Lola.
God knows I don't like interfering in other people's lives but, Lidia, you won't find the answer to your problems in that bottle.
You don't like interfering in other people's lives? For once, Doña Lola spare me the advice and get on with your own life, if you have one.
Leave me alone.
Matches, sir? Would you like anything else? - Come with me.
- Excuse me.
- That's one of Guzmán's men.
- [PEARL.]
And a client, too.
- His money is as good as anybody else's.
Be careful That guy can be violent.
When he takes a fancy to something, he doesn't like not getting it.
What's it to you? I can look after myself.
Anyway, you and I aren't anything, are we? So whatever I do or don't do is my business.
Let me do my job.
- Jealous? - [FRANCISCO SIGHS.]
I'm just trying to protect Pearl.
You're acting just as you did with Lidia.
You think you have the situation under control but at times, love creeps in where you least expect it.
Worry less about my life, and keep a better eye on the club.
I'm going home.
I need to rest.
It hasn't been a good day.
So did you manage it? Yes.
And do you have the money? I'll have it this week.
You're not the only one interested in the cathode tubes, Miguel.
I've got another buyer.
And he'll pay me immediately.
Up to you.
I'll be right back.
Five minutes.
Not a second more.
Where's Francisco? - How should I know? He just left.
What are you doing? It's a loan.
I'll pay it back.
If you see him before I do, tell Francisco I took it, okay? All right.
Lidia where were you last night? We were waiting for you.
It would have done Carlota good to see you.
- Have you been drinking? - [LIDIA.]
My head hurts.
Please Aren't you even going to ask what happened to Carlota? [LIDIA.]
If you're going to scold me like Doña Lola, - today is not the day - [MARGA.]
You're just selfish.
We have always been at your side.
But we all have problems.
Serious problems.
But it seems that you don't care.
Friends are at your side when you're having a bad time Where were you last night? Carlota was I haven't seen my daughter for weeks.
What happened to Carlota isn't worse than losing a daughter.
Lidia, stop.
That's not what it's about.
Listen to us for a minute You listen! I don't want to hear your reproaches.
Out! Now! Marga, let's go.
Sister Charity has told me that you're refusing to eat.
Do you want to get sick? As if anyone cares if I get sick.
You have me locked in here.
I demand to speak to my mom If I'm going to stay here, I wanna know why - [ASUNCIÓN.]
Elisa, please.
Calm down.
- Calm down? How? I've had it with her! She told me my brother had died.
She didn't tell me my husband was dead.
I can't stand being in here another second.
You're not going anywhere.
- No! - You're an impulsive, foolish person.
- Let me go! - [ASUNCIÓN.]
Take the child.
No! No! You're in no condition to look after her - [ELISA.]
No! - When you calm down, I might bring the child back [ELISA.]
No! Not the girl! Please! Let go of me! You should've listened to the doctor and stayed in the clinic for a few more days.
- You're still weak.
- I was horribly bored there, and we have a lot to do.
You'll be delighted to know that I've spoken to Fidel.
He'll take care of Lidia with total discretion.
- But I do have some bad news.
- Of course.
Elisa found out about Uribe's death and she knows that Carlos is alive.
She's beside herself.
Mother Asunción has her under control, but you know she is unpredictable.
Well, I hope Asunción will buy us a bit of time.
My priority now is to see to the reception for the king tomorrow.
There's a lot at stake.
The king must accept Carlos as the new director of the company.
Good morning, Mr.
How's Carlota? Physically, she's fine.
She's still very scared.
She can't shake off the fear.
That's why she stayed home with Sara.
Of course.
The most important thing is that she recovers.
Ángeles, you'll have to take Sara's place.
- And I have to ask you a favor, Marga.
- Yes.
Miriam is with my mother, and I'll need an assistant.
There's a lot to do before the king's visit.
Could you be my assistant? Just for a couple of days.
Yes, of course.
It's a big responsibility.
Thank you.
I need people I can trust beside me.
I'd like to speak to Inspector Cuevas, please.
He isn't there? Do you know where I can find him? Thanks.
Thank you anyway.
At last, Sleeping Beauty.
You won't say no to a coffee.
Take it.
It will be good for you.
Not that you deserve it after your behavior yesterday.
I wasn't in my right mind.
I'm sorry, Doña Lola.
Look, Lidia.
Many people have passed through this boarding house.
I've seen and heard everything.
Nothing can shock me.
But what you did to your friends is unspeakable.
None of them deserves to be treated that way.
Marga and Ángeles were trying to help you.
You're going to tell me that you have your reasons for being like this.
But I've seen everything those girls have done for you from the very day you lost your daughter.
You should do the same for them especially now, with what poor Carlota is going through.
But what happened to her? Is she sick or Didn't they tell you? She was attacked by a group of men last night and was almost raped.
When I think about it, it makes my blood run cold.
Where are you going? [TELEPHONE RINGING.]
Hello? - [CHARITY.]
Good morning.
- Good morning.
I'm Sister Charity, from the convent of the Pious Sisters.
I'm looking for Lidia Aguilar.
I rang her house and I was told she lives here now.
Is that right? [LOLA.]
Is everything all right? Who was it? A wrong number.
If you'll excuse me It's so unfair.
You're here, suffering, and those men are free We should do something.
We have the names of the Knights of the Order.
We're going to give them what they deserve They'll pay for what they've done.
If the law can't help us, we have to do something.
We have no other option.
Hate breeds more hate.
A vicious cycle of violence won't do anyone any good.
- There's always another option.
- Like what? Hiding? Being discreet? Like always.
The women stay in the house, silent.
I'm not saying we should be silent.
I'm saying that violence is never the answer to anything If we behave like them, we'll be like them.
And that benefits them.
Strength is masculine and sweetness is feminine, isn't that so? We're forced to respond to a violent attack with a smile.
I don't want to smile anymore.
What do you mean, Lucía? Do you hear yourself? [FLORA.]
You have a visitor.
Carlota I should have been there yesterday, with the girls.
You needed all of us, and I let you down.
I'm sorry.
Well, you're here now.
That's what matters.
Have they been arrested? The police know exactly who they are, but they're not going to do anything because the crime wasn't committed.
I can't believe it.
It's a disgrace.
We can't sit here and do nothing.
We have the list of culprits [SARA.]
Lucía, that's enough! It's best you leave.
Carlota needs peace and quiet.
Thank you for coming.
It did her good to see you.
I'll call later to find out how she is.
Where to, Miss? Excuse me, where is the Palacio de Oriente? The Palacio de Oriente is [MAN.]
Miss? I don't have all day.
No, I'm sorry.
I thought someone was following me.
Take me to the Telephone Company, please.
- With all the people coming to Madrid - Yes, yes.
Good morning, Don Ernesto.
I'm Julio, the brother of Pablo Santos in administration.
I've heard new posts are opening up in the administration department and I know someone who is perfect for the job.
Someone organized, efficient, responsible, focused [ERNESTO.]
How long are you going to keep listing their qualities? Get to the point.
What would that person need to do to apply? That person who is so efficient, responsible, et cetera can fill out the application and do the exam like all the others.
- Good day.
- Good day.
Marga! I've got something to tell you Not now, Julio.
"Marga, you should apply.
You'd be a great accountant.
" Pablo [WOMAN.]
Excuse me.
Carlos Cifuentes' office? Yes, how can I help you? Wait! Mr.
Cifuentes is very busy.
He isn't seeing anyone today.
Excuse me, Carlos.
You have a visitor.
Give them an appointment for another day.
I'm not seeing anyone today.
You'll see me.
I'll introduce myself.
I'm Valeria Cassini, Sebastián Uribe's widow.
Marga, you can go home.
Take care of the invitations from there.
I am Sebastián's sole heiress.
So I've come to claim what is mine: this company.
She's waiting outside.
I told her that I had to speak to you.
That's all we needed.
I didn't think she'd hear about Uribe's death.
Sebastián told me that woman didn't know where he was and that we didn't have to worry because she was an illiterate nobody.
She certainly doesn't seem like that to me.
I get the impression that those were more lies told by your dear son-in-law.
If the king discovers who she is and that she's come to claim part of Uribe's inheritance he'll seize the company.
I convinced His Majesty that that woman knew nothing.
He's happy that you're the director of the company.
Well, perhaps this is our opportunity to get hold of Uribe's 70%.
A document where she gives up her rights in exchange for a good sum of money What do you think? What do I think? I think you're going to be an excellent director.
I'll leave it in your hands.
Is everything all right? [CARMEN.]
Better than all right.
I think it's just been confirmed that I have my son back.
And if you sign this document which I have just drawn up we'll formalize the sale.
You undertake to give up your shares in the company and we, in exchange, offer you a very generous sum.
Be more specific, Mr.
What do you mean by "a very generous sum"? What do you think of 10 million pesetas? I think we can come to an understanding.
But if you don't mind, I'd like to go over the document with my lawyer.
But don't worry.
I'm willing to sign it tomorrow.
Tomorrow is going to be impossible.
Why? It so happens that tomorrow the king is visiting.
I don't think it would be the most suitable day.
You must understand that I'd like to go home.
I know that you want to put an end to this matter quickly and discreetly.
The best thing would be to close the agreement as soon as possible, right? It all went as expected.
The Cifuentes have offered me a pittance for the company shares and I acted the fool but I've made sure to come tomorrow to sign.
Just before the king arrives, as we wanted.
Tomorrow, I'll pull the ace out of my sleeve and claim what my son and I deserve.
I've thought of meeting with Guzmán and his wife for breakfast tomorrow.
It would be good for us to make them our friends.
Yes, of course.
I have to get back to work.
Did you have something to tell me? Me? [CUEVAS.]
You're the one who called me at the station.
You said you had to talk to me.
I just wanted to know how things were with Guzmán.
I have to get back to work, too.
See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
I've just come from Carlota's house.
I'm really sorry I wasn't there last night.
I was rude.
Ángeles, forgive me.
Eva's disappearance changed me.
I'm not the same person.
I wasn't there with you, and I am very sorry.
But that's going to change.
I've thought about what happened to Carlota and I want to do something.
I know that the police will do nothing.
I thought that perhaps Cuevas could No! Cuevas won't do anything.
It's for Carlota.
He could contact I know.
But he can't do anything.
Got it? And why is that? I'm going to betray him.
So I accepted Cuevas' deal.
My freedom for capturing that criminal.
For weeks, we've been pretending to be husband and wife, but he found out the truth.
He knows that Cuevas is a policeman? And he wants to get his revenge.
He hasn't killed me because he needs me.
He wants me to set a trap for Cuevas, to meet him tonight, and then What are you going to do, Ángeles? I don't know, Lidia.
I called the station to arrange to meet him, but I couldn't.
I couldn't do it.
I couldn't.
I'm fed up with being caught between what two men want.
Guzmán knows where Sofía is.
Guzmán? Pedro Guzmán? Yes.
Why do you ask? [LIDIA.]
Operator? Number 344, please.
The subscriber is Pedro Guzmán.
Why did you want to see me so urgently? I want you to listen to a good friend of mine.
Are you dealing with police informers now? You can't ask me to give you Cuevas.
You're a traitor, a squealer.
In fact, I'm being very generous letting you live.
If that policeman dies, you'll be the first suspect.
Do you want to have every policeman in the city investigating your business? Or would you rather the case was closed and you could carry on living in peace? I'll spy for you, Guzmán.
I'll tell you everything the police know, so that when they want to carry out a search or make an arrest, they won't find anything So your idea is that I should trust you, even though you've been lying to me since I met you? [LIDIA.]
I'll vouch for her.
You trust me, don't you? [WHISPERS.]
Juan, she can be trusted.
Be smart.
Accept the help she has to offer you.
Very well.
I hope that neither of you let me down.
- Thank you.
- If I'd known sooner that you were in this mess it wouldn't have gotten to this point You had a lot on your mind.
We didn't mean to hurt you this morning.
We just wanted you to react.
Eva is still alive, and that's what's most important.
I know.
And of course, you can count on all my help.
We'll find Eva.
Carlota, I I wanted to tell you something.
I'm so sorry about what happened to you.
I know that at times I get carried away by my anger, but [CARLOTA.]
It's not your fault I want those men to pay for what they did to me.
Could you arrange that? You were right.
I've been naive.
We have to fight, and go one step farther every time.
I've got some friends who could teach those Knights of the Order a lesson.
Friends? They've been traveling through Europe for years defending and fighting for the cause.
And now they're here.
I could ask for help.
Are they willing to go that far? As far as they have to.
Carlota, there are lots of women like you and me.
Women who want to take the fight to its end.
But all this has a price.
I know.
Don't worry.
I'll bring the money to the station tomorrow.
To the radio? Yes.
Tomorrow, I'll be Athena again.
Not a word of this to Sara, all right? [MARGA.]
Beatriz Beatriz La Casa del Castillo.
Casa del Castillo.
Got it.
Shall we give you a hand? No, it's okay.
Mother Asunción.
Marga, I think I owe you an apology.
I haven't been a good friend these days.
Oh, stop.
I've had a knot inside because of how I spoke to you I deserved it.
Well, just a bit.
I know you've been through a lot but I just wanted you to be your old self again the big sister who looks after me.
Don't be so sappy or you'll make me cry.
All right.
Shall we start with all this? - Look.
- What's all this? Invitations for the event tomorrow with His Majesty.
Either I grow two more arms or I won't finish them Between the three of us, we'll finish in no time.
Before I forget, a Sister Charity called here asking for you.
The call was cut off, but she said she was from the Convent of the Pious Sisters.
The Pious Sisters.
Yes, she's the nun I gave Eva's things to.
- And she asked for me? - [LOLA.]
I didn't tell her my name.
She asked for you.
Operator? The Convent of the Pious Sisters, please.
Convent of the Pious Sisters.
Yes, hello.
This morning, Sister Charity contacted me, but I couldn't speak to her.
My name is Lidia Aguilar.
Sister Charity can't speak to you now.
But don't worry.
I'll give her the message.
You have no idea what you have just done.
Say goodbye to the sisters.
You'll spend a week in the punishment cell.
What happened? She said that she couldn't speak to me.
What a coincidence.
I've just written an invitation in that convent's name.
She's there.
Eva is there.
That's where Carmen has hidden her.
Lidia, are you sure? I heard a baby crying when I was there.
It cannot be a coincidence because I I heard her crying.
If she is there, we're going to get her right now.
We'll need a car to get there.
The convent is on the outskirts.
- You want my car? - [LIDIA.]
Eva is in the convent.
Francisco, we were so close.
The girls and I are going.
This is more than a hunch.
Eva is there.
And if Eva is really hidden there, do you think they'll just let you walk in? I've thought of that already.
We have a plan, but I need your car.
No, Lidia.
You're not in any condition to do something crazy like that.
If you want, I can call my contact in the police and I'm sorry to interrupt, sir, but there's a very considerable discrepancy in the till Be right there.
Give me a minute.
I hope you've come to give me some explanation.
I knew nothing about Uribe's death.
I was in the hospital.
As for your brother, I told you he was dead because the doctors said he had only a few hours left.
But that changed and when he recovered, you kept it quiet.
Why? Why? So that I could stay with Eva? [MARGA.]
I'll look in here.
It's locked.
Everything I did, I did to protect you.
I didn't want you accused of her kidnapping.
We have both dirtied our hands.
Everyone, including Lidia, would know you're guilty.
Do you realize what you've done? [LIDIA.]
Go that way! I made a mistake.
I admit it.
I'm not infallible.
But everything I did was for you and my granddaughter.
That's why we have to leave now.
I need one more thing before we leave.
Swear that you won't lie to me again.
I swear.
Get her! Get her! [LIDIA GRUNTS.]
CONVENT OF THE PIOUS SISTERS Where is my daughter? Where is she? - [NUN.]
I don't know.
I don't know! - Where is she? Yes! You know! [NUN.]
I don't know anything! - You know.
- [MARGA.]
This is only temporary.
You can come home soon.
Can we speak for a moment, madam? I'll be right back, dear.
Doña Carmen.
I'm sorry, but I can't do the job.
Lidia Aguilar is a good friend of Pedro Guzmán's.
- He's a very dangerous man, and - And? You're afraid of a thug? I have other, more important friends.
Judges, lawyers, policemen It isn't good for someone like you to be on bad terms with the forces of the law.
I got rid of your son-in-law, but this means risking my life.
Find Lidia.
She will have gone back to her boarding house.
If she dies in the privacy of her own room in the boarding house with a goodbye note that thug you're talking about won't think it was you.
Understood? Yes.
Good morning, everyone.
This is a special broadcast.
I confess that, until a few hours ago, there wasn't even going to be a program.
Some men attacked me here last night, at the radio station.
They tried to silence me, to scare me.
But what they have achieved is just the opposite.
Today, Athena is dead.
My name is Carlota Rodríguez de Senillosa.
That is my name, this is my voice, and this is my fight.
They will not win.
Because defeat is not an option for me or for many other women.
Do you have the money? With this money we'll do plenty of things for the cause.
We'll surprise His Majesty.
We'll do what we came to do.
We'll avenge Carlota.
And if it is necessary I will fight until my last breath.
I know that there are men who see us as the enemy, and I say to them - What's this money? - [CARLOTA.]
you are wrong.
It's from last night.
I borrowed it.
- Because we are your - Didn't Pearl tell you? [CARLOTA.]
your wives, your friends, your sisters Sorry for the delay.
No problem.
We just got here.
so treat us as such.
We can be allies.
Trust us.
Give us our place.
Because if you don't we'll take it by force.
Son of a bitch! Leave him to me! [MARGA.]
Lidia, where were you? I was taking a walk.
I needed air.
Are you all right? I have to go to the reception, but I'll come stay with you I'd prefer to be alone.
We are ready to fight.
Because we know that we'll win.