Las Chicas Del Cable (2017) s03e07 Episode Script

Chapter 23: Hope

1 How's my hair today? It looks strange.
You look gorgeous as usual, squirrel.
And me? How do I look? Your shoes, Pablo.
They're filthy.
- Yes.
- Give them a brush.
Yes, I don't know how I didn't notice.
Is all this grooming to impress the king? Yes.
You should do the same.
You won't get many chances to see the king.
Marga, you changed your hair.
It looks strange.
No, I didn't do anything.
Here, I'll help you with those shoes.
I'll be right back.
Why comment on her hair? You know she's nervous about the king.
- Doesn't Marga want to do the exam? - Yes, of course she does, Julio.
I don't want her to get her hopes up and then suffer.
You're still not ready? Go on, put on your shoes.
- [PABLO.]
Oh, yes! - [MARGA.]
We'll be late.
I'll say bye to Lidia.
Human nature urges us to cling to life.
- Lidia, we're going.
- [LIDIA.]
All right.
But at the last moment, the mirage has shattered and there's no choice but to accept that the end has come.
Ask her about the old lady.
Marga, is Doña Lola here? No, she's gone.
Why? Do you need something? You're alone and we're leaving now.
No, everything's fine.
Don't worry.
See you later.
Wish me luck with the king.
Good luck.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Where do you think you're going? Miriam, this madness has to stop.
My mother killed my husband and she wants to kill Lidia.
Doña Carmen only wants to take care of you two.
Eva has to be with her parents.
I must get her away from my mother or she'll become a wretch just like me.
CHAPTER 23: HOPE - No, no, no, no! - [DOOR LOCKS.]
No, please! Please! Please! Please! Help! Miss, are you all right? [LIDIA.]
How much did Carmen pay you? I have money, too.
Nobody needs to know.
You'll never make this look like a suicide.
I'd never do that.
Life's given you some hard knocks, and in this letter, you explain it very well.
Stand up.
Just tell me one thing.
Have you seen my daughter? I don't want to die not knowing if she's all right.
That child has everything she needs.
Carmen's daughter is looking after her.
I doubt she'll miss you.
Elisa is alive? Don't move.
Where is Elisa Cifuentes? Where is she? Tell me or I'll shoot.
Where is she? [ELISA.]
Lidia, thank God! You stole my daughter.
Where is she? I don't have her.
Miriam does.
She took her when she found out I was bringing her back to you.
- If I knew where she was, I'd tell you.
- Shut up! I don't care.
Your mother knows where she is.
Where's Carmen? She's at the telephone company.
The king's visit is today.
You're coming with me.
I'm going to unmask her in front of the king.
Doña Carmen de Cifuentes.
Valeria Cassini.
I really did want to meet you though I imagine you can't say the same about me.
Sebastián deceived everyone, but we can reach an agreement.
- Sit down, please.
- Thank you.
If you'll give us the contract, we can settle this quickly.
We have a complicated day with the king's visit.
We don't want to make the country's most important person wait.
No, of course not.
You haven't signed.
No, no.
I had second thoughts.
I won't give you 70% of the company for such a paltry sum.
This is a letter my husband wrote to me the day he died.
It says he feared for his life.
It doesn't quite say why, and I'm not here about that but he gave me useful information in case his fears were realized.
Didn't he tell you his shares are worthless? His Majesty won't allow a foreigner to keep the company.
Yes, he spoke to me about that law on foreigners.
And he told me you'd use it to pressure me.
Pressure you? We're doing you a favor.
You need only make a decision: ten million pesetas or nothing.
I'm wondering what would happen if I claimed what belongs to me in front of the king who, it just so happens, is visiting the company today.
Wouldn't I be pushing him into intervening in the company? Then it wouldn't be mine, sure, but it wouldn't be yours, either.
Think it over.
I have nothing to lose.
But you, on the other hand [SCOFFS.]
If I may Don't you think this conforms a little more to reality? I was sure we'd reach an agreement.
Well, thank you.
I hope it all goes well with the king.
I have nothing to take up with him now.
As of now, the company is yours.
If I may, I'll see you to the elevator.
Of course.
A pleasure.
Excuse me.
Madam, I don't have good news.
Elisa found out that you ordered her husband killed.
She resisted and almost got the baby away from us.
I've got Eva now.
Remember what I said you had to do if things turned sour? Yes, we're already here.
Doña Carmen, I'll wait for you.
No, you go with the baby.
I have to put a stop to this disaster.
If the king finds out, it's over.
Call the royal secretariat and tell them the visit has to be delayed by a couple of days It was all too rushed and I'm afraid things aren't as finalized as they should be.
The secretariat just told my assistant that the king is on his way.
Why change everything so suddenly? I told you.
I'm afraid it's not up to the king's standard.
Carlos, however things turn out today you know I love you very much.
Whatever it is, I don't have time now.
- [JULIO.]
It's about Marga.
- What's wrong? She's organizing the king's visit and Doña Carmen asked her to get some cream puffs.
It seems His Majesty has a sweet tooth.
But in all this fuss, she hasn't had time.
I wouldn't mind going, but the boss of the storeroom is a bit of a tyrant.
He won't let me go outside.
Tell Marga not to worry.
I'll handle it.
Don Ernesto.
I'd like to speak to you.
It's about the new accounting jobs.
Your wife? Your wife wants to work here? [CHUCKLES.]
But Don Ernesto, listen to me.
I really think she's perfectly qualified.
I know it's surprising, but she's studied so hard at home, with my books.
I think she's ready.
I think that from now on you're going to be famous.
Do you think I was wrong to say that I'm Athena? Carlota, your speech was wonderful.
I'm so proud of how brave you are.
I'm sorry for showing up here.
- Who are you? - Dolores Torres, the wife of Heliodoro Calzada.
- Unless you leave right now - [DOLORES.]
I won't be long I came to apologize for what I did.
My husband forced me, and I can't say no to him.
Not all women have your strength.
But I want you to know that the Lord is making us pay for what we did.
He is paying for it.
As are my children and I.
Your children? Heliodoro is in a coma in the hospital.
The doctors think he's going to die.
We have five children.
The youngest is only eight.
What happened to him? [DOLORES.]
A beating.
The police believe it was payback.
My husband was in so many quarrels that divine intervention was expected.
I doubt that the hand of God was involved in all this.
Whatever it is, I insist.
I hope you can forgive me.
Now, if you'll excuse me Please tell me you had nothing to do with this.
I told Lucía to give him a scare.
I really didn't think it would go this far.
Carlota, if this man dies, you'll never forgive yourself.
Let's see if we understand each other.
I realize it's not the season for cream puffs but they're for a very, very important person.
I'm sorry, but there's no one who can make them here.
If you go to Dulcinea Pastries Thanks a lot.
It's getting late.
We have to go.
Yes, the king's visiting today.
Not a chance.
It's on us.
Thanks a lot.
- Catalina.
- Of course.
Nothing's better than buying for friends.
Will you come with me? Of course.
If I may I thought about our agreement.
I know what I want you to do.
I need some dirt on the cop so he's taken off the case.
He's very wary of his privacy.
I know you're sleeping with him.
So I doubt you'll have any trouble finding something juicy.
- You don't need to accompany me.
- I wanted to.
I know we don't have to go to the White Lady tonight but I thought we could meet up anyway, go somewhere else.
Then you can stay at my place.
Cristóbal, we shouldn't do this.
If you mean that we have to be discreet, don't worry.
It's better if everyone thinks we're a married couple No, it's not that.
It's everything.
This isn't working.
So it's best if I keep passing myself off as your wife in front of Guzmán and between you and me, there's nothing else.
I'm sorry.
What are you doing? There you are.
Did you know that Heliodoro is in a coma? His wife came to tell me, and she's distraught.
No, I didn't know.
- And it seems you don't care.
- [LUCÍA.]
Why would I? That man deserved a good beating.
- Carlota, you wanted it.
- No, I didn't want that.
I just wanted you to give him a scare, to punish him, but this got out of control.
Besides, Sara's right.
Violence puts us on the same level as men.
We'll keep fighting, but we'll do it my way.
Is that clear? That was the famous Carlota.
Pretty ungrateful, after what we did for her.
Well, the main thing is that we were right to keep her out of it.
How many comrades have managed to sneak in? Everyone.
They snuck in as customers and are in the bathrooms waiting for the signal.
You brought the uniforms.
This way, you'll go unnoticed.
And the weapons? I got them inside without anyone noticing.
My comrades will pick them up here when the time comes but look what we bought with your friend's money as well.
If we have to, we'll blow this company sky-high.
Comrades, today we're going to make history.
Today, we're going to be heard.
It's time that the king heard his people.
It's all set.
The photographer has the camera ready and the staff are in the hall.
Thank you, Marga.
- You're welcome.
Are you all right, Mother? Yes, of course.
Cristóbal! I don't know what else to say.
This isn't working, and that's all there is to say.
- The king's about to arrive and - I don't care about the king.
I want to know why you're saying this doesn't mean anything.
What do you mean? Us? I know there's something you're not telling me.
What are you hiding, Ángeles? Do you want me to tell you the truth? Very well.
How could I love a man who uses the worst part of my past to blackmail me? Cristóbal, I'm at your mercy.
You can put me in jail if you want.
No, that won't happen.
It won't happen because I love you.
Let's go.
The shift's over for today! TELEPHONE COMPANY Your Majesty A pleasure to see you again, Doña Carmen.
Don Carlos.
Where's Lucía? She should be here with the rest of the staff.
We're all so excited by your presence, Your Majesty.
- Thank you.
It's a great honor.
I deeply regret the loss of your daughter, Doña Carmen.
And your loss, Don Carlos.
We all lost a lot in that fire.
We're sorry to interrupt the visit.
Hello, Mother.
Your Majesty Carlos.
What kind of joke is this? Your daughter's alive, Doña Carmen.
This woman's been lying to us.
She abducted my daughter.
Where is she? - [CURRO.]
Everyone on the floor! - [CROWD SCREAMING.]
Nobody move! [MAN.]
Comrades, take your positions.
We don't want anyone getting hurt so you'd better put down your guns.
What is this nonsense? Stop this at once.
These people don't work for the company.
I do, but not for much longer.
Put down your guns.
They won't do it.
They have to protect the king.
It won't do them any good.
The guns! I won't say it again.
That was just a warning.
Next time, we shoot to kill.
Gentlemen, do as he says.
Put down your guns.
Lock them inside the Violets' room.
We've blocked all the entrances and disabled the switchboards so that no one can communicate with the outside.
Are you going to tell us your intentions? [CURRO.]
What we want is for His Majesty to sign a renunciation of the crown.
And no one's getting out until he does.
This is senseless.
I'm not abdicating, however much you demand it.
And what if I tell you that everyone's lives are at stake? In the storerooms of this building are over 100 tanks of kerosene and over 50 kilos of explosives! Maybe the people here don't know about explosives but we have enough to blow this building sky-high.
When will you begin to consider our proposal, Your Majesty? - I will not.
Silence! Lucía, get this in order.
Everybody, do as I say.
Organize yourselves into groups.
Let's go! On the floor! And not a peep from any of you! Lucía, what are you doing? What does the king's abdication have to do with the rights of women? Everything.
What's your friend doing? Is she with them? Carlota's not with them.
- The end does not justify the means.
- Sometimes it does.
But you need guts.
When I was a child, my father would abuse me.
When he did, I would hear my mother sobbing in the next room.
She never did anything for fear of a beating.
She didn't have guts.
I do.
Don't pity me, Carlota.
Join us.
Now is the time.
We have the chance to change things.
I know that deep down, you think the way I do.
Are you with us or against us? Carlota, please don't do it.
Don't do it.
If you do, I'll never be able to forgive you.
Someone's joined the cause.
Oh, yes.
The ungrateful bourgeois girl.
- I don't trust her.
- Lucía has opened my eyes.
When you've suffered so badly because of a man, the only way to change things through action.
I'm with you.
Curro, I vouch for her.
What about that signature? He hasn't deigned to look me in the eye.
But maybe a few thumps will make him look up.
Or use an intermediary.
Right now he feels outraged and won't give in.
If you don't want this to drag on, you need to find someone of his ilk to make him see reason.
Got anyone in mind? [CURRO.]
You, on your feet! All right, blondie.
Our new friend tells us you get on well with the king.
Is that true? [CLEARS THROAT.]
I asked you a question.
We want you to convince him to sign the renunciation.
I'm sorry, but I'm not lifting a finger.
Fine, but the sooner the king signs, the sooner all this is over.
This way, we avoid bloodshed.
Carlos, you decide.
What do we do? We have to get the Royal Guard out of there.
There's a master key in the foundation office.
Let's go.
Hello, I'm Pablo Santos.
I sounded the alarm.
I'm Inspector Grondona.
I'm in charge of the operation.
You have to help me.
My wife and brother are in there.
Sir, the phones here aren't working, either.
Very well.
Get a transmitter so we can contact the station.
What's wrong with the phones? We think the feed supplying the city was sabotaged by the hostage takers.
Listen, hold on You're going in, aren't you? Aren't you? You have to go in.
Look, sir.
Your family members aren't the only people inside.
The king is, too, so we have to act with maximum caution.
My men tell me all the entrances are blocked from the inside.
These, right? - Are they or not? - Yes, I think so.
There isn't another one? Not as far as I know.
So, Mr.
Santos I won't lie to you.
It doesn't look good.
Lidia, don't worry.
You'll see.
Carlos is all right.
I'm sure he spoke to the king, and that this will all be over soon.
You can't even stand my voice.
I know you hate me with all your might and I understand.
A long time ago, I hated you like that, and Don't you dare compare what happened with Francisco to what you did with my daughter.
You're right.
There's no comparison.
But you should at least know how it happened.
Lidia, I owe you an explanation.
When the fire broke out I headed for the exit.
One of your friends had the girl, and she fainted.
I almost caught Eva in mid-air.
And I should thank you for that? Because I would've if you'd given me my daughter back.
That was my intention.
I swear.
But then my mother made me believe that Carlos had died and then played with my feelings as she always does.
A few months ago, I found out that I can't have children.
I always wanted to be a mother.
You thought that taking my girl was the best solution.
I admit that it was what I thought, yes.
And my mother made me believe you'd never let us see Eva.
And that I'd be a better mother than you.
I now know that's not true.
A child should be with its mother.
I was wrong.
Forgive me, please.
How is she? [ELISA.]
Very well.
She almost makes eye contact, and sometimes she even laughs.
She has a strong personality.
When she's hungry, she cries like mad, - and only calms down if - You sing to her.
At least, it worked with me.
I don't think she'll remember me.
She will.
You'll see.
You're her mother.
Nothing and nobody can change that.
Lidia, you'll get Eva back.
You have to keep hope alive.
Just then, a new hope was born inside me.
If I'd gotten this far this couldn't be the end.
Hold it.
Hands where I can see them.
Give me those keys.
The keys! [ESTIBALIZ.]
Get away from her.
Frisk him.
That's why he's so cocky.
He's a cop.
- Let's go.
- With the others.
Go, go, go! [ALMUDENA.]
Come on! And don't try to be a hero again.
On the floor.
- I said, on the floor.
- Relax.
The next person who tries anything gets it.
How are you? - [MARGA.]
This is a nightmare.
- [JULIO.]
A fine mess your little friend has got us into.
There must be an explanation.
I don't think Carlota has anything to do with this, Pablo.
I'm not Pablo, I'm Julio.
Pablo's outside.
He got out by the skin of his teeth.
Will you stop pretending to be my husband? Okay, sorry.
I did it because I wanted to talk to Ernesto, to convince him to let you take that exam.
- And? - He's as stubborn as a mule, but the gift of my gab has no limits.
So you're going to do it.
Let's see if that's true.
Your gab certainly has no limits.
But what convinced him most were your merits.
I told him about all you've learned in such a short time and that now it's your turn to show him.
Why did you do it, Julio? You don't get anything by persuading Ernesto.
I wanted to make a nice gesture to you after that dumb thing I did.
Besides, as you say, words are gone with the wind, right? Yes.
What a relief.
For a moment I thought Ángeles was right.
Right about what? She said that you might have feelings for me.
You wouldn't have gotten into a mess like that unless you liked me.
Look, Marga, I know that you and I are an impossibility.
I just have That night is stuck right here, and it won't go away.
Julio, I love Pablo.
Sure, I know.
Don't worry.
I have no hope.
Besides, the main thing now is that we need to get out of here so you can do that exam and go back to Pablo.
Well, at least we tried.
If we get out of this This? Relax.
I've been in worse situations.
When I was a kid, I enlisted in the army.
My parents had died, and it gave me a way to support myself.
It was all fine until they sent us to the war south of the Rif.
When we got there, our convoy was attacked.
My bunkmate died by my side from a shot to his temple.
Why are you telling me this? Because you're right.
Our relationship was doomed from the start.
And we need to be on equal terms.
- Ángeles, I did something - No, I don't want to know.
- Something illegal.
- No.
I've got something on you, right? So you'll have something on me.
If you tell me, I'll have to use it.
Guzmán knows.
He knows everything.
He knows you're a cop.
He was going to kill us but I saved us by telling him I'd cooperate with him.
Now he wants something something to help him get you off the case.
He threatened my daughter.
A week after my buddy died If you tell me, I'll have to use it.
I jumped the fence and came back to the peninsula.
I deserted.
I had to forge my file to get into the police.
If that comes to light, I'm finished.
Now you can save your daughter.
I don't think this is a bluff.
These people are serious.
It's for your own good and of the others I'm sick of repeating that I will not abdicate.
I've granted them an audience.
Forget your audience.
My patience is running out.
Do as I say, or I set off those bombs and we all blow sky-high.
Lucía, this is not a good idea.
All you'll get if you do this is his son succeeding to the throne.
Curro, let's talk for a moment.
Come on.
Let's not lose our cool.
Relax, I'll keep an eye on them I'm not with them.
I knew you couldn't agree to this.
My father was a soldier and he always said "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
" - I'm proud of you, Carlota.
- Finally, a little sanity.
How do we get out of this? Communications are cut, but there's a radio transmitter in the storeroom - I can't operate it, but maybe you can.
- I'll take care of it.
The main thing now is to get out of here.
It's very dangerous.
You saw, that guy's crazy.
Carlota, calm down.
You're doing great.
Keep calm.
Give me the gun.
Don't do anything crazy, Carlos.
Put down your guns or I'll shoot her.
Do it.
Go on, kill her.
Grow a pair.
I told you it wasn't a good idea.
It's time to take action.
Curro, not like this.
Get out there.
Go! Walk! Get walking! Here.
Sit down! Are you all right? Where is my daughter? Calm down.
Unlike us, she's in a safe place.
I don't believe it.
I can't believe you abducted Eva and pretended that she and Elisa were dead.
I did it all for you and Eva, to protect you from Lidia.
All that woman ever did was turn us against each other and bring misfortune to this family.
This is the end, Mother.
Don't you realize that you've lost the game? Everything you planned has gone wrong.
Tell me where my daughter is.
At 2:00 p.
, Miriam will board a train headed to Oporto with her.
Son, you must understand that I did it all because I love you so much.
You've just lost your only son.
Lidia! - Where are you going? - Hey! - Eva's at the train station.
- Sit back down.
It's our daughter.
She was abducted and we were just told where she is.
We have to go and get her.
Carlota, please.
Carlota, please.
It's for Eva.
Nobody gets out alive until the king abdicates.
I'd finally gotten back the hope of recovering my daughter.
And I wasn't giving up on her, no matter the cost.